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This is a list of names of famous people, who have changed their real name. I'm only looking for music performers, not actors or other famous people. Below are the most recent entries.

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Entries Beginning with V

Original Name
Submitted by:
Vainqueur Rene Lowe  Bobo
Valdy Valdemar Horsdal  Canadian musician. Canadian
Van Cliburn Harvey Lavan Cliburn, Jr.  Famous t.v. record offer pianist. pianist
Van Gough Micheal Pritchard This is Mike, the Bass Player of Green Day, when he plays in "The Network" Chess Owen
Van Morrison George Ivan Morrison  oldsongs
Vanessa Conny Breukhoven  Jesse
Vangelis Evanghelos Odyssey Papathanassiou No wonder he changed the name. Nobody could spell it. electric
Vanilla Ice Robert Van Winkle  Celeste
Vanilla Ice Robert Van Winkle
Vanity Denise Mathews Denise Smith was her married name a few years ago she was married to a Football player but since has divorced. Thanks this is a great site... Samuelle King
Vanity Denise Katrina Smith   soul
Vanity Denise Matthews  nasty
Varg Vikernes Kristian Vikernes Along with what *lord667* said, here's some additional information: Varg also called himself "Count Grishnackh." (sometimes misspelled by the press as Grischnacht/Grishnackt/etc) He was the brains of the band Burzum. He killed Euronymous from Mayhem. cwenz
Varg Vikernes Kristian Vikernes Changed "Kristian" because it sounded, well, Christian. "Varg" is a term for an outlaw, with historical roots in words like "morthvargr" for "murderer". It can also mean "wolf". lord667
Various Artists Thorsten Profrock  Bobo
Vast Jon Crosby One man band from Humboldt County, CA. Bobo
Vera Lynn Vera Margaret Welsh She had seven hits on the American charts and nine hits on the British charts in the 1950s. Candy Welty
Vera-Ellen Vera-Ellen Westmeyr Rohe   old
The Veronicas  Jessica and Lisa Origliasso  Zakery "The Weird Man" Wood
Vic Damone Vito Farinola  old
Vicentico Gabriel Fernandez Capello Band leader and Singer of the Argentine band "Los Fabulosos Cadillacs"  Tulem
Victor Borge Borge Rosenbaum The late, great comedian-pianist. classic
Victor Borge BÝrge Rosenbaum  Bobo
Victor Borge Rosenbaum BÝrge   Bobo
Victoria Louise Lott Pixie Lott Born name Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Vikki Carr Florencia Casillas  Cara Miles
Vin Diesel Mark Vincent Has a twin brother named Paul Vincent. Changed his name. He thought it was to plain, and had been using his real name prior while looking for work and BREAK DANCING .So he took Vin from his last name and came up with Diesel at the gym while changing his look and size. Kaemarie
Vince Gill Vincent Grant Gill Ironically, married to singer Amy Grant. Countryboy
Vince Neil Vince Neil Wharton Lead singer for Motley Crue. heavymetal
Vincent Edwards Vincento Eduardo Zoine He had two hits in 1962: "Why Did You Leave Me?" and "Don't Worry 'Bout Me". Candy Welty
Vinnie Paul Vince Abbott drummer for PANTERA James Marshall Gaddis
Vinnie Vincent Vincent Cusano Former lead guitarist for Kiss (known in makeup as the Egyptian Warrior) from 1982 to 1983; also from the Vinnie Vincent Invasion Vic George
Vintersorg Andreas Hedlund "Vintersorg" is the Swedish term "winter sorrow". This Swedish metal vocalist fronts a variety of viking, folk and death metal bands such as Cosmic Death, Borknagar and a band under his own name, Vintersorg. Kyle
Violent J Joseph Bruce From Insane Clown Posse. rapper
Violent J Joseph Bruce Shaggy 2 Dope's name is Joseph too but I forgot the last name. Tori
Violent J Joseph Bruce Both members of ICP have the same first name!...Don't get em mixed up! Megan
violent jay joe bruce  it's his stage name for the band insane clown posse but he is still joe bruce only many people know him as violent jay HatchetRyda
Virgil Nameless John Dankworth Pseudonym used on some early Cleo Laine albums. Gordon Sapsed
Vitamin C Colleen Fitzpatrick She used to be in a band called "Eve's Plum" before she went solo Danielle
Vlad Drac Mike Patton Patton selected this pseudonym for his credit as "the vocalist" on Mr. Bungle's first album (as did all of the band members) Agrimorfee
Vlad Drac Mike Patton The ex-Faith No more singer performed under the name Vlad Drac on his first Mr Bungle album. Dry-Lie
Voltaire Aurelio Voltaire Hern√°ndez He took his stage name from the pen name of author: Fran√ßois-Marie Arouet. Voltaire's a goth musician, animation and comic artist, and is a professor at the School of Visual Arts in New York.  Lisa
Vrangsinn Daniel Salte Bassist for black metal band Carpathian Forest. The name Vrangsinn means "pervert" [vrang = sick, sinn = mind] and he's fully lived up to it. Recently, he's changed his last name to Vrangsinn. T.A.P. Warlord

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