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These are randomly arranged.

July 1, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Seeing Gutsman's Butt," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "All You Need Is Love," The Beatles
"Abey, Get Out The Way," Merry & Pippin "Baby, I Love Your Way," Peter Frampton
"Flora's Secret," Adagio "Flora's Secret," Enya
"I Enjoy Seeing the Gays," Melanie Lee "I Enjoy Being a Girl," Rodgers & Hammerstein
"A Seat Right Over There," Michael Pacholek "I Saw Her Standing There," The Beatles
"I'm Only Shedding," Max Power "I'm Only Sleeping," The Beatles
"Neat Freak," Matthias "One Week," The Barenaked Ladies
"Oops, I'm Living Again," Rodiel "Oops, I Did It Again," Brintey Spears
"S.U.V.," Alvin Rhodes "Rescue Me," The Supremes
"The Irate Chihuahua," Lionel Mertens "The Eye Of The Tiger," Survivor
"Prost-i-Tootsie," Airfarcewon "Toot, Toot, Tootsie," Al Jolson
"Cynthia McKinney," Hu's On First "Your Love is a Lie," Simple Plan

July 2, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Are You Phonesome Tonight?," Michael Pacholek "Are You Lonesome Tonight?," Elvis Presley
"Calling Everyone I Ever Meet," Kevin Pleasant "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams," Green Day
"Komodo," Guy DiRito "Fernando," ABBA
"Johnny Cage," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Glory Days," Bruce Springsteen
"Yo Gabba Gabba! Sucks!," Christy McDaniel "Good As Gone," Little Big Town
"I Killed A Squirrel," Kevin Pleasant "I Kissed A Girl ," Kate Perry
"I Want An Ashtray," Strange Chicken90 "I Want It That Way," Backstreet Boys
"It's The Rip Roaringest Weekend of All," 2Eagle "It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year," Andy Williams
"Unity (NH)," Barry J. Mitchel "Jealousy," Frankie Laine
"Strawberry Bagle," Kevin Pleasant "Lips Of An Angle," Hinder
"Dissocrative Amnesia," White Trash "Livin La Vida Loca," Ricky Martin
"A Soul With Problems," White Trash "New Soul," Yael Naim
"New Birth, New Birth," Airfarcewon "New York, New York," Frank Sinatra
"Owner Of A Lonely Jart," Merry & Pippin "Owner Of A Lonely Heart," Yes
"Semi Woman," Alvin Rhodes "Pretty Woman," Roy Orbison
"Suspicious Fines," Michael Pacholek "Suspicious Minds," Elvis Presley
"Waitin' For The Doctor, To See," Airfarcewon "Waiting For The Robert E. Lee," Dean Martin

July 3, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"(Listen to the) Swedish People," Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd "(Listen to the) Flower People," Spinal Tap
"Sarah, Matt, Ben, and Jimmy," Michael Pacholek "Alone Again, Naturally," Gilbert O'Sullivan
"Bad Moo ‘Riving," Merry & Pippin "Bad Moon Rising," Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Beautiful Beemer," Alvin Rhodes "Beautiful Dreamer," Stephen Foster
"Pi$$ing in the wind," Pixton "Candle in the wind," Elton John
"Singlet & Brown Stubby Shorts," Aussie Bloke "Cheap Wine," Cold Chisel
"In-Bred," whatsupdoc "Half-Breed," Cher
"You're So Phonesome I Could Cry," Michael Pacholek "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry," Hank Williams
"If I Have My Way (Kill Osama)," Sean Johnson "If I Have My Way," Chrisette Michele
"Strawberry Bagel," Kevin Pleasant "Lips Of An Angel," Hinder
"Bookin' Out 404," Guy DiRito "Lookin' Out My Backdoor," Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Ode To Warren Worthington III," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Proud To Be An American," Lee Greenwood
"Wide Boy," Aussie Bloke "Wide Boy," Nik Kershaw
"Hanky Noodle," Airfarcewon "Yankee Doodle," Traditional

July 6, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Cigarette Stompers," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Beautiful Dreamer," Stephen Foster
"Bye Bye Belt," Aussie Bloke "Bye Bye Love," The Everly Brothers
"Chelsea Tractor," Phil Alexander "Chelsea Dagger," The Fratellis
"The Media Axis," Ian Sherman "Der Fuehrer's Face," Spike Jones and His City Slickers
"For the Third Time (Ralph Nader)," Hu's On First "For the First Time," Rod Stewart
"I Stole From You," Max Power "From Me To You," The Beatles
"Text To a Morris Widow," Phil Carmichael "Hello Mother, Hello Faddah," Allan Sherman
"Text To A Morris Widow," Phil Carmichael "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah," Allan Sherman
"Me On The Gallows," Alvin Rhodes "Me And My Shadow," Ted Lewis
"Napoleon Dynamite's Tater Tots Song," Edward Genereux "Not My Own," Twila Paris
"Stooges Wail (Larry's Revenge)," Ol' John Brown "Rebel Yell," Billy Idol
"Michael Jackson's Coming to Town," Joey Buzzsaw "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," Classical Christmas
"Fly Swatter Smack," Guy DiRito "Smackwater Jack," Carole King
"The Maths Test," the_conqueror_of_parodies "The Reflex," Duran Duran
"The Famous Patty Hearst," The King of Fuh "Theme from "Mr. Ed"," Alan Young
"Terrorists Can't Be Loved," Kenny Tan "To Be Loved," Papa Roach
"What Kind Of Parodist Are You? V. 2.0," Max Power "What Kind Of Pokemon Are You?," Pokemon

July 7, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"I Phoned It In, Naturally," Michael Pacholek "Alone Again, Naturally," Gilbert O'Sullivan
"2am And Im Still Awak With Food Poisoning," White Trash "Breathe 2am," Anna Nalick
"Coffin Stays Closed," Alvin Rhodes "Buttons And Bows," Dinah Shore
"My Pants Were Down," Degrachelannakie Inkimyangyister "Down," JJ Lin
"Circus Clown," Matthias "Falling Down," Duran Duran
"House Of The Sesame Seed Bun," White Trash "House Of The Rising Sun," The Animals
"If I Stay For Christmas," White Trash "If I Stay," Jenna Bryson
"Kiss Gets You Hit," Guy DiRito "Kiss On My List," Hall And Oates
"ARod and Madonna," Tony Wiseguy "Lady Madonna," The Beatles
"Siphoning Gas Tanks," Lionel Mertens "Life In The Fast Lane," Eagles
"Bigger Chest," Below Average Dave "Lose My Breath," Destiny's Child
"(We Gotta Bring Back the) Mickey Mouse Club," Nixon Lee "Love in This Club," Usher
"Jesus Set In Stone With a Hard-On," Phil Alexander "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds," The Beatles
"Me And Noob's Shadow," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Me And My Shadow," Ted Lewis
"Everyone In Our Nation," Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd "My Generation," The Who
"Plastic Noses," Airfarcewon "Paper Roses," Marie Osmond
"Play That Creepy Music," Michael Pacholek "Play That Funky Music," Wild Cherry
"(I already have) Somebody To Love," Dementor and Skywalker Airplane "Somebody To Love," Jefferson Airplane
"They Can`t Take That Away From Me," Phil Carmichael "They Can`t Take That Away From Me," Fred Astaire
"Ply A Little Rhymeness," Merry & Pippin "Try A Little Kindness," Glen Campbell

July 8, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"50 Trays Of Beached Whale Blubber," Guy DiRito "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover," Paul Simon
"Disney Slave," Matthias "Candyman," Christina Aguilera
"Seized Eels, Yeah," Merry & Pippin "Cecilia," Simon & Garfunkel
"Pollite," White Trash "Collide," Howie Day
"Questions," Below Average Dave "Come Undone," Duran Duran
"Ringtone Composer," Bob Emmet/Project Sisyphus "Daydream Believer," The Monkees
"Orlando," Airfarcewon "Fernando," ABBA
"Who Wants to Be Like You?," DJL "I Wanna Be Like You," The Jungle Book Soundtrack
"Mad Eye Moody," Darth Patronus "Louie, louie," The Beatles
"Magic Lust," Ann Hammond "Magic Bus," The Who
"Smoke and Low Water," John A. Barry "Smoke on the Water," Deep Purple
"Ballplayers Field With Leather," Alvin Rhodes "Strawberry Fields Forever," The Beatles
"The Ultimate Picnic of Ultimate Destiny," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny," Lemon Demon

July 9, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Kakarot Guy," DJL "American Pie," Don McLean
"Bride on the Run," Melanie Lee "Band on the Run," Paul McCartney & Wings
"The Price Is Right (Come On Down!)," Syncronos "Come Undone," Duran Duran
"Driving Into Drains," Merry & Pippin "Crying In The Rain," The Everly Brothers
"Remote or TiVo," Agrimorfee "Falling Slowly," Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
"Hard to be a Seagull in the City," Charlie Flagiello "Hard to be a Saint in the City," Bruce Springsteen
"A Big Spender," Airfarcewon "Hey Big Spender," Shirley Bassey
"Please Just Stop The Music," Mel "Please Just Dont The Music," Rihanna
"Dread Pollution," John A. Barry "Revolution," Beatles
"Crap Lobster," Below Average Dave "Rock Lobster," B-52's
"Shakespeare in the Park," Jonathan Caws-Elwitt "Strangers in the Night," Frank Sinatra
"I Got A 'vette, Now I'm Zoomin'," Alvin Rhodes "We Gotta Get You A Woman," Todd Rundgren
"Fried Sides," McKludge "Wild Side," Motley Crue

July 10, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"A Kick In The Crotch," Airfarcewon "Ain't That A Kick In The Head," Dean Martin
"Hiding In The Shade," Bob A. Feldman "Blowin' In the Wind," Bob Dylan
"Both Sides, Now," Airfarcewon "Both Sides, Now," Frank Sinatra
"Xylophone Players," Matthias "Dateless Losers," Reel Big Fish
"Did You Eat My Fries?," Agrimorfee "Do You Realize?," Flaming Lips
"Don't Cha Wish You Had A Big Mac?," Fizz "Don't cha," Pussycat Dolls
"Cause Im Gay," Jeremy Delaney "Fallen Leaves," Billy Talent
"I'll Steal A Lo-jacked Jetta," Alvin Rhodes "I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better," The Byrds
"I Lust For Ginger (But I Love Mary Ann)," renaldo58 "I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band)," The Moody Blues
"Gramm Now Goes," Michael Pacholek "Ramblin' Rose," Nat King Cole
"That's What Fiends Are For," DJL "That's What Friends Are For," The Jungle Book Soundtrack
"The Wonderful Thing About Hedgehogs," DJL "The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers," Tigger
"The Trek Had These Interesting Fellows," Merry & Pippin "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald," Gordon Lightfoot
"There's Nothing Like a Game From Sega," DJL "There's Nothing Like a Show on Broadway," The Producers (Musical)
"404," Guy DiRito "Waterloo," ABBA
"Zumanity," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "We Gotta Get You A Woman," Todd Rundgren
"When You dish Whats Killed By Car," Ann Hammond "When You Wish Upon a Star," Cliff Edwards

July 13, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Hans Reiser," John A. Barry "Cab Driver," Mills Brothers
"Certain," adagio "Cerdes," Procol Harum
"Parody Song," Jason "Credit Song," Free Credit Report Commercial
"Story of a Fat Dude," Craig Sparks "Forever," Papa Roach
"I Would Do Anything for Cash," Below Average Dave "I Would Do Anything for Love," Meatloaf
"Tatsunoko," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "If You're Going To San Francisco," Scott McKenzie
"Kame-hame-ha," Polar1s forgot his pw "Karma Police," Radiohead
"Plastic Fork," Coolchris3330 "Last Resort," Papa Roach
"Casshern," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "No One," Alicia Keys
"Mother's Arms," Destiny "Open Arms," Journey
"Mother's Arms," The Artist "Open Arms," Journey
"Haha, I'll Steal Her Too," Craig Sparks "Scars," Papa Roach
"Take Those Pictures Again," Fizz "See You Again," Miley Cyrus
"There is Something in my Basement That I Think is Vicious," DJL "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," Mary Poppins Soundtrack
"The Blue Danube," Airfarcewon "The Blue Danube," Johann Strauss
"Gas Cap, Oil Guys, Fat Tails," Aiirfarcewon "Top Hat, White Tie and Tails," Fred Astaire
"It's A Raid," Max Power "You Have AIDS," Family Guy

July 14, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Black Hole," Steve Kalafut "Brick House," The Commodores
"Fannie Mae," Phil Alexander "Maggie May," The Beatles
"Pitching Mound, A Spot For Drubbing Slaughter," Alvin Rhodes "Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter," Herman's Hermit
"Star Wars," White Trash "Pink Shoes," Jenna Bryson
"Money And Lottery," Jeremy Delaney "Pins and Needles," Billy Talent
"Wash When Smellin," Youngparodymasta "Ridin'," Chamillionaire/Weird Al
"Someone Spoofed Obama," Melanie Lee "Some Enchanted Evening," Rodgers & Hammerstein
"Mean Baker of Buns," John A. Barry "Teenager in Love," Dion and the Belmonts
"B'rack's Nuts Roasting: Jackson Opens Fire," Tommy Turtle "Xmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)," Nat King Cole

July 15, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Abu Dhabi Money Moon," Airfarcewon "Aba Daba Honeymoon," Debbie Reynolds
"Stalker Friend," Matthias "Girlfriend," Avril Lavigne
"I Had Some Juice," Aubz "I Kissed A Girl," Katy Perry
"Internet Utopia," Below Average Dave "Jesus of Suburbia," Green Day
"Life In A Past Age," Alvin Rhodes "Life In The Fast Lane," The Eagles
"Phony, No Good and Dumb," Michael Pacholek "Only the Good Die Young," Billy Joel
"Smoke Some Weed," Katie "Piece Of Me," Britney Spears
"Piece of Meat," Nixon Lee "Piece of Me," Britney Spears
"Are You Ready For The Rapture," Phil Alexander "She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain," Traditional
"Tekken Fan," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Tekkaman no Uta," Ichiro Mizuki
"When a Hedgehog's Not Annoying Doctor Eggman," DJL "When a Felon's Not Engaged in His Employment," Gilbert & Sullivan

July 16, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"'Twas the Cinco de Mayo," Rich Lyons "'Twas the Night Before Christmas," Traditional
"Tree Squirrels--Good Fried!," Agrimorfee "Big Girls Don't Cry," The Four Seasons
"Crank Dat Amish Boy," Fizz "Crank That Soulja Boy," Soulja Boy
"Cult Of Immorality," White Trash "Cult Of Personality," In Living Color
"Scream Lover," Airfarcewon "Dream Lover," Bobby Darin
"Health!," Ethan Mawyer "Help!," Beatles
"I Dismembered You," The Stinker "I Remember You," Skid Row
"If I Bleed On Someone," Merry & Pippin "If I Needed Someone," The Beatles
"It's A Cheesecake," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "It's A Mistake," Men At Work
"Just Chill, Rocco, Mole And Me," Guy DiRito "It's Still Rock And Roll To Me," Billy Joel
"Jello Tarts," Airfarcewon "Jealous Heart," Dolly Parton
"Dissociative Amnesia," White Trash "Living La Vida Loca," Ricky Martin
"Childish Rapper," Below Average Dave "Marshall Mathers," Eminem
"Oh No," Agrimorfee "Oh Yeah," Yello
"Hippies," Alvin Rhodes "Piggies," The Beatles
"Strange Kind Of Axeman," Andy Primus "Strange Kind Of Woman," Deep Purple
"The Gorger," John A. Barry "The Joker," Steve Miller Band

July 17, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Fannie And Freddie," Airfarcewon "Frankie And Johnny," Elvis Presley
"Have You Ever," Below Average Dave "Have You Ever," Brandy
"I Peed in the Pool," "I Kissed a Girl," Katy Perry
"Just Got Laid," Max Power "Just Got Paid," ZZ Top
"Flushing 2008 (Seen the Lights Go Out Here At Shea," Michael Pacholek "Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out On Broadway)," Billy Joel
"Mule-Dinner Spews," John A. Barry "Mule Skinner Blues," Jimmie Rodgers
"Guppy Love," Airfarcewon "Pupoy Love," Paul Anka
"Mock Star," Matthias "Rock Star," Nickelback
"A Rabid Threat Unleashed In Public," Alvin Rhodes "The Battle Hymn Of The Republic," Traditional
"Too Shrunk To Tuck," LucidLupin LeeBee "Too Drunk To F*ck," Dead Kennedys
"Too Shrunk To Tuck," LucidLupin LeeBee "Too Drunk To F*ck," Dead Kennedys
"What If I Stutter? (Ballad of Wilfrid Laurier)," Edward Genereux "What If I Stumble?," dc Talk

July 20, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Be Gone," thelastaurora "Alone," Avril Lavigne
"Diamonds," thelastaurora "Angels," Within Temptation
"Anything But Extraordinary," thelastaurora "Anything But Ordinary," Avril Lavigne
"Super Atomic Bioman," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Choudenshi Bioman," Takayuki Miyauchi
"Don't Know Much," Ed Smiley "Don't Know Much," Sam Cooke
"Emergency," thelastaurora "Emergency," Paramore
"Get Over Her," thelastaurora "Get Over It," Avril Lavigne
"Poison," thelastaurora "Girlfriend," Avril Lavigne
"Fear Me," thelastaurora "Hear Me," Kelly Clarkson
"Heart of the City (A Portrait of Times Square)," Melanie Lee "Heart of the Sunrise," Yes
"Hey Big Mac," thelastaurora "Hey Mickey," Toni Basil
"Hewy There Delilah," Felicia "Hey There Delilah," Plain White T's
"Mole," thelastaurora "Hole," Kelly Clarkson
"I Have To Hurl," Felicia "I Kissed A Girl," Katy Perry
"I Kissed Kate Perry," White Trash "I Kissed A Girl," Kate Perry
"I Will Be What God Wants Me To Be," thelastaurora "I Will Be," Avril Lavigne
"In the Dark of the Night (My version)," Captain Wierd "In the Dark of the Night," Anastasia Soundtrack
"Obama's State of The Union Address," Tim Hall "Maggot Brain," Funkadelic/George Clinton
"Lester Flatt And Earl Scruggs," Airfarcewon "Me And Bobby McGee," Kris Kristoferson
"Model of a Doctor Holographical," Heather Leonard "Model of a Modern Major General," Gilbert & Sullivan
"Never Again Will I Be Your Friend," thelastaurora "Never Again," Kelly Clarkson
"No Hair," Jon Bobkinson "No Air," Jordin Sparks
"Pregnant Sue Miscarried," Alvin Rhodes "Peggy Sue Got Married," Buddy Holly
"Snow White Tale," thelastaurora "Snow White Queen," Evanescence
"Strangers on my Flight," Walt Andrus "Strangers In The Night," Frank Sinatra
"Shag Her Time," Airfarcewon "Sugartime," The McGuire Sisters
"Solar Gladiators Sun Vulcan," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan," Akira Kushida
"A Knight In Space, Tekkaman," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Tekkaman no Uta," Ichiro Mizuki
"The Reason," Rex Ungericht "The Reason," Hoobastank
"He's the Word," Melanie Lee "The Word," The Beatles
"Songs I'll Never Hear," thelastaurora "Things I'll Never Say," Avril Lavigne
"Tomorrow, Vote for Me!," Melanie Lee "Tomorrow Never Knows," The Beatles
"Getting Down to the Wire," Below Average Dave "We Didn't Start the Fire," Billy Joel
"Weight Of The World," thelastaurora "Weight Of The World," Evanescence
"You're A Star," thelastaurora "Your Star," Evanescence

July 21, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"2008 Lenox Industrial Tools 301 Recap Song," Jay Jianoran "2008 Opening Number Medley," Miss Texas USA
"Amnesiac," Agrimorfee "Afrodesiac," Brandy
"Obama Ran," Poli-tick-ly incorrect "Barbara Ann," Beach Boys
"Stubbly (The Breakup Song)," Rex Ungericht "Bubbly," Colbie Calliat
"Fool's Moon," Matthias "Full Moon," Brandy
"Cookie Jar," Abbott Skelding "Handlebars," Flobots
"Emphysema," King of Fuh "Have You Seen Her?," The Chi-Lites
"How Great Thou Fart," Airfarcewon "How Great Thou Art," Traditional
"Michael's Nature," Destiny "Human Nature," Michael Jackson
"I Binged and Purged," Rex Ungericht "I Kissed A Girl," Katy Perry
"It's So Easy (To Hate Mike Love)," King Of Fuh "It's So Easy," Linda Ronstadt/Buddy Holly
"Jesse's Words," Poli-tick-ly incorrect "Jessie's Girl," Rick Springfield
"Dairy Queen," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Killer Queen," Queen
"2008 NASCAR Half-Year Review Song," Jay Jianoran "Patriotic Finale Medley," Miss Texas USA
"Rock Me Qrrbrrbirlbel," Amanda "Rock Me Amadeus," Falco
"She Taunts Bears," Alvin Rhodes "She's Not There," The Zombies
"The Ballad of Hogwarts," Darth Patronus "The Ballad of Rock Ridge," Blazing Saddles
"MS Word 2007," Melanie Lee "The Word," The Beatles
"Two Douches," The Stinker "Two Princes," Spin Doctors

July 22, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Dumplings Shouldn't Bounce!," the_conqueror_of_parodies "Almost Doesn't Count," Brandy
"Radovan Bites the Dust," Susanna Viljanen "Another One Bites the Dust," Queen
"Behind Roused Boars," Merry & Pippin "Behind Closed Doors," Charlie Rich
"Cho Chang," Darth Patronus "Cocaine," Eric Clapton
"Beggin' For Kidneys," Alvin Rhodes "Eleanor Rigby," The Beatles
"Save us all Banana," Flash Flood "Gimme doop Joanna," Jbo
"Hey There Mike Teavee," ohcy "Hey There Delilah," Plain White Ts
"I Kissed Myself," imstilluwannakno?? "I Kissed a Girl," Katy Perry
"I Hate AOL," Sean Peters "I Love Rock n' Roll," Joan Jett
"Strife In A Northern Town," Poli-tick-ly incorrect "Life In A Northern Town," Dream Academy
"Voldemort Dies," Skywalker Airplane "Live And Let Die," Guns N' Roses
"One Jump: Sonic's Version," DJL "One Jump," Aladdin Soundtrack
"Pucca," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Puto," Molotov
"Rudolf the Ballet Dancer," 2Eagle "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer," Spike Jones
"Sister Clinton," Poli-tick-ly incorrect "Sister Christian," Night Ranger
"Knife-Wielding Loon," Susanna Viljanen "Summertime Blues," Eddie Cochran
"X-rated Films Can Be Amusing," Invisible Boy "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald," Gordon Lightfoot
"We Will Rock You (The Sharia Song)," Susanna Viljanen "We Will Rock You," Queen
"Where on Campus is Missa Murry Eaton?," Michael T. Mondak "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?," Rockapella

July 23, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Before She Flips," Greg Swartzentruber "Before He Cheats," Carrie Underwood
"Cinnamon Clerk (A Song About Randal Graves)," Roxelana Hart "Cinnamon Girl," Neil Young
"Crappy," Rex Ungericht "Happy," Brandy
"Hello, Dolly," Airfarcewon "Hello Dolly," Barbra Streisand
"I Can't Poop," Skittle "I Can't Dance," Guineses
"I Love Chewin Skoal," Fattylicious "I Love Rock'N'Roll," Britney Spears
"Lose Yourself Respect," Skittle "Lose Yourself," Eminem
"Mad-eye Moody," Red Zeppelin "Louie Louie," Questionmark and the Mysterians
"Move (The Black Friday Version)," Terrance Tucker "Move (You're Stepping On My Heart," Dreamgirls Soundtrack
"Shop," Below Average Dave "Pop," NSync
"Roamin," Skittle, and Fattylicious "Rollin," Limp Bizkit, Redman, Methodman, and DMX
"Phoebe the Funky Feline," 2Eagle "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer," Spike Jones
"Golden Girl," Airfarcewon "Silver Bells," Nat King Cole
"Potter in the City," Red Zeppelin "Summer In The City," Manfred Mann
"That’s A Foul Play," Merry & Pippin "That's Amore," Dean Martin
"Fat's My Desire," Airfarcewon "That's My Desire," Frankie Laine
"My New Exotic Job (Career Move To India)," John Olmstead "The Ballad of Jed Clampet," Scruggs & Flatt
"When You Want Blood," Alvin Rhodes "When You Say Bud (the King Of Beers)," Budweiser Beer Jingle
"You Gotta be a Ballet Dancer," 2Eagle "You Gotta be a Football Hero," Notre Dame Glee Club

July 24, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"American Fat Ass," Fattylicious "American Bad Ass," Kid Rock
"Towel Boy," Skittle "Cowboy," Kid Rock
"Pink-Skinned Prairie," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Cross-Eyed Mary," Jethro Tull
"2008 Coke Zero 400 Recap Song," Jay Jianoran "George Harrison," I've Got My Mind Set On You
"How Cheap Is Your Bud," Michael McVey "How Deep Is Your Love," The Bee Gees
"Haysoos Copped A Feel," Greg Swartzentruber "Jesus Take The Wheel," Carrie Underwood
"Life as a Circus Clown," Tony Wiseguy "Life in a Northern Town," Dream Academy
"Little Old Ladies of La Molina," Michael McVey "Little Old Lady From Pasadena," The Beach Boys
"Killaby," Skittle "Lulaby," Disturbed
"Lolita Was A Title Once Banned," Alvin Rhodes "Magneto And Titanium Man," Paul Mccartney
"Miss A Defendant," BulldozerBegins "Miss Independent," Kelly Clarkson
"My Next Thirty Beers," Greg Swartzentruber "My Next Thirty Years," Tim McGraw
"She Tanked," Below Average Dave "She Bangs," Ricky Martin
"He Beat Her," Toney Robinson "She Loves You," The Beatles
"Somos Gripes," Michael McVey "Somos Libres," José Bernardo Alcedo
"To Dowse is Surprising Fun," Merry & Pippin "The House Of The Rising Sun," The Animals
"The Impossible Stream," Airfarcewon "The Impossible Dream," Elvis Presley
"What's In My Pie," Daryl P Hall & Kelly L Brown "Thunder & Rainbows," Martyn Joseph
"I Saw This Real Cute Girl ," Ann Hammond "You're Gonna Lose That Girl ," The Beatles

July 27, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Faker Bush, Depart," William Tong "Achy Breaky Heart," Billy Ray Cyrus
"Addicted Pt. 2," Abbott Skelding "Addicted," Saving Abel
"Blue Donkey's( A song about Democrates)," Sean Peters "Big Gun," AC/DC Brian Johnson
"Blame Paulinus," Latavia Dee "Blame Canada," South Park (TV)
"Following You," Sameh Khan "Calling You," Blue October
"Locked Up In The Elm Street Mental Hospital," Scotty Dangerously "Children Of The Moon," The Alan Parsons Project
"Colt 69," Skittle, and Fattylicious "Colt 45," Afro Man
"404 Song," Jason "Credit Song," Free Credit Report Commercial
"Todd Helps the Outcasts," DJL "God Help the Outcasts," The Hunchback of Notre Dame
"Do You Sing Songs In The Rain," Jason "Have You Ever Seen The Rain," Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Zygote," Alvin Rhodes "Heigh-ho," Disney
"How 'Bout Them Callgirls?," Greg Swartzentruber "How 'Bout Them Cowgirls?," George Strait
"I'm Puking Up In The Loo," Jason "I Got My Mind Set On You," George Harrison
"I Kicked a Squirrel," Insert Coin(s) to Continue "I Kissed a Girl," Katy Perry
"I Think Rowdy Busch Sucks," The Jeff Gordon Racing Network "I Think We Are Alone Now," Tiffany
"2008 400 Recap Song (Chicagoland)," Jay Jianoran "I Wanna Be With You," Fun Factory
"2008 Coke Zero 400 Recap Song," Jay Jianoran "I've Got My Mind Set On You," George Harrison
"It Is Unusual," Insert Coin(s) to Continue "It's Not Unusual," Tom Jones
"Green Hamelettes And Eggs Likes Sam," Merry & Pippin "I’m Henry The VIII, I Am," Herman's Hermits
"He's Ornery Ingrate That Ham," Merry & Pippin "I’m Henry The VIII, I Am," Herman's Hermits
"Bulgin' Thighs," Greg Swartzentruber "Lyin' Eyes," The Eagle's
"Dummy With Nothing," William Tong "Money For Nothing," Dire Straits
"Sly Barack Flies Over the Ocean," Barry J. Mitchel "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean," Traditional
"Dumb," Skittle "Numb," Linkin Park
"On The Udder Hands," "On The Other Hand," Randy Travis
"Peanut Farmer Junkie Time," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Peanut Butter Jelly Time," Buckwheat Boyz
"Poop Deck," Below Average Dave "Perfect," Simple Plan
"Ramshackle Man (JLT)," Andy Primus "Ramshackle Man," Deep Purple
"Weasley (Is Our King)," Red Zeppelin "Rape Me," Nirvana
"He's An Ancient Man," William Tong "Secret Agent Man," Johnny Rivers
"Heelies," knockout "Teenagers," My Chemical Romance
"Stranded," King Of Fuh "Theme from "Branded"," Alan Alch/Dominic Frontiere
"Hickey to Hide (AmIRight Idol)," Gianni Parmesiani "Ticket to Ride," The Beatles
"1994 Brickyard 400 Retro Recap Song," Jay Jianoran "Time After Time," Cyndi Lauper
"Two Doctors," Pakiro "Two Princes," Spin Doctors

July 28, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Error 404," Max Power "52nd Street," Billy Joel
"7 Things," Maddy "7 Things," Miley Cyrus
"Free Credit Report: The Beatles," Michael Pacholek "A Hard Day's Night," The Beatles
"Drinking Song," Andy Primus "Anyone's Daughter," Deep Purple
"Bad Cobalt," Dennis "Bad Company," Bad Company
"(Kali-Pornia) Rust in Peace," Dennis "Dani California," The Red-Hot Chili Peppers
"Don't Get Me Horny," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Don't Let Me Get Me," Pink
"Everybody's Got Someplace to Live," Wolverine "Everybody's Got Something to Hide," The Beatles
"Anorexic Fainting," Sameh Khan "Faint," Linkin Park
"Stickin' with the Dime Slots," Below Average Dave "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," Pat Benatar
"I Don't Want to Spoil the Riot," Wolverine "I Don't Want to Spoil the Party," The Beatles
"I Taped Will And Grace," Matthias "I've Just Seen A Face," The Beatles
"Monopoly," Merry & Pippin "In Jeopardy," Roger Hodgson
"Tell me, Spokane," Dennis "Jeremy," Peal Jam
"Bat On The Moon," Parker Gabriel "Man On The Moon," R.E.M.
"Bat On The Moon," Parker Gabriel "Man On The Moon," R.E.M.
"A Tilde," John A. Barry "Matilda," Harry Belafonte
"Attila," John A. Barry "Matilda," Harry Belafonte
"My Elderly Things," Lover of Todd "My Favorite Things," The Sound of Music Soundtrack
"Why'd You Paint The Cat?," ThatAwesomeGuy "Paint It Black," Rolling Stones
"Phonograph," Alvin Rhodes "Photograph," Ringo Starr
"Piggy Stank!," Skittle "Piggy Bank," 50 Cent
"Pull Into A Burger King," ThatAwesomeGuy "Rock You Like A Hurricane," Scorpions
"Renaissance Faire," MasonR "Scarborough Fair," Simon & Garfunkel
"Bumper Nuts," Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd "Simon Says," Drain STH
"Free Credit Report: Elvis Presley," Michael Pacholek "Suspicious Minds," Elvis Presley
"2008 Allstate 400 at The Brickyard Race Recap Song," Jay Jianoran "The Main Event/Fight (Short Version)," Barbara Streisand
"I Wear Tighty Whities," King Of Fuh "Theme from "The High and the Mighty"," Dimitri Tiomkin
"Wake me up when The Series ends," AllCanadianRejectables "Wake Me Up When September ends," Green Day
"White Rarebit (and it's not Welsh)," Dennis "White Rabbit," Jefferson Airplane

July 29, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Aimed That Ice Pick At His Head," Alvin Rhodes "Ain't That A Kick In The Head," Dean Martin
"Free Credit Report: Gilbert O'Sullivan," Michael Pacholek "Alone Again, Naturally," Gilbert O'Sullivan
"No Silly Rabbit," White Trash "Bleeding Love," Leona Lewis
"Thermal Springs," Merry & Pippin "Broken Wings," Mr Mister
"Jelloed Filter," ThatAwesomeGuy "Gimme Shelter," Rolling Stones
"Trollfinger," Max Power "Goldfinger," Max Power
"Camp Lambada," Tony Crowley "Hello Muddah Hello Faddah," Allan Sherman
"Beer," Melanie Lee "Here, There, and Everywhere," The Beatles
"Why Its So Great To Be A Man," White Trash "How I Could Just Kill A Man," Charlotte Sometimes
"I Kissed Kate Perry (Full Version)," White Trash "I Kissed A Girl," Kate Perry
"My Computer Died Out," Max Power "I Married My Dream Girl," Free Credit Report Commercial
"Im In Love With A Nerd," White Trash "Im In Love With A Girl," Gavin Degraw
"Agree," Below Average Dave "Kiss Me," Sixpence None the Richer
"Photoshopping," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Kung Fu Fighting," Carl Douglas
"No Sheep Tonight," ThatAwesomeGuy "No Sleep Tonight," The Faders
"Free Credit Report: Billy Joel," Michael Pacholek "Piano Man," Billy Joel
"Slice Of Moms Pie," White Trash "Time Of My Life," David Cook
"Spit," Skittle "Twist," Korn
"Goodell Destroyed Those Evidence," Max Power "Why Don't We Do It On The Road?," The Beatles
"Why Do We Eat Durians?," Max Power "Why Don't We Do It On The Road?," The Beatles
"A New Target to Slam," Patrick McWilliams "With A Little Help From My Friends," The Beatles
"Free Credit Report: Elton John," Michael Pacholek "Your Song," Elton John

July 30, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"The Hillary healthcare song," Poli-tick-ly incorrect "Bad Medicine," Bon Jovi
"Norwood, Please Be A Hero (Bills Fan's Lament)," Max Power "Billy, Don't Be A Hero," Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods
"Please Pull Your Glove," Merry & Pippin "Don't Pull Your Love," Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds
"Dome Sweet Dome," Airfarcewon "Home Sweet Home," Traditional
"I Deal With Jerks (A Jock's Song)," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "I Feel The Earth Move," Carole King
"I Kicked A Nerd," Jeff Reuben "I Kissed A Girl," Katy Perry
"Stinky Grandma," Alvin Rhodes "Instant Karma," John Lennon
"Happily On A Date," DJL "Merrily On Our Way," Disney's The Wind in the Willows
"Happily On A Date," DJL "Merrily On Our Way," Disney's Wind in the Willows
"Long Long Line," Below Average Dave "Red Red Wine," UB40
"Tumbling Mice," MasonR "Tumbling Dice," Rolling Stones

July 31, 2008
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"7 Things," Hailey Andrews "7 Things," Miley Cyrus
"9 Mistakes of Britney," Hailey Andrews "7 Things," Miley Cyrus
"Beat It: The Misheard Lyrical Adaptation," Tokusou Sentai Blessranger "Beat It," Fall Out Boy
"Scottie, Please be A Hero," Max Power "Billy, Don't Be A Hero," Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods
"Life in Animation," Below Average Dave "Californication," Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Drive My Car," Alvin Rhodes "Drive My Car," The Beatles
"A Vanna Affair," Invisible Boy "Havana Affair," The Ramones
"I Would Live Anywhere On Earth," Matthias "I Would Do Anything For Love," Meat Loaf
"My Dog, Doom," Parody Pete "Love In Bloom," Bing Crosby
"Sticky Mouse," Airfarcewon "Mickey Mouse Club Theme," Mickey Mouse Club performers
"Fly Way," Airfarcewon "My Way," Frank Sinatra
"Michaels Scaring Me," Agrimorfee "Psychotherapy," The Ramones
"Slobbin' It Old School," the_conqueror_of_parodies "Rock 'n' Roll High School," The Ramones
"The Weather Man Song," Hailey Andrews "Shut Up And Let Me Go," The Ting Tings
"Fast Food," TheDollarMenu "Take You There," Sean Kingston
"The Master Of Oz...That Is Who I Am," Master Of Oz "This Train Don't Stop There Anymore," Elton
"You'll Never Know Where Your Clones Are," Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd "You Never Know Who Your Friends Are," The Hooters


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