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You think your parents gave you a strange name? Try being born to a rock star. It seems like strange names are just part of what you have to put up with. The most memorable of course would have to be Moon Unit for the daughter of the late great Frank Zappa.

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Parent's Name
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Hailie Eminem My name is Hailey. But Hailie is soo much better. I love how it is spelt. It is prettier. Hailey
Hailie Eminem This is a reply to jason: Where do you get "Ogba" from? Eminem's child's name is "Hailie". 'Cos I ain't no hollaback girl!
Hailie Eminem  Hey, I like that name only because I have it, but it's spelt different. But it's still a nice name. Hailey
Hailie  Eminem Hailie is an adorable name! Her dad sometimes calls her by her first name+her middle name which is Jade= Hailie Jade. I am Eminem's #1 fan and i just love his daughter as much as I love his music! Kristin
Hailie Jade Eminem This is a great name for a little girl. However, I prefer the spelling Hailey or Hayleigh.  Ell
Hailie Jade Eminem I heard that Hailie was just a name they liked,and Jade was also. But Hailie is spelt H-A-I-L-I-E and not the other ways because they thought it was too common. SparkleJade
Hailie Jade Eminem This is a lovely name that he chose for his beautiful daugther!!!  Alice
Hailie Jade Eminem I think Hailie Jade is a really nice name, and I don't think Eminem (Marshall Mathers) cares really its what he wanted to call her. Chelsea
Hailie Jade Eminem I think that Hailie Jade is a cutie name. i love it and I know that Em does to and i know that he doesn't like people talking about his daughter and i think that when people say that he doesn't love his daughter then they don't know how hard it is to have a child and be a star at the same time you try to have a child an dbe the best parent when you have a camera in your face but i live the name and know that everyone doesnt but its a beautiful name and he did a great job choosing her name!!! Bethany
Hailie Jade Eminem  Melissa
Hailie Jade Eminem What is so weird about that name? That's a pretty name. J.Marie
Hailie Jade Scott Eminem H-a-i-l-i-e is either just a diffrent and less common way to spell it or just maybe a nicer way to spell it...and less plain. Maybe it's just a way that Eminem and Kim wanted it to be spelt. Emma - plymouth - ENGLAND
Hailie Jade Scott Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers)  Jimmy J.
Hampton Otis Turner Josh Turner He's going to have an awful time in school with a name like that. Ellie
Hana Aluna Kenny Loggins Hana means "flower" in Japanese. Aluna means "hazel-nut" in Romanian.  Denisa
Hana Aluna Kenny Loggins "Hana" means a faucet in Finnish, and "Aluna" is a layman's term for aluminiumsulphate.  Minna
Hannah Mary J Blige what a weird name hannah its hebrew i think summer
Hannah Shaw Tommy Shaw Tommy Shaw...that guy from the "Mr. Roboto" band Styx? XD His daughter's name is Hannah. The Styx song "Sing for The Day", from 1978, mentions Hannah which is an analogy for the fans and how much they mean to Tommy and the band. His daughter was born in 1987 and named in tribute. Cute, eh? ^_^ Jonathan C
Happy Macy Gray  Eric Andrews
Harlem The Game The Game son name is Harlem. I think the name is very nice. I am all for giving your kids unique names. I love T. I. Kids names too. Autumn
Harlem  The Game  Amber
Harlem Caron Taylor Jayceon Taylor I think this name is very unique because you are not going to run up on too many people with this name Katrina
Harlem Caron Taylor The Game  Jayda
Harlem Caron Taylor The Game I love this name..i think its really pretty  Elizabeth
Harlem Caron Taylor The Game (Jayceon Taylor) I think this is a nice name, it's different. shatara
Harlow Winter Kate Richie Madden Joel Madden Her two middle names aren't that bad, but harlow?! you'd think she was a boy if you only knew her first name. lol flipside
Harper Paul Simon From Paul's first marriage. MOR
Harper Seven Victoria Beckham and David Beckham What on earth were these two smoking when they thought of their daughter's name? Celeste
Harper Willow Dave Grohl I think it's a cute name. :) Celeste
Hazel Berry Gordy Sounds like a witch. (She was married to Jermaine Jackson). soul
Heaven Lil' Mo R&B singer Lil' Mo says she was originally considering the name Nevean for her daughter, which is Heaven spelled backwords. But she ended up just using the word regularly for her daughter's name and named her Heaven. Andrew
Heaven  Paco Arespacochaga (Introvoys Drummer) He named his son after his famous song Line to Heaven Damon
Heavenly Haarani Tiger Lily Michael Hutchence Paula's daughters named their half sister Heavely and they got the name Tiger Lily from a character in Peter Pan. Haarani is a name that Michael name after a good friend in Sydney. Ocean
Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lilly Paula Yates/Michael Hutchence Hiraani is Polynese for "princess of the sky". Linnéa
Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Paula Yates & Michael Hutchence Gerry Agar does credit the Geldof girls for naming Tiger Lily for the Native American girl in 'Peter Pan' in the book 'Paula, Michael & Bob'. They were all fans of the movie. pickle*
Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Paula Yates  ChuckyG
Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates This is the poor girl's full name although her parents (till deceased) called her Tiger. She's either being looked after by Michael's parents in Australia or step-father Bob Geldof in London now. Savita
Heavenly Hiraani Tigerlily Michael Hutchence/Paula Yates If you thought just Tigerlily was weird enough - this is her full name. Astrid
Heavenly Hirani Tiger Lilly Michael Hutchence/Paula Yates They called her Lilly for short. It's a pretty name. Hirani, I believe, is an arabic name. Celeste
Hendrix Zakk Wylde I think this has got to be one of the absolute best 'rock star kid names'. Hendrix Wylde....fantastic! :-D! Mickey
Hendrix Halen Michael Rhoades Zakk Wylde This is the sickest name ever... Hendrix: James Marshall Hendrix (the best guitarist all around including tricks) Halen: Named after none other then the amazing Eddie Van Halen(this guy sat for hours just tapping his guitar) Michael: Named after Michael Angelo Batio...The worlds best ambidexterous player.(plays a double necked-guitar, one neck to the right and one to the left) Rhoades: named after Randy Rhoades. Former guitarist of Black Sabbath before Zakk Wylde.(almost no one can touch this guy on guitar) its a shame Hendrix and Rhoades died :( Brandon
Hendrix Halen Michael Rhoades Zakk Wylde One child, 5 names. Hendrix Halen Michael Rhoades Wylde. Hendrix after the obvious, Halen after Eddie Van Halen, Michael after some dude, Rhoades after Randy Rhoades. What a name. Stephen Hopkinson
Hendrix Halen Michael Rhoads Zakk Wylde I had to write how much of a tard brandon is. His paragraph hurt to read. First of all Michael is for mike piazza a baseball player Not Michael Angelo Batio. Next Randy R-H-O-A-D-S not rhoades was the original guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne after he split from Black Sabbath. Do some research before you post stuff.  Corey
Hendrix Halen Michael Rhoads Zakk Wylde Michael in his name is an homage to Zakk's best friend, Michael Piazza, not Michael Angelo Batio. Sean
Henry Meryl Streep Meryl's only son and oldest child. She used to call him "Gippy" when he was a little boy -I hope-... that's pretty cute! [Ed.'s note: Once more (I hope), "Music of the Heart".] TheActress
Hercy and Mercy Master P Hercy is like 4 or 5, and Mercy is his new baby. He's probably a year old. megan
Hezron Wolfgang Perry Farrell Perry's 1st child with his wife, Etty. From the book of Ruth, Peretz's (Perry's Hewbrew name) first born - Hezron Jamie
Hezron Wolfgang Perry Farrell Perry and his wife gave their first boy the middle name "Wolfgang" to honor Bill Graham. Bill Graham, whose real name was Wolfgang, inspired and helped Perry conceptualize Lollapalooza. Perry and Etty found out Etty was pregnant with Hezron the same day Perry and his partners decided to revamp Lollapalooza for 2003. Chris
Hoku Don Ho This is the Hawaiian word for star. It is rather well known word in Hawaii, but I have not heard it as a name before. Zanshin
Hoku Don Ho Hoku means star in Hawaiian but, I don't think it's a weird name because my cousin's name is Hokulani which means "Heavenly star". LFS
Hoku Don Ho Don and his little Ho-Ho. Hawaiian I
Hollie, Arun, Blue Angel, Sian and Levi The Edge (U2) Hollie and Levi seem like normal names, where as Blue Angel, Sian and Arun seem kinda weird. EvansGirl
Honey Kinny and Betty Kitty Jonathan Ross These poor children will grow up with these names and what crap names!!! Their parents are Jon and Jane. Pretty normal but what's with the "Honey", "Kinny" and "Betty". I would understand if these were nick names but they're not. Poor kids!!! Rowan
Hopper Jack Brandon Davis  Iliana
Horse Nelly This mean strong and fast. robmac
Horse Nelly Since when does Nelly have a third kid? And since when is it's name horse? He has 2, Chanel and Tre. just observing
Horse Nelly  just observing
Hud John Mellencamp Could be from the Paul Newman character and movie of that title, but that's no excuse. It could've been Lucas Jackson Mellencamp, as in Cool Hand Luke. (Editor's note: Yeah, but Hud is easier to spell, not that I'm dissing on Mellencamp's IQ.) Michael Pacholek
Hud John Mellencamp Kind of makes me think, "Heads up display". Then I got to wondering where I'm flying today. "Huddle", wow and I figured Anton was bad. D. Dragon OY-APW
Hud John Mellencamp My name is Huddle and I am a female. My parents got the name from "Fiddler on the Roof." It is nice to see someone else who is afflicted by an unusual name. Huddle
Hud John Mellencamp He's named after the title character in an old Paul Newman movie. Matthew McConnaughey's dog, Miss Hud, is named after the same flick. jessica
Hud John Mellencamp Is this supposed to be for (Housing Urban Development).. let's hope it's his grandfather's initials or something. ChuckyG
Hud John Mellencamp Hud is actually based on a book by Larry McMurtry entitled Horseman, Pass By. Becca
Hud John Mellencamp "Huddle", darling, if your parents picked your name from Fiddler on the Roof, the name is spelled Hodel. It's just pronounced a lot like "huddle". Erika
Hunter James Durbin It's a cute name. I think I'd name my son that. flipside

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