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Parody TitleOriginal TitlePerformerSubmitted
No Pills Dropped the Rolls From Me .Its Still Rock & Roll To Me .Billy Joel2004-06-24
That'sa Sore A!That's Amore!Dean Martin2004-07-01
All I Want Is Some UnderwearAll I Want Is A Room SomewhereMy Fair Lady2004-07-04
These Are The Truths We Turret's Guys Must SingThese Are A Few of My Favorite ThingsSound of Music2004-07-05
I Am The Hairy Model For The Soloflex GymnasiumI Am The Very Model of A Modern Major GeneralGilbert and Sullivan - Pirates of Penzance2004-07-09
Ladled LiceEdelweissSound of Music2004-07-12
How To Resolve Her Case of DiarrheaHow Do You Solve A Problem Like MariaRodger's & Hammerstein2005-02-28
Some Infected C-RingSome Enchanted EveningSouth Pacific2005-03-01
Go Get Dressed!Be Our Guest!Disney's Beauty & The Beast2005-03-08
I'm Mensa's Major Mastermind with IQ That's Amazing 'emModern Major GeneralGilbert & Sullivan2006-04-16
I Ate the Wry GayI Did It My WayFrank Sinatra2006-04-19
High PayMy WayFrank Sinatra2006-04-26
My Favorite MingsMy Favorite ThingsJulie Andrews - Sound of Music2006-07-17
Favorite Things... What Happened?My Favorite ThingsJulie Andrews2006-07-18
Stacy's Mom is Always in the JohnStacy's MomFountains of Wayne2006-07-24
I Am the Morose Movie MogulModern Major GeneralGilbert and Sullivan2006-08-11
Fatal SpiceEdelweissSound of Music2006-08-18
Dreidel HeistEdelweissSound of Music2006-08-19
Cable SpliceEdelweissSound of Music2006-08-21
Hate All ViceEdelweissSound of Music2006-08-22
Date Dull Guys!EdelweissSound of Music2006-08-23
Trade Small Fries!EdelweissSound of Music2006-08-24
Natal Lies!EdelweissSound of Music2006-08-25
Bade HAL ByeEdelweissSound of Music2006-08-26
Natty Nymph Loves To Be Public!Battle Hymn of the RepublicTraditional2006-08-26
Playdoh's Nice!EdelweissSound of Music2006-08-28
Staid Old Guys!EdelweissSound of Music2006-08-29
Grabel Eyes!EdelweissSound of Music2006-08-30
Edel Guise!EdelweissSound of Music2006-08-31
Idolize!EdelweissSound of Music2006-09-01
Paid Dell Twice!EdelweissSound of Music2006-09-02
Stable Guys!EdelweissSound of Music2006-09-04
Fabled Thighs!EdelweissSound of Music2006-09-05
Great Tall GuysEdelweissSound of Music2006-09-05
Hate Dull Pies!EdelweissSound of Music2006-09-05
Great ol' Wrys!EdelweissSound of Music2006-09-06
Dumb Pair, Snakes and a Plane, Bro!Somewhere Over The RainbowJudy Garland2006-09-07
Dumb Hair, Over-Combed Mane, D'oh!Somewhere Over The Rainbow!Judy Garland2006-09-08
Sunned Bare, Overdone Flamed Hose!Somewhere Over The RainbowJudy Garland2006-09-11
EdelwifeEdelweissSound of Music2006-09-13
Have You Flown Some In Fright?Are You Lonesome Tonight?Elvis Presley2006-09-14
Chap That Drew A Jew Boo!Chattanooga Choo Choo!Glen Miller2006-09-20
Unerectable!Unforgettable!Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole2006-09-21
When You Switch A `Don' And `Tar'When You Wish Upon A StarJiminey Cricket in Disney's Pinnochio2006-09-22
Return To Mend HerReturn To SenderElvis Presley2006-09-25
Come Spy With Me!Come Fly With Me!Frank Sinatra/Michael Bubble2006-09-26
Me And My Crack Ho!Me And My Shadow!Frank Sinatra / Sammy Davis, Jr.2006-09-29
I Get No Clicks Out Of Ewes!I Get A Kick Out Of You!Frank Sinatra / Cole Porter2006-10-02
D'Oh-Ray-Me!Do-Re-MiJulie Andrews / Sound of Music2006-10-03
Meat The Pimp'd Bone!Meet The Flintstone'sFred Flintstone2006-10-05
Earl From Jeep n' BeemerGirl From IpanemaFrank Sinatra2006-10-06
Hang Down Your Head Mark FoleyHang Down Your Head Tom DooleyTraditional2006-10-07
Supercalculatingadvertisementsareatrocious!Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!Mary Poppins2006-10-10
Pristine BunsSixteen TonsTennessee Ernie Ford2006-10-11
Oh Lord, I Scored Spock!Under The BoardwalkThe Drifters2006-10-13
Super-caligraphic-parodist's-muse-is-psychosis!Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins2006-10-16
To Analyze They Buggered Me!Wouldn't It Be LoverlyMy Fair Lady2006-10-23
Dozen Years of BrookstoneTwelve Days of ChristmasTraditional2006-10-24
Unredressable!Unforgettable!Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole2006-11-20
Super-callow-re-al-it-y-shows-are-so-atrocious!SupercalifragilisticexpialidociousMary Poppins2007-04-17
Guy-ring!Crying!Roy Orbison2007-04-19
Fatal Vice!EdelweissSound of Music2007-04-20
Yabba D!Let It BeBeatles2007-04-24
Set It FreeLet It BeBeatles2007-04-25
Sorry About That Pain, DearRudolph The Red Nosed ReindeerTraditional2007-05-01
When You Lips It Sounds BizarreWhen You Wish Upon A StarDisney / Jimminy Cricket2007-05-02
When Your Lips Aren't Up To ParWhen You Wish Upon A StarDisney / Jiminy Cricket2007-05-03
Climbed Sal'mon's FountainClimb Every MountainSound of Music2007-05-14
Feelin' Goofy !The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)Simon and Garfunkel2007-05-15
Protest the FDA!God Bless the USA!Lee Greenwood2007-05-18
Parodist's RagVatican RagTom Leherer2007-05-21
Fanny ToyDanny BoyTraditional2007-07-17
Forget Me Not PieAmerican PieDon McLean2007-08-20
Predictin's a DudAddicted to LoveRobert Palmer2007-09-03
Larry Craig RagVatican RagTom Leherer2007-09-09
Disputes With Steven HawkingThese Boots Are Made For Walkin'Nancy Sinatra2007-09-12
Hey There MessiahHey There DelilahPlain White T's2007-09-24
The Plunder of EwesThe Wonder of YouElvis Presley2007-10-07
Larry the Red Hosed Flame, er... Dear!Rudolph the Red Nosed ReindeerTraditional2007-10-14
Hate AllspiceEdelweissSound Of Music2007-10-22
Scammed By Your Sham!Stand By Your Man!Tammy Wynette2007-10-22
Scammed By Your Spam!Stand By Your Man!Tammy Wynette2007-10-31
Monster Hash!Monster MashBobby "Boris" Pickett2007-11-07
Guacamole!That's Amore!Dean Martin2008-04-21
One-Ply T.P.!Come Fly With Me!Frank Sinatra2008-04-22
Come Wry With Me!Come Fly With Me!Frank Sinatra2008-04-29
Dumb Guy With Me!Come Fly With Me!Frank Sinatra2008-05-04
F.L.D.S.Y.M.C.A.Village People2008-05-05
I've Caught Ewe-Plunder-Guy's SkinI've Got You Under My SkinFrank Sinatra2008-05-07
Pun Regrettable!Unforgettable!Nat and Natalie Cole (duet version)2008-05-25
Gay Pair Law!Que Sera!Doris Day2008-06-29
Oprabama!Oklahoma!Rodgers & Hammerstein2008-09-21
Cat FightGood TimeAlan Jackson2008-09-23
Oh What A Beautiful Warming!Oh What A Beautiful Morning!Rodgers & Hammerstein2008-09-24
Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah - Palin style!Hello Muddah, Hello FaddahAllan Sherman2008-10-22
Dead Au Pair!Teddy Bear!Elvis Presley2008-10-23
Yuletide!Rawhide!Frankie Lane (TV theme song)2008-12-15
Bra Pride!Rawhide!Frankie Laine (TV show theme song)2008-12-16
Spocking With My Trekies—I’m 'da Man!Walking In A Winter WonderlandTraditional2008-12-18
Let B.O. !Let It SnowTraditional2008-12-25
Shakespearian WomanAmerican WomanThe Guess Who2009-02-08
Shake Me Off After You Go Bro!Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go!Wham!2009-02-11
H - M - D'Oh!Be Our Guest!Beauty and the Beast - Disney2009-02-18
Rum Decanter Evening!Some Enchanted EveningSoundtrack from South Pacific2009-02-22
These Lutes Are Made For Rockin'These Boots Are Made For Walkin'Nancy Sinatra2009-02-23
Facebook Guys!EdelweissSound of Music sound track2009-02-24
Paro-guys! (Alvin & AFW)EdelweissSound of Music - Soundtrack2009-02-25
McSlurry From 'A Bingin' My CopseThe Surrey With The Fringe On The TopSound track from the musical Oklahoma!2009-03-01
My Trek Bit-Part Made Fan 'Rham' Pissed, Bro!I Left My Heart in San FranciscoTony Bennett2009-03-09
Fry Me A Baboon!Fly Me To The MoonFrank Sinatra2009-03-24
Wry Me A LampoonFly Me To The MoonFrank Sinatra2009-03-30
Why Me At High Noon?Fly Me To The Moon!Frank Sinatra2009-04-01
Tune Shiv'erMoon RiverAndy Williams2009-04-06
New 'Pork', New 'Pork'!New York, New YorkFrank Sinatra2009-04-09
Rude Spock, Lewd Spock!New York, New YorkFrank Sinatra2009-04-13
Faked Me Out At The 'Ball Game'Take Me Out To The BallgameTraditional2009-05-11
Hey Big Fenders!Hey Big SpenderShirley Bassey2009-05-14
Disney's-Diabolic'lly-Demented-Demon-Diva! ('Scary Mary' Poppins Song)Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins2009-05-18
Upwind Girl ~ ( The 'Stay The Heck Away From Her' Song )Uptown GirlBilly Joel2009-05-20
Ivanoff Stole Your Pants!I Wanna Hold Your HandThe Beatles2009-05-21
Hung *There*, 'Rover', Duh, Reigns Bro!Somewhere Over The RainbowJudy Garland -Wizard of Oz2009-05-27
Tongue Hair? *Overtly* Lame, Bro!Somewhere Over The RainbowJudy Garland - Wizard of Oz2009-05-28
I Phished An URL!I Kissed A GirlKaty Parry2009-06-09
Hello Cyber Paparazzi!Hello Muddah, Hello FaddahAlan Sherman2009-07-14
Yackin' The Seusses You Are!Back In The U.S.S.R.The Beatles2009-07-15
Vatican Shag!Vatican RagTom Lehrer2009-07-16
Shat'sperian Shag! [Star Trek: The Cruise'ical]Vatican RagTom Lehrer2009-07-28
Twister'd MedMr. EdMr. Ed TV Show Theme - Ray Evans & Jay Livingston2009-07-30
On Top Of Ol' PokeyOn Top Of Old SmokeyTraditional2009-08-02
The Lexican Scat Dance--Turtle Style!Mexican Hat DanceAllan Sherman2009-08-04
Y'all, It's Me!All of MeBelle baker/Frank Sinatra/Willie Nelson, et al.2009-08-10
Homer Is Harried By A 'Porn Thing'!Get Me To The Church On TimeMy Fair Lady - Stanley Holloway2009-08-11
Bowie-Jovi, ABBA-Gaga, Mötley-Moody Load a' JabbaItsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot BikiniBrian Hyland, Connie Francis, et al.2009-08-16
Curvy, Scurvy, Teeny, Meanie—Flauntin' Her Blood-Soaked BikiniItsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot BikiniBrian Hyland, Connie Francis, et al.2009-08-18
I Really Wanna Be Like Hugh!I Only Want To Be With YouDusty Springfield2009-09-21
Sec. of State Girl [Bill's Song]Calendar GirlNeil Sedaka2009-09-22
Win Ryder's in Best BuyGhost Riders in the SkyFrankie Laine2009-09-27
Making Friends Is Hard In LoosBreaking Up Is Hard To DoNeil Sedaka2009-09-28
Itch DoctorWitch DoctorAlvin and The Chipmunks with David Seville2009-09-29
My StyMy GuyMary Wells2009-12-15
Link'll, Link'll Take You FarTwinkle, Twinkle Little StarTraditional2009-12-16
Mistresses Ending Your Reign DearRudolph The Red Nosed ReindeerTraditional2009-12-21
Christmas For 'Lil' Arnie'Christmas In KillarneyBing Crosby2009-12-28
Coq Au Vin Lewinsky Hummus Clams™!Walking In A Winter WonderlandBing Crosby, Dean Martin, etc2009-12-30
Preen FakersGreen AcresTV Theme Song2010-01-04
Hanta Paws Are Coming To TownSanta Claus Is Coming To TownTraditional2010-01-05
The Queen Scene's Back In NomeGreen, Green Grass of HomeElvis, Joan Baez, Dean Martin, etc.2010-01-07
When I'm Mickey's WhoreWhen I'm Sixty-FourThe Beatles2010-03-08
Wry Men Seem Gay?Y. M. C. A.The Village People2010-03-10
HitchcockerWitch DoctorDavid Seville2010-03-11
(The called me) 'Osama', SirThe WandererDion and the Del Satins2010-03-25
Right™-a-lot!CamelotRichard Harris and Vanessa Redgrave Camelot Musica2010-03-29
Cameltoe!CamelotRichard Harris and Vanessa Redgrave in Camelot2010-03-31
Spock-a-lot!CamelotRichard Harris and Vanessa Redgrave in 'Camelot'2010-04-01
More-An-Activist-Enchantress-Than-a-'Blairish'-Witch, Me!Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!Julie Andrews - The Sound of Music2010-10-18
Say, Where Did Twenty-Ten Go?Somewhere Over The RainbowJudy Garland - The Wizard of Oz2011-01-14
I Can't Get No Six-Pack Abs, Son! (Simpson's version)I Can't Get No (Satisfaction)The Rolling Stones2011-01-17
That's The Shore, Eh?That's AmoreDean Martin & Jerry Lewis2011-01-25
I Feel 'Tommy'I Feel PrettyWestside Story (Movie Version)2011-02-03
I Am Sexting, Showing Off 'Seven-Thing'(I am) Sixteen Going On SeventeenThe Sound Of Music2011-02-07
Panned WidelyStand By MeBen E. King2011-02-08
How Do You Solve Your Hunchback's Necrophilia?How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?The Sound Of Music (Musical)2011-02-10
Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh! (A letter from Camp Faux'twatta)Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh!Allen Sherman2011-07-04
Fridge StalkerWitch DoctorDavid Seville / Alvin & The Chipmunks2012-12-05
Say, Where Did Twenty-Twelve Go?Somewhere Over the RainbowJudy Garland - The Wizard of Oz2012-12-17
Al Jazeera!Allouette! / Al and YettaFrench Traditional / Allan Sherman2013-02-04
Sprayed It Thrice!EdelweissChristopher Plummer Sound of Music2013-02-05
Itsy-Bitsy Puppet Shtup-It, Blackmail Scheme That’s Run by Muppets!Itsy-Bitsy Teenie-Weenie Yellow Polka Dot BikiniBrian Hyland2013-02-11
Jus' Raising Cain in TexasDeep in the Heart of TexasPerry Como, Bing Crosby, Roy Rogers, etc.2013-02-12
Rich Spocker!Witch Doctor!Alvin & The Chipmunks - David Seville2013-02-13
Pastor Fled!Mr. Ed / A Horse is a Horse, of Course, of CourseMr. Ed - TV show theme song2013-02-15
Hello Muddah, Hello Pappa, Richard Snowden Style!Hello Muddah, Hello FaddahAllan Sherman2013-07-05
Tweetsie Weetsie, Sheeny Weenie Pokes A Lot From His MankiniItsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot BikiniBrian Hyland2013-07-30
We'll Miss You, Tommy TurtleMexican Hat DanceAllan Sherman2013-12-16
Say, Where'd Twenty-Thirteen Go?Somewhere Over the RainbowWizard of Oz - Judy Garland2013-12-27
Kardashian WomanAmerican WomanThe Guess Who2015-01-22
Lying (The Brian Williams Song)CryingRoy Orbison2015-02-11
Kardashian WomanAmerican WomanThe Guess Who2015-02-19
Super-Creepy-Make-'em-Sleepy-Comic-Conning-Cosby!Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!Julie Andrews2015-10-28
Say, Where'd Twenty-Fifteen Go?Somewhere Over the RainbowJudy Garland / Wizard of Oz2015-12-16
Trump's the KingEverythingMichael Bublé2016-06-21
Be Our Pres'!Be Our GuestDisney's Beauty and the Beast2016-10-07
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Trump's MessIt's Beginning To Look A Lot Like ChristmasBing Crosby / Perry Como2016-12-06
Schwing HuttKing TutSteve Martin2019-05-17
Watch Me D'Oh!Let It SnowFrank Sinatra2019-12-11
Sissy Man!DixielandDaniel Emmett2019-12-12
I Want A Homeresque TattooI Only Want To Be With YouDusty Springfield2019-12-13
Super-callous-fragile-ego-SupercalifragilisticexpialadociousJulie Andrews2019-12-16
Hate All Flights!EdelweissThe Sound Of Music (Musical)2019-12-18
Twistered FedMister EdMister Ed2019-12-18
Wavin' The Donald Trump Flag!Doin' The Vatican RagTom Leherer2019-12-19
The Trump Elementalists SongThe Elements SongTom Leherer2019-12-20
First Date Lies!EdelweissJulie Andrews2019-12-23