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These are randomly arranged.

May 3, 2021
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"All She Ever Does is Scream," Glynn Leaney "All I Have To Do is Dream," The Everly Brothers
"No Cheat," Duc4AmIRight "Be Sweet," Michelle Zauner
"Don't Fry For Me, I Can't Eat More," Glynn Leaney "Don't Cry For Me Argentina," Elaine Page
"Mt. Lady Towers Over the Competition," Dylan Baranski "Giving Up, Giving In," The Three Degrees
"Glad To Say That I Said No," Arch Vile "Hate to Say I Told You So," The Hives
"Hello," Glynn Leaney "Hello," Lionel Richie
"Last Night I Had The Dumbest Dream," Immoral Liberal "Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream," Simon & Garfunkel
"Go and Get High," Glynn Leaney "Live and Let Die," Wings
"Food Is All Around," Glynn Leaney "Love Is All Around," Wet Wet Wet
"Harry," Glynn Leaney "Sandy," From the Musical Grease
"Hagakure is Undetectable," Dylan Baranski "Supersonic Man," Natura
"Talk About College," Duc4AmIRight "Talk About Love," Zara Larsson
"Pumpkin Pie," PikaJoe "The Monkey Time," Major Lance
"Alive," Duc4AmIRight "Tombstone," Rod Wave
"Awful FAQ," the_conqueror_of_parodies "Want You Back," HAIM
"Without Remorse," Duc4AmIRight "Whoopty," CJ
"She Can Go Shopping," Erik "Taz" Mokracek "You Can Do Magic," America

May 5, 2021
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Lightsaber," Duc4AmIRight "Deal With It," Ashnikko
"Vaccination," Callmelennie "Fascination," The Human League
"Sonic The Hedgehog," wildcard "Life In The Fast Lane," Eagles
"Cut Away," the_conqueror_of_parodies "Runaway," Kanye West ft. Pusha T
"Get Me Some Lotion," Dylan Baranski "Set Me In Motion," Bruce Hornsby & The Range
"Deviled Ham," Goggleboy "Super Charger Heaven," White Zombie
"The Vaccine Man, part II," Susanna Viljanen "The Wellerman," Traditional
"you wrote me first," Duc4AmIRight "you broke me first," Tate McRae

May 6, 2021
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Baelish," Callmelennie "Cherish," Association
"Only Unity Can Save Angélina Fans," Barreleye Fish "Hava Nagila," Traditional
"Common Fears," the_conqueror_of_parodies "Hot in Herre," Nelly
"I Must Stop Loving You," Glynn Leaney "I Can't Stop Loving You," Ray Charles
"I Did It For Me," Glynn Leaney "I Do It For You," Bryan Adams
"I Have A Scheme," Glynn Leaney "I Had A Dream," ABBA
"I Remember You," Glynn Leaney "I Remember You," Frank Ifield
"Please Recycle," Goggleboy "Left Hand Black," Danzig
"Metal," Duc4AmIRight "Solid," Young Thug
"I Can't Work It Out," Glynn Leaney "We Can Work It Out," Beatles
"You Don't Mess Around With King," PikaJoe "You Don't Mess Around With Jim," Jim Croce

May 7, 2021
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Emancipated," Grandpa "Cheap Sunglasses," ZZ Top
"Amazon," Erik "Taz" Mokracek "Ebay," Weird Al Yankovic
"Amazon," Erik "Taz" Mokracek "I Want It That Way," Backstreet Boys
"Puff Up So Threats Will Go," the_conqueror_of_parodies "Shut Up and Let Me Go," The Ting Tings
"Strange Life," LoriLoud33 "Simple Life," Elton John
"Uncancelled," Duc4AmIRight "Undivided," Tim McGraw

May 10, 2021
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"And So It Loved," Duc4AmIRight "And So It Went," The Pretty Reckless
"Need Heart Pieces," wildcard "Bits And Pieces," The Dave Clark 5
"Thomas Wilson," Arch Vile "Brian Wilson," Barenaked Ladies
"Call United," Tyrell Brown "Call Tyrone," Erykah Badu
"Head High in the Clouds," Glynn Leaney "Candle In The Wind," Elton John
"Amazon," Erik "Taz" Mokracek "Ebay," Weird Al Yankovic
"Fings Aint Wot They Used To be," Glynn Leaney "Fings Aint What they Use To be," Stanley Holloway
"Hearts," Duc4AmIRight "Flames," Avril Lavigne
"Henlow We Love You," Glynn Leaney "Grandma We Love You," St Winifred's Choir
"Happy Birthday Tricia Neill," Glynn Leaney "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen," Neil Sedaka
"She Said (But She's From Clown World)," AranJutan "He Said, She Said," Chvrches
"Uber Driver," Goggleboy "Holy Diver," Dio
"The Truth Is A Fluid Thing," The Offenders "I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing," Aerosmith
"Amazon," Erik "Taz" Mokracek "I Want It That Way," Backstreet Boys
"I was Born Here in Our Local Bar," Glynn Leaney "I Was Born Under a Wanderin' Star," From Paint Your Wagon
"Larval Botfly," Joseph Little "Into the Night," Benny Mardones
"Is This Bud?," Joseph Little "Is This Love," Whitesnake
"Mother's Day," Duc4AmIRight "Kiss Me More," Doja Cat
"Ludo Shuffle," Joseph Little "Lido Shuffle," Boz Scaggs
"Luan Loud," LoriLoud33 "Luanne," Foreigner
"Worries 'Bout the Beast's Fangs," the_conqueror_of_parodies "Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang," Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Doggy Dogg
"Stranded in the Port-a-John," Joseph Little "Sandy," John Travolta
"Put Your ‘Effin Gun Away," The Offenders "She’s A Little Runaway," Bon Jovi
"Strange Life (Fixed Version)," LoriLoud33 "Simple Life," Elton John
"Smelly Boy," LoriLoud33 "Smelly Cat," Friends Cast
"Airwaves to Dead Ends," Henry Shader "Stairway to Heaven," Led Zeppelin
"The Slaughter of March," Leo Jay "Waters of March / Aguas de Marco," Antonio Carlos Jobim
"Reek," Joseph Little "Weak," SWV

May 12, 2021
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Lori Loud on Fire," LoriLoud33 "Girl on Fire," Alicia Keys
"Worst of US Presidents," Susanna Viljanen "I'm the Urban Spaceman," Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
"Butt-Call," the_conqueror_of_parodies "The Call," Backstreet Boys
"Till My Friends Protects Animals," Duc4AmIRight "Till Forever Falls Apart," Ashe
"To Continue Again," Duc4AmIRight "To Begin Again," Zayn

May 13, 2021
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"34 Minutes From Windsor," Glynn Leaney "24 Hours From Tulsa," Gene Pitney
"Hey Girl," Duc4AmIRight "Hey Boy," Sia
"It's Now or Never," Glynn Leaney "It's Now or Never," Elvis Presley
"It's Money Down the Drain," Glynn Leaney "Just Walking in the Rain," Johnny Ray
"Leaving Down the M4," Glynn Leaney "Leaving on a Jet Plane," John Denver
"Mambo No. 5 (The Loud House)," LoriLoud33 "Mambo No. 5," Lou Bega
"Vegan," the_conqueror_of_parodies "Stephen," Ke$ha
"The Trumpower," AranJutan "Sunflower," Post Malone and Swae Lee
"I've Got a Funny Feeling," Glynn Leaney "You've Lost That Loving feeling," Righteous Brothers

May 14, 2021
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"(I'm Still) A Guy," zvoidx "Alive," Pearl Jam
"Graduation Away from Here," Duc4AmIRight "Anywhere Away from Here," Rag'n'Bone Man
"Suitable," the_conqueror_of_parodies "Beautiful," Bazzi ft. Camila Cabello
"Salmon: The Other Pink Meat," Lionel Mertens "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," Elton John
"Robin's Gonna Shock You Now.," Monstermaster13 "Mama Said Knock You Out.," LL Cool J
"Robin's Gonna Shock You Now.," Monstermaster13 "Mama Said Knock You Out.," LL Cool J
"Vampire," Monstermaster13 "Sorcerer," Marilyn Martin
"You Got Two Chins," Lionel Mertens "You Got a Friend," Carole King

May 17, 2021
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"The Victim," Duc4AmIRight "All We Got," Robin Schulz
"That Old Thing's Unusable," the_conqueror_of_parodies "Everything Is Beautiful," Ray Stevens
"Forgot about the Raisins," Joseph Little "Forgot About Dre," Dr. Dre
"Lofty the Postman," Glynn Leaney "Frosty the Snowman," Miscellaneous
"It's Most Unusual," Glynn Leaney "It's Not Unusual," Tom Jones
"Look at You, You're Dr Who," Glynn Leaney "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee," from the Musical "Grease"
"Stand College," Duc4AmIRight "Need Someone," Zara Larsson
"Leggy Sue," Glynn Leaney "Peggy Sue," Buddy Holly
"But Next Time," Glynn Leaney "The Next Time," Cliff Richard
"Palms of Green," Duc4AmIRight "Waves of Blue," Majid Jordan

May 18, 2021
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"New Update," the_conqueror_of_parodies "Blue Monday," New Order
"The Victim (Part 2)," Duc4AmIRight "Speechless," Eddie Benjamin
"The Swimmer," Andrew Lardieri "The Boxer," Simon & Garfunkel
"Town Of Twin Peaks.," Monstermaster13 "Wuthering Heights," Kate Bush

May 19, 2021
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Anyone Without a Heart," Glynn Leaney "Anyone Who Has a Heart," Cilla Black
"Y-Ho (The Cronies’ Marching Song)," Andrew Lardieri "Heigh Ho," Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
"Thump," the_conqueror_of_parodies "Jump," Van Halen
"Garth The Magic Pilot ," Andrew Lardieri "Puff, the Magic Dragon ," Peter, Paul & Marry
"Crazy Rude," AranJutan "Rude," Magic!
"Melton Mowbray," Glynn Leaney "San Francisco," Scott McKenzie
"Heat," Duc4AmIRight "Skin," Sabrina Carpenter
"Ketch Vahine," Susanna Viljanen "Sloop John B," The Beach Boys
"The Harry Potter that We Used to Know," Kevin Yeh "Somebody That I Used to Know," Gotye
"The Trader," Andrew Lardieri "The Gambler," Kenny Rogers
"Ducks Are Queer," Susanna Viljanen "Uptown Girl," Billy Joel

May 20, 2021
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Massachusetts Dreamin’," Andrew Lardieri "California Dreamin’ ," Mamas & The Papas
"If Steppenwolf Parodied Perry Como," Andrew Lardieri "Catch A Falling Star," Perry Como
"Wreck the Halls," Cactus Impersonator "Deck the Halls," Thomas Oliphant
"The YMCA," Andrew Lardieri "Hernando’s Hideaway ," Archie Bleyer
"Tempest," Duc4AmIRight "Higher," Clean Bandit
"I Am Horse," Andrew Lardieri "I Am Cow," Arrogant Worms
"I Do Want To Live On The Moon," Andrew Lardieri "I Don’t Want To Live On The Moon," Sesame Street
"I Love Tamel Coe," Lionel Mertens "I Love Rock and Roll," Joan Jett and the Black Hearts
"Ilumin△ti," Lionel Mertens "Lady Madonna," The Beatles
"Our Horse," Andrew Lardieri "Our House ," Crosby Stills & Nash
"Brand New, Peaceful Biome," Jonathan Spurlock "Peaceful Easy Feeling," The Eagles
"Rhyme Solution," Callmelennie "Revolution ," The Beatles
"The Flusher," Cactus Impersonator "The Gambler," Kenny Rogers
"A Katana," the_conqueror_of_parodies "Thotiana," Blueface

May 21, 2021
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Synonym Girl," CML "Cinammon Girl," Neil Young
"Sauna," the_conqueror_of_parodies "Conga," Miami Sound Machine
"We're Gonna Block (you)," Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd "I Wanna Rock," Twisted Sister
"Jumping in the Sky with Parachute," Susanna Viljanen "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," The Beatles
"Have to Pass," Duc4AmIRight "Sabootage," Bebe Rexha
"Do Blind People Get Tatoos In Braille," Lionel Mertens "Sir Duke (you can feel it all over)," Stevie Wonder
"Docta Clogga," Cactus Impersonator "The Gambler," Kenny Rogers
"Sarah Bellum's The Girl I Should See," Lionel Mertens "What a Wonderful World," Sam Cooke

May 24, 2021
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Graduation On," Duc4AmIRight "Cameras On," AJ Mitchell
"Papa's Rush (Round 4)," Parody Beast "Hush Little Baby," Traditional
"Uncanny Valley Freak," the_conqueror_of_parodies "I'm in Miami Bitch," LMFAO
"It's All Over Now," Glynn Leaney "It's All Over Now," Rolling Stones
"My Friend's a Gonner," Glynn Leaney "Lady Madonna," Beatles
"My Slump," Kevin Yeh "My Humps," The Black Eyed Peas
"Graduate," Duc4AmIRight "Sacrifice," Bebe Rexha
"Skystruck," Duc4AmIRight "Starstruck," Years and Years
"What It Feels Like For A Ghoul," Monstermaster13 "What It Feels Like For A Girl.," Madonna.
"Doppelganger.," Monstermaster13 "Womanizer," Britney Spears
"Modern Art," Glynn Leaney "wooden Heart," Elvis Presley

May 25, 2021
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Free That Night," the_conqueror_of_parodies "Be Alright," Ariana Grande
"Woof Woof," Andrew Lardieri "Beep Beep," Playmates
"Teammates Are A Swimmer's Best Friend," Andrew Lardieri "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend," Marilyn Monroe
"Vader," Dylan Baranski "Killers," Tygers of Pan Tang
"Swim Practice No. 9," Andrew Lardieri "Love Potion No. 9," The Searchers
"No Booze Today," Glynn Leaney "No Milk Today," Herman's Hermits
"Oh Carol!," Glynn Leaney "Oh Carol!," Neil Sedaka
"Vacation," Duc4AmIRight "Paradise," Meduza
"Boxer (The Animal Farm version)," Susanna Viljanen "The Boxer," Simon & Garfunkel
"The Foal On The Hill," Andrew Lardieri "The Fool On The Hill," The Beatles

May 26, 2021
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Oh, What a Day," Glynn Leaney "December 1963," The Four Seasons
"Free Pen," the_conqueror_of_parodies "Real Friends," Camila Cabello ft. Swae Lee
"Now To Face The Music," Glynn Leaney "The Sound of Music," Julie Andrews
"This is Perfect," Duc4AmIRight "This is Heaven," Nick Jonas

May 27, 2021
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"1, 2 Buckle My Shoe (JD Camden Edition)," Parody Beast "1, 2 Buckle My Shoe," Traditional
"Chestnut Mare (Black Beauty Version)," Andrew Lardieri "Chestnut Mare," The Byrds
"Don't Let The Y Close Down," Andrew Lardieri "Don't Let The Rain Come Down," Seredipity Singers
"Don't Change," Duc4AmIRight "Don't Play," Anne-Marie
"Gotta Be New," the_conqueror_of_parodies "Gotta Be You," One Direction
"I'm Truckin'," Andrew Lardieri "I'm Walkin'," Fats Domino
"If," Glynn Leaney "If," Telly Savalas
"Jack's Song," Andrew Lardieri "Kathy's Song," Simon & Garfunkel
"Oh Darryl!," Glynn Leaney "Oh Carol!," Neil Sedaka
"Kidz Bop Demolition Anthem (Razor and Tie Must Go Away)," Edward Genereux "Over the Hills and Far Away," John Tams

May 28, 2021
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"No More Classes," Duc4AmIRight "No More Parties," Coi Leray
"Grey on Me," the_conqueror_of_parodies "Pray for Me," The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar
"We Are All Athletes," Andrew Lardieri "We Are All Earthlings," Sesame Street

May 31, 2021
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Big Sunlight," Duc4AmIRight "Adrenalina," Senhit
"Rabie Cakes," Jay Kate Morrison "Babycakes," 3 of a Kind
"Eye Of The Swimmer ," Andrew Lardieri "Eye Of The Tiger," Survivor
"Glad You Deserved," Duc4AmIRight "Glad You Exist," Dan + Shay
"God Fix the USA," Anna the Flutist "God Bless the USA," Lee Greenwood
"Graduation," Duc4AmIRight "Good Without," Mimi Webb
"Here It Snows Again," the_conqueror_of_parodies "Here It Goes Again," OK Go
"Downhill No.500," Dick & Dumb "Mambo No.5," Bob the Builder
"Lord, Wont You Replace My Mercedes-Benz ," CML "Mercedes Benz," Janice Joplin
"Greater Idaho," Arch Vile "Private Idaho," The B-52's


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