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You think your parents gave you a strange name? Try being born to a rock star. It seems like strange names are just part of what you have to put up with. The most memorable of course would have to be Moon Unit for the daughter of the late great Frank Zappa.

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Child's Name
Parent's Name
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D'andrea Tony Bennett  Eric Andrews
D'lila Star Diddy And Kim Porter I think D'lila is a cute name but D'lila Star is a little weird  Trina
Daegal Tony Bennett  Eric Andrews
Daemon Tom Araya (of Slayer) I sure hope it is pronounced like "Damon" & not like "Demon". Eric Andrews
Dagwood and Sienna Roger Waters I understand Sienna is a car name, but Dagwood. What is Dagwood? Joss
Daisy Boo and Poppy Honey Jamie and Julie Oliver Those are kinda cute, though. Candi
Daisy Boo Oliver Jamie Oliver, Julie Oliver According to VH1, "Boo" is Julie's nickname. Jasminizzle
Daisy- Boo and Poppy- Honey Jamie and Jools Oliver Whats with the "Boo" and the "Honey". I guess Honey was expected as Jamie's a chef but Boo? Daisy and Poppy are fine and lovely names but the 2nd name of both is something to be ashamed about!!!! Rowan
Dakota Don Johnson  Eric Andrews
Dakota Don Johnson Her mother was actress Melanie Griffith, so I blame her. MTV
Dallas Erykah Badu I have met people named this before, it's a rather common name. 1
Dallas Erykah Badu She was born in Dallas, which is probably her son's namesake. Bevy
Dallas Durst Fred Drust Come on Fred! Couldn't you have thought of something better then Dallas, you know something that didn't really clash with his last name... Ameris
Damion Marley Bob Marley How could you bums forget this? Damion and Bob Marley ar so cool. Rastafari stands alone. Ganja Man
Dandelion Keith Richards Maybe he named the kid after his most recent substance experiment... outthere
Dandelion Keith Richards Yeah, so Dandelion isn't the greatest name ever, and she changed it to Angela. Normal name, not a great one either. But what's wrong with it??  !!!!ANGELA!!!!
Dandelion Keith Richards She officially changed her name to Angela - wonder why?! Altho, Angela is a bit crap.  DeeDee
Dandellion Keith Richards I think the drugs got to Keith....don't they also have a song called "Dandellion"? Billy Florio
Daniel Julez J Smith Solange Knowles Daniel Julez is named after his father Daniel Smith. Larissa
Daniel Julez Smith Solange and Daniel Smith  Jamie
Dante Jordan Knight Jordan Knight's son's name is Dante Jordan Knight not Daunte Nathaniel Knight Melissa
Dante Jordan Knight Jordan Knight Neither is right ladies. His name isn't Nathaniel at all; it's Dante Jordan Knight. Jenn
Dashiell Alice Cooper Known as "Dash" Mary
Daunte Nathaniel Knight Jordan Knight Once they find out who the kid's father is, he won't LIVE long enough to get eaten alive! (Not that I actually recommend such a killing.) Michael Pacholek
Daunte Nathaniel Knight. Jordan Knight Gee... I wonder if this kid is going to get eaten alive in middle school? Celeste
Davette Melvin Franklin (bass singer of the Temptations)  Eric Andrews
Dawn Anne Murray  Eric Andrews
Dawson Mike Kroeger 'nickelback girl' bizarrely stated that Mike's son is named Brandom. Maybe she was referring to ex-member of Nickelback, Brandon (with an n) Kroeger, Mike's cousin. Mike's son is named Dawson. Sharon
Dax Ryan Peake Son of the guitarist and back vocal for Nickelback.  marcelo quirino
Dax Ryan Peake (Nickelback)  lesley patrick
Dax (son) And Acadia (daughter) Ryan Peake (Nickelback)  charlotte
De'jan Sole' Sole's oldest daughter's name, from a previous relationship (Not Ginuwine's child). Reminds you of "deja vu" Nice name! Aries
Decker Nikki Sixx Pretty kool name if u ask me! (even though no one did, LOL)  MotleyGirl87
Declan Cyndi Lauper My name is Declan and it is not, as many people think, Irish. It is Gaelic for 'beloved'. I like it because it's different. I've only ever known 1 other Declan. Declan
Declan Cyndi Lauper An Irish name Patti Smith
Declyan Cyndi Lauper Son, with David Thornton, Declyan Wallace Thornton Lauper [19 November 1997] Named after Elvis Costello (real name Declan Patrick MacManus)but spelled traditionally. mtlvr
Dekker Nilsson Nikki Sixx Just to clarify the spelling, which is a double K, not a CK .  Wilt
Delaney Jimmy Buffett It's actually Sarah Delaney, but she uses her first name. Additionally, he has a song titled "Delaney Talks to Statues." Jodi
Delaney Martina McBride One of her two daughters, I actually think it makes a fine name for a girl. After all, Bailey once had some fame as a boy's name, but now the girls appear to have taken it over, just like Leslie and Ashley. Eric Andrews
Delia Melanie B. (Of the Spice Girls) Um...I didn't know the British had such an odd taste in names....Then again, Melanie is a stupid name as well... Leila
Denim Toni Braxton-Lewis Comes from the Bible. MEme
Denim Toni Braxton I think the name is very original and very unique. When I have a baby boy I think I'm going to name it Colton Denim. Way to go Toni!! Bailey
Denim Toni Braxon Ummm? tyshalynn
Denim Toni Braxton I knew she loved her jeans, but not to that extent. Annie
Denim Toni Braxton With sisters Polly and Esther, It'd be a great bunch of kids. Lowra
Denim Toni Braxton Wonder what he wore home from the hospital. Roxie
Denim Toni Braxton I think it's hot. Anything that you don't hear everyday is great. I just hope that the next one isn't something foolish like Polyester or Boucle. Lauren
Denim Toni Braxton I feel sorry for the kid!!!!! Genesis
Denim and Diezel Toni Braxton  Candi
Denim and Diezel Toni Braxton-Lewis I love Toni's childen. They are so adorable. Kenisha
Denim and Diezel Toni Braxton I like the name . I wouldn't name them after gas and jeans, but it is different. Fatinah
Denim and Diezel Toni Braxton I think they are pretty names and very unique and different. Fatinah Davis
Denim Cole Toni Braxton-Lewis She named him Denim to Americanise the name 'Denham'.I guess she didn't because people would call him Den-ham. something new
Denim Cole Toni Braxton I had a daughter in 1996 and I named her Denim Elizabeth. My mother thought of Denim. I wonder where Toni got the name Denim. Laura Ann
Denim Cole and Diezel Ky Toni Braxton Very brand-oriented. Maya
Destiny Nas  shawn
Destiny  Terry Coldwell (Terence Mark Coldwell, East 17 (has a little sister who´s called Brooke) Michaela
Destiny and Angel Terry Coldwell (E-17) More words than names. Frida
Destiny Cyrus Billy Ray Cyrus Destiny! Who would name a kid that? It is cheesy! [Ed.'s note: It is now Miley Cyrus.] Ashley
Destiny Hope Billy Ray Cyrus These are words, not names.. it's like naming your kid Bush or Quayle... umm... ChuckyG
Destiny Hope Billy Ray Cyrus She goes by Miley these days. christie
Destiny Hope Cyrus Billy Ray Cyrus It is a good name! I think people should not make fun of her name. fg
Destiny/Angel Terry Coldwell (E-17) I guess the guy watched a lot of 'Captain Scarlet' in his youth, because Destiny Angel was one of the female pilots of Spectrum. pickle*
Devilin Kenny MacLean Kenny's only son. It's a scotish name. Celeste
Devo Maynard James Keenan (TOOL, A Perfect Circle) If my father named me that I'd shoot myself! The Flea
Devo Maynard James Keenan  blue
Devo Maynard James Keenan (Tool/APC) I really like this name. You don't see it much (I've never seen or heard it before) and that's why it's cool. And I'm sure this kid is just as beautiful and talented as his daddy.  Zara
Devo Maynard James Keenan I love it considering it means de-evolution I think its very unique. Well done Maynard, well done. Ash
Devo Maynard James Keenan (Tool, A Perfect Circle..etc.) It's great but how the hell is it pronounced? Is it Dee-vo or Dev-oh? Or what? Someone please tell me!! (  Mickey
Devo Maynard James Keenan  Wuphat
Devo H. Keenan Maynard James Keenan Devo? Isn't that a 1978 New Wave Band with Gerald V. Casale and Mark Mothersbough? Ryan
Devon Lane Allman Gregg Allman Gregg's son by his first wife, Shelley. Mitzi Haston
Deyjah T.I. I live in Atlanta and I've seen him with my niece! She is beautifull! My sister had a baby with him. It's still hard to believe he's the father!!! Tatyaira
Deyjah Harris and Jailee Pullins T.I. Deyjah is T.I.'s only baby girl. Jailee is his ex-girlfriend "Tiny"'s daughter. He claims her as his own, but she is not biologically his. Mina
Dhani George And Olivia Harrison I think this is a beautiful name for the best looking Beatle offspring there is. So unique.  celia
Dhani George Harrison Just chiming in about Dhani. "dhani" pronounced dhuh-nee is indeed a Hindi word meaning wealthy. Dhani's name is pronounced "Danny", as others have said, and both meanings (the musical and the financial) appear to be quite apt! Mary
Dhani George Harrison Pronounced "Danny", as pronounced by Paul McCartney and others in the Concert for George.  Cyn
Dhani  George Harrison Pronounced DOH-NI, an English name with a hint of Hindu. I think its such a beautifull name. Lisa
Dhani Harrison George Harrison Yes, it's pronounced "danny", and the musical scale thing is right (or at least very popularly wrong). I don't know if he has a middle name, but I think I've read somewhere that George's middle name was Harold after his father. another nitpicker
Dhani Harrison George Harrison  It's pronounced danny, and it means wealthy in Hindi. George did (and probably still does) have an obsession with India; thus Dhani's middle names are Hare which means worship and then all of the existing Hindu gods. He doesn't even know all of these names since there are thousands. a pacifist
Dhani Harrison George Harrison As a gigantic George and Dhani Harison fan, I'll just correct a few things for you. 1. It's pronounced "Danny", not "Donnie". 2. George became interested in Indian mysticism in 1966, during the filming of "Help!", not 1965. 3. Dhani's middle name, contrary to popular belief, is not Hare. Both he and George were not given middle names. 4. Dhani's name is rumoured to mean "wealthy" in Sanskrit, not Hindi. Again, this has not been proven. Kay
Dhani Harrison George Harrison Pronounced "Donnie". It' s actually an Indian name, because George was obsessed with India from 1965 until his death and probably even after that. correction
Dhani Harrison George Harrison Pronounced 'dah-nee', it is part of the Indian musical scale (equivilant of the European 'Do-re-me-fa-so-la-te') It goes: 'Ma, pa, dah, ni... ma (mom), pa (dad), dah-ni (Dahni, the son)'. luc
Dhani Harrison George Harrison Pronounced "Danny". Karla
Diamond Ti'aira Angie Stone  Eric Andrews
Diesel Toni Braxton Diesel is Denim's little brother!!! NOT SISTER! Kim
Diesel Toni Braxton By the way, it's Denim's sister's name. Marion
Diesile Tony Braxton-Lewis  Meme
Diezel Ky Toni Braxton Yes, shhe gave her second son a weird name, too. ayane
Diva Frank Zappa  ChuckyG
Diva & Wilder Curt Smith Curt has 2 daughters - Diva and Wilder. I think Wilder is the title of an album by Julian Cope. Linda Noble
Diva And Wilder Curt Smith (Tears For Fears)  joie
Diva Muffin Frank Zappa First rule: Never name your kid after a pastry (it sounds like Janet's boob.) hamp
Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen Zappa Frank Zappa He said he chose the name Diva because she was crying louder than all the other babies at the hospital. (No idea about the rest of the name.) Coolio
Dixie Dot and Bibi Belle Anna Ryder Richardson Very nice..for circus performers. You can just picture them in an act with dancing bears. Mars
Dixie Dot and Bibi Belle Anna Ryder Richardson All I can say is she must have been high on gas and air to give them THOSE names! MEAN  Rowan
Django Dave Stewart and Siobhan Fahey Named for Django Reinhardt a famous European jazz guitarist of the 1920's and 30's. Django was of gypsy origins and played astounding Jazz riffs. he would have been more famous had WWII not intervened. He is legendary among Jazz guitarists especially because his playing hand was deformed in a burning accident. Jim Kuza
Django Dave Stewart and Siobhan Fahey  Angelina
Django Walker Jerry Jeff Walker  jen
Do Ray Me  Justin Hayward (Lead Singer Moody Blues) She is named for the musical score. anne Boris
Dodd Bobby Darin I always felt he should have reversed the name to Darin Dodd. The name always puts me in mind of Ken Dodd (Liverpool comedian) and his nickname 'Doddy'. pickle*
Dodd Mitchell Bobby Darin & Sandra Dee (R.I.P. both) I read in one place that Dodd still uses his father's birth name of Cossotto (Bobby was born Walden Robert Cossotto). If so, then Dodd Darin sounds even more odd & not very roll-off-the-tongue. Eric Andrews
Dog Sky Saxon Ohhhhh...Kaaaay! Eric Andrews
Domani, Deyjah,King, and Messiah T.I Domani, King, and Messiah are the boys as you might know and Deyjah is the girl. So that is 3 boys and 1 girl. To those that do not know Ya'Majesty isn't a girl. Deyjah is the only girl. Fact Straightner
Domani, Messiah, Deyjah, King T.I. These are T.I. kids name 3 little boys and 1 girl. ashley
Donto Etta James  Eric Andrews
Doremi Justin Hayward Real name on birth certif. is Marianne Celeste -- Doremi is a nickname they chose from a TV show Justin and Marie liked. dee
Doremi Justin Hayward I would hate to be called such a 'silly' name, people will comment on it whenever she is asked her name - what a drag Ocean
Doremi Justin Hayward Just like the scale names..."doe, a deer, a female deer..." Pamela
Doremi Justin Hayward The name of the show which had the character Doremy was "Are You Being Served" which can be seen currently in the US. The character and name, spelled Doremy on the show, can be seen sometimes at the end of the show during the credits. I just saw if for the first time myself in January 2008.  Denise
Doremi Celeste Justin Hayward You can't get more musical, can you? And I wonder if choosing Celeste as a middle name has anything to do with 'blue'?  Jessica Aguilera
Doremi Celeste Justin Hayward Just to correct Dee, the name on her birth certificate is not Marianne Celeste, it is Doremi Celeste (I used to work at the Family Records Office in London). Justin and his wife chose the name from an actress in a 70s sitcom but changed the spelling from Doremy to Doremi. It is not a nickname, it is her name. Jessica
Doremi Celeste Justin Hayward I looked up the name Celeste on a baby name site and it's (Latin) Celestial, heavenly; From the Sky. It's a very regal name for a child. :)  Celeste
Doremi Celeste Hayward Justin Hayward Hey! What's wrong Celeste for a middle name? Celeste
Draven Chester Bennington  I like this name! Reminds me of Dracula for some odd reason.  Alyssa
Draven Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) Named after Eric Draven (the character played by the late Brandon Lee in the movie "The Crow"). Laura
Draven  Chester Benninton That's Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. Draven's an odd name, but cool. If he's anything like his dad, he's set for life. ^_^ HybridObsession
Draven Sebastian Chester Bennington (& Samantha) Draven= Eric Draven (the Crow) Sebastian= Johann Sebastian Bach (german Componist) Kathi
Draven Sebastian Chester Bennington  Claw
Draven Sebastian Bennington Chester Charles Bennington Chaz got a really cute child!!! Denise
Draven Sebastion Bennington Chester Bennington That is the cutest name i have ever heard! I love names for boys like dominic, Jessi but draven is my favorite and i have never heard it before.I LOVE chester bennington anyway but thats not why. Alyssa
Draven Sebastion Bennington Chester Bennington (Linkin Park vocalist) How cute is that name, Li'l Dre! Chester's kid is so cute, takes after his dad! Has a kool ring to it, Draven Bennington...... lpchick
Dream Ginuwine Kind of a cool name, but it'd get old fast. Amber
Dream Ginuwine Actually my 1 year old daughters middle name is Dream, and I never heard of anyone else with this name until now. WOW! Trudy
Dream Ginuwine/Sole Dream is a very beautiful and unique name. You never heard of a child with such a name. I think that Sole and Ginuwine did right by naming their child Dream because that's probably what she was to them: A "Dream" come true!! Keria-J
Dream Ginuwine It's a pretty name, but I WOULD NOT name my child Dream. Ari
Dream Ginuwine Ginuwine and his girlfriend Sole gave birth to a second little girl November 1st. I like the name but not crazy about it. It's too dry. Naquita
Dream Giunwine That is a beautiful name. It's different and unique. Jhaelyn
Dream & Story Ginuwine & Sole I truly believe that I have never heard such a most beautiful name in my life. "Dream" a name like that you should cherish. Elgin and Sole had a dream come true. Okay, Story, um, what can I say. Very unique and different. I actually like it. Ciera
Dream and Story Ginuwine I think that these are very unique names. I am going to name my child dream if its a girl. Just love, love, love the names. Sierra Jenkins
Dream and Story Ginuwine and Sole Lumpkin I wish I had though to name my child that first. Just like their parents these little girls represent orginality. Love them. shamarie
Dream And Story Lumpkin Ginuwine And Sole Sole is a rapper and Ginuwine is a male singer. cool chick
Dukey Belinda Carlisle When you say this name out loud, you think of going to the bathroom. She actually got this name because of his Grandfather James Duke Mason and her step-father, Duke Kurczeski. But still could they have thought of a better name than this? Penny
Duncan Zowie Heywood Jones  David Bowie NOT Duncan Zowie Bowie Liz Racz
Dusti Vanilla Ice First off, the name is great. However, "Vanilla" spells it wrong; he spells it with an 'i', or at least that is what I saw on the tattoo. I think Dusty is a great name, since of course that's my name. And yes, I'm a girl, And no, it's not short for anything. Dusty
Dusty Rain Vanilla Ice This is the real name. Becky
Dusty Rain Vanilla Ice (Rob Van Winkle) Her name is Dusty Rain and she looks exactly like her dad. I know this for a fact I am close friends with Rob and his other daughter is Keali Breeze which is beautiful. I love both names Lauren
Dusty Rain Vanilla Ice Just to correct Aisha, who tried to prove someone else wrong, it IS Dusty Rain, not Dusty Rose, as you said. So there. Becky
Dusty Rain Vanilla Ice Enough said! Luke
Dusty Rose Vanilla Ice I'd just like to correct Luke by saying that her name is Dusty ROSE not Dusty Rain. Aisha
Dweezil Frank Zappa Dweezil was named after his mother's pinky-toe Cat
Dweezil Frank Zappa Apparently his real name is Ian Donald Calvin Euclid Zappa. Still weird, but as his dad said, "Consider for a moment any beauty in the name Ralph." 'Nuff said. Marley
Dweezil Zappa Frank Zappa I would like to yell at "nutcase" for his/her comment on this name. How does naming your child something other than mainstream make you a twisted psycho? His other kids are named Ahmet, Moon Unit, and Diva. Who are you to judge whether these names are good or not? They're probably far more talented than you will EVER be. So just crawl back into your hole and let us ignore you. jen s
Dweezle Zappa Frank Zappa WTF Frank Zappa is one twisted psycho! He named his other kids Diva and Moon for crying out loud! nutcase
Dylan Michael McDonald Not a "weird" name, but I can guess why he chose it. KL Fan
Dylan Blue Brandon Boyd (Incubus) This is actually Brandon's stepdaughter, but I think it's really cute. If you've ever seen her, then you'll agree that she suits the name. bella-fontayne
Dylan Jagger Lee Tommy Lee & Pamela Anderson  Miss MT
Dylan Rae Wayne Hussey (The Mission) Not sure where the idea for calling his daughter Dylan came from, but the "Rae" was from his first wife's Kelly's father Ray, who passed away just before Dylan was born. H-J
Dylan Rae Hussey Wayne Hussey She was not named after Bob Dylan, Wayne dislikes Bob Dylan as well as her mother. Her first name came from a dream.  Penelope
Dylan Rae Hussey Wayne Hussey Rae came from a movie her mom liked. Dylan came from a dream that she had while she was pregnant with her.  Dylan
Dylan Rae Hussey Wayne Hussey I think I know where Wayne got the idea of naming his daughter Dylan. It came from Bob Dylan, of course. I still think Dylan is a better name for a boy than a girl, but it's a much better name for a girl than Bob. Aaerni
Dylan Rae Hussey Wayne Hussey Actually Kelly's father was named Don, not Rae. Smorgasbord
Dylan River Joe Nichols  sundog
Dyon  Xzibit He had this child with a Dutch girl. He was born April, 2005. Klazzz

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