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You think your parents gave you a strange name? Try being born to a rock star. It seems like strange names are just part of what you have to put up with. The most memorable of course would have to be Moon Unit for the daughter of the late great Frank Zappa.

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Entries Beginning with I

Child's Name
Parent's Name
Submitted by:
Iezel Ky & Denim Toni Braxton  emily
Ignatius Ringo Basilisk Mode Zach Mode He prefers to go by Iggy. Rachel
Ikeketralopolis Bob Hope very....unique! i think!!! its really weird i was surfing da net and that popped up!!! Holly
Ikeketralopolis Bob Hope Bob adopted all of his kids, so luckily he didn't name him/her. But... still, I would've changed the name! Jess
Imani Jasmine Guy  Eric Andrews
Imani D'Angelo  Eric Andrews
Inara Lowell George (Late singer of Little Feat) She also went into music herself & has just released her debut album. Eric Andrews
India Sarah McLachlan  Jax
India Eric Benet This is Eric's child from his first wife who died in a car accident. During their short marriage, Halle Berry loved India like her own. Eric Andrews
India Corey Hart  Alex
India Eric Benet & Tami Stauff (RIP) Uh, India isn't Halle's child, apparently. She's Eric's daughter. In a recent PEOPLE Magazine, and interview with Eric Benet was made: '...Benet, 38, who lives in L.A. with India, 13, his daughter with the late Tami Stauff,' I think it's a beautiful name. It's also my mother's name.  Alex
India Roger Waters Whenever I search for her in the net, all sorts of sites about rivers and lakes in India pop up! Catherine
India Doyle Bramhall II More hippie, pseudo spiritual child names. India seems to be the rage this year for tapping into your Deepak Chopra self! Arlene Weiss
India Halle Berry Strange but true mairi
India Ann Sushil Sara McLachlan Sushil is a Hindu name, which means "well-mannered". Frida
Indigo Tom Bailey & Alannah Currie (Thompson Twins)  Laren
Inez Josefin & Oscar Mikael Marie Fredriksson & Mikael Bolyos  Christine
Inez Josefin & Oscar Mikael Marie Fredriksson & Mikael Bolyos Why exactly are those names weird? Those are perfectly normal Swedish names! BTW, Marie's mother was called Inez (Inez Josefin goes by the name Josefin or Josi , though) and as for Mikael - well, it's his father's name... Christine
Inez-Josefin & Oscar-Mikael Marie Fredriksson (Roxette)  sylvi
Inklet Bickstein Richard Hell Inklet comes from the character "Ink" in the book "Human Zoo". Richard has been quoted stating his admiration for the character. Bickstein is quite obviously derived from the Bic toothbrushes that Hell was so fond of. barry hallowbody
Intylyana Percy Miller aka. Master P I love this name its different and it's very unique. It's Very African American we name our kids with the most unique names ever!! Nene504
Ione Skye Donovan  shawn50272
Ireland Einesse Kim Basinger & Alec Baldwin They call her Addie for short. Yanay
Iris Angel Murphy Brown Melanie Brown Iris Angel is all right, but I can't see the names Murphy and Brown together without thinking about that early '90s sitcom. stefan
Irunu Missy Elliot Ok? Someone likes to get their kid's names from songs. Ashli
Isa Michael Bolton  Eric Andrews
Isaac Will Smith Folks, there is not much new under the sun. I am 35 years old and my name is Jaden. My son's name is Isaac. I live in the UK and the name Jaden is not very popular here, the only ones I know are named so because their parents knew me and liked the name. Would sincerely like to know if there is another Jaden older than me ! Jaden
Isaac Will Smith Will Smith does not have a kid named Isaac. His kids are Willard (whose mother is Sheree Zampino), Jayden (named ater Jada Pinkett) and Willow (named after him) Aleah
Isadora Bjork  Angelina
Isis Spencer Haywood Granted it isn't an uncommon name, but it's certainly not the most common. Spencer Haywood & wife Linda have 2 other daughters, Nikiah & Shaakira. Haywood also has a daughter with ex-wife Iman. bemyconspiracy
Isis-Merecedes Cassie That gorgeous girl who sings "Me&U" has a daughter. She was talking about her. I knew someone that pretty couldnt be left alone that easily. Weird thing is the daddy is a Eminem look alike! Jolante
Island Gregg Allman  poo
Island Gregg Allman You have to hand it to say Island is by far the coolest. Her mother always wanted to own her own island. insatiable
Italia LL Cool J This is a very pretty name that I love.  CHRISTINE
Ivy Nightingale Nina Gordon Wow! It's an interesting name for a girl. :) Celeste
Izzadore Bravo Perry Farrell Perry's 2nd child with his wife, Etty. Issadore is his paternal grandfather's name. Jamie
Izzadore Bravo Perry Farrell Izzadore is spelled with z's instead of s's because Perry and Etty wanted both of their boys to have z's in their names. Chris

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