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Band Name Wordplay

Different ways to look at the names of bands and song titles.

amIright Events -> Latest Entries

May 3
Return of OWN-Week 7 -"Old Town Road"(Lil Nas X)

This week we're taking a look at the popular "Country?" / "Rap?" song "Old Town Road" performed by the 20-year-old Lil Nas X and his buddy Billy Ray Cyrus who hasn't been relevant in 20 years! Due = 5-10-2019 (Comments & Parodies)

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If Groups Combined, Their Names Might Be... -> Latest Entries

Grand Trans-Siberian Funk Orchestra
Submitted By: Gary Albright
Trans-Siberian Railroad
Submitted By: Gary Albright

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Duets That Haven't Been Performed Yet -> Latest Entries

"I'm Still Standing Outside A Broken Phonebooth With Money In My Hand"
"I'm Still Standing," Elton John
"Standing Outside A Broken Phonebooth With Money...," Primitive Radio Gods
Submitted By: David
"Baby, Where Did Our Love Go?"
"Baby Love," The Supremes
"Where Did Our Love Go?," The Supremes
Submitted By: Ariane

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Cool Band Names (we invented) -> Latest Entries

Slimer Genocide
I was listening to this week's episode of The Greatest Generation (it's a Star Trek podcast) and the hosts were talking about an episode of Voyager where some aliens looked like a skinny version of Slimer from Ghostbusters but I don't remember why the enemy wanted to kill off the entire race
Submitted By: dayna
Eddy Tutu
I just made it up.
Submitted By: Brionna Secret

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Band Name Anagrams -> Latest Entries

An Alarm Kite originally Katrina Elam - Submitted By: Christie Blanchard
The Laos Pay originally The Payolas - Submitted By: Rose Cathcart

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Band Name Aliteration -> Latest Entries

Meg Myers - - Submitted By: Sheila Oh
Tenpole Tudor - Best band of the 80s - Submitted By: Darren Standlick

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How to Pronounce a Band Name -> Latest Entries

The Roches pronounced as Thuh Roach-ez - Submitted By: Sheila Oh
Captain & Tennille pronounced as Captain & Teh-NEEL - Submitted By: Marie

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Names as a Word Bank -> Latest Entries

Robot Chicken formed from Robin Thicke - Submitted By: Harrp
Cattails formed from Sailcat - Submitted By: Ramona Troutman

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Band Name Spoonerisms -> Latest Entries

The Gateful Dread originally The Grateful Dead - Submitted By: Christy Blanchard
Daily Tron originally Ladytron - Submitted By: Sheila Oh

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Products Bands Should Endorse Based on Their Name -> Latest Entries

Herbie Kay & His Orchestra should endorse "Kay Jewelers" - Submitted By: George&GermaineBriantFan
Moby should endorse "Seafood restaurants " - Submitted By: Lance Crackers

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New Band Names -> Latest Entries

Imagine Draggins a better name for Imagine Dragons
Submitted By: Christy Blanchard
Dean Baldry a better name for Elton John
Submitted By: Alan the Ottoman

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Music Performer Nicknames -> Latest Entries

Charo is also called: The Cutchi Cutchi Girl
Based on the Latina performer's catch phrase from the '70s and 80's
Submitted By: Sheila Oh
Tico Torres is also called: The Hitman
He's been drumming for Bon Jovi since the early days so his talent? I don't know but he's had it for a while.
Submitted By: dayna

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Other Name Resources -> Latest Entries

Origins -> Latest

The Weeknd
His name derives from an incident in his childhood where he dropped out of school and moved from home - essentially, leaving one weekend and never coming back. The omission of the third "e" was due to a band from his province of Ontario taking that name.
Submitted By: Dominicmgm

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Pseudonyms -> Latest

used to be: Melissa Viviane Jefferson
Submitted By: Sheila Oh

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Offspring -> Latest

Sam Ryan Springsteen
born to: Bruce Springsteen
I have nothing against the name itself - it's a good name - but the fact that it's not short for Samuel makes me a little weirded out
Submitted By: dayna

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