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You think your parents gave you a strange name? Try being born to a rock star. It seems like strange names are just part of what you have to put up with. The most memorable of course would have to be Moon Unit for the daughter of the late great Frank Zappa.

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Entries Beginning with T

Child's Name
Parent's Name
Submitted by:
T'Ziah Busta Rhymes  Eric Andrews
Tahiem Busta Rhymes Passed away in 1993. Eric Andrews
Tahlia Maya Mutya Buena (formerly of Sugababes) Tahlia means "morning dew" because she was born at 3.30am and Maya was the name of Mutya's sister who died. Stompgal
Tais Nelly That's a really diffrent name, and it sounds real pretty. But it would sound better for a boy, not a girl. Nelly should've had a boy, because there's going to be a lot of boys all over your daughter, so control that, okay? Smiley
Taj Tyler Steven Tyler The youngest and his only son. Jamie
Taj Tyler Stephen Tyler  Jen
Takoma DMX  megan
Tal Bachman Randy Bachman Tal was actually named for James E. Talmage, an LDS author. Get it -- Talmage = Tal. Jessica
Tal Bachman Randy Bachman Randy was with Bachman-Turner Overdrive, so he could have picked a cooler name. MTV
Tali Annie Lennox Tali is the sister of Lola. She
Talia Eliabeth Davy Jones  Stephanie
Tallulah Belle Bruce Willis  ChuckyG
Tallulah Belle Bruce Willis Origin could possibly be from Tallulah Bankhead, a famous actress. Just a guess. Just me
Tallulah Pine Simon Le Bon  Barbarella
Tallulua Judie Tzuke  kate
Talon Jordi Hopper Kasey Chambers I think Talon is a very cool name, especially for the son of an Australian country singer. Anna
Tamala Georgette Tammy Wynette & George Jones A spin-off on both of their names, it shows even country singers can put a little originality into their children's names. Eric Andrews
Tamerlane John Phillips After the medieval ruler, I am guessing. Eric Andrews
Tank Elijah Olander Jimmy Olander Tank was adopted by Diamond Rio guitarist Jimmy Olander and his wife Claudia Fontenot in 2005. Sundog
Tara Bryan Ferry  unknown person. who goes to the harrodian NOT bryanston...hmmm
Tara Bryan Ferry It's a boy...isn't this a girl's name? Ruth
Tara  Bryan Ferry Actually I've heard of several guys named Tara. Keith Richards had a son (now deceased) named Tara, after a (male) friend of his.  Erin
Tara Jo Jo Gunne Keith Richards & Anita Pallenberg Tara is definately NOT a common name in England for a boy! Honestly they'd be teased in school!!  Rebakah
Tara Jo Jo Gunne Keith Richards & Anita Pallenberg Their son was only 10 weeks old when he died suddenly in his crib in 1976. I think Tara is a common male name in England, while Jo Jo Gunne is after the Chuck Berry song of the same name. With Keith's intense love of Chuck Berry, I guess it was no surprise he used it for a name. Eric Andrews
Tarian Nathaniel Travis Tritt That's a problem, Nathaniel is a mess and he named after Nathaniel Jones got arrested on Nov. 30, after 10 days of his born. And Tarian was really got his name. Destiny
Tarzana Nova Lene Lovich  Molly
Tasman Rick James  Sheila Estrella Andrea Loman aka SEAL
Tatjana Leigh Orchid Nick Rhodes This is the correct version. Rachel
Tatjana Orchid Lee Nick Rhodes The other entry was incorrect. I named my daughter after Nick's.. it is definately TATJANA! Staci
Tatjuana Lee Orchid Nick Rhodes  Barbarella
Taylor Garth Brooks She was named for James Taylor. I saw him on Regis& Kathy Just after she was born. Lainee
Taylor Brooks Garth Brooks Taylor was named after James Taylor. Celeste
Taylor Maine Pearl Garth Brooks Taylor is Troyal(Brooks first name) with the letters mixed around...probaly so it would be more feminine. Amanda
Taylor Maine Pearl Garth Brooks Taylor - James Taylor Maine - State she was concieved in Pearl - Minnie Pearl Laura
Taylor Maine Pearl Garth Brooks I understood that Garth named his little girl, Taylor Maine Pearl; Maine because that's where she was born and Pearl in honor of Minnie Pearl. I haven't heard the reason, as stated for his use of Taylor. I thought they simply liked the name.  Fontaynn
Taylor Maine Pearl Brooks Garth Brooks Garth did name Taylor after James Taylor. Ellie
Teddy John Mellencamp I think John is the best. His daughter sure doesn't seem to mind being named after a guy. julie g.
Teddy John (Cougar) Mellencamp Why'd you name her Teddy? She's a GIRL, for Pete's sake! Everyone knows that Teddy is a boy's name! It's a shortened form of either Edward or Theodore, both of which are male names. Aaerni
Tegan  Brian Harvey (East 17)  Michaela
Teja Jamelia Like Asia with a T! I love this name, and she made it up it's an amalgamation of her name and her (awful!) ex Terry's. Very creative, I'll say. LillyBaby
Tejan Jim Morrison/Pamela Curson I think you will find that Jimbo never had children with Pammy. puablo sandez
Tejan Jim Morrison  Amy
Tejan  Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson What more can I say? Both parents were hippys. Tejan has an Oriental touch which is also tres rock chic.  Arriana
Tennesse Jane Bunny Thomas Bruce Thomas (Elvis Costello and The Attractions)  Daisy Boo
Tennessee Hawkins Church Eric Church Tennessee is the son of Eric and music publisher Katherine Blashingame. He goes by the nickname "Hawk" Sundog
Thelonius Mitch Forge (Crash Test Dummies) Obviously named after the great artist Thelonius Monk, but poor kid! I've talked to Mitch before, but never could I bring up the fact that his child is going to have some deep emotional scars from that name! Entil'zha
Theodora Keith Richards  Eric Andrews
Theodora Augusta Keith Richards Named after Keith's grandfather, Theodore Augustus "Gus" Dupree.  Luna
Thomas Jefferson (TJ) Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats) I heard someone on 'Emmerdale' refer to their son as TJ and I guessed it was for Slim Jim Phantom's son from Britt Ekland. pickle
Tiani Jamelia I read somewhere that Jamelia thought she had made this up too, but apparently it's a greek name meaning 'Princess'. I love her daughter's names. LillyBaby
Tiger Lilly Michael Hutchence I think Tiger Lilly is the Indian princess from the book and cartoon "Peter Pan". dragon
Tiger Lilly Michael Hutchence Both parents were probably drugged already at that stage. wedkel
Tiger Lily Michael Hutchence & Paula Yates That is actually her middle name her full name is Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence.  Tonnica
Tiger Lily Michael Hutchence & Paula Yates It's not because of "Peter Pan". It's because tiger lillies were Paula Yates' favorite flower. She had them at her funeral. And after she died, they all planted some to remember her. Miss Drama Queen
Tiger Lily Taylor Roger Taylor It's actually a pretty name but I really hope that it's one word or else people would call her tiger dayna
Tigerlily Paula Yates It's not pretty - who would want to be called that! Too many drugs to come up with that one Ocean
Tigerlily Paula Yates Somebody must have been a Peter Pan fanatic in that household. I'm pointing the finger at Pixie Geldof! This has nothing to do with drugs! Mhanna
Tinkerbell Bob Geldof and Paula Yates It seems like Bob and Paula hate their kids. So they gave them all weird names like Pixie, Peaches, Tigerlily, Fifi, and Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell hated her name, she changed it to Trixiebell. annie
Tracy Marrow, Jr. Ice-T  Bevy
Tre Nelly Nelly has a son and a daughter called Tre and Chanel. Tre is born in 1999 and Chanel in 1994. But these aren't Weird Names! Chanel
Tremayne Xzibit  j
Trey Smith Will Smith  Celeste
Trixabelle Bob Geldof Yes - Mr. Live Aid himself, named one of his daughters "Trixabelle". What's in his drink cup anyway? Love Like A Rocket
Trixie Chris Whitley  Eric Andrews
Tron Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas Why? Does she hate her son THAT much? It's the WORST name I have ever heard! adrian
Truth and Truly Dr. Drea  tina a
Tu Rob Morrow  Natalie
Tu Rob Morrow I'm guessing he got her an account with Barclay's because of the ad with the animated pile of money singing 'Tomorrow' from Annie! pickle
Tuesday  Beck  Lexi
Tulip Tiny Tim Named for his hit novelty redition of "Tiptoe Through the Tulips". mysticrose
Ty'onna Notorious B.I.G  Tula
Tye-Orion/ Tai-Orion Rob Trujillo  Black Kat
Tygerlily David Bryan  *supergirl*
Tyler Reese Travis Tritt Why would he name his daughter a boys name. Ellie
Tyson and Mabel Neneh Cherry Mabel is sweet. But Tyson - for a girl!? Frida

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