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This is a list of replacement names for existing band names.

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Entries Beginning with D

New Name
Original Name
Submitted by:
D6 (Dirty Half-Dozen) D12 There were six people in this band, not twelve. Cassandra
Daft Synthpop Daft Punk Their music is synthpop, not punk. DJ Blaze
Damn Confederates Damn Yankees Who really lost the Civil War? RevengeFromMars YouTube
Darn Mets Damn Yankees Polite form, with other MLB team from New York. Norm
Personal Sweat Chamber Dance Dance Revolution That's what it's like after playing extensively. DJ Blaze
Danny & The Seniors Danny & The Juniors The surviving members became senior citizens. Mac
The Seniors Minus Danny Danny & The Juniors The surviving members lived into their elderly yrs Ed
Danny & The Alumni Danny & The Juniors Surviving members must be well past their jr yrs Billy Reuben
Darling Love Darlene Love Makes her sound really really sweet! Lori Sifferan
Darlene Like Darlene Love LIKE is a milder emotion than LOVE Jennifer Like Hewitt
Darlene Hate Darlene Love The opposite of the original name! Isac
Hideous Roots Darling Buds Antonym + another part of plants. Opie M.
The Nissans The Datsuns Nissan took over the Datsun corporation in the 80s Miss Elanius
The Delane Matthews Band The Dave Matthews Band You know that hot blonde chick that played Dave Barry's wife on the series "Dave's World"? We gotta find her a new gig. I'd pay money to see her. oldsound
The Two Davids David & David Means the same thing & they were both named David. Calvin Amari
David Winchester David Bowie Use a rifle David, not a wimpy knife. Ralph
David Lee Roth IRA David Lee Roth He would be eligible for a Roth IRA given his age. Rocky Balboa Constrictor
Nightbreak Daybreak The opposite of daybreak? Lefty Lucy
Nights Of The Old Days Of The New They need the changin'. Red Ruffcorn
DC Silence DC Talk They haven't done anything in awhile. Odie Garfield
De La Alma (or Del Alma) De La Soul This way the name is consistently in Spanish. Cassandra
Dead Can't Dance Dead Can Dance The dead can't move themselves at all! Cassandra
Dead Kennys Dead Kennedys 'Oh My God, They Killed Kenny!' hamburger456
The Dead Rock Stars The Dead Pop Stars They play rock music, not pop music. Frieda Evans
Dad Sara Dead Sara One with a confused identity, but at least alive Olga Ruiz
Deadmaus Deadmau5 Just use the proper letters, for cryin out loud! Goofball
Dearth Death If there were "Add a letter" for band names....... Natalie Starboardman
Life Term For Guilty Death Cab For Cutie Let's be real! Fig Newton
E-E Flat Dee Dee Sharp D-sharp is the same as E-flat. Quyjibo
Def Cheetah Def Leppard Cheetah is much faster. Travis
Dan Weber Def Leppard What I misheard the band's name as Isac
Extinkt Leppard Def Leppard Leopards are on the endangered species. And these band members are also dropping like flies. rocky
Myute Tygar Def Leppard One more big cat with an ailment, misspelled Jay
Blynd Lyonn Def Leppard A different ailment and wild cat both misspelled. Glenn
Deaf Leopard Def Leppard Funny, albeit correct spelling Seymore
De Los Fuegos The Del Fuegos Makes the name grammatically better. Cassandra
Dizzy Arnaz Desi Arnaz His wittiness as an actor on 'I Love Lucy' Ed
Beyonce's Band Destiny's Child It is better b/c Beyonce is always the lead singer and she THINKS she is the best singer in the group and she isnt.I think that Michelle or Kelly should have the lead vocals from now on:)! Jilly
Density's Child Destiny's Child Density is an anagram of destiny. xyz
De-nastyest Child Destiny's Child Because the trio almost always dresses provocatively.  oppenheim
Nerd Herd Devo How they looked with the funny hats & turtlenecks Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Revo Devo Short for Revolution instead of De-Evolution Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Dexy's Midnight Sleepwalkers Dexy's Midnight Runners Running at midnight? Not so much as sleepwalking Cassandra
Diarrhea Dreams Diary Of Dreams What the name almost sounds like, when said fast Ruby Spinel
Leave A Tribe Its Natural Color Diatribe Much better way to treat a tribe Kirsten Abercrombie
The Dullards The Dillards If we had Change A Letter for bands, this'd work. Rachel
The Darlings The Dillards Their role as hillbilly band on Andy Griffith Show Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Son Of The Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Jr. Sounds better, plus it's more specific. Rachel
Dire Streets Dire Straits How I misheard the name at first. Scott
Dishwasher Dishwalla That's what their name makes me think of. nally
Not So Mentally Stable Disturbed Because it seems more descriptive Maggot army
The Chicks The Dixie Chicks A real example. They changed it in 2020 Sarah D.
MDX DMX This way his name is a proper roman numeral: 1510 Random Madeupperson
Pound Sterling Dollar This band was British, not American. baa
Don Badlose Don Goodwin Reversing each component of last name Margaret (less massive than my name backwards)
The Windows The Doors Both are openings in walls. someguynamedbob
Single (pronounced sing-'Glay) Double They only had one big hit, "Captain of Her Heart" Jim
The Pigeonells The Dovells Pigeon / Dove changes occur in certain bird names. Ruby Spinel
Up Down The opposite! Cassandra
Upthere Downhere The opposites of the respective words! Harlow Goobley
Dr. Mumbai Dr. Bombay Mumbai is now the preferred name for Bombay (city) Hilary Nevis
DragonBoost DragonForce A reference to the cartoon Dragon Booster Archie C.
Nightmare Dream If their music were to turn unpleasant Mac
Bad Dream Dream Once you hear them sing, you'll think you're having a nightmare. J.C.
Dead Pool  Drowning Pool "The Dead Pool" would be a better movie to name this "band" than "The Drowning Pool". But Clint Eastwood and Paul Newman rate equally on the cool scale. Jimmy
Hollow Point Girls Dum Dum Girls Different type of bullets. Sheila Oh
Dunkin' Sheik Duncan Sheik Same sound, different meaning Britney Spears into pruning hooks
Dunk 'N' Shake Duncan Sheik Similar sound, different meaning Britney Spears into pruning hooks
Durian Durian Duran Duran It would be a New Wave group from Southeast Asia Muhammad Firza
The Dynamite Superiors The Dynamic Superiors That's how I misread their name at first! Scarlett Lopez

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