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This is a list of replacement names for existing band names.

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Entries Beginning with H

New Name
Original Name
Submitted by:
Hideaway Haddaway Probably hiding from the music scene after 1 hit. Orville Beddenrocker
Wentaway Haddaway They sure did, after having only one big hit. Cassandra
Have-a-way Haddaway If they do a new album, this name makes sense. DJ Blaze
Wholeord Halford Variation of a previous submission on here. Quyjibo
Full Ord Halford Why settle for just half an ord? Dorothy Jansen
Corridor & Graines Hall & Oates Respective synonyms, with 'e' inserted in 2nd one Gigi
Holland Oats Hall And Oates A possible mishearing of the name Future Backer
Brickfall Hammerfall Dropping bricks is more common than hammers. DJ Blaze
Flavia Yugoslavia Hannah Montana Because people from the ex-Yu need a popstar too Flash Flood
Bucky Kentucky Hannah Montana This one was actually used in a "HM" episode. Chowder
Joy Illinois Hannah Montana Another rhyme-with-a-state name Diana Jasper
Helena Montana Hannah Montana The state capital of Montana paired with its state Jane Wayne
Fiona Arizona Hannah Montana Another girl's name rhyming with a state name! Rachel
Alexis Texas Hannah Montana Yet another girl's name rhyming with a state. Peggy Dishwasher
Hannah Louisiana Hannah Montana Yet another state that rhymes with Hannah Red Ruffcorn
Mary Lee Tennessee Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus was born in Tennessee. Random Madeupperson
Jane Maine Hannah Montana Another rhyme-with-a-state name Diana Jasper
Hannah Indiana Hannah Montana Another U.S. state that rhymes with Hannah! Bob
Handsome Hanson At least back in the day with the long blond hair Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Soft-Fi Hard-Fi They will play love songs and not so hard rock. Dongquan
Harvey Dagger Harvey Danger Would fit "Change a letter in a band name". Duncan Moore
Harvey Safety Harvey Danger Changes second word to opposite Duncan Moore
Harvey Danger Mouse Harvey Danger It's two animal characters in one. Harvey the invisible rabbit and the cartoon "Danger Mouse", which was on Nickelodeon for a long time. Bob
Harvey Wallbanger Harvey Danger A Harvey Wallbanger is a cocktail. Red Ruffcorn
Waste Haste As we all know, haste makes waste! Joe
Bad Taste Haste Reflects their music....and the way they dress Mac
Roadrunner Nelson Hawk Nelson A roadrunner is much faster. Travis
Hazy Fantasy Haysi Fantayzee Were these the words that they "respelled"? Jim Raveling
Hear'crap Hear'say Well, that's all that happens when you listen to them- you hear crap. The Real Slim Shadier
Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers The Heartbreakers Real example, to distinguish from Tom Petty's band Mr. Critic
Hell 9 Heaven 17 The opposite- Dante's Inferno of 9 levels of hell  Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Density Heavy D The guy was REALLY heavy! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Helen Blackky Helen Reddy The other color on the roulette wheel. Whateveruwannacallme
Helen, Ready? Helen Reddy We should know if Helen's ready or not Sutch
Helen Ill-Prepared Helen Reddy The opposite of ready, of course. Spraychel Spray
Hallelujah Hellyeah I actually misread it that way at first glance! Sheena Weston
Low Inergy High Inergy Linda Howard died of unknown causes Isac
The Who The High Numbers A real example, in The Who's early years. Rachel
Hilary Beer Hilary Duff Duff is a fict'l brand of beer from the Simpsons! Rachel
HER HIM If it were a band of females. Travis
Cavity Hole It sounds smart. Unlike Courtney Love.  Valkyrie
Crevice Hole A synonym for hole Lance Crackers
The Brits The Hoosiers They're from England, not Indiana. Indy Gent
The Owls The Hooters Owls are birds that hoot. Jimmy Krakorian
Hot Action Cup Hot Action Cop What I first thought the name was Chris Chendo
Hot Shell Ray Hot Chelle Rae Homophone words in the name Brionna Secret
Cold Cold Coldness Hot Hot Heat The opposite extreme Captain Obvious
Cold Cold Freeze Hot Hot Heat Total opposites Paul Bear
Howlin' Magpie Howlin' Maggie A Change-a-Letter for band names. Gail McFarland
Bowling Balls Howling Bells Changing 2 letters gives a much more common item. Ed
Crockas*** Huckapoo For pure comedic effect Patrick
The Huge Corporation The Hues Corporation When title is heard, it can easily sound like this Ramona Troutman
The Colors Corporation The Hues Corporation "Hue" is a synonym for "color". Reggie Pillbox
The Hughes Corporation The Hues Corporation I used to think it was spelled this way. Joe Siebert
Willard Scott And The Weather Huey Lewis And The News After the former weatherman of The Today Show. Paul Bear
Jerry Lewis and The Snooze Huey Lewis and The News Huey Lewis now sings more like Jerry. And The News still puts me to sleep. hyben
Sing Hum They sing, not hum. Freddie Slacker
Hummin' Radio Human Radio A radio can hum, but that won't make it human Sylvia Curruca
Doodoo Project Human Waste Project What I learned to call "HW" in my happy childhood Stephanie Craddock
The Plush Sound The Hush Sound Makes more sense, since "hush" negates "sound" Meredith Harshaw
Hyena Hyuna What it always reminds me of! Julia Cox

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