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Band Name Wordplay

Different ways to look at the names of bands and song titles.

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May 3
Return of OWN-Week 7 -"Old Town Road"(Lil Nas X)

This week we're taking a look at the popular "Country?" / "Rap?" song "Old Town Road" performed by the 20-year-old Lil Nas X and his buddy Billy Ray Cyrus who hasn't been relevant in 20 years! Due = 5-10-2019 (Comments & Parodies)

Apr 26
Return of O.W.N. - Week 6 - "Sunflower"

This week we're taking a look at a great song from one of the best animated movies of 2018 - "Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse" (Comments & Parodies)

Apr 19
Return of O.W.N. - Week 5 = "Hold Me Tight"

This week we're discovering the little talked about classic rock band from the U.K. called "The Beatles". Don't know why they decided to name themselves after a bunch of bugs but maybe Papa Roach knows... This is a classic Beatles number but has only been parodied twice so far on (Maybe we'll find out why) (Comments & Parodies)

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If Groups Combined, Their Names Might Be... -> Latest Entries

Ava Max-A-Million
Ava Max combined with Max-A-Million
Submitted By: Pete Worst
Gretchen Wilson Phillips
Would be a wild quartet with the addition of Gretchen. Wonder if they'd still been in "Bridesmaids"?
Submitted By: Donna Gelpigi

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Duets That Haven't Been Performed Yet -> Latest Entries

"Parasite Living Inside Myself"
"Parasite," Kiss
"Living Inside Myself," Gino Vannelli
Submitted By: Alicia Sturdivant
"Leader of the Broken Hearts Parade"
"Leader of the Broken Hearts," Papa Roach
"Broken Hearts Parade," Good Charlotte
Submitted By: Tom Bell

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Cool Band Names (we invented) -> Latest Entries

Basinets And Castanets
Two words coming together because of their vaguely similar sounds, even though they designate dissimilar things. As a band name it might have a rhythmic aura as if both were musical instruments.
Submitted By: Richard Wetfuss
Speak Softly And The Big Hickory Sticks
Wordplay on the saying "Speak softly and carry a big stick", based on the fact that "carry a" sounds like Carya, the scientific genus name for hickory.
Submitted By: Richard Wetfuss

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Band Name Anagrams -> Latest Entries

O Their Gloss On Us originally The Glorious Sons - Submitted By: Corinne Auterlehr
The Rio Gloss On Us originally The Glorious Sons - Submitted By: Priscilla Gadsden

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Band Name Aliteration -> Latest Entries

ZZ Ward - Lady singer - Submitted By: Sheila Oh
Nine Inch Nails - - Submitted By: All-Starr

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How to Pronounce a Band Name -> Latest Entries

Gnarls Barkley pronounced as Narlz BAR-klee - Submitted By: Joe
6ix9ine pronounced as six nine - Submitted By: JohnHowarth

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Names as a Word Bank -> Latest Entries

Moody Food, Mo! formed from MF DOOM - Submitted By: All-Starr
Berlin Rebel Ran In formed from Anberlin - Submitted By: Karen Smith

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Band Name Spoonerisms -> Latest Entries

Mort Finer originally Fort Minor - Submitted By: Opie M.
The Sore-ious Guns originally The Glorious Sons - Submitted By: Opie M.

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Products Bands Should Endorse Based on Their Name -> Latest Entries

The Unlikely Candidates should endorse "Trump 2020" - Submitted By: Opie M.
Aphex Twin should endorse "Twin Beds" - Submitted By: All-Starr

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New Band Names -> Latest Entries

The Onfall a better name for The Offspring
Submitted By: Julia Cox
Cartoonz a better name for Gorillaz
Submitted By: All-Starr

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Music Performer Nicknames -> Latest Entries

Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins is also called: Voice of God
Submitted By: Oh Yeah
Tove Lo is also called: The Saddest Girl In Sweden
Her grim and autobiographical lyrical content have led pundits to dub her as this.
Submitted By: Tove Hi

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Origins -> Latest

Soft Cell
'Soft Cell' is the title of an early chapter in John Brunner's 1968 science fiction novel 'Stand on Zanzibar'. The band takes their name from this book, not the Frank Zappa song.
Submitted By: Donnie Wilcox

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Pseudonyms -> Latest

Roddy Ricch
used to be: Rodrick Wayne Moore Jr.
Submitted By: Yvette Bristle

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Offspring -> Latest

Odin Reign
born to: Nick Carter
Nick has explained that he picked the name Odin because he wanted his son's name to mean something. I didn't like it at first, but I do now!
Submitted By: Ariana Grande mocha swirl

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