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These are randomly arranged.

April 1, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"It's Just the Money That Counts," Terrance Tucker "(It's Just) The Way That You Love Me," Paula Abdul
"Taking My Lives Away," Parapsyche "(Taking My) Life Away," Default
"April Fool's Day," Brian Kelly "Beautiful Day," U2
"(Fell In Love With an) Internet Stranger," neminem "Beautiful Stranger," Madonna
"We Played a Pair of Dice and Put Up With Barking Dogs," Michael McVey "Big Yellow Taxi," Counting Crows
"Lame Amateur," Jake A Ralphing (Luke Brattoni) "Blame Canada," Trey Parker (South Park movie)
"Squid and Kim Chee," Grace Hampton "Blatz and Sauerkraut," The Happy Schnapps Combo
"The Other King Kong Dirge," Agrimorfee "Blue Jay Way," The Beatles
"Catz," Blethar "Boyz," Britney Spears
"Breakfast Cooked By Kenny's Ma," South Park Al "Breakfast In America," Supertramp
"Getting Higher And Higher," Blethar "Burning Down The House," Tom Jones and the Cardigans
"Perestroika," Tim Hall "Carefree Highway," Gordon Lightfoot
"Something Swell," Drewster The Rooster "Carousel," Blink 182
"Cinnamon-Swirl Colonic," Paul Robinson "Cinnamon Girl," Neil Young
"DARE," Ryan Lane "DARE," Ryan Lane
"Don't Drive So Close To Me," Jeff Reuben "Don't Stand So Close To Me," Police
"Flu Outbreak," Agrimorfee "Don't Stand So Close," The Police
"Eight Ways To Peep," Jan Unwin "Eight Days A Week," The Beatles
"I Just Want A Pet Skunk," Ghetto John "Girls Just Want To Have Fun," Cyndi Lauper
"Let The Thorpe Swim," Jake A Ralphing (Luke Brattoni) "Greatest View and The Door," Silverchair
"Blue-Haired Lady," Jan Unwin "Green-Eyed Lady," Sugarloaf
"Haunted by RESIDENT EVIL!!!," xxgothicfaeriexx "Haunted," Evanescence
"Poo Ya!," Rachel M "Hey Ya!," Outkast
"Tescos," Blethar "Hollywood," Madonna
"Chunky Cat," The Comedian "Honky Cat," Elton John
"Welcome To Your Hell-Hole, Condoleeza'," Bob Gomez "Hotel California," The Eagles
"I Am A Fairly Muddled Up And Rotten Musical Teacher," Jake A Ralphing (Luke Brattoni) "I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General," Gilbert and Sullivan
"Don't Kiss Me," EmiLoca "I Miss You," Blink 182
"I'm A School Leaver," Biza "I'm A Believer," Neil Diamond
"I'm Heavin' Off A Cruise Ship," Lionel Mertens "I'm Leavin' On A Jet Plane," John Denver
"Gone With You," Spongebob_thecutie "I'm With You," Avril Lavigne
"Full o' Mud," Jake A Ralphing (Luke Brattoni) "In Da Club," 50 Cent
"Ode to Jason Voorhes," Scotty Dangerously "In The Air Tonight," Phil Collins
"NBA Blues," Arcade Junkie "Inner City Blues," Marvin Gaye
"I Love LeBron (Just Because)," Freddie C. "Just Because," Anita Baker
"Going to the Arcade (to play some Dragon's Lair)," Arcade Junkie "Just My Imagination," The Temptations
"Regan," Alvin Rhodes "Layla," Derek And The Dominos
"Cartman's Kin," South Park Al "Maggie's Farm," Bob Dylan
"Metro," Jeff Reuben "Metro," Berlin
"Wastrel From The Mall," Paul Robinson "Minstrel of the Dawn," Gordon Lightfoot
"I Hate You," NutTbar "Miss You," BLink-182
"Clownin' Girl," Billy Slim "Naughty Girl," Beyoncé
"Website Disaster," Adagio "New York Mining Disaster 1941," BeeGees
"I'm The Produce King," David Jensen "Notice Me," Zetta Bytes
"Hippie From Mississippi," Red Neck Mother "Okie From Muscogee," Merle Haggard
"In Hollywood," Freddie C. "On Broadway," George Benson
"Those Incomplete Files," D-Boz "One Day In Your Life," Anastacia
"Please, Dale Jarrett," Arcade Junkie "Please Mr. Postman," The MArvelettes
"UPS Man," Matthias "Please, Mr. Postman," The Carpenters
"Maddie Hayes," Agrimorfee "Purple Haze," Jimi Hendrix
"Shake Ya Tail Rifle," Red Rebel "Shake Ya Tail Feather," Nelly
"Smooth Jazz," Freddie C. "Slow Jamz," Twista (w/Kanye West and Jamie Foxx)
"Trading Spaces showtime," Arcade Junkie "Smiling Faces Sometimes," Undisputed Truth
"Red Sox-Cubs 2004," Freddie C. "Sorry 2004," Ruben Studdard
"Special Bred," Pointz "Special Fred," Stephen Lynch
"Heinz Fifty Seven," Guy DiRito "Stairway To Heaven," Led Zeppelin
"Richard Clarke, Shut Up," William Tong "Start Me Up," The Rolling Stones
"Eat City Women( The Alligator's Song)," Malcolm Higgins "Sweet City Woman," The Stampeders
"A-Rod is Mine," Freddie C. "The Boy is Mine," Brandy & Monica
"The Bong," Logan Smith "The Ex," Billy Talent
"The Fat Again Rag," Rick Duncan "The Vatican Rag," Tom Lehrer
"HSC New Year," Jake A Ralphing (Luke Brattoni) "This Is The New Shit," Marilyn Manson
"Taco Bell Stand," Guy DiRito "Travelin' Band," Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Sienna (the Mini-Van song)," Laurence Dunne "Vienna," Ultravox
"Forty Two (The Kumars Song)," Stuart Kidd "Waterloo," ABBA
"Blunder," MrMacphisto "Wonder," Natalie Merchant
"Department Store Shame (Shopped at K-Mart)," The Invincible "You Give Love a Bad Name," Bon Jovi
"You're Just Another Fish Drummin'," The Invincible "You Got Another Thing Comin'," Judas Priest
"I've Really Got A Grudge On You," Terrance Tucker "You've Really Got A Hold On Me," The Miracles or The Supremes

April 2, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
" (Jenny's Email Address)," Chris Bodily TM "867-5309," Tommy Tutone
"A Punk With No Game," The Invincible "A Horse With No Name," America
"Angry Girl-Boy Parody," B. O'Connor & Billy Florio "Angry White Boy Polka," 'Weird Al' Yankovic
"Brooklyn Nets," Freddie C. "Big Yellow Taxi," Counting Crows & Vanessa Carlton
"T.O. Ditched," The Invincible "Cold Hard Bitch," Jet
"Dumb, Fail Away," Rick Duncan "Come, Sail Away," Styx
"Solitaire," Deleter "Copycat," The Cranberries
"Tear Down This Wall," Steve Kalafut "Crumblin' Down," John Mellencamp
"Play Dough," Rod Worden "Day O," Harry Belafonte
"Eight Plates a Week," Royce Miller "Eight Days a Week," The Beatles
"Internal Pain," Psycho78m "Eternal Flame," The Bangles
"Every Film You Make," Jack Wilson "Every Breath You Take," The Police
"ClearChannel Sucks," Freddie C. "F**k it (I Don't Want You Back)," Eamon
"Doing Your Boss's Wife," Drewster The Rooster "Feeling This," Blink 182
"Magilla," Alvin Rhodes "Godzilla," Blue Oyster Cult
"How You Will Bind Me (S&M Love Song)," Kristof Robertson "How You Remind Me," Nickleback
"Giant Blue Flash," Guy DiRito "Jumpin' Jack Flash," The Rolling Stones
"Hershey's in the Sky with Almonds," AceCartoons "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," The Beatles
"There's a Peachtree Town Called Atlanta," Freddie C. "Marshmallow World," Darlene Love OR Dean Martin
"(I've Sunburned My) Bum," "Numb," Linkin Park
"Odor Of Drain-O," David Chrenko "Over The Rainbow," Judy Garland in 'The Wizard of Oz'
"Harpo Marx's First Words," David Chrenko "Picasso's Last Words," Paul McCartney
"Raise Up (Baltimore Style)," Freddie C. "Raise Up," Petey Pablo
"They Termed It 'Sedna'," Jake A Ralphing (Luke Brattoni) "Return To Sender," Elvis Presley
"Kerry," The Comedian "Sherry," Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons
"Double Dare ," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Southern Man," Neil Young
"The Poke," Melhi "The Stroke," Billy Squier
"Ryan Seacrest," Freddie C. "Theme from Shaft," Isaac Hayes
"Bimbo," Billy Slim "Trouble," Shampoo
"Feng Shui," John Jenkins "Yesterday," The Beatles
"Belch," Rick Duncan "Zilch," Monkees

April 5, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"The Powerpuff Girls," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)," Nine Days
"Ditch the School," Insert Coin(s) to Continue "Act a Fool," Ludacris
"I'm Going To The Laundry," Arcade Junkie "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing," Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell
"All the Cell Phones," Jango "All the Small Things," Blink 182
"Feels Like I'm Wearing a Glove," Billy Slim "Almost Like Being in Love," Natalie Cole
"A Tragic End, Shakespeareanly," Leo Jay "Alone Again, Naturally," Gilbert O'Sullivan
"Another One Fired By Trump," Lionel Mertens "Another One Bites The Dust," Queen
"Aquasponge," Alvin Rhodes "Aqualung," Jethro Tull
"Pray, Throw the Dice, Kneel in the Parking Lot," Leo Jay "Big Yellow Taxi," Joni Mitchell
"Beat the Meat," MrMacphisto "Bleed the Freak," Alice in Chains
"Born To Be A Guy(the She/he Thing Song)," Malcolm Higgins "Born To Be Alive," Patrick Hernandez
"Worn To Be Inside ( The Safe Sex Parody)," Malcolm Higgins "Born To Be Alive," Patrick Hernandez
"Born For Pie," Azza & Nazza "Born to Try," Delta Goodrem
"Stroke My Putter," Guy DiRito "Bread and Butter," The Newbeats
"States of America," Kryptonite "California," Phantom Planet
"Can You Feel The Kryptonite," No One Wrote This "Can You Feel The Love Tonight," Lion King People
"Jersey Morning," Leo Jay "Chelsea Morning," Joni Mitchell
"Philly Jams!," Freddie C. "Cleveland Rocks," Ian Hunter
"Blow The Nation's Nose," The Comedian "Desolation Row," Bob Dylan
"Parody Now," Ripp "Desolation Row," Bob Dylan
"Dandruff Off Your Shoulder," Manda May "Dirt Off Your Shoulder," Jay Z
"It Won't Make My Brown Eggs Blue," Jan Unwin "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue," Crystal Gayle
"All the Meth You Bake," Ben Schuldt "Every Breath You Take," The Police
"Every Death You Fake," Rick Duncan "Every Breath You Take," Police
"Everyone's Changing Their Noses," South Park Al "Everything's Coming Up Roses," Ethel Merman
"Zombie's Brain (Night of the Dead)," 2nz "Fire and Rain," James Taylor
"Run Like a Beagle," Richard Sprunk "Fly Like an Eagle," Steve Miller
"Watchin' that Fox News," Charlie Decker "Folsom Prison Blues," Johnny Cash
"Free Parking," David Pratter "Free Fallin'," Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
"Ranga in a Bottle," Azza & Nazza "Genie in a Bottle," Christina Aguilera
"I Am Watching (Those Marching Bands)," WhizkidF "Gimme Gimme," Thoroughly Modern Millie
"On E-bay," Drewster The Rooster "Gone Away," Offspring
"Got To Eat Them Up," Arcade Junkie "Got To Give It Up," Marvin Gaye
"Great Dependent," Alan Friedman, Southern Discomfort "Great Pretender," The Platters
"Green Blood Part. 2," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Green Acres," TV Themes
"Andy Has Only Got One Brain," Liz T "Hitler Has Only Got One Ball," Unknown. Old War Song
"HouseThat's in Washington," Royce Miller "House of the Rising Sun," The Animals
"Hijacked (House)," David Parsons "Hyacinth House," Doors
"*fart* I Feel The Earth Move," Azza & Nazza "I Feel The Earth Move," Carol King
"I Fell For April Fool's (Chucky's Prank)," Chris Bodily TM "I Lost on Jeopardy," Weird Al Yankovic
"I Hate D.C.," Freddie C. "I Love L.A.," Randy Newman
"I Love Atlanta," Freddie C. "I Love L.A.," Randy Newman
"I Love the Lakers," Freddie C. "I Love L.A.," Randy Newman
"I Want an Escalade," Freddie C. "I Want it That Way," Backstreet Boys
"I Will Always Hate You," Freddie C. "I Will Always Love You," Whitney Houston
"I'm Like a Turd," Kryptonite "I'm Like A Bird," Nelly Furtado
"In Poo," Splinter "In Bloom," Nirvana
"Pickles and Cheese," Insert Coin(s) to Continue "In the End," Linkin Park
"Buzzers and Flies," Azza & Nazza "Innocent Eyes," Delta Goodrem
"Buzzers and Flies," Shazza "Innocent Eyes," Delta Goodrem
"Did You Just Fart?," Azza & Nazza "Intuition," Jewel
"AmIRight," EmiLoca "It's My Life," No Doubt
"It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to 9/11," Freddie C. "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday," Boyz II Men
"The Kerry Campaign," Mitch O "Kerry Dancing," Traditional
"King of Landlords," Royce Miller "King of the Road," Roger Miller
"Lifestyles Of The Mortally Wounded," Tim Wood "Lifestyles Of The Rich And The Famous," Good Charlotte
"(Who, Who, Who) Dropped that Log on the Floor?," Rod Worden "Lookin' Out My Back Door," CCR
"Lost Without Food," Azza & Nazza "Lost Without You," Delta Goodrem
"Dave At Chess Club," Azza & Nazza "Love At First Sight," Kylie Minogue
"Stuffed Crows (Served with Savory Loaves)," Merry & Pippin "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)," Edison Lighthouse
"Lullaby of the Sheep," Conrad MacRoberts "Lullaby of the Leaves," Joe Young/Bernice Petkere
"Memphis Grizzlies (the 2003-04 Ecology)," Arcade Junkie "Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)," Marvin Gaye
"My Cinnamon Bun," Mike Doc "Miss Independent," Kelly Clarkson
"George Benson," Freddie C. "Ms. Jackson," OutKast
"Batman," Insert Coin(s) to Continue "My Band," D12
"Who Farted? Not Me, Not I," Azza & Nazza "Not Me, Not I," Delta Goodrem
"Not a Bag, That Techno Briefcase," Azza & Nazza "Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman," Britney Spears
"Nothing Else Splatters," Jamie "Nothing Else Matters," Metallica
"Our Fate Is Sealed," Fred and Ginger "Our Lips Are Sealed," The Go-Go's
"Outback Overload," Azza & Nazza "Overload," Sugababes
"Pair o' Dice In Casino Light," Michael Pacholek "Paradise By the Dashboard Light," Meat Loaf
"Sheep's Brain," Mari Aranoff Duncan "Peace Train," Cat Stevens
"Phony King Of America.," Jeff Wilder "Phony King Of England (From Disney's Robin Hood)," Phil Harris
"Cat Hates the Vacuum," Rick Duncan "Pop Goes the Weasel," Traditional
"I Play Robotron," Arcade Junkie "Pride & Joy," Marvin Gaye
"Flakey," S.O.L.D. "Rape Me," Nirvana
"Right Now," PorkSoda "Right Now," Korn
"Final Four," Freddie C. "Rock the Boat," Aaliyah
"Run Through The Jingle," South Park Al "Run Through The Jungle," Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Farted Again," Azza & Nazza "Running Away," Delta Goodrem
"Louts," Merry & Pippin "Shout," Tears for Fears
"Tell Me The Reasons of Why I'm Ugly," Scrawny Johnny "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely," Backstreet Boys
"Martha Stewart's Share Surprise," Lionel Mertens "Sister Golden Hair Surprise," America
"Sister Janet's Boob Surprise," Leo Jay "Sister Golden Hair," America
"Sister Mary McIntyre," Leo Jay "Sister Golden Hair," America
"Pat," Insert Coin(s) to Continue "Sk8er Boi," Avril Lavigne
"Smells Like Bad Odor," S.O.L.D. "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Nirvana
"Bob Dylan VS. The Beatles," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Snoopy VS. The Red Baron," Royal Guardsman
"Lumpy Lawn's Diseased," Merry & Pippin "Something's Wrong with Me," Austin Roberts
"Blurpy's mom (ode to RPG)," Omega8 "Stacey's Mom," Fountains of Wayne
"Stacy's Mom (Turned Out to Be a Dom)," LadySphinx "Stacy's Mom (Has Got It Going On)," Fountains of Wayne
"Macy's Mall," Terra and Leah "Stacy's Mom," Fountains of Wayne
"Just Use Your Hand," Lisa Dawn "Stand By Your Man," Tammy Wynette
"Web Sufin' USA," Matthias "Sufin' USA," Beach Boys
"Make Me a Cake," Billy Slim "Take Me Away," Christina Vidal(from The Freaky Friday Soundtrack)
"The Ballad of Fred !," Lisa Dawn "The Ballad of Jed Clampett," Paul Henning
"The Heart In The Temple," Agrimorfee "The Heart of Rock And Roll," Huey Lewis & the News
"Summertime (The Most Wonderful Time of the Year)," Freddie C. "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year," Johnny Mathis
"The Weight I Am," Insert Coin(s) to Continue "The Way I Am," Eminem
"Theme from Rocky XXXVIII(Bud Lite Or Budweiser)," Scotty Dangerously "Theme from Rocky XIII(The Rye Or The Kaiser)," 'Weird Al' Yankovic
"The Ballad of Ishizu Ishtar," Red Rebel "This Love," Maroon 5
"Throw It Away (my pie)," Azza & Nazza "Throw It Away," Delta Goodrem
"Seinfeld in Jail (The Final Episode)," Freddie C. "Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs (Theme to Frasier)," Kelsey Grammer
"Pie," Bad Puppy "Universally Speaking," Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Sonic," Redlocks "Venus," Bananarama
"New Orleans Hornets," Arcade Junkie "Walkin' to New Orleans," Fats Domino
"Alley-Oop," Arcade Junkie "Waterloo," Stonewall Jackson
"We're Not The Yankees," MasonR "We Are The Champions," Queen
"50 Years Of Game Shows," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "We Didn't Start The Fire," Billy Joel
"I Can't Golf Anymore," Arcade Junkie "We Don't Talk Anymore," Cliff Richard
"With Kazaa, Nothin'," Insert Coin(s) to Continue "Without Jah, Nothin'," P.O.D.
"Mike Tyson," Insert Coin(s) to Continue "Without Me," Eminem
"Bears ," Ethan Mawyer "Yeah," Usher, Ludacris, Lil' Jon
"Fellow, Mister Clean," 2nz "Yellow Submarine," The Beatles
"Messaging (My Battle with Text Messaging)," Arwen "Yesterday," The Beatles
"In my Dreams GSN (plays 'WHEW')," pkbites "You Make My Dreams (come true)," Hall & Oates
"In my Dreams GSN (plays 'WHEW')," pkbites "You Make My Dreams (come true)," Hall & Oates
"We are the Bobcats," Freddie C. "You are My Lady," Freddie Jackson
"You're So Vain (parody)," Michael McVey "You're So Vain," Carly Simon

April 6, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Condoleezza," giblet o'sarcasm "'Wonder Woman' TV Theme," Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox
"Back In Time/Tenchi Muyo," Josh Taylor (The Stimps) "Back In Time," Huey Lewis and the News
"Monday NIght Football," Arcade Junkie "Ball Of Confusion," The Temptations
"Bizarre Dung Triangle," MrMacphisto "Bizarre Love Triangle," New Order
"Snoring at The Rings," Paul Robinson "Blowing In The Wind," Bob Dylan
"Does Your Puddy-Tat Order Kitty Toys," David Chrenko "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavor," Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group
"Downsize," Alan Friedman, Southern Discomfort "Downtown," Petula Clark
"Monty Python's Holy Grail," Two-Faced Goblin "Holy Grail," Hunters & Collectors
"This Program is Lame," Arcade Junkie "I Wish It Would Rain," The Temptations
"Platforms and Low I.Q.'s," Billy Slim "Incense and Peppermints," Strawberry Alarmclock
"Got Constipation," Phil Nelson "Infatuation," Rod Stewart
"Distant Cousin," Billy Slim "Living Dead Girl," Rob Zombi
"Yellow #5," Ben Schuldt "Mambo #5," Lou Bega
"Weird Vacation," Phil Nelson "Margaritaville," Jimmy Buffett
"Their Way," Rick Duncan "My Way ," Frank Sinatra
"Produce Me," David Jensen "Notice Me," Zetta Bytes
"Software Man," Guy DiRito "Nowhere Man," The Beatles
"The HMO Song," Alan Friedman, Southern Discomfort "Old McDonald," Traditional
"The Great Misha B.," Grace Hampton "Sweet Georgia Brown," Louis Armstrong
"The Voice of Violence," Adagio "The Sound of Silence," Simon & Garfunkel
"Can You Hear Me Now?," Phil Nelson "Waiting For You," Seal
"White Trash on Meth," Tim Hall "White Punks on Dope," The Tubes
"Yum," Mark "Yeah," Usher

April 7, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Lot Pimpin'," Wolveroses "Big Pimpin'," Jay-Z feat. UGK
"Car from Japan," Mattias Johansson "Big in Japan," Alphaville
"What's With The Drinking?," Debra "Canto Alla Vita," Josh Groban and The Corrs
"New York Sucks," Freddie C. "Cleveland Rocks," Ian Hunter/Presidents of the USA
"Aggrivated," Cloe "Complacated," Avril Lavigne
"Wasting Time at Work ," Arwen "Cracklin' Rosie," Neil Diamond
"Please Tell Me Why...," Debra "Dime (Tell Me)," Beth
"Stooges Three," Rick Duncan "Do-Re-Mi," Julie Andrews & Co
"Don't Blame Me For That Fart," Arwen "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart," Elton John & Kiki Dee
"Binary Date Day," Guy DiRito "Eleanor Rigby," The Beatles
"Pepsi In A Bottle," Michael Hack "Genie In A Bottle," Christina Aguilera
"The Kid Who Wouldn't Go To Sleep," Agrimorfee "In The Air Tonight," Phil Collins
"Isn't She Grumpy," A Room Full Of Monkeys "Isn't She Lovely," Stevie Wonder
"Miss Those Hippie Scenes," Alvin Rhodes "Mississippi Queen," Mountain
"Move Shaq," Freddie C. "Move B***h," Ludacris, Mystikal & I-20
"Dating on Craig's List," Ravyn Rant "Officer Krupke," West Side Story Soundtrack
"Owner Of My Own Theme Park," South Park Al "Owner Of A Lonely Heart," Yes
"Drivin' that Escalade," Freddie C. "Pass the Courvoisier, Part 2," Busta Rhymes
"William Howard Taft," Arcade Junkie "Shaft," Isaac Hayes
"It's a Folding Chair," Merry & Pippin "Sister Golden Hair," America
"Some Days You Wet Your Pants," Spammy & KD "Some Days You Gotta Dance," Dixie Chicks
"You Are Kind Of Lame," Lightlatingroove "Through The Rain," Mariah Carey
"Uranus Again," A Room Full Of Monkeys "Uranus! ," Robert Lund
"What About Duke?," Freddie C. "What About Us?," Brandy
"David's Mine," Stephanie "Whos David?," Busted
"A Sailors Life," David Jensen "You Know How To Hurt A Girl," Lalaine

April 8, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"21 Answers," Freddie C. "21 Questions," 50 Cent
"As Years Go By," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "As Tears Go By," Rolling Stones
"Invisible Man," Chris Bodily TM "Blue Collar Man," Styx
"Chicken Crossed To The Other Side," Jared "Break On Through To The Other Side," The Doors
"Wacko Jacko," Fitu Petaia "Creepin," Stevie Wonder
"Skive Off School," Blethar "Die Another Day," Madonna
"Yo Quiero Señior Zartan," Ben Schuldt "El Tango De Roxanne," Ewan McGregor
"Sonic's Song," Redlocks "Elmo's Song," Sesame Street
"Excuse Me--Play that Song," Freddie C. "Excuse Me Miss," Jay-Z
"Fat Bottomed Boy," South Park Al "Fat Bottomed Girls," Queen
"Girls Like That Don't Go For Guys With Puss," Stuart Kidd "Girls Like That Don't Go For Guys Like Us," Custard
"Solitaire," Michael Pacholek "Honesty," Billy Joel
"I Wrote A Song That'll Get Me No Fives," Jake A Ralphing (Luke Brattoni) "I Know A Song That'll Get On Your Nerves," Traditional
"I've Got Those Queer Eyes for You ," Royce Miller "I Only Have Eyes For You," Art Garfunkel
"George Bush is Done," Charlie Decker "It's All Been Done," Barenaked Ladies
"Freddie from Chicago," Freddie C. "Jigga What, Jigga Who," Jay-Z
"La La Means I DKTOS ," David Chrenko "La La Means I Love You," The Delfonics
"Little Sisters," Alvin Rhodes "Little Sister," Elvis Presley
"Sharon, I'm Getting Stoned," Jared "Mama, I'm Coming Home," Ozzy Osbourne
"Maybe All the Gays...," Syncronos "Maybe I'm Amazed...," Wings with Paul McCartney
"Nerd on the Twelfth Floor," Stuart Kidd "Murder on the Dance Floor," Sophie Ellis Bextor
"Watching My TV," Chris Bodily TM "Pennyroyal Tea," Nirvana
"Stupid Human Trick," The Comedian "Sister Golden Hair," America
"Testing, SAT," Charlie Decker "Testing, 1, 2, 3," Barenaked Ladies
"Drunken Freshmen," Ryan Quinn "The Freshman," Verve Pipe
"The Rope (an alterantive use for marijuana)," Lionel Mertens "The Rose," Bette Middler
"Uranus Still Yet Again," Rick Duncan "Uranus Again," Robert Lund/Claude Prez
"Work it (DJ Jennifer Remix)," Freddie C. "Work it," Missy Elliott
"S-A-N-R-I-O," Amethyst_4400 "Y.M.C.A.," The Village People
"You'll Earn," Blethar "You Learn," Alanis Morrisette

April 9, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"House Cleaners," Joe Scovill "Always," Saliva
"Sammy and the Cubs," Freddie C. "Bennie and the Jets," Elton John
"American Rhapsody," Pudding And Paul "Bohemian Rhapsody," Queen
"Anakin No," Tim Hall "Caroline No," Beach Boys
"Driving in my Buick," Freddie C. "Caught up in the Rapture," Anita Baker
"Cadillac Rock," Freddie C. "Crocodile Rock," Elton John
"Drive in My Chevy," Freddie C. "Dance With My Father," Luther Vandross
"Don't Let the Lights Go Out on Me," Freddie C. "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me," George Michael & Elton John
"Uranus," The Comedian "Dream Weaver," Gary Wright
"El Fatso," South Park Al "El Paso," Marty Robbins
"Escalade," Freddie C. "Escapade," Janet Jackson
"Like Watching Grass Grow," Phil Nelson "Every Breath You Take," The Police
"Free Ballin'," Azza & Nazza "Free Fallin'," Tom Petty
"Freak," Curtis McIntyre "Get The Party Started," Pink
"Goodbye Model T Ford," Freddie C. "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," Elton John
"Henny Penny, She's a Clucker," Michael Pacholek "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother," The Hollies
"I Love Sonic," Arcade Junkie "I Love Music," The O' Jays
"I Need Some Crayons And New Shoes," Condom_Soup "I Say A Little Prayer For You," My Best Friend's Wedding Soundtrack
"Liquid Poo," Jay Carpenter "I'm On Fire," Bruce Springstein
"Is She Really Going Out in That?," Jango "Is She Really Going Out With Him?," Sugar Ray/ Joe Jackson
"Condoleeza," Leo Jay "Mona Lisa," Nat 'King' Cole
"Mr. 'Tambourine' Fan," Phil Nelson "Mr. Tambourine Man," Bob Dylan
"Mr. Mel Gibson," John Jenkins "Mrs. Robinson," Simon & Garfunkel
"Wide Guy," Guy DiRito "My Guy," Mary Wells
"My Fart Will Go On (the School Version)," Blethar "My Heart Will Go On," Celine Dion
"Rice To W.," William Tong "Nice To Be With You," Gallery
"Chuck The Website Owner," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Puff The Magic Dragon," Peter, Paul & Mary
"Mustang Man," Freddie C. "Rocket Man," Elton John
"It Loves You," Chuck McCann "She Loves You," The Beatles
"Lexus!," Freddie C. "Shotgun!," Jr. Walker & the All-Stars
"You're A Squirrel, '1' Man," Paul Robinson "Solitary Man," Neil Diamond
"Step into Summer," Freddie C. "Step into Christmas," Elton John
"Girlfriend's Calling," S.O.L.D. "Sunday Morning," Maroon 5
"Skidmarks In My Undies," Rick Duncan "Sunshine On My shoulders," John Denver
"Oh, Bar-B-Que," Paul Robinson "Suzie Q," Credence Clearwater Revival
"That's Annoying," "That's Amore," Dean Martin
"Heavy Metal vs. Hip-Hop Rhapsody," Scotty Dangerously "The Bohemian Rhapsody," Queen
"The Kerry Pokey," Royce Miller "The Hokey Pokey," Ram Trio
"It's Treason," M.S.G "The Reason," Hoobastank
"Upside Down," Phil Nelson "Upside Down," Diana Ross
"Uranus (I'm Sick And Tired Of)," Laurence Dunne "Uranus Still Yet Again," Rick Duncan
"Where Were The Condoms," Alvin Rhodes "Werewolves Of London," Warren Zevon
"When the Pitch Comes In," Michael Pacholek "When the Ship Comes In," Bob Dylan

April 10, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"All Day I Dream About Sonic," Panic Pagoda "A.D.I.D.A.S.," Korn
"Addicted To CHiPs," Colorado Kid "Addicted To Love," Robert Palmer
"Always Chicago to Me," Freddie C. "Always a Woman to Me," Billy Joel
"Mad," Rick Duncan "Bad," Michael Jackson
"Condi Rice," Leo Jay "Billie Jean," Michael Jackson
"Blue Velcro," MasonR "Blue Velvet," Bobby Vinton
"Foodilicious," Blethar "Bootylicious," Destiny's Child
"Goodbye, Art Modell (Raven in the Nest)," Freddie C. "Candle in the Wind," Elton John
"The (Willie) White House," Leo Jay "Copacabana," Barry Manilow
"Sleep," Cameron "Creep," Stone Temple Pilots
"Doris Roberts," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Destination Unknown," Missing Persons
"Diggin' Up My Nose," Kryptonite "Dig It," D-Tent Boys
"Ehrich Weiss," Alvin Rhodes "Edelweiss," The Sound Of Music
"Braves!," Freddie C. "Fame," Irene Cara
"Shut Your Piehole," Amy "Genie In A Bottle," Christina Aguilara
"Hey Bears," Freddie C. "Hey Girl," Billy Joel
"Leafs Suck," The Team 1200 "Hey Ya!," Outkast
"Patriots!," Freddie C. "Hey Ya!," OutKast
"I Believe I Can Fly (Orioles Version)," Freddie C. "I Believe I Can Fly," R. Kelly
"I Can't Stand Her Voice," Blethar "I Can't Stand The Rain," Tina Turner
"If Bush Only Had A Brain / The Nerve / A Heart," Leo Jay "If I Only Had The Nerve / A Brain / A Heart," Wizard of Oz Soundtrack
"Parody Stinkers (Lamentable Parodies)," A Room Full Of Monkeys "Indian Reservation (Lament of the Cherokee)," Paul Revere and the Raiders
"Meet Me at the Lord's Tomb," Ben Schuldt "Meet Me in the Red Room," Amiel
"The Most Wonderful Time to Drink Beer," Bill Bender "Most Wonderful Time of the Year," George Wyle-songwriter
"My Boyfriend's Back (Geriatric Version)," MasonR "My Boyfriend's Back," Angels
"The Culinary Bug," MrMacphisto "No Ordinary Love," Sade
"I am a Stalker," Blethar "Nothing Really Matters," Madonna
"Boobah," Amy "Perfect," Simple Plan
"Philadelphia Eagles," Freddie C. "Piano Man," Billy Joel
"She's got a Way (The Ballad of DJ Jennifer)," Freddie C. "She's Got a Way," Billy Joel
"3 Cheers For Ottawa," Adam Sandler "The Chanukah Song," Adam Sandler
"The (Homeless) Christmas Song," Bill Bender "The Christmas Song," Nat King Cole
"The Longest Time (Bulls Version)," Freddie C. "The Longest Time," Billy Joel
"Theme from Black Belt Jones," Fitu Petaia "Theme from Shaft," Isaac Hayes
"Cheap Trick (Yes, that Cheap Trick)," Chris Bodily TM "Toxic," Britney Spears
"Not Sick (what if Britney Spears was a middle school Nurse)," Ethan Mawyer "Toxic," Britney Spears
"The Passion," Curtis McIntyre "Toxic," Britney Spears
"Uranus (ReBUTTal)," Jan Unwin "Uranus (I'm Sick and Tired Of'," Laurence Dunne
"Oops! Uranus Again (Again)," A Room Full Of Monkeys "Uranus! ," Robert Lund
"Penis 'n' Uranus," Guy DiRito "Venus - Aquarius (Let the Sun Shine In) ," Shocking Blue - The Fifth Dimension
"What a Wonderful TURD," Laurence Dunne "What A Wonderful World," Louis Armstrong
"When I'm Six Feet Down," Malcolm Higgins "When I'm Sixty Four," The Beatles
"Why Not (adopt a penguin)," Anonymous Penguins "Why Not," Hilary Duff
"They Swear Like Hell," South Park Al "You Wear It Well," Rod Stewart
"You Can't Abuse Fat Girls," Malcolm Higgis "You're Gonna Lose That Girl," The Beatles
"Your Team Sucks, New York Mets," Freddie C. "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch," Dr. Seuss
"Your Mother Should Grow," Malcolm Higgins "Your Mother Should Know," The Beatles

April 12, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"A Place for My Red," J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark) "A Place for My Head," Linkin Park
"Damn! I Lost My Keys," Splinter "All Apologies," Nirvana
"All She Wants To Do Is Rant," William Tong "All She Wants To Do Is Dance," Don Henley
"We' re All Stars (Converse All Stars, that is)," Terrance Tucker "All Star," Smash Mouth
"Bush Is Weak," Paul Robinson "Astral Weeks," Van Morrison
"Amiright Jones," Tim Hall "Basketball Jones," Cheech and Chong
"Bananas," Jack Wilson "Bonanza Theme," Jay Livingston and Ray Evans/Lorne Greene
"With My Stealth," J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark) "By Myself," Linkin Park
"Slow-Minded," Johnny Pyro "Cold-Hearted," Paula Abdul
"Bowling," J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark) "Crawling," Linkin Park
"Don't Stop (Thinking About Uranus)," The Comedian "Don't Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow)," Fleetwood Mac
"WN ITH ITS," J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark) "ENTH E ND," Linkin Park
"Leave Those Kids Alone," TerranceTucker "Ease On Down The Road," Diana Ross and Michael Jackson (THE WIZ soundtrack)
"Leave Those Kids Alone," Terrance Tucker "Ease On Down The Road," Diana Ross and Michael Jackson (from the movie) THE WIZ
"The Most Cheaply Written Parody EVER!," J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark) "Easier to Run," Linkin Park
"Forget It," J.Mi "F*** It (I don't want you back)," Eamon
"RT/10," J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark) "FRG/10," Linkin Park
"Paint," J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark) "Faint," Linkin Park
"Paint," J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark) "Faint," Linkin Park
"Peeling This," Kryptonite "Feeling This," Blink 182
"Peeling This," BonBon "Feeling This," Blink-182
"Bump-09," J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark) "Figure.09," Linkin Park
"Flight Of The Barking Spider," Laurence Dunne "Flight Of The Bumble Bee," Nicholai Rimsky-Korsakov
"Rotten," J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark) "Forgotten," Linkin Park
"Speed Dating," Drewster The Rooster "Fortune Faded," Red Hot Chili Peppers
"I Really Love You," David Pratter "Found Out About You," Gin Blossoms
"Guilty (of farting)," Joey "Guilty," Blue
"Candy Handyman," Mari Aranoff Duncan "Handyman," James Taylor
"Shoplifter," Terrance Tucker "Heartbreaker," Dionne Warwicke
"You're A Shoplifter," Terrance Tucker "Heartbreaker," Pat Benatar
"Hello Littleroot," Jay Jianoran "Hello News Theme," Frank Gari
"Hello Littleroot," Jay Jianoran "Hello News Theme," Frank Gari
"I'm Back," Xander999 "I'm Back," Eminem
"Windy City Heat," Music Box "In Bloom," Nirvana
"When It Hits," J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark) "In the End," Linkin Park
"Nick & Jessica," Freddie C. "Jack & Diane," John Cougar Mellencamp
"Which Celebrity Do I Like," Joey "Just Like A Pill," Pink
"King of San Francisco," Freddie C. "King of Wishful Thinking," Go West
"Like The Rolling Stones," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Like A Rolling Stone," Bob Dylan
"Look What They Done To My 8-track Tapes," Mattias Johansson "Look What They Done To My Song, Ma," Melanie
"Video Games," Fitu Petaia "Love Light In Flight," Stevie Wonder
"Nasty Pollution," Amy "Love Will Find A Way," Christina Aguilara
"Lucy in the Sky....A BILLBOARD," Terrance Tucker "Lucy In the Sky WIth Diamonds," Dianne Steinberg/Stargard (from the Sgt. Pepper Soundtrack)
"MacArthur's Ice Cream," Mike Steele "MacArthur Park," Richard Harris
"Me Against The Media," Blethar "Me Against The Music," Britney Spears and Madonna
"I Hate the Easter Bunny," Chris Bodily TM "Money," Pink Floyd
"Her January," J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark) "My December," Linkin Park
"Bin Laden (Gonna Get You)," Terrance Tucker "My Lovin' (Never Gonna Get It)," En Vogue
"Linkin Park Dissing," J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark) "Nobody's Listening," Linkin Park
"Dumb," J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark) "Numb," Linkin Park
"One Step Closer (to the Fridge)," J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark) "One Step Closer," Linkin Park
"Stop the Uranus Songs!!!!," Panic Pagoda "One Step Closer," Linkin Park
"L!NKN 94RK !5N^T G4Y," J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark) "P5HNG M3 4W4Y," Linkin Park
"Happy-Luck," J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark) "Papercut," Linkin Park
"Correct," Bob O'Mara "Perfect," Simple Plan
"Correct," Bob O'Mara "Perfect," Simple Plan
"Points of Atari," J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark) "Points of Authority," Linkin Park
"Linkin Park is(n't) Gay," J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark) "Pushing Me Away," Linkin Park
"Stomach's Rumblin, Mouth Is Dry," Terrance Tucker "River Deep Mountain High," Ike and Tina Turner
"Clean the Cat Box," Chuck McCann "Rock the Casbah," The Clash
"Interstate 95," Freddie C. "Route 66," Nat King Cole
"A Guy Name Ray," J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark) "Runaway," Linkin Park
"Snow White," Terrance Tucker "Snowbird," Anne Murray
"Gay And A Bride," Red Neck Mother "Stayin Alive," Bee Gees
"Orthanc Fights," Phil Alexander "Summer Nights," The cast from Grease
"April Fool's Day," Jack Wilson "That'll Be the Day," Buddy Holly
"The Ballad of Kevin Garnett (Theme from the '04 Minnesota Timberwolves)," Freddie C. "The Ballad of Jed Clampett (Theme from the Beverly Hillbillies)," Paul Henning
"Killer," Terrance Tucker "Thriller," Michael Jackson
"UConn's Double Championship 2004," Freddie C. "Unforgettable," Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole
"Unrecordable," Rick Duncan "Unforgettable," Nat King Cole
"Down The White Rabbit's Hole," Terrance Tucker "Up The Ladder To The Roof," The Supremes (Jean Terrell, Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong
"Confections," Jack Wilson "Vacation," The Go Gos
"Board Games," Arcade Junkie "Wake Up Everybody," Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes
"We Are the Cubs," Terrance Tucker "We Are The World," USA For Africa
"She's A Worderful Girl," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "What A Wonderful World," Louis Armstrong
"What Penguins are Made of," Anonymous Penguins "What Dreams are Made of," Hilary Duff
"Where Did Your Wife Go?," Terrance Tucker "Where Did Our Love Go?," The Supremes
"Whole Lotta Dog," Mike Steele "Whole Lotta Love," Led Zeppelin
"Whole Lotta Lunch," MasonR "Whole Lotta Love," Led Zeppelin
"Kung Fu," J.D. Parody (Winkin Shark) "With You," Linkin Park
"R-A-M-S," Freddie C. "Y-M-C-A," The Village People
"You Light Up My Nights," Terrance Tucker "You Light Up My Life," Debby Boone

April 13, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Zanarkand," Jeff Kitts "11AM," Incubus
"Gory Story In Fallujah (Battle Him For the Republic)," William Tong "Battle Hymn of the Republic," Traditional
"Pig Tender," Rick Duncan "Big Spender (From Sweet Charity)," Shirley MacLaine
"Dancin' In Our Sheets," Alvin Rhodes "Dancin' In The Streets," Martha And The Vandelas
"Won't Stop Eating," David Jensen "Don't Stop Believin'," Journey
"Spatula," Mr.E "Dragula," Rob Zombie
"Hawk! We Don't Got No Cup Ring," Michael Pacholek "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing," Traditional Christmas Carol
"I Am Sick Of This Thing Called Goth," Curtis McIntyre "I Believe In A Thing Called Love," The Darkness
"I Believe In A Thing Called Nerds," Princess Cherry Bomb "I Believe In A Thing Called Love," The Darkness
"I Vike It Like That (Minnesota Football Blues)," Michael Pacholek "I Like It Like That," Chris Kenner
"Dye My Hair," Kyle B. "Like a Prayer," Madonna
"Little Loose Toupe," Rod Worden "Little Deuce Coupe," Beach Boys
"Randy," David Jensen "Mandy," Barry Manilow
"Mathematics," Jake A Ralphing (Luke Brattoni) "Marshall Mathers," Eminem
"Monet Monet," Claude Prez "Mony Mony," Tommy James And The Shondells
"Juniour High," Jake A Ralphing (Luke Brattoni) "Paradise," Brandy & Ray J
"Rambling Rice," William Tong "Rambling Rose," Nat King Cole
"The Day That You Will Die (Saddam)," Kyle B. "Rhythm of the Night," Corona
"Smoke," South Park Al "Roam," The B-52s
"Stacy's Mom (Has Got a Dirty Bomb)," Charlie Decker "Stacy's Mom," Fountains of Wayne
"Moles-ster," cosmic "Superstar," Jamelia
"The Power Of Bugs," Phil Nelson "The Power Of Love," Huey Lewis & The News
"Too High," Fitu Petaia "Too High," Stevie Wonder
"Manga," Crazy Alex "Tribute," Tenacious D
"Where the streets are unpaved," Phil Nelson "Where The Streets Have No Name," U2
"I Quit Smoking," Eugene Finley "With Arms Wide Open," Creed
"My DNA," Guy DiRito "Y M C A," Village People
"I Said No," Rody "You Said No," Busted

April 14, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"She's Not Bright," Stuart Kidd "Alright," Supergrass
"Back In The CIS," Steve Kalafut "Back In The USSR," The Beatles
"Blame Mexico," Laurence Dunne "Blame Canada," South Park
"Fumigated," Zak Randall "Complicated," Avril Lavigne
"Alabama Crimson Tide," Arcade Junkie "Devil Inside," INXS
"We Are Looking For Blue's Clues," Arcade Junkie "Don't Disturb this Groove," The System
"Dale Earnhardt Ave.," Arcade Junkie "Electric Avenue," Eddy Grant
"Cook While Drinkin," Royce Miller "Go Down Gamblin," Blood Sweat and Tears
"'Where's Dat [Bugs] Bunny?'," Leo Jay "I Feel Pretty," West Side Story Soundtrack
"I Feel Passion (of The Christ)," Leo Jay "I Feel Pretty," West Side Story Soundtrack
"GTO," Freddie C. "I Get Around," Beach Boys
"I Think I'm A Clown Now," Zak Randall "I Think We're Alone Now ," Tommy James & the Shondells
"I Wanna Play With Dolls All Night," South Park Al "I Wanna Rock And Roll All Nite," Kiss
"Ice Ice Baby (Condi Rice Remix)," Paul V. Black "Ice Ice Baby," Vanilla Ice
"Wife Got A Sex Change," Alvin Rhodes "Life In The Fast Lane," The Eagles
"Cheese Grows 'Tween My Rosemary's Toes," MasonR "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes," Edison Lighthouse
"Lucky Band," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Lucky Man," Emerson, Lake & Palmer
"Man We Was Homely," Rick Duncan "Man We Was Lonely," Paul McCartney
"Condoleeza," Syncronos "Maria," Brooks & Dunn
"Milkshake Remix," James "Milkshake," Kelis
"Oops (Oh My--Detroit Pistons Version)," Freddie C. "Oops (Oh My!)," Tweet
"Puppy Days," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Purple Haze," Jimi Hendrix
"Crop Circles Forming On My Farm," Know 1 can hear you dream "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head," B.J Thomas
"He Sucks," Sharon Krebs "She Bangs," Ricky Martin
"Should I Pray 'cause You Should Know," Phil Alexander "Should I Stay or Should I Go," The Undertones
"Stuck In the Middle, White Goo," Royce Miller "Stuck In The Middle With You," Stealer's Wheel
"Thisisjustanotherparodyaboutosama," Cheezmeister "Supercalifragelisticexpialidocious," Mary Poppins
"Federal Unclean Communications Kommission," "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins)
"Lives Taken Away," Sharon Krebs "Take My Breath Away," Berlin
"Air Trip Woes," Adagio "The Battle of New Orleans," Johnny Horton
"The Heaven Song," Lorne Singbiel "The Hell Song," Sum 41
"Vote For Me," Billy Thompson "Under the Sea," Little Mermaid
"Watching the Defectives," Mari Aranoff Duncan "Watching the Detectives," Elvis Costello
"Please No More Uranus," Jared "We're Not Gonna Take It," Twisted Sister
"Would I Lie to You? (Bush's version)," MrMacphisto "Would I Lie to You?," Eurythmics
"My DNA," Guy DiRito "YMCA," Village People

April 15, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Angry Donny (Rumsfeld)," MrMacphisto "Angry Johnny (album version)," Poe
"Poor Father Maxie," South Park Al "Big Yellow Taxi," Joni Mitchell
"Mouse Cop," Arcade Junkie "Brick House," The Commodores
"B is for Beer," Spencer Karter "C is for Cookie (Sesame Street song)," Unknown
"Twenty-Car Pileup," Freddie C. "Disco Inferno," The Trammps
"Somebody Stole My Sweater," Arwen "Even The Nights Are Better," Air Supply
"Girl All The Black Guys Want," Sir Owen "Girl All The Bad Guys Want," Bowling For Soup
"I like Small Butts," Billy Thompson "I like Big Butts," Sir Mix A Lot
"In Uranus," Guy DiRito "In The Navy," Village People
"If We Were the Champions--San Antonio Spurs Theme," Freddie C. "Invisible," Clay Aiken
"Chocolate Bar," Jesus Is The Way "Last Resort," Papa Roach
"Kiss Me Quick (I'm Off Goodbye)," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Light My Fire," Doors
"Too Much Sugar," Phil Nelson "No Sugar Tonight," The Guess Who
"Crap Game (Rise Of The Robots Tribute)," Xander999 "Rap Name," Obie Trice
"Jokes About His Lies," William Tong "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," The Platters
"So Gone (White Sox Version)," Freddie C. "So Gone," Monica
"Mianus," Your Worst Nightmare "So Yesterday," Hilary Duff
"Asleep In Class," Phil Nelson "Sounds Of Silence," Simon & Garfunkel
"So Hirsute," Malcolm Higgins "Substitute," The Who
"The Hose," Rick Duncan "The Rose," Bette Midler
"3 Lives I'm Losing," Arcade Junkie "Three Times A Lady," The Commodores
"Welcome to a Rehab," Izzles "Welcome to the Jungle," Guns N Roses
"Coors Is A Disgrace," Alvin Rhodes "Yours Is No Disgrace," Yes

April 17, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"At the Greek Taverna," Agrimorfee "'Heroes'," David Bowie
"An Elf Prince Like This," Sabrina Bloom "A Moment Like This," Kelly Clarkson
"(Bush is a) Waste of Space," MattD "Ace of Spades," Motorhead
"Wally, Son (It’s About The Beaver)," Paul Robinson "Alison," Elvis Costello
"Rally Monkey," Arcade Junkie "Angel Baby," Rosie & The Originals
"Another Toy For The Kids Parts 1-2-3," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Another Brick In The Wall Parts 1-2-3," Pink Floyd
"Back on My Feet Again," Paul Robinson "Back on The Street Again," The Sunshine Company
"Bad Moon Rising," Rod Worden "Bad Moon Rising," Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Stranded with Nuns," Merry & Pippin "Band on the Run," Paul McCartney & Wings
"Cold Summer," Freddie C. "Blue Christmas," Elvis Presley
"Christmas," Jake A Ralphing (Luke Brattoni) "Business," Eminem
"Butter Pie," The Controller "Butterfly," Delta Goodrem
"Pepe Le Pew," Debra "Cinderella," Britney Spears
"Dubya You Lied," Syncronos "Doctor, My Eyes," Jackson Browne
"Don't Know Why the Magic Stunk," Freddie C. "Don't Know Why," Norah Jones
"I'm On Vacation," Melhi "Down By The Station," Traditional
"Follow the Yellow Bean Row," Sheila K. Watkins "Follow the Yellow Brick Road," From The Wizard of Oz Movie
"(Get off of my) Gladiolas," MasonR "Glad All Over," Dave Clark Five
"LeBron & Carmelo," Freddie C. "Green Acres," Eddie Albert & Eva Gabor
"I Can't Get No (Straight Arm Action)," Drewster The Rooster "I Can't Get No (Satisfaction)," Rolling Stones
"Keith's A Retard," Jason Reeher "I Love This Bar," Toby Keith
"I Hate Your Favorite Band," Melhi "I Wanna Hold Your Hand," The Beatles
"NBA Playoffs," Freddie C. "Ignition," R. Kelly
"Hit My Fend(er)," Jesus has a prize for you, come get it. "In The End," Linkin Park
"Basketball Rock," Freddie C. "Jailhouse Rock," Elvis Presley
"Home Run Rock," Freddie C. "Jailhouse Rock," Elvis Presley
"Can't Stand This Kind Of Weather," South Park Al "Let's Spend The Night Together," The Rolling Stones
"Little Gelfling," Colorado Kid "Little Darlin'," The Diamonds
"Little Hair Barrettes," Syncronos "Little Red Corvette," Prince
"The Anti-Dodgers Anthem," Freddie C. "Money," Pink Floyd
"Glue Sniffer," Alvin Rhodes "Moon River," Henry Mancini
"Amiright Song," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Night Song," Neil Young
"Crumbs (The crummiest diet ever)," Ethan Mawyer "Numb," Linkin Park
"One Bad Printer," To A Lesser Extent "One Step Closer," Linkin Park
"Stacy's Mom (Hendrix version)," MasonR "Purple Haze," Jimi Hendrix
"Perverts Been Clicking On My Mouse," Know 1 can hear you dream "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head," B.J Thomas
"Hip Hip Hooray," Melhi "Run Run Away," Slade
"Bamm-Bamm Blues," Agrimorfee "Second Hand News," Fleetwood Mac
"My Cousin Think's I'm Sexy," James Elmer "She Thinks My Tractors Sexy," Kenny Chesney
"Need Some Tissues," Unnatural Disaster "She's Got Issues," The Offspring
"Sing No More Neil Diamond Parts 1-5," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts 1-5," Pink Floyd
"Attack Of The Squirrels," Your Worst Nightmare "Sk8er Boi," Avril Lavigne
"San Juan Expos," Arcade Junkie "Spaniah Harlem," Ben E. King
"Stacy's Mom (Reverse Edition)," Kyle B. "Stacy's Mom," Fountains of Wayne
"Stacy's Mom (Stalker Version)," Rody "Stacy's Mom," FOuntains of Wayne
"Stuck in Uranus Again," Syncronos "Stuck In The Middle With You," Stealer's Wheel
"Uranus ( Starry Flights ) ," Jack Wilson "Summer Nights," John Travolta and Olivia Newton John
"King Size Avatar," D-Boz "Superstar," Jamelia
"Maybe It's All Bullshit," Phil Alexander "Thank You For The Music," Abba
"The Truth about George W. Bush," Syncronos "The Riverboat Song (Which he sang while they were row-ing...)," Willy Wonka
"The Worst Comb-over Ever," Panic Pagoda "The Worst Hangover Ever," Offspring
"This Is Not Tree," The Controller "This Is Not Me," Delta Goodrem
"This Is What Drinks Are Made Of," MasonR "This Is What Dreams Are Made Of," Hillary Duff
"Those Were the Days--NBA Version," Freddie C. "Those Were the Days--Theme from All in the Family," Carroll O'Connor & Jean Stapleton
"Anorexic," Niels Buus "Toxic," Britney Spears
"Over The Rainbow," Leo Jay "Under The Boardwalk," The Drifters
"What I like About Booze," Rick Duncan "What I Like About You," Romantics
"What's REALLY Going On?," Syncronos "What's Going On?," Marvin Gaye
"Boy, That Cheney Sure Can Lie," Paul Robinson "Winds of Change," Jefferson Starship
"Yeah! (Pacers Version)," Freddie C. "Yeah!," Usher
"You Win My Drugs," STwainParodies "You Win My Love," Shania Twain
"Dumb, Not Smart," William Tong "Young At Heart," Frank Sinatra

April 19, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"(Some Guy) Ripped Off My TV," Kyle B. "(Don't You) Forget About Me," Simple Minds
"The Time Of Your Life," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "A Day In The Life," Beatles
"A Hundred Points (Dallas Mavericks Theme)," Freddie C. "A Thousand Miles," Vanessa Carlton
"Parody Writer," Your Worst Nightmare "All Star," Smash Mouth
"At Last (Memphis Grizzlies Version)," Freddie C. "At Last," Etta James
"Too Delicious," Sean Donaie "Bootylicious," Destiny's Child
"Too Delicious," Sean Donaie "Bootylicious," Destiny's Child
"Token," someone_somewhere "Broken," Seether
"Can't Sleep," Omega8 "Can't Stop," Red Hot Chilli Peppers
"The King of Queens," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Chains of Love," Erasure
"They Do Run Run," Rod Worden "Da Doo Ron Ron," The Crystals
"Spikey Crew Theme 2," Redlocks "Digimon," TV Theme
"Ronald McDonald," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Eleanor Rigby," Beatles
"God Should've Spent A Little More Time On You," Kat3 "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You," N'sync
"Winnie The Pooh And Friends Get Sent To Vietnam," Laurence Dunne "Goodnight Saigon," Billy Joel
"Enterprise," Colorado Kid "Greased Lightnin'," Grease
"I Believe I Could Diet," Sean Doniae "I Believe I Could Fly," R.Kelly
"I Don't Want to Soil the Poddy," Zora from Canada "I Don't Want to Spoil the Party," The Beatles
"I Feel Sick," Robin Pasholk "I Feel Fine," The Beatles
"I Hate the (Jail) Blazers," Freddie C. "I Love L.A.," Randy Newman
"I Wanna Drive A Van," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "I Wanna Be Your Man," Ringo Starr
"If it is the Kings," Freddie C. "If It Isn't Love," New Edition
"I'm Musty 2004," Sean Doniae "Im Sorry 2004," Ruben Studdard
"Instant Derma," MasonR "Instant Karma," John Lennon
"Long and Skinny Kind of Greeny Veggie That is Called Zucchini," Royce Miller "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini," Brian Hyland
"Hairs," Jericho "Legs," ZZ Top
"Bum Shack," Kyle B. "Love Shack," The B-52's
"Loose Seal," Rick Duncan "Lucille," Little Richard
"Osama's Back In Town," Jim ONeil "Mackie's Back In Town," Bobby Darin
"Mama He's Lazy," Lisa Dawn "Mama He's Crazy," The Judds
"Messy Messy Me," South Park Al "Mercy Mercy Me," Marvin Gaye
"Fiddle with the Chode," MrMacphisto "Middle of the Road," Pretenders
"Misty (Allergic To Cats)," Michael McVey "Misty," Ray Stevens
"My (Not So) Favorite Things," Rod Worden "My Favorite Things," Julie Andrews
"My Momma," Sean Donaie "My Girl," The Temptations
"Over the Brownlands," Megan "Over the Rainbow," Judy Garland
"Crack Houses," Alvin Rhodes "Pink Houses," John Mellencamp
"Dubya Is Said To Be A Liar," Steve Kalafut "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head," BJ Thomas
"Vain Slobs Keep Pourin' On Their Head," Michael Pacholek "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head," B.J. Thomas
"Beckham´s Been Cheating On His Wife," Know 1 can hear you dream "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head," B.J Thomas
"Rudolph Against Perpetuities," Pacific Coast University School of Law Student Bar Association "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer," Traditional
"Sticky Bun-Bun," Jeff Reuben "Shake Your Bon-Bon," Ricky Martin
"Sick of Taking Orders," Wolveroses "Sick of Being Lonely," Field Mob
"Name Game," Freddie C. "Sleigh Ride," Harry Connick, Jr.
"Newbie 2004," M.S.G "Sorry 2004," Ruben Studdard
"Missed Mass," Claude Prez "Splish Splash," Bobby Darin
"Really Fat Guy," S.O.L.D. "Sweetest Goodbye," Maroon 5
"Let Me Onto The Airplane," Claude Prez "Take Me Out To The Ball Game," Traditional
"The Ballad of Second Roles," Michael Pacholek "The Ballad of Jed Clampett," Flatt & Scruggs
"The Ballad of Tyrone and Goon-TV," Lenny Wolfe "The Ballad of John and Yoko," The Beatles
"What Is A Jigglypuff?," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "The Colour of Love," Billy Ocean
"Through The Years (Last Day of School Version)," WhizkidF "Through The Years," Kenny Rogers
"Stinkin' Stinkin' Little Bath," Ron and Hermione "Twinkle Twikle little Star," Traditional
"We’re Stuck In Iraq; That Reeks," Paul Robinson "Welcome To The Working Week," Elvis Costello
"Change My Name Again," Johnny Mako and The Hellfire Blood Sharks "What's my Age Again?," Blink 182
"Yesterday (Pre-Fab 5)," Know 1 can hear you dream "Yesterday," The Beatles
"Atlanta Hawks," Freddie C. "Your Secret Love," Luther Vandross

April 20, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"(Na Na Hey Hey) Clean Up This Pigsty," MasonR "(Na Na Hey Hey) Kiss Him Goodbye ," Steam
"After the Wizards Lose," Freddie C. "After the Love Has Gone," Earth, Wind & Fire
"Slam it Jason (One More Time)," Freddie C. "Baby One More Time," Britney Spears
"Shall We Play Twister ?," Alvin Rhodes "Babylon Sisters," Steely Dan
"Line Too Slow (the buffet song)," MrMacphisto "Born Too Slow," Crystal Method
"Ace of the Mound," Freddie C. "Born in Chicago," Paul Butterfield Blues Band
"Point out the Planets," Phil Alexander "Brush Up Your Shakespeare," Cole Porter (Kiss Me Kate)
"I Can't Accept I Lost to You," Jim Rauschert "Can't Get Used to Losing You," Andy Williams
"Virus Like Me," Scrawny Johnny "Friend Like Me," Aladdin
"In a Greek Taverna, Part 2," Agrimorfee "Hakuna Matata," The Lion King
"We Cant Stand President Bush," Jim Rauschert "I Don't Know How to Love Him," Yvonne Elliman/Jesus Christ Superstar
"I Guess that's Why the Clippers Still Lose," Freddie C. "I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues," Elton John
"I Brought A Gun," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "I Love Your Style," Shanice
"New York Knicks," Freddie C. "I'll Be There," Mariah Carey
"In the Year 1776 (History of the Philadelphia 76ers)," Freddie C. "In the Year 2525," Zager & Evans
"Let It Bleed (The Comments Version)," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Let It Be," Paul McCartney
"Please Retire, Flair," MattD "Livin' On A Prayer," Bon Jovi
"Gonorrhoea," Malcolm Higgins "Mamma Mia," Abba
"Media Celebrity," Rick Duncan "Modern Major-General," Gilbert and Sullivan
"Playmakers," Arcade Junkie "Moon River," Jerry Butler
"Madonna Don't Act," Flea Dip "Papa Don't Preach," Madonna / B. Elliot
"We've Saved the Best for Last (Miami Heat Theme)," Freddie C. "Save the Best for Last," Vanessa Williams
"Pain Inside Uranus Too!," Syncronos "Saving All My Love For You," Whitney Houston
"Big Toe Stub," Andy Roper "Sea Of Love," The Honey Drippers
"Tort People ( The Lawyer's Song)," Malcolm Higgins "Short People," Randy Newman
"Smells Like Uranus," Syncronos "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Nirvana
"Votes for Nader," Jim Rauschert "Sounds of Silence," Simon and Garfunkel
"Pubic Hair," South Park Al "Teddy Bear," Elvis Presley
"Do You Shower At All?," Blethar "That Don't Impress Me Much," Shania Twain
"The Night the Raptors Died," Freddie C. "The Night Chicago Died," Paper Lace
"The Real Boston Celtics," Freddie C. "The Real Slim Shady," Eminem
"The Remedy (is really bad tasting)," Phil Nelson "The Remedy," Jason Mraz
"The Game of Joust/Quarters," Arcade Junkie "The Way We Were/Try To Remember," Gladys Knight & The Pips
"Torn (Seattle SuperSonics Version)," Freddie C. "Torn," Natalie Imbruglia
"Were You There? (Chicago Sports Version)," Arcade Junkie "Were You There?," Hymnal
"Pepsi Guy," Zak Randall "Whiskey Girl," Toby Keith

April 22, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"William Hung," Your Worst Nightmare "Absolutely (The Story Of A Girl)," Nine Days
"All The Sens Stink," Ryan Harder "All The Small Things," Blink 182
"Parody Us/Let the 5's Roll In," Charlie Decker "Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In," Fifth Dimension
"Shameless Ratings Plug," Ryan Quinn "Complicated," Avril Lavigne
"Passion," Alvin Rhodes "Fashion," David Bowie
"Girl All The Year 10's Want," Josh 2 "Girl All The Bad Guys Want," Bowling for Soup
"Good Riddance, Good Riddance," Rick Duncan "Good Morning, Good Morning," Beatles
"Got To Get You Out Of MY LIfe," Rick Duncan "Got To Get You Into My Life," Beatles
"Grandma Got Run Over by a Lincoln," Freddie C. "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer," Elmo & Patsy
"Rockets!," Freddie C. "Grindin'," Clipse
"Everybody Loves Raymond," Freddie C. "Hallelujah Chorus," Handel's Messiah
"Crazy Engrish Song," Xyzyx "Hot Limit," John Desire
"I Guess That's Why They Drink Up The Booze," Earl S. Garber "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues," Elton John
"The Fighting Song," Zak Randall "I Wanna Do It All," Terri Clark
"I Want a New Bun," Royce Miller "I Want a New Drug," Huey Lewis & The News
"Need to Piddle," Blethar "In The Middle," Sugababes
"It's Ecstasy When the Bucks are Hitting Threes," Freddie C. "It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me," Barry White
"Adolf in Disguise," Trojan Cat "Judy in Disguise," John Fred and the Playboy Band
"Showing Me Blowing Through ( The Photo Radar Song)," Malcolm Higgins "Knowing Me Knowing You," Abba
"Snip My Wire," Royce Miller "Light My Fire," The Doors
"Beefcake," Azza & Nazza "Milkshake," Kelis
"Fix The Roboto," Earl S. Garber "Mr. Roboto," Styx
"Mr. Tidy-Bowl Man," Paul Robinson "Mr. Tambourine Man," Bob Dylan
"My Benz," Freddie C. "My Girl," Temptations
"Oh-Blah-Di Oh-Blah-Da," Rick Duncan "Ob-la-di Ob-la-da," Beatles
"Oriole Birds," The Invincible "Out Of My Head," Fastball
"Purple Mace," Mikey Boy "Purple Haze," Jimi Hendrix
"Get Away From Me," Blethar "Put the Needle on It," Dannii Minogue
"Guns for the Rednecks," Zaphod Beeblebrox "Run for the Roses," Dan Folgeberg
"Secret Asian Man," Earl S. Garber "Secret Agent Man," Johnny Rivers
"Chocolate Chunky," Scotty Dangerously "Shock the Monkey," Peter Gabriel
"Freddie C.," Freddie C. "Smelly Cat," Lisa Kudrow
"Smooth Navigator," Freddie C. "Smooth Operator," Sade
"The Grounds Of Starbucks," Bob Gomez "Sounds Of Silence," Simon and Garfunkel
"Monday Bloody Monday," MattD "Sunday Bloody Sunday," U2
"Talking Idol (Kelly, Ruben & Clay)," Freddie C. "Talking Baseball (Willie, Mickey & the Duke)," Terry Cashman
"That's my Ice-Cream," B Man "That's My Team," Friday Night Football
"That Saddam Family (One Year Later)," Guy DiRito "The Addams Family," TV Show Theme Song
"The Devil Went Down to Phoenix," Freddie C. "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," Charlie Daniels Band
"Vindaloo," Jan Hayes "Waterloo," Abba
"Lil John, Shut Up!," Sparky McFlyFly "Where Is The Love," Black Eyed Peas

April 23, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"'cause I Had Pie," Omega8 "'cause I Got High," Afroman
"Enter Sandman," Chris Bodily TM "(I Got that) Boom Boom," Britney Spears
"(I'm Near) Farting Rover," Kristof Robertson "(Just Like) Starting Over," John Lennon
"All Around The Toilet Bowl," Paul Robinson "All Along the Watchtower," Bob Dylan
"Angels Drink Light Beer," Donkey#5 "Angels Bought Me Here," Guy Sebastian
"Back at One--Parody 100," Freddie C. "Back at One," Brian McKnight
"Saddam's Sabbath," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Black Sabbath," Black Sabbath
"Saddam's Sabbath," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Black Sabbath," Black Sabbath
"Hotties," Mikey Boy "Bodies," Drowning Pool
"Churn," Neo Matrix "Burn," Usher
"Ain't Gonna Study Wuornos More," Sam Bucus the elder "Down By The Riverside," Traditional
"Diagnosed Vagismus (the Gynecology Song)," Malcolm Higgins "Driving Home For Christmas," Chris Rea
"[) (_) $ t ," E. Lizard Bert the Swan-Spawn Professional "Dust In The Wind," Kansas
"Aches, Dazed and Weak (The Flu Song)," Forteen and Baeutiful "Eight Days A Week," The Beatles
"Super Pac-Man," Arcade Junkie "Fairy Tales," Anita Baker
"Clarett Cannot Play," Freddie C. "Feliz Navidad," Jose Feliciano
"There Goes The Sun," Rick Duncan "Here Comes The Sun," Beatles
"I Ate Everything at Wendy's," Joey Lawrence (no, not the actor) "I Hate Everything About You," Three Days Grace
"I Hope You Lose," Freddie C. "I Hope You Dance," Lee Ann Womack
"Too Young To Be X-Rated," MasonR "I Wanna Be Sedated," The Ramones
"I Kill," Rick Duncan "I Will," Beatles
"I'm Stickin' To Fast Food," Saider Eiegle "I'm Still In Love," Sean Paul featuring Sasha
"Incy Wincy Shaney," Josh 2 "Incy Wincy Spider," Traditional Nursery Rhyme
"Just the Nine of Us," Freddie C. "Just the Two of Us," Bill Withers & Grover Washington, Jr.
"Lehigh Valley," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Lay Down Sally," Eric Clapton
"Australian Democrats ''Democrats are Brainless'," AussieWitticist "M*A*S*H* theme ''Suicide is Painless'," Theme Song
"My Mother, My Wife," Rick Duncan "My Mother, The Car," TV Theme
"Hungry Girl," Saider Eiegle "Naughty Girl," Beyoncé
"Slimy Drain Traps," Adagio "Pretty Paper," Roy Orbison
"Crashy Day AmIright Searches #73 & 5184," Daisy Ray Flowers "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35," Bob Dylan
"Rock Cod," Alvin Rhodes "Rock On," David Essex
"Rock Cod," Alvin Rhodes "Rock On," David Essex
"L-T Kerry Purple Heart Grab Man," Guy DiRito "SGT Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band," The Beatles
"Same Old Sports," Arcade Junkie "Same Ole Love," Anita Baker
"Smells Like Burnt Garlic," MasonR "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Nirvana
"Delicious Pies," Guy DiRito "Suspicious Minds," Elvis Presley
"Old-age Toerag," Kristof Robertson "Teenage Dirtbag," Wheatus
"Lexus," Malcolm Higgins "Texas," Chris Rea
"The President went to Baghdad," Laurence Dunne "The Devil Went Down To Georgia," Charlie Daniels Band
"Chicken," Saider Eiegle "Tipsy," J-Kwon
"Intoxication," SaraB. "Toxic," Britney Spears
"Sonic (the hedgehog)," Wolveroses "Toxic," Britney Spears
"Out on the Beach," Bob Asher "Up on the Roof," The Drifters
"What About Mark?," Donkey#5 "What About Me?," Moving Pictures
"I'm Dreaming of a World Series," Freddie C. "White Christmas," Bing Crosby
"I've Got A Friend In Me," South Park Al "You've Got A Friend In Me," Randy Newman

April 26, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"My House Smells Like A Latrine ," Paul Robinson "A House Is Not A Motel," Love (written by Arthur Lee)
"A Parody of My Own Song," Fred Pickles "A Song to Remember," Fred Pickles
"Ain't no Sonic," Arcade Junkie "Ain't no Sunshine," Bill Withers
"And The Grubs Keep Filing In," Colorado Kid "And The Money Kept Rolling In," Antonio Banderas
"New Hampshire, better then BC," birdboy2000 "BC Fight Song," Traditional
"Blame it on yo' Brain (Fitting tribute to Omorosa)," Lionel Mertens "Blame It On The Rain," Milli Vanilli
"Blowing In The Wind," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Blowing In The Wind," Bob Dylan
"Kobe and Shaq," Freddie C. "Body and Soul," Anita Baker
"Take the Walls Down," Alex O. "Break the Walls Down," WWE
"Bill Me Up British Gas," Alex Zander "Build Me Up Buttercup," The Goops
"But Mr. Adams," The Comedian "But Mr. Adams," 1776 Broadway Cast (Original 1969 / Revival with Brent Spiner 1997)
"C'mon C'mon," katie "C'mon C'mon," Von Bondies
"Chai Latte Spot," Comedy101 "Crocodile Rock," Elton John
"Desecrate The Host," Michael McVey "Desolation Row," Bob Dylan
"Dylanesquine Prose," Merry & Pippin "Desolation Row," Bob Dylan
"The Parkers," Freddie C. "Fairy Tales," Anita Baker
"The Spirit of American Style," Freddie C. "Giving You the Best that I've Got," Anita Baker
"Happy Summertime (Chicago Style)," Freddie C. "Happy Holidays (It's the Holiday Season)," Andy Williams
"Corndog," katie "Headstong," Trapt
"Shoot That," Eric Sarley "Hit That," The Offspring
"Mickey D's," Darryl McGowan "Hotel," Cassidy faet. R. Kelly
"I Like Big Afro's," super-bitch (to the rescue!) "I Like Big Buts," Sir Mix A Lot
"I Hate Boston," P-Ropester "I Love L.A.," Randy Newman
"Won't Be Cher For You," Kristof Robertson "I'll Be There For You," The Rembrandts
"AmIRight," Lindz "I'm Alright," Jo Dee Messina
"In The Toilet," Mikey Boy "In The End," Linkin Park
"China Man," Mikey Boy "Iron Man," Ozzy Osbourne
"It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Manning," Freddie C. "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas," Johnny Mathis
"Bush and Kerry," Lionel Mertens "Jack and Diane," John Cougar Melencamp
"My Monster Sandwhich," Josh 2 "Jacob and Sons," Musical
"Keep Your Grades To The A's," Fitu Petaia "Keep Your Head To The Sky," Earth Wind & Fire
"Let's Go Grizzlies," Arcade Junkie "Let's Go Crazy," Prince
"Limbo Sucks," Alvin Rhodes "Limbo Rock," Chubby Checker
"Little Blue Sonic," Arcade Junkie "Little Red Corvette," Prince
"Soda Pop," Jack Wilson "Lollipop," The Chordettes
"I Could Just Murder A Stew," Jan Hayes "Love Really Hurts Without You," Billy Ocean
"Johnny, the Great Red Hope," Sharon 'Parodiva' Krebs "Mandy," Barry Manilow
"New York Go Home," Jazzbone "New York New York," Frank Sinatra
"No More Diets," Pablo el Diablo "No More Lies," Iron Maiden
"In 3 Years," Scotty Dangerously "No More Tears," Ozzy Osbourne
"Oops... She Did It Again," Colorado Kid "Oops....I Did It Again," Britney Spears
"Republicans On Parade," Lee Rasiel "Pink Elephants On Parade," Disney's Dumbo
"Mock the Draft Board," Charlie Decker "Rock the Casbah," The Clash
"Same Ole Buick," Freddie C. "Same Ole Love," Anita Baker
"Save The Pies (A 'Tribute' to Simon Le Bon)," Andy, the Six-Year-Old Mental Health Case "Save A Prayer," Duran Duran
"Paranoid," Alex O. "Sexy Boy," WWE
"They're F***ing C***," Josh 2 "She Hates Me," Puddle of Mudd
"Five Brown Chompers," 'Weird Kal' M. "Six White Boomers," Rolf Harris
"Rude Operator," Rick Duncan "Smooth Operator," Sade
"Need To Brush My Teeth," Mikey Boy "So Fresh, So Clean," Outkast
"Shady's Mom," Eric Sarley "Stacy's Mom," Fountains of Wayne
"Pink's Not a Woman," Joey Lawrence (no, not the actor) "Strength of a Woman," Shaggy
"Is It Long Enough To Please You, M'am?," Paul Robinson "Strong Enough," Sheryl Crow
"Sweet Cubs," Freddie C. "Sweet Love," Anita Baker
"The Agenda for Century 21," Johnny "The Agenda for Century 21," The Used Johnnys
"The Stoner," South Park Al "The Loner," Neil Young
"Time To Eat Some Pie," Josh 2 "Time To Play The Game," Motorhead
"Pepsi," The Invincible "Tipsy," J-Kwon
"AIM lament," Andrea Huckstep "Tô de bem com a vida," Xuxa
"Burly Brawls," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Waterfalls," TLC
"Please Come Back," Colorado Kid "Welcome Back Kotter (Theme Song)," John Sebastian
"What I Like About Food," Jack Wilson "What I Like About You ," The Romantics
"Dear Grandma," Ron and Hermione "Year 3000," Busted
"Scrambled Egg (Newly discovered original version)," MasonR "Yesterday," The Beatles
"(I Have Had Enough) Take This Man," Peggy_Cosgrove "You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man," Loretta Lynn
"Learning My ABC's," Arcade Junkie "You Ought To Be With Me," Al Green
"My Cubbies Want the Pennant," Freddie C. "You're All I Want for Christmas," Al Martino
"Youth Of My Paycheck," Mikey Boy "Youth Of The Nation," P.O.D.

April 27, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"We Want That El-Train Series," Freddie C. "(We've Got) That Holiday Feeling," Steve & Eydie
"The Saga Continues," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "American Pie," Madonna
"Pest Ridden ," Omega8 "Brain Damage," Pink Floyd
"Lied, Lied, Shrub," William Tong "Bye Bye Love," Everly Brothers
"Angle is the Centerfold (for bowler's from the 80's)," Wade Kiner "Centerfold," J. Geils Band
"The Anti-Red Sox Anthem (Boston Sucks)," Freddie C. "Cleveland Rocks," Presidents of the United States of America
"Plagiarism Ho!," Phil Alexander "Desolation Row," Bob Dylan
"Fly, Fly My Fledgling," Omega8 "Die, Die My Darling," Metallica
"Duel Madness (Mokuba Theme)," Red Rebel "Duel Madness," Yu-Gi-Oh: Music to Duel By
"Slayer," Sara "Dysentery Gary," Blink 182
"From Chuck To Pat Sajak," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "From Hank To Hendrix," Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
"Yankee Love," Freddie C. "Full Moon," Brandy
"Cold In My Heart," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Hold On My Heart," Phil Collins With Genesis
"I Can't Believe I'm This High," Fred "I Believe I Can Fly," R. Kelly
"New York Nothings," Freddie C. "I Have Nothing," Whitney Houston
"I Hate the Dodgers," Freddie C. "I Love L.A.," Randy Newman
"I Love the Cubs," Freddie C. "I Love L.A.," Randy Newman
"I've Just Got To Vote For Arnie," Bob Konigsberg "I've Been Working on the Railroad," Traditional Folk Song
"Don't Hit The Road With Me," MasonR "It's Still Rock 'N Roll To Me," Billy Joel
"He's Still Santa Claus to Me," Freddie C. "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me," Billy Joel
"Just Bad With a Car," Rick Duncan "Just the Way You Are," Billy Joel
"Mooninites," Beaks "Kryptonite," 3 Doors Down
"LaDonna Immobile'," giblet o'sarcasm "La Donna E Mobile," Giuseppe Verdi
"Bleeding of Iraq," William Tong "Leader of the Pack," The Shangri-Las
"Summer Blows," South Park Al "Let It Snow," Christmas Carol
"Smoke 'Em And Die," MasonR "Live and Let Die," Paul McCarney & Wings
"More than a Walrus," The Eggman "More than a Woman," The Bee Gees
"Our Band," Dumb Guys-wit-Parodies "My Band," D-12
"My Name Is (S.T.G.)," S.T.G. "My Name Is........," Eminem
"Whitney Loves Bobby Still," Freddie C. "On Bended Knee," Boyz II Men
"Put Shrub In The Pokey," William Tong "On Top Of Old Smoky," Traditional
"Poison Berry," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Poison Arrow," ABC
"Power Ranger," Mikey Boy "Saint Anger," Metallica
"Kentucky Fried Chicken," Sparky McFlyFly "Southern-Fried Intro," Ludacris
"Big Joe and Lance," Mikey Boy "Spongebob Squarepants Theme," Nickelodeon
"Downtown Burbank," Trojan Cat "St James Infirmary," Louis Armstrong
"The Met Song," Alvin Rhodes "The Jet Song," West Side Story
"You Made Me Drive (Ode to Billy Joel)," "You May Be Right," Billy Joel

April 28, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"A Moment Like This (Chicago Sports Version)," Freddie C. "A Moment Like This," Kelly Clarkson
"A New Poo Will Come," Blethar "A New Day Will Come," Celine Dion
"All I Wanna Do (New York Version)," Freddie C. "All I Wanna Do," Sheryl Crow
"Ed Gein's Americana," Andrew Lutzke "American Pie," Don McClean
"Angels Drink Light Beer," Donkey#5 "Angels Bought Me Here," Guy Sebastian
"Wall Street Maniacs," MasonR "Animaniacs Theme," Yakko, Wakko, Dot & Friends
"Another Day in New York City," Freddie C. "Another Day in Paradise," Phil Collins
"Blintz Grease Bop," MasonR "Blitzkrieg Bop," The Ramones
"Don't Buy Me Gloves," Arwen "Can't Buy Me Love," The Beatles
"Birds in the Nest," Freddie C. "Cats in the Cradle," Harry Chapin
"Roy's Song: A Natural Named Hobbs," Freddie C. "Circle of Life," Elton John
"Drunk," Chaston "Clocks," Coldplay
"Guilty in Blood ('04 Bonnie and Clyde)," Saider Eiegle "Crazy In Love," Beyonce' featuring Jay-Z
"Damn! The Expos are in Limbo," Freddie C. "Damn! I Wish I Was Your Lover," Sophie B. Hawkins
"Oh My God, what a f***ing sexy a**," Josh 2 "Do Wah Diddy, Diddy Dum Diddy Doo," DJ Otzi
"Berzerk," Arcade Junkie "Funky Worm," Ohio Players
"Gran All The Old Guys Want," Katie "Girl All The Bad Guys Want," Bowling For Soup
"Here Comes A Nun," Kristof Robertson "Here Comes The Sun," The Beatles
"Corruptest Shop In Town," Hari Georgeson "Hottest Gong In Town," George Harrison
"I Love D 'n D," Spoofatology "I Love Rock 'n Roll," Joan Jett
"In The Race," Numchucksteve "In My Place," Coldplay
"Get Hussein, Not Mr. Bin Laden," Syncronos "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)," They Might Be Giants
"Lit Like a Bulb," Redlocks "Kiss From a Rose," Seal
"New Orleans," Freddie C. "Kokomo," Beach Boys
"Love Comes in All Forms," Donkey#5 "Love Comes in Many Forms," DDT
"Eli Manning," Arcade Junkie "Love Rollercoaster," Ohio Players
"Magical History Tour," South Park Al "Magical Mystery Tour," The Beatles
"Man! I Love Karaoke!," Ducksoup "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!," Shania Twain
"Gary Had A Brittle Mam," Jake A Ralphing (Luke Brattoni) "Mary Had A Little Lamb," Traditional
"Other Girl's A**," Kat3 "More Than That," Backstreet Boys
"My Hangover," Mikey Boy "My Immortal," Evanesence
"St. Louis, St. Louis," Freddie C. "New York, New York," Frank Sinatra
"Clarice Starling!," Kristof Robertson "Oh Darling!," The Beatles
"Spoiled Brat," Kyle Phillips "Perfect," Simple Plan
"She's a Banjo," Rick Duncan "She's a Rainbow," Rolling Stones
"Out!!," Syncronos "Shout!!," Disturbed
"Sitting in My Boat on the Bay," Freddie C. "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay," Otis Redding
"Abbey's Dad," Katie "Stacey's Mom," Fountains Of Wayne
"Yankees Suck ( NBA is better )," Mikey Boy "Stunt 101," G-Unit
"Super Bitch," Mikey Boy "Superstar," Carpenters
"Undertakin' Business," Alvin Rhodes "Takin' Care Of Business," Bachman-turner Overdrive
"The Ransom," Katie "The Anthem," Good Charlotte
"Latvian Bride," Kristof Robertson "Ticket To Ride," The Beatles
"Vote-sy," Ghetto John "Tipsy," J ~ Kwon
"Crinkle Crinkle Brittle Ma," Jake A Ralphing (Luke Brattoni) "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," Traditional
"Cowboys," Freddie C. "Wild Thing," X

April 29, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"(You Are The Green Bloodied) Hound Dogs," Malcolm Higgins "(You Ain't Nothin But A ) Hound Dog," Elvis Presley
"All You Want to Do Is Drive," Michael Pacholek "All You Want to Do Is Dance," Billy Joel
"Yankees Forever," Freddie C. "Always and Forever," Luther Vandross
"Typical," Malcolm Higgins "Beautiful," Christina Aguilera
"You By My Side," Josh 2 "Because I Got High," Afroman
"Wetter," Drewster The Rooster "Better," Screaming Jets
"Hot Dog Bun," Mikey Boy "Black Hole Sun," Soundgarden
"Cat Hump Beaver," Mikey Boy "Cat Scratch Fever," Ted Nugent
"Salivate," Guy DiRito "Celebrate ," Three Dog Night
"Centerfold," Alvin Rhodes "Centerfield," John Fogerty
"Prude Prude Inhibited Men," The Comedian "Cool Cool Considerate Men," 1776 Broadway Cast (Original 1969 / Revival with Brent Spiner 1997)
"I Now Know Why (I Hate This Song)," Wade Kiner "Don't Know Why (I Didn't Come)," Norah Jones
"Yappy Yak," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Happy Jack," Who
"Aaliyah (I Miss You)," Freddie C. "I Do (Cherish You)," 98 Degrees
"I Wish I Never Liked Them," Freddie C. "I Wish (I Never Met Her)," Carl Thomas
"If I Could Learn To Rhyme," Kristof Robertson "If I Could Turn Back Time," Cher
"Is Anybody There?," The Comedian "Is Anybody There?," 1776 Broadway Cast (Original 1969 / Revival with Brent Spiner 1997)
"It's The Same Old Dong," The Comedian "It's The Same Old Song," The Four Tops
"Spamming My Mailbox," Trojan Cat "Killing Me Softly," Roberta Flack
"Jail Ya," Rick Duncan "Layla," Derek and the Dominos
"Leave Transgender Moments Alone," Kristof Robertson "Leave A Tender Moment Alone," Billy Joel
"Livin' La Vida Motown," Freddie C. "Livin' La Vida Loca," Ricky Martin
"Crazy Loner (The CSI Song)," Kristof Robertson "My Sharona," The Knack
"Billy Can't Drive," Freddie C. "Never Too Much," Luther Vandross
"Miyazaki," Billy Slim "Notorious," Duran Duran
"In 1st Place," Arcade Junkie "On Your Face," Earth, Wind & Fire
"A Great Show Called Friends," Freddie C. "Power of Love/Love Power," Luther Vandross
"John Kerry," BigG "Prince Charming," Metallica
"God Blessed Band," South Park Al "Sharp Dressed Man," ZZ Top
"So Amazing (to Be Bad--Mets Version)," Freddie C. "So Amazing," Luther Vandross
"SuperHanyIsFantasticShe’sSoF***ingSexy," Josh 2 "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," Mary Poppins
"A-Rod is a Yankee," Freddie C. "Superstar," Luther Vandross
"Chocolate Bar," Greg Thompson "Superstar," Jamelia
"Sweet Plebiscite," Phil Alexander "Sweet Transvestite," Tim Curry (Frank N Furter)
"This is the Bite," Tasapio "This is the Night," Clay Aiken
"Ticked Off The Bride," Michael Pacholek "Ticket to Ride," The Beatles
"Cocktail," Peter Reilly "Tribute," Tenacious D
"Omelette," Josh 2 "Tribute," Tenacious D
"Curry And Ghee Ain't Bad," MasonR "Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad," Meatloaf
"Get Off The Website," Green Bloodied Hound Dogs "Under The Boardwalk," The Rolling Stones
"The Gonorrhea Song," Johnny Pyro "Venus," Bananarama
"Falsies, Matilda?," Royce Miller "Waltzing Matilda," 'Banjo' Paterson
"I Like Treats, Have No Shame," Kristof Robertson "Where The Streets Have No Name," U2

April 30, 2004
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Bona Fide," Adam Henderson "5 Colours In Her Hair," Mcfly
"My Favourite Medical Things (Nightshift In The ER, or 'The Sound Of Mucus')," Kristof Robertson "A Few Of My Favourite Things," Julie Andrews
"Life Really Stings," Donkey#5 "All Those Things," DDT
"You Fill Up With Breakfast," Claude Prez "Annie's Song," John Denver
"Where's Osama Now?," Freddie C. "Breathe," Faith Hill
"Roger Hit the Slugger," Freddie C. "Bubba Shot the Jukebox," Mark Chesnutt
"Chain of Stores," Laura Allen Sandage "Chain of Fools," The Commitments
"Presidential Flow," Red Neck Mother "Desolation Row," Bob Dylan
"Run in Your Pantyline," MrMacphisto "Down to the Waterline," Dire Straits
"Trival Pursuit," Arcade Junkie "Feel Like Makin' Love," Roberta Flack
"For God’s Sake John, Pants On! / Dribble Piddle / Till Then," The Comedian "For God’s Sake John, Sit Down! / Piddle Twiddle / Till Then," 1776 Broadway Cast (Original 1969 / Revival with Brent Spiner 1997)
"I'm Going to Get to You (Padfoot's song for Wormtail)," Arwen "From Me to You," The Beatles
"Girl Who Wants Everyone," Blethar "Girl All The Bad Guys Want," Bowling 4 Soup
"I Hate the New York Mets," Freddie C. "God Bless the USA," Lee Greenwood
"We Caught Saddam Hussein," Freddie C. "God Bless the USA," Lee Greenwood
"Hey Lucozade," Joel & Amerah "Hey Ya," Outkast
"I Shot The Goalie," Arcade Junkie "I Shot The Sheriff," Eric Clapton
"I'm A Bully," Your Worst Nightmare "I Want Candy," Aaron Carter
"Stockton and Malone," Freddie C. "Just the Way You Are," Billy Joel
"King Of The Jews," Alvin Rhodes "King Of The Road," Roger Miller
"King of the Hill," Freddie C. "King of the Road," Roger Miller
"Last Report," Mikey Boy "Last Resort," Papa Roach
"Waiting for The Prisoner of Azkaban," Arwen "Let it Be," The Beatles
"Tastes Like Heaven," Lorne S. "Makes No Difference," Sum 41
"Man Who Likes to Borrow," Laura Allen Sandage "Man of Constant Sorrow," Union Station / Oh, Brother Soundtrack
"Man! I Feel Like a Yankee!," Freddie C. "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!," Shania Twain
"My Raging Toothache," Paul Robinson "My Favorite Mistake," Sheryl Crow
"No More Mister Ice Guy," South Park Al "No More Mister Nice Guy," Alice Cooper
"Pokee," KC "Nookie," Limp Bizkit
"I Look Like My Dad," Laura Sandage and Lee Meddin "Nowegian Wood," The Beatles
"A Hogwarts Fight Song," Arwen "Oklahoma!," The Cast of Oklahoma!
"Our House (Is a very fried house)," MasonR "Our House (Is a very fine house)," Crosby Stills Nash & Young
"A Rapist," Andrew Leverett "Outrageous," Britney Spears
"Anteater," Arcade Junkie "Right On The Tip Of My Tongue," Brenda & The Tabulations
"Barney Meets The Ramones! Oh, the Humanity!," MasonR "Rock 'n Roll Radio," The Ramones
"Silly Pee Songs," Cheezmeister "Silly Love Songs," Paul McCartney
"Still Rating," Mikey Boy "Still Waiting," Sum 41
"The Simple Life," Freddie C. "Stop to Love," Luther Vandross
"Why Did the Yankees Lose?," Freddie C. "That Don't Impress Me Much," Shania Twain
"The Inaccurate Confection (Album)," Agrimorfee "The Immaculate Collection," Madonna
"Ken and Barbie Affair," Donkey#5 "The Kenneth Files," DDT
"His Glove," The Invincible "This Love," Maroon 5
"Dodgers Suck!," Freddie C. "Vaughn Monroe," Anonymous
"Peter Played With the Pee Pee's," Rick Duncan "We Didn't Start the Fire," Billy Joel
"We Caught that Old Tyrant Saddam," Freddie C. "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," Anonymous
"What a Crazy Old World," Freddie C. "What a Wonderful World," Louis Armstrong
"Where Is The Lard?," Adam Henderson "Where Is The Love?," Black Eyed Peas


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