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You think your parents gave you a strange name? Try being born to a rock star. It seems like strange names are just part of what you have to put up with. The most memorable of course would have to be Moon Unit for the daughter of the late great Frank Zappa.

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Entries Beginning with K

Child's Name
Parent's Name
Submitted by:
Kalynda Narnia Kleo It's sanskrit for 'the sun'. Elektra
Kama Sammy Hagar Kama n : [Hindu] god of love and erotic desire; opposite of Mara. the song "Kama" is about love (and, of course, his daughter). Hibbs
Kama Sammy Hagar In the Philippines, Kama means "bed". elaine
Kama Sammy Hagar Also has a song on the "Marching To Mars" album with this name. It's Sanskrit for "love."  Ande
Kama Sammy Hagar In Poland, Kama is a dog name. dorota
Kama  Sammy Hagar  Kama means in Finnish "drug". Red Amfeta
Karac Robert Plant ~means Celtic warrior, love it~ Stacey
Karac Robert Plant The deceased child was named after a Welsh warrior Karacus. ocean
Karac Robert Plant I wonder what that means.  Tangerine
Karac Plant Robert Plant Karac died but I thought this name was pretty cool. It kinda reminds me of Achilles Spike
Karacus (Karac) Robert Plant named after the Welsh worrier Karacus. Robert is facinated with Welsh history. *Ocean
Kareema Ice Cube  Eric Andrews
Karis Hunt Mick Jagger and Marsha Hunt  Mary
Karis Hunt Mick Jagger and Marsha Hunt Karis is such a pretty name Grace Slick
Karma Ludacris  TONYA
Karma Ludacris Karma is a beautiful name. I actually named my youngest dauighter Karma Joi- love the name. MaRyah
Karma Bridges Christopher "Ludacris" Bridges This name is very pretty and so is she. Good job Luda and keep it up making those beautiful children. the real Mrs.Bridges
Karma Christine Bridges Ludacris  Va'Keisa
Katherine Bianca Falco I think this was the name of Falco's child. I think she was born in 1986 and I think her mom's name is Isabella. Falco found out when she was a toddler that he was not her biological father and he really loved her and it probably really broke his heart to know that. I think her name is really pretty and I think she is lucky to know that Falco still thought of her as his daughter no matter what DNA said. Alana
Kayla Moray Morgan Rose(Sevendust)&Rayna Foss-Rose (ex-Coal Chamber) Kayla is pretty normal. Her middle name, Moray, is I'm guessing and combination of the first 3 letters of MORgan and RAYna. MissAnnThrope
Kecalf Aretha Franklin The father's name is Kenneth Eugene Cunningham <3
Kecalf Aretha Franklin The name is pronounced "kelf" and stands for "Kenneth Edward Cunninghame Aretha Louise Franklin". lynn
Kecalf Aretha Franklin  Eric Andrews
Kecalf Aretha Franklin I really don't get this name. How do people come up with this stuff? Kitty
Keita Stevie Wonder  Eric Andrews
Kelliesimone Tom Waits An interesting choice to merge two names that would otherwise be separated. Eric Andrews
Kenadee Lucker Mitch Lucker (Suicide Silence) Kind of an odd way to spell "Kennedy", but it's definitely unique. Jay
Kenneth "Rockwell" Gordy Berry Gordy Recorded "Somebody's Watching Me". soul
Kenni Lauren Kenny Anderson/ Tami  Natasha Of Glasgow
Kenya Quincy Jones & Nastassja Kinski  Eric Andrews
Keypsiia Blue Daydreamer (also printed Bluedaydreamer) Big Gipp (rapper, Goodie Mob) and Joi (singer) Uh... I don't know what to say about that one... Girl With Two Middle Names
Khira Li Richard Kruspe Bernstein Richard, from Rammstein, had a little thing with lead singer Till Lindemann's ex-wife and so Richard had a baby girl named Khira Li Lindemann. Jay
Khira Li  Richard Kruspe (Rammstein) Richards (the guitarist) daughter was born in 1992. She has the surname of Lindeman, which is another band members (the singer)surname. This is because the mother is the lead singers ex-wife and she still uses this surname. Complicated! Bex
Khira Li Lindemann Richard Z. Kruspe-Bernstein Khira Li Lindemann is honestly the daughter of Richard Kruspe, not Till Lindemann, the mother's name was Lindemann... Myndi
Kidada Quincy Jones  Eric Andrews
Kief Harry Nilsson  Eric Andrews
Kief O. Nilsson Harry Nilsson Also known as Kiefo. "O" is the middle name. The name "Kief O" came from "O'keefe". Kiefo Nilsson
Kilauren Joni Mitchell This was a child Joni gave birth to, I believe, in her late teens before she got into music. Joni gave the girl up for adoption, and wrote the song "Little Green" about her. Sometime in the late 1990s, the two were reunited, and to Joni's surprise, discovered that she had also become a grandmother by Kilauren. Eric Andrews
King T.I. His son is adorable! Deyjah looks just like him! Alyandra
King T.I. T.I.'s youngest son, who he recently named his 2006 CD after. Kayla
King Harris T.I. a.k.a Clifford Harris Jr. T.I. Has 4 Kids : Messiah Ya Majesty, Domani Uriah Harris, Deysah Harris & King Harris. (3 Boys and 1 Girl) BaBY SouTH
Kingston James McGregor Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale A very British name! Bex
Kira Joe McIntyre Joe and Barret's newborn daughter. Kira's middle is, obviously, after Joe's mother. :) Celeste
Kira Henley Don Henley Don's last-born child, she wasn't born until her dad was nearly fifty. That means she was born in 1997. Yeesh! She's only like five or six! And her dad is 55 going on 56! Also, Don recently wrote a song called "Kira" and the song will soon be on Don's next album. Aaerni
Koekwesa  Kt Busby May I remind everyone that KT BUSBY is a chick rocker thats white....she must be confused! yeaman
Kristian John Lodge I think this is a lovely if unusual variation of the spelling Christian (probably derived from his mother's name, Kirsten) Jessica
Kruse Allegra Julianna Zobrist Her first name comes from her husband, Ben's paternal grandmother's maiden name and her middle name translates to "joy" in Italian. Rich
Ky-mani Marley Bob Marley   Charlie
Kyla Avril Geddy Lee Don't really think it's a weird name; it's pretty but also unique. Bevy
Kylann Rihanna I heard her say "and to my child, Kylann" in the back of her c.d., Also in a couple of songs. I'm pretty sure it's a girl though Domineaque
Kymani Bob Marley  Kamaiya
Kyoko Yoko Ono Somebody said above that Kyoko was the child of John and Yoko - but she is Yoko's daughter from a previous relationship. John and Yoko's child is named Sean. John has another son named Julian with his former wife, Cynthia. Tamara
Kyoko Yoko Ono Actually Kyoko is an extremely popular name in Japan. Yoko probably did not name Kyoko after herself. aermancer
Kyoko John Lennon and Yoko Ono Ok it's keeping the name in the family...sorta... but isn't this going just a bit far just to differentiate between the two. Go Figure. Cass
Kyoko Yoko Ono Yoko chose Kyoko because it's Japanese for mirror, as well as being Yoko's name, plus a K. Her daughter's a mirror of her. Get it? Cool name luc
Kyoko Cox Yoko Ono Yoko actually used the kanji meaning City (as in Kyoto or Tokyo) and child. As Kyoko was born in Tokyo that makes perfect sense. Nothing all that odd about the meaning, sorry folks. Keri
Kyoko Cox Yoko Ono and Tony Cox (NOT John Lennon) Kyoko is a very common name for girls in Japan. There are several versions of it, using different Chinese characters, though the pronunciation doesn't change. If the mirror Chinese character was used, it is the first time I have heard of someone using that in the name Kyoko. Zanshin
Kyoko Cox Yoko Ono Kyoko was actually a child from a previous marriage to Tony Cox. hippychick

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