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Can you think of a song title that describes something not literally possible.

For example: Oasis' "Live Forever" isn't really something that one can do.

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Entries Beginning with G

"Gasoline Baby," Marshall CrenshawGasoline has no children; babies aren't made of itYvette Bristle
"Gate City Blues," Duke PearsonCities don't have emotions; their residents do.Yvette Bristle
"The Gates Of Delirium," YesDelirium has no gates.Yvette Bristle
"Generation Landslide," Alice CooperWhole generations don't slide down slopes togetherMelissa Officinalis
"Genie In A Bottle," Christina AguileraThere's no such thingNicole Marie
"Georgia in a Jug," Blake SheltonThat would have to a big jugPinmonkeyJunkie
"Germany In Love," AlphavilleCountries don't have emotionsMads
"Get Me To The World On Time," Electric PrunesWhy? When did/could you fall off?Peter
"Get Off Of My Cloud," The Rolling StonesHow can you get ON a cloud in the first place?ThatAwesomeGuy
"Get Over Yourself," Eden's CrushOne can't literally pass above oneself.Heather Brockwell
"Get Up! Get Up! (You Sleepyhead)," Jaye P. MorganA head can't get up (or be sleepy) by itself.Heather Brockwell
"The Ghost In You," Psychedelic FursEven if this was possible, how could you tell?Peter
"Ghost Riders In The Sky," SpiderbiteHow can a ghost ride in anything? They're dead.ThatAwesomeGuy
"Ghostbusters," Ray Parker, Jr.Ghosts can't be bustedYvette Bristle
"Gimme A Feeling," Ace FrehleyFeelings cannot be literally given to someone.GlamRockNinjaLord
"Gingerbread Man," Melanie MartinezA real man is not made of gingerbread.Sheila Oh
"Girl From Mars," AshNo Life On MarsKylock
"Girl From Mars," AshThe Biker Mice live on Mars- not people!Biker Mouser
"The Girl In My Heart," Larry Tamblyn With The StandellsHearts can't contain people.Yvette Bristle
"Girl in the Moon," DariusHow did she get in there?NK
"The Girl With San Francisco In Her Eyes," Benny TroyEyes can't contain cities.Yvette Bristle
"Girl With The Hungry Eyes," Jefferson StarshipEyes cannot be hungry.Rocky Rhodes
"The Girl With The Weight Of The World In Her Hands," Indigo GirlsNo person can hold this much weight.Candy Welty
"A Girl's Work Is Never Done," The ChordettesIt must end sooner or later.Yvette Bristle
"Girls Are On Fire," Big BluePeople are rarely engulfed in flames.Yvette Bristle
"Give Everybody Some," Bar-KaysYou can't give something to all the world's peopleYvette Bristle
"Give Me Back My Life," Papa RoachYou already have your life.Yvette Bristle
"Give Me Everything," PitbullYou can't have every single thing.Dongquan
"Give Me Everything," PitbullNo one can attain everything.Yvette Bristle
"Give Me The Night," George BensonUh, and how do you give a time of day to someone?Larcen Tyler
"Give This Christmas Away," Matthew West & Amy GrantHow does one (literally) give Christmas away?Peeping Tom Cruise Control Tower
"Gives You Hell," All-American RejectsNo one can give you Hell.Yul Tide
"Glad All Over," The Dave Clark FiveGladness is an emotion, not a covering.Michael C
"Glad Rag Doll," Crazy OttoDolls don't have emotions.Yvette Bristle
"Glass Angel," PreludeAngels aren't made of glass.Yvette Bristle
"Glass in the Trees," Dead Poeticglass doesnt grow on treesKristin
"Glass Mountain," Alan PriceMountains aren't made of glass.Yvette Bristle
"Glass Onion," The BeatlesOK, what the hell is a glass onion?!Rich
"Glass Onion," The BeatlesThat's one vegetable I wouldn't want to bite into!Cat
"Glass Road," Wet PaintRoads aren't made of glass.Yvette Bristle
"Glitter Revenge," Jerome SolignyGlitter can't take revenge on anyone.Yvette Bristle
"Go Catch The Moon," Dave HowardThe moon can't be caught.Yvette Bristle
"Go To Sleep Aching Heart," Joe BabcockHearts don't sleep.Yvette Bristle
"God Gave Rock And Roll To You," ArgentI don't think so.Opie M.
"God Hates Us," Avenged SevenfoldThat's not true! God loves EVERYBODY!Isac
"God Is A DJ ," PinkPink obviously hasn't met too many dj's.Peter
"God Of Thunder," KissA god of thunder doesn't exist.Opie M.
"God's Only Daughter," MelanieGod doesn't have just one daughter.Kelly Tires
"Goin' Out Of My Head," Little Anthony & The ImperialsHow does one go into their head to go out of it?Peter
"Goin' Up The Country," Canned HeatA country is not a vertical entity.Gretchen Wieners
"Gold Dust Woman," Fleetwood MacWomen are not made of or supply gold dust!Christy McDaniel
"Gold Dust Woman," Fleetwood MacWomen can't be made out of dustThatAwesomeGuy
"Golden Heart," Mark KnopflerHearts are not literally made of gold.Wanda Pierce
"Golden Lady," Stevie WonderWomen aren't made of goldIsac
"Golden Lady," Stevie WonderPerhaps she got the Midas touch?Isac
"Golden Love," Midnight YouthLove is an emotion and has no color.Yvette Bristle
"Golden Memories," Betty MadiganMemories don't have color,Yvette Bristle
"Golden Slumbers," The BeatlesSlumber is a state, not a physical object.Michael C
"Golden Teardrops," The FlamingosTeardrops aren't golden.Yvette Bristle
"Golden Years," David BowieA year is a distance of time. You can't see years.ThatAwesomeGuy
"Goldfinger," Shirley BasseyNo person's fingers are composed of gold. Peter
"Gonna Build A Mountain," Sammy Davis Jr.Sammy was NOT a God!Peter
"Gonna Love You Till The End Of Time," Barbara LewisTime has no end.Yvette Bristle
"Good Disaster," Veruca SaltThis is an oxymoron. Disasters aren't good.Yvette Bristle
"Good Girls Go Bad," Cobra StarshipMany good girls don't go bad, they stay good.Kyle
"The Good Old Bad Old Days," Anthony NewleyThey cannot be both.Francis A. Sissy
"Good Times Roll," The Cars How does a time become good or even roll? Peter
"Goodbye Is Forever," ArcadiaIt's not always forever.Uni Roy Al
"Got No Place To Fall," McKendree SpringWhen you fall, you fall in a place.Yvette Bristle
"Gotta Lotta Wolf In My Heart," Warren EvansHearts don't contain wolves.Yvette Bristle
"Grand Theft Autumn," Fall Out BoyHow can you steal a season?KALYPSO
"Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer," Elmo & PatsyYou can only be run over by a car. Not an animalRich
"Grandma Harp," Merle HaggardNo one's relative is a musical instrument.Bob Oldhart
"Graverobbers From Mars," Human Waste ProjectNo graverobbers come from Mars.Stephanie Craddock
"Grease Monkey," Jeff BeckNo monkey is made of grease.Yvette Bristle
"Greased Lightnin'," John TravoltaLightning can't be greased.Yvette Bristle
"The Great Airplane Strike," Paul Revere & The RaidersAs a rule, pilots go on strike, not their aircraftPeter
"Green Hell," The MisfitsHow would you know the color of Hell?GlamRockNinjaLord
"Green Is Blue," The Birdland QuintetGreen is green and blue is blue.Yvette Bristle
"Green Mind," Dinosaur, Jr.Minds are not colored green.Pig Smith
"Green Monkeys," The ParkaysMonkeys aren't green.Yvette Bristle
"The Green Mosquito," The Tune RockersMosquitoes aren't green.Yvette Bristle
"Green River," Creendence ClearwaterAnd you thought the oil spill was badRich
"Green-Tinted Sixties Mind," Mr. BigMinds don't have color.Yvette Bristle
"Grey Cell Green," Neds Atomic DustbinA grey cell would be.... uh, grey!Lynne O'Leahy-Cassid
"Greyhound Bound For Nowhere," Miranda LambertIt's bound for somewhere, not nowhere.Candy Welty
"The Grip Of Love," Tom VerlaineLove is an emotion and doesn't physically grip.Yvette Bristle
"Groove Bird," Richard HolmesThere is no type of bird with this name.Yvette Bristle
"Groove Is In The Heart," Deee LiteBlood and oxygen are in hearts, not grooves.Obie Lame Kenobi
"Groove's Bag," Richard HolmesGrooves don't have bags.Yvette Bristle
"Growing Younger," MichouAging can't be reversed.Yvette Bristle
"Grown Men Don't Cry," Tim McGrawUm, yes they do.George Straitjacket
"Guerilla Radio," Rage Against The MachineNo radio can be a soldier.GlamRockNinjaLord
"Guess God Thinks I'm Abel," OasisNo, Liam. Abel was in the Bible many years ago. Peter
"Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry," Jane MorganTears can't be hung.Yvette Bristle
"Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry," Harry JamesWhat kind of clothes line would you use?George Straitjacket
"Guilty Heart," Julie LondonHearts can't experience guilt.Yvette Bristle
"Guilty Tears," Johnny DeeTears can't experience guilt.Yvette Bristle
"Guitar Blues," Barclay James HarvestMusical instruments don't have emotions.Yvette Bristle
"Guitar Boogie Shuffle," The VirtuesMusical instruments can't dance.Yvette Bristle
"Guitar Heaven," Neil DiamondThere's no such place.Heather Brockwell
"Guitar Heaven," Neil DiamondMusical instruments don't go to heaven!Isac
"Guitar Man," BreadA man cannot become an instrument.Odie Garfield
"Guitar Tango," The ShadowsMusical instruments can't dance.Yvette Bristle
"Guitars Of The Heart (Happy)," Syleena JohnsonHearts don't contain musical instruments.Yvette Bristle

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