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This is a list of replacement names for existing band names.

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Entries Beginning with N

New Name
Original Name
Submitted by:
Lip Sync N Sync It's what they seem to do. bob the flying moose
U Suck N'Sync For those that hate their music! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
N'Stink N'Sync Because they stink it up big time! Matt
N'Stync N'Sync Well? They stink. So does their music... oh, wait, did I say music? I mean noise. Minette
N'$ync N'sync it's all about the $. indie is rock
U'Stync N'Sync I don't necessarily HATE N'Sync but I gotta admit, this is catchy.  Cel-Chan
Going Down 'N The Kitchen SYNC N'SYNC Whenever I hear their music that is what I want to do with it. momotronic9k
The Fully Dressed Brothers Band The Naked Brothers Band These are KIDS. So let's not be disgusting. Mark Richardson
The Nashville Senior Citizens The Nashville Teens Accurately describes the surviving members. Cassandra
Bethlehem Nazareth Two cities in Israel/two in Pennsylvania Thor Higherdoll
Positivland Negativland The opposite Russ
Neil Ruby  Neil Diamond Yet another birthstone Opie M.
Neil Cubic Zirconium Neil Diamond He seems like a fake jazz singer. MOR
Neil Sapphire Neil Diamond Another birthstone  Opie M.
Neil Emerald  Neil Diamond Another birthstone  Opie M.
Neil Elderly Neil Young More polite to say 'Elderly' than 'Old.' Larcen Tyler
Neil Not-So-Young Neil Young He was born in 1945. You figure it out. Danny
Ambrozia Nektar Now food (rather then drink) of gods, misspelled Lucinda Blair
Nealy Nelly it's a guy, so he should have a name less feminine Gigi
Smelly Nelly I really like Nelly but I do think this name is cool Born Loser
Ddo Neve The opposite of even, spelt backwards. Who Cares What My Name Is
Old Christy Minstrels New Christy Minstrels They were new in the 1960s. That was long ago! Larry
Middle Aged Men On The Block New Kids on the Block They're not kids anymore  Celeste
New Squids On The Block New Kids on the Block As parodied in an episode of Tiny Toon Adventures. Scott
New Chips Off The Old Block New Kids on the Block If they have any kids who eventually form a band Random Madeupperson
New Blocks on the Kids New Kids on the Block Sounds like a construction accident waiting to happen. Specter
Old Chaos New Order What purported new orders have a way of resembling Duncan Moore
The Old Radicals The New Radicals They were new in the late 1990s/only had one hit. Cassandra
Oldcleus Newcleus They were a new band in 1984, which was long ago. Joe
Previous Next They're bound to have been passed up by now. Mr. Critic
Dimeback Nickelback Try it with another coin! Mr. X
Pennyback Nickelback The lowest-valued U.S. coin. Nunya Biznis
Quarterback Nickelback well, at least this one makes more sense.... Mac
Money Back Nickelback You might want a full refund on concert tickets. JeReMy
Nicki British Nicki French She was born in the UK, not France. Timmy O. Toole
Night Stallion Night Horse This band is all guys; stallion is a male horse Greg
Night Mare Night Horse If the band were females instead of males. Courtney Mears
Daywish Nightwish What if you're listening to them in the daytime? DJ Blaze
Nikki Brunettsky Nikki Blonsky She has dark hair. Gigi
NickelSodium NiNa These elements have the respective chem. symbols. Orville Greenenbacher
-9 Nine Below Zero Another way of writing it ("minus nine"). Rachel
Nine Foot Nails Nine Inch Nails The longer the nails are, the better. David
Daughters of Zeus Nine Muses Greek mythology origin Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Farvana Nirvana The were really far out. Janice Ferrell
Dirt Band Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Real example; they shortened it from 1976-81. Alex
Doubt It No Doubt They have Doubt rather than No Doubt. Paul Warren
Southern Pikes Northern Pikes Southern is the opposite of northern Carrie-Ann Crowe
Victorious P.I.G. Notorious B.I.G. as in Piggie Balls Mickey D.
Nsqueak Nsync It's better because when they sing they squeak Kellyoh
New Shoes Nu Shooz The correct spelling Frank Hotdog
Old Shooz Nu Shooz It's obvious that they're not new anymore. O.J. Chamberlain
The Nutty People The Nutty Squirrels They're human beings, not squirrels. Calvin Amari

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