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You think your parents gave you a strange name? Try being born to a rock star. It seems like strange names are just part of what you have to put up with. The most memorable of course would have to be Moon Unit for the daughter of the late great Frank Zappa.

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Entries Beginning with C

Child's Name
Parent's Name
Submitted by:
Caelen John Berry Why not just name him Caileb; I mean Caelen is more of a femine name. Ellie
Cairo Beverely Peele Cairo is a girl. I LOVE the name Cairo, but only for a boy. Sabrina
Cal Winwood  Steve Winwood   Ray Pissed
Caledonia Jean-Marie Shawn Colvin  Eric Andrews
Cali Tee James Hetfield This man must hate his kids! First Castor Virgil, now Cali Tee! He must want them to stay single forever...yeesh! Chandra
Calico Alice Cooper I think it is a pretty name. My mom thinks of cats when she hears Calico. You know Calico Cat. Kayla
Calico Cooper Alice Cooper Alice is my hero, so I can't criticise. Calico dances on stage for Dad now - she's a great showgirl! nursie
Calico Cooper Alice Cooper His daughter is now used in his show as the nurse, Whipdancer, and Britney Spears. Mr. Binky
Calico, Dashiell and Sonora Rose Alice Cooper Not my style, but I guess it could be worse. Frida
Calli Tee James Hetfield  Barf
Calo Leon Martin Gore In Greece, Calo is something you have on your feet when wearing high heels (and it's painful). jelisa
Calo Leon Gore Martin Gore This isn't a totally outrageous name, but it is a little on the weird side.  Niebezpieczny
Cammie Love, Cash, & Scout Powell Mac Powell (Third Day) I love Third Day! Donna
Carlyissa Gerald Levert I really like that name. Shakiyla
Carmel Chingy  Sweetz
Carmella Star Munky (Korn) That name isn't weird. it's pretty and feminine. At least he didn't name her "Britney" or "Arianna" like everyone else you know. jen s
Carmella Star  Munky (guitarist for Korn) Its kinda pretty, but its kinda weird. Melissa
Carmen Jane Robert Plant I personally think "Carmen" is actually the more common of his children's names. I actually look up to the fact that he and his wife actually looked to name their children something different than having a common name. I wish my parents would've done the same for me.  strawberry_fields
Carnie Wilson Brian Wilson Which explains her former weight status. oldrock
Carson KT I think a cute name is Carson and Paige. Katie
Cash Slash Cash's little brother's real name is London, actually. MariMar
Cash Slash  Matt
Cash Slash I think it's a family thing. Slash's little brother goes by Ash. MIchele
Cash Slash My son's name is the same: very different not like Ryan, Bryan, or Jon. Different is good if you want your child to be unique. Beth
Cash Anthony Slash  Slash_Is_My_God_And_I_Must_worship_him
Cassius Richard Ashcroft Named after Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali. Janet
Castor James Hetfield It's definitely NOT for Castor Oil, but Castor, as in Castor and Pollux, the twin half-gods sired by Zeus. Castor represents one-half of the zodiac Gemini. omega
Castor James Hetfield Castor Oil? Doesn't that make you s***? Lisa
Castor James Hetfield I think Castor is a very manly name, and very cool. My son's name is Gage. Is that lame too? jen s
Castor  James Hetfield "Come crawling Castor, obey your father" perhaps? I love James Hetfield and I live for Metallica, but he has a weird taste in names. Mickey
Castor Virgil James Hetfield In French, castor means "beaver". I just hope he will never have his father's teeth. But I've seen a picture of his he is cute.  lili
Castor Virgil & Cali Tee James Hetfield I think Cali Tee and Castor Virgil are very pretty names. johanna
Castor Virgil Hetfield James Hetfield [metallica]  Barf
Castor Virgil Hetfield James Hetfield I think that James is cool, and naming his children something that isn't considered as normal is fantastic. My own daughter's name is Elanna, and where I'm from, that's weird. I even thought of the name Tallic for my first born boy. liz
Cat Curt Kirkwood Her full name is Catherine Louisa St. Elmo Amelia Violet Presley Kirkwood. Mo' Wood
Catherine Louisa Saint Elmo Amelia Violet Elizabeth Presley Kirkwood Curt Kirkwood (Meat Puppets) Confirmed- Full name of Cat MeatPuppetFan
Cedella Bob Marley Isnt that sweet that Bob Marley thought of his mother when he named his children?? Awwww in her memory Bob's so sweet. Sn0opy
Chance Wood Danny Wood You'd think that Chance would be a boy's name? But no Danny named both of his daughters unique names. :) Celeste
Chanel Nelly To all of you that said she was born in 1996. She wasn't, because he says she was born February 27,1994 on his cd "Suit". jothani
Chanel Nelly Nelly's daughter and I have the same name!!!  chanel
Chanel Nelly I also now know that "Chanel" is not the proper way to spell her name. Her name is spelt Chanelle. It combines her mother and her father's name. Annie
Chanel Nelly Nelly's daughter Chanel was born February 27, 1994 not 96 to the person who said she was born in 96! Necy
Chanel Nelly She wasn't born in 1996, she was born in 1994 because she is going into 7th grade. Annie
Chanel and Cornell Haynes the 3rd Nelly Excuse me I don't know what ya'll are talking cause Nelly's kids are Chanel and Cornell Haynes the 3rd. Chanel was born on Feburary 27,1994 and his name is Cornell and he was born on March 2,1999. They call his son Tre. It only takes a true Nelly fan to know that stuff and that fan is me!!!!! Costa
Chanel And Tra Nelly  mizza
Chanel and Tre Nelly Okay, I don't know what people keep saying, but Nelly's kids are named Chanel and Tre. Chanel was born in 1996, and Tre was born in 1999. But I love both of those names! Heather
Chanel And Tre Nelly Chanel was born in 1994 actualy! amy
Chanel Siomone Rose Lil' Mama  jessee
Chani Boon Gould (Level 42) Chani, the name taken from the book of Dune, is pronounced (Charni) in the movie and by people in India, which is where the name originated from. Chani
Chani Boon Gould (Level 42) I am actually friends with Boon's daughter and the correct spelling of her name is Chani (pronounced Chainy). Asher is right - she was named after the character in Frank Herbert's "DUNE" books. Caroline
Channel And Cornell Nelly Nelly's son is called Cornel Haynes 3rd(Not Tre). Nelly's daughter Chanel was born in Febuary 27, 1994 3 months premature(3pounds and 2oz). loz
Charles Augustus Robison Emily Robison (Dixie Chick)  Lindsay
Chase T-Boz  brownie
Chase T-Boz  TLC's singer T- Boz has an adorable daughter who's named after a boy, but I think it's kind of a cute name. Savannah- Chanell
Chase T-Boz & Mack 10  Eric Andrews
Chasity Sonny and Cher Well...she's a lesbian...not exactly the chasity they had in mind Billy Florio
Chastity Cher and Sonny Bono If Sonny and Cher were chaste, the kid wouldn't have been conceived. David Corrado
Chastity Sonny and Cher "Chastity" is a name of a movie that Sonny and Cher made together. Unfortunately it tanked. Sugar Bear's Baby
Chastity Sonny and Cher Chastity is a real name, Chasity is a misspelling correction
Chastity, Elijah Blue Cher Hmm... Chastity. What a name, seeing as her daughter is a LESBIAN, Cher's daughter cannot TRULY live up to her name!! Elijah on its own is cool, what's with the BLUE?? Perhaps when Cher gave birth to him, he came out BLUE, as apposed to the usual PINK??? Paradise
Chastity/Elijah Blue Cher Those names rock!!! I'm not saying that because I'm her biggest fan, but they are quite conventional compared to others. They are really cool.  cher rox
Chelsea Anna Stevsn Tyler Who cares Steves so hot anything sounds good....but honestly...Chelsea Anna sounds like a song and would make a great song wonder why he didnt think of it him self. God bless you and I will pray for you during your surgery. Donna
Chelsea Anna Steven Tyler He picks the dullest names! Chelsea has to calls herself C.A.T. to make up for it. Jane
Cherry Blossom Frank Iero Her twin sister is, Lily Bloom. T. Jacoby
Chesney Len Chip Hawkes of the Tremeloes Chesney had a top 10 hit song of his own with "The One & Only" in 1991. Eric Andrews
Chiani Boon Gould No, the character in the Dune books is CHANI, not Chiani. Erika
Chiani Boon Gould (Level 42) I am actually friends with Boon's daughter and the correct spelling of her name is Chani (pronounced Chainy). Asher is right - she was named after the character in Frank Herbert's "DUNE" books. Caroline
Chiani Boon Gould (Level 42) Maybe he names her after the Chiani character in Frank Herbert's "DUNE" books...which are superior pieces of sci-fi. it's supposed to mean something, but i have long since forgotten...oh well. asher
Chiani Boon Gould (Level 42) I think it's quite pretty myself. CHu
Chimere Ne-Yo OK, so I've heard it in Wikipedia, so I posted this here. He's quarter Chinese, but at least he didn't end up giving an Oriental name for his son. Madeline Fogg
China Grace Slick and Paul Kantner Slick considered naming her daughter "god" with a lower case "g." David Corrado
China Kantner Grace Slick & Paul Kantner It's a myth that she was going to be called 'god' (with a little 'g'). That story comes from Grace having a joke with one of the nurses in the hospital - but the nurse didn't realise it was a joke and told the papers. How can I be so sure? Because I actually know both China and her dad... Adrian
China Kantner Grace Slick-Paul Kantner She was going to be called "God", for Pete's sake. rocky
China Slick Kantner Grace Slick She was named China in protest to the Vietnam conflict. They just thought "Vietnam" sounded stupid, so the acid rockers decided on China.... sigh RockFemme
China Wing Kantner Grace Slick Actually, she was never named God, contrary to popular belief. Grace tricked a very religious nurse into thinking they were going to call her that because that was what Grace did. She messes with people's heads.  Mia
Chloe Rose Olivia Newton-John Maybe the original person put it because they liked it. I think it's really pretty. Kitty
Chloe Rose Olivia Newton-John  Molly
Chloe Rose  Olivia Newton-John  Just wondering why the original person put this. It is a perfectly normal name.  Ally
Chorde Snoop Dogg  TAsia
Chordé Snoop Doggy Dogg  Frida
Christine Sisqo  Adryan Baskin
Christopher Cody Cyrus Billy Ray Cyrus all thre names start with C? What would you call a child with this name? Chris, Cody or CY???? sandy
Christopher Noel, Tyler Carnel Sherman Bobby Sherman  DONNA DESCHAMPS
Chudnee Diana Ross She must have had a load of cravings for chutney when she was having the poor little girl! pickle*
Chudney Diana Ross Words cannot express the pity I feel for this girl with the name Chudney. Kitty
Chyna Phillips John and Michelle Phillips It's a unique name for their daughter, I'll give John and Michelle that. Celeste
Chynna Philips John Philips  Michelle wanted to name her daughter "India" at first but John said "you might as well name her North Vietnam or China." Celeste
Chynna Phillips Michelle Phillips  oldrock
Clara Michael Flea Balzary and Loesha I think that's a pretty name for a pretty girl like her. Kayla
Clarke Everett Hanson Isaac Hanson Clarke is obviously after Isaac's own first name (Clarke Isaac Hanson), and they picked Everett for the baby's middle name. Don't know why or anything but I think it's totally adorable! (The baby is called Everett) Ash Salvador
Coco Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore Coco mean's (an expletive for feces) in Brazilian Portuguese. Not very cute :D Aramis
Coco Sting  Kismetmama
Coco Bob Geldof Yes - Mr. Live Aid himself, named one of his daughters "Coco". What's in his drink cup anyway? Love Like A Rocket
Coco Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore Cute name for a pretty girl. I think they have another little girl called Sarah but not sure about that, if so Sarah is very ordinary compared to Coco. Juliana
Coco Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore This name is pretty and it has nothing to do with feces in Brazil, it means coconut in Portuguese! Kasandra
Cody & Cassidy Kathie Lee Gifford Did she have children or Cocker spaniels? Cautious Lip
Cody (not bad), Crosby (?!), Isabella (pretty) and Hana Aluna Kenny Loggins Hana Aluna is the youngest of the 4. I read somewhere that she was born at home outside or something. I guess that they are very spiritual people and Aluna is a spiritual name. H.K
Corde Snoop Dogg Pronounced kor-DAY Eric Andrews
Corde Snoop Dogg He is the oldest of Snoop's 3 kids. The others are Cordell and Cori. chloe
Corde, Cordell, and Cori Snoop Dogg Cordell and Cori look just like they daddy, but Corde looks more like his mama but they all cute, especially Corde.  jothani
Cordell Snoop Dogg A similar name to sibling Corde, I'm not too sure if that was wise to make them so close in sound. Are they both boys because they sound like they would work as ones? Eric Andrews
Cornell Haynes 3rd Nelly I think its good Nelly named his kid after himself and his father. It's like carryin on a tradition! Big up Nelly Isla
Cornell Haynes III Nelly Nelly's real name is Cornell Haynes Jr., so Cornell Haynes III. backstreetgrl
Cornell Haynes The 3rd Nelly To all those "smart" people who are saying that his name is Tre, his nickname is Tre Genius, origin of tres meaning the third. Man ya'll are smart!. sammy_boo!!!
Corrine Jaime Foxx  Naquita
Cosimo Beck  Jack
Cosma Shiva Hagen Nina Hagen  z
Count Dante Jean Michelle Valentino Danny Bonaduce  michelle
Countess Isabella Michaela Bonaduce Danny Bonoduce I think this is a pretty name, although Countess is taking it a bit to far. A correction is needed for Danny's sons name~it is Count Dante Jean-Michel Valentino Bonaduce. Lauren
Cresmunella Zupzaf Lopez Diddy Jennifer Lopez + P. Diddy This child doesn't exist! They do not have any kids together. There are more than enough childen in the world with bizarre names without resorting to making up imaginary ones.  The Corrector
Cresmunella Zupzaf Lopez Diddy Jennifer Lopez What a weird f***ed up name (aka Czld). Sneolvur Ørvarodd
Crispian Hayley Mills I always think his name sounds more like a brand of breakfast cereal. Nevermind, Kula Shaker = good band. dawn
Crispian Hayley Mills Makes me think of KFC extra crispy! SonnyGirl
Crispian  Hayley Mills  Actually, this is a saint's name. Shakespeare mentions him in one play (Henry the Fifth). The name comes up several times in the play's famous soliloquy. Here is a snippet for you: "We few we, happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother: be he ne'er so vile, This day shall gentle his condition; And Gentlemen in England now abed Shall think themselves accursed they were not here, And hold their manhood's cheap whiles any speaks That fought with us upon Saint Crispians day. "  Digital Dali
Cruz Victoria Beckham Cruz mean's "crucifix" in Brazilian Portuguese. Kind of weird for a name. Aramis
Cruz Victoria Beckham I think this name is cool. Who cares that it's usually a girls' name? There's loads of names like that. The Beckhams were never gonna have something normal, so at least it's not something like Apple. Azriel
Cruz David & Victoria Beckham It is not a girl's name unless it is preceded by 'Maria de la ....... ' and becomes a boy's name when preceded by 'Jesus de la ......' but on its own it can be either. It is only the Spanish word for 'cross'. Jessica
Cruz Victoria Beckham She just gave birth to Cruz this month. angeles
Cruz Victoria Beckham I'm so disappointed they didn't name the boy Ray, given the female choice of Luna seeming to be for the moon in Bear In The Big Blue House! (Ray is the sun's name in the series.)  pickle*
Cypress Sole' Her second oldest daughter from a previous relationship (Not Ginuwine's daughter). It's a beautiful unique name and for a very beautiful little girl. Aries
Cypress Sole' I love this name, especially for it's originality and creativity. It's one of a kind, not too common and comes from the heart. Mystaciya

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