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This is a list of replacement names for existing band names.

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Entries Beginning with F

New Name
Original Name
Submitted by:
f(x,y) f(x) To denote a two-variable function Fred
Fo(x)es f(x) Girls are gorgeous! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
g(x) f(x) Used often to denote a secondary function in math. Call Fill-Ins
F(ine Chi)X f(x) Has nothing to do with science but biology! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Back To Back Face To Face A different body part Rock Maninoff
Skepticism Valley Faith Hill Another transformation of a name into its opposite Lou Quilson
Doubt Depression And Pandering Faith Hope And Charity Opposites for the pessamist. Erin Gobraugh
Faith, Hope and Charity Faith Hope and Charity A comma would be helpful to indicate it's a trio. Cassandra
Faith No Less Faith No More Changing the last word to its opposite. Scott
Fall Down Boy Fall Out Boy I wish they'd drop off the music scene already. Mr. Critic
Get In Girl Fall Out Boy It's the exact opposite name... GlamRockNinjaLord
Drop Out Kids Fall Out Boy The members seem like drop outs. Gee
Vault Boy Fall Out Boy I thought they were named after the Fallout games Jay
All Shout Noise Fall Out Boy Better describes what they do in their music. Rufis
Fall Out Guys Fall Out Boy It's a group; they're too old to be boys. I.P. Frehley
Tall Shout Toys Fall Out Boys because shouting toys are better then falling boys Kaleaf
Gnillaf Falling In Reverse Now it is actually "Falling" in reverse! Bridal Shower Curtain Call Waiting Room
Rising Falling In Reverse Rising is reverse falling, plus it sounds cooler. G
ReFallingverse Falling In Reverse Another way to put "Falling" in "Reverse". Bridal Shower Curtain Call Waiting Room
Plain Fancy Changes it to the opposite Monica Harpootlian
Knuckleball Fastball Another pitch thrown by baseball pitchers JeReMy
Slider Fastball Another type of baseball pitch. Theodore
Changeup Fastball Another type of pitch thrown by baseball pitchers. nally
Slowball Fastball They haven't been too active lately. Skippy
Passed Ball Fastball A baseball term that rhymes w/ original band name. John
Curveball Fastball Another type of pitch thrown by baseball pitchers. nally
Fly Ball Fastball Another baseball term with the word "ball"! Random Madeupperson
Cheetah Faster Pussycat Cheetahs run faster than any other cat. Karen Smith
Misdemeanor Felony The lesser classification of crimes. Alex
Fugly Fergie I don't think she's attractive at all. Sheila Oh
Ferrante & Teacher Ferrante & Teicher How I first misread the name! Cassandra
Attained Ascension The Fifth Dimension When the Age of Aquarius arrives! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Sixth Harmony Fifth Harmony If they added a new member.... Dongquan
Gefilte (Fish) Filter It's about time they saluted the Jewish community. Hyman
Not-So-Fine Old Cannibals Fine Young Cannibals Some singers age well with a lot of time, but... Brendan Richards
Fine Young Cannonballs Fine Young Cannibals I used to confuse the two words when I was younger Random Madeupperson
Toe Twelve Finger Eleven Add another toe onto your feet. Dongquan
Fiona Pineapple Fiona Apple The new name sounds silly compared to orig. name Isac
Fiona Cherry Fiona Apple Cherries are also a stemmed fruit Jennifer Like Hewitt
Fiona Pear Fiona Apple Another stemmed fruit. Polly Darton
Fiona Microsoft Fiona Apple Because Microsoft is Apple's biggest rival! Larcen Tyler
Water Rise Firefall They're completely opposite. Baby Ga-Ga
Taco-Fart Firewind My sis says FW's name sounds like gas from tacos. Chandra
Delaware First State Delaware was the 1st state admitted to the U.S. Lindz
The Five Slobs The Five Blobs If we had change letter for bands, this'd work. Mac
The Five Empresses The Five Emprees This is what the name always reminds me of. Sylvia Curruca
Six Finger Kill Slap Five Finger Death Punch I think it delivers a more comedy side to the name J.J. Rock
Ten For Stealing Five For Fighting A bigger sentence. Why not? Leader of the Plaque
Fine For Fighting Five For Fighting There should be a fine for fighting. poppy
Five Iron Psycho Five Iron Frenzy "Psycho" was a better Alfred Hitchcock movie than "Frenzy". hitchcock
Five Stairsteps & Cubie Five Stairsteps Real example, when their younger brother joined. Charles
The Kixx The Fixx Their music still has some kicks to it. Name Not Given
The Broke The Fixx They haven't had a new release in awhile. They must be broke. Dr. Opinion
The Shaming Lips The Flaming Lips Whom (or why) are the lips now shaming? Ruby Gillespie
The Flamingo Lips The Flaming Lips If there were "Add A Letter" for band names...... Selena Stopmez
Fleetwood Sixty Special Fleetwood Mac Named after one of the most iconic Cadillac models Jay
Fleetwood PC Fleetwood Mac Named for a computer w/ different operating system Ruby Gillespie
Low Rider Flo Rida Sounds sorta like this in dialect, minus the F. Bob
Indi Ana Flo Rida Nameplay on another state, with girl's name second Barb Dwyer
Mary Land Flo Rida Would be female rapper from the state of Maryland Candy Welty
Louise E-anna Flo Rida Yet another state wordplay. Reggie Pillbox
Ida Ho Flo Rida Would be female rapper from the state of Idaho. Candy Welty
Al Aska Flo Rida It's a male, so this state would suit him better. Da Doo Ron Ron Howard
Della Ware Flo Rida Another state play; an extra "L" is inserted. Reggie Pillbox
Indy Anna Flo Rida The girl's name is 2nd instead of 1st. Indy Gent
Minnie Sota Flo Rida Another stateplay name, but with an extra 'i' Rick O'Shea
Penn Sylvania Flo Rida Another Flo Rida nameplay; another US state JeReMy
Cal Ifornia Flo Rida Another state punctuated as a name! Rick O'Shea
Al Abama Flo Rida Florida shares a border with Alabama. Da Doo Ron Ron Howard
Ari Zona Flo Rida A nameplay on another US state! Adam
Ken Tucky Flo-Rida A musician named Ken from the state of Kentucky. Dongquan
Ore-Ida Flo-Rida A brand of frozen foods with potatoes! Random Madeupperson
Master Chusetts Flo-Rida Another play on a state of the USA. Dongquan
A Flock Of Gulls A Flock Of Seagulls "Seagull" isn't in any bird species' official name Penny Nichols
FAT Machine Florence And The Machine FAT is an acrostic of first three words in name. Corinne Auterlehr
Aircraft The Flying Machine What a flying machine is. Cassandra
Fontella Tilapia Fontella Bass Another type of fish. Sheila Oh
Fontella Salmon Fontella Bass Yet another type of fish Sheila Oh
Fontella Halibut Fontella Bass Now named for a different fish Brittany James
Fontella Tuna Fontella Bass Yet another type of fish Lance Crackers
Fontella Cod Fontella Bass Now named for a different fish Brittany James
Fontella Grouper Fontella Bass Yet another type of fish Sheila Oh
Fontella Perch Fontella Bass Now named for a different fish Brittany James
Fontella Mackerel Fontella Bass Yet another type of fish Lance Crackers
Fontella Trout Fontella Bass Now named for a different fish Brittany James
Food Fighters Foo Fighters That is a more realistic name Daniel L.
Phoo Bombs Foo Fighters US classification of German weapons that they were Robert D. Arndt Jr.
The Phooey Fighters The Foo Fighters I just wanted a band name that paid tribute to the cartoon "Hong Kong Phooey". quiet
Kraut Meteors Foo Fighters The British WW2 nickname of the German weapons Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Nirvana Minus Kurt The Foo Fighters Dave Grohl must be missing his old pal by now. newsound
Boo Fighters Foo Fighters Those Boos in the Mario games are so hard to kill! Alan the Ottoman
Fire Fighters Foo Fighters Fire can be fought. Foo (whatever that is) cannot. Bob
Pyrite Fools Gold Pyrite = name of mineral nicknamed "fool's gold" Gail McFarland
Atlantic Spanners Foreigner They're from US and UK - both sides of the pond Gai-Gin Man
Immigrant Foreigner Foreigners who become natural citizens. Rock Quarry
Native Foreigner What the band would be in its home country. George E.
The Lostations The Foundations One doesn't hear of them performing anymore. Chelsea Dunn
The Four Ph.D's The Four Freshmen They have been Four Freshmen for over 50 years. Barry Disbrow
The Four Grandfathers The Four Lads They are now old enough to be grandfathers. Barry Disbrow
Four Senior Citizens Four Preps Their surviving original members are past age 70. Barry Disbrow
The Three Tops The Four Tops Their lead singer, Levi Stubbs, has died Isac
The Four Bottoms The Four Tops Bottom is the opposite of top. Reggie Pillbox
Frankie Goes to Bollywood Frankie Goes to Hollywood If they became actors in India! Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Frankie Went To Hollywood Frankie Goes To Hollywood He's dead now so he isn't going there again! Larcen Tyler
Frank Elaine Frankie Laine Sounds virtually the same as original name! Lucy Crosland
The Senior Citizens Minus Frankie Lymon Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers Accurately describes the surviving members. Joe
The Teenagers Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers Real example; they cut Frankie's name when he left C.J.
Freed A Pain Freda Payne Was any pain ever taken captive or imprisoned? Stacy Poole
Frieda Payne Freda Payne If only this site had Add a Letter for artist name Isac
Freddie Saturn Freddie Mercury The other US-based car brand named after a planet Bob
The Rear Belly Buttons The Front Bottoms Reverses implausibility of the original! Emmy Kay Butanone
Gas Fuel That's what their last album gave me. Jonathan C.
Frivolity Fun It's the same thing as fun, and not as boring. Lance Crackers

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