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Music Performer Pseudonyms:

Also known as: Isaac Donald Everly. Submitted by: oldsongs

Weird Names of Music Performer's Children:

  • Venetia Ember - Just to clear something up -- Marti's "canoodling" story isn't quite right. Don Everly and Venetia Stevenson did first meet when they both appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, while Don was still married to his first wife. BUT they didn't meet again and start dating until after Don was divorced. I don't doubt that Don Everly has had plenty of hound dog moments in his life, but this wasn't one of them. Submitted by: J.J.
  • Venetia Everly - To answer Marti's question, no, Venetia's Mom did not know that they were naming her after a starlet Don met on the Ed Sullivan show. I know this because Venetia told me herself. We were friends in Hollywood until we lost touch when she moved back to Nashville. Submitted by: speediejohn
  • Venetia Ember - Marian mentioned that Venetia was named after Don's second wife. What makes this so unusual is that he was still married to his first wife at the time of Venetia's birth. It seems he was already canoodling with Venetia Stevenson (his second wife) while his poor first wife was in the hospital having their baby. I wonder if she knew then that their child was being named after a starlet that he had met on the Ed Sullivan show? Submitted by: Marti
  • Edan - Just bein pedantic but it is spelt like this it's a popular Protestant variation on the name Aidan. There's a cathedral called Saint Edan's in Wexford, Ireland (and it's my boyfriends name.) Submitted by: emma
  • Venetia Ember - Maybe naming her Venetia was a coincidence, but "Ember" was mostly likely because his mother's maiden name was Margaret EMBRY. (He could have given her the middle name of Margaret, but then she would have had 3 names that had 3 syllables!) Submitted by: Marianne50614
  • Edan - It IS a man's name -- it's a form of Edward, so it's not as "weird" as anyone things. (Editor's note: But it's still not as common in America as "Edward".) Submitted by: Marianne50614
  • Erin Invicta - She was born in 1965,so her middle name was pretty weird then. Actually ,it's weird even by today's standards,even for us fellow Irish!Cheers! Submitted by: Marian
  • Venetia Ember - Her name is interesting for two reasons.First,she has the same first name as Don's second wife(coincidence or not?)Second,how did he come with the name Ember.I'm guessing maybe Don ,upon hearing the good news,absentmindedly stuck his lit cigarette behind his ear like a pencil and set his hair on fire.Just speculation,though. Submitted by: Marian
  • Edan - This is a boy,I swear!I don't think he could spell Eden. Submitted by: Marian

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The Sheik Of ArabySaudi Arabian EmbassyMarian

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