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This is a list of replacement names for existing band names.

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Entries Beginning with G

New Name
Original Name
Submitted by:
G.E.Z. G-Eazy How some people could mistranscribe his name Joe
Trash Garbage A synonym for garbage, obviously. Amanda
Gas 49ers Gas Giants Use San Francisco's other pro sports team (NFL) Joe
Gas Jets Gas Giants New York's other NFL team Jay
Gheg And Tosk Geggy Tah Gheg and Tosk are the two main dialects Albanian. Elsie Greer
Leviticus Genesis Their name could also be Exodus or Deuteronomy... Rachel
Genes Is Genesis If only there was a Space Change for band names Isac
Exodus Genesis They basically exited from the public eye. Tejayes
Mega Drive Genesis To be in line with what Sega did, mostly. Maryellen Larkin
Bill Bush George Clinton Opposite name-switch of the 1992 pres. candidates. Hugh Jim Bessile
George Crookid George Strait The opposite of straight (as in smooth) misspelt. Joe Kurr
George Bi George Strait IF he became a "Switch Hitter"! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
George Fades George Strait He's retiring after 3 decades Robert D. Arndt Jr.
George Thorobad George Thorogood He sang 'Bad to the Bone', of course! Nobody In Particular
Canadians Germans They're all from Canada. Belinda Trucklisle
Gerry and the Peacemakers Gerry and the Pacemakers I used to misread it this way, as in making peace. Cassandra
Gigolo Uncles Gigolo Aunts This group's members are all men, not women. Cassandra
Tequilaulager Ginuwine Puts U between different alcoholic beverages Kerianne Hopkins
Girlfriends Girlfriend It was a group, not an individual performer. Calop
Girls Allowed Girls Aloud Bet their name's been mistaken for this homonym. Lucy Crosland
Girls Veneration Girls Generation Might fit them even better Cheryl Jordan
Guys Under Glass Girls Under Glass They're all men, and keeps the alliterated title Lefty Lucy
Majestic Nine Girls' Generation Captivating 9 Korean hotties of imposing grandeur Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Sadstone Gladstone A different emotion for its name Nina
Gloria Estee Lauder Gloria Estefan She wears too much make-up. Georgy
Gnarls Manson Gnarls Barkley If they decided to be a death metal band instead RevengeFromMars YouTube
Caramello Anthony Gnarls Barkley Charles Barkley is so yesterday. Reggie Pillbox
Gnarls Boyer Gnarls Barkley If they went into acting Old Man Edgar Winter
Gnarls Gnelson Reilly Gnarls Barkley If they became gay... Lance Crackers
Go East Go West The opposite navigational direction! John
Gone South Go West Where their music went! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
The Stop-Stop's The Go-Go's for when they decide to retire as a band? Beth
The Gone-Gones The Go-Gos Where are they now? Jessica Alba '77
Joanna Goanna If there were "Change a letter" for band names... Valerie Cameron
God Loves Underwear God Lives Underwater I mistook it for that on first seeing it! Miranda Turner
Godstomp Godsmack God doesn't need to smack you. He can just stomp on you. oner
Godlove Godsmack You should never hit God, in any way shape or form Travis
Moonraker Goldfinger Yet another one-word titled James Bond film Brit Boxx
Thunderball Goldfinger Another one-word James Bond film Brit Boxx
Auric or Au Goldfinger Goldfinger's first name in Bond film, means gold Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Oldfinger Goldfinger They now have arthritic fingers. peoed
Voo Doo Dolls Goo Goo Dolls Then they'd have a scarier image. Sol D. Obblo
Blow Up Dolls Goo Goo Dolls They might sell more albums. tomario
Good Charles Good Charlotte Charlotte is a girls name, but this is a male band Joe
Bad Charlotte Good Charlotte There music isn't very good, and they dress sloppy Random Madeupperson
Bad New Peace Good Old War Changes all to opposite, but meaning is obscure. Natalie Merchant's Milpond
Good Cold War Good Old War Guess cold war is better than old or new hot war! Natalie Merchant's Milpond
Swan River Symphony Goose Creek Symphony Makes the first two parts bigger Emmy Kay Butanone
Humanz Gorillaz They're people, not gorillas. Chuma Pantzov
Godzillaz Gorillaz More impressive if named for a fictitious monster. Paula Bland
Chimpanzeez Gorillaz A different kind of primate pluraled with a 'Z'. Bob
Tortillaz Gorillaz An animated mariachi band would be cooler RevengeFromMars YouTube
Cartoonz Gorillaz That's what they are after all. All-Starr
The Paparazzi The Gossip Live in action! Dongquan
Grace Painter Grace Potter Another profession starting with P/ending with -er Coll Phillens
Grandpa-Ster Flash Grandmaster Flash It's a guy and he's old enough to be a grandfather Peggy Dish Rack
Grateful He's Dead Grateful Dead For people that hated Jerry Garcia Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Red Night Green Day Makes as much sense as green day Clara Suzette Bartilson
Green Cheese Green Day From what I can get from their videos, they don't bathe a lot. So, they smell like green cheese. rocknroll
Green Bay Green Day If they'd been from Wisconsin (which they weren't) Mike
Green Day Packers Green Day Football players are fans of Alternative Rock. Christie Marie M
Groove Amanda Groove Armada What I misread the name as at first. Sweet Anne
The Guess What The Guess Who So that they wouldn't get confused with The Who Joe
We Already Know The Guess Who They've been around long enough to be known well. Martha Hankins
The Gunk Club The Gun Club If there were "Add a Letter" for band names Diana Jasper
Guns 'n' Hosers Guns 'n' Roses If there were a Canadian GNR cover band... RevengeFromMars YouTube
Nuns 'n' Rosaries Guns 'n' Roses Their attitude re women and gays is VERY Catholic neptunevsmars
Stuns N' Grosses Guns N' Roses Can work either way if you like or dislike them Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Buns and Dough-nuts Guns N' Roses So they will appeal to police officers. tomario

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