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You think your parents gave you a strange name? Try being born to a rock star. It seems like strange names are just part of what you have to put up with. The most memorable of course would have to be Moon Unit for the daughter of the late great Frank Zappa.

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Entries Beginning with G

Child's Name
Parent's Name
Submitted by:
Gabriel Luke Beauregard Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall How cool? Grace Slick
Gabriel Titus Per Gessle Again: not weird at all, just not common in the US! As for Titus, here's what Per Gessle had to say regarding the name: "We were at the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, the nearly biggest private museum of the US. That wife of a good friend of ours had been Simon's nurse. We were in a hall filled with paintings by van Gogh and others. But we both went to a painting that was in a hidden corner and made no real sense. Still we wanted to have a better look at it. Then it seemed to be an wonderful Rembrandt, showing his son Titus. Then Åsa said 'If we once get a son, his name should be Titus.' That was in 1994 but that Titus thing started rolling." Christine
Gabriel Titus Per Gessle He's called Gabriel. Titus is his middle name. Frida
Gabriel-Titus Per Gessle (Roxette)  sylvi
Gabrielle Luna and Colton Moon (twins) David Bryan (Bon Jovi) David is the keyboardist for Bon Jovi. He and his wife (now divorced) have 3 kids - the twins were born first - Gabby and Colton; little sister is Tiger Lily - an "i" not a "y". He also wrote lullabye music for his first solo album, titled "Two Moons".  Shannon3n8
Galileo Alex James (Blur) His father loves things about Universum. zuna
Gene Liam Gallagher/Nicole Appleton Yeh it sounds ok but the poor kids initials are GAG ! Natalia
Gene Appleton Gallagher Liam Gallagher I think it's an ok name.. Mariana
Georgia Blue Joe Nichols  Harderman61
Georgia May Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall Such a pretty name Grace Slick
Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger Mick Jagger "Ayeesha"? Kind of weird. Mary
Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall Such a pretty name. Mick Jagger rocks x Grace Slick
Geronimo Alex James (Blur Bassist) I wonder if he'll like skydiving? Scott
Giacomo Sting Named after the Kentucky Derby horse races. Heard this on The Millionaire show. Brenda
Giacomo Luke Sting & Trudy Styler Love it! yo
Gibson Les Paul Retkie Paur Retkie A well known Australian jazz player who named his son after the famous guitar. Tom
Glenys Pearl y-Felin Cerys Matthews Singer Cerys Matthews has named her first child Glenys Pearl y-Felin. The name Glenys is a traditional Welsh name originating from the Welsh word glan, meaning "pure" or "holy". "The Pearl part of the name is from the Matthews' family history, and y-Felin is Welsh for the mill, and from their family roots," said a spokesman for Warner Music UK. Cerys means love, carys, in Welsh. Weird but beautiful names.  Stephx86
God Grace Slick  Ryan
god Grace Slick Actually, Grace never really considered this. She was just making a joke. Princess Ana
god Grace Slick She had a child with Paul Kantner who was named "god" (with a small "g") at birth. They later had a change of heart and renamed her China Slick Kantner. crazydon
God'iss L'il Mo This is her second child a girl. Why God'iss???smh ava
God'iss Love and Heaven Lil' Mo and Al Stone Very mystical Candi
God'iss Love Stone Lil' Mo What can I say? Elder sibling's name is Heaven. Dawn
God'iss Love Stone Lil' Mo  AJ
God'isslove and Heaven Lil Mo I don't think she stopped to think that these kids have to go to school one day. jerrica
God-Ason Jones and Allah McCall Jones Ol' Dirty Bastard [aka. Russell Tyrone Jones] Can you believe the names on two of ODB's kids? The man has a lot more running around with weird monikers, but these two are the funniest. CrazyMofo
Goodman Miller Carter Nick Carter Obviously named after 30's/40's bandleaders Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller, but why does this kid have three last names and no first name? Aaerni
Goodman Miller Carter Nick Carter @ Aaerni: maybe because Nick Carter doesn't even have kids!!! Aleah
Googa Martina McBride She does not have a daughter named Googa. Her two daughter's names are Delaney Katharine and Emma Justine. It's clearly stated on her website. Whoever the information came from was totally incorrect! Jennifer
Googa Martina McBride That is a totally weird name but really cool. ashlea
Grace Jane Meryl Streep I think Grace is pretty. I'm not a big fan of the name Jane, but the combination of the two; Grace Jane, is quite rare and original. [Ed.s note: I'm leaving this on here based on Meryl's role in "Music of the Heart". TheActress
Grace Mc Kagan Duff Mc Kagan  I thought Grace was his ex girlfriend, isn't it ??? Berglind G
Griffin Bruce Dickinson Awwww! killahz
Griffin Parker Taylor Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour)  I love this name; it's way cool. maggot
Griffin Parker Taylor Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour)  ms. antipop
Griffin Taylor Corey Taylor  robbert
Griffin Thomas McIntyre Joe McIntrye  Doesn't Griffin usually refer to a mythical beast that's part wolf and part eagle? Celeste
Gunnar Ricky Nelson Gunnar's twin's name is Matthew, NOT Gunther. egs
Gunnar Nikki Sixx There's nothing wrong with the name Gunnar! It's not pronounced like Gunner either, it's a perfectly acceptable Scandinavian name. Angela
Gunnar Nikki Sixx In the phone book, he's gonna be Sixx Gunnar! Lisa
Gunnar Nelson Ricky Nelson I think Ricky had no idea of what he was thinking when he name his son. Although Gunnar the person is sexy and so is his name. Cassie
Gunnar Nelson Ricky Nelson Just to clear this up. Gunnar is spelled with an A not an E. Gunnar may not be a common name in the US, but I don't think it is weird. I think the name Gunnar it is a fairly common in Sweden. I like the name myself. The name Gunnar means "bold warrior".  KB
Gunnar Nicholas Nikki Sixx  Wilt
GunnAr Sixx Nikki Sixx I'm not sure if it hAs been cleAred up yet or not, so if it hAs im sorry!! His nAme is spelled with An "A" not an "E"...Whereever you go the idea that it is an E is stupid.....but yeah its A definite "A" GUNNAR SIXX Jacob
Gunner Nikki Sixx Just a side note on this one. Nikki named the kid this way so that it would appear " Sixx, Gunner" when written in this format. Amazing what heroin will do to your thought process.  Troy
Gunner Nikki Sixx Just to back up Joy here, Lyvette, Nikki did legally change his name a long time ago. It is not a stage name. The boy's name is Gunner Sixx.  Amy
Gunner Nikki Sixx  Rachel
Gunner Ricky Nelson Matthew's twin's name is Gunner not Gunther. Celeste
Gunner Nikki Sixx Just to tell you LISA, his name is not spelled with an "a". Mike
Gunner Nikki Sixx I'm a girl and I would love to have this name!!It's probably because I love Nikki Sixx but I love it, and I also love Storm (his daughter). Shay-Elle
Gunner  Nikki Sixx You've got to realize Nikki Sixx is a stage name (his real name Frank Carlton Serafino Ferranno). So the child's name would be Gunner Ferranno in the phone book.  Lyvette
Gunner and Decker Nikki Sixx I know he has more kids with weird names, but these two names are weird. Shanni
Gunner And Storm Nikki Sixx If you have read the dirt about the band you would know that Storm's name is Storm, not Stormy. Nikki changed his name legally and has nothing to do with his former name for reasons listed in the book. chris
Gunner Nelson Ricky Nelson  Billy Florio
Gunner Nicholas Nikki Sixx Lisa, you spell Gunner with a 'e', not 'a'. brooky hagan
Gunner Nicholas, Storm Brieanne, Decker Nilson,Frankie-Jean Mary, Rhyan Landon Nikki Sixx Just wanted to clear up some things on this, his daughters name is Storm, not Stormy ( they just call her that sometimes) and his full name is Rhyan Landon. Jennifer
Gunner Sixx Nikki Sixx Gunner Sixx is a very cool name. In fact, my 4 yr old son's name is Gunner Sixx Pennell. (Not completely after Nikki's son.) My dad was a door gunner for a while in Vietnam we decided on that for him. Adding Sixx was my idea 'cause Nikki has been an influance of mine since 1981.  Britton Pennell
Gunner Sixx Nikki Sixx I think that this name is actually pretty cool. Not to mention, Gunner is totally cute. And just for Lyvette to know, Nikki Sixx is Nikki Sixx's legal and real name. He lagally changed it from Frank Feranna, you can even read it and see his legal statement in the Motley Crue book, The Dirt. Randi
Gunner Sixx Nikki Sixx Nikki legally had his name changed to Nikki Sixx. Dean
Gunner, Decker, Storm, Rhyan, Frankie-Jean Nikki Sixx Okay Lyvette, you are close. Frank Ferrana (not Ferrano) legally changed his name to Nikki Sixx over 20 years ago. Trust me, none of these will EVER be in the phone book! :) Joy
Gunner, Storm, Decker and Frankie-Jean Nikki Sixx Nikki Sixx had his name changed legally so his children are called Sixx They are spelt: -Gunner -Storm -Decker -Frankie-Jean. how I know this? I read his book!!!  Laura Jade
Gunner, Stormy, Decker, Frankie-Jean, Rhyan Nikki Sixx Gunner Nicholas, Stormy Brianne, Decker Nilson, Frankie-Jean Mary, step son Rhyan D'Errico stk
Gunther Ricky Nelson Gunnar Nelson (not Gunner) has a twin brother named Gunther. They formed a brief rock duo called, not surprisingly, "Nelson" Angeni
Gunther Goth Marilyn Manson hey yall! this name is veryyy strange lol! he is a tad weirdi guess... jesus loves yall god bless!! keek x Dyekiki
Gunther Goth Marilyn Manson Marilyn Manson has no children, you r*****. Apparently some people need to do some research before pulling names out of their a**es. Melissa

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