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This is a list of replacement names for existing band names.

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Entries Beginning with P

New Name
Original Name
Submitted by:
P.E.A.S. P.O.D. Every pod needs peas! Ben Dover
Dove Fe Paloma Faith Reverses which parts are in English & Spanish. Angelina Laide
No People At The Disco Panic At The Disco I don't think discos are popular anymore. Rocky
Picnic At The Disco Panic At The Disco Rather have a picnic than a panic! Camilla Talking Bird
Someone Barfed on the Dancefloor Panic At The Disco This name addresses the "panic" more specifically. Tigger
Panacea At The Disco Panic At The Disco I've heard "panacea" used (mistakenly) for panic. Regina Hanige
Pandemonium At The Disco Panic At The Disco Panic and pandemonium seem to be related. Nicole Parsons
Party! at the Disco Panic! at the Disco The first thing you'd do at a disco is to party! Archie C.
Kill the Roach Papa Roach Roaches are gross... Usgai
Mama Termite Papa Roach An opposite with another destructive bug. Rock Maninoff
Popped Up Toast Papa Roach Well, many people hate roaches, but who can say no to fresh toast? S.T.G.
Papa Cockroach Papa Roach Cockroach formally distinguishes insect from fish. Kirsten Abercrombie
The Rock Paper Scissors The Paper Scissors Now the name sounds complete. Steve
Para no-more Paramore What would happen if the band broke up. Rachel
Power Mower Paramore Implied by a joke definition of "paramore" I read. Bridal Shower Curtain Call Waiting Room
Paraless Paramore If Hayley ever leaves, there would be less of them Sheila Oh
Nearest Motel 6 Paris Hilton What her real name should be based on character Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Lunge Gripp Parry Gripp Grip for another fencing move. Anita Corning
Duck Banton Pato Banton Pato (PAH-toh) is the Spanish word for Duck. Dennis Jimenez
Patti LaSmelle Patti LaBelle When I was working at a recreation center in Indianapolis, someone played "New Attitude" over the intercom. A black co-worker gave his critique retorting, "Eeewww, it's Patti LaSmelle!" Some Person
Patti's Myth Patti Smith Sounds almost the same! Adrienne Ramseur
Paula Cockus Paul Lekakis What I thought the name was on first hearing it Renee Sutton
Wingless Paul McCartney His band Wings is defunct Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Bald Oakenchoke Paul Oakenfold Because he's lost his live touch allah
Paul Revere & The Rams Paul Revere & The Raiders The other NFL team that used to be in Los Angeles! Smelma Pitz
Simple Simon Paul Simon sounds OK, but his music ain't so simple! Mr. Robinson
Rock and Hyde The Payolas A real example in 1987-88; the core members' names George
Nectarines And Spice Peaches And Herb Slight variant on each component Helena Hoover
Preachers And Herb Peaches And Herb A funny twist on "preachers' vs. "peaches" Helena Hoover
Pro Gel Pearl Jam It seems that the band is more involved in looking good than playing good music. newave
Pearl Clam Pearl Jam Not just oysters can make pearls Jay
Paper Jam Pearl Jam A common problem in printers K.N. Pepper
Girl Jam Pearl Jam If there's ever an all-female Pearl Jam cover band RevengeFromMars YouTube
Wintergreen Snowbow Peppermint Rainbow Different flavor and rain replaced by snow Jill Conrad
Per Getsold Per Gessle Maybe this is what happened to his brain. Amanda
Fred Spotto Perez Prado A '50s bandleader I thought was named Fred Spotto Opie M.
Fragrance Perfume Means almost the same thing. Lefty Lucy
Pet Shop Men Pet Shop Boys They've long grown up now! Larcen Tyler
Peter Gaben Peter Gabriel Also called Lord Peter Gaben or Peter Gabe Muhammad Firza
Peter And The Wolf Peter Wolf Insertion of "and the" gives a children's story! Cassandra
Fathom Planet Phantom Planet A potential confusion of words (malapropism) Natasha Bly
Cowmeat Marksteak Pigmeat Markham A different animal with its associated meat Quyjibo
Column Pillar Think about it...pillar, column, similar JeReMy
Piggie Pink She looks like a pink hog. Arnold Jackson 5
Stink Pink It fits the music better ja ne? Ann
Stink Floyd Pink Floyd People who hate the band would use this name. Die Dunkel Seite Des Mondes
Punk Floyd Pink Floyd Psychedelic + Punk = 1 Odd Rock'n'Roll Genre Crazee Diamond
Black Floyd Pink Floyd What guy wants to listen to a pink band? DJ Blaze
Red Flood Pink Floyd I think the band would be better with that name. hamburger456
Pink Droid Pink Floyd It'd be awesome if Roger Waters was a robot. :) The Deke
Pink Void Pink Floyd Describes seeing "The Wall: The Movie" British Bullcrap
Pink Ladies Pink Lady It was a duo, not an individual. Cassandra
Mink Lady Pink Lady If we had 'Change a Letter' for band names... Sweet Anne
Stink Lady Pink Lady For those who don't like their music Lefty Lucy
Picks Nose A lot Pixie Lott Makes for a funny band name Lisa Rose
Gazebo Placebo A word I used to confuse with "placebo" Lisa Rose
Plain Brown Teens Plain White Tees They sound crappy, so make a name that means crap Caleb
Plastic Oboe Band Plastic Ono Band Curious what plastic oboes would sound like! Kayla Stewart
The Plumbers Plumb Name would work better as plural noun than a verb. Orville Beddenrocker
Plumbing Plumb What the name makes me think of. Evan Shortoria
Plumb The Depths Plumb A Christian artist named Plumb? The Devil made them do it. Christine
+1 Plus One Another way to write 'plus one' Susan
AM Dusk PM Dawn An opposite incongruity. Cassandra
Piece of S*** (P.O.S.) Point of Contact (P.O.C.) The original is the band's name, but the funny part is the new band name is their production company name. So what they produce is **** S.T.G.
Fermaldehyde Poison That's what CC Deville needs to be placed in.  FireWoman
The 5-0 The Police Rapper slang for cops (derived from Hawaii Five-0) Robert D. Arndt Jr.
The Beat Down The Police If they were Los Angeles-based rappers Robert D. Arndt Jr.
The Criminals The Police Based on how they dressed in their heyday That Guy Over There
Pop Will Eat Its Elf Pop Will Eat Itself Wish there were a Space Change page for band names Sheila Koffel
Papaveraceae The Poppy Family The scientific name of the botanical poppy family Liberty Anderson
Pre Malone Post Malone The complete opposite Steve
The Hillbilly Way PovertyNeck Hillbillies A real example; they changed their name in 2012. Quyjibo
The Dictators Of Cuba The Presidents Of The United States Of America Presidency: 1776. Dictatorship? Now you're talking JC Foster
The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Prince Was a real example from 1994-99 Gene
Protocol Harem Procol Harum What I've heard the band called! Cassandra Lund
Protocol Harum Procol Harum Gives the name a more modern sound, I guess. Alex
The AOLs The Prodigy They're both the same thing, slow domains with broken connections. Clint
Sly Psy Successfully ducked criticism over Anti-US song Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Psychedelic Furze Psychedelic Furs Another way around controversial fur reference Monica Harpootlian
Psychedelic Faux Furs Psychedelic Furs Trying to avoid the wrath of PETA Nicole Parsons
Public Nuisance Public Enemy They make nuisances of themselves in public. rap city
Private Friend Public Enemy Change both words to their respective opposites. Andrew
Puddle Of Watter Puddle Of Mudd Water is usu. cleaner; doubles the key consonant Cuckoo, Friend, and Ali
Awesome Pirates Pussy Pirates This way it isn't sexual or offensive. Travis
Flight in Progress Pussy Riot 2 members flee Russia charged for hooliganism Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Pretty Quiet Pussy Riot After their arrest for an Anti-Putin song  Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Purrfect Pussycat Dolls They impart feline happiness! Robert D. Arndt Jr.

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