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This is a list of names of famous people, who have changed their real name. I'm only looking for music performers, not actors or other famous people. Below are the most recent entries.

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Entries Beginning with B

Original Name
Submitted by:
B Lamont Williams Given by cousin when he was young and it stuck with him. Young Breeze
B Jessica Dipalma gorjess girl, changed it cos she was bored, and used to get called that.. lol!! Miss Bess
B-Real Louis Freese  Bobo
B-Rok Brian Thomas Littrel He is Brian from the Backstreet Boys.  Soleeeeeee
B-rok Brian Thomas Littrell From the Backstreet Boys. ozone
B-Zar Balthazar Getty Info from Bobo
B. Livid Rashad Leone  Mike Jones
B. True Tim Smith  Bobo
B.B. King Riley B. King  blue
B.B.King Riley King B.B. King is short for his nickname, Blues Boy King. Breigmania
B.Down Nicholas Okorocha He has albums on all online music stores, about three albums... He goes by the name "B.Down".. His real name is Nicholas Okorocha Big Rags
B.G. Christopher Dorsey Info from Bobo
B.J. Thomas Billy Joe Thomas  Countryboy
B.J. Wilson Barry J. Wilson  Drummer for Procol Harum. rock
B.W. Stevenson Louis C. Stevenson One-hit wonder for "My Maria". B.W. stood for "Buckwheat". oldsongs
Baby Brian Williams Info from Bobo
Baby Bam Nathaniel Hall Of Jungle Brothers Bobo
Baby D. Dania Birks Info from Bobo
Baby Girl Kim Walsh Info from Bobo
Baby Spice Emma Lee Bunton  Jack
Baby Stase Stason Betha Info from Bobo
Baby'k Kayla Roberts I can sing so hopefully I will Be in one of these list! Kayla
Babybird  Steven Jones  (aka Arthritis Kid) UK artist, biggest hit "you're gorgeous" sharkey
Babyface Kenneth Edmonds
Bad Water Bob Robert Wieder Backing vocalist of Green Jelly. Mickey D.
Badly Drawn Boy Damon Gough  Big Al
Bahamadia Antonia Reed Info from Bobo
Bam Brandon C. Margera Bam´s grandpa used to call him "Bam" when he was younger. Di
Bam Margera Brandon Margera  helena
Banda Blanca Banda Catracha They named it Blanca so it would be easier to understand. It means white band in Spanish. annie
The Banjo Andrew Barton Paterson Composed "Waltzing Matilda", the most famous Australian song in history. aussie
Barbara Eden Barbara Huffman  t.v.
Barbara Lynn Barbara Lynn Ozen Lefty guitar player who claimed "You're Gonna Lose a Good Thing" in 1962. sherock
Barbi Benton Barbi Klein  Countryboy
Barbra Streisand Barbara Joan Streisand  MOR
Barcuda John Andrew Smit Dyslexia Steven
Bare, Jr. Bobby Bare, Jr. Son of 70s country star Bobby Bare. rocker
Barnes & Barnes Robert Neemer/Billy Mumy According to a source I found, it was Robert Neemer who sang wihth Bill Mumy as "Artis Barnes" Robert Haimer was a co-writer with Billy Mumy for songs by "America" Lynn
Barnes & Barnes Robert Haimer/Bill Mumy Yes, the same Bill Mumy that played little Will Robinson in that 60's sci-fi series "Lost In Space". By the way, their hit was "Fish Heads". Duo
Baron Longfellow Andy Kim (ne Joachim) The bubble-gum pop star, who also wrote "Sugar, Sugar", was raised in Montreal and recorded a couple of Canada-only LPs under this Neil Diamond-inspired moniker. jonaco
Barry Blue Barry Green He changed his name to Barry Blue so it's alliterated guy
Barry D. Ian Bakker Member of Jesus Jones. brit
Barry Fratelli Barry Wallace  soph
Barry Gibb Douglas Gibb 1/3 of The Bee Gees. aussie
Barry Gibb Barry Alan Crompton Gibb Whoever said that Barry's original name was "Douglas" was incorrect. He was born Barry Alan Crompton Gibb.  Jane Kirk
Barry Gibb Barry Alan Crompton Gibb To further clarify the confusion about "Douglas," Barry was born in Douglas, Isle of Man, UK. This probably led to the confusion. Martha Irvin
Barry Gibb Douglas Barry Alan Crompton Gibb @ Jane Kirk: Barry's first name WAS Douglas. His full name at birth was Douglas Barry Alan Crompton Gibb. He was named Douglas because he was born in Douglas, Isle of Man, United Kingdom, but he dropped his first name and called himself Barry because he thought that his full name was too long.  Rpollck
Barry Island Richard Marsh Ex Pop Will Eat Itself bassist, and half of Bentley Rhythm Ace. Bobo
Barry Manilow Barry Alan Pincus He wouldn't have many women fawning over him if he didn't change his name. smooth
Barry Mann Barry Iberman Singer and songwriter who married his partner Cynthia Weil. Oner
Basia Barbara Trzetrzelewska It was her correctly birthname. babachop
Basia Basha Trzetrzelewska Jazz singer best known for "Cruising for Bruising". newage
Bass Michael McCary Of Boyz II Men. blaque
Bass Junkie Phil Klein Also used the names Battle Systems, Cybernet Systems, and his own name, before changing to this name. Bobo
Bat Peter Stone Driving force behind industrial/metal outfit, Xorcist Bobo
Bat For Lashes Natasha Khan Another British singer who uses a rock band alias. Brit Boxx
Batman Marques Houston He is the older brother of B2K's Omarion Batman
Beanie Sigel Dewight Grant  Info from Bobo
Bebe Winans Benjamin Winans   gospel
Beck Beck Hansen No relation to The Hanson brothers (of the movie "Slapshot") or the group Hanson (real brothers). loser
Beck Bek David Campbell There are a couple of web sites that have this as his real name. "Beck Hansen" is the name he uses professionally. newave
Beefcake the Mighty Casey Orr This is Orr's stage name while in the band GWAR Jeremy
Beenie Man Moses Davis Know as the King of the Dance Hall. Sassy S
Bela B. Dirk Felsenheimer Drummer and singer from the German band "Die ì,rzte". ChickMastA
Belinda Carlisle Belinda Jo Kerzcheski  go-go
Bell & James LeRoy Bell/Casey James Duo who recorded "Livin' It Up (Friday Night)". duo
The Bellamy Brothers Howard/David Bellamy Their big hit was "Let Your Love Flow". brothers
Belouis Some Neville Keighley British 80s artist who had a few minor hits with "Some People", "Round and Round", and "Imagination".  British Bullcrap
Ben E. King Benjamin Earl Nelson  the king
Benjamin Orr Benjamin Orzechowski The late bassist for "The Cars". cal
Benji Benjamin levi Madden(combs)  SpYraL
Benji Benjamin Madden benji and twin joel changed their last name to madden in honor of their mother, which was her maden name BenjisXriotXgurl
Benji Benjamin Combs Benji and his twin Joel like to keep their last name a secret because of their dad. The other members of Good Charlotte do the same in respect. punkon420
Benji Combs Benjamin Levi Combs-Madden He is better known as Benji from Good Charlotte Jennie Ambrose
Benji Madden Benjammin Combs Man, that is a f***ing gay name before he changed it. Libby
Benjis_chick Joel Combs Combs was his fathers last name, but him and twin brother, Benji changed it to Madden-their mothers maiden name. Benjis_chick
Benny Goodman Benjamin David Goodman  jazz
Benny Hill Alfred Hawthorne Hill   funny brit
Bent Fabric Bent Fabricius-Bjerre Danish jazz pianist who gave us the tinkly classic "Alley Cat", a massive worldwide hit in '62- and, arguably, the first song many of us (including this writer) ever learned on the piano.  jonaco
Bernadette Peters Bernadette Lazzaro  sing
Bernard Albrecht Bernard Sumner That is his real name, he`s from my home city of Salford, UK. Steve
Bernard Albrecht Bernerd Dicken  Bobo
Bernard Webb Paul McCartney Paul wrote "Woman" for Peter & Gordon. Afraid the duo was popular only because they had hits with Lennon-McCartney tunes, Paul used this pseudonym to see if it would become a hit. It did. Ray Lemire
Bert Convy Bernard Whalen Convy  Late musician and game show host. t.v.
Bert Lahr Irving Lahrheim Played The Cowardly Lion in "The Wizard of Oz". old
Bert McCraken Robert McCraken The lead singer of the punk band The Used. Kim
Bert Parks Bert Jacobson  The original host of the "Miss America Pageant", noted for the song "Here She Is".  America
Betty Boo Alison Clarkson Named for her supposed resemblance to the cartoon character Betty Boop. Jenny
Betty Comden Betty Cohen  singer
Betty Grable Ruth Elizabeth Grable  sexy
Bev Bevan Beverley Bevan Formerly with Electric Light Orchestra. rockon
Beverly Sills Belle Miriam Silverman  opera
Beyonce Beyonce Gesselle Knowles  Kirsten
Beyonce Beyonce Giselle Knowles  Boomer
Beyonce Beyonce Giselle Knowles Excuse me, Saider Eiegle and Kita, but Beyonce is not spelled with an apostrophe. However, the second "e" does have an accent mark over it, so it looks like this: Beyoncé. To make the "e" with an accent mark, hold down the "alt" key, type "0233" on the numeric keypad, then release the alt key. Joe
Beyonce' Beyonce' Giselle Knowles Beyonce' is actually the last name of her great-grandmother. Saider Eiegle
Beyonce' Beyonce' Gisele Knowles she is named after her mother's maiden last name Kita
Bif Naked Beth Torbert Scored with "Lucky" (before the Britney Spears song of the same name). newsound
Big AL Al Agan Drummer for 80's punk band 70,000 Tools. Simon G
Big and Rich John Rich and Big Kenny The Big from Big Kenny and the Rich from John Rich. Yes Big Kenny is his real name and yes John Rich is his real name. jojo_is_hot
Big Bank Hank Henry Jackson 1/3 of the rap trio The Sugarhill Gang. rapster
Big Bill Broonzy William Lee Conley Broonzy  Bobo
Big Boi Antoine Patton  Tamverine
The Big Bopper J.P. Richardson Was the maker of the first music video "Chantilly Lace" Weird Kem Mak
Big Bopper Jiles Perry Richardson Died in 1959 after plane crash, inspiring American Pie, by Don McLean Bobo
Big Daddy Kane Antonio Hardy
Big Dee Irwin Defosca Ervin She sang a version of "Swinging On A Star" with Little Eva. Candy Welty
Big Head Todd Todd Park Mohr Frontman for Big Head Todd and The Monsters. rockhead
Big L Lamont Coleman  Bobo
Big Mama Thornton Willie Mae Thornton   blues
Big Pun/Big Punisher Christopher Rios  rappa
Big Time Sarah Sarah Streeter A rousing vocalist and dynamic entertainer, "Big Time" Sarah Streeter's among the more enterprising contemporary blues performers. She moved to Chicago from Coldwater, MS, as a child, and sang in South Side gospel choirs before debuting as a blues vocalist on stage at Morgan's Lounge at 14.  Bobo
Bill Anderson James William Anderson III  Country
Bill Bailey Mark Bailey Comedian/musician. Took stage name from workmate singing 'Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home'. Pickle*
Bill Bill William Rorchowski He originally planned to use "Bill Roark" as his stage name, but his manager forgot his last name and said "Bill, Bill, Bill," as he was trying to remember Bill's last name. Thus his stage name became Bill Bill. Rpollck
Bill Conti William Conti  rocky
Bill Graham Wolfgang Grajonca   promoter
Bill Haley William John Clifton Haley  rocknroll
Bill Leeb Wilhelm Anthon Leeb Bill Leeb is the the leader of the canadian industrial band Front Line Assembly and numerous other side-projects, including Noise Unit, Delerium, Pro-Tec, Cyberaktif, etc. He also used the pseudonym of Wilhelm Shroeder in his short-lived contribution to that other canadian industrial band, Skinny Puppy.  the Grey
Bill Leeb Willhelm Shroeder Member of industrial band Front Line Assembly Chris Wilson
Bill Legend Bill Fifield Ex-drummer for T. Rex brit
bill monroe william smith monroe Mr. Monroe often mentioned how his initials also stood for the call letters of the radio station the Grand Ole Opry was broadcast from (WSM). He was a longtime member of the Opry, up until he passed away. norman k
Bill Ward William Ward Drummer for Black Sabbath Kyle
Bill Wyman William Perks Bassist for The Rolling Stones. stoned
Billee, Eastside Billee William Speelman Popular Detroit area musician, singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer  Fard Glinswatter
Billee/Eastside Billee William Speelman Popular Detroit Area lead guitarist, vocalist and songwriter (recently successful with song "Frosty Run", about a 1962 Robena Coal Mine accident). New album to be released in Aug. 2006 called "Ridgerunners, Stumpjumpers and Jesus". Fard Glinkswatter
billee/eastside billee/billy christie William Speelman Also, songwriter of Jim Walewander Blues, and All For the People (tribute to Budzyn & Nevers). Currently performing as a solo artist & as lead guitarist for Detroit band Silver Hammer Fard Glinkswatter
Billie Holiday Eleanora Harris  blues
Billie Holiday Eleanorea Fagen Holiday's real name was not Eleanor Harris. moira wilkinson
Billie Joe Billy Joe Armstrong Lead singer for "Green Day". rocknroll
billie joe billie joe billie joe armstrong wud be furious to hear his name said othewise. his crackhead mother spelt the name wrong on the birth certificate. it's BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG not william joesph. blueday
Billie Joe Billie Joe Armstrong  (Reply to Sam, blueday, and whatsername) I think Billie Joe would be furious if he read that you think his mother is a crackhead. She was high on drugs to ease the pain of childbirth. After 5 other children, don't you think its okay for her to be? Because of that, she spelled his name wrong. You make her out to be a junkie off doing drugs when she had children at home. Wouldnt you like to know
Billie Joe William Joseph Armstrong Billie Joe is the lead singer/lead gutaurist for Green Day. SkaTeRfReAk4LiFe
Billie Joe Billie Joe Armstrong computer is gay! anyway, i was reading Billie joe quotes a while ago and he said something like "no, its not william joseph, its billie joe. my mom is a big country fan." there was also another rumor that his mom spelled it "ie" instead of "y" because she was so doped up on drugs when she filled out his birth certificate. whatever the reason, his name is Billie Joe Armstrong. whatsername
Billie Joe Billie Joe Armstrong Just writing to say that Billie Joe's mother wrote Billie Joe with a 'y' on the birth certificate instead of an 'ie', because she was doped up on painkillers. Just pointing that out to whatsername. And yes his name is definitly not William Joseph. Sam
Billy (from Good Charlotte) Billy Martin The guys usually just go by their first names... benjibabe123
Billy Bob Maynard James Keenan Guitarist of Green Jelly. Mickey D.
Billy Bragg Steven William Bragg  brit
Billy Burnette William Beau Burnette III  rockin
Billy Corgan William Patrick Corgan Billy Corgan Is The Lead Singer Of Zwan, And The Ex- Lead Singer Of The Smashing Pumpkins (they broke up a while ago) Annie
Billy Corgan William Patrick Corgan II rock mindy
Billy Eckstine William Clarence Eckstine  oldie
Billy Fury Ronald Wycherley Late singer. punk
Billy Gunn Kip Sopp WWE Wrestler (Mr. Ass, The One Billy Gunn) El Tengu of GEK
Billy Idol William Michael Albert Broad When he was a little kid in school, he had trouble paying attention in school. One day, the teacher got frustrated and wrote 'Billy is Idle' atop one of his papers. He gets it back, and thinks, 'No, no, no. It should be rock idol - I-D-O-L.' SilverIdol
Billy Idol William Broad  Bobo
Billy Idol William Michael Albert Broad  SadieSwitchblade
Billy J. Kramer William Ashton The last name, Kramer, was selected for him by a telephone operator whom he called to help him find a suitable stage name. Barry Disbrow
Billy Joe Hunter Louis Bideu Recorded "Percolator (Twist)" with his Checkmates. old
Billy Joel William Martin Joel  MOR
Billy Joel William Joel Martin Billy worked in bars singing to get his start calling himself Bill Martin- which is why he's Bill adn not Billy in Piano Man (He said Bill I believe this is killing me as a smile ran away from his face). Emily
Billy Martin William Dean Martin He is one of the hottest men known to man, but is in the worst band ever(Good Charlotte). I still do not understand how you get Billy out of William, but oh well. Savannah
Billy Martin William Martin Before I became a fan of Good Charlotte I thought Billy was his real name but his birth name is WILLIAM! Get it right peoples! He just likes Billy A Good Charlotte and Simple Plan fan
Billy Martin William Dean Martin  GCPUNKROCKER
Billy Martin William Dean Martin Billy is short for William. This is why the band call billy that. William: AKA Billy billy fan
Billy Martin William Dean Martin He is better known as Billy from Good Charlotte Jennie Ambrose
Billy Ocean Leslie Sebastian Charles
Billy Ocean Leslie Sebastian Charles The Ocean part of his stage name comes from the Ocean Estate in London's East End where he was living at the time he was starting his music career. harderman
Billy Paul Paul Williams Biggest hit was "Me And Mrs. Jones". oldsongs
Billy Rankin Brinsley Schwarz  Singer and guitarist for Nazareth. oldrock
Billy Rose William Samuel Rosenberg   composer
Billy Tipton Dorothy Lucille Tipton Gender bending jazz artist. Only after his/her death in 1989 was it discovered he was a she. jazz
Billy Vaughn Richard Vaughn Orchestra leader who had more pop hits than any other during the rock era; arranger/conductor for Pat Boone, The Fontane Sisters and others. Evan L. Heller
Billy Vera William McCord, Jr.  His one hit was "At This Moment". one-hit
Billy Zoom Tyson Kindall Guitarist for the band X. punky
Bing Crosby Harry Lillis Crosby  oldtimer
Binnie Barnes Gitelle Gertrude Maude Barnes   brit
Binnie man GItelle Gertude Maude Barnes  Sabrina
Biosphere#1 Jörg Burger Also performed under pseudonyms Science Wonder, Invasion USA, and House Hallucinates Matt
Bird York Kathleen York Another one of those actresses that cut an album as a side project.  j.c.
Bix Beiderbecke Leon Bismarck Beiderbecke This is the real name according to jazz
Bix Beiderbecke Leon Bix Beiderbecke Horn player who died in 1931 at 28. jazzy
Biz Markie Marcell Hall
Bizarre Rufus Johnson D12 Member. "Peter S. Bizarre" is another pseudonym. Rax
Bizarre Peter S. Bizarre Member of D12 Bobo
Bizzy Bone Bryon Anthony McCane Also known as: BB Gambini, The Midwest Cowboy, Lil' RIPSta, Bizzy Tha Kid. Jamie Petty
Bizzy Bone Byron McCane Of Bone Thugs 'N' Harmony. bone
Bizzy D Deryk Whibly Rhythm Guitar,Sum 41. It said in the DVD, interviews and cd cover that his name is Bizzy D Daniel
Bizzy D Deryck Whibley Sum 41 guitarist. The Sums, ha. Sdik
Bizzy D Deryck Whibley  brittany
Bizzy D Deryck Whibley from Sum 41 me
Bjork Bjork Gudmundsdottir Icelanders do not have last names per se; they use patronymics. Bjork's last name means "Gudmund's daughter". Marcus van der Meer
Bjork Bjork Gudmundsdottir Dropped the last name because nobody can spell it. Bobo
Black Colin Vearncombe  Bobo
Black Balls Adonis Smith  Bobo
Black Francis/Frank Black Charles Thompson IV Former lead singer for The Pixies. Changed name to Frank Black for solo career. alt rock
Blackie Lawless Steve Duren  Sandi
Blacky Jean-Yves Theriault Voivod original bass player noiro
Blame Conrad Shafie  Bobo
Blas Elias Blas Elias Gomez  Dynasty
Blas Elias Blas Elias Gomez  Sandi
Blaze Bayley Bayley Cook Nickname given to him in his teenage years. Vocalist for Wolfsbane, Iron Maiden and Blaze Clegnut
Blind 'Neep' McHandy Hugh Docherty This is my dad's stage name as a Scottish blues singer and is in tribute to Blind 'Lemon' Jefferson. 'Neep' being a Scottish word for turnip with the 'mac' being added to WC Handy's name. Rhuaraidh
Blind Boy Fuller Fulton Allen  blues
Blind Boy Grunt Robert Zimmerman (Bob Dylan) Dylan used this name so that his recorded performances could be released on the Folkways label instead of Columbia, to which he was under contract. John
Blind Owl Wilson Alan Wilson Late lead singer/guitarist for Canned Heat. rock
Blixa Bargeld Christian Kaufmann  Ex member fo Nick Cave and the bad seeds Christian Emmerich is incorrect zeraph
Blixa Bargeld Christian Emmerich Member of German group Einsturzende Neubauten and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.  Bobo
Blondie Debbie Harry Named "Blondie" because that's what men used to call her on the street. Bird69
Blu Cantrell Tiffany Cantrell  Meiwilli
Blu Cantrell  Tiffany Cantrell   tg
Blue Swede Bjorn Skifs Bjorn was first noted in his band "Slam Creepers", name taken from the Swedish name of a fish (slamkrypare), which had come to mean, by a twist of fate, "tricky question"... magnus
BMuffs/ X2C Brandon BMuffs is the rapper all the girls fall for, hardcore rapper/ X2C is the pissed alias inside BMuffs. Brandon
BMuffs/ X2C Brandon McBride BMuffs is the rapper all the girls fall for, hardcore rapper/ X2C is the pissed alias inside BMuffs. Brandon
Bo Diddley Elias Bates  Cara Miles
Bo Diddley Ellas Otha Bates McDaniel   David Rae
Bo Diddley Ellas Bates Not "Elias Bates", as originally thought. blues
Bo Donaldson Robert Donaldson Frontman for Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods in the early 70's. oldsongs
Bob & Doug McKenzie Dave Thomas/Rick Moranis Hoser duo who recorded "Take Off" and other stories will on SCTV.  funny
Bob & Tom Bob Kevoian/Tom Griswold Indy's own nationally syndicated shock jocks and parodists. dj
Bob and Ray Bob Elliot/Ray Goulding  funny duo
Bob B. Soxx Robert Sheen   old
Bob Babbitt Robert Kreinar Former Motown session bassist, one of the legendary 'Funk Brothers' MovieTech
Bob Crewe Stanley Robert Crewe Frontman for the Bob Crewe Generation, noted for "Music To Watch Girls By". oldrock
Bob Crosby George Robert Crosby Brother of Bing and Dixie band leader. old
Bob Dorough Robert Lrod. Dorough Wrote and sang many of the tunes from ABC's "Schoolhouse Rock". kid
Bob Dylan Robert Zimmermann He named himself after his favourite poet, Dylan Thomas. Rock Princess
Bob Dylan Robert Allen Zimmerman  Andrew
Bob Dylan Robert Zimmerman  Cara Miles
Bob Dylan Robert Allen Zimmerman  mattens
Bob Dylan Robert Zimmerman  ellixir
Bob Hope Leslie Townes Hope  funny
Bob Lind Robert Lind Still searching for that "Elusive Butterfly". old
Bob Marley Robert Nesta Marley  rasta
Bob Weir Robert Hall Former guitarist for "The Grateful Dead". man
Bob Welch Robert Welch Ex-Fleetwood Mac guitarist and solo artist. united
Bobbe Brox Josephine Brock  sing
Bobbi Martin Barbara Anne Martin Her biggest hit was "For The Love Of Him" in 1970. Candy Welty
Bobbie Gentry Roberta Lee Streeter  oldcountry
Bobby  Robert Calvin Bland  blues
Bobby Bare Robert Joseph Bare  Country
Bobby Brown Robert Baresford Brown  Mz Iv
Bobby Brown Robert Brown The same dude that married Whitney Houston. soul ii soul
Bobby Dall Robert Harry Kuykendall  Sandi
Bobby Darin Walden Robert Cassotto  oldperson
Bobby Day Robert Byrd The famed "Rockin' Robin" singer. soul
Bobby Edwards Robert Moncrief Obscure singer who recorded "You're the Reason" in 1961. old
Bobby Hackett Robert Leo Hackett   jazz
Bobby Hamilton Robert Caristo He had the hit "Crazy Eyes For You" in 1958. Candy Welty
Bobby Jimmy Russ Parr  Bobo
Bobby Rydell Robert Ridarelli  wild
Bobby Short Robert Waltrip  Lounge
Bobby Valentino Robert Wilson He was nicknamed Bobby instead of Robert. His last name Valentino was obtained because he was due to be born on Valentine's Day Noelle
Bobby Valentino Bobby Wilson Bobby Wilson is the name that he used when he was in the teen R&B group Mista, who had the hit song "Blackberry Molasses." Now Bobby is currently signed to Disturbing Tha Peace. Tanisha Wallace
Bobby Van Bobby King Robert Stein Late singer who appeared on several 70's variety shows. show
Bobby Vee Robert Thomas Velline Teen idol from the 60's many gold take good care of my baby ,rubber ball .come back when you grow up,run to him,charms,punish her Rick Rossi
Bobby Vee Robert Thomas Velline  oldtimer
Bobby Vinton Stanley Robert Vinton  lonely
Bojangles Robinson Luther Robinson Also known as Bill Robinson. dance
Bola Darrell Fitton Mancunian electronikist. Bobo
Bomb Da Bass Tim Simenon  Bobo
Bon Jovi John Francis Bongiovi Jr.   Bill Tong
Bon Scott Ronald Belford Scott Originally from Scotland, the late (and great) vocalist from AC/DC was nicnamed Ronald the Bonny Scott. This was further recuced to 'Bon' Scott and the name stuck from then on. Trashman
Bon Scott Ronald Belford Scott AC/DC's famous singer who died on feb. 19th 1980. Jeppe Moritz Hansen
Bone Thugs  Anthony Henderson Stanley V. Howse  Bizzysboo
Bone Thugz-N-Harmony Steve Howse Brian McCane Charles Shruggs Anthony H I couldnt finish Krazie Bonez last name, so i couldnt fit in Flesh-N-Bone either. Latina Thug
Bonehead Paul Arthurs Guitarist for Oasis. backup
Boney James James Oppenheim Jazz saxophonist; frequently collaborates with trumpeter Rick Braun. Martha Irvin
Bonnie Guitar Bonnie Buchingham She was under a "Dark Moon" in the 50s. sherock
Bonnie Lou Sally Carson Her only hit was "Daddy-O". sherock
Bonnie Sheridan Bonnie Bramlett Used the "Sheridan" moniker for acting after she divorced Delaney Bramlett and remarried. folk
Bonnie Tyler Gaynor Hopkins  Bobo
Bono Paul David Hewson Bono attended Mount Temple Comprehensive School, a multi denominational school in Clontarf. During his childhood and adolescence, Bono and his friends were part of a surrealist street gang called "Lypton Village". This group of friends began performing in public places, such as buses, to provoke people. Bono met one of his closest friends Guggi in Lypton Village. The gang had a ritual of nickname-giving. Bono had several names: first, he was "Steinvic von Huyseman", then just "Huyseman", then "Houseman", then "Bon Murray", "Bono Vox of O'Connell Street", and finally just "Bono". "Bono Vox" is an alteration of Bonavox, a Latin phrase which translates to "good voice." It is said he was nicknamed "Bono Vox" by his friend Gavin Friday, after a hearing aid shop they regularly passed in Dublin's Talbot Street because he sang so loudly he seemed to be singing for the deaf. Initially, Bono disliked the name. However, when he learned it loosely translated to "good voice", he accepted it. Hewson has been known as "Bono" since the late seventies. Although he uses Bono as his stage name, close family and friends also refer to him as Bono, including his wife and fellow band members  Meehan
Bono Paul Hewson The name 'Bono' came from a hearing aid shop called Bonavox. Bono was originally called Bono Vox, until the name was shortene to Bono. Bono Vox also means "good voice" in Latin. CRA-Z-4-U2
Bono Paul David Hewson It was a childhood nickname taken from a hearing aid company - Bono vox. Over the years it eventually changed to its current form. Other childhood friends have pseudonym - for example Gavin Friday. vene
Bono Paul David Hewson Paul as a young lad in Dublin had a group of friends who shared similar interests in art and music. This group called themselves 'The Village'. Membership of the village meant you got a nick-name given to you by the other members. Among them were Paul's best friend Gavin Friday who gave Paul the Name 'Bono Vox' (latin for 'good voice') and Dik Evans (who formed a band called the Virgin Prunes). When Dik's brother Dave joined Bono's band, Bono made him an honourary member of The Village and gave him a nickname. According to Bono he had his elbows, his chin and his guitar and the sound of his playing was somewhere in between something and nothing. So he named him 'The Edge'... The rest is history. Brit Pop
Booker T. Booker T. Jones Founder of Booker T. and The M.G.'s. oldie
Boom Bass Hubert Blanc-Francart  Bobo
Bootleg Ira Dorsey  Bobo
Boots Raymond Riley  Bobo
Boots Randolph Homer Louis Randolph, III  Country saxaphonist and composer. oldcountry
Bootsy/Bootzilla William Collins Founder of Bootsy's Rubber Band. Was also with Parliament and Funkadelic.  soul ii
Bounty Killer Rodney Price  Bobo
Bourgeois Tagg Brent Bourgeois/Eric Tagg  duo
Bourgeois-Tagg Brent Bourgeois And Larry Tagg Previous entry was incorrect. It was Larry and not his brother Eric. eric
Bow Wow Shad Moss Snoop Dogg gave him this name after discovering him. Nikki from 212
Bow Wow Shad Gregory Moss He got his name from Snoop Dogg when at one of his concerts at the age of 5 Dejanee
Bow Wow Shad Moss bow wow started rapping at the age of six under the name kid gangsta later in life when he started rapping with Snoop Dogg snoop started calling Shad Moss lil' Bow wow and when he turned 16 he figured he was growing up so he took the lil' off now he just goes by Bow Wow Lil One
Bow Wow Shad Gregory Moss Formerly called Li'l Bow Wow. Miz_Bootylicious
Bow Wow Shad Gregorie Moss  lisha AKA Baby Girl#1
Bowser Jon Baumann Deep-voiced singer with Sha-Na-Na. greaser
Boxcar Willie Lecil Martin  legend
Boy George George Alan O'Dowd
Boyce & Hart Tommy Boyce/Bobby Hart Co-wrote hits for The Monkees and had a hit themselves with "I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight". Boyce committed suicide in 1994. duo
Boz Scaggs William Royce Scaggs  Lowdown
Boz Skaggs William Royce Skaggs  Mike Hack
Brad Nowell Bradley James Nowell Late Singer/Guitarist for the band Sublime. Died in 1995 of a heroin overdose. R.I.P.  Jeska
Brain Brian Mantas The drummer for Primus, C2B3, The Frog Brigade, and some other bands. Iggy The Magnificant Stoner
Brain Michael Baur A manager of MANIFOLD Rec. Also known as Michael da Brain, Code, and DJ Crack Together with D-NOISER (aka Loving Loop) produces the hardest acid trance trax out there. Keep 'em hard, Michael! HelXluS
Bram Tchaikovsky Peter Bramall Later a group project of the same name. Bobo
Brandy Brandy Norwood  R&B
Brenda K. Starr Brenda Kaplan  Sandi
Brenda Lee Brenda Mae Tarpley  oldsongs
Brenda Russell Brenda Gordon  soul
Brenda Starr Brenda Hernandez  Brenda Hernandez
Brenton Wood Alfred Smith He had the hit "Gimme Little Sign" in 1967. Candy Welty
Bret Michaels Bret Michael Sychak  Sandi
Brewer & Shipley Mike Brewer/Tom Shipley Duo that went "One Toke Over the Line". duo
Brian James Brian Robertson Ex-guitarist for The Damned.  rocknroll
Brian Jones Lewis Brian Hopkin-Jones Late guitarist for The Rolling Stones who O.D.ed in July, 1969. stoned
Brian May Brian Harold May Harlold being the Queen guitarist's fathers name, who's death inspired the song "Who wants to live forever?" - written in the back of a taxi driving round London. Jim Gardner
Brian McFadden Bryan McFadden  Tarquin
Brian Superstar Bryan Taylor Guitarist for Scottish band 'The Pastels' Bobo
Brit Brit Britney Jean Spears Brit Brit hates this nickname, but all her friends love calling her this just to see her reaction. Sexy Government
Bronco Brother Julian Andr預fenning Famous solo-guitarplayer from Germany Jack
Brook Benton Benjamin Franklin Peay Late R&B singer/songwriter whose biggest hits, spanning from the late 50s to early 70s, included "It's Just A Matter Of Time", "So Many Ways", "The Boll Weevil Song", "Hotel Happiness" and "Rainy Night In Georgia". Sang duets with the legendary Dinah Washington, including 1960's "Baby (You've Got What It Takes)". Evan Heller
Brook Benton Benjamin Franklin Peay  oldsongs
Brotha Lynch Hung Kevin Mann  Bobo
The Brothers Johnson George/Louis Johnson R&B duo with hits "I Be Good To You" and "Strawberry Letter 23". brothers
Brown Sound Dave Baksh he says its cos he came out of his mother brown, and he guess he makes sounds with his guitar. ha ha HA Sdik! Whats the deal with this 'ha.' ...??? ruthy
Bruce Bruce Bruce Dickinson The pseudonym used by Dickinson in the band Samson - in tribute to Monty Python's 'Bruces' sketch. pickle*
Bruce Dickinson Paul Bruce Dickinson As a child, young Paul hated his "unusual" name so much that he made his family call him by his middle name, Bruce which stuck into adulthood and was the name that made him famous as Iron Maiden's 2nd vocalist. Sandi
Bruno Radolini Bruce Willis Singing pseudonym for the actor born Walter Bruce Willis. fake
BT/Kaistar Brian Transeau  Bobo
Bubba Sparxxx Warren Anderson Mathis  Mark Pippin
Buck Dharma Donald Roeser Blue Oyster Cult (Don't Fear The Reaper) Paul
Buck Owens Alvis Edgar Owens, Jr. Longtime "Hee-Haw" co-host. Ya'll
Buckethead Brian Carroll Also performed under his real name, but most famous for the name he used in Guns'N'Roses. Bobo
Buckner & Garcia Jerry Buckner/Gary Garcia Duo who played games with our head, most notably "Pac-Man Fever". duo
Buckwheat Zydeco Stanley Dural Contemporary zydeco's most popular performer, accordionist Stanley "Buckwheat" Dural was the natural successor to the throne vacated by the death of his mentor Clifton Chenier; infusing his propulsive party music with strains of rock and R&B music Bobo
Bud & Travis Bud Dashiel/Travis Edmonson They had the hit "Ballad Of The Alamo" in 1960. Candy Welty
Bud Flanagan Chaim Reuben Weintraub He took the name Flanagan from an officer in the army he hated. Sang 'Who Do You Think You Are Kidding, Mr. Hitler' on the titles for 'Dad's Army'. pickle*
Buddah Monk Ellery Chambers Buddah Monk is from Wu-Tang's 'Brooklyn Zu' bob
Buddy Clark Samuel Goldberg Boston-bred big band crooner of the '40s. Best known for hits with Doris Day ("Love Somebody") and Dinah Shore ("Baby It's Cold Outside"); also had original hit version of "Linda" (later by Jan and Dean). Died in L.A. plane crash, 1949. Budding Crosby/Como-level star. jonaco
Buddy DeFranco Boniface Ferdinand Leonardo DeFranco  band
Buddy Ebsen Christian Rudolf Ebsen, Jr.   Country
Buddy Greco Armando Greco  bud
Buddy Guy George Guy  blues
Buddy Holly Charles Hardin Holly  lorraine
Buddy Holly Charles Hardin Holley He dropped the "e" from his surname. Greg G.
Buddy Rich Bernard Rich  jazz
Budgie Steve Williams  Bobo
Buff The Human Beat Box Darrin Robinson 1/3 of The Fat Boys who died on December 1995. phat
Buffy Saint-Marie Dr. Maria Starblanket This is her Native-American name according to song
Buffy Saint-Marie Beverly Saint-Marie Native-American singer and songwriter. native
Bugsy Seigel Benjamin Seigelbaum Gangster and founder of Las Vegas gambling community anonymous
Buju Banton Mark Myrie, Jr. This reggae guy changed his name to Buju Banton because they called his "Buju" in school' cause he was fat (that mean fatty in Jamaica), and because Pato Banton was his favorite singer as a kid. me
Bukka White Booker T. Washington White   Jazz
Bull Moose Jackson Benjamin Jackson He had the hit "I Love You Yes I Do" in 1961. Candy Welty
Bumblebee Slim Amos Easton  Bobo
Bun E. Carlos Brad Carlson Member of Cheap Trick Bobo
Bunker Hill David Walker Former pro boxer/gospel singer from Baltimore. Used this patriotic moniker on "Hide and Go Seek", a wacky Gary U.S. Bonds- style party rocker that hit the charts in '61.  jonaco
Bunny Sigler Walter Sigler He had five hits, 1967-78. Candy Welty
Bunny Wailer Neville O'Riley Livingston  Of Bob Marley and The Wailers. rasta
Burl Ives Burle Icle Ivanhoe  jolly
Burzum Varg Vikernes One-man band from Norway.  Kierkegaard
Burzum Varg Christian Vikernes Boy, what a joke that this neo-pagan , national socialist anti-christian (and anti-semitic) black metal "icon" actually has "Christian" for a middle name! Ha! pete
Busby Berkeley William Berkeley Enos  dance
Busta Rhymes Trevor Smith  Hakim
Buster Bloodvessel Douglas Trendle lead singer of bad manners 80s ska band simon sparrow
Buster Bloodvessel Doug Trendle Buster Bloodvessel was also the name of Ivor Cutler's character in the Beatles' 'Magical Mystery Tour' movie. pickle*
Buster Bloodvessel Douglas Trendle Heavyweight frontman of 80`s ska band Bad Manners DREW
Buster Poindexter David Johansen  jazzy
Butch Trucks Claude Hudson Trucks, Jr. Drummer for The Allman Brothers Band. yonder
Butch Vig Bryan Vigerson  Jess
Butch Walker Bradley Glenn Walker III He was the guitarist for the short-lived hair band, Southgang, and the front man of the Marvelous 3, now doing solo work. rayne
Butch Walker Bradley Walker Former guitarist/lead singer of The Marvelous 3 and guitarist of early 90's rock band Southgang, he shares his real name with at least one male family member, his grandfather. Rayne
Butterfly Ishmael Taylor 1/3 of Digable Planets Bobo
Butterfly Boucher Butterfly Giselle Grace Boucher  Lori Blonde
Buzz Cason James E. Carson Unknown country star of the 70's Bobo
Buzz Clifford Reese Francis Clifford, III Had one 60s hit with "Baby Sittin' Boogie". old

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