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These are randomly arranged.

January 1, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"A Norse With No Pain," The Comedian "A Horse With No Name," America
"Prank Calling Song," js11296 "Adam's Song," Blink 182
"All I Do," Fitu Petaia "All I Do," Stevie Wonder
"Burgertime," Arcade Junkie "Auld Lang Syne," Traditional
"Black Magic Chocolate," T2N WRITER "Black Magic Woman," Santana
"Born To Live In A Cave," Chris Mondloch "Born in the USA," Bruce Springsteen
"Come In My Car," Sarah Swanson "Come As You Are," Nirvana
"Dumb 'Guys'," Michael "Dumb Girls," Lucy Woodward
"Shoppers At The Mall," Guy DiRito "Flowers On The Wall," Statler Brothers
"Rich An' I Hide," The Comedian "Hitchin' A Ride," Vanity Fair
"I Moo, I Moo, I Moo, I Moo, I Moo," Michael McVey "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do," ABBA
"I'm Blue, I'm Blue, I'm Blue, I'm Blue, I'm Blue," Michael McVey "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do," ABBA
"I Feel Witty," Jude Rodamer "I Feel Pretty," West Side Story
"I've Got to Get a Sausage to You," Jan Unwin "I've Got to Get a Message to You," The Bee Gees
"New York Yankees," Arcade Junkie "Ice Cream," JS
"In Tune (My Guitar)," Chris Bodily TM "In Bloom," Nirvana
"Johnnie's Hard On," Rick Duncan "Johnnie's Garden," Manasses
"Way Too Long, Long, Long," Rick Duncan "Long, Long, Long," Beatles
"My Front Pages," Michael Pacholek "My Back Pages," Bob Dylan
"Amiright," T2N Writer "New Year's Day," U2
"Mo Fries," Michael "No Scrubs," TLC
"(Professor) Plum," Bob O'Mara "Numb," Linkin Park
"Ronald the Headless Fast Food Icon," pimrizr "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner," Warren Zevon
"Scenes from a Jillian's Resteraunt," Arcade Junkie "Scenes from an Italian Resteraunt," Billy Joel
"Stacy's Dog (Is really really bad)," Sancho Bob "Stacy's Mom," Fountains Of Wayne
"Street Where I Live," Jude Rodamer "Street Where You LIve," My Fair Lady
"Ring Ring Ring," Troublemakr22 "Swing Swing," All-American Rejects
"Skate Right Off," Michael Pacholek "Take It Off," The Donnas
"The Real Anthem," Justin O'Brien "The Anthem," Good Charlotte
"Kotex Is The Cheapest," Verysher "The First Cut is The Deepest," Sheryl Crow
"The Voters Have The Cramps," Eye1zLotto "The Lady Is a Tramp," Frank Sinatra
"Titan Up," Michael Pacholek "Tighten Up," Archie Bell & the Drells
"Tonight," Jude Rodamer "Tonight," West Side Story
"Lucky Leprechaun," Ethan Mawyer "When I'm Gone," 3 Doors Down
"Wild Panty Hose," Michael McVey "Wild Irish Rose," George Jones

January 2, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Today, on Reading Rainbow," Jude Rodamer "(Somewhere) Over the Rainbow," Judy Garland
"409," T2N WRITER "409," Le Garcons De La Plaige
"Another Comment (I'm Not 18) - For TJ Spindler," Static "Another Postcard (With Chimpanzees)," Barenaked Ladies
"Guests of Mine," Royce Miller "Auld Lang Syne," Robert Burns
"Merry Did A Bad Bad Thing," T2N WRITER "Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing," Chris Isaak
"Men in Disguise," S.T.G. "Behind Blue Eyes," The Who
"Merry and Pippin Rhapsody," Jack Wilson "Bohemian Rhapsody," Queen
"Pair Of Tix," sloatead "Brand New Key," Melanie
"Careless Pisser," Jan Unwin "Careless Whisper," Wham!
"Did you See the Snake that Ate Jose?," Mari Aranoff Duncan "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?," Dionne Warwick
"Don't It Turn His White Hood Blue," Michael McVey "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue," Crystal Gayle
"Wholesome Poison," Guy DiRito "Folsom Prison Blues," Johnny Cash
"Diet Song," S.T.G. "For Whom the Bell Tolls," Metallica
"Kelp!," Jack Wilson "Help!," The Beatles
"I Hate Christmas Time," Phil Alexander "Here Comes Santa Claus," Gene Autry
"I Only Have Ice For You," Rick Duncan "I Only Have Eyes For You," Flamingos/Garfunkle ('75)
"Pick It Up (The Trash Chronicles)," T2N WRITER "Lick It Up," KISS
"1973," Fitu Petaia "Minute by Minute," The Doobie Brothers
"My Favorite Fights," Stray Pooch "My Favorite Things," Rogers and Hammerstein
"My Favorite Things (Volume 2)," Jude Rodamer "My Favorite Things," Julie Andrews
"Drunk," S.T.G. "Numb," Linkin Park
"Oh God, Diva (T.J. is a child)," T.J. Spindler, Christian Spindler, Daryll Kozenskie, and Probably Static "Oh, Christmas Tree," Traditional
"New Years Is Here (Resolutions)," Michael "Out Of My Heart (Into Your Head)," BBMAK
"The Internet Dating Song," The Great Karlando "Pretending," Eric Clapton
"Puttin' On The Zits," Giblet O'Sarcasm "Puttin' On The Ritz," Taco
"Bees Beneath Me," Eye1zLotto "Release Me," Englebert Humperdinck
"Resolution," Guy DiRito "Revolution," Beatles
"Spirit the Red-Nosed Horsie," Snail Triplets "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reigndeer," Traditional
"Joke Trends," Ryan Quinn "Spokesman," Goldfinger
"Susie's Dad(is Such A Big Creep)," crazyandinsane "Stacy's Mom," Fountains Of Wayne
"Stop Eatin' My Pie," Bizzy E "Stop Livin' The Lie," David Sneddon
"Chocolate Salty Balls," Tim Hall "Sugar Walls," Sheena Easton
"The Waiter is Wide," Rick Duncan "The Water is Wide," Traditional
"The Wicked Game( Merry And Pippin Play)," T2N WRITER "The Wicked Game," Chris Isaak
"Cow Thing ," Guy DiRito "Wild Thing," The Troggs
"Starfox Park," Andrea Huckstep "Xuxa Park," Xuxa
"Saturday," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Yesterday," Beatles
"You're a Ferengi, Mr. Quark," Michael McVey "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch," Dr. Seuss

January 3, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Ed, Edd, and Eddy," Andrew Morse "Abraham, Martin, and John," Dion
"Al 'n' Yetta '04," Michael Pacholek "Al 'n' Yetta," Allan Sherman
"Kelle and Keith," Queen AmenRa "Beauty and the Beast," Disney Song
"No Sex Is Crapsody," T2N WRITER "Bohemian Rhapsody," Queen
"Yiddish Rhapsody," The Comedian "Bohemian Rhapsody," Queen
"Why He's Ripped So," William Tong "Calypso," John Denver
"Mold On Rice," Sarah Swanson "Cold As Ice," Foreigner
"Dumb Ass New Car," Chris Bodily TM "Come As You Are," Nirvana
"Dumb Ass Retard (Forrest Gump)," Chris Bodily TM "Come As You Are," Nirvana
"Stupid Paper," Joelle "Complicated," Avril Lavigne
"Confusing Incident," Erin Brown "Deliverance," Bubba Sparxxx
"That Thing's Not a Rat!," KowGirl "Don't Do Me Like That," Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
"Crazy Climber," Andrew Morse "Easy Lover," Phil Collins and Phillip Bailey
"Special Olympics," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Happy Together," Turtles
"Doormat For The World," Andrew Morse "Harvest For The World," Isley Brothers
"I Suck, I'm Rich As Hell," The Great Karlando "I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide," ZZ Top
"I'm Corporal Klinger ( Please Think I'm A Sick Man )," The Comedian "I'm Just A Singer ( In A Rock And Roll Band )," The Moody Blues
"If You're Going to Ban Canned Crisco," Jan Unwin "If You're Going to San Francisco," Scott McKenzie
"It's My Potty," Guy DiRito "It's My Party," Leslie Gore
"Neopets Junkie," Michael McVey "Junk Food Junkie," Larry Groce
"Keep Your Eye On The Ball," Arcade Junkie "Keep Your Head To The Sky," Earth, Wind & Fire
"Space Ship to Smallville," Rick Duncan "Last Train to Clarksville," Monkees
"Last Will and Testament #2 (Kick in the Balls)," Michael McVey "Last Will and Testament (Boot to the Head)," The Frantics
"Sportscenter Altar," Arcade Junkie "Let's Get Married," Jagged Edge
"Lifestyles of the Hip-hop Stoners," Ivo Becica "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," Good Charlotte
"Jessy's Bop," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Limbo Rock," Chubby Checker
"Avon Calling," Arcade Junkie "London Calling," The Clash
"Rohan Calling," KowGirl "London Calling," The Clash
"Dodging Moose Collisions," The Comedian "Losing My Religion," REM
"Dove Turds," Phil Alexander "Love Hurts," Nazareth
"Fryin' Thighs," Jan Unwin "Lyin' Eyes," The Eagles
"Sneezing And Coughing," AussieBullDog "Money For Nothing," Dire Straits
"Space Invaders," Arcade Junkie "More Than A Feeling," Boston
"A Few Unwise Traitorous Things," Ethan Mawyer "My Favorite Things," Julie Andrews
"Part Time Trouble," Fitu Petaia "Part Time Lover," Stevie Wonder
"Filling Myself With Reeses," The Comedian "Philadelphia Freedom," Elton John
"Miss Piggy," Steve Kalafut "Piggies," The Beatles
"Politics of Liberals," Andrew Morse "Politics of Dancing," Re-flex
"Proud to Be a Virginian," Sarah Sheets "Proud to Be an American," Lee Greenwood
"God I Still Hate Linkin Park," nuero "Somewhere I Belong," Linkin Park
"Power Ranger," Andrew Morse "The Entertainer," Billy Joel
"The Perfect Rug," Aaron Saraco "The Perfect Drug," Nine Inch Nails
"The Trek of the Enterprise Fellas," Ethan Mawyer "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald," Gordon Lightfoot
"'Oz' and 'Moon'," Mari Aranoff Duncan "Us and Them," Pink Floyd
"Floating In Salt Lake," Eel Deal "Walking In LA," Missing Persons
"Whole Lotta Clickin' Goin' On," Eel Deal "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On," Jerry Lee Lewis
"Blunderful Tonight," Michael Pacholek "Wonderful Tonight," Eric Clapton
"You're An Ad Lib Mr. Bush," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch," Jim Carrey

January 4, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"KFC Theme Song," Rick Duncan "'Superchicken' Theme Song," Jay Ward& Co
"Tell Me I'm Punk," Death "Anything But Ordinary," Avril Laveign
"Chicago Blitz," Arcade Junkie "Ballroom Blitz," Sweet
"Eat," Chris Bodily TM "Breed," Nirvana
"Howard McNear (Floyd the Barber)," Tim Hall "Come As you Are," Nirvana
"Crocodile Walk," Guy DiRito "Crocodile Rock," Elton John
"Bow Wow," Ethan Mawyer "Downtown," Petula Clark
"Creamed Beaver," The Comedian "Dream Weaver," Gary Wright
"Dippy Epistle," Mari Aranoff Duncan "Epistle to Dippy," Donovan
"Showers on Them All," Rick Duncan "Flowers on the Wall," Statler Brothers
"From The Bottom Of My Sticky Shoe," T.B. James "From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart," Britney Spears
"LSD Shaped Box," Muppetman "Heart Shaped Box," Nirvana
"His Reefer," Queen AmenRa "His Cheeseburger," Veggie Tales
"Jeopardy!," Arcade Junkie "I Believe," Blessid Union of Souls
"I Left Her Heart in a Can of Crisco," Michael McVey "I Left My Heart in San Francisco," Tony Bennett
"I Stole His Girlfriend," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "I Shot The Sheriff," Bob Marley / Eric Clapton
"Bush Is Spinning Lies (Let's Trash Him)," William Tong "Judy In Disguise (With Glasses)," John Fred & His Playboy Band
"Lovely To Be You," The Comedian "Lovely To See You," The Moody Blues
"KFC," Freedom Rock "Magic Carpet Ride," Steppenwolf
"NOW! That's What I Call Food!," Neo Matrix and Saider Eiegle "NOW! That's What I Call Music!," Various
"Obutta-roma," Eye1zLotto "Oklahoma," Rogers and Hammerstein
"Dial-up Sucks," D-Boz "Pavement Cracks," Annie Lennox
"Pauly Shore," Chris Bodily TM "Polly," Nirvana
"Brown Hairy ( Growin' On Their Liver )," The Comedian "Proud Mary ( Rollin' On The River )," Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Patriot Act #12 and 35 (Everybody's Gonna Get Screwed)," Michael McVey "Rainy Day Woman #12 and 35 (Everybody Must Get Stoned)," Bob Dylan
"Mister Stolen Chair," William Tong "Sister Golden Hair," America
"Smells Like Bosnia," Adam Bernstein "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Nirvana
"Charlie Mom," BronxBomber100 "Stacey's Mom," Fountains of Wayne
"Elmer Fuddian Pawody," Chris Bodily TM "Territorial Pissing," Nirvana
"Going Overtime," Arcade Junkie "The Longest Time," Billy Joel
"The Thing Between My Knees," Johnny Pyro "The Wind Beneath My Wings," Bette Midler
"Bong Song," Sarah Swanson "Thong Song," Sisqo
"We Built This City On Rolling Rocks," Michael McVey "We Built This City On Rock and Roll," Starship
"Stick 'Em Up!," AussieBullDog "We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions," Queen
"What A Wonderful Girl," Cathy Almeida "What A Wonderful World," Louis Armstrong
"Wearin' My Depends," Guy DiRito "Why Can't We Be Friends," War
"Writing Thousand Essays," Fitu Petaia "You Haven't Done Nothing," Stevie Wonder

January 5, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Adam's Bong," Bawl Sac "Adam's Song," Blink 182
"A Keg of Beer," Michael McVey "America," Simon and Garfunkel
"Procrastination," David Chrenko "Anticipation," Carly Simon
"Normal Puppy," Kilo "Buddy Holly," Weezer
"Go Outside," Kilo "Change Your Mind," Sister Hazel
"Obligated," Steven Cavanagh "Complicated," Avril Lavigne
"P Diddy Daddy," Guy DiRito "Do Wah Diddy Diddy," The Exciters
"Britney Didn't Get Married," Chris Bodily TM "Drain You," Nirvana
"A-Hole.12," Jesse Brown "Figure.09," Linkin Park
"Life Stinks," Andrew Morse "Full House," Theme Song
"Banana Split (The Dairy Queen Song)," Aaron Dodson "Get Over It," The Eagles
"Holy Soap," Razor03 "Holy Smoke," Iron Maiden
"I Glove You (for Proctological Resons)," Eye1zLotto "I Love You (for Sentimental Reasons)," Nat King Cole
"Down in the Hive," Steven Cavanagh "I will Survive," Gloria Gaynor
"I'll Be Fleecing You (the Stockbrokers's Song)," Eye1zLotto "I'll Be Seeing You," Kate Smith
"I Perspire," Jan Unwin "I'm On Fire," Bruce Springsteen
"ImagN," Rick Duncan "Imagine," John Lennon
"Nikki's Guy," Jenna "Jessie's Girl," Rick Springfield
"Nikki's Guy," Jenna "Jessie's Girl," Rick Springfield
"Can't Get Thin," Guy DiRito "Just Dropped In," The First Edition
"Writers' Anthem," S.T.G. "Lose Yourself," Eminem
"Hungry Man," Kids Indivision "Lucky Man," Emerson, Lake & Palmer
"Morticians Lullaby," Conrad MacRoberts "Miners lullaby," Utah Phillips
"What's A Gigaflop?," Guy DiRito "My Boy Lollipop," Little Millie Small
"Go Scrub!," Colors "No Scrubs," TLC
"Oh My Love (Gotta Go)," Rick Duncan "Oh My Love," John Lennon
"One Gay And A Brother," Michael "One Way Or Another," Blondie
"Oops I Screwed Up Again," Tim Hall "Oops I Did It Again," Britney Spears
"Oops I Married My Friend (Britney's Vegas Wedding)," Ethan Mawyer "Oops I Did it Again," Britney Spears
"Paint Them White," Mari Aranoff Duncan "Paint it Black," The Rolling Stones
"Aunt Bee," Tim Hall "Polly," Nirvana
"Quit Lying, C.K.," AussieBullDog "Rollover DJ," Jet
"Song 2 Million (About Michael Jackson)," Andrew Morse "Song 2," Blur
"Kooky (from the Britney Spears Wedding Album!)," Stray Pooch "Spooky," Dennis Yost and the Classics IV
"Dubya," sloatead "Swannee," Al Jolson
"Weevils, Crops Ruined/ Be Sure The Chickens (are hens)," Ethan Mawyer "We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions," Queen
"Just Pull the Plug So He'll Die," Tim Hall "Why Don't We Get Drunk (And Screw)," Jimmy Buffett

January 6, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Ain't No Sunshine in St. Paul," MuDdLe "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone," Bill Withers
"I Hate G-Strings," Cori "All The Small Things," Blink182
"Big Hips," Rhoda Kaye "Big Iron," Marty Robbins
"Order Line," Jan Unwin "Borderline," Madonna
"Putrid," Guy DiRito "Cupid," Sam Cooke
"Throwback Days," Arcade Junkie "Dance Hall Days," Wang Chung
"Batman's Cave," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Dead Man's Curve," Jan & Dean
"West Hall (UCO)," Queen AmenRa "Downtown (Skidrow)," Little Shop of Horrors
"Everybody Play Pong Tonight," Arcade Junkie "Everybody Have Fun Tonight," Wang Chung
"Fifty Ways To Pay For Christmas," Guy DiRito "Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover," Paul Simon
"Yappers," Rick Duncan "Flipper," TV Theme
"Barmitzvahed Jew," Michael "Goodbye To You," Michelle Branch
"Geezer's the Word," Gus Matrisch "Grease," Grease
"Howard Stern," Adam Bernstein "Hey Mickey," Toni Basil
"Afghanistan Inn," BLO-TOWN "Holidae Inn," Chingy feat. Snoop Dogg and Ludacris
"I'm Tossing That Ciggie From the Window," Rick Duncan "How Much is That Doggie In the Window?," Patti Page
"South Park Junkie," Zak Randall "Junk Food Junkie," Larry Groce
"Lounge Act," Chris Bodily TM "Lounge Act," Nirvana
"Marine Corps Hymn (YSMC Rendition)," Red Rebel "Marine Corps Hymn," Marine Band
"My Baby Loves To Drink Beast Light From A Can," Jeff Reuben "My Baby Loves Me Just The Way That I Am," Martina McBride
"Boost My Ratings Again," "Oops!... I Did It Again," Britney Spears
"Staincleaner," Phoenix45000 "Rainmaker," Iron Maiden
"AussieBullSnoopDoggyDiddyDaddyPuffyWazzup," AussieBullDog "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," Julie Andrews
"Get A Tan (It's not easy)," Cori "Superman (It's not easy)," Five For Fighting
"(I Just Wanna See Your) Teddy, Dear," Melhi "Teddy Bear," Elvis Presley
"The 59th Parody Song," Michael McVey "The 59th Street Bridge Song," Simon and Garfunkel
"The Blanket Man!," js11296 "The Candy Man," Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
"Awful," Ethan Mawyer "Trouble," Pink
"Two Crullers," Jan Unwin "True Colors," Cindi Lauper
"I Raised This Kitty on Rock and Roll," Michael McVey "We Built This City on Rock and Roll," Jefferson Starship
"We Will Shun You / We Are The Amish," The Comedian "We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions," Queen
"Tight Bedding," Jan Unwin "White Wedding," Billy Idol
"I've Got the Damn Flu," Arwen "Why Can't I," Liz Phair
"The Bare-butted Mooning Iraqi," Laurence Dunne "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald," Gordon Lightfoot
"Fellow Americans," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Yellow Submarine," Beatles
"Fellow Who's Mum's Queen," The Comedian "Yellow Submarine," The Beatles
"You Ain't Seen Buttocks Yet," Laurence Dunne "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet," Bachman Turner Overdrive

January 7, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Voices in My Head," Puppy Loves Chew Toys "All the Things She Said," T.A.T.U.
"Stacked Plastic Woman," The Comedian "Black Magic Woman," Santana
"Moon Patrol," Arcade Junkie "Breakfast at Tiffany's," Deep Blue Something
"Lancing It Myself," Jan Unwin "Dancing With Myself," Billy Idol
"I Love To Bowl," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Don't Let Me Down," Beatles
"Don't Make Me Hurl," Rhoda Kaye "Don't Take The Girl," Tim McGraw
"(Tae-bo) Down with the Fitness," S.T.G. "Down with the Sickness," Disturbed
"Guys Without a Place," Jan Unwin "Eyes Without a Face," Billy Idol
"Nick That," AussieBullDog "Hit That," The Offspring
"I'm Stoned Out On This Brew," Guy DiRito "I'm Stoned In Love With You ," The Stylistics
"Satan's Hollow," Arcade Junkie "Independent Women Pt. 2," Destiny's Child
"Itsy Bitsi Teenie Weenie Thimb-allini Coupe Called Mini," Laurence Dunne "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini," Brian Hyland
"My Life Is Out Of Luck," Jason "Just Can't Get Enough," Depeche Mode
"Stevie's Tender Moment at Home," Merry & Pippin "Leave a Tender Moment Alone," Billy Joel
"She Loves Mr. Bill," Agrimorfee "Looks That Kill," Motley Crue
"Adoptee and Mom Reunion," Mari Aranoff Duncan "Mother and Child Reunion," Paul Simon
"My Nightmares Will Go On," LCJ von Stinkenhein "My Heart Will Go On," Celine Dion
"Saddam and Osama," Hindibunni "Pancho and Lefty," Willie Nelson/Merle Haggard
"Con Man Wizard," Rick Duncan "Pinball Wizard," The Who
"Wacko Jacko," Claude Prez "Rockin' Robin," Michael Jackson (Bobby Day)
"Throw Me a 'J'," Rick Duncan "Show Me the Way," Peter Frampton
"So Long, Farewell (An LOTR Curtain Call)," Arwen "So Long, Farewell," The Von Trapp Family Singers
"Stay Awake," Chris Bodily TM "Stay Away," Nirvana
"Right 'Shroom," The Comedian "White Room," Cream
"You Can't Stay Married to Brat-ney Spears," Michael McVey "You Can't Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd," Roger Miller

January 8, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"(Can't get rid of) This Distraction," 2nz "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," The Rolling Stones
"Bam, Iran," Laurence Dunne "Barbara Anne," Beach Boys
"Beautiful Arranger," Jan Unwin "Beautiful Stranger," Madonna
"NASCAR Blues," Arcade Junkie "Chicago Blues," Earth, Wind & Fire
"Dance Fishes Dance," The Comedian "Dance Sister Dance," Santana
"Nordstrom," David Chrenko "Downtown," Petula Clark
"Theres A Dinner Dance Tonight," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Dr. Livingstone, I Presume," Moody Blues
"Rampage," Arcade Junkie "Earth, Wind & Fire," Earth, Wind & Fire
"From A Donut Maker To His Son," Agrimorfee "Every Picture Tells A Story," Rod Stewart
"Cafeteria," Arcade Junkie "Fantasy," Earth, WInd & Fire
"Dubbaya the Shrub," sloatead "Henery the Eighth," Herman's Hermits
"House Of Lords," Jason "House Of Fun," Madness
"A Big Payday Loan Now," Jan Unwin "I Think We're Alone Now," Tiffany
"Mr Bean," Phil Alexander "Killer Queen," Queen
"Mudslide," Jan Unwin "Landslide," Fleetwood Mac
"Bad Job," Blade "Mad World," Tears For Fears
"Magic Rockin' Ride," The Comedian "Magic Carpet Ride," Steppenwolf
"My Way," Phil Alexander "My Way," Frank Sinatra
"Oh-Glaucoma," Eye1zLotto "Oklahoma," Rogers and Hammerstein
"A La Mode Again," Hindibunni "On the Road Again," Willie Nelson
"Pink Girl," Casey Is Acey "Riot Girl," Good Charlotte
"Grow Me Some Hay," The Comedian "Show Me The Way," Peter Frampton
"Four O'Clock," Mari Aranoff Duncan "Six O'Clock," The Lovin' Spoonful
"Smells Like Lord Of The Rings (Frodo's Lament)," Chris Pollman "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Nirvana
"Strong Enough (To Use the Can)," Rick Duncan "Strong Enough," Cheryl Crow
"The Ca-Ca Song," Bob Zasuly "The Na-Na Song," Sheryl Crow
"The Techs Of The AOL Helpdesk," Guy DiRito "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald," Gordon Lightfoot
"Sloshing Through The Slushy Snow Again," David Chrenko "Walking In A Winter Wonderland," The Crystals
"Where Have All The Fossils Gone," William Tong "Where Have All The Flowers Gone," The Kingston Trio
"Skin Beneath My Rings," Jan Unwin "Wind Beneath My Wings," Bette Midler

January 9, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"It's Constipation," Jan Unwin "Anticipation," Carly Simon
"Asparagus/ Let Us All Dine In," Jack Wilson "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In," Fifth Dimension
"Backseat Driver," MuDdLe "Baby Driver," Simon and Garfunkel
"Blackadder," The Comedian "Backstabbers," The O'Jays
"Waking Up Is Hard to Do," Hindibunni "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do," Neil Sedaka
"Michael Moore," Andrew Morse "Charlie Brown," The Coasters
"Skim Skim For Me," The Comedian "Chim Chim Cher-ee," Dick Van Dyke / Mary Poppins Soundtrack
"Tribal Council," DarkJon64 "Concrete Angel," Martina McBride
"In 2k ROM," Phil Alexander "Da Do Ron Ron," The Crystals
"Don't Panic (the Roadkill song)," MrMacphisto "Don't Panic," Coldplay
"Meow, Meow," Michael McVey "Downtown," Petula Clark
"Fifty Ways to Know He's Cheating," Royce Miller "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover," Paul Simon
"WMD Illusion," Thunderbolt "Grand Illusion," Styx
"I Ate (Everything in the Fridge)," Bob O'Mara "I Hate (Everything About You)," Three Days Grace
"I Need To Go," Phil Nelson "I Need To Know," Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
"I Want a New Bust," Merry & Pippin "I Want a New Drug," Huey Lewis & the News
"Fat Song," Katrina "I'm With You," Avril Lavigne
"Schoolbreak," Chris Pollman "Jailbreak," AC/DC
"Hear You Cuss," Rick Duncan "Magic Bus," The Who
"Biggie Mac," Jack Wilson "Maniac," Micheal Sembello
"Skank Skank," Katrina "Milkshake," Kelis
"Mr. Rice Guy," DarkJon64 "Mr. Nice Guy," Mr. Bungle
"(I Hid It) My Way," Royce Miller "My Way," Frank Sinatra
"The Age Doesn't Matter," S.T.G. "Nothing Else Matters," Metallica
"On a Plane/Stupid Parody," Chris Bodily TM "On a Plain/Something in the Way," Nirvana
"Breaking the Seams (A fat guy song)," 2nz "River of Dreams," Billy Joel
"Seventh Piece of Pie," Phil Alexander "Seven Seas of Rhye," Queen
"I Love Spammers," Jan Unwin "Sledgehammer," Peter Gabriel
"Sparkling Diamonds (Wario's rendition)," Andrea Huckstep "Sparkling Diamonds," Moulin Rouge (Nicole Kidman)
"Lord of the Egos," Trevor John "Stairway to Heaven," Led Zeplin
"MINGER!," CaSeY iS AceY "Stuck," Stacey Orrico
"Concussion," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Suspicion," Terry Stafford & Elvis Presley
"T.A.T.U.," Rick Duncan "Tattoo," The Who
"Teenagers Make Love," Guy DiRito "Teenager In Love," Dion And The Belmonts
"Not Hyundai, Want Hummer," Merry & Pippin "That Sunday, That Summer," Nat King Cole
"The Dance Begins," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "The Day Begins," Moody Blues
"Alone," Duffy "The Rose," Bette Midler
"Britney Sucks," Chris Pollman "Thunderstruck," AC/DC
"Fry a Hamburger on the Ole Gas Grill," Jack Wilson "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree," Tony Orlando and Dawn
"Sign My Guitar For Me, Please," MuDdLe "While My Guitar Gently Weep," Beatles

January 10, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Accused Me," Thunderbolt "Abuse Me," Silverchair
"I'll Bomb Myself," Joelle "All By Myself," Eric Carmen
"My Cat Is Evil," Thedizzlefoshizzle "All The Small Things," Blink182
"As I Come Off Stage," Rick Duncan "As I Come Of Age," Stephen Stills (with Crosby and Nash)
"Ode To Gaming," Jedi Drunken Llama "Bawitdaba," Kid Rock
"Brew I Threw," Eye1zLotto "Blue Bayou," Roy Orbison
"Don't Lie to Me Marge and Tina," Merry & Pippin "Don't Cry for Me Argentina," Madonna
"Give this school a bad name why don't you," Blade "Everybody Wants To Rule The World," Tears For Fears
"Fairy, Sail With Rosie," Guy DiRito "Ferry 'Cross The Mersey," Gerry & The Pacemakers
"Full Warp Drive," Michael McVey "Four Wheel Drive," C.W. McCall
"Jordan Got Ranover by a Reindeer," Fitu Petaia "Grandma Got Ranover by a Reindeer," Elmo & Patsy
"Fred Flintstone Got Devoured By A T-Rex," Andrew Morse "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer," Elmo and Patsy
"Hiding In Bree," Chris Pollman "Growing On Me," The Darkness
"Pair O' Ds," Jan Unwin "Honesty," Billy Joel
"I Should've Been a Bus Boy," NastyNoah "I Should've Been a Cowboy," Toby Keith
"Saddam's Spider Hole," Adam Bernstein "I'm Fixing a Hole," Beatles
"If It Is The Cubs," Arcade Junkie "If It Isn't Love," New Edition
"Boy, He is Hurled," Adagio "Joy To The World," Three Dog Night
"I'm Bolder," Jim Radloff "Just Older," Bon Jovi
"Mexican Immigrants," moscowman "Mexican Radio," Wall of Voodoo
"Shot Gun," MAniac "Milk Shake," Kelis
"Blimpies," Michael "Milkshake," Kelis
"Chicken Pox," Chris Pollman "Moneytalks," AC/DC
"Please Sign My Guitar For Me Georgie," Laurence Dunne "My Bonny Lies Over The Ocean," Traditional
"I'm Trippin' My Way," The Comedian "My Way," Frank Sinatra
"Blistered Lips Chapstick Can," Merry & Pippin "Pictures of Matchstick Men," Status Quo
"Purple Rain," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Purple Haze," Jimi Hendrix
"Squarehead Boy," Bluewaves12 "Sk8er Boi," Avril Lavigne
"Sears In Heaven," Rick Duncan "Tears In Heaven," Eric Clapton
"The Ballad of Samus Aran," 2nz "The Ballad of Billy the Kid," Billy Joel
"The Day My Ass Caught Fire," Know 1 can hear you dream "The Day The Earth Caught Fire," City Boy
"The Cold," Ethan Mawyer "The Rose," Bette Midler
"The Dentist," Phil Alexander "The Trooper," Iron Maiden
"This House is On Fire," Mr. X "This Wheel's On Fire," The Byrds
"What's a Pixie For?," Phil Alexander "When I'm 64," The Beatles
"I Bet On Bseball," Arcade Junkie "You Don't Know My Name," Alicia Keys
"You Don't Mess Around With Vince (McMahon)," Johnny Pyro "You Don't Mess Around With Jim," Jim Croce

January 11, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Eat It," Fitu Petaia "Beat It," Michael Jackson
"Black And Gold," Johnny Pyro "Black Gold," Soul Asylum
"Nude Guys," Eye1zLotto "Blue Skies," Frank Sinatra
"Pee," NastyNoah "Breathe," Michelle Branch
"Lawrence Welk's Show," Tim Hall "Bubbles In The Wine (Good Night Sleep Tight)," Lawrence Welk
"Dr. Leary," Tim Hall "Bubbles in the Wine (Good Night, Sleep Tight)," Lawrence Welk
"Silent Scope," Arcade Junkie "Bump and Grind (Remix)," R. Kelly
"Crawford City," Michael McVey "Detroit City," Bobby Bare
"Reality Dream," Adagio "Gemini Dream," Moody Blues
"Hey Jack (AKA Get Back Jack)," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Get Back," Beatles
"Circuit City," Arcade Junkie "Gotham City," R. Kelly
"Hominy," Merry & Pippin "Harmony," Elton John
"I Don't Want to Hear You Snoring," Jan Unwin "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing," Aerosmith
"I Want a Big Hug," Merry & Pippin "I Want a New Drug," Huey Lewis and the News
"Mercury Stubborn," Stockton "Iowa Stubborn," Music Man
"Isn't He An A-Hole?," Tim Hall "Isn't It A Pity?," George Harrison
"Talkin About Dylan's Songs," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Knockin On Heavens Door," Bob Dylan / Eric Clapton / Guns And Roses
"Lose Your Wand," Dr. L "Lose Yourself," Eminem
"Bowling With Girls," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Money For Nothing," Dire Straits
"My Country Any Day," Rick Duncan "My Country Tis of Thee," Traditional
"My Dad," Eye1zlotto "My Dad," Paul Peterson
"I Get High Off Glue," Lydia D'Angelo "My Friends Over You,"
"Find This Chord," Rick Duncan "My Sweet Lord," George Harrison
"Untitled," M.S.G "Numb," Linkin Park
"On The TV Today," AussieBullDog "On The Turning Away," Pink Floyd
"She Dropped In And Sent Me To The Pen," Joseph Hayes "Only Sixteen," Sam Cook
"Shelob is a Cave Blocker," Know 1 can hear you dream "Sheena is a Punk Rocker," The Ramones
"The Ballad of Mike Pacholek," Michael Pacholek "The Ballad of Davy Crockett," Bob Hayes
"Blue And Green," David Jensen "True To Me," Lalaine
"Girl Who Wants To Change Her Skin Color (it's not racist, don't worry)," Bad Puppy "When I'm Gone," 3 Doors Down
"While My Guitar Is Unsigned," Michael Pacholek "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," The Beatles
"Who Stopped Your Brain?," Merry & Pippin "Who'll Stop the Rain?," Creedence Clearwater Revival

January 12, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"(My Senior Trip Is) All I Have," Joelle "All I Have," Jennifer Lopez feat. LL Cool J
"Cannibal," AussieBullDog "Animal," R.E.M.
"Costanza," Michael Pacholek "Bonanza," Lorne Greene
"Dallas Sucks," Michael Pacholek "Cleveland Rocks," Ian Hunter
"Half Leeds," Merry & Pippin "Half Breed," Cher
"Fart of Gas," Rick Duncan "Heart of Glass," Blondie
"Pie Pie Pie," Rick Duncan "Hi Hi Hi," Paul McCartney
"Requiem For The Cabbage Patch Doll," David Chrenko "I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag," Country Joe & The Fish
"I Never Fly," Merry & Pippin "I Never Cry," Alice Cooper
"I Choked The Sheriff," The Comedian "I Shot The Sheriff," Bob Marley / Eric Clapton
"I'm-a Jeff Weaver," Michael Pacholek "I'm a Believer," The Monkees
"In Heaven There Is No Sears," Tim Hall "In Heaven There Is No Beer," Frankie Yankovic
"Dissing Pete Rose," Chris Bodily TM "Kiss From a Rose," Seal
"Dos You're Been On My Mine," Rudy Ramirez "Mama You've Been On My Mine," Bob Dylan
"(special) Cupcakes," Ethan Mawyer "Milkshake," Kelis
"Bettin' on the Reds," "Puttin' on the Ritz," Taco / Irving Berlin
"Lemonade," Carmem Miranda "Say My Name," Destiny's Child
"She Drove Me Crazy," Drew A.Fuller "She Drives Me Crazy," Fine Young Cannibals
"Sour Cream ," Dr. L "Sour Girl," Stone Temple Pilots
"Banned," AussieBullDog "Stand," R.E.M.
"Weakest Link Theme," Dr. L "Survivor," Destiny's Child
"Get Rid of That Game, Baseball," King Blake the Great "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," Traditional
"Takin' Care Of Bidness (The eBay Song)," Aaron Dodson "Takin' Care Of Business," Bachman Turner Overdrive
"Love Is Something Else," Claude Prez "The Rose," Bette Midler
"When Gifts Are Opened," Dr. L "With Arms Wide Open," Creed
"She Went And Stole My Song," Jared "You Shook Me All Night Long," AC/DC

January 13, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"$19.99 (The infomercial song)," Laurence Dunne "1999," Prince
"Ain't She Meat?," Rick Duncan "Ain't She Sweet?," Beatles
"Whacked With A Paddle," The Great Karlando "Back In The Saddle," Aerosmith
"Being at the Bachelor Party Tonight," The Comedian "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite," The Beatles
"Breakin' Of The Wind," Guy DiRito "Blowin' In The WInd," Bob Dylan
"Chutes & Ladders," Arcade Junkie "Boggie Wonderland," Earth, Wind & Fire
"Halloween Candy," Bad Puppy "Clocks," Coldplay
"Sweaty Schoolboy," Star Cron "Dirty Deeds," Ac/Dc
"Fools Drivin'," 2nz "Fools Rush In," Elvis
"Win That (Wheel of Fortune Song)," Bob O'Mara "Hit That," The Offspring
"If You Were My Olive Oyl ," Jan Unwin "Invisible," Clay Aiken
"It Shouldn't Have To Be This Way," Phil Nelson "It Doesn't Have To Be That Way," Jim Croce
"Sheepster," Merry & Pippin "Jeepster," T.Rex
"Gamer's Night," Arcade Junkie "Ladies' Night," Kool & The Gang
"Yoko Is A Scare," Chris Pollman "Livin' On A Prayer," Bon Jovi
"Love May Not Have Hair," Royce Miller "Love is in the Air," John Paul Young
"My Road Map is Wrong," Jan Unwin "My Heart Will Go On," Celine Dion
"On the Loo," Phil Alexander "Only You," Yazoo
"Avis-Rental Car Key," Eye1zLotto "Sentimental Journey," Doris Day
"She Thinks Tim McGraw's Sexy," Zak Randall "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy," Kenny Chesney
"Taste The Rainbow," The Great Karlando "She's A Rainbow," The Rolling Stones
"Driving His Car Up To Heaven," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Stairway To Heaven," Led Zeppelin
"Stephen King," My name is Kenny "Steve McQueen," Sheryl Crow
"Memphis Grizzlies," Arcade Junkie "Summer Breeze," Seals & Crofts
"MTV," Thunderbolt "TNT," AC-DC
"Country Roads, Don't Drive Stoned," Paul Robinson "Take Me Home, Country Roads," John Denver
"The Democratic Presidential Candidate Show," Laurence Dunne "The Muppet Show," Muppets
"The Story of the Bear Who Lost His Testicles," Rick Duncan "The Story of the Hare Who Lost His Spectacles," Jethro Tull
"There's No Place Like It," Bob O'Mara "The Way You Like It," Adema
"The White Stuff (The Snow Song)," Zak Randall "The White Stuff," Weird Al Yankovic
"Fat Thighs," Marvella "Too Shy," Kajagoogoo
"Doctor Who," Chris Bodily TM "Waterloo," ABBA
"You're Mighty Tall, Jackie Greeps," Phil Nelson "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," Beatles

January 14, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Green Eggs and Ham," sloatead "Abbey Road Medley," Beatles
"Eatin' Possum Stew, It Ain't Much Fun," Syncronos "All I Wanna Do (Is Have Some Fun)," Sheryl Crow
"A Bum's Life," Blahookala "All Star," Smash Mouth
"Butter Man," Phil Nelson "Better Man," Pearl Jam
"Big Busy Tax Season," Giblet O'sarcasm "Big Yellow Taxi," Joni Mitchell
"Can't Stop Hating You," Phil Nelson "Can't Stop Loving You," Phil Collins
"Cherish (My Anti Management Song)," Arwen "Cherish," Madonna
"In Files," Bartholomew Cheapshot And Giblet O'sarcasm "Downtown," Petula Clark
"Fifty Ways to P*ss off PETA," Merry & Pippin "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover," Paul Simon
"Gamer's Paradise," Self Inflicted Insanity "Gangster's Paradise," Coolio
"The Dog's Gotta Go Out," Panic Pagoda "Giving In," Adema
"Hit The Road, Clerk," Giblet O'sarcasm "Hit The Road, Jack," Ray Charles
"Toothless," Brittany & Micia "Ignition," R kelly
"After Beer 2525," The Comedian "In The Year 2525," Zager and Evans
"Garbage Man," Self Inflicted Insanity "Iron Man," Black Sabbath
"Fattened," Mike "Jaded," Mest
"Cadillac Hatchback?," DarkJon64 "Little Black Backpack," Stroke 9
"Lord of the Rings," B. O'Connor "Lord of the Thighs," Aerosmith
"Lost For Words," Arwen "Lost in Love," Air Supply
"Power Drill," CreativeOne "Margaritaville," Jimmy Buffet
"Wildwood," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Margaritaville," Jimmy Buffet
"Me Against The Mucus," Jeff Reuben "Me Against The Music," Britney Spears
"Michael Jackson," Michael Jackson "Milkshake," Kelis
"Outtakes," Arcade Junkie "Mlikshake," Kelis
"Stick Shift," Mari Aranoff Duncan "Nightshift," The Commodores
"Dumb," Bryan Pardue "Numb," Linkin Park
"One Night In Nashville," Thor2000 "One Night in Bangkok," Robey
"Nutrageous," MrMacphisto "Outrageous," Britney Spears
"EA Sports Music," Arcade Junkie "Rock & Roll Music," Chuck Berry
"Santa Claus Is Gunning For you," Thor2000 "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," Bruce Springsteen
"Love Me, Hate Me," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "See Me, Feel Me," Who
"Stranger In The Only Unmarked Van," 2nz "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," The Beatles
"Avril," Uncle Zebadee's Kareoke Renagades "Sk8ter Boi," Avril Lavigne
"No School Today (an Ode To Faking Sick)," Crazyandinsane "So Yesterday," Hilary Duff
"Bigger," Thor2000 "Stronger," Britney Spears
"Gonna Hurl," Self Inflicted Insanity "Stupid Girl," Cold
"Live Sex On Web Camera," Lisa & Cori "Sweet Home Alabama," Train
"Take This Beer And Chug It," Jeff Reuben "Take This Job And Shove It," Johnny Paycheck
"The Fall of the Stumbler," Arwen "The Eye of the Tiger ," Survivor
"The Biggest Head Of All," Giblet O'sarcasm "The Greatest Love Of All," Whitney Houston
"The Farting Policeman," Phil Alexander "The Laughing Policeman," Traditional
"My Son," M.S.G "The Sign," Ace of Base
"End of the Season," Bartholomew Cheapshot And Giblet O'sarcasm "Time of the Season," Zombies
"Really Really Stink," Phil Nelson "Tomorrow," Silverchair
"Underneath My Clothes," Thor2000 "Underneath Your Clothes," Shakira
"We Wrote These Emails," Arwen "We Built This City," Starship
"You Can Call Me Al Bundy," Rick Duncan "You Can Call Me Al," Paul Simon

January 15, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Georgie In Space (Blue Martian Man)," The Great Karlando "2000 Man," The Rolling Stones
"The Worst Camping Trip Ever," Panic Pagoda "Aerials," System of a Down
"The Michael Landon Song," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Another Brick In The Wall," Pink Floyd
"Murray in the Morning," Arcade Junkie "Baby Baby Baby," TLC
"Because I Got Fried ('The Green Mile')," Katrina "Because I Got High," Afroman
"Easy Listening," Adam Smith "Easy Livin," Uriah Heep
"Criminal Song," S.T.G. "Feeling This," Blink 182
"Self-Love Party," Royce Miller "Garden Party," Ricky Nelson
"Jeez I'm a Nerd," Ethan Mawyer "Grease ," Frankie Valli
"Smellin' Heels," Rick Duncan "Helen Wheels," Paul McCartney
"I Guess That's Why They Call It The Booze," JanUnwin "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues," Elton John
"What The Hell Has Michael Jackson Been Drinkin'!? ," Syncronos "I Should Be Sleepin'," Emerson Drive
"I Love Key Lime," Eye1zLotto "I Walk The Line," Johnny Cash
"Punk'd," Chris Bodily TM "Jump," Van Halen
"Just A Severed Head / Ain't Got No Body," Claude Prez "Just A Gigolo / Ain't Got Nobody," David Lee Roth (Louis Prima)
"Rice Cube's Mobile Phone," Syncronos "Kodachrome," Paul Simon
"Loco-motive Death," Rick Duncan "Locomotive Breath," Jethro Tull
"The Dead Parrot," Chris Bodily TM "Mamma Mia," ABBA
"Donations," M.S.G "Minerva," Deftones
"Pepsi Blue," Arcade Junkie "Misty Blue," Dorothy Moore
"You've Got Head Lice," Jan Unwin "My Sacrifice," Creed
"Peachy Kind," Star Cron "One of a Kind," Breaking Point
"Valentines Day," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Our House," Crosby, Stills & Nash
"Remix in the Prison," Katrina "Remix to Ignition," R-Kelly
"Final Four Rock," Arcade Junkie "Rock Around the Clock," Bill Haley & the Comets
"Floating Away (Withdrawl song)," Katrina "Running Away," Hoobastank
"Worst Dressed List," Laurence Dunne "Sharp Dressed Man," ZZTop
"Bidding on the Schlock on Ebay," Ken Willmott "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay," Otis Redding
"I Get Knocked Up," Laurence Dunne "TubThumping (I get knocked down)," Chumbawamba
"Watching the Bears," Star Cron "Watching the Wheels," John Lennon
"I Can't Wait For That Day," NastyNoah "What A Beautiful Day," Chris Cagle
"Rich and Sweet, Man," Adagio "Witchy Woman," Eagles
"Worthless Ringwraiths," Arwen "Wonderwall," Oasis

January 16, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Alphabet," Michael "ABC," Jackson 5
"The Day Bush Got The Job," sloatead "American Pie," Don McClean
"Gamgee (Smeagol's Obvious Disliking For Sam)," Chris Pollman "Angie," The Rolling Stones
"Bird God," Michael McVey "Bird Dog," The Everly Brothers
"Blue Ice," Jan Unwin "Blue Eyes," Elton John
"Changes In My Glucose, Changes My Prescribed Dose," Tim Hall "Change in Attitudes, Changes in Latiutdes," Jimmy Buffett
"Night Out," 2nz "Clocks," Coldplay
"Johnnie Walker," Peter Ordep "Emotions," Destiny's Child
"Fly Back To The Moon," Laurence Dunne "Fly Me To The Moon," Frank Sinatra
"Guy Everybody Hates," MAniac "Girl All The Bad Guys Want," Bowling for Soup
"God Help The Queen," Phil Alexander "God Save The Queen," Traditional
"Good (New Car) Vibrations," The Comedian "Good Vibrations," The Beach Boys
"Nickelodeon (Cancels Shows)," Panic Pagoda "Gravedigger," Dave Matthews
"Dean, Dean," Bob Gomez "Green, Green," The New Christie Minstrels
"Glare," Jack Wilson "Hair," The Cowsills/Broadway Cast
"I Love Swiss Cake Rolls," Mikerz "I Love Rock 'N' Roll," Britney Spears
"Rewriting," Billy Florio "I'm Walkin'," Fats Domino
"You're So Measley (Sam's Obvious Dislike For Gollum)," Chris Pollman "It's So Easy," Guns N Roses
"It´s a Fix, Its Suffix," Know 1 can hear you dream "It´s a Sin," Pet Shop Boys
"Jack LaLanne," Jan Unwin "Jack and Diane," John Cougar Mellencamp
"Pajamas," Leah Lockhart "Jammin'," Bob Marley
"Weird Al He Knows Me," Scotty Dangerously "Jesus He Knows Me," Genesis
"Auntie Jane's Will," Eye1zLotto "Johnny Angel," Shelly Fabares
"They Come and Go," The Culture Club "Karma Chameleon," Boy George
"All of These Knights Say 'Ni'," Chris Bodily TM "Lay All Your Love On Me," ABBA
"Big Stupid Jocks," Chris Pollman "Let There Be Rock," AC/DC
"Like Detergent," Jack Wilson "Like a Virgin," Madonna
"Mothers Little Shaker," Rick Duncan "Mothers Little Helper," Rolling Stones
"I Am Governor Schwarzenegger," Paul Robinson "Mr. Zebra," Tori Amos
"One Hungry Wolf and 200 Ovine Pieces," MrMacphisto "One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces," Ben Folds Five
"Ode to Ben and J. Lo," Jack Wilson "Piano Man," Billy Joel
"Snow," Blade "Slow," Kylie Minogue
"Bad Traffic Day," Stockton "So Yesterday," Hillary Duff
"Face Oddity," The Comedian "Space Oddity / Major Tom," David Bowie
"Sing Different Carols," DarkJon64 "Spare Me The Details," The Offspring
"This Is Not, Not Music," Laurence Dunne "Talk about Pop Musik," Tricky and DJ muggs
"The Botoxer," Jan Unwin "The Boxer," Simon and Garfunkle
"He's Lion Eats Tonight (A Whim Today)," Merry & Pippin "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," Robert John
"Bush," The Great Karlando "Tush," ZZ Top
"Don't Go Robbing Stores In Malls," Blameo2000 "Waterfalls," TLC
"Who Cut The Cheese?," Guy DiRito "Who'll Stop The Rain?," Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Trading Spaces," Panic Pagoda "With Arms Wide Open," Creed
"Winter Squall (the ITS *FREEZING COLD* song)," Laurence Dunne "Wonderwall," Oasis
"Just Last Year," Wolveroses "Yesterday," Beatles
"Sonic Adventure," Panic Pagoda "Zero," Smashing Pumpkins

January 17, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"50 Ways to Lose That Mustache," Jan Unwin "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover," Paul Simon
"Spring Break," Miss Mozell "America (They're Coming to...)," Neil Diamond
"Move It," Fitu Petaia "Beat It," Michael Jackson
"Black Adder," The Comedian "Brown Sugar," The Rolling Stones
"I Wish I Was A Celebrity," CreativeOne "Celebrity," Brad Paisley
"Slow Jams," Arcade Junkie "Come Go With Me," The Dell-Vikings
"Buy Me A Liver," Brycedaman "Cry Me A River," Justin Timberlake
"You're Blurry Baby," Rick Duncan "Don't Worry Baby," Beach Boys
"Duke Blue Devils," Arcade Junkie "Duke of Earl," Gene Chandler
"Hell!," Claude Prez "Help!," The Beatles
"Zero," Brycedaman "Hero," Enrique englesias
"Uncommenting People," Neo Matrix "Independent Women pt. 1," Destiny's Child
"She Was A Druggie Smoking Diabetic, Overweight And Anerexic," Mikey F "Itzy Bitzy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini," Bryan Hyland
"Living with a Cast," Rick Duncan "Living in the Past," Jethro Tull
"A Baby Boomer's Rap," Mari Aranoff Duncan "Lose Yourself," Eminem
"I'm a Lazy Slob," Panic Pagoda "Make Me Bad," Korn
"Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm (The Story of Campbell's Soup)," Muzakman "Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm," Crash Test Dummies
"Sonic The Hedgehog," Arcade Junkie "Mother-In Law," Ernie K. Doe
"Little Pink Blouses," Jan Unwin "Pink Houses," John Cougar Mellencamp
"The Chatroom," Brycedaman "Rock Show," Blink 182
"Taco Bell," The Artist Formerly Known as Mike "Rodeo," Garth Brooks
"Blameless," Miss Mozell "Shameless," Garth Brooks
"Tarty Girl," Blade "Stupid Girl," Garbage
"Countdown to Signing Day," Arcade Junkie "That'll Be The Day," Buddy Holly & The Crickets
"The Ballad of the Yellow Guy," Michael Pacholek "The Ballad of the Green Berets," Barry Sadler
"Buggles Killed The Rock and Roll Star," Uncle Zebadee's Kareoke Renagades "Video Killed The Radio Star," Buggles
"What's up in the FOX Box," Arcade Junkie "Wake Up, Little Susie," The Everly Brothers
"Dummy," Agrimorfee "Zombie," Cranberries

January 18, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Defuse Me," AussieBullDog "Abuse Me," Silverchair
"Cross Dressing Garden Gnome," Drewster The Rooster "Boys Light Up," Australian Crawl
"Chow Mein," Slippery Skeeter "Cocaine," Eric Clapton
"Casinos," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Crossroads," Cream
"Glops of Poop On Her," Jan Unwin "Drops of Jupiter," Train
"Flunkytown," Gus Matrisch "Funkytown," Pseudo Echo
"House all the Bad Ghosts Haunt," Spazn "Girl All the Bad Guys Want," Bowling For Soup
"Go Tell The Roadies (The Metal Band Broke Up)," Alan Smithee, Jr. "Go Tell Aunt Rhodie," Jack Stockslager
"Too Drugged," Bryan Pardue "Headstrong," Trapt
"Hold Off," Michael "Hold On," Good Charlotte
"Piesteria," Xad "Hysteria," Muse
"Marvella's Urine Song," Marvella "I Touch Myself," The Divinyls
"Jeremy," Stoner Boner "Jeremy," Pearl Jam
"Dumber than Me," Stevo, JaiKai, Will, and Pip "Larger Than Life," Backstreet Boys
"Hot Buttery Scones," Panic Pagoda "Like a Stone," Audioslave
"Look What They've Done To King Kong, Ma," David Chrenko "Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma," The New Seekers
"Dyslexian Typios," Merry & Pippin "Mexican Radio," Wall of Voodoo
"My Rod," The Great Karlando "My God," Jethro Tull
"12 Year Old Aoler," Xad "Pink Ego Box," Muse
"Cute Dixie Chicks," Michael McVey "Route 66," Nat King Cole
"The Shadow (Knows)," Chris Bodily TM "Shadow," Britney Spears
"Sheesh!," Rick Duncan "She," Monkees
"Stick Around," Arcade Junkie "Shop Around," Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
"Signs," Guy DiRito "Signs," Five Man Electrical Band
"Channel Surfing," Arcade Junkie "Slow Jamz," Twista w/Kanye West & Jamie Foxx
"So Cold Today," D-Boz "So Yesterday," Hilary Duff
"Sandra," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Sweet Wine," Cream
"Takin' out a Nun," Merry & Pippin "Take it on the Run," REO Speedwagon
"Spongebob Squarepants," Chris Bodily TM "Touch of My Hand," Britney Spears
"We Are The Pythons," Chris Pollman "We Are The Champions," Queen
"Tater Chips," Rick Duncan "Wooden Ships," Crosby, Stills & Nash

January 19, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Hammered," 2nz "Amber," 311
"Coyote Morning," Jan Unwin "Angel of the Morning," Merrilee Rush
"Another Brick In The Wall Part 5," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Another Brick In The Wall," Pink Floyd
"Drinking The High Life Again," Phil Nelson "Back In The High Life Again," Steve Winwood
"Singing and Kicking Some Ass," Tim Hall "Back In The Saddle Again," Gene Autry
"Catdog," Michael McVey "Bird Dog," The Everly Brothers
"I'm a Dick," "Bitch," Meredith Brooks
"Sicilian," Jim Loftus "Cecilia," Simon & Garfunkel
"Somebody Help Me (I Can't Reach the Highest Shelf)," Arwen "Don't Let Me Get Me," Pink
"Sodomy And Buggery," Guy DiRito "Ebony And Ivory," Stevie Wonder And Paul McCartney
"Anything," Michael "Everything," Fefe Dobson
"Tree Fellin'," Jim Loftus "Free Fallin'," Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
"Guy Only Dorky Chicks Want," Beannie "Girl All The Bad Guys Want," Bowling For Soup
"Going To Samoa," Fitu Petaia "Going To a Go Go," Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
"Eating My Yellowish Snow," Patrick Yoness "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," Elton John
"Moovin'," David Chrenko "Groovin'," The Young Rascals
"Your Number," Kristofer "Harder To Breathe," Maroon 5
"Rerun Tonight," Phil Nelson "Heartache Tonight ," The Eagles
"Zero," Frankie D "Hero," Enrique Iglesias
"Dry Rope," Eye1zLotto "High Hope," Frank Sinatra
"By Grouse, Surprised and Stunned," The Comedian "House of the Rising Sun," The Animals
"I'm Mr. Bean," Chris Bodily TM "I Have a Dream," ABBA
"I Hate MLA," Joelle "I Love Rock 'N' Roll," Britney Spears
"In The Navel," Phil Alexander "In The Navy," The Village People
"Carlton's Unusual," Phil Nelson "It's Not Unusual," Tom Jones
"Rod Roddy," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "It's Over," Roy Orbison
"Jellystone Park," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Itchycoo Park," Small Faces
"Joke, A Zero," Phil Nelson "Juke Box Hero ," Foreigner
"Hot Fudge & Carmel," Panic Pagoda "Karma Police," Radiohead
"Squeeze That Log," James Lawford "Kiss That Frog," Peter Gabriel
"Pipe Bombs To You," Xad "Letters To You," Finch
"Life Style Of A Phoenician," Kat and Alex Lee "Life Styles Of The Rich And The Famous," Good Charlotte
"Making Beer Out Of Nothing But Malt," Jeff Reuben "Making Love Out Of Nothing At All," Air Supply
"Bad Chicken Pox," 2nz "Man in the Box," Alice in Chains
"Plastic Surgeon Bill," The Comedian "Margaritaville," Jimmy Buffet
"On the Pole Again," Rick Duncan "On the Road Again," Willie Nelson
"Oops, I Know What They Did," Joelle "Oops, I Did It Again," Britney Spears
"Black Sabbath (The Ballad Of Ozzy Osbourne)," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Rock & Roll," Led Zeppelin
"Maineside," Cherrios "Southside," Moby
"Shrubbery," Chris Pollman "TNT," AC/DC
"The Mimes They Are Annoyin'," Phil Nelson "The Times They Are A-Changin' ," Bob Dylan
"White Paint," Blade "White Flag," Dido
"Who Needs Fear Like That," Blade "Who Needs Love Like That," Erasure
"Wish I May," Kristofer "Wish I May," Breaking Benjamin
"Tooth Decay," Leah Lockhart "Yesterday," Beatles

January 20, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Oregon Trail," Angela Babian "AM Radio," Everclear
"Atom Bombs (On Osama)," Panic Pagoda "Adam's Song," Blink 182
"Animation," Jude Rodamer "Automation," Allan Sherman
"Cheers," Mr. Bob "Baker Street," Gerry Rafferty
"Logan on the Run (The Logan's Run song)," Adam Bernstein "Band on the Run," Paul McCartney
"Swirling Star Logo," Great Owl "Bare Necessities," The Jungle Book
"Even Al," sloatead "Call Me Al," Paul Simon
"Do a Little Piddle," Rick Duncan "Do Wah Diddy Diddy," Manfred Mann
"Castle Camelot (Yes, Even More Monty Python Material)," Chris Pollman "Hotel California," The Eagles
"How Can I Be Third?," Stray Pooch "How Can I Be Sure?," Young Rascals (Also David Cassidy)
"I Want To Probe Your Gland," The Comedian "I Want To Hold Your Hand," The Beatles
"Chicken Pox," Chris Pollman "Moneytalks," AC/DC
"New Year's Predictions," Guy DiRito "My Favorite Things," Julie Andrews
"We'll Do Things My Way," Alvin Dover & Bill Tong "My Way," Frank Sinatra
"I Am The W," Agrimorfee "New Killer Star," David Bowie
"Jackson Likes The Young," Patrick Yoness "Seasons In The Sun," Terry Jacks
"Stacy's Mom (The Truth)," S.T.G. "Stacy's Mom," Fountains of Wayne
"Lucre Lucre," Rick Duncan "Sugar Sugar," Archies
"I Love Cheese," Panic Pagoda "Sweet Dreams are Made of These," Eurythmics
"The Chain (Revisited)," Merry & Pippin "The Chain," Fleetwood Mac
"The Final Love of Dodi Fayed," Paul Robinson "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (Theme song to 'Dobie Gillis' Sitcom)," Theme Song
"Exit from Iraq," Laurence Dunne "Theme from Fraggle Rock," Fraggle Rock
"Wonder Toad," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Thunder Road," Bruce Springsteen
"My Beat-up Old Bassoon," Mari Aranoff Duncan "Up Up and Away," The Fifth Dimension
"Mild Kind of Shite," Phil Alexander "Wild Side of Life," Status Quo
"Turds," Laurence Dunne "Words," Bee Gees
"I Am Always On Her Nerves," Laurence Dunne "You Are Always On My Mind," Elvis Presley

January 21, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"(Can't write a) Song That Sounds New," DarkJon64 "(Can't get my) Head Around You," The Offspring
"26 Miles (Old Man Swims)," Michael Pacholek "26 Miles (Santa Catalina)," The Four Preps
"(Jeep) 4x4," B. O'Connor "2x4," Metallica
"Alberta," Phil Nelson "Alberta," Eric Clapton
"Another Stick in your Craw," Royce Miller "Another Brick in the Wall (Pt. 2)," Pink Floyd
"MGM Lion Song," Hikaru "Bare Necessities," The Jungle Book
"Battle Hymn of the Republican," Michael Pacholek "Battle Hymn of the Republic," Julia Ward Howe
"Mortal Kombat," antibarney "Bette Davis Eyes," Kim Carnes
"Cold Shower," The Great Karlando "Blues Power," Eric Clapton
"Both Sides of the Face," Phil Nelson "Both Sides of the Story," Phil Collins
"Brave Sir Rob," Chris Pollman "Brave New World," Iron Maiden
"Young Padawan," Amy Norton "Brown Eyed Girl," Van Morrison
"Britney Spears Has Got To Go," Thor2000 "Cinderella," Britney Spears
"Pop Ups," Urdarlindead "Closure," Chevelle
"Dead Drunk," Rick Duncan "Dead Skunk," Loudon Wainwright III
"Fall Down," Arwen "Downtown," Petula Clark
"Fly Me To The Evil," Gary Ray "Fly Me To The Moon," Frank Sinatra
"Puke Song," Agrimorfee "Growing Up," Peter Gabriel
"Hey, Hey, I'm A Monkey," Guy DiRito "Hey, Hey, We're The Monkees," The Monkees
"I Love Being Single," Thor2000 "I Love Rock and Roll," Britney Spears
"That Nyquil High," Miss Mozell "I Will Survive," Gloria Gaynor
"I'd Like to Build The World Some Clones," Eye1zLotto "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing," Hillside Singers
"Over the Eight," Phil Alexander "I'm Henry VIII I Am," Herman's Hermits
"Enema of Fate," Phil Alexander "I'm Henry VIII, I Am," Herman's Hermits
"Untitled (Pt. 2)," M.S.G "Numb," Linkin Park
"Personal Bagger," Lisa Flach "Personal Jesus," Depeche Mode
"Sour Dairy (Colon's Like a River)," Leah Lockhart "Proud Mary (Rollin' on the River)," Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Rocky Mountain Waste," The Great Karlando "Rocky Mountain Way," Joe Walsh
"Eat Out," Travis (aka skittles) "Roll Out," Ludachris
"Shatner," Rick Duncan "Shattered," Rolling Stones
"She's Got a Weight," Jim Loftus "She's Got A Way," Billy Joel
"Smells Like Camp Granada," Chris Bodily TM "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Nirvana
"Pinball Wizard 3000," B. O'Connor "The House That Jack Built," Metallica
"Bonesmen, Kerry and Shrubbie," Coral Snake "The Living Daylights," James Bond Movie Theme
"The George W Bush Movie," Laurence Dunne "Theme from STAR WARS," John Williams
"I Can Sing It Right," Phil Nelson "We Can Work It Out," Beatles
"Soprano," Adagio "Witchy Woman," Eagles
"You're A Pain," Phil Nelson "You're So Vain ," Carly Simon

January 22, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"(I've got that) Vroom-Vroom," Eminerd "(I've got that) Boom-Boom," Britney Spears
"500 Lives," William Tong "500 Miles," Peter, Paul & Mary
"Bewigged, Blonder Than Madonna," Jim Loftus "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered," Rodgers & Hart from 'Pal Joey'
"Old Wives's Advice," Jan Unwin "Brilliant Disguise," Bruce Springsteen
"Heave-Ho In The White Bowl," The Comedian "Bungle In The Jungle," Jethro Tull
"Cross Country," 2nz "Come Together," The Beatles
"My Keister's Sore," The Comedian "Conquistador," Procol Harum
"Hard Times in Malibu Blues," Mick Terry "Heartbreak Hotel," Elvis Presley
"Dig Dug," Arcade Junkie "Higher & Higher," Jackie Wilson
"We'll Campaign Everywhere Man," Guy DiRito "I've Been Everywhere Man," Johnny Cash
"Heidi Fleiss Nose," MrMacphisto "Jesus Christ Pose," Soundgarden
"Smoking Weed, Sniffing Glue," Phil Alexander "Knowing Me, Knowing You," Abba
"The Pub Over There," Alex Zander "Lady in Red," Chris De Burge
"Simon Cowell," Bob Gomez "Lyin' Eyes," The Eagles
"Defender," Arcade Junkie "Make Me Yours," Bettye Swann
"But I Voted for the Bum," Miss Mozell "Mama Told Me (Not to Come)," Three Dog Night
"La La La," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Mmm Mmm Mmm," Crash Test Dummies
"Make Mine Plain," Jan Unwin "No Rain," Blind Melon
"Contagious," Eminerd "Outrageous," Britney Spears
"Gerbil Maze," Claude Prez "Purple Haze," Jimi Hendrix
"Pickin' Up the Shitz," Rick Duncan "Puttin' on the Ritz," Irving Berlin
"Wax On," Rick Duncan "Roxanne," Police
"He Took Viagra Tonight," Miss Mozell "She's Got A Ticket To Ride," The Beatles
"St. Hunger," Panic Pagoda "St. Anger," Metallica
"Losing to the Cougars (Is So Crappy!)," Arwen "Sunshine on my Shoulders (Makes me Happy)," John Denver
"Larry-Moe-Shemp-Curly-Joe-and Curly Joe DaRita," sloatead "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," Dick Van Dyke
"Teddy Bears Nicks Picked," Laurence Dunne "Teddy Bears picnic," Traditional
"Mappy," Arcade Junkie "The 59th Bridge St. Song," Harper's Bizarre
"The Jackson Family," Laurence Dunne "The Addams Family," Addams Family
"What Has Happened William Tong?," Laurence Dunne "The Ballad Of The Green Berets," Traditional
"The Great Karlando," Laurence Dunne "The Great Pretender," Freddy Mercury
"The Muslim Superstate Song," Laurence Dunne "The Star Spangled Banner," Traditional
"Toxic," Eminerd "Toxic," Britney Spears
"One Guy (Oh Screw It!)," Merry & Pippin "White Lines (Don't Do It!)," Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five

January 23, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"50 States Dean will Freak Out In," Adam Bernstein "50 Ways to Leave your Lover," Paul Simon
"Inflatable Woman," The Comedian "American Woman," The Guess Who
"Vote Lover," mac195 "Art Lover," The Kinks
"Ode to Water," M.S.G "Beautiful," Christina Aguilera
"Beckhamian Rhapsody," Gary Lines "Bohemian Rhapsody," Queen
"Born to Run (John and Theresa Kerry Version)," mac195 "Born to Run," Bruce Springsteen
"Bye Bye Vodka," Michael "Bye Bye Boyfriend," Fefe Dobson
"Flab-Away," Rick Duncan "Cabaret," Liza Minelli
"Ophelia," The Comedian "Cecilia," Simon & Garfunkel
"Cream On," Phil Alexander "Dream On," Aerosmith
"Eye of the Tiger (Howard Dean Version)," mac195 "Eye of the Tiger," Survivor
"Fifty Things France Bans In Public," Laurence Dunne "Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover," Simon and Garfunkel
"Wirin' Brain," Rick Duncan "Fire and Rain," James Taylor
"Blur," Bryan Pardue "Flood," Jars of Clay
"Fart Quakes Don't Become Her," Guy DiRito "Heartaches By The Number," Guy Mitchell
"I'll Pick 'da Bum Come'n Through!," Eye1zLotto "I Get A Kick Out Of You," Frank Sinatra
"Hang Up Your Cell Phone Now," David Pratter "I Think We're Alone Now," Tommy James & The Shondells
"This Song Will Score 5-5-5," Laurence Dunne "I've Got My Mind Set On You," George Harrison
"Dickie Vitale," Arcade Junkie "It's Mashed Potato Time," Dee Dee Sharp
"Tutti Frutti, Beenie Weenies And Some Bowls Of Hot Linguine," Guy DiRito "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka-dot Bikini," Brian Hyland
"My Big Fat Obnoxious Parody," Jan Unwin "Just a Gigolo," David Lee Roth
"Last Night I Didn't Hear the Beep at All," Jan Unwin "Last Night I Didn't Get to Sleep at All," The Fifth Dimension
"Illegal Junk Food," XxMCGxX "Milkshake," Kelis
"Money For Nothing/Gilligan's Island," Jack Wilson "Money For Nothing," Dire Straits
"Bum," Im Ted Kaczynski "Numb," Linkin Park
"Bum," Im Ted Kaczynski "Numb," Linkin Park
"One-eye the Trouser Snake," Rick Duncan "Popeye the Sailor Man," Cartoon theme
"E-S-P-N," Arcade Junkie "R-O-C-K," Bill Haley & the Comets
"Webslinger," Ben Schuldt "Rump Shaker," Wreck-N-Effect
"Sellin' the Clowns," Royce Miller "Send in the Clowns," Judy Collins
"Oedipus," sloatead "Shaft," Isaac Hayes
"Shemp," Tim Hall "Shaft," Isaac Hayes
"Sex & the City," Jim Loftus "Summer In the City," The Lovin' Spoonful
"I Smoke Marijuana," Bryan Pardue "Sweet Home Alabama," Lynyrd Skynyrd
"The Hacker," The Comedian "The Actor," The Moody Blues
"The Ballad of Wesley Clark," mac195 "The Ballad of Davey Crockett," The Kentucky Headhunters
"The Fart Is What Matters," Phil Nelson "The Heart Of The Matter," Don Henley
"I Like to Play with Food," "The Way You Move," OutKast
"I'm Just Getting Fat," Miss Mozell "The Year of the Cat," Cat Stevens
"Three Times A Lady ," Phil Nelson "Three Times A Lady ," The Commodores
"Crack Whore," Lestadt's Brat Princess "To the Moon and Back," Savage Garden
"Total Eclipse of Gephardt," John Jenkins "Total Eclipse of the Heart," Bonnie Tyler
"Have You Gone Insane?," Syncronos "You Don't Know My Name," Alicia Keys
"The Piles Song," James Lawford "You're The One That I Want," Grease

January 24, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Shari, the Captain and Fred (A tribute)," Stray Pooch "Abraham, Martin and John," Dion
"Band-Aids Are Fun," Jan Unwin "Band on the Run," Paul McCartney and Wings
"Moving to Canada," JolietJake66 "Born in the USA," Bruce Springsteen
"Can I Trust You With My Car," The Artist Formerly Known as Mike "Can I Trust You With My Heart," Travis Tritt
"Bubbles," Arcade Junkie "Clean-Up Woman," Betty Wright
"Make Me Some Dinner," Jenibu "Cry Me a River," Justin Timberlake
"Don't Let Your Son Go Down On Me," Jim Loftus "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me," Elton John
"Get Your Sleep On," Jenibu "Get Ur Freak On," Missy Elliot
"Get these Pimples Popping," Ben Schuldt "Get this Party Started," Pink
"Hell Na," Shugashane "Hey Ya," Outkast
"The Host Of Jeopardy!," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "I Lost On Jeopardy!," Weird Al Yankovic
"A Psychic Friend is There," Betsy Lawlor "I Say a Little Prayer," Dionne Warwick
"I'm A Little Bit Insane," Guy DiRito "If I Only Had a Brain," Wizard Of Oz
"Enflamable," Michael "Invisible," Clay Aiken
"Dean On Me," Michael Pacholek "Lean On Me," Bill Withers
"Rights and Responsibilities," Steve Kalafut "Love and Marriage," Frank Sinatra
"Chinese Food," Panic Pagoda "Megalomaniac," Incubus
"Operetta Musical," TIm Cerchia "Modern Major General," Gilbert and Sullivan
"My New Order," Bryan Pardue "My Immortal," Evanescence
"Attack of Lice," Bryan Pardue "My Sacrifice," Creed
"Star Search," Arcade Junkie "Oh Girl," The Chi-Lites/Paul Young
"Glasses," Chris Bodily TM "Picture," Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow
"Feeling All the Beers," Rick Duncan "Reeling In the Years," Steely Dan
"Scenes from a Chalupan Restaurant (Yeah, It's Back)," 2nz "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant," Billy Joel
"In The Kitchen," Valerie "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," The Tokens
"It's Not Logical, Captain," Chris Bodily TM "The Logical Song," Supertramp
"The Man Who Could Not Cut the Cheese," Rick Duncan "The Man On the Flying Trapeze," Trad.
"The Drain, The Plug & Bathtub Rings," David Chrenko "The Rain, The Park & Other Things," The Cowsills
"The Pile of Bricks," Agrimorfee "The Wall," Pink Floyd
"Washington Federals," Arcade Junkie "The World is a ghetto," War
"Really Fat Wife," Bryan Pardue "Time of Your Life (Good Riddance)," Green Day
"Forget To Flush," MrMacphisto "Too Much," Dave Mathews Band
"Food Poison," Saider Eiegle "Toxic," Britney Spears
"Traded," Ryan Harder "Waiting," Chantal Kreviazuk
"Wolfowitz is Gunnin'," mac195 "Werewolves of London," Warren Zevon
"Flute Group Riot," killerrabbit "Zoot Suit Riot," Cherry Poppin' Daddies

January 25, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Bad Conjugation," Arwen "Anticipation," Carly Simon
"Bantu," mac195 "Blackbird ," The Beatles
"Don't Wanna Go to Work on Monday," Shawn Morin "Born to Be My Baby," Bon Jovi
"Kerry Man," Guy DiRito "Carrie Ann," The Hollies
"Crying In The Lockers," Arcade Junkie "Crying In The Chapel," Elvis Presley
"New Jersey Blues," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Evil Hearted You ," The Yardbirds With Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page
"Fellow Get Off That Commode," Guy DiRito "Follow The Yellow Brick Road ," Wizard Of Oz
"Hey Ma," Dylan G. (Silent Nature) "Hey Ya," Outkast
"Gauntlet," Arcade Junkie "I'm Your Puppet," James & Bobby Purify
"'Cause You Know I've Got The Nerve," Guy DiRito "If I Only Had The Nerve," Wizard Of Oz
"If You'd Voted For Gephardt," Guy DiRito "If I Only Had a Heart," Wizard Of Oz
"Lost Piece," Liz and Ashley "Last Kiss," Pearl Jam
"Edwards, Dean and Kerry," mac195 "Lawyers, Guns and Money," Warren Zevon
"Little George Dubya," Grace Hampton "Lili Marlene," Marlene Dietrich
"Pie Shop," The Hellacious Duo "Picture," Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow
"Joseph The Lieber-man," Guy DiRito "Popeye The Sailor Man ," TV Theme Song
"Bye Captain Bye," Tim Hall "Ride Captain Ride," Blues Image
"Paperboy Blues," Arcade Junkie "Summertime Blues," Alan Jackson
"Bella Came Home," Mari Aranoff Duncan "Sunny Came Home," Shawn Colvin
"Weapons of Mass Destruction," mac195 "Sweet Home Alabama," Lynard Skynard
"Soviet Union," Tim Hall "Western Union," Five Americans
"Cast Your Vote," S.T.G. "World So Cold," Mudvayne
"False Start," Arcade Junkie "Your Cheatin' Heart," Hank Williams

January 26, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Ya Big Hairy Woman," Rick Duncan "American Woman," Guess Who
"W.," ParodyKeet "Animal," Def Leppard
"I Am The President (Ha Ha Ha)," Michael "Around The World (La Da Da)," ATC
"Where's the Cop?," Rick Duncan "At the Hop," Danny & the Juniors
"Because I'm A Guy," sloatead "Because I Got High," Afroman
"Deceiver (The anti-Satan song)," Floyd's Garage "Believer," The Monkees
"P Is For Pussy," Michael Tanzer "C Is For Cookie," Cookie Monster
"Still Whipt," Jess "Changes," 2 pac
"Ahhh, Je t'adore (Shut the door?)," Adagio "Conquistador," Procul Harum
"Ranting Dean," Guy DiRito "Dancing Queen," Abba
"Marble Madness," Arcade Junkie "Disco Lady," Johnnie Taylor
"Nasal Brays," Guy DiRito "Evil Ways ," Santana
"Great Buns Of Steel," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Great Balls Of Fire," Jerry Lee Lewis
"In The Shadows," Poison Girl "In The Shadows," The Rasmus
"Waited Too Long , I Can't Go," Paul Robinson "Just A Song Before I Go," Crosby, Stills & Nash (Graham Nash)
"Credit Card," Unnatural Disaster "Lightning Rod," The Offspring
"Caught In My Fly," Chris Pollman "Lord Of The Flies," Iron Maiden
"Pimple Cream," Unnatural Disaster "Self Esteem," The Offspring
"Chicago's Teams," Arcade Junkie "She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain," Traditional
"Candidates," mac195 "Silhouettes ," Nylons
"P0ser Gurl," Spazn "Sk8er Boi," Avril Lavigne
"Smells Like Mike Wallace," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Smells Like Nirvana / Smells Like Teen Spirit," Weird Al Yankovic / Nirvana
" Stacey's Grandma," London "Stacey's Mom," Fountains of Wayne
"Worldcom's Downtick Blues," MarthaDTox "Subterranean Homesick Blues," Bob Dylan
"Sinistar," Arcade Junkie "Superstar," The Carpenters/Luther Vandross/Ruben Studdard
"The Ballad Of The Queer Eye Five," The Comedian "The Ballad Of The Green Berets," SSGT Barry Sadler
"De Blogged and Ruddig Dose," Phil Alexander "The Long and Winding Road," The Beatles
"Horton, Can You Hear Me?/Behind Blue Eyes," Chris Bodily TM "Tommy, Can You Hear Me?/Behind Blue Eyes," The Who
"Non-Toxic," Ivo Becica & Dennis Shelton "Toxic," Britney Spears
"Joe Lieberman's Theme," ZSGhost "Under The Bridge," Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Ode to Kenneth Lay," MarthaDTox "When You're Old And Grey," Tom Lehrer
"Who Are You? (Horton Hears a Who version)," Chris Bodily TM "Who Are You?," The Who
"Wimpy," David Chrenko "Windy," The Association
"Sound-proof Wall," Ryan Harder "Wonderwall," Oasis
"Boohbah," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Yatta," Happatai

January 27, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Boys Who Take Ballet," David Chrenko "Ballad Of The Green Berets," S/SGT Barry Sadler
"The Attack On Eggman's Base," Andrea Huckstep "Battle Hymn Of The Republic," Traditional
"Bilious Lies," Michael Pacholek "Brilliant Disguise," Bruce Springsteen
"Can't Get Those Guys Off You," Rick Duncan "Can't Take My Eyes Off You," Franki Valli
"Stupid Cliches ," Guy DiRito "Favorite Things," Julie Andrews
"Good Morning Moonshine," Mari Aranoff Duncan "Good Morning Starshine," Cast of 'Hair'
"I Von Steu," Ben Schuldt "I John Reu," John Reuben
"Am I Right," mac195 "I'm Alright," Kenny Loggins
"Find My Lambs For Myself (The Bo Peep Song)," Phil Alexander "Keep Your Hands To Yourself," Georgia Satellites
"My Weird Hat," Phil Nelson "Knock On Wood ," Amii Stewart
"Peeing on a Jet Plane," mac195 "Leaving on a Jet Plane," Peter, Paul and Mary
"Livin' as a Chick," Stray Pooch "Livin' in the Past," Jethro Tull
"Asteroids," Arcade Junkie "Love Train," The O' Jays
"New Hampshire Primary Marching Cadence," Guy DiRito "Military Cadence (Sound Off!)," Traditional
"My Debt Ramblings," Laurence Dunne "My Favorite Things," Julie Andrews
"No More PF4Eva," Chris Bodily TM "No More Mr. Nice Guy," Alice Cooper
"Help me, Darling!," Noah Patrick McKelvie "Oh! Darling," The Beatles
"Q*Bert," Arcade Junkie "Ooh Child," The 5 stairsteps
"Open Sores," Jan Unwin "Open Arms," Journey
"Ordinary Girl," Phil Nelson "Ordinary World," Duran Duran
"Berzerk," Arcade Junkie "Right Thurr," Chingy
"Locked the Trunk Key," Rick Duncan "Shock the Monkey," Peter Gabriel
"Sports People," Rick Duncan "Short People," Randy Newman
"Smells Like It Sounds," ZSGhost "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Nirvana
"BMW Mom," ASHLEYSTVM "Stacy's Mom," Fountains of Wayne
"Grandpa," Comedy Guy "Stacy's Mom," Fountains of Wayne
"That Smell," Phil Nelson "That Smell," Lynyrd Skynyrd
"The Naked Rambler," John Jenkins "The Moonlight Gambler," Frankie Laine
"Your Socks Are Toxic," Funny Girl "Toxic," Britney Spears
"Bourbon," Phil Nelson "What I Got," Sublime
"I'm Incredibly High," Phil Nelson "What a Wonderful World," Louis Armstrong
"Listens to Jethro Tull Music," Phil Nelson "While My Guitar Gently Weeps ," The Beatles

January 28, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Atkin's Song," ZSGhost "Adam's Song," Blink 182
"Addicted(to Coke)," crazyandinsane "Addicted," Simple Plan
"Are You Guilty Now?," Funny Girl "Are You Happy Now?," Michelle Branch
"Sharpie Girl," Jan Unwin "Barbie Girl," Aqua
"Venereal Crabsody," Phil Alexander "Bohemian Rhapsody," Queen
"Anthem of a Desperate Stoner," Ty Moyen "Bottom Of A Bottle," Smile Empty Soul
"Melted Feathers," The Comedian "Come Together," The Beatles
"Please Save Our Precious Sites," WhizkidF "Come, Thou Almighty King," Traditional Hymn
"Gust Of the Wind," Jim Loftus "Dust In the Wind," Kansas
"Eighteen," Chris Bodily TM "Eighteen," Alice Cooper
"Eating Dinner in Front of the TV," Panic Pagoda "Feeling This," Blink 182
"Herr Dunce Can't Reign Again," William Tong "Here Comes The Rain Again," Eurythmics
"Osama Bin," Chris Mondloch & Kurt Louis "Holidae In," Chingy, Snoop Dogg, and Ludacris
"I Love Doggy Bones," Funny Girl "I Love Rock N` Roll," Britney Spears
"2003 - A Posh Spice Idiocy," Pickle "I'm The Urban Spaceman," Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
"Kiww De Wabbit," Steve Kalafut "In The Navy," The Village People
"Buy More O'The Music," The Comedian "Listen To The Music," The Doobie Brothers
"Love Is Almost Death," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Locomotive Breath," Jethro Tull
"Caught In My Fly," Chris Pollman "Lord Of The Flies," Iron Maiden
"Wayne Gretszky, 99," Arcade Junkie "Love Potion #9," The Searchers
"Mr. DO!," Arcade Junkie "Love me do," The Beatles
"Bad Job (Comments activated and missing line added)," Blade "Mad World," Tears For Fears
"Martha It's Clear," Jim Loftus "Martha My Dear," The Beatles
"The Ballad of Joe Kennedy," MarthaDTox "Me and Bobby McGee," Kris Kristofferson
"No Vegan Would," Jim Loftus "Norwegian Wood," The Beatles
"One Night In Collinsport," thor2000 "One Night In Bangkok," Robey
"Rob Van Winkle," Arcade Junkie "Rip Van Winkle," The Devotions
"Seven Democratics (Bush's Theme)," ZSGhost "Seven Nation Army," The White Stripes
"Gran," Karl Everett "Stan," Eminem
"Shot ," js11296 "Stay Together for the Kids," blink 182
"J. Lo you Spanish Harlot," Floyd's Garage "Swing Low Sweet Chariot," Religious Hymnal
"Go Grab A Hunch," Guy DiRito "The Brady Bunch," Theme Song
"When Science Creates Life," The Comedian "The Other Side Of Life," The Moody Blues
"I Like To Play The Flute (but Not Particularly Well)," Ethan Mawyer "The Way You Move," OutKast
"The Wreck of the Rosar Queen," Judy Adams "The Wreck of the Athens Queen," Stan Rogers
"Locksmith," Ali*CaT "Toxic," Britney Spears
"Crap Out My Rear," Guy DiRito "Tracks Of My Tears," Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
"Talk of Wife," Rick Duncan "Walk of Life," Dire Straits
"What About Brie?," Jan Unwin "What About Me?," Moving Pictures
"The Music Got Me," MarthaDTox "Working Class Hero," John Lennon
"Sonic X," Panic Pagoda "X," System of a Down
"Skanky Poodle Dandy," The Comedian "Yankee Doodle Dandy," James Cagney / George M. Cohan
"John Kerry Has No Personality," Laurence Dunne "Yellow Submarine," The Beatles
"It Just May Be a Pun," Rick Duncan "You Just May Be the One," Monkees

January 29, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"No More '50 Ways To Leave Your Lover'," sloatead "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover," Paul Simon
"A Few Of My Favourire Rings ( The Hollywood Proctologist Anthem)," Malcolm Higgins "A Few Of My Favourite Things," Julie Andrews
"Gonorrhea," MenthylatedGin "Bohemian Rhapsody," Queen
"Friend Or Foe In The Trust Box," Arcade Junkie "Boogie On, Reggie Woman," Stevie Wonder
"Born To Beguile," mac195 "Born To Be Wild," Steppenwolf
"Bustin' Some Wind," Guy DiRito "Dust In The Wind," Kansas
"Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Sue," Arcade Junkie "How Sweet it is (to be loved by you)," Marvin Gaye/Jr. Walker & the all-stars/James Taylor
"Orlando Joseph Jett," marthadtox "Hurricane," Bob Dylan
"Y2k And All That," MarthaDTox "I Will Survive," Gloria Gaynor
"Let's Spend All Our Pay," David Chrenko "Let's Live For Today," The Grassroots
"I Said, Who Made My Friend Hate Jesus?," Ben Schuldt "Lift Your Head Up High (and Blow Your Brains Out)," Bloodhound Gang
"Howard Dean," Benjcbc "Lola," The Kinks
"Main Street USA (Historic Preservation Awareness Version)," WhizkidF "Main Street USA," Disney's Sing Along Songs: Disneyland Fun
"Damn! I Feel Like A Man ," Michael "Man! I Feel Like A Woman," Shania Twain
"Old George Carlin," Mr. Hyde "Old John Robertson," The Byrds
"Amsterdam Stag Daze," Phil Alexander "Parisienne Walkways," Thin Lizzy
"Nickelodeon Arcade," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Penny Arcade," Roy Orbison
"George Bush the President," Adam Bernstein "Popeye the Sailor Man," Sammy Lerner
"CIA Song," MarthaDTox "Rock DJ," Robbie Williams
"Searching For Ally," Thor2000 "Searching My Soul," Vonda Shepard
"Halloween," Arcade Junkie "September," Earth, Wind & Fire
"Clay Has Got It Going On," Carissa "Stacey's Mom," Fountains of Wayne
"I Can't Write About Lord of the Rings," Arwen "Strong Enough," Sheryl Crow
"The Rest Room," The Artist Formerly Known as Mike "The Red Strokes," Garth Brooks
"We Call the Loud One Howard," John Jenkins "They Call the Wind Mariah," The Kingston Trio
"Walking on Sunspots," Rick Duncan "Walkin on Sunshine," Katrina & the Waves
"Nice Flag," Blabje "White Flag," Dido
"I Stunk (at Espresso Gardens)," Paul Robinson "Woodstock," Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
"They're Just Traitors Twice (Shrub and Kerry)," Coral Snake "You Only Live Twice," James Bond Mivie Theme

January 30, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"100 Parodies (Holy Crap!)," Chris Pollman "100 Years Ago," The Rolling Stones
"Our Snack," Condom_Soup "A Whole New World," Disney
"Al Gore," Benjcbc "All Star," Smash Mouth
"Mass Immigration," mac195 "Anticipation," Carly Simon
"CasketCase (cuz he'll OD)," The Flashing Mango "BasketCase," Green Day
"Flintstone-ian Rhapsody," Stray Pooch "Bohemian Rhapsody," Queen
"Kerry Fans," Victor Fernando Magana "Carrie Anne," The Hollies
"Getting Too Much Spam," Chris Pollman "Children Of The Damned," Iron Maiden
"Habanero," The Comedian "Desperado," The Eagles
"The Ballad Of Axl Rose (Fire Your Band)," Chris Pollman "Fire Your Guns," AC/DC
"Fly Boy, The Buffoon," William Tong "Fly Me To The Moon," Frank Sinatra
"Gotta Get Some Traction (Now!)," Chris Pollman "Gotta Get Some Action (Now!)," The Hellacopters
"Hey, Bush Is Their Monkey," William Tong "Hey, Hey, We're The Monkees," The Monkees
"Rip Out A Fart," Phil Nelson "Hold On My Heart," Genesis
"I Believe In These Things Called Drgus (Ozzy's Anthem)," Chris Pollman "I Believe In A Thing Called Love," The Darkness
"I Got Lucky," A. Fulkerson "I Feel Lucky," Marry Chappin Carpenter
"Super Bowl," Arcade Junkie "I Love rock 'n' Roll," Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
"Why Your Boobs So Saggy?," M.S.G "If It Makes You Happy," Sheryl Crow
"I Got the Gold Rush," MarthaDTox "Life in the Fast Lane," The Eagles
"Rowland’s Lyin’ Eyes," Jim "Lyin' Eyes," Eagles
"The Ballad of Tokyo Joe," MarthaDTox "Moondance," Van Morrison
"Bush's State of the Union," William Tong "Mother And Child Reunion," Paul Simon
"Old Dry Crescent Rolls," Jan Unwin "Old Time Rock and Roll," Bob Seger
"Who Turned Out The Lights?," Arcade Junkie "One Of These Nights," The Eagles
"Dave Kay Found None," William Tong "Our Day Will Come," Ruby & The Romantics
"Grease Stain," Rick Duncan "Peace Train," Cat Stevens
"Gortons The Feesherman," Guy DiRito "Popeye The Sailor Man," TV Theme Song
"Rikki That's My Cucumber," Jan Unwin "Rikki Don't Lose That Number," Steely Dan
"Sausage Roll and Bacon," Chris Pollman "Rock 'N' Roll Damnation," AC/DC
"S**t," Joey "Slow," Kylie Minogue
"Garbage Can," Rick Duncan "Southern Man," Neil Young
"Bundle Up," Arcade Junkie "Start Me Up," Rolling Stones
"Who Will Be The Weakest," Arcade Junkie "Takin' Care Of Business," Bachman Turner Overdrive
"Talking Crap," Phil Alexander "The Jack," AC/DC
"HEMORROIDS ," The Artist Formerly Known as Mike "The Thunder Rolls," Garth Brooks
"Pants Got Too Tight," M.S.G "This Is The Night," Amber
"Cirdan The Shipwright," The Comedian "Vincent ( Starry Starry Night )," Don McLean
"Justin's Queer (Too Many Boy Bands)," Chris Pollman "Wasted Years," Iron Maiden
"We Can Jerk It Out," Jan Unwin "We Can Work It Out," The Beatles
"Who's Afraid of the Big Blair Witch?," Mick Terry "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?," Disney Movie / Barbra Streisand
"Cinderella," sloatead "Your Auntie Grizelda," Monkees

January 31, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"50 Ways To Lose Your Money," MarthaDTox "50 Ways To Leave Your Money," Paul Simon
"Addicted to Suds," Jack Wilson "Addicted to Love ," Robert Palmer
"Homo-ed Again Tragically," Guy DiRito "Alone Again, Naturally," Gilbert O'Sullivan
"But You Watch Oprah," Tim Hall "And Your Bird Can Sing," Beatles
"Big Pimples," Panic Pagoda "Big P!mpin'," Jay-Z
"Blind Mice," Ethan Mawyer "Bright Lights," Matchbox 20
"Cinnamon Roll," Rick Duncan "Cinnamon Girl," Neil Young
"Twentieth Century Voodoo," MarthaDTox "Cold Irons Bound," Bob Dylan
"Don't Happy, Be Worry," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Don't Worry, Be Happy," Bobby McFerrin
"At Night, I Scream," William Tong "Good Night, Irene," The Kingston Trio
"Hey, Hey, My, My," mac195 "Hey, Hey, My, My," Neil Young
"I'll Kiss You (The Stalker Song)," Bob O'Mara "I Miss You," Blink 182
"I'll Kiss You (The Stalker Song)," Bob O'Mara "I Miss You," Blink 182
"I'm In a Girly Mood ," Jack Wilson "I'm Into Something Good ," Herman's Hermits
"Never Bend Down Again," Jim Loftus "Never Going Back Again," Fleetwood Mac
"Garbage Man," Steve Kalafut "Nowhere Man," The Beatles
"Parody Man," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Nowhere Man," Beatles
"Lumberjack," Chris Bodily TM "Rocketman," Elton John
"Christmas," Fitu Petaia "September," Earth Wind & Fire
"Smells Like That Other Parody," Claude Prez "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Nirvana
"Fairway To Heaven," MarthaDTox "Stairway to Heaven," Led Zeppelin
"Pseudoantidisestablishmentarianism," Guy DiRito "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins Soundtrack)
"A Hamburger," Jack Wilson "The Warrior ," Scandal featuring Patti Smyth
"Fear and Loathing in Docklands," MarthaDTox "The Weight," The Band
"Tips Go Through the Tulips On Me," Rick Duncan "Tiptoe Through the Tulips With Me," Tiny Tim
"Turn Off Oprah Now," Tim Hall "Wear Your Love Like Heaven," Donovan
"Ear Doctor," The Comedian "Witch Doctor," David Seville


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