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You think your parents gave you a strange name? Try being born to a rock star. It seems like strange names are just part of what you have to put up with. The most memorable of course would have to be Moon Unit for the daughter of the late great Frank Zappa.

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Entries Beginning with L

Child's Name
Parent's Name
Submitted by:
Landon Travis Barker and Shanna Mokler Yes, Landon is the cutest bebe and his mohawk is soo adorable. Hes lucky to have such an awsome mom and dad! Shanna's daughter Atiana is lucky to have a kicka** step-dad and a sweet little half-brother. G.G
Landon Travis Barker (Blink-182) Landon is Travis' middle name. Melanie
Landon Travis  dgfhdfgh
Landon Travis Barker and Shanna This is the cutest baby. He even has a mohawk to match daddy. It is adorable. Lyndsei
Landon Asher Barker Travis Barker  elena
Landon Asher Barker Travis Landon Barker and Shanna Moakler This is the cutest baby in the world, is a little punk rocker just like his dad. His sister has the beauty of her mother. Sofia
Landon Brown Bobby Brown Bobby's oldest child...very sexy name for a very sexy man if you ask me. Chi_TownPrincess09
Landon, Alabama Lola and Attiana Travis and Shanna Barker Not sure of Landons or Attiana's middle name but all are very cute and suit them. Especially Landon he's adorable, the cutest kid ever!! Attiana isn't actually Travis' child. Mica
Lantroobeeca Lil B I'd hide, big time!  Oohlantra
LaPrincia Bobby Brown  Stephanie Gwinn
Lashanda Pawnesha Diddy P. Diddy She's gonna grow up to be a crack w****. nutsac
Lazarus Ulysses Moses Prophet Yamin Elliott Yamin and Anabel Prophet Poor kid. Not only is his name way too long, but his initials spell out LUMPY! Rpollck
Leakim Mikael Rickfors He just spelled Mikael backwards and named his daughter Leakim! He also has a son called Oliver. Frida
Lee Ringo Starr Lee is one of my favourite girls' names. The names of his two boys are Jason and Zak, also not bad choices. Cyn
Lee Starkey Ringo Starr It's a girl's name. brittany
Leelee Buckingham Lindsey Buckingham Of the first generation of kids named after Leelee Sobieski. shawn50273
Leila Sugar Kassidy Awww quite cute Chrissy
Lennon Francis Liam Gallagher This is just taking someone's Beatles fixation a little too far. ChuckyG
Lennon Gallagher Liam Gallagher/ Patsy Kensit.  Named after John Lennon. Naturally he couldn't name his child John, as that'd go against all the laws that famous people must abide by.  Juliet
Lennon Jay Adam Pascal The name suits the kid perfectly. It's cute, just like him. They Call Me Mimi
Les Paul  Mick Mars Thats the weirdest name I have ever heard. But as a Motley Crue fan, you gotta love Mick. hannah
Les Paul, Stormy, Erik Mick Mars  stk
Letesha Ice-T  Bevy
Levi The Edge I dunno, maybe the Jeans company were looking for a poster-child? Sally_Saucer
Liberty Ryan Giggs This is not a good name but as he is famous, it seems to be the famous law, to name your kid something dumb. At least someone hasn't called their kid Colodon like my Aunty, POOR CHILD!!!  Rowan
Lil' Romeo Master P  Marie
Lillian, Talia and Graham Thomas Dolby  Alana
Lilliella Melanie Blatt If I was that girl, I would just tell everyone that my name was Ellie. shadie's skirt
Lilly Ella Steven Gerrard  becky
Lillyella Melanie Blatt (All Saints) This kinda sounds like a porn star's name to me. kia
Lily and Toni Chris Cornell  Ra'meen
Lily Bloom Frank Iero Her twin sister is, Cherry Blossom. T. Jacoby
Lily Pearl Clint Black & Lisa Hartman  Eric Andrews
Lily-Rose Melody Depp Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis Lily-Rose is because they wanted something Southern like Johnny's mom's name, Betty-Sue, and they both loved the names Lily and Rose so Vanessa's mom Corinne said why don't you name her both of them, and Melody is from the song Melody Nelson. Melissa
Lily-Rose Melody Depp Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis Very feminine. Melody is from a song or another singer, I think. Taylor
Lily-Sue Brian McFadden & Kerry Katona Very pretty! Their older daughter is called Molly - that's nice too. :) Lealea
Lilyella Melanie Blatt (All Saints) This is a weird name. Lily Ella would have been better. Maya
Lincoln William Holiday Big Kenny It's kind of obvious that Big Kenny seems to have a real fascination with former president Abraham Lincoln.  harderman
Linda and Christian Agnetha and Bjorn of ABBA Don't ask! Margaret
Lindley Ann Angie Zampa There is something about this unique name I like! Nanci
Linguina Milistar Tyra Banks Sorry, but Tyra has no children. Someone had pulled the wool over your eyes. Baby Girl Jen Giles
Linguina Milistar Tyra Banks  E.J.
Linguina Milistar Tyra Banks I guess Tyra really liked either languages or pasta... or both!! Ugh, that poor child.... *shakes head* Akina-chan
Little Pixie Bob Geldof & Paula Yates  Isis
Liv Steven Tyler This name sounds a lot like Live. Was Liv Tyler's mother referring to life when she created this name. Donna
Liv Tyler Steven Tyler and Bebe Buell Hmmmm...weird. sparklingrain678
Liv Tyler Steven Tyler Actually Liv was named after Liv Ullmann who was in the cover of TV-Guide the week Liv Tyler was born. Donm
Liv Tyler Steven Tyler and Bebe Buell "LIVin it up when I'm goin' down, Love in an elevator." "LIVin on the edge, You can't help yourself from falling." Chris
Liv Tyler Steven Tyler Whether Liv was named after Liv Ullman or not, "liv" is a Scandinavian word and the exact translation is "life". Swede
Liv Tyler Steve Tyler Someone said it's "Liv" with no E. Actually, I don't know what's on Liv's birth certificate, but the name is an actual name. It's a shortened form of Olivia. A Little Birdie
Liv Tyler Steven Tyler Her name is Liv, and there's no 'E' on the end. LOL!  miggadoff
Llyah Amourshe QT-Possie This name is Spanish. She is the daughter of rapper T.I.P and Xcsape's tiny. Zonnique
Logan Robert Plant He was born in 1979, long before the name became a popular "original" one for boys. Eric Andrews
Logan Romero Robert Plant  Zepp Chick
Lola and Tali Annie Lennox  Frida
Lola Maybeline Joe Strummer Great name for the daughter of a legend. But being named after a brand of make-up, I'm sure that's not Joe's doing. RIP Amy
Lola Maybelline Joe Strummer Definitely NOT anything to do with the cosmetic brand !! 'Maybelline' is a well-known song performed by Chuck Berry...that's why Joe chose it. Kirsty
Lola Sophia Carnie Wilson Lola is actually becoming quite a common name these days. I believe even Madonna nicknamed Lourdes this. Eric Andrews
London Emilio Slash London is also where Slash is from.  CC
London Emilio Slash Sorry CC but Slash is from Stoke on Trent in Staffordhire - not London. Pocketbint
London Emilio Slash Because they "had some fun" in London. nata_of_ozz
London Hudson Slash (ex GN'R) What happened in London, Slash??' Berglind G
London Siddhartha Halford Sebastian Bach Siddhartha is the name of the prince that became Buddha. He searched for the light in many places. When he finaly reached whatever he wanted to reach, he became Buddha. Siddhartha was the first name he had. meme
London Siddhartha Halford Sebastian Bach London.... is that for the same reason as Slash? Siddhartha? HUH? I don't know what it means, pretty, but it reminds me of my grandmother's "boyfriend" (he's called Sidney). Halford: WHY!? I mean, come on. You may like Judas Priest but that's taking it a BIT far! Sorry Sebastian, no offense, but methinks your kid's gunna have some serious issues when he starts school. He's gunna go into school, and say "My name's John Smith, and I don't have a middle name!" At least you didn't call your kid something awful like Apple!!! Axl's Rocket Queen
London Siddhartha Halford Sebastian Bach  Michelle
Lorca Leonard Cohen  JANE HOWE
Lorca (daughter) Leonard Cohen Named after Federico Garcia Lorca - a Spanish writer, I believe. JANE HOWE
Louisa Jacobson Meryl Streep Meryl's youngest daughter.. Louisa is a nice name I think. Jacobson? Hmm there probably was an important reason for that choice, because this name is pretty rare for a girl. [Ed.'s note: Again, "Music of the Heart".] TheActress
Lourdes Madonna When used as a persons name, Lourdes is pronounced Lord-ez. I know because my best friend has this as a middle name. Also I'd like to point out that Madonna actually means Queen (as in Mary - mother of God) so that's where you may have heard the term elsewhere: "The Madonna and Child" Maeri-Jo
Lourdes Madonna Lourdes is a very popular name in Latin-America and in countries like Spain and France. I have an aunt named Lourdes.  Heloisa
Lourdes Madonna Maeri-Jo - Madonna comes from Ma Donna - and means 'My Lady' (or indeed 'Our Lady') Pocketbint
Lourdes & Rocco Madonna Lourdes is a beautiful name. For those who don't know, Rocco is named after his father Guy "Rocco" Ritchie. You should know that. mandy
Lourdes and Rocco  Madonna  Madonna doesn't have a daughter called Pheonix. It's Lourdes (lord -es) and Rocco. I think they are different names, but I think Rocco is better than Lourdes. Becky
Lourdes Chiccone Leon Madonna They must have doped Madonna up really well before she named this poor child. Celeste
Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon Madonna Her first name is named "Lourdes" because he mother (who died real early in Madonna's life) always wanted to go to Lourdes, France to see the Virgin Mary shrine.  DarkDan
Lourdes Maria Leon Madonna The child is named after her paternal grandmother, Lourdes! Karizzma
Lourdes Maria Leon Madonna Lourdes is a very religious name derived from one of the actual "Madonna"'s titles, "Our Lady of Lourdes". Samantha Lourdes
Lourdes Marie Ciccone Leon Madonna I think Lourdes is a beautiful name. She also named her that in memory of her mother, because her mother wanted to visit Lourdes, France. nicole lowe
Lucas Morad Jagger Mick Jagger and Luciana Morad What a guy! Grace Slick
Lucia Natalie Merchant I love this name because it is beautiful. Natalie is Sicilian like me, so I'll love any name she will name her kids. Giavanna
Lucky Damon Dash & Groupie I guess she was "lucky" to have gotten pregnant. Now she get's those big child support checks. Damon on the other hand was not so "Lucky". His second baby mama forced him to marry her or threatened to take him to court to deny him the right to see his daughter. hello
Lulu Paul Simon Apparently this is her real given name, not a nickname which you would expect it to be. Eric Andrews
Luna Davey Dani Filth Dani Filth's daughter, he's the lead singer or Cradle Of Filth. Krystal
Luna Filth Dani Filth You gotta feel sorry for her, having the last name Filth. Phil
Lyric Ashley Parker Angel  mayra
Lyric Ashley Parker Angel Lyric is a boy, he was born in August 2005. Sabrina
Lyric Chanel Tami Anderson(from the real world) I think it is very beautiful and also unique I am glad that she put some thought into naming her baby. Yasmia
Lyric Chanel Tami Anderson Lyric Chanel?? I got nothin much against it, just it sounds like a website name for lyrics. Me
Lyric Dean  AJ McLean The second born child of AJ and Rochelle I guess it's unusual. Celeste
Lyric Santana Brent Smith (Shinedown) It was gonna be Lyric Santana whether it was a boy or girl. anna

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