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This is a list of replacement names for existing band names.

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Entries Beginning with C

New Name
Original Name
Submitted by:
Bonfire Cacumen Real example; they changed it in 1986 Ben Dover
Camille Losebush Camille Winbush The opposite. Just for fun. Joe
Camille W. In Bush Camille Winbush If we had a Space Change for band names... Amanda Svenson
Can DJ Candee Jay What I thought it was when I first heard it Iris Green
Candy Station Candi Staton what the name reminds me of/how I misread it Max E. Padd
Cancel Box Candlebox Whatever happened to them? Call Me What You Will
Cannibal Corps Cannibal Corpse Cannibals' own military branch? Francesca Burleson
The Major And Elevennille The Captain And Tennille Time for a promotion and upgrade Heidi Sharpe
Tennille Sans The Captain The Captain And Tennille Daryl Dragon and Toni Tennille got a divorce Isac
The Turtlenecks The Cardigans A different type of sweater! Joe
Carole Queen Carole King More appropriate, as this artist is female Naomi Volts
The New Cars The Cars Real example; two original Cars members formed it. Timmy O'Toole
Driven The Cars That's what OLD cars have been! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
The Clunkers The Cars For people that hate their old music! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
The Minivans The Cars Time for an upgrade, don'tcha think? Mitch
Yusuf Islam Cat Stevens Real example. It is his name as a Muslim. Alan the Ottoman
C.C. Peniston Cece Peniston Many people mistakenly assume this is the spelling Alex
Eat No Greens Cee Lo Green Guy is Big, more like a meat-n-potatoes type Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Sings Obscene Cee Lo Green For his "F*ck You" song fame Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Canuck Icon Celine Dion Pop icon was born in QuĂ©bec, in Canada Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Heavenly Goddess of Wine Celine Dion Celine=Heavenly & Dion=Dionysius(God of wine) Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Celtic Women Celtic Woman Should be plural, since it's a group, not 1 person Ed
Chabillionaire Chamillionaire If he sells enough music recordings, maybe. Cassandra
Chaminimumwage Chamillionare What if he was outsourced? tastes_like_chicken_32
The Losers The Champs Even with a Tequilla, you can't win 'em all! Larcen Tyler
Charli OCO Charli XCX XCX is for Kiss Charli Kiss, Os would be for hugs Robert D. Arndt Jr.
The Jack Daniels Band The Charlie Daniels Band Charlie does drink a lot of whiskey. Joe
Charlotte Lurch Charlotte Church Left original fans in lurch to become pop diva. The Quirkfetch Kid
Scarlet Church Charlotte Church A fallen angel, whose sins are as scarlet. Angie O'Plasty
Cheap Boys Cheap Girls It's a group of males, not females. Phil
Expensive Trick Cheap Trick Their CD I bought was not cheap at all. Travis
Cheese Monkeys From Dwarf Planet One Cheese Monkeys From Planet Nine Pluto used to be Planet Nine. Gretchen Wieners
Cheeky Girls Cheetah Girls British slang for boldly disrespectful or naughty Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Chemical Imbalance Chemical Brothers The new name sounds more like a disease. electric
Cherrejle Cherrelle Her name's appearance on her 'Greatest Hits' album Mr. X
Mary Poppins' Daddy Cherry Poppin' Daddies What the name suddenly reminded me of! Jessica Childress
Cheryl Coca-Colaa Riley Cheryl Pepsii Riley A different soda with its end letter doubled Bob
Chevette Chevelle Just replace the l's with t's: another crap car. Derrick Doll
Malibu Chevelle A more upscale version of the classic muscle car Jay
Yugo Chevelle Two awful cars deservedly killed off. Oprah Taylor
Children Of Konibodom Children Of Bodom Konibodom is a city in Tajikstan. Adrienne Schnell
Grown Men Of Bodom Children Of Bodom Have you seen them? They are far from children. Travis
Children Of Boredom Children Of Bodom What I usually think of on reading actual name Norman Cornelius
Strawberry Sand Dollar Chocolate Starfish Still another flavor and echinoderm Lucy Crosland
Vanilla Starfish Chocolate Starfish A different flavor Cotton Lorraine
Chocolate Moonfish Chocolate Starfish A different heavenly body Howard U. Duing
Vanilla Sea Cucumber Chocolate Starfish A different flavor and different echinoderm Lucy Crosland
Chris Black 'n' Blue Chris Brown His constant feuding with everybody. Reggie Pillbox
Chris Brawls Chris Brown Several run-ins with police over rage fights Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Chris Speeding Chris Spedding Makes sense due to his song 'Motorbiking' Angela
Chris Alan Young (his full name) Chris Young To differentiate him from the baseball guys. Cassandra
Christian Beth Christian Death Now it could be named for a real person Thessaly Danes
Christian Seth Christian Death Now it could be named for a real person Thessaly Danes
Christina Shaguilera Christina Aguilera If her hair ever shags dani
Christina Gaguilera Christina Aguilera I like her, but I still like making fun of her name danielle
Christina Haguilera Christina Aguilera Someday when she's an old lady, this might apply. Brandy
Christina Uguilera Christina Aguilera For people who think she is ugly/looks like a rat! JOKO
Christine And The Imaginary Queens Christine And The Queens She's a soloist, with no accompanists. Lisa Rose
Wunhitwunda Chumbawamba They were best known for one song, "Tubthumping" Susie Creamcheese
Chewbaccawumba Chumbawamba Maybe they could score the next Star Wars flick? Greg G.
City Men City Boy It's a band/was formed when all members were adult Captain Obvious
104 CIV Translated from Roman numerals to Arabic numerals. Ted
Club Passe Club Nouveau You can only be 'nouveau' (new) temporarily. Whatever you want to call me
Clyde McSkinnier Clyde McPhatter He should be getting skinnier, not fatter… crazydon
Gulf War Kids Cold War Kids A later war Rock Maninoff
Lukewarmplay Coldplay Stuck in the microwave for 10 seconds Macaroni Man
Malibu Starr Colette Carr Where she was born and originates from Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Collective Mold Collective Soul Their old CD's are collecting mold. Mr. X
Color Us Badd Color Me Badd It was a band, so they shoulda used plural pronoun Mac
Color Me Goodd Color Me Badd The opposite, with a double-D on the end. Logan
The Commas The Comas If there were "Add a letter" for band names....... Kirsten Abercrombie
The Commode Doors The Commodores Once saw a joke about a "Commode Door Computer" Tori Spelling Bee
Commie Nerds Communards A matter of phonetics A Person Who Does Not Wish To State Their Name
Abstract Brunette Concrete Blonde Variation of a previous submission Joe
Abstract Blonde Concrete Blonde Abstract is opposite of one meaning of concrete Lucinda Blair
Asphalt Blond Concrete Blonde Blond hair would show better against asphalt. Ashley Michelle McGowan
Concrete Brunette Concrete Blonde Brunettes deserve as much a chance as blondes do! Larcen Tyler
Concrete Redhead Concrete Blonde Red hair would show better on one made of concrete Ashley Michelle McGowan
Coverage Converge How I first misread the name. Rhonda Hindle
Diverge Converge The opposite Joe
Corvairs Corsairs If this site had "Change a letter" for band names Bob
Comic Girls Cosmic Girls If there were "Remove a letter" for band names... Valerie Cameron
Count The Sheep Count The Stars What I want to do instead of hear their music. Mr. Nobody
Counting Change Counting Crows Let's hope they have enough coins to last until their next album. newschool
Courtney Love To Hate Courtney Love Many people just can't stand her. I.P. Frehley
The Council The Cowsills How I misheard radio announcers 1st several times Ashley Michelle McGowan
Sane Town Crazy Town Sane is the opposite of crazy. Rock Maninoff
Greed Creed Given the quality of their music, they should not be charging anyone more than 5$ to buy their CDs or attend their concerts. Jim Bean
Crud Creed For people who can't stand this band. Charlie Beans
Plus Sign Crooked X If an X is crooked, it might as well look like + Larry
Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young Crosby, Stills, and Nash Real example; applied when Neil Young was a member John
Crosby Steals the Nash Crosby, Stills, and Nash What I THOUGHT their name was. How embarrassing! Isac
The Diffi-Cult The Cult A lot of their songs are hard to understand. Joe
The Sect The Cult Sects are somewhat similar to cults. GlamRockNinjaLord
The Cause The Cure It is saying that you really can't cure anything. Amanda
The Remedy The Cure They mean about the same thing. Brit Boxx
We Aren't Cute Cute Is What We Aim For It's shorter and they aren't. Travis
Cool Is What We Are Cute Is What We Aim For If they can't be cute, at least they can be cool. Archie C.
Symbols Eat Guitars Cymbals Eat Guitars Same sound, different meaning; still nonsensical! Bethany Byrd

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