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Song Parodies -> "To Whine and to Complain"

Original Song Title:

"If I Only Had A Brain"

Original Performer:

Ray Bolger

Parody Song Title:

"To Whine and to Complain"

Parody Written by:

Linda Terhune

The Lyrics

This parody makes fun at the parody author who JUST wrote a parody, (5 years after the fact), with the same tune I used here, only hers was about making fun of Bush and the = 2000 = presidential election! I have concluded that a handful of demoncrats out there who have been suffering for close to 5 years now with extreme emotional trauma and infinite victim hood, have lost all their marbles! Poor saps, caught in a time freeze, stuck holding the bitter little emotions and fables from their ferries and shocked over their loss that they cannot come to terms with They do not even realize that "normal" adults dealt w/these ancient issues long ago Nevertheless, here they are, stewing and attacking away, hoping for some camaraderie that is solely based on classless disrespect, fearful that they will lose that someday too. I gotta feel sorry for them though, they don't even notice their sorry displays like others can... wicked little bad sick illness! Here is my response parody...
Oh, my hobby is a bitchin
cuz I can't relieve this itchin
To whine and to complain

For a year my brain's been twitchin
cuz for all my evil pitchin
Kerry lost I'm all disdain

I'm content with no perspective
I refuse to be objective
Gotta hide that nasty pride

I bash, I'm self protective
From the truth that I'm defective
I'm a loser who got fried

Oh I can't tell you why
I call the president all un-bright
When it's known that Kerry's IQ is lower
and that his grades, were D's and F's

I repeat the fibs that I know
Were confirmed as lies long ago
I am wicked, I realize

But my hand I can't be tippin
Cuz my ego will take a whippin
So Kerry I idolize

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Paul Robinson - October 03, 2005 - Report this comment
Excuse me, Linda, but need I (or anyone) remind you that YOU just recently posted a parody about President Clinton...Uhh...he hasn't been President for...uhh...let's see...uhh...5 years now. Would it be alright if we applied your sentiments here back to you? I think everybody that reads this ought to ponder whether that is appropriate or not, and then make their own decision. OH, wait...I forgot...It's OK for YOU to do all the stuff you find so sad, pathetic and delusional in others...that doesn't count, 'cuz it's the TRUTH...yah... OK, I've had my say...I will look back later to check and make sure you've remembered to unleash a sufficient slam & slur at me for some sort of alleged hypocrisy or whatever other failing or deficiency you wish to perceive...No vote here...BTW - I'm not commenting on the actual piece here, since I didn't bother reading past the first couple lines of your Top Comment...Linda, your "One Note" style is wearing a bit thin, I think...especially since you are almost always off-key when you sing it...
carol - October 03, 2005 - Report this comment
no vote from me. the pacing is off a little in places, but that's not the problem.
Michael Pacholek - October 03, 2005 - Report this comment
Carol's half-right: Linda's pacing is actually better in this one. Now, if only she could develop talent, wit and humor. And enough sense to realize that Bush is the most disastrous President since Hoover, and ethically the worst since Nixon -- and if his nomination of a crony with no judging experience to take the O'Connor seat is any indication, he's "juicing the balls" in order to break Tricky Dick's record.
Adagio - October 03, 2005 - Report this comment
Good one, Linda!! I especially liked the top comment and since everybody else is dissin' your content, I will was cute and stayed on subject. Yea, some people ARE frozen in time. : ( (much to their loss, they will discover)
Immoral Liberal - October 03, 2005 - Report this comment
Linda, my right-wing extremist fascist friend - where is the humor? Was this supposed to be funny? Maybe not. So that you can make your unintelligible ramble even longer, I'd like to add to Mr. Pacholek's comments: The economy is in the toilet - overspending coupled with tax cuts for the rich does not help the economy. The target always was Osama - where is he? Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. There never were any weapons of mass destruction. The administration's response to the Americans in New Orleans was a failure. Your leader of moral values - Bill Bennett - is a racist. Republican Culture of Corruption Poster Boys: Frist and Delay. Please tell the Heritage Foundation that you need new talking points with a little humor injected. Maybe Karl Rove should get involved.
Oigada - October 03, 2005 - Report this comment
Bad one Linda! I especially didn't like the top comment since somebody else is cheerin' your content I will wasn't cute and strayed from subject. Yea, some people ARE NOT frozen in time. : ) (much to your loss, you will discover)
Keloh Cap Leah Cim - October 04, 2005 - Report this comment
Carol's all wrong: Linda's humor is actually better in this one. Now she has developed talent, wit and humor. And enough sense to realize that Bush is the best President since Reagan, and ethically the best since Cleveland -- and if his nomination of a friend with lots of lawyering experience to take the O'Connor seat is any indication, he's "stewing the rats" in order to break Reagan's record.
Michael Pacholek - October 04, 2005 - Report this comment
Grover Cleveland would kick Bush's ass. "A public office is a public trust," he said, and Bush abused it. Whoever put in the previous two comments... Linda, at the very least, you have better thought patterson than they (he? she? it?) did.
Enuhret Adnil - October 04, 2005 - Report this comment
Carol's exactly right: Linda's non-existent humor is actually worse in this one. Now she has no talent, no wit and no humor. And not enough sense to realize that Bush is the worst President since Reagan, and ethically the worst since Cleveland -- and despite his nomination of a crony with no judicial experience to take the O'Connor seat, a move to keep the country's mind off the unjust war in Iraq, the corruption in the party, the poor economy and the failed rescue efforts in New Orleans, at least he's "pissing off the Jesus freaks" who now don't have a prayer of reversing Roe v. Wade - the law of the land.
Linda - October 04, 2005 - Report this comment
Paul Robinson " sure, you are excused! To answer your question; of course, I do not need reminding, and what is with all your “uhh” things? Is that how you talk, with noises every so often in your sentences? Never mind, anyway, yes, it was about Clinton, but, do I need to remind you that it was timely, not about elections that had not taken place or whining over a bunch of obviously parroted expressions and ideas that have long since been proven wrong without a cause? My recent Clinton song was in reference to hurricane Katrina, not a very long time ago at all, now was it? In fact, it was within I would say a week of the storm and so very timely. If you recall the “bash of the week” among you dems, (and I am certain you do), then you know it was in response to a very current affair. And you know, one does get sick of the same exact lines over and over for 4+ years, just the same old bitterness from those who cannot get over it already! How many people sit around and talk about the possibility of Elvis being alive, (or dead), for months on end, after the fact, years after the fact, yet just love to say, "is he or isn't he" at every opportunity they possibly can… it just gets old and tiresome. Added to that redundant mess is the fact that those same old bashes have been proven wrong and most know that too. It would be like if some important person dug Elvis up, did an example, dentals, what ever and it was him, dead, yet, there are still people who cannot face it and need to go on for years asking, "is he or isn't he" Gad... As for your second question, I suppose it would be fine to have my sentiments applied back to me, but it would not be very accurate, but hey, what demoncrat is accurate in here anyway? ---- And as to the third question, that answer is yes, it is the truth, so I guess, since you put it that way, it doesn’t “count”. ---- Next, I am certainly glad your “got your say” and hope it makes you feel bunches better, even if I left out the “unleashing slams, slurs at you” this time.... (I hope you are not disappointed).
Linda - October 04, 2005 - Report this comment
Paul, cont............ You really did not need to (again), say you did not "bother" to read the parody. For starters, it really does not matter to me because I already know that you have a closed mind and that you have lost all perspective a long time ago... And if you have learned nothing else about me, you must have learned that I do not really value the thoughts of others who, comment about the topic when it is clear, what is good for the gooses, are not for the gander and there is nothing of value that can come from a closed minded imp without perspective. But wait! Maybe it does matter to you and perhaps in an indirect way! I know you felt the need to announce (again) that you did not read the parody so that all those who read your declarations will see that you, Paul, took a stand. Yes, Paul, their hero, took a big brave stand in honor of their very own party of discourse, whining and shame... They can see that yes, you took that stand against the evil Republican who dared to come to your Bush bashing party, look around a bit and find it would be fun and much more entertaining to add a bit of balance. Well, so much for the tolerance of you demoncrats, you, like your leaders, just hate it when you do not get what you cry for, and must be on continued "tantrum" mode, (similar to a three year old does, so does your party) and I say, Good job! ---. Finally, I am not sure what your last line means at all. It looks at first like you have a problem with my off-key notes, which would be fairly difficult being you have never heard me sing, nor even heard me speak. I do understand the expression, “wearing a bit thin” however that sounds to me like a personal problem. Don’t' get me wrong, but in order to heal thyself, Paul, one can simply just ignore the parody songs that one sees my name next to.... You can clearly see the 'authors' name right there on the new parody index page -- and there you can check to see if my name is next to a parody. That way, you do not run the risk of clicking on a song you are not going to read anyway. Of course, I would certainly miss your overly emotional tantrum type responses and I would miss them a lot, really, I would! But, one the other hand, I certainly do not want you to be "wearing so thin" that you collapse from some anorexia thing or something… got to take care of yourself, right?
Linda - October 04, 2005 - Report this comment
Michael Pacholek - oh yes, if I could only have the talent and wit and humor of those parody wonders, you being the king of course, it would be so much nicer. If you could develop you smarts, certainly your maturity and of course, some awareness that your own party and their plans for the 04 elections, suckered you, then you would be nicer. You fell right into their campaign strategy and lost yourself in it all so badly, you can't return. If you found out the truth, you would feel stupid. But I realize, gaining any perspective for your sort, the weaker minds that were susceptible to the Demoncrat's campaign, cannot turn back even when you hear, know, see, touch, smell and taste the truth. Now to the average person, suckered in, being in that target age, and falling for all that crap, they have it better. They seemed to have easily turned back into normal and avoided the "too far gone" state you are in now. They are not so fanatical, not so "righteously correct" - even in the face of being so incorrect during the elections. No one with your degree of immaturity and pride who fell for a campaign targeted just for them and then took it to the extreme with the imbedded anger and hate you have fallen for, and then wrote about in parodies for so long, could ever admit to being wrong! You could not do it if you tried, you are too far gone, you could not tell anyone, ever that you were wrong, suckers… you could not even tell yourself for that matter. You know that, I know that, but it will be our little secret, I would not want you to lose your identity, which would be wrong.
Linda - October 04, 2005 - Report this comment
Michael, cont......... Although I do know you believe you sound really intelligent and as if you really know what you are talking about when you use the words/phrases, "disastrous president", "ethically the worst", and say he "juices the balls" (real classy by the way), and I know you like the way it makes you feel to write those things. But again, like I have said before, you say these things, these words, this name calling "tactic of wonder", but you never have anything in them that is factual, real, nothing but that same old whining, name calling and the same lack of class and respect that you are so known and loved for - what an honor too! But just this once, why don't you go back to your draft dodging, sex addicted, criminal pardoning, real estate cheat, (and now very crazy), Clinton and take a real good look, not even a tough look, just look at his nominations as president -- I dare you. Look at those he appointed to a judge position, see what they did prior to becoming judges and then come back and tell me about their experience, or lack of it, and their connection to Clinton, I dare you! Personally, I think Bush should have nominated someone more open, with more of a public record and yes, a bunch of judgments in her past that shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is a true blue right wing conservative Republican 110%. But why such a bitter pill on this one, did you think the constitution should change and be adjusted to fit you liberals again, do you think at all? I think the change will be good, the only thing I do not like about her is that so many demoncrats like her, but that's the other dems, not your sort, the party is splitting all over the place and I am in great spirits over it all… Now be a good expert parody king know-it-all, suckered sheep and look those things up, I can hardly wait to hear from you this time, wow, surprise!
Linda - October 04, 2005 - Report this comment
Adagio ----- thank you so much for anti-diss-in it, that was very sweet and much appreciated too. I have been wondering why there are so many "off track" demoncrats here - the kind that are just "far gone" - and wondered why there were so few right wing folks. The site is fun, it is a kick and draws people in to enjoy the fun for a while, write some and get into it, the normal sort. But there is the crowd who is seemingly stuck on holding in all the rage that they have been filled with, running from all that pride they just are not able to handle yet, 11 months or 5 years, just is not enough time for them. Therefore, they are drawn to places like this where they can feel right still, (even in the face of being proven wrong, they can be right somehow). So they go to chat rooms, blog response areas, message boards etc., any place where they can meet others who are like them and who also cannot cope with the pride and rage. Relating with others is essential and healthy, but to hide from their own self's is just a temporary escape from reality, the reality they are so afraid of facing. Taking comfort in continuing on with the "stupid" the "nazi' the endless disrespect and rage at every single turn that the president makes, is not a healthy thing. For them, it's probably just a matter of having a demoncrat president in office again, anyone, just demoncrat, even Satan would be better for their pride than a Republican. But would that solve it, nah. They would just hold all that rage in for the senate, congress, the next Republican president, they are excessively far-gone, and that is very very sad. The ironic thing is that they also hold that failed campaign of the last election, the one the demoncrats set out to use, anger, (I read it on their web site shortly after 911, their plan was to instill this anger and their target was younger males). One would think they would be angry at the party that used them, tried their hardest to make them angry so they would have reason to vote, and vote for them. Half the party says they are moderate demoncrats, the other says "you can't be, you have to be evil" and the evil voice is louder. The party has no answers, no solutions, they do nothing at all but whine, bitch, say no, accuse, call names, pick apart, give the America people the same old suggestive lies that are instantly turned into reality by the far left, and it did not work before, it will not work again Honestly, I think it is just sad… I read so many of the anti-bush parody songs, one person actually writes just anti-bush, anti-republican parodies, nothing else, (and won't allow comments either, chicken shty), so here I am. ... the person to hate, the person who they think is threatening their unity in misery… I can live with that. --- Thanks again sweeties!
Linda - October 04, 2005 - Report this comment
Oigada = my aren’t you the creative one? I would bet that you even have a reflective job, like a Xerox copy boy or perhaps a data entry clerk, something where your talent for expression and originality can be displayed, good job!
Linda - October 04, 2005 - Report this comment
Keloh Cap Leah Cim --" thank you very much, that was nice of you to say. I really like the “stewing the rats” concept, you may just be right and if so, I like it! -- I love Reagan, I named my kitten Reagan, she was born on the day he died. " Oh and yes, George Bush IS the best president since Reagan, and I am going to trust him on this nomination too. Thanks again for the post, I had fun with this one! ----------------- Michael Pacholek, hey, I trust Bush, it’s a public office of trust to me…. I noticed you just could not help yourself, someone saying something nice about a parody of mine, something that is not so “all about your beliefs” -- it must just kill you huh Michael? By the way, “geepers and thanks” " I just adore contrived compliments, they give me such warm fuzzies all over
Linda - October 05, 2005 - Report this comment
Enuhret Adnil === Oh, so very clever, making up names by reversing the letters in the names of other posters! I think you are just ashamed of the things you write and who you are, too ashamed in yourself to use own name, (if I were you, I would be). I would also bet you are afraid of conservatives…. it is your fear that drives you! So you little creativity and brain starved one, deal. And if you want to post to be responded to, be a bigger man than your penis and use your own name and ideas.
Immoral Liberal - October 05, 2005 - Report this comment
Linda, you right wing fascist, your posts are just unreadable - is the kool-aid screwing up your mind that much? No wonder why half the country is stupid and voted for the incarnation of Satan currently sitting in the White House. And your last post proves that you are sexually repressed - is the horse out of the barn?
Paul Robinson - October 05, 2005 - Report this comment
Linda, I'm very sorry, but I just could not take the time to read all of your quite lengthy remarks back to me regarding my observation. I got up to the part where you reminded me that President Clinton was somehow responsible for the problems related to the relief fiasco that occurred in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, which I thought just happened a little over a month ago. Mr. Clinton was President from 1993 through 2000. At that point I just figured that you would probably be posting a correction of your entire statement, since it was so obviously flawed - so there would be little point in reading further. Perhaps you should have done some further research into the timing of these events before writing this piece. In fact, perhaps instead of spewing invective and silly insults at people who take issue with your rather irritating habit of mistatement and the constant & continual torture of logic & language you might better spend that time doing some fact checking before you post...that is all...over & out...
Vic - October 05, 2005 - Report this comment
Linda and her hero Bush need to sing the original song "If I Only Had A Brain." That in itself would be self-parody.
The White House - October 05, 2005 - Report this comment
October 4, 2005 > BUSH GIVES SUPREME COURT PICK 'JUDGING FOR DUMMIES' > Non-judge to Receive Crash Course in Judging, President Says > > One day after nominating a non-judge, Harriet Miers, to the United States Supreme Court, President George W. Bush presented his nominee with a book entitled "Judging for Dummies" which he said would provide her with "a crash course in judging." > The book, which includes definitions of such basic judging terms as "docket" and "gavel," will be invaluable in preparing Ms. Miers to serve on the highest court in the land, the president said. > While nominating someone with no judging experience on her resume to the Supreme Court raised eyebrows in some legal circles, Mr. Bush told reporters that although Ms. Miers had no experience as a judge she had decades of experience as a crony. > "People make up half the stuff on their resumes anyway," Mr. Bush said. "Look at poor old Brownie," referring to former FEMA chief Michael D. Brown. Saying that "experience is overrated," the President noted, "I never served in the military, and I've invaded two countries -- you learn by doing." > Mr. Bush expressed confidence that his nominee was a quick study, adding, "If you're looking for judging experience, I can think of no better on-the-job training than serving on the United States Supreme Court." > For her part, Ms. Miers said that she had begun reading "Judging for Dummies" and was already getting up to speed for her new job: "The 'v' in legal cases is short for 'versus.'" > Elsewhere, NBC announced today that it would begin broadcasting a new spin-off of its hit "Law and Order" series entitled "Law and Order: Special Tom DeLay Unit."
Linda - October 05, 2005 - Report this comment
Paul Robinson --- I am assumed that you were much smarter than this. ---- Vic, bright one! ---- the white house -- yawn.. ----- I read a lot of envy in your posts people! The fact is, republicans rule, they rule in the house, senate and we have a republican president, all voted in by the people... get over it, you are losers, your party is one big bunch of losers who have nothing to contribute other than negative bitching. Just because you are all demoncrats, losers by nature, you don't need to be vulgar or stupid about it.
Immoral Liberal - October 05, 2005 - Report this comment
Linda my right-wing extremist fascist friend - because of the Republican Culture of Corruption, the only losers are the American people. Sadly, it make take time before everyone realizes that you radical religious nuts are pulling the wool over everyone's eyes. Was Tom Delay indicted again today? Clearly a crime much, much worse than a president having consensual sex. But then again you fascists are all about abuse of power and continue to be obsessed with sex. (Face it, as you well know, the Starr report was some of the best work of porn I've ever read. Do you think Mrs. Ken Starr may have benefitted from this? Don't you hope so.) Let's recap: stolen election, stupid president, the Corrupt Bill Frist, the Corrupt Tom Delay, still now Osama, never were weapons of mass destruction, hundreds of billions of dollars spent on an unjust war, tens of thousands of innocent citizens of the world dead or maimed as a result of the unjust war, an economy in the toilet, etc., etc., etc. Yes, it's the same old song. Remember, Jesus is watching. Congrats on a short, concise, and somewhat readable post. Now if you could only write a parody.
Paul Robinson - October 06, 2005 - Report this comment
Well, Linda, it's always a crapshoot making assumptions about people that you really know nothing about...shouldn't you know that at this point in your life?? Hmmm...maybe not...Well, anyway - you make the point...mostly correct, that the Republicans currently "rule"...controlling the Presidency, the Senate, and the House of Representatives...I will even go you one further and mention that they now have appointed well over 1/2 of the current sitting Federal Judiciary. So then, this prompts a question that perhaps you might answer without calling me names or accusing me of...I don't know...whatever...OK...let's move past that....Question: Your "Side" controls it all...So...why all the griping & moaning from you all the time??...You should be HAPPY, right? Everything should be as everything should be, to get sort of 'Zen' on you (lol)...But, alas, Linda - you are not...because you are still here flailing wildly at "Liberal Demons" with the touch and accuracy of a punch-drunk prizefighter...over & out for now, got to get to work...
Immoral Liberal - October 06, 2005 - Report this comment
Yet another example of why the moron in the White House scares the bejesus out of normal Americans. From the BBC: Nabil Shaath says: "President Bush said to all of us: 'I'm driven with a mission from God. God would tell me, "George, go and fight those terrorists in Afghanistan." And I did, and then God would tell me, "George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq …" And I did. And now, again, I feel God's words coming to me, "Go get the Palestinians their state and get the Israelis their security, and get peace in the Middle East." And by God I'm gonna do it.'" Why didn't god tell him to save those poor people in New Orleans?
Immoral Liberal - October 07, 2005 - Report this comment
Another highlight of the Republican Culture of Corruption will be the indictment of Karl Rove within a week. And isn't it about time?
Thank You George W. Bush - October 07, 2005 - Report this comment
Mr. President: Just a letter of thanks for the progress you've made in capturing Osama Bin Laden. I live in New York City and, as you know, we were told that a terrorist threat against our subway system was uncovered recently. I can't tell you how good it feels to live in a city with armed law enforecment people walking the streets - machine gun at the ready - this truly is freedom. And who cares that our subway commute has increased to two times the normal amount of time it takes to get to work. We stop periodically in tunnels not knowing what's going on. And the random searches of old ladies, as millions of people try to enter the system during rush hour, demonstrates to us how committed you are to defending us against a terrorist threat. I just know that someday one of these old women is going to be caught with a bomb in in bra or something. Thank you for this morning's festivities in which two blocks of midtown office buildings were evacuated because of a suspicious package at Wachovia Bank - it's certainly timely after yesterday's speech on terrorism. And it gets the rest of the country to not focus on those really dumb things like the Delay indictments and the upcoming Rove indictments. No one will be bitching about that evangelical, anti-choice Miers today, will they? I would also imagine that your poll numbers should take a jump going into next week. I really don't know what New York City would be like today if you hadn't gotten Saddam Hussein - I mean wasn't he tied to 9/11 like you keep telling everyone. Finally, it was good to hear that that small town in Tennessee got millions of dollars from the terrorism budget. They were able to buy six hazmat suits and a new Hummer; although with the rise in gas prices they'll now need millions more from next year's budget to fill the tank. But we here in New York City understand, we've been through it - an attack by Bin Laden could possibly hit this small town in Tennessee - or perhaps those weapons of mass destruction that are still somewhere in Iraq could be used on them. Hell, there could be Al Quada cells living in that small town right now. By the way, we've been on the second highest alert on your color code chart since 9/11 - I was wondering, is our city now on Code Red? So, Mr. President, thank you again for doing everything in your power to capture Bin Laden - it has certainly put us New Yorkers in the state that we are in today. Signed, Alive for now
Immoral Liberal - October 07, 2005 - Report this comment
Thank you George W. Bush: The Sequel Penn Station also closed and evacuated for two hours this morning - NEW YORK (AP) As the city responded Friday to a potential terrorist threat in its subways, a discarded soda bottle filled with an unidentified green liquid forced the closing of a section of Penn Station during the morning rush hour. Emergency workers, wearing hazardous materials suits and breathing masks, were called in with city police and environmental employees after the tilted bottle, with the substance coming out of it, was discovered alongside an ATM near the Amtrak ticket windows, said Amtrak supervisor Mike Gallagher. (No word on whether those hazardous material suits were borrowed from Tenn.)
Linda - October 10, 2005 - Report this comment
Paul Robinson " You asked, “”””””Your "Side" controls it all...So...why all the griping & moaning from you all the time??...You should be HAPPY, right?”””””””””” YES! I am intensely happy about all that you mentioned, it is soothing, safe, gleeful stuff, however, I believe it is our responsibility to know and to deal with evil in the world ~~ and because I'm confident that if we fail in that mission it will lead us to tragedy. Everyone should do their part to be educated and well informed about their country, government, and use real facts to come to their opinions. Voting is important, nonfactual outbursts from a desperate party spreading nonsense to win points is very counterproductive, promotes civil unrest and spreads mistruths via recruiting the ‘not so bright’ in our country by using the emotional-packed outbursts. --------- Liberals work themselves into triumphant-like trances and almost as if they are on “auto-pilot”, they start spewing out absurdities like: "Bush lied, kids died!" “Racist” “fire Rumsfeld” “neo-nazis” and the like. They avoid facts, use drama and spread dangerous ideas and lies. ----When I see this stuff, I try to correct the wrong and even out the board, why not, it’s only fair, right? How else would you come to know the truth you are missing by avoiding the truth and sticking to the led fed automated gang? ----- Take for example, did you know that although Moore says he does not and has never owned stock, (all over the place, many times), in reality, he not only owns stock, but he owns it in Halliburton! No lie, (he lies, I do not). How about his story, College dropout Michael Moore put a microphone in Republican Congressman Mark Kennedy's face and asked for his help in getting more members of Congress to send their own family members to fight the war on terror, (as mature as that is). Kennedy replied that he would love to and that he already had two nephews in the military, one on his way to Afghanistan. Moore's documentary shows Kennedy's image--but cuts his answer from the film completely, (and that is just the tip of that iceberg as the whole 911 movie has been prove to be a farce) So bottom line, even though my party is in the white house are are majority in the senate and house, as a citizen I cannot sit idly by and let what I see go undressed, would you?

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