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This is a list of replacement names for existing band names.

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Entries Beginning with A

New Name
Original Name
Submitted by:
A*Dults A*Teens They're likely adults now Archie C.
A*Holes A*Teens Basicly, that's what they are. Stockton
Barefoot Boy Aaron Carter Look at the cover of his first album and pictures I've seen in magazines. In my opinion, I think the new name is perfect for him! I would love to tickle his barefeet. Angie
FABB ABBA A pronounceable acronym for the 'Frida' reference Dyan Cannonball
ABBF (or FBBA) ABBA since Anni-Frid was more known as Frida Roger
Father ABBA From the Biblical Aramaic word Robert D. Arndt Jr.
AC Daisies AC/DC A name suggested for our Junior Achievement Co. Opie M.
AD/BC AC/DC They've set the history of rock back to Rome! Alan the Ottoman
Ack-Dick AC/DC For those who pronounce AC and DC as indiv. words Evan Shortoria
Acey Deusy AC/DC they'd play this game while onboard a jet Nameless?
Reject Accept What their labels probably did after seeing how bad record sales were going Mac
Propanone Acetone Propanone = more formal chemical name of acetone Jill Conrad
Acoustic Cindy Kate Acoustic Syndicate If lead singer's name were Cindy Kate Ava Rice
Eve And The Termites Adam And The Ants Termite swarms are more ominous than ant swarms. Regina
Piss-Ant Adam Ant For people that don't like his music. The Unnamed One
Adam Aphid Adam Ant Another type of insect beginning with 'A'. Orel Hershyster
Adamant Adam Ant Putting the two names together makes one word! Jonathan Forhere
Steve Spider Adam Ant Alliterative; not insect but still a creepycrawler Random Madeupperson
Army Ant Adam Ant When he went through that angry phase Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Damien Damselfly Adam Ant Still another alliterative name with an insect Penelope Beckinsale
Adam Arachnid Adam Ant Please note that spiders are arachnids, not insect Lance Crackers
Standing Pat Adam Ant A two-word synonym for the word 'adamant.' Bob
Herbie Hornet Adam Ant Still another alliterative insect name Duncan Moore
Mel Moth Adam Ant Still another alliterative insect name Duncan Moore
Terrence Termite Adam Ant Still another alliterative insect name Duncan Moore
Larry Locust Adam Ant Also an alliteration with a man's name and insect. Smelma Pitz
Wally Wasp Adam Ant Still another alliterative insect name Duncan Moore
Billy Bee Adam Ant Another alliteration with an insect as the surname John
Gregory Grasshopper Adam Ant Still another alliterative insect name Duncan Moore
Ate Well Adele Would explain her weight Robert D. Arndt Jr.
A Doll Adele She's become quite popular in recent years. Joe
Adored Adele For all the awards she's won! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Adelita, Sway Adelitas Way Would be nice if there were space change for bands Melissa Officinalis
Odd Elitist Way Adelitas Way It makes for a good pun and sardonic band name. Kimberly Townsend
Admirable Twin Admiral Twin I used to get the two words confused. Kimberly Townsend
Bullitsmith Aerosmith It's time for these old rockers to get with the time. We now use bullets, not arrows. They still won't be able to spell, though. Rocky
Heir Supply Air Supply Same sound, different meaning Foley Cassid
The Grounded Poisonous Event The Airborne Toxic Event Complete opposites Lefty Wright
Alotta Miles Alannah Myles This name is based on a silly pun.  Scott McPhee
Alannah Kylos Alannah Myles Her "metric system" name, with 'y' instead of 'i'. Ed
Alice In Shackles Alice In Chains Chains won't hold someone very well. Travis
Allison Chains Alice In Chains What I first thought the name was Joe
Alice In Bars Alice In Chains Chains are too barbaric. Bars are more fun. Brittney Bland
Asinine Trio Alkaline Trio For anyone who doesn't like the band RevengeFromMars YouTube
Ammonia, Lye, And Baking Soda Alkaline Trio Three things that are all alkaline Bridal Shower Curtain Call Waiting Room
Al Kaline Trio Alkaline Trio Insert a space; you get an oldtime baseball player Cassandra
All About Her All About She The objective, not subjective, should be used here Cassandra
All Those Remains All That Remains If the word 'remains' was a noun in this case Rachel
Almond Brothers Band Allman Brothers Band I actually used to think this was their name ;D 2funny
The Allwoman Sisters Band The Allman Brothers Band If they were females instead of males Ed
The Part Man, Part Woman, Brothers & Sisters Band The Allman Brothers Band If it expanded to include both sexes Jessica Bielzebub
Omegaville Alphaville The other end of the Greek alphabet plus '-ville' Mac
78violet Aly and AJ Was a real example from 2009-2015. Not sure why. Gus
Copal Amber Copal = tree gum resin that can harden into Amber. Corinne Auterlehr
Mount Doom Amon Amarth This is the direct English translation. G
Amy Fadeout Amy Winehouse Her death... Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Amy Beerhouse Amy Winehouse A different alcoholic beverage! Random Madeupperson
Amy Knockedout Amy Winehouse Self-explanatory Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Amy Passedout Amy Winehouse Self-explanatory Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Amy Druggedout Amy Winehouse Self-explanatory Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Amber Lynn Anberlin What I thought name was on first several hearings. Henrietta Caroleen Ellenboro
Andrea False Disconnection Andrea True Connection She had one hit in the 70s, and never heard again. Richard Head
Angels' Pit Angelspit Alternate (unintended?) take on name's meaning Donna Gelpigi
Angel Spit Angelspit Clarifies meaning, unless angels' pit was intended Donna Gelpigi
Angry Someones Angry Samoans How the name could be misread Bob
Ani Motion Animotion Ani = a thick-billed black bird in cuckoo family Mercedes Morgan
Anita Nother Hit Anita Ward Would somebody please "Ring My Bell"? Bob
The Arcade Shire The Arcade Fire The Arcade Fire with 12th century instruments MacMillan
Pinchers Of Loaf Archers Of Loaf So surprised this wasn't posted already! Candace Troy Powers
The Arches The Archies If there was a Remove Letters for band names. Odie Garfield
The Archives The Archies If only there was Add a Letter for band names... Isac
South African Monkeys Arctic Monkeys This is where monkeys really do live Travis
Tropical Walruses Arctic Monkeys Animals out of their range in opposite direction Caroline Vale
Arctic Donkeys Arctic Monkeys More likely than monkeys to reach Arctic regions. Ashley Bryant
Ariana Pequena Ariana Grande She's not very tall (pequeña = 'short' in Spanish) Peejay
Armor For Sheep Armor For Sleep It is the way I read the band's name at first! Deirdre Collins
Archipelago Arpeggio I always used to confuse those two words. Margaret (less massive than my name backwards)
Departure Arrival Hardly arrived any sooner than departing the scene Brianna Holden
The Targets The Arrows What'd they be without targets to shoot them at? Mads.
Artful Noise Art Of Noise An alternative way to convey much the same idea Karen Smith
Britain Asia All the band members are British, not Asian! GlamRockNinjaLord
Awake At The Wheel Asleep At The Wheel No one should be sleepy while driving. Dude
Drunk At The Wheel Asleep At The Wheel It would fit the music better. Kristy
Fast Ponies Ass Ponys Corrects the spelling & uses a more sensible word. Big D
The Nintendos The Ataris Another major video game company pluraled. Phil McKracken
ATOC ATC To represent all the words, A Touch Of Class Jacob
Pacific Starr Atlantic Starr That other ocean by North America Reggie Pillbox
Arctic Starr Atlantic Starr There is a third ocean that borders North America. Teresa Christie
I'll Trade You Atreyu That's what it sounds like to me Evan C.
Betray You Atreyu At least that makes more sense, albeit sad. Logan
Autoslave Audioslave Slave to oneself? Some might qualify. Bridget Andrews
February Freezes Blue August Burns Red Can LITERALLY freeze all around in February! Rupert Heyburn
Austin Lounge Wizards Austin Lounge Lizards Wizards might make better music than lizards. Harriet Henderson
Avenged Fivefold Avenged Sevenfold They have 5 members, not 7. DJ Blaze
Alleged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold As already mentioned, it's not a group of 7. Andy
Avenue 500 Avenue D For those who think the D is a roman numeral. Joe
Advil Lavigne Avril Lavigne Her music gives me a headache Random Madeupperson
Arizona Yet Az Yet For those who assume 'AZ' is a postal code. Beth
Inca Printer Aztec Camera Don't leave out the Incas. Frosty The Cat
Aztec Painting Aztec Camera News Flash: Aztecs never had cameras. obscure
Mayan Recorder Aztec Camera Since there are Aztecs and Mayans, why not? Archie C.

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