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You think your parents gave you a strange name? Try being born to a rock star. It seems like strange names are just part of what you have to put up with. The most memorable of course would have to be Moon Unit for the daughter of the late great Frank Zappa.

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Parent's Name
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Edan Don Everly Just bein pedantic but it is spelt like this it's a popular Protestant variation on the name Aidan. There's a cathedral called Saint Edan's in Wexford, Ireland (and it's my boyfriends name.) emma
Edan Don Everly It IS a man's name -- it's a form of Edward, so it's not as "weird" as anyone things. (Editor's note: But it's still not as common in America as "Edward".) Marianne50614
Edan Don Everly This is a boy,I swear!I don't think he could spell Eden. Marian
Eden Alpert Herb Alpert and Lani Hall She was featured in a People article about second-generation celebrities. Instrumental
Egan Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz  Fola
Egypt Treach (of Naughty By Nature) His daughter with Sandra Denton, Pepa of Salt & Pepa. Eric Andrews
Egypt Daoud Dean Alicia Keys/ Kaseem Dean "Swizz Beatz" Its weird but I thinks its a really cute name. Courtny
Eja Shania Twain Shania named her son this after a word from her father's Native Indian culture. For those of you that don't know, Shania changed her name to Shania to honor her father. Shania means "on my way" and she has proven that time and time again. NEVER diss Shania again!!  micmorg
Eja Shania Twain It is pronounced "Asia", but Shania didn't change her name to honour her father, but to honor her stepfather. Baby Girl Jen Giles
Eja Shania Twain Pronounced "Asia." Why would she want to give her boy a strange name? crazydon
Eja  Shania Twain Where did she ever come up with this name for a boy. Ellie
Eleanora Avis Nora, Anthony, Linda Hope and Kel Bob Hope Bob Hope has four adopted children named Eleanora Avis "Nora", Anthony, Linda Hope and Kelly Hope, none are named Ikeketralopolis. Lauren
Elektra Dave Mustaine Cruelty. Obviously Mustaine spent alot of time reading comics. theclash134
Elektra Dave Mustaine People really ought to look into a name before they inflict it upon their child. I'm all in favor for unusual names, as I have a strange name myself, but I wonder if Dave would have named his daughter Elektra if he knew that the Elektra complex is the female counterpart to the Oedipus complex (i.e. a girl becomes overly attached to her father, imagining that she will be impregnated by him, and consequently grows to resent her mother). Probably not the best thing to name your daughter... Admiranda
Elektra Dave Mustaine Love it! Calista
Elektra Dave Mustaine Elektra is taken from Greek mythology; She's the daughter of Okeanos and Tethys and has children with Zeus; and also Elektra as daughter of Agamemnon and 'her story' has been worked up in 'Elektra' : a tragedy of Sophokles, a drama of Gerhard Hauptmann also Hugo von Hofmannsthal (famous German writers) and an opera of Richard Strauss; all titled 'Elektra' Elektra is also a star and an asteroid Considering these facts (and not just 'Daredevil') I think the name's quite alright (unless they really took it coz of Daredevil...)  Claudia
Elektra Dave Mustaine It's cute, meaning aside and all. But I thought of Carmen Electra when I heard it.  MouthForWar
Elgin Ginuwine  jasmine
Elgin Baylor Lumpkin Ginuwine Elgin is a nice name, but I'm mad that he named his child after him. I mean it's nothing wrong with wanting your child to be named after you, but a name like Elgin can only be original once. I think Ginuwine should have given his son another UNIQUE name so that he can have his own trade mark. chaka
Elgin Lumpkin Jr Ginuwine  jasmine
Elgin, Dream, Story Ginuwine I would like to say that all his children have very unique names. I can't wait for him to drop the new cd and hopefully Sole' will have a nice comeback. Laki Gregg
Elgin, Story & Dream Ginuwine Holy great mother of lord! Story? Dream? And Elgin I have never heard that word/name before. Well his kids, his life. Whatever, those kids are gonna be picked on as school-kids! Nikki
Elijah Blue Cher and Greg Allman  It's a nice name. It reminds me of Elijah Wood, you know the name and his blue eyes. It's a really cute name. Citty
Elijah Blue Cher-Gregg Allman The name's okay, just weird. real
Elijah Blue Cher and Greg Allman I heard he goes by a different name now. David Corrado
Elijah Blue Cher  Talon
Elijah Blue Cher I would just like to say that half of the names on this page aren't even strange. I mean I grew up with the name Azure Blue. Not that I'm complaining b/c being common sucks. Azure
Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q Bono It seems when his 3rd child/1st son was born, Bono thought he wouldn't have any more kids (or at least any more boys) and that's why he gave him all the boy names he liked. See when he had a second son _John Abraham_he kept his name short. Aurora
Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q Bono Can you believe this one??? Poor Kid jacque
Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q Bono I think it's nice that Bono named his kid after an old friend, Derek Rowen, who was nicknamed Guggi. Guggi was also the one who came up with the name Bono. (Bono's real nime is Paul Hewson.) CRA-Z-4-U2
Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q Bono Talk about a long name! jtreegirl
Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q. Bono Gee Bono, pick a name, any name.. Wait until this kid tries to fill out government forms for things like his driver's license. ChuckyG
Elijah Bob Patricus Guggi Q Bono And his other son is John Abraham. Annie
Elijah Bob Patricus Guggi Q Hewson Bono Elijah, I can deal with. Bob, to honor Bono's dad, fine. Patricus? Sorry, Bono. Nobody speaks Latin anymore. Guggi? Bono, if you wanted to honor your childhood friend, you could have used his real name, which is Derek. Q? There's absolutely no way that can be justified. beau99
Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg Donnie Wahlberg and Kim Fey I can only assume that this kid's middle name is the result of someone's obsession with Jimmi Hendrix gone a little too far. Celeste
Elijah Patricius Bob Guggi Q. Bono Bono You got the order of the kid's second and third names mixed up, ChuckyG! It's Patricius Bob, not Bob Patricius. Aaerni
Eliot Paulina Sting Called Coco. CydM
Eliot Pauline Sting This is Coco's real given name, although Eliot may make it unusual for a girl. Then again, there is Sarah Chalke's character on SCRUBS named Elliott. Eric Andrews
Elizabeth Scarlett Mick Jagger (and various!) So nice Grace Slick
Ella Greg Graffin What a very normal name. LadyGaladriel
Ella Bleu John Travolta  liz
Ella Blue John Travolta I like the names Travolta chose for his chldren. And, for stars, maybe they think they MUST have very unique names for their offspring, or they simply feel the freedom to be kinky, whereas, the general population faces a stronger censorship in naming. But, there are always the rebels out there in the common world who break the 'so-called rules.' If there are any rules, they are made by a few here and there who THINK they know what is proper. I believe names are going thru a big change and, personally, I think it's: ANYTHING GOES.  Fontaynn
Ella Blue John Travolta  aleesa
Ella Estrella Tisha Zam Helga (German Band Singer)  Suihava
Ella Rae Mark Wahlberg (formerly Marky Mark)  Eric Andrews
Ellen Bleu  John Travolta and Kelly Preston I think thats a weird name for a little girls name! I mean it sounds like a puppies name!  Americus
Ellery Walker Ben Harper  Eric Andrews
Elmo Curt Kirkwood His full name is Elmo Isaac Dillinger Dean Samuel Sinbad Kirkwood. Mo' Wood
Elmo and Cat Curt Kirkwood (Meat Puppets) Elmo and Cat are twins of the Meat Puppet lead singer and guitarist. Turns out not only are their names Elmo and Cat, but I guess the full names are really long! MeatPuppetFan
Elmo and Cat Curt Kirkwood Actually I wanted to add the Curt Kirkwood's kids Elmo and Cat were not named after the little red Elmo but was named after the movie St. Elmo's Fire. Cat was not named after Cat Stevens. Her name is just Catherine. Jayson
Elmo and Cat Curt Kirkwood of the Meat Puppets Actually, Elmo and Cat are their full names. Elmo was named after the red fuzzy guy in Sesame Street. Cat was named after Cat Stevens. Aaerni
Elmo Issac Dylanger Dean Samuel Sinbad Soul Kirkwood Curt Kirkwood (Meat Puppets) Confirmed- Full name of Elmo MeatPuppetFan
Elroy Neil Finn Um, rather odd. Liam is a normal name, but who cares? His mother gave him a middle name of Mullane (no offense to Neil).  i lurve the enz
Elroy Neil Finn Hmmm.... Sally
Emily-Ruth Brian May (Queen) Not so bad, actually reletively normal for a Rock star's kid. JJ
Emma Pete Townshend She later became a musician herself. Goes to show being famous doesn't necessarily mean simplicity in names is a bad thing! Eric Andrews
Emme Marbiel and Maximillian Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony They are fraternal twins. MOR
Ensa Camille Bill Cosby  Eric Andrews
Erin Bria Easy-Z This name is so cute. She's named after her late father, who died from catching AIDS. She was recently shown on "Sweet Sixteen", and she looks exactly like him. Netta
Erin Invicta Don Everly She was born in 1965,so her middle name was pretty weird then. Actually ,it's weird even by today's standards,even for us fellow Irish!Cheers! Marian
Eriq Micheal George Taj( GroupSWV)  He was born April 4,2005 it is a very simply named. Naquita
Estela del Carmen Antonio Banderas  Eric Andrews
Estella Desiree Mike Dirnt That name sounds somewhat French. tclyker
Estella Desiree Mike Dirnt (Green Day's bassist) Mike named his daughter Estella because it means "star". It is a beautiful name. He has this name tattooed on his right arm surrounded by stars. He also has a bass named after her.  Loser Hero
Estelle Desiree Mike Dirnt Well everyone's been spelling it wrong, so here it is correctly. And I'm guessing it's French as well. -elle is a French suffix, like my name, and Desiree has a French suffix as well. danielle
Estelle Desiree Mike Dirnt (Green Day) Some sources list it hyphenated as Estelle-Desiree. Either way it's Estelle. FTR, Estella, Estelle and Estrella are derived from Stella so they ALL mean star. Mel
Estelle Disiree Mike Dirnt Her name is so pretty. Tina
Estelle-Desiree Mike Dirnt  Me, not you
Estelle-Desiree Mike Dirnt (Green Day's bassist) It sounds very french.Estelle sumwhat means "star". Desiree means "desire" I guess Mike and Anastisia really wanted a unique name. But overall i love that name! Mallyn
Estelle-Desiree Dirnt Mike Dirnt Apparently (according to, Mike has an obsession with stars, so he named her that. In my opinion, Estelle is a beautiful name. Good job Mike :D Edel
Estrella Desiree Mike Dirnt  Just wanted to spell the kids name right. ESTRELLA = star Athena
Eulalah Donny Hathaway She's now an artist in her own right using the name Lalah. Eric Andrews
Eva Elizabith Tom DeLonge I think Tom's daughters name is really cute. Tom will be the coolest dad. Spike
Eva Luna Sharon den Adel It's pretty...but I wonder if she took that name from the novel of that title... Kristen
Eva Ruth & Kathleen Emilie Martie & Gareth Maguire  Lindz
Ever Gabo Anderson Milla Jovovich Not in the realm of norm Candi
Everette Hanson Isaac Hanson Everette's first name is Clarke, like his dad, Clarke "Isaac". Raschel
Ezra Larry Mullen Larrys youngest Boy/Child..not sure what/who he is named after Hollie
Ezra Hanson Taylor Hanson Ezra's first name is Jordan like his dad, Jordan "Taylor". Raschel

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