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This is a list of replacement names for existing band names.

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Entries Beginning with M

New Name
Original Name
Submitted by:
E=MC Hammer Squared M.C. Hammer If Hammer becomes interested in science? Rachel
1600 M.D.C. Their name is the Roman numeral for 1,600. Joe
MTM M2M As in MTM Enterprises, Inc. Isac
Baruch Maccabees Another apocryphal / deuterocanonical book Natalie Lundgren
Tobit Maccabees Another apocryphal / deuterocanonical book Natalie Lundgren
Sirach Maccabees Another apocryphal / deuterocanonical book Natalie Lundgren
Judith Maccabees Another apocryphal / deuterocanonical book Natalie Lundgren
May Gray (a weather condition) Macy Gray If we had letter-remove for performers. C.J.
Mad Capsule Meerkats Mad Capsule Markets I always thought the two words sounded similar. Rhonda Hindle
Midonna Madonna How many mid-life crises can one woman have? disco
Seductra Madonna For all her sexual exploits incl. kissing Britney Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Bella Donna Madonna Italian: Beautiful Lady Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Monogamy Rush Mahogany Rush Rushing into monogamy could make more sense. Harriet Henderson
Bueno Malo Spanish for 'good' (opposite of bad) Cassandra
Sweetness Mandisa What Mandisa means Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Satanic Street Screachers Manic Street Preachers They probably got that way over time. Andy
Pharlap Manowar Another legendary horse's name scrunched together. The Late Bruce Lee
Womanmoon Mansun Need equal time for woman and the Moon! Tara Gilmer
Marcy Prayground Marcy Playground If we had "Change a Letter" for band names... Chris
Marcy's Playground Marcy Playground I thought this was the correct name. Rock Maninoff
Mariah Cash N. Carey Mariah Carey She is a cash cow now. MOR
Mariah Cry Mariah Carey She's too whiney, anyway! Niko
Marilyn Monsoon Marilyn Manson Now he's a weather condition! Bob
Marina Diamond Marina and the Diamonds To not mislead anyone into thinking it's a group. Quyjibo
Marina Marina and the Diamonds A real example. She shortened it in 2018. Jilly Bean
Luigi Mario The other Mario Brother from the video games! Mr. Bump
John Cashoo Mark Chesnutt A different Gospel and misspelled nut. Selena Stopmez
Luke Almund Mark Chesnutt A different Gospel and misspelled nut. Selena Stopmez
Matthew Pikan Mark Chesnutt A different Gospel and misspelled nut. Selena Stopmez
Marlene Ditched Reich Marlene Dietrich She left Germany before Hitler was elected Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Kara's Flowers Maroon 5 Real example in reverse; their name during 1990s C.J.
Crimson 5 Maroon 5 Another shade of dark red Jimmy Krackhorn
Marvin Strait Marvin Gaye He was straight, not gay. Rpollck
Mary O. Blige Mary J. Blige Middle initial and last name spell out "oblige." Hugh Boettcher
Mary Jane Women Mary Jane Girls They were already grown up when they had success. Bob
MC Hammered MC Hammer He was ridiculed as "Sell-Out" over merchandise Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Megadeaf Megadeth After hearing them play! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Megalife Megadeth Dave Mustaine is still alive, isn't he? DJ Blaze
Meghan Traitor Meghan Trainor I kinda think she is a traitor. Mickey D.
Mellow Mayonnaise Mellow Man Ace "Man Ace" always reminds me of "Mayonnaise". Lindsay Doyle
Melon Can Envy Melon Kinenbi How I misheard the name on first hearing it Diana Jasper
Forgettinghouse Memoryhouse Forgetfulness is the opposite of memory. Frank Hotdog
Men At Retirement Men At Work Shouldn't they be old enough to retire by now? Lance Crackers
Women At Play Men At Work Both opposites of each other. Olive Pitt
Men With Hats Men Without Hats What's wrong with wearing a hat, anyways? Cassandra
Hats Without Men Men Without Hats Turnabout's fair play! Richard Wetfuss
Men Without Clothes Men Without Hats This would attract women and gays. Francis A. Sissy
Boysudo Menudo They were all minors when the band was formed. Pete Worst
Looks Haggard Merle Haggard Looks old, exhausted, and played-out Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Generica Metallica Because their music seems so generic now! Winters
Metal Licker Metallica Judging by the guitars, it fits better. Glenn Rousseau
Sell-Outtica Metallica They sure did sell out. Greg
Alternativica Metallica Ever Since "...And Justice For All" they stopped playing metal, and started sounding just like every other "Alternative" band BXS-Animal
Retireda Metallica Sold out to top 40. Used to be cutting edge, but now appearing on an elevator near you. P.H.
Shinyica Metallica A silly new name for a silly old band DarkJon64
Minors Grabbin' Michael Jackson Self-explanatory Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Stonewalled Jackson Michael Jackson His career has run into a stone wall. andy
Midnight Petrol Midnight Oil European version Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Noon Fuel Midnight Oil Other 12:00 time / synonym for oil Craig
The Mighty Men of Joy The Mighty Clouds Of Joy Clouds can't sing, duh. Odie Garfield
Mike & The Mechanics Mike + The Mechanics So that it'll be read as Mike AND the Mechanics Cassandra
Kilometers Davis Miles Davis The metric-system version of his name. John
Kilos Kane Miles Kane He's from England, where the metric system is used Quyjibo
Kilo-y Cyrus Miley Cyrus That's what she would be in the metric system. Jimmy Krackhorn
Give-her-an-inch-and-she'll-take-a-Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Fits her well! Penny Nichols
Menace Tree Ministry Sounds almost the same! R. Jeanine O'Succinate
Stoat Mink Another type of weasel. Brionna
Miranda Tangrove Miranda Cosgrove Named for a different trigonometric function Daphne Fairhope
Miranda Singrove Miranda Cosgrove Named for a different trigonometric function Daphne Fairhope
Mission Of Myanmar Mission Of Burma The country Burma was renamed Myanmar in 1989. Taylor Swift Kick In The Pants
Mission To Burma Mission Of Burma It sounds more grammatically correct. G
Humble Hamster Modest Mouse Alliteration w/ synonym of modest & another rodent Lance Crackers
Conceited Rat Modest Mouse The opposite of modest and another rodent. Lance Crackers
Mojave 5 Mojave 3 This band is a quintet, not a trio. Cassandra
The Donkees The Monkees Their later music (post-Head) is for the asses. Alan the Ottoman
The Monkee The Monkees Micky Dolenz is now the only surviving member Isac
Monster Post-It Monster Magnet With Post-Its, you wouldn't need a magnet. Frank Hotdog
Monster Tape Monster Magnet A different way to stick notes on fridges. Frank Hotdog
Moonshine Banquets Moonshine Bandits Lots of legal whiskey is now called moonshine. Taylor Dadsen
Eveningwood Morningwood Will this be their new name when they retire? Gigi
Motordead Motorhead The band broke up, so their motor must have died. Reggie
Mrs. Missus Mr. Mister Every mister needs a missus. Rip Jeans
Dirtpollen Mudhoney Dirt becomes mud, pollen becomes honey. Pig Smith
Mudvein Mudvayne It's Veins in mud, hahaha  Evan C.
Mudbrayns Mudvayne They seem like they have mud for brayns. hardrocker
The Sentaurs The Murmaids A different misspelled mythical part-human chimera Honey Mustard Plaster Of Paris Hilton
Radiohead Part II Muse A lot of people say their music is like Radiohead Nurul
Puke Muse They just make me wanna puke Zakery "The Weird Man" Wood
My Bloody Palpatine My Bloody Valentine Named after the Emperor of the Star Wars Epic. Nigel Shave Cream
My Bloody Vacation My Bloody Valentine They haven't had any new music since 1991. Mark Myward
My Chemical Steady Relationship  My Chemical Romance they need to have a steady romance James
My Chemical Showmance My Chemical Romance If the romance is on a reality TV show. Travis
My Chemical Explosion My Chemical Romance Something went wrong in the chemistry lab Track of all Jades
My Natural Romance My Chemical Romance Everyone likes natural better Natalie
My Comical Romance My Chemical Romance A complete 360 degree turn. Mr. Oblivious
I Like Drugs My Chemical Romance Now the "simple minded" will understand the name.. ShazzT
My Love of My Job As A Drug Salesperson My Chemical Romance Only people from the UK will understand the joke. Ed
My Chemical Imbalance My Chemical Romance Explains why they're so emo. Mr. Critic
Our Chemical Romance My Chemical Romance There is more than one member. Travis
My Chemical Bromance My Chemical Romance It's a group of guys. What is this saying? Travis
My Lean Farmer Mylene Farmer Same sound, different meaning Cheryl Jordan

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