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You think your parents gave you a strange name? Try being born to a rock star. It seems like strange names are just part of what you have to put up with. The most memorable of course would have to be Moon Unit for the daughter of the late great Frank Zappa.

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Entries Beginning with R

Child's Name
Parent's Name
Submitted by:
Rae  Zakk Wylde Zakk's daughter's name. Sean
Raihne Neil Postema  Stemshul
Rain Pryor Richard Pryor I read once that Richard named his daughter Rain because of the fact it was raining on the day she was born.  Eric Andrews
Raine Bret Michaels She was named after her maternal grandmother. Maggie
Raine Bret Michaels  Sam
Raine Bret Micheals Rain with an 'e'. Hmm I think it's beautiful just like her dad. (Note: The editor begs to differ.) Courtney
Raine Elizabeth Bret Michaels He has a song dedicated to her on his album. J
Raine Elizabeth Bret Michaels I like this name for the fact that not so many people have it. My girls have beautiful names like this (Sidra & Jessy). Different is the way to go. tammy s.
Raleigh Burt Bacharach  Eric Andrews
Ramona Tre Cool It's actually a Ramones song, "Ramona". It's really good actually and it's about a girl.  Billie
Ramona Trč Cool Trč's lil girl. Her moms name is Lisea, Trč's ex-wife. They married in 1995 . Missy Madden
Ramona Tre Cool Has Ramona's name got anything to do with Joey Ramone? I heard Tre once said that the world was a better place because of him, or something. Casey-Rae
Ramona Wright Tre Cool She was called this because Tre loves the Ramones, and he "always said the world was a better place because of Joey Ramone". Kaysie
Raoul & Pascal Roland Orzabal Roland has 2 sons - Raoul (which was his name initially) and Pascal Linda Noble
Raoul Orzabal Roland Orzabal His oldest son. Raoul was Roland's name for the first two weeks of his life and the name had been in his family for many generations and then he gave it to his son along with his older brother's name. :) Celeste
Rashida Quincy Jones  Eric Andrews
Raven Scooter Ward (Cold) His little star. Erica
Raven/Carmen Scooter Ward (Cold) Both girls are from 2 different mothers. cold fan
Rebel, Racer, Rocket, Rogue Robert Rodriguez (Guitarist In Chingon) His fifth child is due any day. I wonder what this one will be called. bex
Rebop Todd Rundgren  crazydon
Reginae Li'l Wayne  Jasmine
Reginae Lil Wayne It's unique but it's ghetto!!! Jerrica
Reginae Li'l Wayne He named her after his dad, Reginald, who was murdered right before Birdman adopted him. breezydrichie
Reginae Carter Li'l Wayne I like the name it has that ghetto but I don't care either type of feeling to it. I love the name. My girl said that we will naming our child after Reginae. Jemel
Rene-Charles Celine Dion I like these names apart, but together, they just don't sound too good. Lisandra
Rene-Charles Angelil Celine Dion Named after his father, AAHHHHHHHH!!! Chelsea Vaughn
Rhoads Tom Morello Rhoads was named after Randy Rhoads, one of Tom's Greatest influences on the guitar. Fola
Rhonda Diana Ross  kelli
Rhyan Nikki Sixx Rhyan is not related to Nikki in any way. His ex-wife already had this kid before they got married. SthrnDixieCwgrl
Rhys Eric McIntyre Joe McIntyre Pronounced Reese it's a cute name. Celeste
River & Rain Corey Hart River is a girl and Rain is a boy. I like both of the names, but River sounds more for a boy and Rain for a girl. Sabrina
River Samuel Taylor Hanson Hanson has a song called River. He may have been named after the song, but this has not been confirmed yet.  Erin
River Samuel Hanson Taylor Hanson This is a cool name, and Tay and Nat have another little addition to their family! Yay! He was born Spetember 4th, 2006. All the names they have picked for their kids have been charming and artistic, and not at all main-stream.  Dharma
Rocco Madonna He can blame his sister for that. katie l
Rocco Madonna You think Rocco Ciccone Ritchi was named after the male porn star Rocco? I think its Rocco (Sifreddi), but I know Rocco is a porn star don't ask me how I know. Chocolochi
Rocco Whinchester Nugent Ted Nugent We all know that Ted's an avid hunter and loves guns. But did he really have to name is kid after one?? LOL. Ameris
Rocket Delonge Tom Delonge Son (Rocket)  Brian W.
Rocket, Racer, Rebel, Rogue and Rhiannon Robert Rodriguez (Chignon) His daughter has only recently been born. A fairly normal name compared to all of his sons! Bex
Rodney Ramon Monica I like Rodney, but Ramon? japoo
Rohan Bob Marley Rohan in sanskrit means 'one who travels the higher path'. Its a name used in India and the carribean (Rohan Kanhai the famous cricketer) and also in Australia. Excellent name!!! Vid
Rohan Bob Marley Rohan is the father of Lauryn Hill's children. kate z
Rohan Bob Marley Rohan is a really common name in India, and a really really common name among Indian-Americans. blah
Rohan Bob Marley  ayame
Rolan Marc Bolan Actually Bolan's birth name is Marc Feld, so if Bolan was just a stage name & he never changed it legally, his son's name would be Rolan Feld. Eric Andrews
Rolan Bolan Marc Bolan A lot of people are very nasty on here. How would you feel if someone criticised how you name your child? Even if the child's name means nothing to you, it may mean an awful lot to the parent. As a person earlier noted, Marc Bolan's name is actually Feld. Chelsea
Rolan Bolan Marc Bolan Cripes! Thank goodness Tanya Tucker never had such a rhyming fetish when naming kids! Can you imagine the results? Think about it, won't you? Hans Prepuce
Rolan Bolan Marc Bolan Yes, I've got a rhyming dictionary with the money I've earned from my records...........sadly the inadvisable baby names dictionary wasn't available back then Jim A
Rolan Bolan Marc Bolan Get this, I heard he meant this as a counterpart to Zowie Bowie. That would make it even worse. bookcase
Roland Tallyessen Billy Joel  Billy
Roman David and Victoria Beckham VERY CUTE! I'm naming my son 'Roman' Amber
Romany David Gilmour This is the nearest the Pink Floyd vocalist/guitarist gets to having a child with an unusual name. The remainder of his eight(!) kids have ordinary names like Joe and Matthew and Sarah.  Jay
Romeo Jon Bon Jovi Even Shakespeare would roll his eyes at that one. De
Romeo Master P and Terri  Jamie
Romeo David and Victoria Beckham Amber: David and Victoria's son's name is Romeo, not Roman. Although I agree that Roman is a really cute name. Hanne
Romeo (Percy Miller) Master P (Percy Robert Miller)  Celeste
Romeo Jon Jon Bon Jovi & Dorothea Hurley  Cheryl
Romeo Jon Jon Bon Jovi What were they thinking? Hope they call him RJ.  BonJovi Fan
Rory Eleanor  Roger Taylor Nice first name but isn't Rory a boy's name?  Kate
Ross Diana Ross Very fitting, I thought. marcus
Ruby Day Neil Postema  Stemshul
Ruby Diamond Mike Diamond Mike D. of the Beastie Boys named his daughter this? Estaban
Ruby Diamond Neil (Not Mike) Diamond Estaban got it mixed up. Ruby Diamond is the kid of Neil Diamond, not Mike Diamond of the Beastie Boys. Aaerni
Rufus Loudon Wainwright III But what did you expect from the man who recorded "Dead Skunk"? J.C.
Rufus Tiger  Roger Taylor Sounds like a dog. dragon
Rumer Bruce Willis The name is very very old and means Gypsy....Personally I love it and 'way to go' for Bruce and Demi on the originality of the names of their children...the one that I am worried about is the new baby on the way for Demi and Ashton...honestly TJ
Rumer Demi Moore The name Rumer means "gypsy". Just thought you might like to know. Lauren
Rumer Demi Moore & Bruce Willis Their daughter, Rumer, is not the one named after the narrator/character of "To Kill a Mockingbird," - SCOUT is. Rumer is named after an author, possibly Rumer Godden (?). And who knows WHERE they got Tallulah Belle! Cristina
Rumer  Bruce Willis A Rumer that people pass around is not a name!!!  and/dna
Rumer  Bruce Willis/ Demi Moore She was named after a character in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.  LD
Rumer Glenn Demi Moore & Bruce Willis Rumer was named after British novelist Rumer Godden, not the lead character in the book "To Kill a Mockingbird", that was their second daughter, Scout. I personally love the name Rumer, it's cute and different. Cait
Rumer Glenn Bruce Willis  ChuckyG
Rumer Willis Bruce Willis What the h*** does Rumer mean? I know the couple is weird, but I feel sorry for her. And she has gone really fat. What will Demi think of that!? Surgery for Rumer Willis? Mother knows the best surgeon! diane
Ryder Russel Robinson Chris Robinson and Kate Hudson I think Ryder Russel is about as normal as it gets for any child. Celeste
Ryder Russell Chris Robinson (Black Crowes)  tipsyangel
Ryder Russell Kate Hudson & Chris Robinson Ryder's a pretty cool name for a boy, but Russell isn't. She named that bit after her stepdad. Isabel-Jae
Ryder Russell Chris Robertson & Kate Hudson Chris Martin is Married to Gywenth Paltrow & Chris Robertson IS MARRIED TO KATE HUDSON. Chris & Gywenth have a daughter called Apple, can you believe it? I wonder if Apple & Peaches would be a great mix. But then I don't think it's a good idea to be mixing apple with Orange!!!!!! Shicael & Mhanna
Ryder Russell Kate Hudson & Chris Robinson An error on Ryder Russell: His parents are Kate Hudson and Chris ROBINSON, not Chris Martin. Chris Martin is Gwnyeth Paltow's husband. sunny
Ryder Russell Chris Martin And Kate Hudson I kind of like it. It's nice that they named him after her stepdad. heather
Ryder Russell Robinson Kate Hudson & Chris Robinson I love this name i think it is very unique. I also think that giving lil Ryder his step grandfather's name was very sweet and thoughtful...and its cool that is initials are "RRR" he will never forget that LOL.... MEAGAN

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