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You think your parents gave you a strange name? Try being born to a rock star. It seems like strange names are just part of what you have to put up with. The most memorable of course would have to be Moon Unit for the daughter of the late great Frank Zappa.

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Entries Beginning with O

Child's Name
Parent's Name
Submitted by:
O'Shea Jackson, Jr. Ice Cube Ice Cube's real name is O'Shea Jackson, he named his kid after himself; pretty straightforward, not too weird or anything. Bevy
O'Shun Tamika Scott (of Xscape) Tamika Scott is a member of the R&B group Xscape, who was around in the 90's. Tamika is now an Ordained Minister.  Andrew
Ocean  Tony Mortimer (Anthony Mortimer, East 17) (second daughter, first called Atlanta) Michaela
Octavia Nas Kelis ain't the momma! Lajee
Odin Reign Nick Carter Nick has explained that he picked the name Odin because he wanted his son's name to mean something. I didn't like it at first, but I do now! Ariana Grande mocha swirl
Ogba Eminem  jason
Oliver Orion Ric Ocasek (with wife Paulina Porizkova) Hoo boy. Oliver Orion Ocasek. Poor little kid. His initials sound like a sound effect•OOO! Cat
Olivia Daniel Lioneye He chose the name because she apparently looked like an olive. Kezzie
Olivia Daniel Lioneye I love the name Olivia (It's my name!) but even though it's pretty and everything I think when Celebrities have children their kids should have kind of flashy names like Apple, (Gwyneth Paltrow), because the Celebrities in question have chosen to have their children when they were still in the spotlight so their children should have something to make them stand out, I'm not saying they should be named after fruit but just giving a little extra like not having the common spelling like Eminem chose to name his kid Hailie which is normally spelt Hailey or with a "gh", that sort of thing. Olivia
Olivia Eddie Vedder Created by Shakespeare for a character in his comedy 'Twelfth Night'. He may have based it on the name OLIVER or on Latin oliva "olive". In the play Olivia is a noblewoman who is wooed by Duke Orsino but instead falls in love with his messenger Cesario.  Jess
Ophelia Saint Grohl Dave Grohl No comment from the Peanut Gallery. Celeste
Oriole Donovan For a perennial flower child like him, something "nature" sounding is not too unusual for Donovan. Eric Andrews
Otis Bryan Ferry His son has the same name as my son. It's a very lovely name and in the UK is quite rare. I chose it because I wanted something simple that people couldn't shorten it. Angelina
Otis Bryan Ferry Isn´t this the name of an elevator company? Heloisa
Otis, Cosma Shiva Nina Hagen  GG
Owen Michelle Branch Owen is a fine name for a boy living in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains, but in this case Owen is a little girl! Moron  Stitches
Owen Cass Elliot Would be okay, except that she's a girl. Helena
Owen Cass Elliot Actually she named her daughter Owen because she thought of her as her 'own'.  Lynn
Owen Isabelle Michelle Branch/Teddy Landau Yes it's a girl, and Owen is perhaps not the most conventional name for a girl, but paired with Isabelle it isn't so bad. I believe Michelle picked the name because of its tomboyish nature, after first considering naming the child after the doctor who was present at the birth. Wilt

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