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This is a list of names of famous people, who have changed their real name. I'm only looking for music performers, not actors or other famous people. Below are the most recent entries.

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Entries Beginning with E

Original Name
Submitted by:
E Mark Oliver Everett Played solo under the moniker E before forming EELS Tracy
E Elimu Anderson I found an old website of his while trekking on the internet. master agent
E Elvey Emily Elliot  NameMaster
E Elimu Anderson It was changed because he didn't like being made fun of. He likes being called by Elimu A-LEE-MOO. Elimu Anderson
E Devious Marco Ennis  Bobo
E Devious Elle Devon Veeoss  NameMaster
E Double E Erick Sermon  Bobo
E Rock Eric Taylor  Bobo
E Swift Eric Brooks Info from Bobo
E-40 Earl Stevens  Bobo
E-Dancer Kevin Saunderson  Bobo
Earl Slick Frankie Madeloni  Neil
Earl-Jean Earl-Jean McCrae She had the hit "I'm Into Something Good" in 1964 as a solo singer. She was also a member of The Cookies, who had four hits (1962-63). Candy Welty
East Bay Ray Raymond Pepperell Jr. Lead guitarist of the Dead Kennedys. Chiakolv
Eastside Billee William Speelman Popular Detroit Area Musician Fard Glinkswatter
Easy Lee Theodore Moye Info from Bobo
Easy Mo Bee Osten Harver, Jr. Info from Bobo
Eazy-E Eric Wright from N.W.A JeNNiE
Ecstasy John Fletcher Member of Whodini. Info from Bobo
Ed Bruce William Edwin Bruce, Jr.  countryboy
Ed Lover Ed Roberts
Ed Lover James Roberts According to Bobo
Ed O.G. Edward Anderson Member of Ed O.G. and the Bulldogs. Info from Bobo
Edd Byrnes Edward Breitenberger The infamous "Kookie" of "77 Sunset Strip" marketed his character in the song "Kookie, Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb)". oldrock
Eddie Barclay Edouard Ruault Legendary French jazz pianist, bandleader, record producer and bon vivant. His self-named label was home to Jacques Brel, Charles Aznavour, Henri Salvador and many other great Parisian cabaret artistes. Also a mentor to Quincy Jones. Adopted this Anglo-American moniker while playing in Parisian hotels.  jonaco
Eddie Cantor Edward Israel Iskowitz One of the most popular performers of the first half of the last century. Bobo
Eddie Cochran Edward Raymond Cochrane  oldtimer
Eddie Fisher Edwin Jack Fisher  oldtimer
Eddie Love Peter Edward Jon Frederick Love, Jr. Recorded six Rock 'n' Roll sides with Buddy Holly producing at Norm Petty's studio 1958 - 1958. Also did studio work (played on Waylon Jennings first record, "Jole Blon"/"When sin stops." Also has written over 2,500 songs under about ten names. Ward Evol
Eddie Money Edward Nelson Mahoney  Mike Hack
Eddie Money Edward Mahoney Eddie changed his name cuz he never wanted to be a cop & he (or the record guys) thought the name was too "coppish" for a rock star.  Russ
Eddie Money Edward Joseph Mahoney  rocky
Eddie Money Edward Mahoney He was a former cop from Detroit. Someone from his precinct apparently mentioned he was "money in the bank" on catching convicts. human
Eddie Murphy Edward Regan Murphy Singer/actor/comedian who just wanted to "Party All The Time". funny
Eddie Rabbitt Edward Thomas Rabbitt  Countryboy
Eddie Rambeau Edward Flurie He had a hit version of "Concrete And Clay" in 1965.  Candy Welty
Eddie Rayner Anthony Edward Rayner  Bobo
Eddie Vedder Edward Louis Stephenson III  Chris
Eddie Vedder Edward Louis Seversen III or Edward Mueller The guy from Pearl Jam. Seversen the third is his birth name, he was later adopted by his step father whose last name was Mueller, before he changed it to his mother's maiden name Vedder because he "hated that lawyer f***" Jeff G.
Eddie Veder Edward Louis Seversen the 2 He is the lead vocalist of Pearl Jam. Ya' know that band ten long years ago. S.T.G.
Eddy Arnold Richard Edward Arnold An old-time country star. old
Eddy Clearwater Eddy Harrington  blues
Eddy Grant Edmond Montague Grant His big hit was "Electric Avenue". reggae
The Edge David Evans The Edge was his childhood nickname. Bono gave it to him because of his sharp features, and his sharp mind. CRA-Z-4-U2
The Edge David Evans Rumor has it that the name had something to do with his chin. Jim
The Edge David Evans The Edge of U2. No one really knows why he changed his name--except some speculate that his guitar style might have been described as being on "the edge" and thus grew forth a nickname. Some also say that it's because of his sharp chin.
The Edge Dave Evans Paul Hewson (later Bono) nicknamed Dave "The Edge" because of his high intelligence and his scientific mind. Now even Edge's mother calls him that. Kite
The Edge David Hugh Evans STP motor oil slogan. Mike Hack
Edie Adams Elizabeth Edith Enke  united
Edith Piaf Édith Giovanna Gassion  Bobo
Edsel Dope Brian Ebejer Founder and lead singer of Dope. Travis
Edward Ka-Spel Edward Francis Sharp A.k.a. the Prophet Qa-Spel, Qa'Sepel, Che Banana, and D'Archangel. Lead singer and intsrumentalist of The Legendary Pink Dots. Eric
Edwin Starr Charles Hatcher His biggest hit was "War". ideal
Eice Cherry Neil Diamond Originally auditioned as Eice Cherry, but claimed fame by his real name. hips
Eightball Premro Smith Southern Rap pioneer Bobo
Eivets Rednow stevie wonder With his soulful almost feminine voice in the 60's, Stevie Wonder recorded his version of Burt Bacharach's 'Alfie' under this backward pseudonym. It was intended for Sandie Shaw and a hit for Cilla Black in the UK and Cher in the USA David harrison - jeil
El Duce Eldon Wayne Hoke Drummer of The Mentors. Pseudonym taken from the title of an executioner in a book Hoke owned. rob noxious
El Hefe Aaron Abeyba NOFX's guitarest aj kosto
El Hefe Aaron Abeyta NOFX guitarist/trumpeter/backup vocalist. Mike and the others decided he was the most proficient member of the band, so they called him "El Hefe" (Spanish: the chief, actually "el jefe," but I think they did that on purpose) Nikhil
Elesse S. Skolnick  Member of Sham and the Professor. Info from Bobo
Elliott Easton Elliott Shapiro Guitarist with "The Cars". e.t.
Elmore James Elmore Brooks  blues
Elton John Reginald Kenneth Dwight Elton John and Billy Joel had been touring concerts all this time around Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina. Mike Hack
Elton John Redge Dwight haha!not hard to see why he changed it!can't believe that one ain't on this website!! Mel
Elton John Reginald Kenneth Dwight In the 1960's, Elton John was in a band called Bluesology whose members also included Elton Dean and Long John Baldry. Thinking that the name Reg Dwight wouldn't cut it, he took the first names of Elton Dean and (Long) John Baldry and made Elton John out of it. crazydon
Elton John Reginald Kenneth Dwight Easy to learn if you read the jacket notes in "Captain Fantastic" Lyle Wiedeman
Elton John Reginald Kenneth Dwight Reggie Dwight Mike Hack
Elvis Costello Declan Patrick MacManus Elvis is of course from Elvis Presley and costello is his mothers maiden name. He changed it because he took time off work to record his first album My Aim is True and didn't want them to know what hed been doing. Colin
Elvis Costello Declan Patrick McManus Back in the early 80's before I even started listening to EC, I thought he had the world's coolest name: Elvis Presley plus Lou Costello!  geojones
Elvis Costello Declan Patrick McManus  Cara Miles
Elvis Presley Elvis Aron Presley  restingtomcat
Elvis Ramone Clement "Clem" Burke Best known as the drummer for the new wave pop rock band Blondie. Elvis Ramone is the name Burke used while he filled in as temporary drummer for punk rock band The Ramones for a couple of concerts in 1987 after their original drummer Richie Ramone suddenly and unexpectedly quit the band. Edward
Elwood Blues Dan Aykroyd "Saturday Night Live" alumnus whose real name is Daniel Edward Agraluscasacra. blues
Emanuel Manuel Tó Ramiro Freitas Emanuel, a very popular music personality of the 90's "Pimb" Music, was born American before changing his nationality to Portuguese.. CarlosPT
Emelia Emelia Barnwell You know that 'Big Big World' song back '98 Bobo
Emil Chau Wakin Chau  Erin
Emilia Emilia Rydberg Known for the song "Big Big World". Swede
Emilio Emilio Navaira A Tejano (Tex-Mex) singer. He dropped his surname to increase his crossover appeal. Da Phoenix
Eminem Marshall Bruce Mathers, III Just thought you should know his middle name, too. IAmWrong
Eminem Marshall Mathers In D12 also does some solo. Mojo Jojo
Eminem Marshall Bruce Mathers III  PersonUDon'tKnow44
Eminem Marshall Bruce Mathers III Eminem's just the baddest white rapper man! GC Luva
Eminem Marshall Mathers the 3rd it's pretty obvious. first of all, it says on his cd,THE MARSHALL MATHERS LP, and second of all, M.M.=M and M=M 'n' M=Eminem Chris Gallego
Eminem/Slim Shady Marshall Bruce Mathers III He uses them as personalities. Marshall is scared of most things, Slim Shady is a crazy ass cracker, and Eminem is the hard core rapper. Nyla Howell
Emppu Erno Vuorinen Erno is the lead guitarist of Nightwish and Brother Firetribe. He thought that Erno is to difficult to pronounce. However he changed his name into Emppu. Cynthia Cardui
En Esch Klaus Schandelmaier Former drummer with KMFDM. Rocky
Endemic Void Danny Koffey Easy-chair jungle outfit Endemic Void have carried out one of the more successful fusions of jazz, dub, and spacey ambient atmospherics in a drum'n'bass context, under the one-man project of Danny Koffey Bobo
Engelbert Humperdinck Jerry Dorsey To quote comedian Eddie Izzard, "I would have liked to have been in the room when they were working THAT one out..." Eddie Izzard Fan
Engelbert Humperdinck Arnold Dorsey  oldtimer
Engelbert Humperdinck  Arnold George Dorsey The original Humperdinck was a German composer who wrote the Hansel & Gretel opera. Mike Brailsford
Engelbert Humperdink Gerry Dawsey He changed his name when his records (released as gerry dawsey) werent selling, i just wish i was in the room when they were coming up with a new name 4 him................ Ted
England Dan Dan Seals Brother of Jim Seals of Seals and Crofts. united
Enigma Michael & Sandra Cretu  Alexandra
Enigma Michael Creta  electric
Eno Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Sall Full name: Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno. brit
Enrique Iglesias Enrique Iglesias Preysler Dropped his mom's last name..I hope it's not to ride the coat tails of his father... Silvercatch
Enrique Iglesias Preysler Enrique Iglesias The son of Julio Iglesias Fatima Curiel
Enviable Young Elect Marcel Graumans Of Prophets Of Truth. Info from Bobo
Enya Eithne Ni Bhraonian  codeman38
Enya Eithne Ni Bhraonain Eithne was really pronounced Enya so she changed the spelling to make it easier for the general public to pronounce. On the Clannad albums when Enya played keyboards and sang backup vocals before leaving the group, her name was printed Eithne Ni Bhraonain. When she released the "Frog Prince" soundtrack in 1984, her name was printed Enya Ni Bhraonain. The Ni Bhraonain was dropped altogether when she came out with her first solo album in 1987. JJGat
Epic Bret Mazur Member of Crazy Town. raprock
Epic Brett Mazur One of the lead singers in Crazytown (CXT) Jezebel
Eric 'Danno' Geevers Eric Geevers The Link Wray 'Shadowman' album now has at least three different pressings with three different spellings of Eric's name. Also, July '07 sees the return of his stage name Eric Danno - once more adopted for playing bass in original NYC garage outfit The Fuzztones. Pete
Eric B. Eric Barrier 1/2 of Eric B. & Rakim. hamed
Eric Carr Paul Caravello Former drummer for Kiss (known in makeup as The Fox), from 1980 to 1989 Vic George
Eric Clapton Eric Patrick Clapton Numerous sources, including Joel Whitburn's "Top Pop Singles", as well as many music industry websites, state that Eric Clapton's "real" surname is Clapp. This is an error, due to the fact that Clapp is the surname of his grandmother's second husband, Jack Clapp. Eric Clapton got his surname from his mother, Patricia Molly Clapton, the daughter of Reginald Cecil Clapton, Rose's first husband, Eric's maternal grandfather. confirms this. Annabelle
Eric Clapton Eric Clapp Eric Clapp looked like someone cut off the end of a recording, so he gave it a better ending; Clapton. Eric Thomas
Eric Clapton Eric Patrick Clapp  oldtimer
Eric Danno Eric Geevers Dutch bass player known for his work with Link Wray; formerly in the Ace-Tones, now in The Napoleons, The X-Ray Men and The Raving Bonkers. Nickname 'Danno' coined by Peter Stuart of NYC band the Headless Horsemen. Pete
Eric Greevers Eric Geevers A mis-spelled name that's begun to lead a life of its own. Link Wray album sleeves have "Eric Greevers", "Eric 'Danno' Geevers" and "Eric 'Danno' Greevers". Ah well...  pete
Eric Morecambe John Eric Bartholomew Half of a famous comedy double act "Morecambe and Wise" Pete
Eric Singer Eric Doyle Mensinger Can you blame him for changing it? I don't. Sandi
Ernie K-Doe Ernest Kador, Jr.  Bobby Heffley
Ernie Wise Ernest Wiseman Half of a famous comedy double act "Morecambe and Wise". Sang a bit, too. Pete
Erykah Badu Erica Wright  soul ii soul
Ese Ceazah Cesar Carrillo Hardcore Salvadorian/Mexican rapper lil snoopy
Ese Ceazah Cesar Carrillo This was given to him by peeps in high school who didnt know how to write his name.He is a famous latin hip-hop producer mr.threat
Ese Ceazah Cesar Carrillo He's one of the tightest latino rap producer in the game Lil Snoopy
Esham Rashaam Smith  Bobo
Eskispectacular Ian P. Richmond Of The UBC. Info from Bobo
Est Robert Walker Info from Bobo
Esteban Stephen Paul Guitarist who plays on home shopping channels. MOR
Esther Madonna Louise Ciccione She changed her name because it suited her Kaballah religion. Yet Another Dutchman
Esther Phillips Esther Mae Jones Her hits included "Release Me" (1962) and "What A Diff'rence A Day Makes" (1975). Loree Dare
Esthero Jenny-Bea Englishman  Pacun
Ethel Merman Ethel Agnes Zimmermann  old
Etta James Jamesetta Hawkins  jazzy
Eubie Blake James Hubert Blake  jazz hot
Eugene Wilde Ronald Eugene Broomfield He had the hits "Gotta Get You Home Tonight" and "Don't Say No Tonight" in 1985. Candy Welty
Euronymous Řystein Aarseth From Black Metal band Mayhem. "Euronymous" means "Prince of Death". lord667
Eve Eve Jihan Jeffers  Prophet from Queens
Eve Evette Jihan Jeffers  Boomer
Eve Boswell Eva Keteli  obscure
Everlast Eric Schrody  Bobo
The Everly Brothers Isaac Donald (Don) & Phil Everly  duo
Everton Blender Everton Dennis Williams  Bobo
Evil Dee Edward Dewgarde Info from Bobo
Ewan MacColl Jimmy Miller Writer of 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face' and 'Dirty Old Town'. Father of Kirsty MacColl. pickle
Exene Cervenka Christine Cervenka Singer for the group X. punker
Exos Arnvidur Snorrason  Bobo
Extra P. William Paul Mitchell Info from Bobo
Eydie Gorme Edith Gorme Singing partner with Steve Lawrence. old
Eydie Gorme Edith Gormezano According to, her real name. old
Eye Bobby Simmons Info from Bobo
EZ Elpee L. Porter Info from Bobo
EZ Mo Be Osten Harvey  U.S. rap music promoter. rap city
EZ Mo Bee Austen Harvey Info from Bobo
EZ Rock Rodney Brice Info from Bobo

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