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This is a list of replacement names for existing band names.

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Entries Beginning with O

New Name
Original Name
Submitted by:
O-Village Idiot O-Town A village is a smaller town. Cel-Chan
Zero-Talent O-Town If the title if the show was "Making the Band", I wonder how many of the producers they had to make when making the band. t.v.
Oaktown's .44 Magnum Oaktown's 357 A higher caliber of music! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Mirage Oasis What an oasis often turns out to be Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Desert Oasis Where an oasis is found. Kyle
The Evens The Odds Even is the opposite of odd. Cassandra
Ama Coates Odia Coates Ama = Spanish for "She loves";Odia for "She hates" Lisa Rose
The Onfall The Offspring Opposite preposition and season Julia Cox
The Fathers The Offspring They're old enough to have kids! DJ Blaze
The Off Switch The Offspring You'll spring for the "off" switch. David
Oingo Bingo Oingo Boingo If we had 'Remove Letter' for bands, this'd work. Skippy
Please Stay OK Go You don't sit there and let your wife walk away. Travis
OK Stop OK Go After a while, their singing becomes unbearable Dan
Fibula Newton-John Olivia Newton-John Let's get physical, as she says in a song of hers! Mickey D.
Olivia Neutron-Bomb Olivia Newton-John Because of the way she sounds. S.T.G.
Fake Affection One Direction Towards their young girl fanbase Robert D. Arndt Jr.
No Direction One Direction Without Zayn, the band is going nowhere. Opie M.
One Way One Direction Means pretty much the same thing. Cassandra
Girl Connection One Direction Latest cute boy band craze that drives girls crazy Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Girl Submission One Direction  What they cause! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
2,000 Pounds One Ton Two thousand pounds equals one ton. Miss Elanius
Operation I.V. Operation Ivy I can't help but think it sounds medical related. Jackie
Orange 'Juice' Jones Oran 'Juice' Jones Many people probably think it 'completes' his name Cassandra
Pineapple Juice Jones Oran Juice Jones Pineapple juice tastes good, and is good for you Isac
Prune Juice Jones Oran Juice Jones Because he's gotten older since his last single. Donno
Grapefruit Juice Jones Oran Juice Jones Grapefruit juice tastes good, and is good for you Isac
Cranberry Juice Jones Oran Juice Jones Cranberry juice tastes good and is good for you Isac
Moving in the Dark Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark It's shorter, and easier to spell/remember. Air McMahon
Original Dixieland Jazz Band Original Dixieland Jass Band A real example; name respelled in their early yrs. Bob
The Onion Experience The Orion Experience What I misread the name as at first. Blake Dreary
We 3 (or We Three) Oui 3 Most people would think that's the proper spelling Max
The Infield The Outfield The other part of a baseball field. Cassandra
Over The Rhône Over The Rhine Now refers to a different European river Priscilla Gadsden
Panda Country Owl City Will produce similar music. Dongquan
Ozark Mountain Dared Evils Ozark Mountain Daredevils If there were a "Space Change" for band names... Corinne Auterlehr
Appalachian Mountain Dare Angels Ozark Mountain Daredevils Complete opposites  Rock Maninoff
Aussie Osbourne Ozzy Osbourne If he were from Down Under- the REAL Oz! Robert D. Arndt Jr.

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