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This is a list of names of famous people, who have changed their real name. I'm only looking for music performers, not actors or other famous people. Below are the most recent entries.

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Entries Beginning with W

Original Name
Submitted by:
W. Axl Rose William Bailey  Johnny Bee
W.C. Handy William Christopher Handy  jazz
Wagon Christ Luke Vibert  Bobo
Waka Flocka Flame Juaquin Malphurs  Yvette Bristle
Walter Scott Walter Notheis The information you have posted about "Sir Walter Scott" / Walter Notheis states that he was murdered by his wife and lover. I am from St. Louis and it is my understanding that the wife was never charged with such a crime but that the lover is in prison for life. Walter Notheis
Wanda Dee Lawanda Mcfarland old school d.j./m.c. dance music diva bori love
Warner Mack Warner MacPherson He had the hits "Is It Wrong (For Loving You)" in 1957, and "Roc-A-Chicka" in 1958. Candy Welty
Warren G. Warren Griffin, III  rappa
Warren Storm Warren Schexnider He had the hit "Prisoner's Song" in 1958. Candy Welty
Washboard Sam Robert Brown Arguably the worlds greatest prewar washboard player Bobo
Washing Machine Sonic Youth When REM asked the band to tour with them in 1995 they agreed to do so only if they could go under the pseudonym Washing Machine. Instead, they ended up naming their next album Washing Machine. Camille
Wavy Gravy Hugh Romney Famous Woodstock figure nicknamed "The Minister Of Talk" (Given to him by B.B. King. hip
Wax Doctor Paul Saunders  Bobo
Wayne Fontana Glyn Ellis  Bobo
Wayne Hussey Jerry Wayne Hussey He didn't like the name Jerry. And the name Wayne is better?! H-J
Wayne Newton Carson Wayne Newton  vegas
Wayne Static Wayne Wells Wayne Static is the lead singer of alt-metal band Static-X Chandra
WC Willie Calhoun From Westside Connection fame. Left
Webb Wilder John McMurry The Southern guitarist who told us to "Tough It Out". oldrock
Wednesday 13 Joseph Poole Lead singer from the Murderdolls and various other bands. Caitlin
Wednesday 13 Joseph Poole Yes, JoeyaBullets was Wednesday`s Pseudonym in his Band "The Frankenstein Drag Queen from Planet 13" which he found long before the Murderdolls!!! His real official Name is Joseph Poole! I`m sorry, I was a little mad about this, because Joey Bullets is simply false! I just love Wednesday and the Murderdolls!  Wednesday`s Girl Any Questions about tzhe Murder
Wednesday 13 Joesph Poole He is the lead singer from the murderdolls. emz
Wednesday 13 Joseph Poole Joseph got his band name from "that little b**ch Wednesday Addams from the TV show). His previous band had fake names that had to do with "scary" TV shows (ie. the munsters). Therefore Joseph came up with Wednesday 13 and is a wicked singer and Murderdolls kick ass! Talena
Wednesday 13 Joey Bullets This is the singer from The Murderdolls antichrist superstar
Wednesday 13 (Audrey 3) Joseph Poole Lead singer of the murderdolls, Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13(Audrey 3), Wednesday 13, Maniac Spider Trash, etc. Audrey 13
Weiland Scott Kent STP's first album, "Core" credited him as just Weiland before using Scott Weiland for later albums. hardrock
Weird Al Yankovic Alfred Matthew Yankovic "Weird Al" was his nickname during his college days. Mr. Bun
Wendy Carlos Walter Carlos Moog synthesizer expert from the 1960s and 70s, Wendy boldly went where few men have gone and made the change in more than just name. xibee
Wendy Carlos Walter Carlos Wendy boldly went where few men have gone and made the change in more than just name. xibee
Wendy O. Wendy O. Williams Founder and singer for Wendy O. and The Plasmatics who committed suicide in April, 1995. punker
Wendy Waldman Wendy Steiner Songwriter, performer, and daughter of Fred Steiner, who wrote theme for "The Bullwinkle Show" xibee
WestBam Maximilian Lenz Also performed as Mrs. X and Mr. Y, began DJing in 1983 and became known as Westbam as a shortened version of his original nickname, which he received in honor of his place of birth (Westphalia) and his biggest musical influence (Afrika Bambaataa). Bobo
Whigfeld Sannie Charlotte Carlson She was born Sannie Charlotte Carlson in 1970 in Denmark. Later she went to Italy where she began her music career. Her adopted name Whigfield is a tribute to her piano teacher. Janice Ferrell
Whispering Bill Anderson James William Anderson III He was dubbed "Whispering Bill" because of his low, melodious singing voice that almost sounds like a whisper.  Forty11gurl
Whistling Jack Smith Billy Moeller Actually, Jack was also a fake. He was allegedly made up by the British songwriting team of Greenaway & Cook. Moeller agreed to play "Jack' for personal appearances. By the way, Whistling Jack's " only hit was "I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman". fake
Whitey Ford Benjamin Francis Ford  Country singer that was referenced by Everlast on his album "Whitey Ford Sings The Blues". blues
Whoopi Goldberg Caryn Elaine Johnson The best actress and singer in the world, do ur thang Chocolate Child
Whoopie Goldberg Karen Johnson  Nana
Wi$h Bone Charles Scruggs Of Bone Thugs 'N' Harmony. bone
Wilbur Wilde Nicholas Aitken Played saxaphone in Ol` 55.Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons.he was born 5/Oct/1955 and has played opposite Red Simmons on Hey hey it`s Saturday Stuart
Wildman Fischer Larry Fischer Celebrated, frequently homeless L.A.-based musician from the 1960s-present. First recorded by Frank Zappa, who gave him his own album, "An Evening with Wildman Fischer," in 1968. Picked up by Rhino Records in the late '70s, he has recorded three more albums. Frequently heard on the Dr. Demento show. Known to be extremely erratic and his bizarre behavior is somewhat legendary. Tom Tuerff
Wilhelm Billie Joe Armstrong When he writes songs for Pinhead Gunpowder, he uses this false name. iovinelli
Wilhelm Fink Billie Joe Armstrong Wilhelm is German for William, which many people (wrongly) assume Billie Joe's name is. Billie uses this name in Pinhead Gunpowder, and goes simply by Fink in the Network. abby
Wilhelm Fink Billie Joe Armstrong Billie Joe Armstrong sometimes writes songs for Pinhead Gunpowder (one of his side bands) under the name Wilhelm Fink. nick
Wilhelm Fink Billie Joe Armstrong Billie Joe is actually his real name, his mother was hopped up on painkillers when she signed his birth certificate. On various album covers he is referred to as 'Wilhelm Fink", it is also the title of a song on Short Music For Short People. In Green Day's secret band The Network, Billie's alternate ego is Fink. D00KIE
Wilhelm Shroeder Wilhelm Anthon Leeb While a member of the canadian industrial band, Skinny Puppy, mr. Leeb used the pseudonym of Wilhelm Shroeder. He explained in interviews the origin of it : Wilhelm being in real first name ; Shroeder, as a tribute to that piano player of the same name in the cartoon "Peanuts" ! After he quitted Skinny Puppy to form his own band, Front Line Assembly, Wilhelm contracted his too austrich sounding name to the familiar "Bill". Since then, he's professionally known as Bill Leeb.  the Grey
Wilko Johnson John Wilkinson Guitarist for Dr. Feelgood. brit William James Adams, Jr.  Travis
Will.I.Am William Adams Jr. from the Black Eyed Peas  tg
Willa Ford Amanda Williford   pop
Willa Ford Amanda Willaford  Trisha
Willaford Amanda Lee Willaford She was Nick Carter girlfriend until they broke up late last year. Celeste
William A. Bong Reginald Dwight(Elton John) One of EJ's many pseudonyms MovieTech
William Bell William Yarborough He had six hits, 1962-77, including the million-seller "Tryin' To Love Two" in 1977. Candy Welty
William Orbit William Wainwright  electronic
Willie D. William Houston  Bobo
Willy Crook Eduardo Guillermo Crook  Eduardo Guillermo Crook
Willy DeVille William Borsey Frontman for Mink DeVille. punker
Wink Martindale Winston Conrad Went from recording "Deck of Cards" to hosting the card game show "Gambit". t.v.
Wise Leonard Roman Member of Stetsasonic Bobo
Wish Bone Charles Scruggs Of Bones, Thugs-N-Harmony Bone Thug
Witchman John Roome  Bobo
Wiz Khalifa Cameron Jibril Thomaz  Yvette Bristle
Wolf Bill Wolfer He had a hit cover of "Papa Was A Rollin' Stone" in 1983. Candy Welty
Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart Johanes Chrystostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart  older
Wolfgang Voigt Mike Ink Genre - Electronica Bobo
Wolfman Jack Robert Weston Smith  Bobo
Wolfman Jack Robert Weston Smith Famed disc jockey of "American Grafitti" fame.  howl
Wonder Mike Michael Wright 1/3 of the rap trio The Sugarhill Gang. rapper
Wonder Who The Four Seasons The Four Seasons recorded Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, it's All Right" under the pseudonym "The Wonder Who". Don't ask me why... DeeDee
Woob Paul Frankland  Bobo
Woody James Green Singer for the rap group Dru Hill. soul ii
Woody Allen Allen Stewart Konigsberg A jazz musician off camera. funny
Woody Guthrie Woodrow Wilson Guthrie  folk
Woody Herman Woodrow Charles  jazz
Wookie Jason Chue British Garage/Electronica Superstar. Bobo
WrongfulDef Michael Bobo member of the 8th Gate rap group. Mike
Wrongfuldef Michael Bobo Member of 54th Regiment Rap group leroy
Wyclef Jean Jean Wyclef Former Fugees member with a successful solo career. soul
Wynonna Judd Christine Ciminella  crazydon

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