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You think your parents gave you a strange name? Try being born to a rock star. It seems like strange names are just part of what you have to put up with. The most memorable of course would have to be Moon Unit for the daughter of the late great Frank Zappa.

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Mackenzie Phillips John Phillips She would star in TV's "One Day At A Time", overcome drug addiction, and sing with a reformed (and defunct again) "Mamas and The Papas" with her father, Denny Doherty and Spanky McFarlane. Not bad for someone with a boy's name. MOR
MaClay walker Clay walker why did he have children if he didn't like them very much; I mean giving them such awful names. Ellie
Madison Cain Jonathan Cain  Zoey
Maison Rob Thomas Interesting note: Maison is French for "house or home". So she's house thomas?! Odd! vaxination
Maison Rob Thomas Maison is most certainly a French word meaning "house". Try looking it up in a French-English dictionary before making such a statement. La Plus Belle Francophile
Maison Rob Thomas I would just like to comment that Maison is a little boy, not a girl. mbt-rox-my-sox
Maison Rob Thomas  Jordan
Maison or Mason Rob Thomas To correct (s)he who hates to correct, Mason means a stoneworker in English, only obscurely derived from French. Maison most definitely means "house" in modern French... try ordering the house wine in a French restaurant. I haven't a clue which way this child's name is spelled, however. dove
Maison/Mason Rob Thomas I hate to correct anyone, but Mason is French for "one who works with stone", not "house". I love that name I think its cute. Just Another Product of the 80's
Makaile Cielo Shaddix Jacoby Shaddix  Franka
Makeda Janesta Marley Bob Marley A cool name by another one of Marley's kids! Charlie
Mallory Loving Rick Derringer  Eric Andrews
Malu Abeni Valentine David Byrne  Eric Andrews
Mandy Keith Moon  Eric Andrews
Mano Vladimir Marisa Monte "Mano" is a Brazilian word,wich means something like "brother" or "bro". Mano┬┤s mother,the wonderful singer Marisa Monte is from Brazil. Weird name! Fernanda Bertuleza
Marcella Francesca James Hetfield It's a vast improvement on his first two, Cali Tee and Castor Virgil. No doubt with Castor he thought his wife was expecting twins and would have named the other one Pollux. Evelyn
Marcella Francesca Jaymz and Francesca Hetfield I think this is a nice name.. And Cali Tee is pretty. Not so sure about Castor Virgil. Elli
Marie - Louise Till Lindemann Till's second daughter. The mother is Anja Koseling who left Till after he dump her with Jenny Elvers.  steinerin
Marlon Keith Richards  Eric Andrews
Marques 50 Cent This isn't surprising he got the name from Marques Huston because they are good mates.  gerald
Marquis 50 Cent  Kati
Mary-Willa Mamie Meryl Streep I think Mary-Willa is a very originial and pretty name. She's Meryl's oldest daughter. They call her Mamie though, which makes me think of Mamie van Doren... hmm. [Ed. note: Again, "Music of the Heart".] TheActress
Mason Richardson Kevin Richardson Kevin's son who was born this month. You'd think that Kevin could come up with a name for his son as unique as what Brian named his son. Celeste
Mathilda Joacim Cans (HammerFall) Don't get me wrong, I love HammerFall and all, but the poor kid! Honestly, with a name like Mathilda I picture this girl growing up to be a homely fat chick with more acne than friends. C
Mathilda Joacim Cans (HammerFall) Don't get me wrong, I love HammerFall and all, but the poor kid! Honestly, with a name like Mathilda I picture this girl growing up to be a homely fat chick with more acne than friends. C
Matilda Plum Paul Doucette (Matchbox 20) Matilda's mum is Moon Unit Zappa. I think they gave her a storybook sort of name, like the Victoria Plum dolls. pickle*
Matilda Poppy Sean Moore (MSP drummer)'s a little strange. Not something I'd imagine his child being called. Sarah
Matteo Andrea Bocelli  Eric Andrews
Matthew, Dexter, and Frank Elvis Costello I know that none of these three names are weird or unusual at all, in any way. In fact, they are all extremely normal, common names that I'm sure you all hear practically every day. But Elvis Costello is my favorite musical artist of all time, which is why I love posting about him here at AmIRight. He has twin sons, Dexter and Frank, who are currently eight years old, born in 2006, with his current wife who is none other than the great jazz singer and pianist Diana Krall. He also has a much older son named Matthew from his first marriage to Mary Burgoyne. After his marriage to Mary ended in the mid-1980s and before he married Diana in 2003, Elvis was married to Cait O'Riordan, who had been the bassist for The Pogues, and they were married from 1986 until they split in 2002, but Elvis and Cait did not have any children together. Alex Aerni
Maximum Fitzgerald Olander Jimmy Olander Max was adopted by Diamond Rio guitarist Jimmy Olander and his wife Claudia Fontenot in 2002. Sundog
Maxwell Jessica Simpson I'll bet she was so convinced it was gonna be a boy she gave her a boy's name. That's right--HER. lol flipside
Maxwell Haze Richardson Kevin Richardson I guess they didn't want Mason to be alone with his M name. :) Celeste
Me'arah Shaquille O'Neal It's his 3rd daughter and I'm still trying to pronounce it! [Ed.'s note: Shaq did have a couple of rap albums, if I'm not mistaken.] Ajalaia
Melissa, Cameron, and Allie Caitlin Sinclair i love listening to Caitlin's music it rocks!!! Her kids are raelly cute as well Jayde
Melody Amir Derakh  sepehr
Memphis Eve Bono  ChuckyG
Memphis Eve Bono Beautiful name. After the place Memphis, Tennessee. Eve from the Bible it goes with U2 member Adam Clayton. EvansGirl
Memphis Eve Bono / Alison Hewson What was Alison thinking? We're not living in ancient Greece, you know?  ? ? ?
Memphis Eve Bono His other daughter is Jordan. Annie
Memphis Eve Bono Not sure if she keeps the Memphis part of her name. I think she uses the Eve part(Bono is always referring to her as "Evie"). Anyway, she was born at the 7th minute of the 7th hour of the 7th day of the 7th month(or something like that) and the middle of seven is thats how she got the Eve part. Someone
Merlyn Bryan Ferry Ya know like the wizard.... Ruth
Messiah T.I. Get it right. T.I. has four children King, Messiah, Deyja, and Domani. Listen to his song "Live in the Sky". He says all their names! Cassie
Messiah Ya'majesty and Domani Uriah T.I. (Clifford Harris Jr.) Just correcting something I read. These are his two boys. If you need proof, read the press sheet. It's from his first cd "I'm Serious". He mentioned he had a daughter in his second cd "Trap Musik", but he never did say her name. Regardless, I think their names are unique and cute since he considers himself a king. It's only right for his kids' names to reflect how he sees them also. Queen of da South
Messiah Ya'Majesty Harris and Domani Uriah Harris Atlanta rapper T.I. Oddly enough, I'm actually diggin' the name Ya'Majesty... and because of that, I should probably be sterilized. Girl With Two Middle Names
Messiah YaMajesty Harris and Domani Uriah Harris T.I. (Clifford Harris Jr.) These are 2 different names and they are both boys. YaMajesty is Messiah's middle name. His little girl is named Deyjah and other little boy is named King. He has 3 boys and one girl!! Brittany
Messiah, Domani, Ya' Majesty T.I. After reading someone's comment about TI's children's names. It seemed as if messiah Ya'Majesty was ONE child's name. In actuality it is 2 different children a girl & a boy - Messiah being the boy, hence the meaning of a king. Listen to his song on his Trap Musik album, entitled "I Styll Luv You". Messiah & Domani are the two boys, by the love of his life. Ya' Majesty is the youngest & the daughter, by another lady. La' Toya
Mia Charley Charlie Benante (Anthrax) Poor kid. With a name like that, she'll probably be in therapy by the time she's 21 after being beaten up repeatedly by schoolmates. Monkey D Luffy
Mia Tyler Steven Tyler How tacky: "Me, a Tyler." rocky
Michael Sting Michael is a girl but then there are also Michael Learned, the mother from 'The Waltons', and Michael Steele from The Bangles who are women named Michael.  Jessica
Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. Michael Jackson That's Prince's real name. And Blanket is Michael Joseph Jackson II. Prince and Blanket are just nicknames. doodah
Michael Melody-Davidson Amir Derakh Melody is part of his hypehnated last name, not of his first name. Davidson is Amir's legal name. Sakhmet
Michael-Melody Davidson Amir Derakh I feel sorry for Amir's son, having to be named Melody..:-\...But hey, it was Amir's choice..By the way..Anyone that thinks Amir is a strange name itself; it's Persian for "Prince" Ameris
Michelangelo Tupac Shakur Tupac said that if we had a boy, he wanted it to be named Michelangelo and a daughter to be named Star.  Keisha Morris (Tupac ex wife)
Mikeal Chingy Chingy does not have a child named Carmel, and his son Mikeal is 9. Lil'ez
Miles Teranishi Teppei Teranishi (Thrice) Possibly named after Miles Davis? Franka
Miley Billy Ray Cyrus Miley's birth name is "Destiny Hope". Sym
Miley Billy Ray Cyrus If he was gonna name her Miles, that would have been better. lil mama
Miley Billy Ray Cyrus Personally, I think Miley is a very hip, very cool name. Not only that but she's a cute girl. She deserved a cute name. Karessa
Miley Cyrus Billy Ray Cyrus I've read online that Billy Ray used to call Miley "Smiley" when she was younger, because she always used to smile. Celeste
Milo  Liv Tyler Was it from milo in the tweenies? It's not that bad, but I do hope he has a decent, normal middle name if he wants to change it. Becky
Ming Lee Russell Simmons You just wouldn't think a brother named Russell would have a daughter named Ming. TahShay1972
Ming Lee and Aoki Lee Kimora Lee Simmons She got some cute kids  lil' ez
Missy Damon Albarn Named after Missy Elliot damonfan
Misty Kyd Sharleen Spiteri (Texas)  Kim
Molly Bryan McFadden (Westlife) Well I didnt like it at 1st, but its kinda sweet and it suits her! :) Ceilteach
Monroe and Moroccan Mariah Carey 5Her fraternal twins with husband Nick Cannon. I just don't understand people. Those are two of the worst names ever! Just horrible. Edward
Montgomery Lovell Adam Pascal  It's an interesting name. It's not too bad, but it is different. Adam and his wife are both theater people, so maybe that's why they wanted their children to have different names. Monty and his brother are absolutely adorable though. Dani
Moon Unit Frank Zappa Moon Unit because he/she/it was born on the full moon and is the second unit of the family. Cat
Moon Unit Frank Zappa If it were just Moon it would be kind of cool, but Moon Unit sounds like some kind of equipment astronauts put on the moon to find out if there's life there or something. Kitty
Moon Unit Frank Zappa I think thats one of the worst names ever, moon is a bit romantic, but moon unit always reminds me of a computer..  Svenja_M
Moon Unit Frank Zappa Moon was the first of Frank and Gail Zappa's four children, Don't know where this "second unit" stuff came from. Poot
Moon Unit Two Frank Zappa She's know as Moon Unit, but originally it was Moon Unit Two. Eileen
Moon Unit Zappa Frank Zappa Frank gave his pregnant wife 2 choices on names for the child: Moon and Motorhead, a roadie friend of Frank's. His wife told VH1 that there was NO WAY she was going to name a child Motorhead, so she picked Moon, and because the child made the family not a couple anymore, but a unit, she chose Unit as her middle name. Moon likes her name but wishes that her sister, Diva, had been named Star. She has 2 brothers named Dweezil and Ahmet. Jen
Moon Unit Zappa Frank Zappa The name Moon Unit remineds me of outer space. Josie
Moon Unit, Diesel, Diva Muffin Frank Zappa WTF? Was this dude on crack? heaueu
Moon Unit, Diva, Dweezil, and Ahmet Rodan Frank Zappa Frank insisted his kids would always have more trouble because of their last name. Tracey
Moon Unit, Dweezel, Diva Muffin Frank Zappa You wouldn't guess it by his subject matter, but apparently Frank Zappa abstained from drug use as he was very serious about music and felt that it interfered. He was just a kook! fatal bombshell
Moon Unit, Dweezil, Ahmet, Diva Zappa Frank Zappa Frank wasn't on drugs!!!!!!! concerning this names he said: "People make a lot of fuss about my kids having such supposedly 'strange names', but the fact is that no matter what first names I might have given them, it is the last name that is going to get them in trouble."  Val
Moon Unit, Dweezil, Diva Muffin Frank Zappa Correction to the existing entry. No comment about what he was smoking!  BeNude
Moon Unit, Dweezil, Diva Muffin, Ahmet Frank Zappa *shakes head in shame* And we thought that drugs were the cool thing. Look what drugs did to him when naming his kids. (Editor's note: Frank Zappa claimed he never took drugs.) Kristin
Moon, Dweezil, Ahmet, Diva Frank Zappa Moon is a normal name in many cultures, in Spain it's Luna. Dweezil was named after a small stunted toe his mother Gail had. Ahmet is named after Ahmet Ertigan, a big record CEO at the time, Diva was the loudest and highest pitched baby. Frank never did drugs, he claimed he smoked pot a couple times in the 60's but didn't like it because it made him tired. He was a genius composer, guitar hero and satirist. The most important composer of the 20th century. He is sadly missed : ( trendm0nger
Moses Chris Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow 'Moses' was the name of a song that Chris wrote and performed for Gwyneth. Ginger Carrington
Moxie CrimeFighter Penn Jillette "We chose her middle name because when she's pulled over for speeding she can say, `But officer, we're on the same side,'" Jillette explained. "`My middle name is CrimeFighter.'"  katje
Moxie CrimeFighter Penn Jillette This child is a girl!! She should be taken away from such irresponsible people. Yuck. [Ed.'s note: Keeping it up. Remember Penn and Teller in Run-DMC's "It''s Tricky".] Laura
Mumtaz Stevie Wonder  Eric Andrews
My'Chelle and Million Tyler Mystikal, former No Limit rapper My'Chelle is after his dead sister Michelle, whom he has a song for on almost every album. Million... is about money, I guess Girl With Two Middle Names
Mykel Bailey Chingy My little brother name is Mykel(MY-CO) Cache
Myla Grace Tamia Hill It is a very cute name. Grace, to me, seems plain on its own, but Myla just makes it a parfect 10! Lanaiya (don't laugh)
Myla Grace Tamia That is a pretty name. Caitlin Bryant
Myla Grace  Tamia and Grant Hill I think that this name is very beautiful and only complements a beautiful person like Tamia.  Yasmia
Myles Lars Ulrich  Kaley

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