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You think your parents gave you a strange name? Try being born to a rock star. It seems like strange names are just part of what you have to put up with. The most memorable of course would have to be Moon Unit for the daughter of the late great Frank Zappa.

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Parent's Name
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Paris Michael Jackson If it was named after the city in which the child was conceived, it's a good thing they weren't in Lahore.  James
Paris Frances Sebastion Bach Maybe the kid was conceived there. It could've been Tour Bus Bach! chitty
Paris Michael Jackson Michael Jackson What's wrong with that? imho Paris is a beautiful name to go with a beautiful girl. christina
Paris Michael Jackson Michael Jackson I don't think the original poster thought that there was much wrong with Paris. I think it's the Michael Jackson part of her name that's the problem. The girl would have deserved her own name, not just a town attached to her insane father's name.  Minna
Paris Michael Jackson  Michael Jackson  Popo
Paris Michael Katherine Michael Jackson Paris is for the city she was conceived in. Michael because Debbie Rowe wanted to include Michael's name in there, and Katherine after Michael's mother. Eric Andrews
Paris, Prince & Blanket Michael Jackson I think those are beautiful names, especially because I love Paris (the city). Prince was MJ's grandfather's name, and his 3rd child is also called Prince, but commonly known as "Blanket". If you think that the nickname Blanket is strange, well, you have to understand that the word has a special meaning in the Jackson family; it means "love".  wingfoot
Parker Fay Ripley What's wrong with the name Parker??? I've met tons of Parkers... Fresca
Parker Fay Ripley What? Parker? You don't have Parker as a name. You do Parker a car though. Duh Rowan
Parker Foster Aiken Clay Aiken Parker is his mother's last name, Foster is the baby's mother's last name and Aiken is his last name. Anny
Pascal Orzabal Roland Orzabal Pascal is a pretty regal name. :)  Celeste
Peaches Bob Geldof and Paula Yates Good thing her last name wasn't Rodriguez. Is that what Gwyneth and Chris are going to name their next kid? Chris
Peaches Bob Geldof I think that all Geldof's kids have gorgeous names!! Rachel
Peaches Paula Yates I love that name! It is so beautiful and original! Lisa
Peaches Bob Geldof It's a beautiful name, this is what I'm going to call my baby if it's a girl! [Ed.'s note: It's also the (middle) name of a male friend of the editor's.] dominee
Peaches Bob Geldof and Paula Yates That poor, poor child. And I thought my name succked! shadie's skirt
Peaches Bob Geldof / Paula Yates  Cat
Peaches Honeyblossom Bob Geldof & Paula Yates  Isis
Peaches Honeyblossom Bob Geldof/Paula Yates Actually, she was named by Fifi Trixibelle. I think her mum thought that they'd bond or something. But after a week Fifi was tired of her sister & wanted a pony instead. fanni
Peaches Honeyblossom Bob Geldof/Paula Yates Did Paula eat alot of Peaches when she was pregnant or something?????  Ash-tray #1
Pearl Meat Loaf It's not a bad name, just kinda old fashioned. I used to think only grandmas were named Pearl. If she ever becomes a famouse singer herself, maybe the name will come back in vogue. Then again, I haven't met many kids named Meat. cygna vamp
Penelope Taylor Hanson I think that the name Penelope is adorable, and I don't know why everyone is finding fault with Ezra as a name as well. A name is a name, and it shouldn't be judged as bad or good. Both names are adorable. I was excited that they named their daughter Penelope, because of Penny & Me and Penny is the nickname of Penelope!!!! The baby is born and has a song, that is awesome! Congrats to Natalie and Taylor, i hope their babies are beautiful and amazing, like them.  Happy : - )
Penelope Taylor Hanson Hanson has a song called "Penny and Me" on their last album. Penelope is the long form of Penny. Maura
Penelope Anne Taylor Hanson I think a very beautiful name... and their song penny and me springs to my mind immediately... my daughter (11) wanted me to call her penny after hearing that record ... and i thought hanson mania had died years ago :) i like the name! Stewart
Penelope Anne Taylor Hanson Weird... This is the name of my school outfitters... tipsyangel
Penelope Anne Taylor Hanson (wife Natalie) Why are both Penelope and Ezra on the list of "weird names"??! Both are very well-known names, and while they may not be as popular as say, Michael or what? Tay and Natalie want their children to be unique and special...and they are! And by the way...if you haven't figured it out, "Penny" is short for Penelope, and therefore they named her this for a reason: "Penny and Me" was the first song released off of 3CG Records by the band, and they're proud of that! Why shouldn't they be? And Anne is Natalie's middle name, so that's where that came from. a friend
Pepper Graham Coxon (ex-Blur) I went to school with a Pepper back in the 70's. I don't think she was young enough then to have been named for the Angie Dickenson character. Carla
Pepper Graham Coxon (ex-Blur) The only other Pepper I'd heard of was Angie Dickinson's character in 'Police Woman' (Pepper Anderson).  Pickle
Percy Miller 3 (llil Romeo) Master P Lil Romeo is hot.  carissa
Percy Romeo Miller 3rd Master P L'il Romeo is the 3rd, considering that Master P's father is the first.  LYNTRICE
Percy Romeo Miller(Lil' Romeo) Master P  monique
Perry Rocco Luigi Vic Damone & Pier Angeli Named after Vic's friend and singer Perry Como. Eric Andrews
Persephone Suki Mead  An Australian radio announcer in Queensland. She named her last child (a girl) prounounced Per-seph-a-knee. Very unusual and probably very embarrassing for the child. Andrea Davis
Persephone Suki Mead It's beautiful! Persephone was the daughter of Demeter, Greek goddess of the harvest. Persephone was picking flowers with her maidens and wandered across a strange flower she wanted to fill her basket with . From the ground Hades came in a black chariot and stole Persephone away. Before she could be rescued she ate five palmagranite seeds, the food of the dead. Therefore she must stay five months of the year in the underworld as the wife of Hades. Demeter refuses to grow crops in that time because she is so sad, and so we have winter. The name probably has something to do with the time of year she was born. Victoria
Peta Andy Gibb  Eric Andrews
Peta Jaye Gibb Andy Gibb She was born in Australia, and I think that Peta is a common name there (more than in the USA). Jaye is an adorable middle name, Her parents were divorced at the time of her birth, I wonder if Andy actually helped choose the name, or if Kim ( Peta's Mother) decided on the name. Renee Andrews
Petah Lucia Ani DiFranco  She
Pheonix Madonna Strange, I suppose, but still a lovely name. emma F OF PLYMOUTH
Phoenix Lyfe Jennings & Joy Bounds It is the title of Lyfe's forthcoming album "The Phoenix". It signifies Lyfe's triumph over adversity. Brown Sugar
Phoenix Chi Melanie 'Scary Spice' Brown Chi is not just an Asian thing. Chi is also a protecting spirit in Nigerian (African) culture. And since she's black (half black, whatever you wanna say), I suppose it works out well enough on the "ethnic" tip, assuming she was even GOING for ethnic. Maybe she just liked the way it sounded. Girl With Two Middle Names
Phoenix Chi Mel B I love it. My daughters name is also Phoenix. It is not only an Asian thing, it is deeply rooted in Egyptian mythology as well.  T
Phoenix Chi Mel B.  Ramona
Phoenix Chi Mel B Why would someone want to call their child after a bird that bursts into flame and a Chinese concept? It's just cruel. Still, better than Cruz (sounds like something you'd pick out of your nose). Charlie
Phoenix Chi Mel B  anon
Phoenix Chi Mel B. I love that name. It has some sense of unique-ness to it. Brittany
Phoenix Chi Mel B (Spice Girl) Pretty enough I guess, but imagine this child on the first day of school, and their teacher with the roll call...poor kid. FuNkY mOnKeY
Phoenix Chi Melanie B (Scary Spice) Now thats just freaky! For a start, she isn't even Asian so it loses all ethnic effect, and second I think she is just trying to get attention. If she had never become a spice girl she probably would be living in a council flat and naming her baby 'Sarah' or 'Emma' or 'Jane'. Hazel
Phoenix Chi Gulzar Scary Spice (Melanie Brown)/ Jimmy Gulzar. I like it. Juliet
Phoinix Chi Melanie B(rown) {a Spice Girl} i think all the spice girls have a thing about weird baby names! anna
Phynley Phil Joel (Newsboys) Fin-ley for a girl? Sounds like a good name for a dog, or a fish. Seriously, why do parents do this to their children?  Maybelline
Pilot Inspektor Jason Lee Pilot is kinda cool... but inspeKtor (yes, with a K) is a bit much.  Jenni C.
Pilot Inspektor Jason Lee and Beth Riesgraf WTF? I swear, some celebrities should NOT name their own children! Genevieve
Piper Lynn Dustin Kensrue (Thrice) Nothing weird. Just a cute baby girl Franka
Pirate Jonathan Davis Arrrgh! Candi
Pirate Jonathan Davis from Korn lmfao, who names a kid Pirate? The stoner frontman for Korn does. Sure, he'll be the coolest kid in elementary having the name Pirate, but when he gets to high school he's gonna be taking a beating. YARRGH! Shiver me timbers!!! mara
Pirate Jonathan Davis of Korn  Ken
Pirate Jonathan Davis If this is his child's real name, then he was named after a porn movie that Jonathan Davis' wife was in. Pirates.  Brad LaVergne
Pirate Jonathan Davis WTF! That's a funny name. You know he will get it on the playground in school. But then again, his father is the lead singer of Korn and his mom is a porn star. So he might be popular. Al
Pirate Jonathan Davis from Korn I bet he's had lots of comments about going to the cinema to see an 'ARRRRR!' rated film. Pickle*
Pirate Jonathan Davis It's not his real name, his 2nd born child's name hasn't been released....This is just a rumor that Jonathan himself denies. Sarah
Pixie Paula Yates  ChuckyG
Pixie Bob Geldof This name (although unusual) is really cute. My cousin is called Pixie Bella, and she LOVES her name. It really suits her because she has long curly hair and little elfin ears. Sasha
Pixie Paula Yates & Bob Geldolf Her real name is The Pixie. *Ocean
Pixie Bob Geldof/Paula Yates It sounds like Paula was already well and truley into the Pixie dust by then-if you know what I'm getting at!!! Shicael
Pixie Paula Yates  Sharon
Pixie Paula Yates It's not 'The Pixy', the real name is 'Little Pixie', which is not that bad at all. I'd feel lucky to be named that if my sisters names were Fifi and Peaches Honeyblossom ;) Anaid
Pixie Bob Geldof Whats wrong with Pixie? It's really pretty and original. I mean, if she was called Janice, it wouldn't be as interesting.  Alex
Pixie Geldof Bob Geldof What's wrong with the name Pixie? I think it's really nice. Louise
Planet Billy Swann  Eric Andrews
Poppy Honey Jamie Oliver See what happens when you get high on nectar and dope? Rain
Poppy Honey Jamie Oliver The submitter Rowan wrote that Honey is because of the cooking thing, but it is actually the name of a dear friend. That's why Poppy's middle name is Honey. Not because of the food. Maya
Poppy Honey & Daisy Boo Jamie Oliver His daughters middle names are the nicknames he and his wife call each other. Cheryl
Presley Tanita Tanya Tucker She has 3 children. Beau Greyson, and Layla (are the others). Kristy
Presley Tanita, Beau Grayson and Layla LaCosta Tanya Tucker  Kelly
Preston Michael Spears Federline Britney Spears He was born in Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center in California on September 14, 2005. Misty
Prima John Tesh Prima is actually named in tribute to her grandffather, Primo Sellechia (wife Connie Selleca's dad). I remember reading that they also liked idea of having a sweet little girl rima ballerina. I believe that Connie is Italian also. Dawn
Prima Sellechia John Tesh I'm not sure where Prima comes from, but Sellechia is Connie Selleca's birth name. Eric Andrews
Prince Michael Michael Jackson OK, this is just sad. Not only can I not imagine going through life with a name like Prince Michael, I think it's just weird to name your kid after yourself and add 'Prince' to the name. I mean, can you imagine if I named my daughter Princess Kitty? Kitty
Prince Michael & Paris Michael Michael Jackson Does this hypocritical 'doesn't matter if you're white or black, lets hang my kid over a balcony' freak have an obsession with naming his kids after himself? Have you looked at Jermaine Jackson? His brother's poor kids' names. Must run in the family. mandy
Prince Michael and Paris Michael Jackson When my uncle (amazingly one of Michael's security guards at Neverland) first started working for him, he only saw the kids about twice a week, just walk past or something. But apparently Michael doesn't even call the kids by their "real" names-the boy, Prince Michael, is referred to as Joshua, while Paris is called Isabelle. Wierd? I thought so too-apparently to be famous you've gotta have a flashy name, why not Prince Michael and Paris? sally anne
Prince Michael II Michael Jackson Poor kid. lebeiW15
Prince Michael Jackson Michael Jackson What's wrong with Prince? Loads of kids are called Prince these days. I know four personally! I do feel sorry for Prince Michael Jackson II. I think he deserves a completely different name, seeing as he's a completely different child! christina
Prince Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Prince was Michael's grandfather's name.  Stacy
Prince Michael Joseph Jackson the second (blanket) Michael Jackson  Bananananananaananananaman
Prince Micheal Jackson I Michael Jackson Wacko Jacko liked the name so much he called his second son Prince Micheal Jackson II.  Popo
Princess Tiamii Peter And Katie Andre  lauren docherty
Puma Erykah Badu Common is not Puma's father, which is why they broke up. She will not name who the father really is, although it's rumored it's 1990s rapper D.O.C.. Thank you. Tiffany
Puma Erykah Badu  Connie
Puma Erykah Badu I thinks it's okay, but why name your child after a cat and sneaker? Jamala
Puma Erykah Badu What was she thinking? That is a type of cat. Felipe'
Pumu Erykah Badu and Common WTF? Why would you name your kid after an animal?!? Jayde

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