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You think your parents gave you a strange name? Try being born to a rock star. It seems like strange names are just part of what you have to put up with. The most memorable of course would have to be Moon Unit for the daughter of the late great Frank Zappa.

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Parent's Name
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Najee LL Cool J About his son, his eldest child, Najee, he notes: "I didn't make him a junior, because I want him to exist on this planet as his own being and not be burdened by sharing my name. He'll have a totally different upbringing from mine." I kinda like the name Najee, but then there's something weird about it. It's still cute at the same time.  Victoria
Najee  LL Cool J  Kenia
Narija'h Brittany Ashford  Brittany Ashford
Natalia Kobe Bryant Kobe did rap at one time. I think Natalia is a beautiful name for such an adorable child. Good work Vanessa & Kobe. Monai`
Natashya Tori Amos/Myra Ellen Amos The extra "y" suhasini
Natashya Tori Amos Lothlorien was a land of Elves, not Faeries. Brie
Natashya  Tori Amos 'Faery' is incorrect. The word is spelt 'F-A-E-R-I-E'. me
Natashya Lorien Tori Amos I like the first name, but the middle name sounds a bit too much like a really weird alien from Babylon 5. LadyCorneliusPlum
Natashya Lórien Tori Amos Lórien is short for Lothlórien, one of the main Elven cities in the Lord of the Rings. It is (or was, rather) ruled by Lady Galadriel and kept alive by Nenya, the Elven Ring of Water. It diminished when Galadriel and the Three Rings left for Valinor after the One Ring was destroyed. It was also "the name of the gardens and dwelling-place of the Vala Irmo, who was himself usually called Lórien" (The Silmarillion). Lothlórien means Lórien of the Blossom, and loth means flower. I doubt even Tori knew all of that! Irenthel
Natashya Lórien Tori Amos Lórien stems from the name for the faery land in Lord of the Rings, Lothlorien. jennie
Nathan Houseman Jonathan Davis Houseman is also Jon's middle name and Nathan is Jonathan without the "JO" David Roy
Nathan Houseman Jonathan Davis Houseman is Jonathan's middle name... he was gonna call his kid Salaam Dementia (Arabic for "Hello insanity") if it was a girl. Sara
Nathan Houseman Jonathan Davis He was named for Their manager Nathan "Karma" Cox and Houseman is Jonathan's middle name. Evil Munky
Nathan Houseman Jonathan Davis The first name is ok, but what's with the middle one?!  Zaz Rasul
Nathaniel Houseman Davis Jonathan Davis of Korn The reason his son's middle name is Houseman is because its his middle name; but it is still awkward. His son's first name comes from Nathaniel "Karma" Cox, who is good friends with Jonathan. Ingrid
Navarone Priscilla Presley She gave birth to this child shortly after Lisa Marie made her a grandmother. Eric Andrews
Navy Nivea I can see she was trying to keep the baby name like hers but something just went wrong. Navy? I don't get it. Danielle
Navy Nivea Navy is a boy not a girl! Brianna
Navy Talia Nash Nivea and Terius Nash I think what she might have done was use her and her husbands first letter in their first names and used names with those letters. NTN, that is what me and my fiance did with our 5 year old son and plan to do with the baby we have one the way!!!!! Babygirl
Nayib Gloria Estefan  Eric Andrews
Neil Wharton Vince Neil Actually stk, Vince Neil's real last name is Wharton, so I'd assume his firstborn was named using Vince's middle name, which is Neil. Entil'zha
Neil, Elizabeth, Skylar Vince Neil Neil Neil? stk
Nele  Till Lindemann His older daughter. Born in 1987. sonne0702
Nevaeh Sonny My daughter's name is Nevaeh, because it's the word Heaven spelled backwards! Tiffenayja
Nevaeh Sonny (P.O.D.) Nevaeh, Pronounced 'Nev- a-uh'. I named my daughter after her. Pamela
Nevaeh Sonny (P.O.D.) Heaven, spelled backward. Neat isn't it? I love it! Elvora
Nevis Nelly Furtado Her daughter's name translates as 'snow', but I wonder if the child's name would have been Ben if it was a boy? As in the mountain Ben Nevis. pickle*
Ngila Liat Italia Barat Carl Barat Lead singer of the UK garage punk band, Dirty Pretty Things. Carl Barat, and musician Jessica Devlin's new daughter Ngila Liat Italia Barat. Ngila pronounced (nigh-la), (lee-yat). wilhelmina
Nicholas Dean Des Barres Michael + Pamela Des Barres Little Nicky got his middle name from mommy's hero James Dean. Lola
Nicholas Grev Austin Collins Phil Collins  Miss MT
Nico Shannon Hoon  MJV
Nico Blue Shannon Hoon The name of the flower is Nikko Blue. Apparently Shannon was inspired by this and Nico from VU. Hoon fan
Nico Blue Shannon Hoon He named her after his favourite flower. Also, the blue represent the color of her eyes (as the sky he said). nives
Nico Blue Shannon Hoon I think this is a pretty name. They actually named one of Blind Melon's last albums after her.  andie
Nico Blue Shannon Hoon All I have to say is that Shannon's lyrics are amazing and he was one the the best vocalists that ever lived! Blind Melon Rocks!!!! Kevin
Nico Blue Shannon Hoon It's "Blue Moon", and Duce has the right answer. She was named after Nico, who sang with the Velvet Underground. I think she was also a model. allison
Nico Blue Hoon Shannon Hoon "Bloo hoon... you saw me standing alone without a dream in my heart Without a love of my own"  Rosie
Nico Blue Hoon Shannon Hoon The female singer who often appeared with Velvet Underground was named Nico. I was under the impression that Shannon named his child "Nico Blue" as an homage to Nico of Velvet Underground, who may very well be "Nico Blue" as well...I'm not sure. Duce
Nico Blue Hoon Shannon Hoon-Lisa Krouse Supposedly, Nico Blue is named for a flower called the Nico Blue, referred to by The Velvet Underground (a band Shannon liked and did his own version of the song 'After Hours') in a song. See current pictures of her at Tillyon
Nikiah Spencer Haywood Nikiah is the daughter of Spencer Haywood & Linda who is his second & current wife. bemyconspiracy
Nina 'Weird Al' Yankovic Original, and not weird. Now that's weird.  John Aster Habig
Nina Simone Smith LL Cool J LL Cool J's oldest daughter's name is Nina Simone. She is very beautiful.  sean
Nina Yankovic "Weird Al" Yankovic [Ed.'s note: You would think an artist called 'Weird Al' would have a weird name for his child. Fortunately, he doesn't.] Noah
Niquos Melvin Franklin (bass singer of the Temptations)  Eric Andrews
Niyana Master P  teonea
Noa MÃ¥nfarare Lena Philipsson It's Swedish and like Noa Moon-traveller.. Poooooor kid!!! kent_4-ever
Noah Lindsay Cyrus Billy Ray Cyrus This is a boys name; so why would he name her this? Ellie
Noah Lindsey Cyrus Billy Ray Cyrus  Brittany
North West Kanye West And so Kim and Kanye prove they are capable of cruelly punny names. (Note: I'M the first one submitting this? Really?) Brian Kelly
Nyiema Obika Lemar  Deedee
Nyla Rae Aaron Lewis Nyla Rae was just born last year, and has a sister by the name of "Zoe Jane" hbp0819
Nyla Rae Aaron Lewis I like the name, especially Nyla. Kitty

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