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These are randomly arranged.

December 3, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Ashcroft," William Tong "Angie," The Rolling Stones
"We're Bombing Somebody Else For What Bin Laden's Done," William Tong "Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song," B.J. Thomas
"As the Turbans Go Rolling Along," M.R. Wilson "As the Caissons go Rolling Along," Unknown Patriots
"White Boy For Life," Joe Kaiser "Bad Boy For Life," P. Diddy and the Bad Boy Family
"Buy Some Jokes," Jared "Bailamos," Enrique Iglesias
"Bill Of Rights," William Tong "Boogie Nights," Heatwave
"Doggy Stick," No Hero "Defy You," The Offspring
"Mattowoman Theme Song," Gary Beard "Gilligans Island," Theme Song
"Don't Let Grandpa Near The Beans!," Bryan O'Connor "Grandma Got Runover By A Reindeer," Irish Rovers/Elmo & Patsy
"Make my boobies," Deirdre "Hit me Baby....," Britney Spears
"Johnnie Don't," Alvin Dover "Honey Don't," Beatles
"You're a Style Mistake," Lucea "I'm a Slave 4 U," Britney Spears
"Imitation of Stipe," Jim A "Imitation of Life," REM
"Osa' bin Laden," M.R. Wilson "La Cucaracha," Unknown
"Ode to the Blazes," Bob Beard "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory," Traditional
"Yoga," No Hero "Mota," The Offspring
"Not a Brain for George Bush," Jim "Novocaine for the Soul," Eels
"Oh Cheney," Alvin Dover "Oh Darling," Beatles
"Her Name is Cleo," Snsanty "Rio," Duran Duran
"Gonna Lock Down Democracy," William Tong "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree," Brenda Lee
"School Daze," Doug Montgomery "School Days," Traditional
"Blueberry Fields Forever," Michael McFartney "Strawberry Fields Forever," The Beatles
"Super Sheik-er," M.R. Wilson "Super Skier," The Chad Mitchell Trio
"The Man Who Sold His Farm," Spilja "The Man Who Sold The World," Nirvana
"That I Promise You," Rain Drop "This I Promise You," N'SYNC
"Our Rights Are Dead, John Ashcroft," William Tong "Tom Dooley," The Kingston Trio
"Tra-la-la-BOOM-de-ay!," M.R. Wilson "Tra-la-la-boom-de-a," unknown
"Where are You Going, My Taliban?," M.R. Wilson "Turn Around," Unknown
"I Don't Know," M.R. Wilson "Volcano," Jimmy Buffet
"Boring," My name is Kenny "Warning," Green Day
"Way Down The Line (I'll get the pressy back)," No Hero "Way Down The Line," The Offspring
"Why Do You Act Like You Do?," No Hero "What Happened to You?," The Offspring
"Raise My Fence Again," Vicki C "Whats My Age Again," Blink 182

December 4, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"The Redneck Song (All I Wanna Do Is Shoot My Gun)," Kelly "All I Wanna Do (Is Have Some Fun)," Sheryl Crow
"All You Need Are Spuds," Mick Capewell "All You Need Is Love," The Beatles
"Old Saint Nick," lindaishere "Away in a Manger," Traditonal
"Ugly Girl," Adam Henderson "Barbie girl," Aqua
"Blue Cheese Whey," Mick Capewell "Blue Jay Way," The Beatles
"Morrison Minor," Mick Capewell "Boris The Spider," The Who
"Snowdonia Girls," Mick Capewell "California Girls," Beach Boys
"Can't Help Riding on the Subway," Composer-Conductor "Can't Help Falling in Love (With You)," Elvis Presley
"Bin's in the Mountain," Len "Cats in the Cradle," Harry Chaplin
"Chop Laden," Mix Masta Zach Zombie "Chop Suey," System of a Down
"Don't Forget To Dismember," Mick Capewell "Don't Forget To Remember," Bee Gees
"Furry Gloves," Mick Capewell "For Your Love," Yardbirds
"I Am (Afghan) Woman," Valerie F. de Daulles "I Am Woman," Helen Reddy
"I Know Dubya Wants To Change The Laws," William Tong "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus," Jimmy Boyd
"I Wanna Roast Your Lamb," Mick Capewell "I Wanna Hold Your Hand," The Beatles
"I'm a Subscriber," Mick Capewell "I'm a Believer," The Monkees
"Streakers Bells," Sloatead "Jingle Bells," Traditional
"," xander999 "Karma Hotel," The Spooks
"Very Low! Very Low! Very Low!," William Tong "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!," Vaughn Monroe
"Muesli In A Pie With Almonds," Mick Capewell "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds," Beatles
"Only a Lancashire Hot-Pot," Mick Capewell "Only a Northern Song," The Beatles
"Syd Culpepper's Strawberry Tarts And Flans," Mick Capewell "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," The Beatles
"She Loves Stew," Mick Capewell "She Loves You," The Beatles
"Dumplings," Mick Capewell "Something," The Beatles
"Ball's Up," Mick Capewell "Surf's Up," Beach Boys
"The PAP versus the Opposition," Composer-conductor "The Phantom of the Opera," Sarah Brightman
"I Can't Watch This (2001 Remix)," Michael Flynn "U Can't Touch This," MC Hammer
"We Will Bomb You," Adam Henderson "We Will Rock You," Queen
"While My Balti Gently Heats," Mick Capewell "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," The Beatles
"My Bong," Stokely Leanne "Your Song," Ewan Mcgregor

December 5, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Calvin And Hobbes," Miles "American Pie," Don McLean
"An Old Fascist Thug, Rush," William Tong "An Old Fashioned Love Song," Three Dog Night
"Should All Afghanis Beef or What?," Lenny Quites "Auld Land Syne," Traditional
"Glory, Glory Sock It to Ya," Doug Montgomery "Battle Hymn of the Republic," traditional
"Soon Collared Man" ("Wrong Fight")," Patrick "Blue Collar Man" ("Long Night)," Styx
"Depraved Behaviour," Mick Capewell "Daydream Believer," The Monkees
"Osama Got Run Over by a Reindeer," crazydon "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer," Elmo & Patsy
"Heres where the tories end (aka: the Margaret Thatcher tribute)," Jim A "Here's where the Story Ends," The Sundays
"I Am The Garnish," Mick Capewell "I Am The Walrus," The Beatles
"I Will Survive," Phil Alexander "I Will Survive," Gloria Gaynor
"I Will Eat Too," stevenC "I'll Be Good For You," N'sync
"I'll Never Fake My Part," girly-girl "I'll Never Break Your Heart," BackstreetBoys
"I'm Head Boy," Mick Capewell "I'm a Boy," The Who
"Very Low! Very Low! Very Low!," William Tong "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!," Vaughn Monroe
"Bad Songwriter," Jim A. "Mr Writer," Stereophonics
"North Yorkshire Miners Strike 1841," Mick Capewell "New York Mining Disaster 1941," Bee Gees
"Next Beer," Jim A. "Next Year," Foo Fighters
"Crap," IceAngel "Pop," N*Sync
"Shark Song," Mick Capewell "Porpoise Song," The Monkees
"I'm Gonna Survey You," Miles "Run To You," Bryan Adams
"Shades Of Pink," Mick Capewell "Shapes of Things," The Yardbirds
"Trawlin' In The UK," Mick Capewell "Surfin' USA," Beach Boys
"The Ballad of Osama Bin Laden," Bob Pagliaro "The Ballad of Jed Clampett," Paul Henning
"My Baby Opened a Letter," Patrick "The Letter," The Box Tops
"Even in Hell, Three's Company," Katie Ford "Three's Company (theme song)," Don Nicholl and Joe Raposo
"Tomorrow Is Past The Sell-By Date," Mick Capewell "Tomorrow Never Knows," The Beatles
"Bombed Kabul Again," Patrick "Won't Get Fooled Again," The Who
"Scrambled Eggs," Johnni "Yesterday," The Beatles
"Your a mean one,Mr Gates," Mr Juess and Morris Barfoff "Your a mean one,Mr Grinch," Dr Suess and Boris Karloff

December 6, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"The Soap Song/Caky Flaky Soap," KGoetz "Achy Breaky Heart," Billy Ray Cyrus
"Hook Me Up With Double-D's," Erin H. "Baby One More Time," Britney Spears
"Black Francis," Jim A "Buck Rogers," Feeder
"Bye Bye Bob," Jonathan C. "Bye Bye Love," The Everly Brothers
"The Grinch," DarkJon64 "Fat Lip," Sum 41
"On Behalf of Big Oil and Business," William Tong "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas," Judy Garland
"Anti-Terror Laws," William Tong "Here Comes Santa Claus," Gene Autry
"Pot Headed," John Mifflin "Hot Blooded," Foreigner
"You're Gonna Be Dead," Stevenc "It's Gonna Be Me," N'sync
"Very Low! Very Low! Very Low!," William Tong "Let It Snow," Vaughn Monroe
"My Sweet George," Miles "My Sweet Lord," George Harrison
"Mora Throws Some Fits (Manning Throws INTs)," Jonathan C. "Puttin' On The Ritz," Taco
"Bomb Around the Clock," Composer-conductor "Rock Around the Clock," Bill Haley
"Runaway Os(ama)," Jim A "Runaway Train," Soul Asylum
"Dorothy Isnt Just A Kid," GhEtTo JoHn "Stay Together For The Kids," Blink 182
"The Battle Of Bin Laden," Ray Plummer "The Battle Of New Orleans," Johnny Horton
"Its Tommy Ball," Jim A "This is a Call," Foo Fighters
"And It's All Yellow," Aries Chic "Yellow," Coldplay

December 10, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Because I Ran Outta Excuses," Friz "Because I Got High," Afroman
"Red Cam'ron," Cam Shaft "Black Betty," Ram Jam
"Theme From Kebab Night," Jim A "Blue Monday," New Order
"Go To MickeyD's," Junior "Don't Let Me Get Me," Pink
"Everyone Back To My Place," Jim A "Everything In Its Right Place," Radiohead
"Soup Dish of the Day," Jim A "Flavour of the Weak," American HiFi
"Farscape," Brian Kelly "Longview," Green Day
"Bush," Jim A "Lump," Presidents of the USA
"Massive Tulips," Mick Capewell "Massachusetts," Bee Gees
"Security," Ryan Maroney "Minority," Green Day
"Mister You Should Shop At MFI," Mick Capewell "Mister You're A Better Man Than I," Yardbirds
"Ha Ha Ha Ha (Ode to AmIRight)," S.T.G. "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm," Crash Test Dummies
"Mr. Robertson," Robert J. Pagliaro "Mrs. Robinson," Paul Simon
"My Mess Tonight," Ghetto John & Monaco Chris "My Sacrifice," Creed
"Inside," Inmate "Outside," Staind
"Pay A Ghost Writer," Mick Capewell "Paperback Writer," The Beatles
"Pin Cushion Wizard," Mick Capewell "Pinball Wizard," The Who
"Renegadez,", Inc. "Renegade," Styx
"Summertime News," Jim A "Summertime Blues," Eddie Cochran
"The Ballad of Pat Robertson," Robert J. Pagliaro "The Ballad of Jed Clampett," Paul Henning
"The Ballot of Jeb Bush," Robert J. Pagliaro "The Ballad of Jed Clampett," Paul Henning
"It's a Dog's Life!," David "This is the Life," Weird Al Yankovic
"Spending Christmas with the Taliban," Ben Hassenger "Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland," Dick Smith & Felix Bernard
"What Chad is This," Ben Hassenger "What Child Is This?," traditional
"Whats My Wage Again?," Jim A "Whats My Age Again?," Blink 182
"Where Did My Troops Go," The Great Satan "Where Did Our Love Go," The Supremes
"Why Can't We Kill Bin," Robert J. Pagliaro "Why Can't We Be Friends," War
"Y2K," Ben Hassenger "Y.M.C.A.," Village People

December 11, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"At Christmastime," Chris Brazonis and Anne Redstone "As Time Goes By," Theme Song
"I Don't Believe It," Jim A "Beleive," Cher
"Swimming," Ghetto John & Monaco Chris "Crawling," Linkin Park
"Drinking," Britney Spears "Crazy," Sean H.
"Deck the Wings," Sniper 1 "Deck The Halls," Traditional
"Have You Heard the Latest Thing?," Chris Brazonis and Anne Redstone "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing," Traditional
"GuitarHelpo!," Nathanael Jouen "Help!," Beatles
"I Fly," Jim A "I Try," Macy Gray
"I've Got a Little List," Phil Alexander "I've Got A Little List," Gilbert and Sullivan (the Mikado)
"O Bomb Bin Laden," Sniper 1 "Jingle Bells," Traditional
"Ode to Mir," KGoetz "Man in the Mirror," Michael Jackson
"Muesli," Jim A "Music," Madonna
"Fifteen Minutes," Jim A "Pure and Simple," Hear'Say
"Singapore 2001 - Can Survive!," Composer-conductor "Stayin' Alive," Bee Gees
"Go Slow, There's a Chariot," Chris Brazonis and Anne Redstone "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot," Traditional
"Theme From Q*A*E*D*A (Suicide is Painless)," Robert J. Pagliaro "Theme From M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless)," Johnny Mandel
"Want Saddam," Jim A "Want You Bad," The Offspring

December 13, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"24/12," Jim A "19-2000," Gorillaz
"Free Toothpaste for Life," Jim A "A Design for Life," Manic Street Preachers
"The Bar's Not Open," Bryan Adams "Arms Wide Open," Creed
"Bang Bang Boom," Katie&Danny "Bang Bang Boom," The Moffatts
"French Toast(how to make/short version)," Rocky "Chop Suey," System of a Down
"Chyrons," Jonathan C. "Crying," Roy Orbison
"We Are Crap," Adam Henderson "In Too Deep," Sum41
"Kick Me," Jim A "Kiss Me," Sixpence None the Richer
"Osama," Jim A "Knives Out," Radiohead
"Winger," Jim A "Linger," The Cranberries
"Rabbi Man," Gary Marmer "Nowhere Man," The Beatles
"Frilly Love Thongs," Weird Ol' Yankee Vic "Silly Love Songs," Paul McCartney
"We're Lost," Jeff Reuben "That's All," Genesis
"Tech Writer's Lament," Gary A. Markette "The Wiffenpoof Song," The Wiffenpoofs (Yale University's Male Chorus)
"Calling," Jim A "Warning," Green Day

December 16, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Microsoft," Jim A "All For You," Janet Jackson
"Ballad 2001," Captain Cleghorn "Ballad of the Green Beret," Barry Sadler
"Devils' Game," Jackie "Crazy Train," Ozzy Osbourne
"Do You Fear What I Fear?," William Tong "Do You Hear What I Hear?," Tony Sandler & Ralph Young
"Don't let me be the last to see," Alisha Coates "Don't let me be the last to know," Britney Spears
"Strange Words In Context (Tell Me)," J. B. "Drops Of Jupiter (Tell Me)," Train
"I Want Pubs," Jim A "I Want Love," Elton John
"It's My Face You See," Alisha Coates "I'm a Slave For You," Britney Spears
"It's Alight," Jim A "Its My Life," Bon Jovi
"Job Sucks," Raul Garza Zayas "Love Hurts," Nazareth
"Hate Theme from," Jackie "My Heart Will Go On," Celine Dion
"Stuck In A Mountain You Can't Get Out Of," David Wattigny "Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of," U2
"The Christmas Shopping Song," Jonathan C. "Stuck In The Middle With You," Stealers Wheel
"The Ballad of Bin and Allah," Robert J. Pagliaro "The Ballad of John and Yoko," John Lennon and Paul McCartney
"Weed In Your Life," Dain Bramage "Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance)," Green Day
"Painting the roses red," DarkJon64 "Victim of Reality," Pennywise
"Pop's Child Is Bush," William Tong "What Child Is This?," Traditional
"His Mouth's Wide Open," Joe Kaiser "With Arms Wide Open," Creed

December 17, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"My Gran's Shed," Jess "Aliens Exist," Blink 182
"Because I Got Sky," Jim A "Because I Got High," Afroman
"God Curse Afaganistan," Nick "God Bless America," Ivring Berlin
"Ben Stiller," Jackie "Godzilla," Blue Oyster Cult
"Here Comes Osama," Miles "Here Comes The Sun," The Beatles
"I've Got No Hearing," Alvin Dover "I've Got A Feeling," The Beatles
"Bombin'," Alvin Dover "Jammin'," Bob Marley
"(Pull my) Finger," Captain Cleghorn "Linger," Cranberries
"Chubby," Cheryl, Emily, William, Laren, Sarah, Arther "Lucky," Britany Spears
"Bong #5," DJ Mushi "Mambo #5," Bob The Builder
"You're Drunk, Corey," Redlisterine "Morning Glory," Oasis
"Bowl With It," Redlisterine "Roll With It," Oasis
"Santa Type Thing," The North Poles featuring Clutzy Caldwell "Sex Type Thing," Stone Temple Pilots
"Kitchen," Thad "Southtown," P.O.D.
"Vanilla Ice Cream(Hard to Swallow Man)," Monk Man "Too Cold, Zig Zag Stories, Prozac and The Wrath," Vanilla Ice
"Waiting for Reply," Danielle "Waiting for Tonight," Jennifer Lopez
"The Afganistan Predicament," Jeff Scott "Whats the Difference," Dr. Dre feat. Eminem

December 18, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"With Just One Song," Captain Cleghorn "Believe It or Not," Joey Scarbury
"Brand New Major," Michael J. Fisher "Brand New Lover," Dead Or Alive
"Bloodless," Jim A "Breathless," The Corrs
"The Sound of Kiasuism," Composer-conductor "Do-Re-Mi," Julie Andrews
"Don't Cry For Him," Kathryn "Don't Want You Back," Backsteet Boys
"Springer," Captain Cleghorn "Downtown," Petula Clark
"Dumb King Duh-Ba-Ya," William Tong "Good King Wenceslas," Traditional
"He Loves U Not," Kathryn "He Loves U Not," Dream
"How We Celebrate," S.T.G. "How You Remind Me," Nickelback
"I Wanna Eat Forever," Kathryn "I Wanna Love You Forever," Jessica Simpson
"Bush's Throne Is Bogus," William Tong "I'll Be Home For Christmas," Bing Crosby
"I'm Fake," Kathryn "I'm Real (Murda Remix)," J-Lo and Ja Rule
"(Why'd you have to pull my) Finger," Captain Cleghorn "Linger," Cranberries
"Oops I Did It Again," Kathryn "Oops I Did It Again," Britney Spears
"Rudolph The Illest Reindeer," Somebody "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer," Traditional
"There Is No Tart," Kathryn "Shape Of My Heart," Backsreet Boys
"Show Me The Meaning Of Eating Lonley," Kathryn "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonley," Backstreet Boys
"Sit down for the Bad Things of Singapore," Composer-conductor "Stand up for Singapore," Unknown
"Smarter," Kathryn "Stronger," Britney Spears
"The One," Kathryn "The One," Backstreet Boys
"(We'll Find You) Osama," Keith Higa "Tomorrow," From the musical Annie

December 20, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"A Little Nip," Juliette "A Little Bit," Jessica Simpson
"Baby Got Drunk," Alanna aka Yolanda "Baby Got Back," Sir-mix-alot
"Armenian Like You," Jim A "Bohemian Like You," Dandy Warhols
"Mr President - the Super Man," Composer-conductor "Buttercup: I'm a Super Girl," Shonen Knife
"Can You Feel the Heat Tonight," Composer-conductor "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," The geeks from 'The Lion King'
"-gina In Your Hand," Phil Alexander "China In Your Hand," T'Pau
"Cash (while our business still lives on)," Composer-conductor "Dance (while the music still goes on)," ABBA
"Lobang King," Composer-conductor "Dancing Queen," ABBA
"US Rap," Chip =^ - ^= "Digi Rap," M.C. Pea Pod and Paul Gordon
"US Rap," Miyako-chan "Digi Rap," M.C. Pea Pod and Paul Gordon
"It's Getting Late," oO Blink-182 Oo "First Date," Blink-182
"Osama bin Laden," Composer-conductor "Hakuna Matata," The geeks from 'The Lion King'
"Teacher!," Composer-conductor "Hey Jude!," The Beatles
"Hit The Prozac," Phil Alexander "Hit The Road Jack," Ray Charles
"I Hear You Laughin' (The Osama Tape Song)," crazydon "I Hear You Knockin'," Dave Edmunds
"I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus," D. M. Goldstein "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus," Traditional
"If you tolerate this your site will have pop-ups next," Jim A "If you tolerate this then your children will be next," Manic Street Preachers
"Harassed by Bobby Knight," Jonathan C. "Into the Night," Benny Mardones
"Mr. Santa Claus," D. M. Goldstein "Mr. Bojangles," Jerry Jeff Walker
"The Haze Will Go On," Composer-conductor "My Heart Will Go On," Celine Dion
"How Come There Is No Manual?," Doug Hamilton "Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel," Traditional
"Mis-aiming the Bowl in the Loo," Composer-Conductor "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park," Tom Lehrer
"Al-Qaeda," Composer-conductor "Pokemon (Kanto)," No idea who...?
"Santa Claus," D. M. Goldstein "Rocket Man," Elton John
"Afghanistan," Jim A "Rotterdam," Beautiful South
"John Ashcroft Is Hunting You Down," William Tong "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," Traditional
"Rush Limbaugh Is Dumbing Them Down," William Tong "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," Traditional
"Fan," Steven Cavanagh "Stan," Eminem
"The Republicans [Suite]," Composer-conductor "The Powerpuff Girls," Various Artists
"Exam," Composer-conductor "The Sounds of Silence," Paul Simon
"The Twelve Days of Christmas," Wally, Willy, Welly, and Woolly "The Twelve Days of Christmas," Traditional
"Tong Warp," Captain Cleghorn "Time Warp," Rocky Horror cast
"Cruelly Madly Meekly," David C "Truly Madly Deeply," Savage Garden
"Singapore," Composer-conductor "Waterloo," ABBA
"When Upgrading Windows," Phil Alexander "When I'm Cleaning Windows," George Formby
"When I'm Sixty-Four (Social Security)," Keith Higa "When I'm Sixty-Four," The Beatles
"Surf Christmas," D. M. Goldstein "White Christmas," Bing Crosby
"Y.O.D.A," Steven Cavanagh "Y.M.C.A," The Village People

December 23, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"We Hate U," Lizzie "Bohemian Like U," Dandy Warhols
"Bring the Toys," My name is Kenny "Bring the Noise," Public Enemy
"Can't Get Up Out Of My Bed," Jim A "Can't Get You Out Of My Head," Kylie Minogue
"Get My Bath Started," Beverly Hillbillie "Get This Party Started," Pink
"Blowin Up Their Country," Malcolm Higgins "Goin Up The Country," Canned Heat
"Limbaugh The Liar," William Tong "Great Balls of Fire," Jerry Lee Lewis
"Happy Christmas, Jihad Is Over," Frank Lockner "Happy Christmas, War Is Over," John Lennon
"Jabberwocky Christmas," D. M. Goldstein "Jabberwocky," Lewis Carroll
"Jingle Bells (Crocodile Hunter Style)," CrOc HuNtEr FaN "Jingle Bells," Traditional
"Osama Smells," Lady Marmalade "Jingle Bells," James Pierpont
"Karma Chameleon," LR1962 "Karma Chameleon," Culture Club
"Dubya, Son of Poppa," William Tong "Mele Kalikimaka," Bing Crosby
"Merry Christmas Osama," @ssKicker "Merry Christmas Everybody," Slade
"No Roaches S'posed to be Here," Reginald D. Garrard "Nobody's S'posed to be Here," Deborah Cox
"Why Did We Pick Tony Blair Then," Bobo "Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem," Traditional
"One Dumb Brother," Thomas 2000 "One Step Closer," Linkin Park
"Nationalism," Steven L "Pop," NSYNC
"Television," xander999 "Revelation," D-12
"Tony Blair Is Going To Drown," Bobo "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," Traditional
"Ta-li-ban," Malcolm Higgins "Sharp Dressed Man," ZZ Top
"Northern Allience," Mike Florio "Smooth Criminal," Michael Jackson
"So This is Christmas," Snsanty "So This is Christmas," John Lennon/ Yoko Ono
"Rebel Fights," KowGirl "Summer Nights," John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John
"Teenage Faghag," Zed "Teenage Dirtbag (again)," Wheatus
"The Cutter," Malcolm Higgins "The Letter," Joe Cocker
"Our Politics," Bobo "What Child Is This," Traditional

December 24, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"Students Paradise," Frank and Shane "Amish Paradise," Al Yankovic
"A.G. Ashcroft Lies," William Tong "Bette Davis Eyes," Kim Carnes
"Clueless George Dubya," William Tong "God Bless America," Kate Smith
"Rudolph Got Ran Over By My Grandpa," Frank Lockner "Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer," Ray Stevens
"I Heard The Bogus POTUS Say," William Tong "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day," Andy Williams
"Jingo Belles," William Tong "Jingle Belles," Traditional
"Last Zip," Astral "Last Kiss," Pearl Jam
"Osama," S.T.G. "Lola," The Kinks
"This Ain't Right," Bobo "Silent Night," Traditional
"Give 'Em Hell," William Tong "Silver Bells," Bing Crosby
"Skunks," wdh "Stand," Green
"China," Steven L "Thriller," Michael Jackson
"Blair Annoys," Bobo "Zither Carol," Traditional

December 27, 2001
"Parody Song," Parody Author"Original Song," Original Artist
"I'll Build it For You," Stephanie "Everything I Do," Brandy
"Won't Bathe For Y'all," Cletus the slack-jawed Yokel (aJJ) "I'm A Slave For You," Britney Spears
"Innocent," Thomas 2000 "Innocent," Fuel
"O Holey Socks," Sharon Krebs "O Holy Night," Traditional
"Santa Souse," J. Ferguson "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," Traditional
"Santa Claus," Richard Cranston II "Superman," Five For Fighting
"False Leader," The Great Satan "Tainted Love," Soft Cell
"Jenny Craig Counsiler Goes Nuts," JLo Judith "Tearin' Up My Heart," N'sync
"North Pole Woes," Chris Brazonis and Anne Redstone "We Wish You A Merry Christmas," Traditonal
"Wild Colonial Boy," Billy The (Aussie) Kid "Wild Colonial Boy," Cold Chisel


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