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This is a list of replacement names for existing band names.

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Entries Beginning with B

New Name
Original Name
Submitted by:
We*Bitched B*Witched Spoonerizing the name seems to be more descriptive Apparition99
The B-5's (or the B-2's) The B-52's Dropping either digit also produces a bingo number nally
The G-52's The B-52's In standard bingo, the number 52 is in the G range nally
Stratofortress B-52s What the real B-52 is called! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
B.W.T. B.T. To include his middle initial. Ralph
Grown-Up Washington Baby Washington She became publicly known LONG after infancy. Alex
Babylon B.C. Babylon A.D. The majority of Babylon's history was from BC yrs. Rychendroll
The Babies The Babys The proper spelling of the plural of baby. Tiffany
Baby Sham Bulls Babyshambles Might make more sense (at least in some context). Natalie Stonecipher
Bulls**t Boys Backstreet Boys 'cuz they're a bulls**t band and it still works with the whole BSB thing Talula
Mainstreet Men Backstreet Boys They're grown up, and it keeps the alliteration. Archie C.
Back Street Gays Backstreet Boys Well if you ask me, they act like five gay boys Brandy Rose
Backdoor Boys Backstreet Boys To me they are a bunch of poofs... Ch3yn3
Bad Red Pigeon Bad Religion Everyone likes that darn red pigeon. DarkJon64
Badly Sculpted Boy Badly Drawn Boy Now he's three-dimensional; still poorly formed. April Fleming
Boohoo Men Baha Men Dropped off the scene after letting the dogs out Cassandra
Bananarumba Bananarama The name of a dessert at Chili's restaurants. Cassandra
Papayarama Bananarama Another fruit ending with the letter A. Katie
Pain A Band Called Pain It's shortened up SpiderSkull98
A Swarm Of Bees A Band Of Bees A contingent of bees is called a swarm. Lindz
Band Of Houses Band Of Horses If there were "Change a letter" for band names... Valerie Cameron
Band Of Hoses Band Of Horses If there were "Remove a letter" for band names... Valerie Cameron
The Bland Perry The Band Perry A funny thought to any who think their music bland Natalie Merchant's Millpond
The Banned Perry The Band Perry A pun on original name, with potential humor Carla Jorgensen
Bang Firebird Bang Camaro Pontiac's version of the classic Chevy pony car Jay
Bang Camarotoechia Bang Camaro Camarotoechia = a prehistoric brachiopod Carolyn Morgenstern
Fully Dressed Gentlemen Barenaked Ladies The opposite of the name is purely accurate. Darby Hen
Barenaked Laddies Barenaked Ladies They're all guys! Francine Harper
Fullyclothed Gentlemen Barenaked Ladies Well they aren't ladies and they aren't naked. They are fully clothed guys. Biteme Wokhead
Gary Green Barry Blue Green is his real surname & Barry rhymes with Gary Lee
Barry Black Barry White More appropriate, as this guy was black Isac
Jack's Basement Basement Jaxx C'mon it just makes more sense  The Real Slim Shadier
Deerfisher Basshunter An opposite incongruity Marcia Todd
Bowl For Brows Bat For Lashes Two sports terms + two types of facial hair. Opie M.
Gay City Rollers Bay City Rollers That's if these guys were gay.  Saturday Cowboy
BigMac BBMak Their name reminds me of a burger from McDonalds! Rod Thomas
The Beach Men The Beach Boys This must be the oldest living boys on record. oldtimer
Beastly Noise Beastie Boys What some people might think of their music. Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Beastie Men Beastie Boys They ain't boys anymore WW's Sketcher
Mightie Men Beastie Boys They're grown men; keeps the name alliterative. Barb Dwyer
The Beaters The Beatles They've beaten everybody else to the top! Alan The Ottoman
The Bee Gee The Bee Gees Only one member is left as of 2012: Barry. Ducky Mumu
The Hee-Bee-Gee-Bees The Bee Gees Get it? Heebie jeebies? Calop
The E Beginning Of The End That's the beginning of "The End" Bridal Shower Curtain Call Waiting Room
Belisnda Carlisle Belinda Carlisle Consistently places silent "s" after "li" Harriet Henderson
Belinda Trucklisle Belinda Carlisle Time for an upgrade. Mr. X
Gaston & Ursula Belle & Sebastian The villains from the respective films. Ben Dover
The Beast & Ariel Belle & Sebastian 2 other main characters from the respective films. Angela
Belly Poke Belle Epoque  What I thought it was on first several hearings! Karen Smith
Bend Folds Five Ben Folds Five sounds similar; bend is a synonym for fold Miss Elanius
Bearing Straight Bering Strait Same sound, different meaning Bethany Byrd
Frankfurt Berlin Another city in Germany. Open Mike
Eta Band Beta Band Now five letters further down the Greek Alphabet! Fiscal Cliff Richard
Zeta Band Beta Band Now four letters further down the Greek Alphabet! Fiscal Cliff Richard
Beth Orphan Beth Orton She lost both her parents by the time she was 19. Eric
Better Than Eczema Better Than Ezra Well, Ezra IS pretty great... Boy Howdy
Bouncy Beyonce She's got a nice full rack! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Bif Clothed Bif Naked She's not QUITE naked. Shilo
Big Audio Dynamite II Big Audio Dynamite Real example of a temporary rename (early 1990s). Gus
Bill Cow-less Bill Kaulitz Don't have a cow, man! Rachel
Bill Quarterman Bill Quateman How I misread his name first several times Renee Scoggins
Billie Eyelash Billie Eilish Her eyes are her major feature. Sheila Oh
Silly Piper Billie Piper For her silly bubble gum pop tunes Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Billy Idle Billy Idol He's not recording much anymore / Other homonym Adam
Billy Sea Billy Ocean Sea and ocean mean the same thing. Reggie Pillbox
Birthday Massage Birthday Massacre What I mistook the name for at first Diana Jasper
Black Eyed Beans Black Eyed Peas What the name-derived food really is Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Black Eyed Susans Black Eyed Peas If they got more than one woman into the band? Cassandra
Chawalies or Lobias Black Eyed Peas If they were an Indian or Pakistani group Robert D. Arndt Jr.
White Punks Black Flag They're all white, and play punk rock. Whatever you want to call me
The White Keys The Black Keys The other set of keys on the piano/keyboard. Odie Garfield
Blue Sabbath Black Sabbath At their core, they're still a Blues band. GlamRockNinjaLord
Dark Lent Black Sabbath Black=Dark, and Lent=Sabbath Rachel
Black Sunday Black Sabbath Most religions believe Sunday is the Sabbath day. Opie M.
Rotten Black Stone Cherry it will be by now after this many years Michael Millward
The Bluebyrds The Blackbyrds Another bird misspelling, like the original name Isac
Deaf Cantaloupe Blind Melon A different type of melon and impairment Blake Dreary
Stink 182 Blink 182 I like 'em but making up names is fun The Real Slim Shadier
Link 182 Blink 182 A punk band doing Legend of Zelda-themed songs? Archie C.
Bink 182 Blink 182 This is what they were when they were babies! Michael M
Blandie Blondie Calling the singer "Debbie Harry" sounds bland. Me Again
Bad Blood, No Sweat, and Crocodile Tears Blood, Sweat and Tears It better reflects today's generation. older
Balloons Bloontz Sensible/what most people might think the name is Joe
Purpl Cantrell Blu Cantrell Another color with the silent end 'e' removed. Timmy O'Toole
Orange October Blue October Blue isn't normally associated with October. Travis
Red November Blue October Becuz it ROX Cpt. Neeb
Blue Oyster Cultivators Blue Oyster Cult If they retired and decided to become gardeners. Steve
Blues Travelers Blues Traveler To indicate more than 1 person, as this is a band. Gus
Whites Traveler Blues Traveler Because they sound like white men trying to play the blues. Mr. Critic
Smear Blur Same thing, just sounds more grungy. S.T.G.
Boa Constrictor BoA Kwon Boa's curves are worth being wrapped around! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Bob Seger & The Centrum Silver Bullet Band Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band The members are approaching senior citizenship. Adam
Bobby Downed Bobby Brown The drugs really got to him. Rachel
Booze Clown Bobby Brown His drinking problem has led to rehab Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Good Jovi Bon Jovi Bon means 'good' in French. Oliver South
Cinnabon Jovi Bon Jovi Sickeningly sweet rock belongs in a mall too! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Bonnie Girler Bonnie Boyer "Bonnie" is a girl's name. Dinah Bartilson
Gertie Guitar Bonnie Guitar Uses a girls name starting with a hard G sound! Joe
Bonnie Balalaika Bonnie Guitar A stringed Slavic instrument beginning with 'B' Jennifer
Bonnie Banjo Bonnie Guitar A stringed instrument that makes name alliterative Alan
Bony Tyler Bonnie Tyler What she'll be when she's an old lady Mickey D.
Bi George Boy George Swung both ways at one time Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Man George Boy George He was already an adult when he rose to fame. O.J. Chamberlain
Boy Marries Girl Boy Meets Girl They were married for awhile, believe it or not. Larcen Tyler
The Men The Boys They've all grown up; keeps the name generic. Dude
Thank You, Captain Obvious Boys Like Girls It fits. Ryan
Men II Granddadz Boyz II Men The age factor. Maddie's The Boss
Brian Van 3000 Bran Van 3000 How I first read the name; I thought it was 1 guy. Tim
Kinda Old Brand New They were new in 2000. But that was awhile ago. Travis
Brand Ten Brand X For those who think the X is a roman numeral. Gus
Cognac Brandy If she were French? Eric
Single Malt Scotch Brandy One good alcoholic beverage name deserves another. Diana Jasper
Mold Bread Mold comes with aging bread, and it's been awhile. Obie Lame Kenobi
Toast Bread That's what this band is now. (Thank God and the toaster.) Bob
Fixing Benjamin Breaking Benjamin You're not going to leave Benjamin broken are you? Travis
Choke Breathe An antonym for the original band name? Isac
Poptart Britney Spears Real club nickname Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Kojak Britney Spears Her recently shaved head. (July 2007) Baby Jane Russell
Spear Britney Britney Spears Why not switch her first and last names around? Amber
Twitney Spears Britney Spears She is a whiney twit, I just call 'em like I see 'em! bree
Pinking Shears Britney Spears Lookes like she was holding a pair of pinking shears whilst getting dressed, judging by some of the things she wears! Brandie
Rusty Spears Britney Spears How long will she last as a pop singer anyway? Specter
Bratney Spears Britney Spears She behaves like a brat! Some Person
Bitchney Spears Britney Spears Well, Britney just seems like a Bitch! ~Child of Sun~
Bruce Chanel Bruce Channel He should spell it this way to say it accordingly. Dr. Critic
Bruce Fruhlingstein Bruce Springsteen What his name would be in Germany. Rocky Rhodes
Bruce Stringbean Bruce Springsteen He is kinda tall. Gigi
Bruce Fallsteen Bruce Springsteen His "Glory Days" are definitely over. ole
Dwarf Bruno Pluto Bruno Mars It's time dwarf planets got their equal time! Angelica Monaghan
Bruno Earth Bruno Mars He's from the planet Earth, not Mars. Opie M.
Buttcheery Buckcherry Because I thought that was the band's name at first. Plus it pertains to their music. Mr. Joe
Brooklyn Chicago Buffalo Springfield A city in New York + a city in Illinois Opie M.
Albany Tom Buffalo Tom Another city in New York. Paul Bear
The Snuggles The Buggles Doesn't it sound more cozy? Larcen Tyler
Building World Peace Building Better Bombs We don't need bombs, we need peace. Candy Welty
Projectile Diarrhea Bulimia Banquet ANYTHING is an improvement over this original! Karen Smith
Blair Bush The band Bush is British, not American. Alan of Seville
Burning Bush Bush Holy Moses! This band needs a Bible reference.  newsong

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