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These are randomly arranged.

October 1, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Av'rage Carnivora," Royce Miller "Abracadabra," Steve Miller Band
"Along Comes Barry," Michael Pacholek "Along Comes Mary," The Association
"And I Hate You," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "And I Love Her," The Beatles
"Bubbles,A Riot," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Baba O'Riley," The Who
"Fat Freddy," Phil Alexander "Black Betty," Ram Jam
"Celia," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Cecelia," Simon And Garfunkel
"Architeuthis," Royce Miller "Desperado," The Eagles
"Do Liberals Ever Make Use Of Their Minds?," Linda Terhune "Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind," Lovin Spoonful
"Lolly Gagger," Alvin Rhodes "Dolly Dagger," Jimi Hendrix
"Napoleon Dynamite," Shawn Carapellatti "Good Riddance (Time of your life)," Green Day
"Natural Blonde," Tim Mayfield "Handy Man," James Taylor
"Here Comes The Gun," Jovi Lloyd Morrison "Here Comes The Sun," The Beatles
"I'm A Victim," Phil Alexander "I'm A Loser," The Beatles
"If I Only Had A Brain (George W. Bush)," Laurel Kornfeld "If I Only Had A Brain," Ray Bolger
"Its A Game," Fitu Petaia "Its A Shame," Spinners
"Jamaica Fare not too Well,(Darned Thing Went Down)," Airfarcewon "Jamaica Farewell," Harry Belafonte
"Where's the Snow?," Laurel Kornfeld "Let It Snow," Frank Sinatra
"Fright (Halloween)," Nili C. "Light," Darren Hayes
"Do You Feel Lucky, Man?," Michael Pacholek "Lucky Man," Emerson, Lake & Palmer
"Mad, Cause I Made His Daughter," Alvin Rhodes "Madman Across The Water," Elton John
"Old Man Quivers," Michael Pacholek "Old Man River," Paul Robeson
"Meat Maniac," anderson'parody man'araujo "On A Plain," Nirvana
"Opposites Attract (Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell duet)," Grometta "Opposites Attract," Paula Abdul
"Other Side Of The Disk," Yet Another Dutchman "Other Side Of The World," KT Tunstall
"Smells Like Mexican Spirit," Ezra "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Nirvana
"The Human Cannonball," Alvin Rhodes "The Wabash Cannonball," Roy Acuff
"Aimme Lowes Gay," Jordan Bevan "Walking On Sunshine," Aly and Aj

October 3, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"[Model Year] 1979," wannabemustangjockey "1985," Bowling For Soup
"Hop Into My Bed," Jake A Ralphing (Luke Brattoni) "All The Things She Said," T.a.t.u
"(Hey Now) You're A Hitman," Ty "All-Star," Smash Mouth
"Booty's Unreleased," Arwen "Beauty and the Beast," Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack
"Ganja, Pills And Gin," Alvin Rhodes "Candle In The Wind," Elton John
"Shocks," wannabemustangjockey "Clocks," Coldplay
"The Chef - Beans," Benny Boy "Dreams," The Game
"Every Song Can Be Too Much Absurd," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Everybody Wants To Rule The World," Tears For Fears
"Girl, You'll Be a Dummy Soon," Rick Duncan "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon," Neil Diamond
"No Sweet Home," Airfarcewon "Home Sweet Home," Traditional
"I Am Quite Dead," Rick Duncan "I Am, I Said," Neil Diamond
"I Started to Smoke," Michael Pacholek "I Started a Joke," The Bee Gees
"I'm the President (And the Money's Spent)," Rick Duncan "I'm An Old Cowhand (From the Rio Grande)," Bing Crosby
"To Whine and to Complain," Linda Terhune "If I Only Had A Brain," Ray Bolger
"Flyin' South (Plucky's Song)," Tim Mayfield "Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)," Billy Joel
"Vile Toddler," Jake A Ralphing (Luke Brattoni) "My Immortal," Evanescence
"Pampered Son," Paul Robinson "Paper Sun," Traffic
"Holding My Banana," Paul Robinson "Proud Mary (Rollin' on the River)," Credence Clearwater Revival
"Guy Fawkes Night Tonight," The Triple F-Rated Coffee Stirrer "Save Tonight," Eagle Eye Cherry
"Second Hand Shoes," Alvin Rhodes "Second Hand News," Fleetwood Mac
"She Needs Tissues," Laurie "She's Got Issues," The Offspring
"Singin' In The Rain," Airfarcewon "Singing In The Rain," Gene Kelly
"G.E.N.I.U.S.," Insert Coin(s) to Continue "Snoop Dogg (What's My Name Pt. 2)," Snoop Dogg
"Looking Squalid, Talking Crude," Jake A Ralphing (Luke Brattoni) "Something Borrowed, Something Blue," Ben Lee
"Peggy Sue," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Susie Q," Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Sweet Hair-o-mine," Rick Duncan "Sweet Caroline," Neil Diamond
"Matrimonay!," Kristof Robertson "That's Amore," Dean Martin
"The Author," Red Ant "The Boxer," Simon and Garfunkel
"The Gong Show," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "The Dope Show," Marilyn Manson
"The One Of Us," the_conqueror_of_parodies "The Two Of Us," N*Sync
"Grovelin' Man," Michael Pacholek "Travelin' Man," Rick Nelson
"I Hate Corn On The Cob," Laurie "Why Don't You Get A Job?," The Offspring
"I Need to Fly Out Today!," Tom Mahon "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away," Beatles

October 4, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Bottom Cheeks," John A. Barry "Autumn Leaves," Nat King Cole, others
"Bullfrog," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Black Dog," Led Zeppelin
"Glowin' In Your Hand," Adagio "Blowin' In The Wind," Bob Dylan
"Victim Vinny: Don't Blame Me," Stuart McArthur "Do Re Mi," Julie Andrews
"Stool's Flushin'," Airfarcewon "Fools Rush In," Frank Sinatra
"A 'Seven' would be just fine," Paul Robinson "Heaven is in Your Mind," Traffic
"Truck Stop," Insert Coin(s) to Continue "Hip Hop," Bizarre
"La Folie Mordante ," John A. Barry "Les Feuilles Mortes ," Yves Montand
"John Crawley," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Mr. Crowley," Ozzy Osbourne
"My Deperssion," Ariyana M "My Immortal," Evansecence
"A Pair Of Mammaries," Stephen Harrington "Only A Memory," The Smithereens
"Batman Pt. II," Insert Coin(s) to Continue "Rain Man," Eminem
"Garfeild's Song," Paul Warren "Rainy Days and Mondays," Carpenters
"Rocky Marriage Way," Alvin Rhodes "Rocky Mountain Way," Joe Walsh
"Ode to the Jim Carrey Online Forum.," Countess Olafina Squalor "Scream," Michael Jackson
"Surfin' D.O.A.," Alvin Rhodes "Surfin' U.S.A.," The Beach Boys
"The Girl Who Looks Anemic," Airfarcewon "The Girl From Ipanema," Frank Sinatra
"Trashcan That Oscar Lives In," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Trashed And Scattered," Avenged Sevenfold
"Portaloo," Jake A Ralphing (Luke Brattoni) "Waterloo," ABBA
"Semi by the Sea," Adrian Cains "Yellow Submarine," The Beatles

October 5, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"American Idol," Rebecca Gale "1985," Bowling for Soup
"Another Prick with no Balls," Adrian Cains "Another Brick in the Wall," Pink Floyd
"Unfocused Fema," Airfarcewon "Beautiful Dreamer," Traditional
"Brassiere," Bob Gomez "Brazil," Frank Sinatra
"Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel Fight!," Red Ant "Bridge Over Troubled Water," Simon and Garfunkel
"He's Mr. Fan-Dance Queen," John A. Barry "Dear Mr. Fantasy," Traffic
"Don't Pile On Me 'Bout Katrina," William Tong "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina," Madonna
"Nipsey Russell," Michael Pacholek "Gypsy Woman," The Impressions
"Hello Martyr, Hello Fatah," Mr. Mucus "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah," Allan Sherman
"Make Harriet Supreme Court Judge," William Tong "I'm Henry the 8th, I Am," Herman's Hermits
"Joshua Lyman," Michael Pacholek "Jet Airliner," Steve Miller
"John's Gnarly Corns: Pussed Guy," John A. Barry "John Barleycorn Must Die," Traffic
"Loy Was His Girl," Alvin Rhodes "Joy To The World," Three Dog Night
"La Vie Unclothed," Bob Gomez "La Vie en Rose," Edith Piaf
"Late Again," Rick Duncan "Lady Jane," Rolling Stones
"Lightweight Miers," Violet T. Riol "Light My Fire," The Doors
"Darryl Be Careful," Debra "Little By Little," Laura & The Lovers
"Don Adams Just Died," sloatead "Live and Let Die," Paul McCartney
"Giant Garbage Bag," Rick Duncan "Magic Carpet Ride," Steppenwolf
"Heifer-Sated Moo," John A. Barry "Medicated Goo," Traffic
"Mooned Over Miami," Airfarcewon "Moon Over Miami," Eddy Duchin
"¡Hola! ¿Cómo Estás?," Bob Gomez "Oye Como Va," Santana/Tito Puente
"Slimeball Dealer," Matthias "Pinball Wizard," The Who
"Surrender (to the food)," Chloe Webster "Remember," Disciple
"Hungry Kid," Laurie "Self Esteem," The Offspring
"Shag My Poodle, Fancy Free," John A. Barry "Shanghai Noodle Factory," Traffic
"She Had Babies," Alvin Rhodes "She's A Lady," Tom Jones
"Diapers," Agrimorfee "Spiders," Moby
"Squarepants," Insert Coin(s) to Continue "Square Dance," Eminem
"Fans Of NBA," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Surfin' USA," Beach Boys
"Sweet Home, He Don't Know Which," Michael Pacholek "Sweet Home Alabama," Lynyrd Skynyrd
"Bangin' Paris Hilton," "Takin' Care of Business," Bachman-Turner Overdrive
"A Fly!," Allicat "The Fly," U2
"The Iraqi Democracy Song," Phil Alexander "The Major-General's Song," Gilbert and Sullivan
"I Need To Pee," Scrawny Johnny "Under the Sea," The Little Mermaid
"Street Fighter Zero," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Zero," Smashing Pumpkins

October 6, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Though I Hated Evil Schemes," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "All I Have To Do Is Dream," The Everly Brothers
"My Girl Is Not An African Idiot," Scotty Dangerously "American Idiot," Green Day
"Two Pigs Who Shop in the Mall," Tom Mahon "Another Brick in the Wall," Pink Floyd
"Dangerously On Drugs," M!KEY "Dangerously In love," Beyonce
"Donuts Made My Small Ass Huge," Malcolm Higgins "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue," Crystal Gayle
"Starving For Pizza," Fitu Petaia "Going In Circles," The Friends of Distinction
"Omnitheism," Insert Coin(s) to Continue "I'm So Fly," Lloyd Banks
"I Want Marsupials," Alvin Rhodes "Its Not Unusual," Tom Jones
"Shame, He's Gotta Gum," Alvin Rhodes "Jamie's Got A Gun," Aerosmith
"Jeremy (Misheard Lyrics Version)," Red Ant "Jeremy," Pearl Jam
"La Vie En Prose," John A. Barry "La Vie En Rose," Edith Piaf
"McArthur's Fart," Stuart McArthur "McArthur's Park," Richard Harris
"Me And Ewes And a Hog or Two," Sheep Trick "Me And You And a Dog Named Boo," Kent Lavoie
"Meat Me In St Louis, Louis," Airfarcewon "Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis," Judy Garland
"On Top Are Bush Cronies," William Tong "On Top Of Old Smoky," Traditional
"Harriet Miers Medley," William Tong "Oscar Meyer Balogna/Wiener Jingles," TV Jingle
"Wok Around The Clock," Airfarcewon "Rock Around The Clock," Bill Haley and The Comets
"Stung By A 'Preacher' Scam," Violet T. Riol "Son Of A Preacher Man," Dusty Springfield
"Weight of Feather," Michael Pacholek "Stormy Weather," The Spaniels
"Bunny Came Home," Jbels "Sunny Came Home," Shawn Colvin
"Crony Court Club," William Tong "The Mickey Mouse Club March," Theme Song
"The Glove," Arwen "The Rose," Bette Midler
"The Saga Is Complete," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "The Saga Begins," Weird Al Yankovic
"Inspiration," Mr. Karaoke a.k.a. Chris Helms "Under The Bridge," Red Hot Chilli Peppers
"Who's To Say," Royce Miller "Yesterday," The Beatles

October 7, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Poor Party Planning," Ethan Mawyer "Blinded By The Light," Manfred Mann's Earth Band
"What's the Meaning?," Red Ant "Come Together," The Beatles
"Super-Sized," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Crucified," Sevendust
"Catgirl Love," Stephen Harrington "Hairspray Queen," Nirvana
"Help Stamp Out Steven Seagal," Airfarcewon "Help Me Make It Through The Night," Kris Kristofferson
"I Am a Svelty Model; I Binge, Purge, and Mangia De," John A. Barry "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General," Gilbert and Sullivan
"I'm Very Fond of Montel--Watch After 'Hospital, Ge," John A. Barry "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General," Gilbert and Sullivan
"I Feel Blind," Merry & Pippin "I Feel Fine," Beatles
"Tony Blair - A Fight," LucidLupin LeeBee "In The Air Tonight," Phil Collins
"What's the Most Wonderful Kind of Career?," Arwen "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year," Andy Williams
"Dumpin' Jack Black," Rick Duncan "Jumpin' Jack Flash," Rolling Stones
"Acne," Mikey Boy "Mainstreet," Bob Seger
"Mr. Postman," Rick Duncan "Mr. Sandman," Chordettes
"Junk," Abbott Skelding "Numb," Linkin Park
"Only Six Beans," Alvin Rhodes "Only Sixteen," Sam Cooke
"Paint It Blue (the song of the Blue Blue Cult)," JordaNinten "Paint It Black," The Rolling Stones
"You Bet A Cop's Around," Alvin Rhodes "Shop Around," Smokey Robinson And The Miracles
"Tough Whoppin' Gator," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Smooth Operator," Sade
"Show Me Wither," Airfarcewon "Stormy Weather," Frank Sinatra (and others)
"The Iron Chef Wo Fat," The Comedian "The Reverend Mr. Black," The Kingston Trio
"The Wading," Rick Duncan "The Waiting," Tom Petty
"Chumba-Mumbling," Red Ant "Tubthumping," Chumbawumba
"Say Hello To My Little Friend," Red Ant "Wake Me Up When September Ends," Green Day
"Walk My Dog," Jbels "Walk Me Home," Mandy Moore
"U-R-I-N-A-L," A Room Full of Monkeys "You Are So Beautiful," Joe Cocker

October 8, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"10 Little Films," Fitu Petaia "10 Little Indians," Traditional
"Paint A Shop Sign," LucidLupin LeeBee "Ain't No Sunshine," Bill Withers
"Ain't Nothing But My Real Name," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing," Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell
"RealBigCelebrity," Josh 2 "American Idiot," Greenday
"D-I-N-G-O," A Room Full Of Wombats "B-I-N-G-O," Traditional
"Smokin' Heroes," Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd "Broken Heroes," Saxon
"Pants, I've Learned The Way," Alvin Rhodes "Dance The Night Away," Van Halen
"Poor Student," Alvin Rhodes "Dear Prudence," The Beatles
"The Scanner," LucidLupin LeeBee "Diana," Paul Anka
"Hooked on the Ceiling (A masochist's love song)," MasonR "Hooked on a Feeling," B.J. Thomas
"The Poor Are Gone," Offender "I Can See Clearly Now," Johnny Nash
"Arya I'd Choose," Kim Sanders "I Dare You To Move," Switchfoot
"But I Have Finished High School For Good," Marto "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," U2
"Imagine He Lived," Michael Pacholek "Imagine," John Lennon
"Laura Sucks," Marto "Jesus Walks," Kanye West
"Still My Evenstar," Michael Pacholek "Just the Way You Are," Billy Joel
"Pretty Fly (For An Old Guy)," Laurie "Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)," The Offspring
"Pretty Fly (4 a jedi)," bren705000 "Pretty Fly (For a white guy)," The Offspring
"Puff It Up," Alvin Rhodes "Pump It Up," Elvis Costello
"Watch Cartoons All Night," Stevie I "Rock an Roll All Night," KISS
"Santa Claus Is Stalking Us Now," Kim Sanders "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," Christmas/Traditional
"Girls," Insert Coin(s) to Continue "Signs," Snoop Dogg
"Bagdasarian Anthem," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Synchronicity I," The Police
"The Reverend Mr. Plage," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "The Reverend Mr. Black," The Kingston Trio
"Couchjumping," Jbels "Tubthumping," Chumbawamba
"Give Me Gum Balls To Swallow," LucidLupin LeeBee "Will You Love Me Tomorrow," Carol King
"Shut Up," Cait Sith "Word Up," Mel B
"Youre Hideous," Random Ol "Youre Beautiful," James Blunt

October 10, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"12 People Thought Who I Was," Fitu Petaia "12 Days of Christmas," Traditional
"Bad Morning," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Bad Magick," Godsmack
"The Day Sylvie Paladino Dies," Jamie "Behind These Hazel Eyes," Kelly Clarkson
"Knocked Up His Woman ( The 'cruise'-ing Parody)," Malcolm Higgins "Black Magic Woman," Santana
"Toasting Glasses," Tom Holly "Burning Bridges," Statler Brothers
"Frying In The Sun," John Spoof "Conspiracy Of One," The Offspring
"Pie," Hello "Cry," Godley & Creme
"Weird Mutants," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Dear Prudence," The Beatles
"Simple Minds," Linda Terhune "Edelweiss," The Sound Of Music
"Get Ur Freak On (Halloween Mix)," Lil' Mak "Get Ur Freak On," Missy Elliott
"Stop Making Anymore Parodies," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Give it Up," Pepper
"Aragorn the 8th," Phyllis Callavicci "Henry The 8th I Am," Herman's Hermits
"Ode to a Blockhead," TheCoffinRobber "Holiday," Green Day
"I Believe I'm a Guy," Stevie I "I Believe I Can Fly," R Kelly
"I'm Too Busy," Charlie Decker "I'm Too Sexy," Right Said Fred
"I've Seen Every Car," wannabemustangjockey "I've Been Everywhere," Johnny Cash
"I Love My Gun," Offender "It's All Been Done," Barenaked Ladies
"Its Up, Chuckie Schumer," Coral Snake "It's All Up in Dixie," Henry Tucker (1863) Traditional
"College Football Star," Tom Holly "Kansas City Star," Roger Miller
"Here I Come," John Spoof "Letterbomb," Green Day
"Rove Is Strange," Bob Gomez "Love Is Strange," Mickey and Silvia
"Martha's Bad Bark," Stevie I "MacArthur Park," Donna Summers
"Just This Morning I Saw This Fly," Paul Robinson "Monday Morning," Fleetwood Mac
"Ping Pong," John Spoof "Neocon," The Offspring
"Weather's Going Really Bad," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Never Gonna Give You Up," Rick Astley
"Boy Blunder," Henry Moon "No Wonder," Neil Young
"Holder of a Donor Card," Lionel Mertens "Owner of a Lonley Heart," Yes
"Possum Sugar Omelet!!," Red Ant "Pour Some Sugar On Me," Def Leppard
"The AP Spanish Song," Starlette Victory "Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)," The Offspring
"Biters in the Barn ," Royce Miller "Riders on the Storm," The Doors
"Robot Man," Michael Pacholek "Rocket Man," Elton John
"Sailor Hughes," InuOtome "Sailor Moon English Tv Theme," Sailor Moon
"She Flew Out Through The Car's Front Window," Alvin Rhodes "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window," The Beatles
"Not Guilty is the Jubilee," Coral Sanke "Sixty-Three is the Jubilee," J. L. Greene and D. A. French (1863) - Traditiona
"A Song About Bubsy," Andrea Huckstep "Strange Things," Randy Newman (Toy Story Soundtrack)
"The Jungle Blow," Ryan Evans "Strangers Like Me," Phil Collins
"The Jungle Blow," Ryan Evans "Strangers Like Me," Phil Collins
"Jack and Duke's Midnight Run," Michael Pacholek "Take the Money and Run," Steve Miller
"The Devil Went Down To Springfield," Phil Alexander "The Devil Went Down To Georgia," Charlie Daniels Band
"The Wealthiest Man Alive," John Spoof "The Kids Aren't Alright," The Offspring
"The Wrist," Airfarcewon "The Twist," Chubby Checker
"I Want To Be A Pirate," Matt "Time Honoured Tradition," Kaiser Chiefs
"Wichita Wineman," Airfarcewon "Wichita Lineman," Glen Campbell
"Snowed In Neverland," Matt Fournier "Winter Wonderland," Traditional
"A-R-O-D," YankeesSuck "Y-M-C-A," Village People

October 11, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"99 Free CDs," The Biggest Fan Of The Crazy Frog In The World "99 Red Balloons," Nena
"99 Pink Balloons," Richard Whiteley "99 Red Balloons," Nena
"A Policeman's Job," Phil Alexander "A Policeman's Lot," Gilbert and Sullivan
"D-I-L-L-DOUGH," Red Ant "B-I-N-G-O," Traditional
"Break Your Feet," Adagio "Baker Street," Gerry Rafferty
"Cadillac Woman," Royce Miller "Black Magic Woman," Santana
"Drawn By Weather," Royce Miller "Come Together," The Beatles
"Oh My Head, the Kegs, a Kiss?," Linda Terhune "Did I Shave My Legs For This?," Deana Carter
"Free Downloadin," VooDooVonz "Free Fallin," Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
"God Save Our Schools," Rick Duncan "God Save the Queen," Sex Pistols
"A Plea For Inspiration," Kat "Help!," The Beatles
"I Press Vestments in Mothballs; Pests on Cloth Cra," John A. Barry "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General," Gilbert and Sullivan
"My Hairy, Scary Mongrel Mocks Me, Makes My Monthly," John A. Barry "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General," Gilbert and Sullivan
"South Park," Mr. Karaoke a.k.a. Chris Helms "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," Good Charlotte
"Swillin' Beers," Jake A Ralphing (Luke Brattoni) "Million Tears," Kasey Chambers
"Drinkin' Beers," Agrimorfee "Rockin' Years," Dolly Parton (w/ Ricky Van Shelton)
"Grow up," Random Ol "Run," Snow Patrol
"Santa Claus Is Hunting Us Down," Fitu Petaia "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," Fitu Petaia & Arcade Junkie
"He Lost Dentures," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "She's A Lady," Tom Jones
"Come Down!," Red Ant "Sundown," Gordon Lightfoot
"Goodbye to Louis Nye," Airfarcewon "The Start Of Something Big," Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme
"Murder," Luvin my baby "Time Of You Life ," Green Day
"My Prince Albert / Miserable Bastard," Alvin Rhodes "Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey," Paul Mc Cartney

October 12, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"50 Ways To Annoy A Customer," Alex Zander "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover," Paul Simon
"I Cant Spelll," Cherry Bobbins "A Few Of My Favourite Things," Maria (Julie Andrews)
"A Little Help From Depends," Alvin Rhodes "A Little Help From My Friends," The Beatles
"Another One Bites The Dust (Halo version)," JordaNinten "Another One Bites The Dust," Queen
"Beergut Theme," Bigup Funkmasta "Baywatch Theme," David Hasselhoff
"New Pleasure," Paul Robinson "Blue Letter," Fleetwood Mac
"Parody Girl," Ravyn Rant "Cinnamon Girl," Neil Young
"Darwin, Be Home Soon," Michael Pacholek "Darling, Be Home Soon," The Lovin' Spoonful
"Don't Whine at Me, Angelina," Rick Cormier "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina," Sarah Brightman
"I'm Vexed Ma Bell Has Gone the Way of Hominids Nea," John A. Barry "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General," Gilbert and Sullivan
"You've Got a Trombone Now," Rick Duncan "I Think We're Alone Now," Tommy James/Shondells
"I Would Do Anything When Drunk(But I Won't Do That," Dee Range "I Would Do Anything For Love(But I Won't Do That)," Meat Loaf
"I'll Get High," Airfarcewon "I'll Get By," Harry James
"Alfred of Lynwood, CA," Josh 2 "Jesus of Suburbia," Greenday
"My Old Ballpark," Michael Pacholek "MacArthur Park," Richard Harris
"Mercedes Boy #2," moscowman "Mercedes Boy," Pebbles
"Bill Gannon," Paul Robinson "Rhiannon," Fleetwood Mac
"Santa Claus is Coming in June," Royce Miller "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," Traditional
"Scent of My Fart," MrMacphisto "Shape of My Heart," Sting
"Barry," Rick Duncan "Sherry," Four Seasons
"Stalking Song," Inside Out "So Happy Together," The Turtles
"Say, Where Did My Date Wayne Go?," Arwen "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," Judy Garland
"Blue Is For Girls," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Top Of The World," The Carpenter
"Understandable," Adagio "Unforgettable," Nat King Cole
"My Clothes Are Tight," jbels "We've Got Tonight," Bob Seger
"Memory," Phil Alexander "Yesterday," The Beatles

October 13, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"A Little Help From My Benz," wannabemustangjockey "A Little Help From My Friends," The Beatles
"American Idiot (G.W.Bush)," TheCoffinRobber "American Idiot," Green Day
"My Mother's Girl," Alvin Rhodes "Another Girl," The Beatles
"Tired and Sleep Deprived," Josh 2 "Are We the Waiting," Greenday
"(She's) 'Knowin'' All Your Friends," Kristof Robertson "Blowin' In The Wind," Bob Dylan
"Blowin' with the Games," Michael Pacholek "Blowin' in the Wind," Bob Dylan
"Father And Son Are Alike," Josh 2 "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," Greenday
"Lance, Lance, Lance," John A. Barry "Dance, Dance, Dance," Beach Boys
"How Do Ye Plead On Majick?," Tim Mayfield "Do You Believe In Magic?," The Lovin' Spoonful
"Femur," John A. Barry "Fever," Peggy Lee
"He's Got the Whole World In His Strands," Phil Alexander "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands," Traditional Hymn
"Rainy Day," Josh 2 "Holiday," Greenday
"How Deep Is That Well?," Rick Duncan "How Deep Is Your Love?," Bee Gees
"7 Eleven," Us Morons "How Far Is Heaven?," Los Lonely Boys
"If I Had A Trillion," Tom Holly "If I Had A Hammer," Peter Paul and Mary
"Vittles: Puce Soup," John A. Barry "Little Deuce Coupe," Beach Boys
"Lost in Belize," jbels "Lost in Your Eyes," Debbie Gibson
"Houshi-sama Rap," InuOtome "Peter Griffin Rap," Peter Griffin
"Celebrities," Misty "Refugee," Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
"Friends Reunited?," Kristof Robertson "Reunited," Peaches & Herb
"Donnie," Michael Pacholek "Ronnie," The Four Seasons
"Noxious Farts," Jake A Ralphing (Luke Brattoni) "Roxie," Chicago
"Underground Sue," Red Ant "Runaround Sue," Dion
"Dealing With It," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Sealed With A Kiss," Bobby Vinton
"The Devil Went Down On Georgia," Airfarcewon "The Devil Went Down To Georgia," Charlie Daniels Band
"Unstoppable," Arcade Junkie "Unbreakable," Alicia keys
"When The Party Ends," Ben Couch "Wake Me Up When Semptember Ends...," Greenday
"Hell's Alright," John A. Barry "Well Alright," Buddy Holly

October 14, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Credit Problems," jbels "Campton Races," Stephen Foster
"Playin' with Myself," Dr. Voodoo "Dancing with Myself," Billy Idol
"Tires," John A. Barry "Fire," Crazy World of Arthur Brown
"Cubs 'For Those About to Win (We Salute You)," Keith Cormany "For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)," AC/DC
"Fristy, The Snowman," Airfarcewon "Frosty ,The Snowman," Gene Autry
"Get The Hell Out," Airfarcewon "Have A Good Time," Tony Bennett
"I'm a Lurker," John A. Barry "I'm a Loser," Beatles
"Stewie Griffin," Rick Duncan "Jewish Princess," Frank Zappa
"Video Games," Joel Martinez "Neighborhood #3(Power Out)," Arcade Fire
"Peter and the MILF," Rick Duncan "Peter and the Wolf," Various
"Brandy," Phil Alexander "Sandy," John Travolta
"Sounds of Sinus," Mark R. Young "Sounds of Silence," Simon & Garfunkel
"Sugar Your Going Down Screaming," Snakebite2 "Sugar Were Going Down ," Fall Out Boy
"Brakin' It With My Feets," Alvin Rhodes "Takin' It To The Streets," Doobie Brothers
"Teenager With Lust," Matthias "Teenager In Love," Dion & The Belmonts
"The Lesson of Baseball and Football," Michael Pacholek "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald," Gordon Lightfoot
"Boobless Wife," VooDooVonz "Thunder Rolls," Garth Brooks
"We are the Cubbies," Keith Cormany "We Are the Champions," Queen
"Play Rough," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Word Up," Korn
"You're Nothing Without Me (Parody Version)," The Comedian "You're Nothing Without Me," Broadway Cast of 'City of Angels'
"I Complain," Arwen "You're So Vain," Carly Simon

October 17, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"(It's) Hairspray (Parody Version)," The Comedian "(It's) Hairspray," Broadway Cast of 'Hairspray'
"And Sam Was Gone (The Splinter Cell Song)," big_bore_weasel "And She Was Gone," Ginger Foutley
"Good Day," Dorothy Higgins "Bad Day," Daniel Powter
"Bad Pudding," Laurie "Bad Habit," The Offspring
"Cup of Tea," Phony Tony "Battery," Mettalica
"For Breakfast Every Day," Offender "Bill Monroe For Breakfast," Tom T. Hall
"Insurance," Insert Coin(s) to Continue "Callin' in Sick," Weird Al Yankovic
"A Real Pain In My Neck," Tim Mayfield "Candle In The Wind," Elton John
"Did Her Brains Fall Out?," Nicole Brownfield "Come Clean," Hilary Duff
"Q's id," The Comedian "Cupid," Sam Cooke
"Amiright Anthem," Agrimorfee "Do You Want To," Franz Ferdinand
"Makin' a Pie," PMS "Draggin' The Line," Tommy James
"August 16th," Insert Coin(s) to Continue "Drama Setter," Tony Yayo
"Thinking of Killing (the death of Selena)," Misty "Dreaming of You," Selena
"Where Can the Kids Be?," Stevie I "Eleanor Rigby," The Beatles
"Cry Like a Baby," Fitu Petaia "Fly Like an Eagle," Steve Miller Band
"Lyrics?!," Red Ant "Frantic," Metallica
"Ice-Cream," Laurie "Gotta Get Away," The Offspring
"Hey Lena (Lysol or perfume)," Shing Kazama "Helena," My Chemical Romance
"How High This Loon," Alvin Rhodes "How High The Moon," Les Paul And Mary Ford
"I Can See Clear Lee, Now," Airfarcewon "I Can See Clearly, Now," Anne Murray
"You Wanna Know What Suck Is?," Red Ant "I Want To Know What Love Is," Foreigner
"I'm Wiping The Plate, I Am," Adagio "I'm Henry the 8th, I am," Herman's Hermits
"I'm Not All-gay," Adam Griffin "I'm Not Okay ," My Chemical Romance
"If I Only Had A Brain," Pat Costa "If I Only Had A Brain," The Scarecrow (Ray Bolger)
"Queasy (I'm So)," Red Ant "It's So Easy," Guns N' Roses
"M.B.N. (My Band Nightmare)," lilli "J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva)," Green Day
"AmIRight," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Killing Time," Sweet Savage/Metallica
"It's Halloween!," Unnatural Disaster "L.A.P.D.," The Offspring
"Lost in the Super Target," Jennifer Martino "Lost in the Supermarket," The Clash
"Shrub's Bird Flu Gun Grab," Coral Snake "Marching Through Georgia," Henry Clay Work (1865) - Traditional
"Frist, B.," John A. Barry "Misty," Johnny Mathis
"Bad Luck Guy," Nicky "Mr. Brightside," The Killers
"Doughboy," Airfarcewon "Oh Boy," Buddy Holly
"Raise Your Beers," Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd "Raise Your Hands," Bon Jovi
"Rock Howard," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Rock Island," Music Man (musical play)
"Runaground Crew," Alvin Rhodes "Runaround Sue," Dion And The Belmonts
"Secret, Nameless Man," John A. Barry "Secret Agent Man," Johnny Rivers
"Gout," VooDooVonz "Shout," Tears for Fears
"Internet Party - MMORPG Dork Version," Jennifer Martino "TV Party," Black Flag
"The Conductor's 12 day Christmas nightmare," David W Solomons "The 12 days of Christmas," Traditonal
"The 59th Remake Movie Producer's Song (B-Rate Movi," Stevie I "The 59th Street Bidge Song (Feelin' Groovy)," Simon an Garfunkel
"The Demonstration in Washington," Jay Dyck "The Battle of New Orleans," Johnny Horton
"The Intersexuale," Michael Pacholek "The Internationale," Etienne Portier
"The Night He Drove On the Cleveland Browns," Michael Pacholek "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down," The Band
"Theme from 'City of Angels' (Parody Version)," The Comedian "Theme from 'City of Angels'," Broadway Cast of 'City of Angels'
"Thunderstruck (Misheard Lyrics Version)," EF "Thunderstruck," AC/DC
"Piglet's Smooth Hide," John A. Barry "Ticket to Ride," Beatles
"Doggie Pile In My Shoes," Alvin Rhodes "Walk A Mile In My Shoes," Joe South
"What You Don't Know About Women (Parody Version)," The Comedian "What You Don't Know About Women," Broadway Cast of 'City of Angels'
"When in France," MrMacphisto "When We Dance," Sting
"(As A) Beer Falls Away," Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd "World Falls Away," Seether
"You Don't Mess Around With Spike," Rex Ungericht "You Don't Mess Around With Jim," Jim Croce
"You Gotta Look Out For Yourself (Parody Version)," The Comedian "You Gotta Look Out For Yourself," Broadway Cast of 'City of Angels'

October 18, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Because of You and My Wheelchair," Alyssa Mrozek "Because of You," Kelly Clarkson
"Popsicle," Abbott Skelding "Bicycle Race," Queen
"Goin' for the Gin," John A. Barry "Blowin' in the Wind," Bob Dylan
"Goat Of Many Colors," Airfarcewon "Coat Of Many Colors," Dolly Parton
"Peep Through My Window," Rick Duncan "Come To My Window," Melissa Ethridge
"The Corridor (Revisited)," Adagio "Conquistador," Procol Harum
"Symptoms of Flu," Paul Robinson "Crystal," Fleetwood Mac
"The A A A - A The The The," Stuart McArthur "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da ," The Police
"Oompah (Loompah)," Rick Duncan "Doodah (Camptown Races)," Trad
"All Our Farts," Stephen Harrington "Drown In My Own Tears," The Smithereens
"Changing Your Favorite Color," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Getting Away With Murder," Papa Roach
"I Voted For Malcolm," Phil Alexander "I Got It From Agnes," Tom Lehrer
"If I Were A Hit Man," Tim Mayfield "If I Were A Rich Man," Fiddler On The Roof
"Jelly is my Home," egnirys "Increase Blue," Dir en Grey
"Beat The Freshman," Matthias "Mr. Spaceman," Byrds
"I'm Over & Dead," Paul Robinson "Over My Head," Fleetwood Mac
"Play That Funky Baseball (White Sox)," Michael Pacholek "Play That Funky Music (White Boy)," Wild Cherry
"No Kind of Lyrics," Red Ant "Some Kind Of Monster," Metallica
"St. Anger Sucks," Red Ant "St. Anger," Metallica
"SIt Up," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Stand Up," Trapt
"Because of You and My Wheelchair," Alyssa "Sugar, We're Going Down," Fall Out Boy
"Slim Shady," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Sun City," Artists United Against Apartheid
"Social Quizzers' Anthem," Graham H. "The Anthem," Good Charlotte
"Laborious Love," Alvin Rhodes "The Glory Of Love," The Ink Spots
"The Beerness of Brew," John A. Barry "The Nearness of You," Ella Fitzgerald
"Ticket To Hyde," The Comedian "Ticket To Ride," The Beatles
"I'm Starved for Plum Wine," John A. Barry "You Are My Sunshine," Traditional

October 19, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Angie," Yu "Angie," Rolling Stones
"What Became of Leroy Brown?," Michael Pacholek "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown," Jim Croce
"Color My Girl," Tim Mayfield "Colour My World," Petula Clark
"Worthless Lyrics," Red Ant "Dirty Window," Metallica
"Give Me Some Pants," Agrimorfee "Give Peace A Chance," John Lennon
"Out of Control," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Heart Full Of Soul," The Yardbirds
"Kirk Colbain Loses the Alphabet," 2LD4U "Heart Shaped Box," Nirvana
"The Rock Star ABC's," "Holiday," Green Day
"I Can't Stop Lovin' You," Airfarcewon "I Can't Stop Loving You," Don Gibson, later by Ray Charles
"I'm a Believer (2005 White Sox)," Geoffrey "I'm a Believer," Smash Mouth
"Trick-Or-Treat," Matthias "Incomplete," Backstreet Boys
"It Doesn't Matter, She's a Whore," Michael Pacholek "It Doesn't Matter Anymore," Buddy Holly
"Umbridge is a B**ch (Harry Potter mix)," Rocknrule "Kyle's Mom's a B**ch," South Park
"The Only Resort," CormorantEnt "Last Resort," Papa Roach
"Dough, Boy!," Michael Pacholek "Oh, Boy!," Buddy Holly
"Cardboard Box That's All," Stevie I "Old Time Rock and Roll," Bob Seger
"Paper Blog Writer," Rick Duncan "Paperback Writer," Beatles
"This Is The Donut," The Comedian "This Is The Moment," Cast of 'Jekyll & Hyde' / The Moody Blues
"Will It Make Cornfield Circles ?," Alvin Rhodes "Will It Go 'round In Circles ?," Billy Preston
"I Ain't Been Ham-uh-let," Phil Alexander "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet," Bachmann Turner Overdrive

October 20, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"On The Airplane(Remember The Flight)," Barry Harrison ".... On The Radio(Remember The Days)," Nelly Furtado
"House Wife's Aneurysm," Chris H "Aneurysm," Nirvana
"House Wife's Aneurysm," Chris H "Aneurysm," Nirvana
"Ballad Of Gravy Crock-Its," Airfarcewon "Ballad Of Davy Crockett," TV show theme song
"Q (All he'll be)," Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd "Blue (Da ba dee)," Eiffel 65
"Everybody's Talkin'," Alvin Rhodes "Everybody's Talkin'," Harry Nilsson
"Hot for Preacher," SpongeBlog "Hot for Teacher," Van Halen
"Metallica's Skid," Red Ant "Invisible Kid," Metallica
"Might Hurl," Red Ant "My World," Metallica
"Silly Rabbit," Billy Boyd "Not An Addict," K's Choice
"Once In The Aisle," Airfarcewon "Once In A While," Nat King Cole
"Power Rangers Froggy Fury," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Power Rangers Dino Thunder," Theme Song
"The Devil Went Down To Baja," Tim Mayfield "The Devil Went Down To Georgia," Charlie Daniels Band
"In Moria," The Comedian "The Warrior," Patty Smyth and Scandal
"About You," Michael Pacholek "Without You," Harry Nilsson
"You Still Touch Me (Michael Jackson is Free)," MrMacphisto "You Still Touch Me," Sting

October 21, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"HE-RMI-TAGE/Party City," Michael T. Mondak "867-5309/Jenny," Tommy Tutone
"Psycho-analysed," Stuart McArthur "Bette Davis Eyes," Kim Carnes
"Thank You Ex-wife," Lucy-Shell "Big City Life," Mattafix
"Kish's Song (Tokyo Mew Mew)," Douglas Bucksworth aka D.B. "Breaking The Habit," Linkin Park
"She's Prairie Dawn," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Da Doo Ron Ron," The Crystals
"So Totally Gay," hannahjohanson "Disposable Teens," Marylin Manson
"Goodbye To Pierce," moscowman "Goodbye To You," Michelle Branch
"It's Vietnam," Logan+WIlliam "It's Your Love," Tim McGraw
"Old School," Tim Mayfield "Joe Cool," B.B. King
"Gandhi," Henry Moon "Mandy," Barrie Manilow
"Godfather, Godfather," Phil Alexander "Matchmaker, Matchmaker," Fiddler on the Roof
"Q's Qvetch," The Comedian "My Bonny Lies Over The Ocean," Traditional
"Why Are We So Poor?," Royce Miller "My Cherie Amour," Stevie Wonder
"New Pork, New Pork," Airfarcewon "New York, New York," Frank Sinatra
"Piggyback Rider," Alvin Rhodes "Paperback Writer," The Beatles
"Runner Blade," The Comedian "Runaway," Del Shannon
"Recycle Bin," Red Ant "Shoot Me Again," Metallica
"Drip Dryin' Today," Arwen "Slip Sliding Away," Paul Simon
"Smile For Your Mug Shot Today (Tom Delay)," MasonR "Smile A Little Smile For Me (Rosemary)," The Flying Machine
"Pete Cut in Line!," Arwen "Sweet Caroline," Neil Diamond
"The Painter," Henry Moon "The Painter," Neil Young
"Through the Crap," Misty "Through the Rain," Mariah Carey
"Q Came," Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd "You Came," Kim Wilde

October 22, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"21st Century Hemmorrhoid Man," Mikey Boy "21st Century Schizoid Man," King Crimson
"99 Wretched Tunes," John A. Barry "99 Red Balloons," Nena
"All Day and All of the Night," John A. Barry "All Day and All of the Night," Kinks
"Ankles Seen 'Cause Skirts Gone High," John A. Barry "Angels We Have Heard on High," Traditional
"Babbling Cistern," John A. Barry "Babylon Sisters," Steely Dan
"Bad Food Rising," John A. Barry "Bad Moon Rising," Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Mooed Tunes," John A. Barry "Blue Moon," Frank Sinatra, others
"Loathsome Faux Holies," John A. Barry "Boney Maroney," Little Richard
"Bungalow Gauls," John A. Barry "Buffalo Gals," Traditional
"Butt's On Show, Pal!," John A. Barry "Buffalo Gals," Traditional
"There's No Sight of the Slippery Loon," John A. Barry "By the Light of the Silvery Moon," Traditional
"Cinnamon Swirls," John A. Barry "Cinnamon Girl," Neil Young
"Drawn," John A. Barry "Dawn," Four Seasons
"Dude, I Lost My Pants!," John A. Barry "Do You Wanna Dance?," Beach Boys
"Cable Guys," John A. Barry "Edelweiss," Sound of Music sountrack
"Ate My Pie," John A. Barry "Eight Miles High," Byrds
"Henery the K.," John A. Barry "Enery the 8th," Herman's Hermits
"Pie Thrown at Zombie," John A. Barry "Eye of the Zombie," Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Georgie's Got No Mind," John A. Barry "Georgia on My Mind," Ray Charles
"Gimme That Goldmine 'Religion'," John A. Barry "Give Me That Old-Time Religion," Traditional
"Dogs Mess Territory," John A. Barry "God Bless America," Kate Smith
"The Porcine Part Shines ," John A. Barry "Good Morning, Starshine," Hair Soundtrack
"Jitneys, Trams, and Feet," John A. Barry "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves," Cher
"Spanky, Cranky," John A. Barry "Hanky Panky," Tommy James
"Pelf," John A. Barry "Help!," Beatles
"Orlando's a Lightweight," John A. Barry "Hernando's Hideaway," Ella Fitzgerald
"Etudes," John A. Barry "Hey, Jude," Beatles
"I Spy a Dune," John A. Barry "How High the Moon," Ella Fitzgerald
"He Has a Very Mottled Face, and It Is Not Congenit," John A. Barry "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General," Gilbert and Sullivan
"99 (Intro)," John A. Barry "I Feel Fine," Beatles
"I'm Having Such Fun," John A. Barry "I Live for the Sun," Sunrays
"My Socks Were on the Chair," John A. Barry "I Saw Her Standing There," Beatles
"I'm Gonna Steal Your Lumber," John A. Barry "I Wanna Be Your Lover," Prince
"I'll Be Cloned For Christmas," John A. Barry "I'll Be Home for Christmas," Traditional
"I'm Scheming Amiright Lyrics," John A. Barry "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas," Everybody
"I Write Vaporware," John A. Barry "I've Been Everywhere," Johnny Cash
"(S)He's Been Lurking on This Website," PMS "I've Been Working on The Railroad," Traditional
"Have They Got The Hammer?," John A. Barry "If I Had a Hammer," Pete Seeger
"In Her Garter's a Heater," John A. Barry "Ina Gadda da Vida," Iron Butterly
"In the Harbor, the Niña," John A. Barry "Ina Gadda da Vida," Iron Butterfly
"I Am Garbed As Nikita," John A. Barry "Ina Gadda da Vita," Iron Butterfly
"Inclement Weather Sent," John A. Barry "Incense and Peppermints," Strawberry Alarm Clock
"The Game's Up for the Man Who Made 'Clear'," John A. Barry "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear," Traditional
"Ginko Belle," John A. Barry "Jingle Bells," Traditional
"Doggone! Dogs Live in a Flea World," John A. Barry "Keep on Rockin' in the Free World," Neil Young
"D-O-V-E," John A. Barry "L-O-V-E," Nat King Cole
"Lettuce Feast," John A. Barry "Let It Be," Beatles
"Lightweight Miers," John A. Barry "Light My Fire," The Doors
"Loves Harriet," John A. Barry "Love and Marriage," Frank Sinatra
"Mange," John A. Barry "Mame," Mame soundtrack
"Me Fell," John A. Barry "Michelle," Beatles
"Mow the Leaves, Sir," John A. Barry "Mona Lisa," Nat King Cole
"Dune Ants," John A. Barry "Moon Dance," Van Morrison
"Groom Rover, He Has Fleas," John A. Barry "Moon Over Miami," Eddy Duchin
"Groom Quivers," John A. Barry "Moon River," Henry Mancini
"Moon Show," John A. Barry "Moonglow," Ethyl Waters
"Tune Fright Benumbs You," John A. Barry "Moonlight Becomes You," Bing Crosby
"Morphed," John A. Barry "More," 'Mondo Cane' theme
"Snore," John A. Barry "More," Theme from 'Mondo Cane'
"Mr. Brown Screwed Up, In Flowed the Water," John A. Barry "Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter," Herman's Hermits
"The Craziest Thing," John A. Barry "My Favorite Things," Julie Andrews
"Ninety-Nine Parodies from My Head Crawl," John A. Barry "Ninetty-Nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall," Traditional
"Edward D. Wood," John A. Barry "Norwegian Wood," Beatles
"Oh, What A Ripper! It Peels The Wood," John A. Barry "Over the River and Through the Woods," Traditional
"Papal Moon," John A. Barry "Paper Moon," Nat King Cole
"Poke Sally's Fanny," John A. Barry "Poke Salad Annie," Elvis Presley
"Mine Gold," John A. Barry "Rheingold Beer Jingle," Rheingold Beer Jingle
"Noshin' Down the Lox," John A. Barry "Rock Around the Clock," Bill Haley and the Comets
"Flockin' Around the Christmas Tree," John A. Barry "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," Brenda Lee
"Noses Are Bled When Punched," John A. Barry "Roses Are Red, My Love," Bobby Vinton
"Reacharound Stu," John A. Barry "Runaround Sue," Dion and the Belmonts
"Scarf Burro Fare/Vegetal," John A. Barry "Scarborough Fair/Canticle," Simon and Garfunkel
"Hake, Haddock, and Sole," John A. Barry "Shake, Rattle, and Roll," Bill Haley and the Comets
"Sherry," John A. Barry "Sherry," Four Seasons
"Slice Up Harvest Food," John A. Barry "Shine On, Harvest Moon," Traditional
"Poke Them in the Eyes," John A. Barry "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," Platters
"One Decanted Evening," John A. Barry "Some Enchanted Evening," South Pacific soundtrack
"The Pound of Music," John A. Barry "Sound of Music soundtrack," Julie Andrews
"Boned Sole and Chips," John A. Barry "Stoned Soul Picnic," Laura Nyro
"Stogies' End," John A. Barry "Stony End," Laura Nyro
"Shirley Shumer?," John A. Barry "Sugar, Sugar," Archies
"Shooters, Shooters," John A. Barry "Sugar, Sugar," Archies
"Bummer Breeze," John A. Barry "Summer Breeze," Seals and Croft
"Bummer Wind," John A. Barry "Summer Wind," Frank Sinatra
"Sumpy," John A. Barry "Sunny," Bobby Hebb
"Take Me Out of the Ballgame," John A. Barry "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," Traditional
"Ten Silly Sets o' Ten," John A. Barry "Ten Little Indians," Traditional
"That's a ¿Por Qué?," John A. Barry "That's Amore," Dean Martin
"I'm Barely Clothed In This Fountain," John A. Barry "The Bear Went Over the Mountain," Traditional
"B. Boxer," John A. Barry "The Boxer," Simon and Garfunkel
"That JD Is a Scamp," John A. Barry "The Lady Is a Tramp," Frank Sinatra
"The Weevils and the Damage Done," John A. Barry "The Needle and the Damage Done," Neil Young
"It's Time to Say 'Hush'," John A. Barry "There's a Kind of Hush," Herman's Hermits
"Tuck Me," John A. Barry "Touch Me," The Doors
"Mumblin' Grumble Screeds," John A. Barry "Tumblin' Tumbleweeds," Traditional
"Blocked Despite Bran," John A. Barry "Walk Like a Man," Four Seasons
"Wokkin' My Baby Back Home," John A. Barry "Walkin' My Baby Back Home," Nat King Cole
"I Wish I Hadn't Got Whiplash," John A. Barry "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," Traditional
"We'll Eat Again," John A. Barry "We'll Meet Again," Dr. Strangelove soundtrack
"If You're Wiccan, You'll Go Far," John A. Barry "When You Wish Upon a Star," Disney
"Chunderful," John A. Barry "Wonderful," Johnny Mathis
"Your Gut Offends," John A. Barry "You've Got a Friend," James Taylor

October 24, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"(We Really Need This) Pasteurized Moo Thang," Mr. Mexico "(We Dont Need This) Facist Groove Thang," Heaven 17
"47 Year Old Lives With His Mom Man," Nicky "21st Century Schizoid Man," King Crimson
"99 J.B. Tunes," The Comedian "99 Red Balloons," Nena
"Masters of War," MarthaDTox "Angels," Robbie Williams
"Be Fined - When You're Dead," Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd "Be Quick Or Be Dead," Iron Maiden
"Beverly Billbillies," beth hamlin "Beverly Hillbillies," TV Theme Song
"In the 6th Grade," Rebecca Gale "Beverly Hills," Weezer
"Meeting the Ringwraith," Phil Alexander "Cabaret," Liza Minelli
"Call Me Evangelical," Bob Gomez "Call Me Irresponsible," Frank Sinatra
"Velveeta," Alvin Rhodes "Candida," Tony Orlando And Dawn
"Scratch My Damn Fleas," Jake A Ralphing (Luke Brattoni) "Catch My Disease," Ben Lee
"Come On Be Gay," Laurie "Come Out And Play," The Offspring
"Harvard Fools," Malcolm Higgins "Dancin With Myself," Billy Idol
"Chicago White Sox," Jay Jianoran "Degrassi Junior High," Wemdy Watson
"What's In A Kidney," Phil Alexander "Eleanor Rigby," The Beatles
"Free falling (Gandalf and the Balrog)," Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd "Free Falling," Tom Petty
"Sucks to be a Minnesotan," Jackpine Savage "God Bless the U.S.A," Lee Greenwood
"Goodbye Democrat Fools," Linda Terhune "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road ," Elton John
"Ail To The Chief," Airfarcewon "Hail To The Chief," Presidential anthem
"Harvard Fools," Malcolm Higgins "Harvest Moon ," Neil Young
"Flic Flac," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Hit That," The Offspring
"Your Father Standing There," Frankie Lockner "I Saw Her Standing There," The Beatles
"You Want a New Gun?," Royce Miller "I Want a New Drug," Huey Lewis and the News
"I'm Gonna Eat (My Chicken Sandwich)," G30RG3 "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)," The Proclaimers
"Lavender Red (Tally Tally)," Linda Terhune "Lavender-Blue (Dilly Dilly) ," Sammy Turner ('59 v/Sammy Kaye '49)
"Help!," Debra "Love," Michalis Rakintzis
"Party City!," Michael T. Mondak "Mamma Mia!," ABBA
"Getting Boring," Drewster The Rooster "Morning Glory," Oasis
"Homosensibilty," Jerry Hubert "Original Sinsuality," Tori Amos
"That Blouse," Freddy Flame "Our House," Crosby, Stills, nash, & Young
"Pay To Stay," Chris H "Pay To Play / Stay Away," Nirvana
"Healthy Girl," Cait Sith "Rich Girl," Gwen Stefani & Eve
"Block Spam," Mikey Boy "Roxanne," The Police
"He's Really Bubsy!," Andrea Huckstep "She Hates Me," Puddle of Mudd
"The Vampire," Tim Mayfield "The Gambler," Kenny Rogers
"The Grade Curve," Cat "The Great Curve," Talking Heads
"Tekken 5," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Ticket To Ride," The Beatles
"Wine From The Bottle," Alvin Rhodes "Time In A Bottle," Jim Croce
"Take Me Out , With Han Solo," Chris H. "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go," Wham
"Pushy Bushy," Steve Kalafut "Wooly Bully," Sam The Sham And The Pharoahs

October 25, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Anger," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Angels," Robbie Williams
"No Hate in the Manger," Royce Miller "Away in the Manger," Traditional
"Eat the French," "Be Our Guest," Disney's Beauty and the Beast
"Stuffy Noses & Runny Noses," Stephen Harrington "Blood And Roses," The Smithereens
"Lusted," Alvin Rhodes "Busted," Ray Charles
"Harriet," John A. Barry "Carrie Ann," Hollies
"Don't Pay The Costly Gas," Mikey Boy "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow," Frank Zappa
"Swirly Bottom," Airfarcewon "Early Autumn," Ella Fitzgerald
"Leg's Sore," the_conqueror_of_parodies "Encore," Jay-Z
"Veal Tried The First Time," zvoidx "Feels Like The First Time," Foreigner
"Shave Lady!," Dominic L. "Hey Baby," No Doubt
"Hey Winry," InuOtome "Hey Sandy," Polaris
"I'm Not Negro, Not Quite Caucasian," Sancho Bob "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman," Britney Spears
"She Has A Very Good Rear," Lionel Mertens "It Was A Very Good Year," Frank Sinatra
"Lurking at The Back Door," Church Lady "Looking Out My Back Door," Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Rosa Parks," Airfarcewon "Mona Lisa," Nat King Cole
"Fascist Mash," Adam Bernstein "Monster Mash," Bobby Pickett
"Busted / Dam / Top Floor Window Medley," South Park Al "Mustard / Pam / Bathroom Window Medley," The Beatles
"Tongue/Leg's Sore," the_conqueror_of_parodies "Numb/Encore," Jay-Z/Linkin Park
"Choose Wise Or Fret," Tim Mayfield "Sunrise, Sunset," Fiddler on the Roof
"Angeline," Airfarcewon "Tangerine," Nat King Cole
"Somewhere I Can Leave," The Comedian "The Air That I Breathe," The Hollies
"To Mordor: The Fate Of The Ring," Matthias "Tomorrow," Annie
"Anime, Video Games And Nirvana," Stephen Harrington "Verse Chorus Verse," Nirvana
"Whenever I'm Getting Laid," Phil Alexander "Whenever I Feel Afraid," The King and I
"Who Says You Can't Drive Stoned?," DarkJon64 "Who Says You Can't Go Home?," Bon Jovi
"You've Got A Pet," Lionel Mertens "You've Got A Friend," James Taylor

October 26, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"(Freedom for Iraq) Blood from Osama/Saddam," Patrick Spears "(Whiskey For My Men) Beer For My Horses," Toby Keith Ft. Willie Nelson
"At Ihop," Airfarcewon "At The Hop," Danny and The Juniors
"I Hate The Crazy Frog," DJ Devil Harriot "Axel F," Crazy Frog
"Harry Potter's My Godson," Scotty Dangerously "Carry On Wayward Son," Kansas
"Eye Of The Zombie," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Eye Of The Tiger," Survivor
"Ghost Of You Video," The Dead One "Ghost Of You," My Chemical Romance
"To Jazz That's Very Modal and Not Major I'm Prefer," John A. Barry "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General," Gilbert and Sullivan
"Hey, Who Farted," Black eyed beans "Let's Get it Started," Black Eyed Peas
"Lindsay Lohan," am7m5 "Macarena," Los Del Rio
"Burps Across the Way," jbels "Music of the Night," Michael Crawford
"Et Tu Brute," Phil Alexander "No Milk Today," Herman's Hermits
"Oh Tanning Balm," Royce Miller "Oh Tannenbaum," Traditional
"One Bloke Oughta Be Fine (A Springer Show Anthem)," Arwen "One Toke Over the Line," Brewer and Shipley
"Dead Zombies," Matthias "Prince Ali," Disney's Alladin
"Sweet Music," Red Ant "Sweet Amber," Metallica
"Take Me To Your Farm," Alvin Rhodes "Take Me In Your Arms," The Doobie Brothers
"Farewell to Don Adams," Stuart McArthur "Ticket To Ride," The Carpenters
"Wake Me Up When 'Cane Season Ends," Chris Wolvie "Wake Me Up When September Ends," Green Day
"Wooden Teeth Would Bite," John A. Barry "Wouldn't It Be Nice?," Beach Boys
"Pharmaceuticals," D "You're Beautiful," James Blunt

October 27, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Ode to Katrina," Margaret Taylor "American Pie," Don McLean
"Speed (Lap 210)," wannabemustangjockey "Breathe (2 AM)," Anna Nalick
"Harriet's Weight/The Horror: Her on First Monday!," John A. Barry "Carry That Weight/You Never Give Me Your Money," Beatles
"Whinin' Girl," Alvin Rhodes "Diamond Girl," Seals And Crofts
"Whinin' Girl," Alvin Rhodes "Diamond Girl," Seals And Crofts
"Do You Believe That Skunk?," Lionel Mertens "Do You Believe In Love?," Huey Lewis and the News
"Yellow Muddah, Yellow Faddah (A Letter From Lisa)," Claude Prez "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah (A Letter From Camp)," Allan Sherman
"I've Got Shoe Under My Skin," Airfarcewon "I've Got You Under My Skin," Frank Sinatra
"I Just Need Some Space," Rick Duncan "I've Just Seen a Face," Beatles
"High School Techies," Sylvia Viridian "Lady Madonna," The Beatles
"Last Christmas," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Last Resort," Papa Roach
"Apathy," Ethan Mawyer "Let it be," The Beatles
"Knight, Leave Her," Phil Alexander "Night Fever," The Bee Gees
"Big-Balled Wizard," The Comedian "Pinball Wizard," The Who (Soundtrack of 'Tommy')
"Rock Their Boat ," Royce Miller "Rock the Boat," Hues Corporation
"The Bird Flu," Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd "She Loves You," The Beatles
"Sugar You're Goin Down (Thanks to the Atkins Diet)," Matt Grazulis "Sugar We're Goin Down," Fall Out Boy
"The Daylight Savings," moscowman "The Living Daylights," A-ha
"The Queasy Feeling," Red Ant "The Unnamed Feeling," Metallica
"Moms Wont Let Me," Lionel Mertens "Time Wont Let Me," Outsiders
"Tempus," Adagio "Venus," Shocking Blue
"Where's Waldo?," Allicat "Vertigo," U2
"Flu Gone Wild," Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd "Youth Gone Wild," Skid Row

October 28, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"1995 (A Trainer's Lament)," Sylvia Viridian "1985," Bowling For Soup
"His Dazed State Is Rife," John A. Barry "A Day in the Life," Beatles
"All Is Wrong Again," Red Ant "All Within My Hands," Metallica
"Mock Trial Auditions," Starlette Victory "Ana's Song," Silverchair
"Behind Clothes Drawers," Airfarcewon "Behind Closed Doors," Charlie Rich
"I Didn't Steal Your Paycheck," Sharon 'Parodiva' Krebs "Boyfriend," Ashlee Simpson
"Swing The Scepter," Stilated Wolf "Breathe," The Prodigy
"Clown Eyed Girl," Rick Duncan "Brown Eyed Girl," Van Morrison
"Rivendell," The Comedian "Camelot," Broadway Cast of 'Camelot'
"Harriet Miers," Bob Gomez "Eleanor Rigby," The Beatles
"Card Captors," Charles Xavier "Ghostbusters," Ray Parker, Jr.
"Hell," Alvin Rhodes "Help," The Beatles
"I Guess That's Why Ol' Miers Is Through," Syncronos "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues," Elton John
"I've got Tourette's," COMICS "I Predict A Riot," Kaiser Cheifs
"I Need A New Judge," Tim Mayfield "I Want A New Drug," Huey Lewis & The News
"No Really, We're Not Fall Out Boy," KaiserMonkey "I Write Sins, Not Tragedies," Panic! At The Disco
"Turn Back Your Clocks," jbels "Love On The Rocks," Neil Diamond
"Midway Special," Michael Pacholek "Midnight Special," Leadbelly
"My Grades are," Tyrell "My Name is," Eminem
"Drunk," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Only The Good Die Young," Billy Joel
"Stuck Me Up On My Way Down," Airfarcewon "Pick Me Up On My Way Down," Charlie Walker...recently by Martina McBride
"Horrified," Red Ant "Purify," Metallica
"Halloween Scare/Candy Bowl," Red Ant "Scarborough Fair/Canticle," Simon and Garfunkel
"Acid Spill," Lionel Mertens "Spinning Wheel," Blood, Sweat, and Tears
"Ain't His Glove," Phil Alexander "Tainted Love," Soft Cell
"Procrastination," Sweet Indigo "Tomorrow," Annie
"Wolfchilde," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Wrathchild," Iron Maiden
"You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Detention," The Dead One "You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison," My Chemical Romance

October 29, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Grand," Scott_25 "Apocalypse Please," Muse
"I Became A Girl," South Park Al "California Girls," The Beach Boys
"Do You Love What You Hear," Fitu Petaia "Do You Love What You Feel," Rufus & Chaka Khan
"Feels Like The Worst Time," Alvin Rhodes "Feels Like The First Time," Foreigner
"Cocaine In A Bottle," Kike420 "Genie In A Bottle," Christina Aguilera
"I Hate You All Right," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "I Need You Tonight," INXS
"Like I Care!," Lionel Mertens "Like a Prayer," Madonna
"So Sick Of You:The Monkees," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "So Sick Of You," Weird Al Yankovic
"St. Anguish (album w/bonus tracks)," Red Ant "St. Anger (complete album)," Metallica
"Scooter, Scooter," John A. Barry "Sugar, Sugar," Archies
"Go Home, Miss Harriet," Steve Kalafut "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot," Traditional
"The Devil Pulls Strings of Georgie," John A. Barry "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," Charlie Daniels Band
"Misheard Lyrics (Mondegreens Album)," Red Ant "Various Songs (Album)," Various Artists

October 31, 2005
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"99 Bottles of 'Shine On The Wall," Scathe "99 Bottles Of Pop On The Wall," Traditional
"A Scarlet Knight," Michael Pacholek "A Hard Day's Night," The Beatles
"At Your Least Generous," Heathcliff the Cat "At My Most Beautiful," REM
"Busted Levee Blues," Cashel Boylo "Basin Street Blues," Louis Armstrong
"Inside These Blue Levis," Stinky Marshmellow "Behind These Hazel Eyes," Kelly Clarkson
"Bush's War Is Killing World Peace," Elvis "Biko," Peter Gabriel
"Michael Jackson's Next Trial," Ned Riley "Cemetary Gates," Pantera
"Drink Drink," Mest up minds "Dance Dance," Fall out boy
"Diaper on the Dog," X-Marks the Future "Eleventh Earl of Mar," Genesis
"Feels Like It's Prime Time," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Feels Like The First Time," Foreigner
"I've Quite an Ego," Ethan Mawyer "Fly Like an Eagle," Steve Miller Band
"For Halloween, a Warning and Reminder," Red Ant "For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her," Simon and Garfunkel
"Holiday (redux)," Thomas Wimmer "Holiday," DMX
"This Is the Very Motel in Which Norman Bates Erred," John A. Barry "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General," Gilbert and Sullivan
"It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Fitzmas," William Tong "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas," Bing Crosby
"Sitting Outside In The Rain," Larry Hensley "Laughter In The Rain," Neil Sedaka
"Mammeries," Merry & Pippin "Let it Be," The Beatles
"Throwin' it up," Chris H. "Livin' it Up," Ja Rule
"Lose Yourself," White Sox "Lose Yourself," Eminem
"Daschund Dash," Larry Hensley "Monster Mash," Bobby 'Boris' Pickett
"Loon-Write Benumbs You," John Barry "Moonlight Becomes You," Bing Crosby
"Busted Levee Blues," Cashel Boylo "Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out," Bessie Smith
"The Massacre on the One Way Street," X Marks the Future "One Way Street," Aerosmith
"Bologna," Joel Martinez "Only," Nine Inch Nails
"Dummkopf Guys," Offender "Skinhead Boy," Prussian Blue
"Solitary Man," Alvin Rhodes "Solitary Man," Neil Diamond
"The Humpster Thrash," Airfarcewon "The Monster Mash," Bobby 'Boris' Pickett
"The Market Crash," Airfarcewon "The Monster Mash," Bobby 'Boris' Pickett
"Up On Scooter's Leak," Michael Pacholek "Up On Cripple Creek," The Band
"Who Let Lurker Out?," John A. Barry "We Can Work It Out," Beatles
"Plunge to Doom," X Marks the Future "White Room," Cream
"Plunge to Doom," X Marks the Future "White Room," Cream
"Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny," Phil Alexander "Yesterday," The Beatles


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