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You think your parents gave you a strange name? Try being born to a rock star. It seems like strange names are just part of what you have to put up with. The most memorable of course would have to be Moon Unit for the daughter of the late great Frank Zappa.

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Child's Name
Parent's Name
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Falan Mike Davenport (The Ataris)  music nerd
Fate Baez Rik Baez Rik Baez is lead singer from the recently reformed 80s heavy metal band Amulance. Fate Baez is his son. Corrie
Felix Luther Roger Taylor  dragon
Felix Luther, Rory Eleanor, Rufus Tiger, Tiger Lily, Lola Daisy May Roger Taylor (Queen drummer)  Oriole Adams
Femi Kuti Fela Kuti  Fola
Fifi clementina  Michael davenport (the Ataris and versus the world Fifi is short for Fiona after Fiona Apple  Ataris fan
Fifi Trixabelle Bob Geldof This was Bob's aunt's name, if you really want to know. Pauline
Fifi Trixibelle Bob Geldof and Paula Yates Ok...fine. The "Belle" part came from Paula's love of Southern Belles, but did she pick the "Trix" part because she really loved the cereal? Chris
Fifi Trixibelle Bob Geldof and Paula Yates Previous poster wrong. There was no Tinkerbell AND Fifi, it was the same person. Fifi Trixibelle. Nobody changed their name from Tinkerbell. Don't know where you got that from! Claire
Fifi Trixibelle Bob Geldof She was named Fifi after Bob's Aunt Fifi. ReadBob'sIsthatIt?
Fifi Trixibelle Bob Geldof and Paula Yates God only knows how they came up with this name, but if they really wanted to use it, they should've bought a dog. Kitty
Fifi Trixibelle Bob Geldof/Paula Yates While it sounds like a name of a French Poodle, Fifi was the name of Bob's aunt. He was very Close with her. Trixibelle was the middle name after Paula's fascination of being a southern belle Shaz-300
Fifi Trixibelle Paula Yates  ChuckyG
Fifi Trixie Belle Bob Geldof Sounds more like dog's name to me. stine
Fifi Trixiebell Bob Geldof Imagine turning up for a job with a name like that! Or her sisters Peaches and Tigerlily. Jimsicle
Fire Vai Steve Vai  greg
Fish Barry White Just as with Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue and his son Gunnar, in the phone books this kid's name would appear as White Fish! Rpollck
Fly Erykah Badu How many kids does Erykah Badu have? I know she just gave birth to one not too long ago (2004), and I know she had a baby named Seven with Andre 3000 some odd years back. But in 1997, Erykah Badu stated that she had given birth to a baby girl named Fly. Maybe Fly and Seven are some how the same child, or maybe Erykah's just had two children around that time? I'm not sure. But I know she had a baby named Fly or at least a baby nicknamed Fly (possibly Seven). Who knows. Andrew
Fortuna Daphne Bay Melanie Brown (Mel B, ex Spice Girl) The child who's paternity is in question (perhaps being Eddie Murphy). I didn't think the child's name had been publicly released yet. I got this from Wikipedia, so the truth to it is disputed.  snowflake
Frances Bean Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love Well, I've from the many biographies I've read, standing at about 5, I've seen that Frances was indeed named after the Vaselines member Frances McKee and not Frances Farmer. Kurt did not even know anything about Frances Farmer. If indeed Frances had been a boy, her name would have been Eugene Kelly. Kurt had an absolute fascination with the Vaselines and so he thought it fit to name her Frances. Also, yes , Bean comes from the fact the she looked like a bean in the ultrasound, but the Cobain's decided to just start telling people that she was named after a book. i hate myself and want to die
Frances Bean Courtney Love/ Kurt Cobain The REAL story behind the name: Kurt and Courtney used the first name of famed and broken forgotten Seattle actress Frances Farmer. The "Bean" in the name was picked because Kurt and Courtney always used to talk about how the fetus resembled a little bean when seen on an ultrasound screen. I read this in several refuted biographies and articles. RIOT GRRRL
Frances Bean Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love Anybody who read the book "Heavier Than Heaven" would know that he picked Frances because of Frances McKee from the Vaselines. And of course everybody got the Bean part right. Shell
Frances Bean Courtney Love & Kurt Cobain Frances, for she's a girl. (not Francis) Penny
Frances Bean Kurt Cobain Kurt was fascinated by Frances Farmer, that clearly becomes evident in the In Utero album. I think Cobain felt he somehow connected with Farmer because of her tragic story. And, F.Y.I Farmer underwent (against her will) a standard "ice pick" lobotomy. Justine
Frances Bean Cobain Kurt Cobain/Courtney Love Some of you have to read "Heavier Than Heaven" over again. In the book, it tells you that Frances is named after Frances McKee of The Vaselines. No, they are not opposite genders. The middle name, Bean, came from the ultra-sound picture. Trevor McPherson
Frances Bean Cobain Kurt Cobain The name "Frances Bean" sounds famous already. A name picked frome love that never goes away!!! julio
Frances Bean Cobain Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love Please people!! If your going to act all 'politically correct' about these things, at least get the facts right!! 'Frances' came from FRANCES FARMER, the actress from Seattle, whom Kurt was obssesed with (the song 'Frances Farmer will have her revenge on Seattle' on the In Utero album, and the fact Courtney wore one Frances's dresses at their wedding, are CLEAR indications...) I don't mean to go on but it's actually quite funny when people who think they're right about things (when they're totally NOT) start saying the people who ARE actually right about things are WRONG.....OK /end rant......I'd also like to recommend 'Heavier Than Heaven' by Charles R Cross to those who really are OFF THE MARK HERE. **My HAte for YOU**
Frances Bean Cobain Kurt Cobain/Courtney Love According to the book "Kurt Cobain" Frances was named after a friend of Kurt and Courtney's, her middle name was give to her when Kurt commented on how much she looked like a kidney bean when she was born and Cobain is Kurt's last name. Celeste
Frances Bean Cobain Kurt Cobain Okay, one thing, Frances was named after Frances Farmer NOT THE VASELINES FRANCES MCKEE! And yes the part about her being named Bean is from her resembling a bean in the ultrasound pics. Must you argue over the name?  When Skies Bleed
Frances Bean Cobain Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love She wasnt named after Frances Farmer, she was named after Frances from the band The Vaselines. Just wanted to correct that. Kurtsbiggestfan
Frances Bean Cobain Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love Alright, France's name DID NOT come from Frances McKee of The Vaselines! First of all, they are opposite genders. I recommend you go out to your local bookstore and find a book called, "Kurt Cobain: The Nirvana Years - The Complete Chronicle" by Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna. Frances was named after Frances Farmer, a disabled actress from Seattle. It's true, Courtney even wore her dress when Kurt and Courtney got married. And you have the middle name right. Kurt claimed Frances looked like a bean in the ultrasound. ~Maddie~
Frances Bean Cobain Kurt Cobain And Courtney Love It was Kurt who said she looked like a bean. I'm not sure if Courtney did. But from reading the bio, 'Heavier than Heaven' the author talked about his obsession with the ultrasound video tapes. They didn't say anything about Courtney. hannah white
Frances Bean Cobain Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love Just for correction, the Frances came from Frances McKee of The Vaselines, and the Bean came from Kurt. He noticed that in the sonogram picture she resembled a little bean. And obviously, Cobain is Kurt's last name. rhonda
Francis Bean Courtney Love um, no comment Brittanie
Francis Bean Cobain Kurt Donald Cobain/Courtney Love(Love MIchelle Harrison) THE TRUTH!!!! 1)Francis came from Francis McKee of the Vaselines. Had she been a son, her name would nave been Eugene Kelly for the other member of the group. 2)Her middle name is because she was the shape of a bean in the ultra sound, which Kurt noticed! Iamthebarber46
Frankie Chris Wolstenholme (Muse Bassist) And yes, this is a girl. Although maybe her name should have started with "A" just to make her fit with her older bro and sis, Alfie and AvaJoe. saraj
Frankie-Jean Nikki Sixx She is actually named after Nikki (real name Frank Ferrena) and Donna's mom, who's name is Jean. Erika
Frankie-Jean Nikki Sixx Named after wife Donna D'Errico's father's original name and her maternal grandmother's name. bex
Frankie-Jean Mary Nikki Sixx Her middle name is Mary, just for the record :) Wilt
Frankito Tre Cool of Green Day Doesn't Frankito mean "little Frank"? That would make sense because Tre's real name is Frank Edwin Wright III. Shannon
Frankito Tré Cool Tré's second wife, Claudia, is of Hispanic descent. So they named their son, Frankito; it means "Little Frank" in Spanish. Donna
Frankito Tre' Cool (Green Day's drummer) I think its weird. I mean Tre's real name is Frank. Frankito? Heather
Frankito Tre' Cool Means Little Frank. Well, it's better than Frank Edwin Wright the fourth at any rate. Megan Cool
Frankito Tre Cool (Frank Edwin Wright 111) & Claudia If he goes and changes his name then y doz he give his son an even freekier name than his and has it practically the same. When he got divorced from Lisea and she got his daughter Ramona he decided that his next kid would have a freeki name so that Claudia wouldn't want to have a kid with a freeki name connected 2 her ex . None the less Claudia still got frankito when they divorced(2000 millennium baby!) poor guy, thats 2 kids lost 2 2 exes at the age of 32. Maybe freeky names 4 kids run in the band (Danger & Marciano). B.K
Frankito Tre Cool (Green Day) Frankito means "little Frank", so it makes sense. That is so cool that he is named after his dad! But that's such a cool name, and totally unique, just like his dad! Tess
Frankito Tre Cool aka Frank Edwin Wright III Really, I love the name! It's better than Frank Edwin Wright IV, isn't it? Mabe he tried to piss off his dad or something? Hey, that's what I would have done! Well little Frank (hey, that's what it means), you have a wicked awsome name AND a wicked awsome dad ( who shouted out your name at the grammys), and poeple with too much time on their hands ( yeah, I'm one of them) are writing about you. AND for you I will write a song titled FRANKITO and put it on my band's CD as soon as we get a record deal!!!!!!!! #1idiot
Frankito Tre Cool (drummer of Green Day) I acually like that name! It is very creative.Frankito means "little Frank". Especially the fact Tre cool is the best person in Green Day.(in my opinon) But all the band members kids names are very exotic they are stiil cool!  mallyn
Frankito Tr Cool Tr's son. His mom is Claudia, Tr's current wife. They married in 2001. Frankito got his name cuz Tr's real name is Frank [Frank Edwin Wright 3 to be presise.] Missy Madden
Frankito Tre Cool I love the name Frankito! It goes with Frank Edwin Wright. st.jimmy
Frankito Tre Cool Frankito is a GREAT name i think. let Tre name his kids the ways he wants. and that even goes to Billie Joe,Mike Dirnt, etc. its their kids not urs so stop dissen  Anna
Frankito Tre Cool  Hey, I noticed "St.Jimmy" had already entered this (great) name. He forgot to mention, the kid is named after his daddy. Tre Cool's real name is Frank Edwin Wright. So the kid is Frankito Wright. Molly
Frankito Tre Cool aka Frank Edwin Wright III Really, I love the name! It's better than Frank Edwin Wright IV, isn't it? Maybe he tried to p*** off his dad or something? Hey, that's what I would have done! Well little Frank (hey, that's what it means), you have a wicked awsome name AND a wicked awsome dad ( who shouted out your name at the grammys), and poeple with too much time on their hands ( yeah, I'm one of them) are writing about you. AND for you I will write a song titled FRANKITO and put it on my band's CD as soon as we get a record deal!!!!!!!! #1idiot
Frankito Wright Tre Cool Tre's real name is Frank Edwin Wright the 3rd so it fits! Danielle P
Freedom  Steve Miller I have no idea why he would name his daughter, Freedom. I hate parents who do this to their own kids.  Donna
Fuchsia Sting Sting is known to be keen on the Gormenghast trilogy by Mervyn Peake. The main character in these books is Titus Groan, who has a sister called Fuchsia. Kim Mance
Fuchsia Sting  fuchsia ii
Fuchsia Sting Like the flower and pronounced 'few-sha'. Still I suppose it could be worse, she could be called Michael like her sister. Jessica Aguilera

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