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This is a list of replacement names for existing band names.

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Entries Beginning with E

New Name
Original Name
Submitted by:
Cherry Pit Eagle Eagle Eye Cherry Opposite incongruous mix of cherry and eagle Lucy Crosland
Eagles of Alt Rock Eagles of Death Metal Since the band is more alt rock than death metal Archie C.
Jupiter Opera Earth Opera Equal time for the other planets! Marjorie Danvers
Mars Opera Earth Opera Equal time for the other planets! Marjorie Danvers
Venus Opera Earth Opera Equal time for the other planets! Marjorie Danvers
Mercury Opera Earth Opera Equal time for the other planets! Marjorie Danvers
Elementals Earth, Wind, & Fire EWF represent 3 of the 4 astrology elements Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Weston Corbin Easton Corbin West is the opposite of east. Sarah
The Easybleats The Easybeats A band of sheep? Heidi Claire
The Easybeaks The Easybeats If they were birdwatchers then the name would fit. Rich
Echoear Echobelly Ear is more of a place for something to echo. Dinah Bartilson
Narcissusbelly Echobelly Echo and Narcissus were characters in a Greek myth Dinah Bartilson
Eddie and Friends from Virginia Eddie from Ohio It's a band, not a soloist; they all hail from VA Cassandra
Eddy Can't Eddy Grant Can't record a new hit? Larcen Tyler
Edgar Summer Group Edgar Winter Group In the summertime they might wanna warm up. baa
Edgar Renteria Group Edgar Winter Group If the 2010 World Series MVP took over the band... Baseball Fan
Edie Brickell and the Old Bohemians Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians They are not new anymore. Herr Chang
Edith Pilaf Edith Piaf I used to read her name this way, like rice pilaf. Mr. Bump
Edward Flatte And The Magnetic Tens Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros  Opposite of sharp with 'e'; 10 member band  Lance Crackers
Awful 65 Eiffel 65 Their song, "Blue Da be dee" was kind of annoying. Oliver South
Electric Light Dorkestra Electric Light Orchestra It was on the show "Modern Family". Odie Garfield
Electric Dark Orchestra Electric Light Orchestra When they decide to turn 'em off and retire? Stu L. Pigeon
Shock 'Til You Drop Electric Prunes What electric prunes might do to you... Tiffany Carriker
LMNOP Elemeno P The actual string of consecutive letters,of course Evan Shortoria
L, a Minnow Pee ElemenoP How I heard that part of the alphabet as a child:) Natalie Stonecipher
Dean Baldry Elton John It takes the surnames of Elton's bandmates Alan the Ottoman
Elvis Parsley Elvis Presley I'm sure we've all heard the joke about his name. Ed
Elvis Portly Elvis Presley He was pretty fat near the end Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Skitl Eminem Another singular round candy name misspelt. jonny
Enemone Eminem Based on the Anemone scene from Finding Nemo Archie C.
I Wish I Was Black Eminem Self-explainatory. DarkJon64
Reesiz Pieciz Eminem Another misspelled small candy. Bill
Enemy Eminem He's getting to be one for many people Bye-Gon Jinx
Enema Eminem He needs one to get the crap out his mouth. Bill
Eminenima Eminem The effect his music has on some people. Greg G.
Mr. Badbar Eminem The opposite of Mr. Goodbar, another candy. Erin Gobraugh
Kit Kat Eminem One candy name deserves another. Rachel
En Passe En Vogue These divas are no longer nouveau. Jim
Engelbert Dumpertruck Engelbert Humperdinck For people that don't care for his music at all Robert D. Arndt Jr.
The Beat English Beat Real example in reverse; how they're known locally Fred
NV On The Coast Envy On The Coast NV (=Nevada) after California sinks into ocean? R. Jeanine O'Succinate
Earn A Stash Worth Ernest Ashworth Sounds practically the same as his actual name! Angelica Monaghan
Escape Clause Escape Club They must've used one to exit the music scene. Larry
Escobar Eskobar If they'd been from a Spanish-speaking country Air McMahon
Sweden Europe They're all Swedes, not from anywhere else... GlamRockNinjaLord
Herbal Essence Evanescence Pay tribute to a shampoo! Neal
Effervescence Evanescence bubbling of gas in a chemical reaction thelastaurora
Eve 3 Eve 6 There were actually 3 people, not 6, in this band. Mac
Evelyn 'Champagne' Queen Evelyn 'Champagne' King The artist is female. Taylor Swift Kick In The Pants
Everything But The Kitchen Sink Everything Everything just looks so lonely. Let's add some words to it. Wsong
Everything But The Boy Everything But The Girl Opposite gender/a bit more fun Rob
The Exiles The Exies Made me think, "Exiles with the 'l' omitted". Rhonda Blankenship
Ex-Band Extreme Because they are no longer a band, not that they ever were one. rocknrock
Optometry & Vanity Eye & I Optometry: Medical study of eyes; I=vanity Richard Head

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