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You think your parents gave you a strange name? Try being born to a rock star. It seems like strange names are just part of what you have to put up with. The most memorable of course would have to be Moon Unit for the daughter of the late great Frank Zappa.

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Entries Beginning with B

Child's Name
Parent's Name
Submitted by:
Bailey Judie Tzuke Her daughter's name always made me think of Bailey's Irish Cream (the drink). pickle*
Bailey Jean Melissa Etheridge One of her children with ex-partner Julie Cypher (with an assist from David Crosby.) She
Bamboo Big Boi (Of Outkast)  Besha
Bamboo Big Boi (Outkast) Really a strange name for such a cute boy. mary
Banana Delta Goodrem  Luka
Banana Delta Goodrem Someone suggested that Delta has a child by the name Banana. Totally untrue and a lie. She has no children. Vid
Bandit Lee Gerard Way & Lyn-Z  Rachel
Bandit Lee Way Gerard Way  the unspoken
Barrianna Barry White  Eric Andrews
Batarang Alice Cooper You know, the weapon of choice for Batman. ZUKE
Baylee Brian Littrell That's my sister's name. Yes it's spelled that way, too. It means "From despair to hope" in some other language when it's spelled that way. kml
Baylee Thomas Wylee Brian Littrell such a cute name!!=) Mia
Baylee Thomas Wylee Brian Littrell Here's the skinny on how baby Littrell got his name. The word "Bay" comes from Brian and the word "lee" comes from Leighanne. Thomas is Brian's grandfather's name and is Brian's middle name. The word "Wy" comes from Leighanne's maiden name Wallace and "Lee" comes from Brian's last name Littrell. Baylee Thomas Wylee Littrell Celeste
Baylee Thomas Wylee  Brian Littrell What's with the spelling? christie
Baylee Thomas Wylee Littrell Brian Littrell (Backstreet Boys) Isn't Baylee a girls name? and what's with the name Wylee; cayote. Ellie
Baylee Thomas Wylie Brian Littrell Baylee actually comes from George Bailey from the movie 'It's A Wonderful Life", which both Brian and Leighanne love. They just changed the spelling. Leighanne said this herself. Jessan
Be-Shawn Carter Beyonce' Knowles Be-Shawn Carter means blessed and famous.I know alot of people do not know my baby Beyonce' is expecting we are expecting our first baby. Shawn Carter
Bear Liam Payne & Cheryl Cole What the heck were they thinking??? Bear Payne... I'm slowly warming up to it after seeing Liam's face light up whenever he talks about the baby, but I'm not quite there yet! Ariana Grande mocha swirl
Beatrice Paul McCartney Beatrice it's a girl name, duh, not a girl name. Beatrice is Dante's guide through paradise in his poem "The Divine Comedy". This is also the name of a character in Shakespear's play "Much Ado About Nothing". It's my favourite girls name, if one day i have a daughter i'll name her Beatrice Anna
Beatrice Paul McCartney Its a beautiful gramma's actually Dreamer
Beatrice Paul McCartney I don't know why 'Hamburger" thinks the name Beatrice is 'gay.' It's a nice name, especially considering some of the names performers give their kids these days. And what is wrong with gay people anyway? Kitty
Beatrice Paul McCartney "Beatrice" is a normal Italian girl's name. How can it be gay? Devil Master
Beatrice Paul McCartney That's a gay name. hamburger
Beatrice Milly McCartney Paul McCartney and Heather Mills McCartney They named their daughter "Beatrice" after Heather's mother and "Milly" after Paul's aunt. a fan
Beau Emma Bunton and Jade Jones Luck for him, Baby Spice actully gave her son a normal name, unlike the other "Spice Mums". cammy
Beckett Melissa Etheridge  Eric Andrews
Beckett Finn Pasdar Natalie Maines/ Adrian Pasdar Adrian likes the author Samuel Beckett and Natalie likes the name Finn. Still its weird. Born on July 14. Lindz
Bella Eddie Murphy What iz wrong with him? Plus he named his other daughter Zola! Nelley
Bella Eddie Murphy  She has 3 sisters and a brother.  Hailea
Benny Shaggy  paris hilton
Beoir, Unita, Christy and Dontese Brenda Holloway Except for Christy, all these names should be removed from society. soul
Bertie Kate Bush I suspect this is just a nickname, though. I sincerely hope it is. :) jennie
Bertie Kate Bush It's short for Robert, but it still makes me think of Julie Andrews singing 'Burlington Bertie From Bow'. Or the 'Edward VII' series where young Edward was often called Bertie by his mum. pickle*
Betty Kitten, Harvey Kirby and Honey Kinny Jonathan Ross These are the correct names of his children. Apart from Betty, I think they are quite nice. Leigh
Betty, Harvey and Honey Jonathan Ross Rowan has it a bit wrong, "Betty Kitty" (eldest girl) "Harvey Kirby" (boy) "Honey Kinney" (youngest girl). I like the first names and second names aren't often used so I don't think they are a probem. maverick
Bianca Deron Miller Deron Miller, Lead Vocals for CKY. His daughter's name is Bianca. Love it ^_^ Katie
Biatra Ciara This name is Ghetto. She supposedly had her when she was with Bow Wow. She named her after a play she saw in England. You pronounce it Bee-ah-tra. Keyosha
Bijou John Phillips  Eric Andrews
Bijou Philips John Phillips Bijou's mother is actually actress Genevieve Waite. Chynna is Michelle's daughter, and Susan Adams was Mackenzie's. all were conceived by John Phillips. He sure did have a healthy sex life, didn't he? MOR
Bijou Phillips John Phillips I think it's pretty, as "bijou" is French for "jewel" or something along those lines. Others who don't take French lessons probably don't share my opinion :0) Oh well FuNkYmOnKeY
Bijou Phillips Michelle Phillips And Mama Phillips always rewards her daughter with dog buscuits. oldrock
Bijou Phillips John Phillips Actually, Bijou is John's daughter with a different mother. ayane
Bing Matt Bellamy It's "Bing Bellamy!" Fola
Birgitte Michaela Sting Also, known as Mickey for short. I think she is a model. Other kids are Giacomo, Coco (originally Elliott - a girl). Jake and his two with first wife are Joe and Fucha Kate. Claire
Blaise Royal Julianna Zobrist Blaise's middle name pays homage to the Kansas City Royals, the team in which her husband, Ben was a member of the World Series championship team. Blaise was born a week after the Royals won the pennant. Kirk
Blanket Michael Jackson blanket IS a nickname...its a word michael has used for many years that means a blessing fan
Blanket Michael Jackson  rio
Blanket Michael Jackson Why oh why would you call your kid Blanket?!! He seems like a nice enough guy. He's a bit strange but ok. What's next-table? Chair? Plate?! lauren de lacey
Blanket Michael Jackson His man named his baby blanker. omg Jasmine
Blanket Michael Jackson Blanket is a cute name for a cute baby. (Thought at first I thought it was a nickname) =P Monique
Blanket Micheal Jackson What the f@#!!! If my parents named me "Blanket", I would pull a Menendez brothers on them!! Yeesh. Yeah, and that whole balcony incident thing, the kid will be in therapy unitl he's 35. Julia
Blanket Michael Jackson Does she cover everything? Downright lame!  monky
Blanket Michael Jackson Actually, it is a nickname. The child's name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. II. Since he already had a son named Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., he calls him "Blanket", apparently as a symbol of affection.  me
Bleu Steve Walsh (Kansas) The name makes me think of Cordon Bleu chefs as well as 'Gordon Bluey', an Australian chef in a comedy show. Pickle*
Blossom Lil Mo from Eastenders I read today that she went to antenatal classes with Chris Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow. & they suggested Blossom so thats what they chose. I don't really like it, reminds me of that old programme which has just came back out. Should you really take advice from people that named their girl Apple?! Apple Blossom, haha Missy M
Blue Chuck Berry Blue isn't too bad.. but Blue Berry? Jet
Blue The Edge The Edge rules, and this is probably already on the page, but I cannot get them to open and check so....Here you go Caitlin
Blue Angel The Edge (U2)  frozen_frogurt
Blue Angel The Edge Gorgeous name....The Edge Rocks Hollie
Blue Angel The Edge From the loins of the prolific Irish guitar god come mass quantities of children with wacky monikers.  bigu2fan
Blue Angel The Edge (U2) Blue for short. I think this is a very pretty name, if not a lttle reminiscent of a description for a tattoo. Sally_Saucer
Blue Angel The Edge I thought Blue Angels only resulted from eating pork and beans, if you know what I mean. Crusher
Blue Angel The Edge (Dave Evans) His other children are Holly, Aaron, and Levi. Annie
Blue Angel The Edge Why is that a weird name? I think it's beautiful. Lindsay
Blue Angel The Edge Blue is actually a common name. Some of the first children named Blue were born on the Oregon trail: they were named for the mountains. It has evolved from a boys name to a girl's name and back. Angel is also getting more common, though usually a middle name. victoria
Blue Ivy Carter Jay-Z and Breyonce What a beautiful name. Celeste
Bluebell Madonna Geri Halliwell Geri's (of Spice Girls fame) daughter was born recently. Poor child! Bex
Blythe Tim McAlrath  Franka
Bo Ulrika Johnsson Cecil Cheesington is a goofy name too - sounds like a cartoon character! spigstuh
Bo Ulrika Johnsson Crap name, if you don't mind me saying so, apparantly Bo is Ulri-ka-ka's dad's name. So why the hell did she name her daughter Bo? I rest my case!!! Adios! Cecil Cheesington
BobbiChristina (one word) Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown  It's already bad the poor girl looks like her daddy. But Whitney, did you have to name "HER" after "HIM"? I believe that was definitely some of the first signs that their was something terribly wrong "up-stairs"! LaToya
Bobby Brown & Bobbi Brown Bobby Brown Bobby Brown has two children named after him. That's right Bobby Brown fathers Bobby Brown and Bobbi Brown. Bobby Brown, Jr. is one of Bobby's sons who was from another women before Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston got married. Bobbi Kristina Brown is the daughter of Bobby and Whitney. Andrew
Boggie Dash Damon Dash Weird name, but he's a real handsome boy. annalynn cammon
Boone McCoy Eric Church Boone is the son of Eric and music publisher Katherine Blashingame harderman
Bootsy Kelly Jones (Stereophonics) It's a nickname for a little girl - I assume it's for Bootsy Collins of Parliament and Bootsy's Rubber Band. Pickle*
Boriss Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein Some have stated that Boriss is Jerry Only's daughter but she is in fact his little brother Doyle's daughter. He was thinking of a name for a boy but had a girl and added the extra "s" for a feminine touch. (Named after Boris Karloff.) Rhiannon
Boriss Only Jerry Only (Misfits) Being a fan of Boris Karloff aka Frankenstein's Monster, Jerry was hoping for a boy. He kept the name Boris, although he had a girl. He added another S For "femininity". Right! Dan
Boy Gregory Prince This is the son Mayte Garcia and Prince had together. Though it's not known whether his name may have actually been Amiir, as some sources have stated. Boy Gregory is what was said to have been printed on his birth certificate. The little boy died seven days after being born, his cause of death was listed as Pfeiffer Syndrome type 2, a rare but genetic skelital disorder that leads to systematic abnormalities, including skull deformity. Annabelle
Braison Chance Billy Ray Cyrus  ChuckyG
Braison Chance  Billy Ray Cyrus Chance?? GG
Brandom Kroeger Mike Kroeger  nickelback girl
Brandon Tommy Lee & Pamela Anderson I have a son named Brandon, he is in his 30s now. I don't think its a weird name at all. My son was named Brandon because I liked the name, I heard it first on the TV, a child actor named Brandon Cruz. Its a Celtic name meaning 'brave warrior'. Brandon's Mom
Brandon Lee Tommy Lee  andrea
Brandon Thomas Lee Tommy Lee & Pamela Anderson  Miss MT
Brandon Thomas, Dylan Jager Tommy Lee  stk
Bria Liana Eddie Murphy  Nechelle
Briahna Joely Joey Fatone This is the correct spelling--not Brianna. Amy
Brianna Joey Fatone  backstreetgrl
Brigette Michael Sting Hey, CydM, I don't find this name odd at all. Mickey is not that odd of a nickname either. However, the spelling is. My name is Mikhaila, a Ukrainian name, and when i was young I had the choice of a nickname. I could choose MIki or Meisha and I chose MIki. Therefore, I do not find this child's name weird at all but unique. miki
Brigette Michael Sting Called Mickey. Considering I know a woman named Brigette who is called "Git," this doesn't seem so bad. CydM
Britney Ja Rule Not so weird other than surprisingly normal, considering the much more elaborate names African-American artists give their children. Good to go against the grain sometimes. Eric Andrews
Britney, Jeffry, and Jordan Ja Rule He named his son Jeffry after himself. alishah
Brittany Ja Rule  His wife picked out the name.  Geno
Brixton Michael Mike Dirnt (Green Day) Inspired by The Clash's "Guns Of Brixton" Anna
Bronx Mowgli Wentz Pete Wentz / Ashlee Simpson-Wentz He's named after a city and a character in "The Jungle Book". His initials are BMW. What the heck were the parents smoking when they named him?! Felicia
Brooke Terry Coldwell (Terence Mark Coldwell, East 17  Michaela
Brooke-Lynne Donna Summer I wonder if she was also conceived there! Jessica
Brooklyn Victoria Beckham Here is the real story: Brooklyn was not conceived in Brooklyn. He was conceived in Denmark, when Spice Girls gave a concert there. But the couple did not want to call their son Denmark. So they called him Brooklyn, because that is where they were when they were told they were expecting a son. Gitte
Brooklyn David and Victoria Beckham Hmmm all I have to say is good job the baby wasn't "made" in Peckham.  Emily
Brooklyn Donna Summer The name of one of her three daughters. Eric Andrews
Brooklyn Joseph Victoria Beckham The Brooklyn name: it's because the mother says that her son was "made" in that place. Isn't it sad?  Nelly
Brookyln and Romeo David And Victoria Beckham Right, Brooklyn is quite a nice name, but for the kid when he's older. I suppose he won't really get bullied when his parents are one of the most famous couples ever, but the world knows that he is named after Brooklyn because that is where he was conceived. The poor kid has gotta grow up knowing that. Then Romeo, now it wouldn't suprise me if he was conceived during a theatre production. Don't get me wrong, sweet names but I don't know, just not right.  Natalee

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