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You think your parents gave you a strange name? Try being born to a rock star. It seems like strange names are just part of what you have to put up with. The most memorable of course would have to be Moon Unit for the daughter of the late great Frank Zappa.

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Entries Beginning with W

Child's Name
Parent's Name
Submitted by:
Waker Mike Houser The late guitarist of Widespread Panic named his son Waker. (They also have a song called The Waker. My band used to cover that song.) samuel
Weeah Samoryia Chilinto Shakira Just plain weird. Bear
Weston Nicholas Cage  kellie richards
Whitney Eminem This is actually Kim's daughter with her ex boyfriend, not her son. And Em & Kim are raising her neice Alaina. Stacey
Whitney Eminem This is Kim's daughter, but Eminem takes care of her. C.C.
Whitney Eminem This is actually Kim's son's name. She had him when Em and Kim were split up, but Em does raise him. Along with Kim's niece, whom he must have adopted because her last name is Mathers, I believe her first name is Alaina. Courtney
Wilder Smith Curt Smith Curt actually says that he named his daughter after Alan Wilder from Depeche Mode. Celeste
Willard Smith III Will Smith Will Smith's oldest son named after him and called Trey, a common nickname for Thirds. Nysha
Willem Wolfe Billy Idol  SilverIdol
William Fat Patrick Slayton Paul Wall Born April 18, 2006-first child for both him and his wife Crystal.  patboyz
Willow Billy Idol Actually Billy and his well she could be cosidered a common law wife and he called her his wife...but really girlfriend...named their son Willow not Willem....dude watch VH1 once in awhile they say it like all the time in Billy Idol's like life story thingy his sons name is "WILLOW" I know because when I was little I used to wanna name my kid it one day. JessAy
Willow Will Smith I think that name is really cute, much better than Wilma of course Domminique aka Dommii
Willow Aaron Solowoniuk Daughter of Billy Talent's drummer, born sometime around 2003. John
Willow Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith During a t.v. interview, she admitted to naming the girl Willow after her father? Lyles
Willow Roger Daltrey I kind of like this name. parody name
Willow Camille Reign Smith Will Smith I like Willow. There is no telling what they would have named her if it wasn't that. (They wanted to name her after Will). I also like Camille. (It's an actual girl name.) But Reign?!! Why Reign? That isn't even close to a name. japoo
Willow Camille Smith Will Smith I love this name; it's different but pretty cool. Ellie
Willow Smith Jada and Will Smith Willow is so cute. Having a funny dad could be fun! wytfj k
Willow Smith Will Smith I think the name is great. My daughter is Willow too. Its a family name now in the third generation. I hope Willow Smith passes on the name Tera
Willow Smith Will Smith There is absolutly nothing wrong with this name. In fact, I named my daughter Willow in March, 2004 after my grandfather, William. fallenangel17815
Wolf and Lux Bobby Gillespie ( ex Primal Scream) His 2 sons with Kathy England. Ana
Wolfgang Eddie Van Halen Actually dear editor, there ARE people named Wolfgang that are from Holland. Although, I don't know why it would matter if there were or not. Does that mean, being Dutch and German myself, that I am not allowed to use any names outside my nationality background? (Editor's note: Thank you for answering my question, skylar. I didn't mean anything personal about you or the Van Halens or any nationality. And you can name your child anything you want. I apologize if you felt insulted.) skylar
Wolfgang Eddie Van Halen Given it's also the name of the guitar he uses, the Peavey Wolfgang. DuDeMaN
Wolfgang Perry Farrell His second child. Renae
Wolfgang Eddie Van Halen It's quite a normal German name. Some advice to Americans in general, maybe learn something about the bigger part of the world and don't think anything strange you just don't know about. (Editor's note: Eddie Van Halen is Dutch; his wife Valerie Bertinelli is an Italian-American. Any Wolfgangs in those areas too?) Kees
Wolfgang/Wolfie Eddie Van Halen It's no sin to be a Mozart fan, but to put so much pressure on a kid by naming him Wolfgang is unethical to say the least. rockon
Woody Zoe Ball Arrrrgggggg. You never see any celeb naming there kid something normal. I mean, WOODY. What is he, a Cow Boy from Toy Story? What is this world coming to? And I mean David Bowie, don't get me started!  Rowan

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