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You think your parents gave you a strange name? Try being born to a rock star. It seems like strange names are just part of what you have to put up with. The most memorable of course would have to be Moon Unit for the daughter of the late great Frank Zappa.

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Child's Name
Parent's Name
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Ja'Mon La Tocha  Brittany
Jaafar and Jermajesty  Jermaine Jackson If you could ever name your two sons the wierdest and the craziest names. Jade
Jacinda Jones John Paul Jones  Zepp Chick
Jack Mark Hoppus Yeah i like the name and his son is soo adorable G.G
Jack John Christopher Depp Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis He was named after his dad of course. But since Jack John seems repetitive, it makes more sense to have just John and use Jack as a nickname. Taylor
Jack John Christopher Depp / Lily Rose Melody Depp Johnny Depp** and Venessa Paradis Jack John Christopher is a great name because it is unusual, which is good, and it's great how you named him after the father. Lily Rose Melody is the most beautiful name that I have ever heard in my entire life. Johnny Depp you are a phenominal actor and Venessa Paradis you are the luckiest women alive and I hope you have a very good life together. With love, Jenna C Jenna C
Jackson Slade Pasdar Natalie Maines (Dixie Chicks) I think it's ok, but didn't Natalie Maines say Michael Jackson was an idiot and a fool? Lindsay
Jacob Billie Joe  kerry
Jacob Danger Billie Joe Armstrong At least he'll be able to say truthfully, "Danger is my middle name". MEH!
Jacob Danger Billie Joe Armstrong I can imagine the poor kid at the alter when the vicar says 'do you take thee, Jacob Danger.' Alice
Jacob Danger Billie Joe Armstrong* This is a GREAT name. It is unusual and I love it. My uncle recentally changed his middle name to Danger so I do not know what is wrong with it. I love it and American Idiot is an amazing song and I hope I will be able to go to more of your concerts. You're the greatest Billie Joe. With love, Jenna C Jenna C
Jacquese Emory Washell Luke Washell It spells jew!(I'm not jewish) Plus "Jacquese" is an AWFUL AWFUL name! Herbert Fruter
Jade Jon Anderson She became a singer herself and had a hit with "Sugarhigh" in 2002. Eric Andrews
Jade Mick Jagger Mick and Bianca named her Jade because "she [was] beautiful and very, very perfect." My daughter was named after her and she can be described in the same terms as her namesake. No prejudice here... =) lastofthesummerwine
Jade Jagger Mick Jagger and Bianca Jagger Such a nice name Grace Slick
Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger Mick Jagger Do Mick and Bianca know what "Jezebel" means? It was what hookers were called back in the 19th century! Mary
Jaden Will Smith/ Jada Pinkett Maybe the issue is the fact that this child is a BOY?!? Crystina
JADEN WILL SMITH My son's name is Jaden I Ad (Ed) to Jen=Jaden. I absolutely love this name, and I am very happy this is my little prince's name. To make this more interesting, my son's initials are J.O.Y.  JENN
Jaden Will Smith Jaden is not a weird name. It's Hebrew and the meaning is 'God has heard'. My son is called Jaden, and everyone loves it! shell
Jaden Will Smith I don't think it should be an issue that "Jaden" is usally a girl's name. Lot's of names can go for either sex. And lot's of names started out for one sex and then changed. Know any Ashleys? Think about Gone With the Wind....was used as a boy's name then. Dawn
Jaden Will Smith I know more males named Jaden then females. So therefore, Miss Toni, it is best to say that it's a boys name. My nephew's name is Jaiden, and when I had my daughter, I never saw the name Jayden in the female section of baby name books. liz
Jaden Will Smith/Jada Pinkett-Smith  t
Jaden Will Smith Just wanted to say Jaden is originially a boys' name, not a girls'. It's a cute Biblical name and different from the typical, Paul, John, etc. LISA
Jaden Will Smith/ Jada Pinkett My daughter's name is Jaden and I really do not see what is wrong with it. Perhaps you can fill me in? Some people don't want to name their child the same name as everyone else. And it's not like it's Soleil or Moon Unit. I would really like to know what is so bad about it though.  Britney
Jaden Will Smith This is a girls name! C'mon Will, you are so cool, I expected more from you! Why would you name your cute little boy a girls name! My beautiful daughter is named Jayden (and she is years older than his Jaden) and she loves her name! Toni
Jaden Christopher Syre Smith Will Smith I have a son named Christopher Syre. gil syre
Jaden Christopher Syre Smith Will Smith I like the names Jaden and Christopher. But Syre?!!! What is that? japoo
Jaden Syre Smith Will Smith  Tray Daddy
Jaden Syre Smith Will Smith I like... "Syre" means Acid in danish.. Simon
Jaden, Willow and Trey (Willard III) Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith Is it just me or do they seem to have named all their kids after themselves?! Miss MT
Jagger Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach singer)  nobody
Jagger Scott Stapp - Creed That poor poor child. I sincerily hope he is homeschooled! Personaly I find it rather crule to name your child so out there. I mean different is good helps to stand out, give your own personality... but there's a fine line between different and "aw that poor kid!" Heather
Jagger Scott Stapp  Jess
Jagger Scott Stapp I think someone may have liked the Rolling Stones just a little too much, yeah nothing says I love you better, then naming you after the worlds largest lips. GhETtO JoHn
Jagger Scott Stapp "Jagger" was named for the meaning of the word, (look it up) not because of "the man with the largest lips." Annoyed at Ignorance
Jagger Michael Stapp Scott Alan Stapp It is very true of what the meaning of Jagger is "Messenger of God". Stapp did not name his son after Mic Jagger either, he named him after the Biblical term (strictly Word-not Christian.) Alysia Constantine
Jagger Michael Stapp Scott Alan Stapp  Alysia Constantine
Jagger Shaddix Jacoby Shaddix Why did he name him Jagger? I am a fan of his and all, but I cannot understand the name. Kid Vet
Jagger Shaddix Jacoby and Kelly Shaddix Jacoby and Kelly actually got this name from a friend's cat. Kelly's personal trainer, Wendy, has a cat named Jagger (named after Mick Jagger), and Kelly and Jacoby thought it was a cool name. Christina
Jagger Stapp Scott Stapp The name Jagger's literal meaning is "Messenger of God". The reason I think that it's weird is that Scott insists he's not in a Christian band.(Doesn't Creed mean Biblical messege or something?) Katie
Jailynn Britney Spears She's having a girl. I'm ashamed I'm even named after her. She's so dumb! Hopefully she won't favor this one because it's a girl! That's why I was hoping it would be a boy. Brytanny
Jakob Danger Billie Joe Armstrong I so hope that Jakob Danger is as hot and fine as his dad. And I really love that name Jakob but the one that really turns me on is Danger. I hope that Billie would teach how to have those good looks and that rocking attitude! Isabel
Jakob Danger Billie Joe Armstrong Spelt Jakob Danger, not Jacob Danger Michael M
Jakob Danger Billie Joe Armstrong This name is GREAT!!!. With Jakob having a dad like Billie Joe his name is brill. I love the name Danger it adds something special to the name, and if he turn out like his dad his name will be prefect for him ( also if he turn out like his dad he'll be hot!!).  Megan Louise Yates
Jakob Danger Billie Joe Armstrong Just so he can be able to pick up chicks by saying, "Danger's my middle name." snowburton
Jakob Danger Billie Joe Armstrong  Anyone else not think this is so weird? Most people don't give away their middle names anyway, so to most of his friends he'd just be 'Jakob' which is pretty normal really. Ariane Claire
Jakob Danger Billie Joe Armstrong His official name at school wil be "Danger", also known as Jakob. But Billie's kid are gonna be cool!  Franka (GD, LPfan)
Jakob Danger Billie Joe Armstrong At least he can literally say "Danger is my middle name". Blair
Jakob Danger Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) Well, Jakob Armstrong is one of the very few people who can say the phrase 'Danger is my middle name' and mean it in the literal sense! =) Also, Honey is right - Jakob is the Hebrew version of 'Jacob'. Nicci
Jakob Danger Billie Joe Armstrong What an amazing name but i'm sooo not surprised as his dad has to be the sexiest most adorable guy on this whole god damn planet. Jakob with the 'k' soundz hot and Danger is just the best middle name you can have. Jakob and his brother Joey Marciano both look sooo gorgeous just like their dad! Jade
Jakob Danger Billie Joe Armstrong not sure if that's spelled correctly... but i would love to have that name (if i was a boy)!!! that is one lucky kid... to have a father cool enough to make his middle name 'Danger'. Adding to his kick-ass name, if he's anything like his father, he'll grow up to a hottie!  Erin P
Jakob Danger Armstrong Billie Joe Armstrong Jakob is called Jakob Danger because Billie Joe's favourite movie is "Austin Powers" and Danger is Austin's middle name. Therefore, Jakob got the name too. amelia nesser
Jakob Danger Armstrong Billie Joe Armstrong  I think that Jacob is a cute name, like sugar. Danger add more spice to his name. And the girl will go crazy after him when he's older. Just looks like his hot dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Victoria C
Jakob Danger/Joseph Marciano Billie Joe Armstrong Sorry, Lauren, but I happen to know that Billie's dad's name was Andy. I think Adrienne's dad was named Joseph. Also, Jakob Danger is a great name! Billie Joe is married and too old for me, but I would love to marry one of his sons!!! They'll probably turn out hot like their father AND I'll get to see Billie all the time! =) Sarah
Jakob Dylan Bob Dylan Jakob is the Hebrew version of "Jacob". It predates Jacob with a C, I believe. It has nothing to do with being "cool" Honey
Jakob Dylan Bob Dylan Uh, yeah, Jakob/Jacob is Hebrew. Look it up, moron. Jakob predates the spelling Jacob. i
Jakob Dylan Bob Dylan A "k" is so much cooler than with a "c." Jakob's always said that no one ever gets his name correct---not on his childhood trophy's, and not even on one of his platinum records! memyselfandi
Jakob Dylan Bob Dylan Sorry, Honey. "Jakob" is not Hebrew. German, maybe. But the original form of Jacob (the only proper English spelling) is Yaakov. Enough with the pretentious phony starchild monikers. Marc
Jakob Dylan Bob Dylan Jakob is a VERY popular way to spell what we know as 'jacob'. It's not odd at all. Yo.
Jakob Dylan Bob Dylan Jakob Dylan's the lead singer for The Wallflowers. What's with the spelling, Bob? Mike Hack
Jakob Zimmerman Bob Zimmerman (better known as Bob Dylan) Bob Dylan's original last name was Zimmerman, so wouldn't that make his son's name Jakob Zimmerman? Aaerni
James Hoke Dorough Howie Dorough His middle name is his grandfather's first name. Howie's dad died before James was born. Celeste
James Leroy Augustine Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall How cool? Leroy's sooo cool! Grace Slick
James Luis McCartney Paul McCartney Paul's name and his late wife Linda's father's name. jess
Janina Peter Schilling  Alana
Janvier Monique It's French for January. But sounds like 'Javier' and it's a girl. JV
Jason Emmanuel Barbra Streisand  Eric Andrews
Jasper Bryan Ferry I assume it's because of Jasper Conran, the fashion designer, but it also makes me think of a tabby cat my sister had, named Jasper after Jasper Carrott, the comedian! pickle*
Jaya R. Kelly  Felicia Dunham
Jaya Ben Harper  Eric Andrews
Jayda Neal Morse (formerly of Spock's Beard) He has been quoted as saying he did not name his daughter for Jada Pinkett Smith. pickle*
Jayden Kelly Hayes (Cold/Allele)  cold fan
Jayla Young Buck  La Kamalla
Jayshiaara Domino  Diamond
Jazz Domino Holly Mellor Joe Strummer Jazz Domino Holly Mellor is his eldest daughter's full name, not split up. theclash134
Jazz, Domino, Holly, Mellor Joe Strummer He named his eldest daughter Jazz because it was his favourite music genre. Lovely, amazing, inspirational man, may he rest in peace. But he had a weird taste in names! Jazz is pretty, but Domino?!  theclash134
Jeddrah Timothy B. Schmit (The Eagles) Great name but don't know what it means. *Donna
Jeris Cassandra Wilson  Eric Andrews
Jermagesty Jermaine Jackson How sad. INSTANT STAR
Jermajesty Jermaine Dupri How much more ghetto can you get? Ari
Jermajesty Jermaine Jackson Jermajesty's cousins are named Prince Michael and Prince Michael II. Interesting. Kitty
Jermajesty Jermaine Jackson That's soooooo stupid!! He must've hated the kid on sight. Why else would you set your child up for a lifetime of embarrassment? Jennie Sue
Jermajesty Jermaine Jackson I like to think it's in tribute to 'Her Majesty' on the end of 'Abbey Road'! pickle*
Jerrel Coron Jones, Jr. (Moonman) and Destiny Jones J-Kwon i like...and Destiny is a really pretty name **kandyce**
Jessamine Paul Weller (Jam, Style Council) Paul's youngest girl is named after one of his favorite songs. I think it's very pretty, not common but not way out there and weird. entil'zha
Jesse James Jon Bon Jovi Gotta love the name!!! SANDY
Jesse James Jon Bon Jovi  Jessica
Jesse James And D'Lila Star Diddy Who gives a girl the name Jessie James? D'Lila star is okay even though I would NEVER name my child that. Mind you, they're girls.  diddysotherbabymomma
Jessica Starshine Osbourne Ozzy Osbourne Nice middle name! And on top of that, Ozzy used to call her "Bombins".  Josette
Jesus Flea Jesus is a very typical Spanish name. I got 6 friends with this name! Maria (Spain)
Jesus Flea Wouldn't that be a sin?  ...
Jesus Flea Hmm...weird. jii
Jesus Flea Jesus is not an odd name. There are many people with this name. blondi
Jesus Flea (red hot chili peppers) Seriously this kid is almost guaranteed to be stoned if he goes to Israel LOL! UGLY DUCKLING
Jesus Flea Lots of people named 'Jesus', amigo. Felipe
Jett and Ella Blue John Travolta/Kelly Preston Son named after John's passion for flying, the daughter...after a favorite color, perhaps? domn8rx
Jiacamo Sting I am not sure of the exact spelling of this one, but it's pronouced jack-a-mo. I have always wondered what he and his siblings use as last names. I don't think they use their mother's maiden name, which is Styler. I wonder if that is why they have bizarre names. Sso they don't need a last one! caluf
Joaquin Sylvia Joaquin is actually pronounced "Wac-een". ross
Joaquin Sylvia  Joaquin
Joey Marciano Billie Joe Armstrong  adrienne nesser
Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo  Seal and Heidi Klum What was going thru their mind when they named their kid that? Candi
John Elton John John John? Aaerni
John Abraham Bono All I have to say is, John is adorable!! PennyPyro
John Charles Julian Lennon John and Cynthia Lennon It's not that long of a name--there are longer ones. Anyway, he was called Julian, but his nickname "Jude" became famous in 1968, after the release of the timeless song "Hey Jude", written to make Julian feel better about his parents' divorce. some random girl
John Charles Julian Lennon  John Lennon & Cynthia Powell Accually, his nickname was not 'Jude', it was 'Jules'. Paul McCartney changed it for the song because he thought it sounded better. Larka
John Charles Julian Lennon (aka Jude) John Lennon & Cynthia Powell Yeah John, long enough name? poor kid! hippychick
John Ira Shepherd  Zac Hanson They call him Shepherd. He was born on May 27, 2008. Micha
John Ira Shepherd Hanson Zac Hanson They're going to call him Shepherd!! Icccckk!!! That's so horrible! Poor baby. At least Taylor was unique but not totally ridiculous with his children's names (Ezra, Penelope, River) and neither was Isaac (Everett), but seriously?! Shepherd?! Nooo. Ash Salvador
Johnnie Rose and Miller Steven Melissa Etheridge Her and wife Tammy's babies They are so cute! Apple Stephanie
Jonas, Rocket Tom Delonge I think it's cute, although others may disagree. But with a dad as cool as Tom, I doubt he'd be picked on. megan
Jordan Bono She's a girl. Fairly common in the US (yes for girls too) but not so sure about Ireland. PennyPyro
Jordan Alexis Patton Big Boi (From Outkast) Just wanted to let it be known that Bamboo is a nickname, Jordan Alexis Patton is his real name. Boo
Jordan Ezra Taylor Hanson Obviously, he got Jordan from his own first name. But I think that Ezra is an adorable name. It's his child; it's not like y'all have to deal with the name if you don't like it. It's just different. It's too bad that most of y'all are too shallow to accept that Taylor and Natalie can name their child what they want! Kelli
Jordan Ezra Taylor Hanson Jordan comes from Taylor's first name and Ezra comes from a book in the Bible because both he and his wife, Natalie are die-hard Christians! Beccy
Jordan Ezra Taylor Hanson in Germany EZRA is only a girls name. but who cares??? By the way who cares the Babies name? better, lets hope it is going to be cute like its dad!!!!!!!!!! And give this a thought: maybe can diehard Christians have awesome sex too jani
Jordan Ezra Taylor Hanson  Beth
Jordan Ezra Taylor Hanson "Diehard Christians?" Taylor Hanson and his wife? Either that's an exagerration that the duo never asked for, or once again, Christian hyporcrisy rears its ironic, little head. After all, it doesn't take a math major to take a look at the date of Jordan Ezra and figure out that there was a bit'o premarital "sexing" going on. ;) As far as Jordan Ezra goes, Biblical or no Biblical, I like the kid's name--even though it doesn't strike me as being particularly "weird." Everything's relative, I suppose.  bean
Jordan Ezra  Taylor Hanson Christians are just humans like you and me. A church is filled with sinners, and it's meant for people who admit that they are sinners to be made right. It's like a hospital where the sick get help. So what if Taylor committed pre-marital sex? It's just as bad as telling a lie! You think God doesn't forgive him if he repents? And he made the right decision, which was to marry his girl than ditching her. And who are you to judge what he did? It's between him and God, not you. Why don't you look at your own life instead of commenting on other people? Janice
Jordan Ezra and Pennelope Anne Taylor Hanson Ah, the Hanson children... of course they will have old fashioned names, look at their old souled father! It's great Tay and Natalie are bringing those names back though, they are good classics. However was Pennelope a really good choice, seeing as how one of their hit songs when the child was concieved was "Penny and Me", sort of lame. Oh well, wonder what they're gonna name the third one!?!?!?! Luda
Jordan Ezra Hanson Taylor Hanson Ezra's name came from The Bible, most of the names of Hanson's family are biblical, like Isaac, Zachary, Jordan and Ezra. This is probably 'cause they're Christians. Claudia Rios
Jordan Ezra Hanson Taylor Hanson Ezra was their grandfather's name. It goes with the family tradition of name passing. It wasn't just like he opened the Bible with a blindfold and pointed. toona
Jordan Ezra Hanson Jordan Taylor Hanson Yes, Taylor got Jordan from his first name. It's a tradition in their family. Isaac And Zac both have names from their father. And I suppose Taylor figured he'd hand his on down to Ezra. Yes, the child will be called Ezra. And I "heard" that the name "sorta'" came from Ezra Lusk (the Moto-cross racer guy, since Hanson are all really big fans of dirt biking.)  ami li
Jordan Ezra Hanson Taylor Hanson This child is called Ezra. Quite an ugly name if you ask me. Natalie chose it to represent her love for the Hanson clan, while Taylor opted for the name Josiah -- clearly, Natalie won this one out. Shame really.. at least the child could go by Josie, or Jo. Now it's just Ez or Ezra. Makes me think of a perverted old man. Tracy
Jordan Ezra Hanson Taylor Hanson Taylor's real first name is Jordan, he's Jordan Taylor, so that's where the first name came from. As far as Ezra? Who knows. He'll probably go by Ezra too, Taylor goes by his middle name, so does Isaac (his first name is Clarke...can you blame him for going by Isaac?) Megan
Jordan Ezra Hanson Taylor Hanson I think Ezra is a crap name. And I thought Christians were meant to have sex after marriage not before!  caryz
Jordan Ezra Hanson Taylor Hanson Ok, I think this is a very cute name for a baby. I don't see why all of you are ripping on Taylor because he had sex before marriage. Yes, he may be a die hard Christian but that doesn't mean he doesn't make mistakes. And look at him and his wife now, they are completly content. So, you all need to lay off and leave him alone. He is VERY happy with his wife and child.  Madison
Jordan Ezra, Penelope Anne, & River Samuel Hanson Taylor Hanson Jordan goes by Ezra, Penelope is called Penny (as in their song "Penny & Me"), & River (as in their song "river" which by the way was written when they were 8, 10, &12) the stupidest name ever Michelle
Jordan Lena Bono Jordan was named after one of her dads friends who is a boxer or something, not sure where the Lena is from Jen
Jordan, Bamboo and Cross Big Boi Jordan - not bad. Bamboo - is the child a panda!? Cross - yes, he SHOULD be! Frida
Jordan, Bamboo, Cross Big Boi Jordan is the daughter and the first child, then Bamboo the first son, then Cross. He has 3 kids and Jordan is about 10. Jordan and Bamboo are not the same child, contrary to "boo". Alexandrea
Jorden Ezra Taylor Hanson Ezra is the angel of writing.  Aline
Jorja Bleu Bret Michaels Named after her maternal grandfather. Sally
Joseph Marciano Billie Joe Arnstrong I like the name. I liked it even more when I found out that he was my age. I bet I will like it even more if he grows up to be as hot as his dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now he is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  jasmine
Joseph Marciano Billie Joe Armstrong Some sources claim that Joseph comes from Adrienne's dad's name. Pay attention to that, Lauren. But you were close (Pay attention to this, Sarah), because Billie's dad's full name was Andrew Marciano Armstrong (Hence the middle name). Brittney
Joseph Marciano Billie Joe Armstrong Well, Joseph is normal, but Marciano was a prizewinning fighter and won the heavyweight championship. Maybe Billie Joe or Adrienne admired this person? Lili
Joseph Marciano Billy Joe Armstrong Joseph Marciano is actually named after a famous jazz musician. Lozza
Joseph Marciano Billie Joe Armstrong Marciano was a very famous prizewinning fighter and won the heavyweight championship. But he was also unbeaten if my memory serves me correctly. So maybe Billie-Joe and Adrienne were thinking of that when they chose Marciano?? Just a suggestion though! =) Nicci
Joseph Marciano  Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day I believe that Adrienne's dad is named Joseph, so that's probably why Billie Joe and Adrienne named him that. As for the Marciano...not sure. Could that be Billie's dad's name? Shannon
Joseph Marciano Armstrong Billie Joe Armstrong Andrew Marcicano Armstrong is Billie Joe's dad. Billie Joe gave his son, Joseph, the middle name after his father. Brittany
Joseph Marciano Armstrong Billie Joe Armstrong Really cool name, but Marciano is very different. Shelli
Joseph Marciano Armstrong Billie Joe Armstrong The name isn't so unusual, it sounds really cool. My opinion. I think Billie Joe and Adrienne named their son Joseph Marciano because of the jazz musician, and i heard BJ's dad was a jazz musician. i think they named their son that name in rememberance of BJ's dad, which is really nice of them to do. Veronica Perez
Joseph Marciano/ Jakob Danger Billie Joe Armstrong I think that both names are great. Billie Joe has that sense of humor that would put in a middle name like Danger. Something tells me that Billie Joe thought it would be funny, and that maybe he wishes that he also could have had "Danger" for a middle name. Nice choice, Billie Joe. Keep up the good humor. Vera
Joseph Marciano/ Jakob Danger Armsrong Billie Joe Armsrong I like thoose names. Joseph Marciano was a famous heavy weight boxing champion.Jakob Danger is really cool name.Now there is someone in this world that can say,"Danger is my middle name". Mallyn
Joseph Marciano/Jakob Danger Billie Joe Armstrong I think that both of these names are very unique. I like how they spelled Jakob different also. I think its cool how their middle names are so different rather than the usual Brandon or Josh. Rachel
Joseph Marcicano Billie Joe Armstrong  Juliet
Joseph Marcicano Billie-Joe Armstrong Joseph is Billie's dad's name Lauren
Julian Geddy Lee  Eric Andrews
Julian Brian Jones (of the Rolling Stones) Brian was a huge fan of jazz great Julian "Cannonball" Adderley. It is said he had several sons with this name. Eric Andrews
Julian Angel, and Fire Steve Vai  Celeste
Julian Lennon John Lennon & Cynthia Lennon Julian's full name is actually John Charles Julian Lennon. As someone said above, "Julian" was for John's mother Julia. Lindsay
Julian Lennon John Lennon Julian, who was born in 1963 (when his father was in the Beatles), takes his first name from the masculine derivative of John's mother's name, Julia. The Rev. A. Palgut
Junia Rosa Ruth Hanson Zack Hanson Wow! There's no other word that I can put above that. Celeste
Junior Andre Katie Price (Jordan) and Peter Andre I think Junior is a stupid name! Jordan and Peter are even weirder than I thought! Katy
Junior Savva Jordan & Peter Andre Savva is Peter's father's name.  Lealea
Justice Dave Mustaine Kind of an unfair name, ironically. Lisa
Justice Dave Mustaine Is this a boy or a girl? Girl I could handle, but Justice for a son seems a little weird. Jordie
Justice John Mellencamp Let's not forget John's second daughter. His first is named Teddy. I think he picks very unique names for his children. julie
Justice John Hendy (Jonathan Darren Hendy, East 17)  Michaela
Justice Dave Mustaine How did he go from a Panzy in Scottsdale, to a sponsored guitarist? j
Justice John Mellencamp Justice is actually John's third daughter. His first daughter is Michelle. I think Justice got the best name of his 5 kids. Jen
Justice John Hendy For whom? Frida
Justin Dior Combs Diddy and Misa Hilton-Brim well Justin is a nice boys name and Dior is a little weird. But I guess the name Justin Dior Combs has a nice ring to it. janet
Justis Mustaine Dave Mustaine  Jake
Justis Mustaine  Dave Mustaine  Berglind G

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