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This is a list of names of famous people, who have changed their real name. I'm only looking for music performers, not actors or other famous people. Below are the most recent entries.

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Entries Beginning with P

Original Name
Submitted by:
P Diddy or Puff Daddy Sean John Combs He also used his first and middle name for his clothing.  Funk Doctor
p!nk Alicia Moore she got this nickname from a friend, who used to tease her cuz she was more like the 'boy' in their group of friends, she was not very girly, so her friend, as a joke, nicknamed her Pink, as a contrast, cuz that color is totally related with girly things aloe
P!nk Alicia Moore got the name p!nk from her nickname p!nk. she got it because she used to get embarrsed alot and turned bright pink when she did.  Ifer
P!nk Alicia Moore Alicia went into her label one day with her friends and they dressed like they were in Reservoir Dogs. Alica dressed up like Mr. Pink. She was going to call her self that but the execs preferred pink SupaFlo
P-Nut Aaron Wills Bassist of 311, given this name because when he played bass and nodded his head, it looked like a peanut, hence the name. Alicia
p. diddy sean combs  touchdown toni
P. Diddy Shawn Puffy Combs This new name makes it sound like your not upsessed with hair. Josh
P. Diddy/Puff Daddy/Puffy Sean Combs  soul
P. Exeter Blue I Elijah Blue Allman Frontman/lead guitarist for the band Deadsy Melanie
P. Exeter Blue I Elijah Blue Allman Deadsy's frontman and mastermind :), Cher's son. Corruption Master
P.D.Q. Bach Peter Schickele Classical satirist. funny
Pablo Diablo Paul Garner Legendary singer/songwriter of the rock and roll band, The Noids. Ed Wilder
Padraig Duggan Padraig i Dagein Member of the Celtic band Clannad, which also includes his brother Noel. irish
Palm Skin Productions Simon Richmond  Bobo
Pampba Prabhuram It is an Indian name Prabhu
Papa M David Pajo Former Slint and Tortoise guitarist Bobo
Paperclip People Carl Craig Also as a group project, but mainly a solo act. Bobo
Paradox Bradley Cornish  DERRICK SMITH
Paris The Black Fu Mack Goudy Jr.  Bobo
Pasemaster Mase Vincent Mason  Bobo
Pat Andrzejewski Pat Benatar This is a correction to the pseudonym currently on Pat's page, which is spelled incorrectly.  Joe Cross
Pat Benatar Pat Andrejewski
Pat Boone Eugene Charles Boone Peter Noone and Pat Boone Mike Hack
Pat Boone Charles Eugene Patrick Boon  Bobo
Pat Duggan Padraig Odugain Member of Celtic band Clannad Bobo
Patrick Stump Patrick Stumph He dropped the 'H' in order to make sure people pronounced it right. Sam
Patrick Stump Patrick Stumph Patrick is the lead singer of Fall Out Boy. He dropped the name so there wouldn't be any pronuciation errors. "Patrick Stump" is on every single one of Fall Out Boy's albums. Amanda
Patrick Stump Patrick Stumph He's the lead singer of Fall Out Boy. He just dropped the, "h," one day. Mandy
Patsy Cline Virginia Patterson Hensley  Cara Miles
Patsy Montana Rubye Blevins The first female country singer to sell one million records. Martha Hankins
Patti LaBelle Patricia Holt Pop/R&B singer who had 1975 #1 hit "Lady Marmalade" with trio LaBelle, and perhaps best known for the 1986 smash hit "On My Own" duet with the Doobie Brothers' Michael McDonald. Evan Heller
Patti Labelle Patricia Louise Holte I am trying to find her personally. My Name is Pamela c. reed. pamela reed
Patti LaBelle Patricia Louise Holte Her last name was actually Holte with an "e", known to her close friends as Pat. john hayes
Patti Page Clara Ann Fowler Pop/country vocalist best known for pre-rock 50s hits "Tennessee Waltz", "I Went To Your Wedding" and "Doggie In The Window". Evan L. Heller
Patty Duke Anna Marie Patricia Duke  old
Patty Loveless Patty Ramey NOT Patricia. Patty is her given name J
Patty Loveless Patricia Ramey The last name is Ramey, not Ramsey norman k
Patty Loveless Patricia Lee Ramsey   Countryboy
Paul Paul Thomas Bass player for Good Charlotte!!! me!!
Paul Ray Hilderbrand Of the duo Paul & Paula. oldtimes
Paul Paul Thomas  Melissa
Paul Brandt Paul Rennee Belobersycky  Deb
Paul Di'Anno Paul Andrews He adopted this pseudonym when hired by Iron Maiden as a singer and kept it till now (2020). PeartNeal
Paul Jones Paul Pond Manfred Mann lead singer before going solo. Janet Trent
Paul Mcartney Billy Shears According to the daft 'Paul is dead' conspiracy theories, Paul Mcartney met his death in car crash circa 1966 and was replaced by a lookalike named Billy Shears. The name 'Billy Shears' is mentioned in the song Sgt Pepper  Jimatha o' Boogie
Paul McCartney James Paul McCartney  Tom
Paul McCartney James Paul McCartney Paul is his middle name. Mona
Paul McCartney James Paul McCartney  Crazy Chester
Paul Nicholas Paul Beuselinck Singer who found "Heaven on the Seventh Floor". brit
Paul Ramon Paul Mcartney Produced Bonzo Dog Band's 'Urban Spaceman' under this name. This Pseudonym is also where the Ramones get their name.  Jimatha o' Boogie
Paul Revere Paul Revere It sounds like a stage name, but that is the real name of the ex-leader of The Raiders. oldtimes
Paul Revere Paul Revere Dick From The early roots of Paul Revere and the Raiders began to take shape in 1959 with the forming of a band called "The Downbeats". The group was lead by organist, Paul Revere Dick (who since has legally changed his name to just Paul Revere) Yusef Anni
Paul Revere Paul Revere This is just a correction to the other info here. Paul is still leading the band after 45 years. He's the last madman of rock & roll. I played a show with Paul & the Raiders a few years ago. Great band. Check out their website.
Paul Sneef Paul Leary Walthall Guitarist for Butthole Surfers. alt
Paul Stanley Stanley Harvey Eisen  Kiss Girl
Paul Stanley Stanley Eisen  MacIver
Paul Stanley Stanley Eisen  Corey
Paul Stookey Noel Paul Stookey The Paul of Peter, Paul & Mary. folk
Paul Wall Paul Slayton White Texas rapper affiliated with Swishahouse, Chamillionaire's ex-partner in the Color Changing Click, collaboed on the Nelly hit "Grillz, and now has a solo Top 40 hit, "Girl." txan
Paul Weller John William Weller Singer-guitarist with The Jam and Style Council. newsound
Paula Jill Jackson Of the duo Paul & Paula. oldtimes
PayDay Bubba Slump  Mike D
The Payolas Rock & Hyde Current albums generally call them The Payolas. But they are known by both names. Jessica Bielzebub
PC Patrick Carpenter  Bobo
Peabo Bryson Robert Beabo Bryson Sang duets with several female singers, including Celine Dion. soul II
Peaches Merrill Nisker canadian schoolteacher who became Berlin's FemRap Art Rogue Vanessa
Peaches Francine Barker(Hurd) Of the duo Peaches and Herb. soul
Pearl Bailey Pearly Mae Bailey Also known as "Dickie". jazz
Pebbles Perri McKissack Family gave her the nickname as she resembled Pebbles Flintstone as a child. From Billboard Book of Top 40 hits 7th ed. Big Mark
Pee MD Parrish Smith  Bobo
Peetie Wheatstraw William Bunch  blues
Peggy Lee Norma Deloris Egstrom  old
Peligro David Spero Peligro  Cesar Romero
Penny McLean Gertrude Wirschinger Penny McLean was the second of the 3 female singers for German disco group Silver Convention. Later went solo, and even covered Dschinghis Khan's song "Tut Ench Amun" as "Child of Egypt" (NOTE: Tut Ench Amun is supposedly German for Tutankhamen). Dylan Baranski
Pepa Sandy Denton Of Salt 'N Pepa LDM
Peppy Castro Emil Thielheim Lead singer/guitarist for Blues Magoos noted for "(We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet". rock
Perry Como Pierino Como  jazz
Perry Farrell Perry Bernstein it may sound like might be because, his brothers name is Farrell rob
Perry Farrell Perry Bernstein The Jane's Addiction/Porno For Pyros frontman changed his name to Perry Farrell because it sounds like "peripheral." Ben
Perry Farrell Perry Bernstein  Sandi
Peshay Paul Pesce  Bobo
Pete Peter Wentz He was an all-state soccer player before the band Fall Out Boy. He also wrote "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side" and is a huge part of Clandestine Industries. claire
Pete Best Randolph Peter Best  Larcen Tyler
Pete Shelley Peter McNeish Founding member of the Buzzcocks. Shelley was, apparently, the name the McNeishes had picked out for if they were to have a daughter. Plasket
Pete Wentz Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III I'm guessing he shortened it to Pete Wentz because his real name is long. Also it doesn't sound like a bass player in a rock band's name. It sounds more like a piano player's name. Sam
Peter & Gordon Peter Asher/Gordon Waller  duo
Peter Alexander Peter Neumayer  Anni
Peter Alexander Ferdinand Maximilian Neumayer Born: 30.Jun.1926 (Wien, OE) - 50/60/70 DE/OE Schlager-Star (a few more Movies) Joe-Nase
Peter Alexander Peter Steele Steele went by Peter Alexander with Cats Can Fly, as the band was beginning to become known to mainstream audiences. Harderman61
Peter Allen Peter Allen Woolnough Late pianist, songwriter and ex-husband of Liza Minelli.  old
Peter Banks Peter Brockbanks Member of the band Yes. rocknroll
Peter Criss Peter Criscoula  KEITH
Peter Criss Peter Crisscoula  Corey
Peter Green Peter Allen Greenbaum Original member of Fleetwood Mac. united
Peter Nero Bernie Nierow  band
Peter Schilling Pierre Schilling This WAS A name used by this singer from 1979-1981 and put out 3 singles in Germany (His Homeland) under this name. Peter Schilling put out the song Major Tom in 1983. Pierre could also be his real first name. Alana
Peter Schilling Pierre Michael Schilling  gahaha
Peter Stuart Peter Kohmon Peter was in The Headless Horsemen (with Elan Portnoy, ex-Fuzztons), contributed to an album by Pianosaurus, toured with Bianca 'Bob' Miller... pete
Peter Tchaikovsky Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky  Famous composer best known for "Swan Lake". Russian
Peter Tork Peter Halsten Thorkelson I don't know where the other people got their information but it is WRONG! Peter Tork was the bassist of the group, NOT the drummer. Halsten is Peter's middle name, not his last. They also spelled his last name WRONG... They forgot the H. Daye
Peter Tork Peter Halsten Drummer for The Monkees. oldrock
Peter Tork Peter Torkelson According to, this is The Monkees' drummers real name. oldsongs
Peter Tosh Winston Hubert McIntosh  rasta
Peter Wolf Peter Blankfield  Ex-lead singer for The J. Geils Band. oldrock
Petula Clark Sally Clark  Edward
Phantom Klaatu Joseph Gonzales "phantom" was taken from a nickname he used to have, "Klaatu" is taken from the sci-fi movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still" sidelaw
Phife Malik Taylor Of the rap trio A Tribe Called Quest. rapster
Phil Harmonic Paul Garner World famous singer/songwriter of the rock and roll band, The Noids. Ed Wilder
Phil Harris Wonga Philip Harris  oldtimer
Phil Lesh Philip Chapman Former bassist for "The Grateful Dead". groove
Phil Phillips John Baptiste The famed "Sea of Love" singer. soul
Phil Spector Harvey Phillip Spector Famed record producer and ex-husband of Ronnie Spector.  under
Phillippe Wynne Philip Walker philipe walker became phillippe wynne after he joined the spinners and after he died they used his surname philipe wright  hawk
Phoebe Snow Phoebe Laub Singer and poetry woman. MOR
Phoenix Dave Farrell Phoenix is the bassist of Linkin Park. ghf
Phoenix David Farrell Bass player from Linkin Park.....apparently (wot i have heard) he hates his name, so he changed it to Phoenix......but he is still called Dave Farrell, but we call him Phoenix cause he likes it! Gabz_LP
Phoenix Dave Farrell He's the bassist from Linkin Park Mac
Photek Richard Parkes Though Goldie became the first superstar of jungle, the recordings of Rupert Parkes as Code of Practice, Aquarius, Studio Pressure, the Truper and Sentinel, but most famously as Photek made him an easy pick for the style's most artistic and intelligent producer.  Bobo
Phranc Susan Gottlieb Famed lesbian folk singer. folk
Pia Zadora Pia Schipani  bad
Piano Red William Lee Perryman   blues
Pierre Bouvier Pierre Charles Boouvier Simple Plan usually just sticks to their first names its noon already
Pig Matt Montgomerey He's the lead singer/guitarist for Piggy D. and was a guitarist for Wednesday 13. SicK Grave
Pigmeat Markham Dewey Markham "Laugh-In" regular known for "Here Comes the Judge". soul
Pigpen Ron McKernan The late keyboardist for "The Grateful Dead". He was the first of three "Dead" keyboardists to perish.  groove
Pink Alecia Moore If you were watching MTV's diary of Pink, you would have realised that Pink's name came not from hair colour or blushing tendencies, but from the Mr Pink in Reservoir Dogs, who she felt was cool and independant like her; she dropped the mister cos she thought it would create confusion.  Helena
Pink Alecia Moore  name
Pink Alecia Moore  Karen
Pink Alecia Moore All the posted explanations have been wrong..I have seen Behind The Music on Pink, and they said that the pseudonym came from Mr. Pink, a character in the movie "Reservoir Dogs," to whose personality Pink could relate.  x0
Pink Alecia Moore People have submitted the name, but not the explanation, so here I go: "Pink" did NOT come from the colour of her hair (that was later on), but it was a nickname given to her for her face when she got embarrassed, and she went all--you guessed it--pink. Trainiac
pink alecia moore she peed herself when she was small, and blushed, a boy pointed and shouted pink! and it stuck k8i
Pinkard & Bowden Sandy Pinkard/Richard Bowden Country music parodists. funny
Pistol Allen H. Richard Allen Late Motown session drummer, one of the legendary Motown 'Funk Brothers' MovieTech
Pixie Lott Victoria Louise Lott  Lefty Lucy
Pj and Duncan Anthony and Declan  Lil Girl
PJ Harvey Polly Jean Harvey  newsong
PK Meyer Per Kristoffer Meyer Cruising for Burgers' guitar player  Ruth 66
Placido Domingo Jose Placido Domingo Embil   opera
Planetary Assault Systems Luke Slater  Bobo
Plastikman Richie Hawtin The most famous pseduonym of Richie Hawtin (Canadian techno producer). I don't know where he got the name from, but he used to tag Detroit with the Plastikman logo as a means to direct people to his parties in the early 90s. Bill
Play Christopher Martin 1/2 of Kid 'N' Play. Rapper
Pleasure P Marcus Ramone Cooper  Yvette Bristle
Plumb Tiffany Arbuckle (Lee) Another singer using a rock group name, this time it's an American Christian singer. Kristi Knockers
Poe Annie Danielewski  opinion
Poe Annie Danielewski Annie changed her name because of her fascination with Edgar Allen Poe poetry and stories. Jason Huitt
Poe Annie Danielewski She got the nickname because she went out as Edgar Allen Poe for a halloween party and the name stuck. alana
Poe Annie Decatur Danielewski  fritz
Poison Ivy Kirsty Marlana Wallace  Guitarist for The Cramps. punk
Pole Stefan Bedke  Bobo
Polly Bergen Nellie Paulina Burgin  oldstyle
Poly Styene Marion Elliot  punk
Polygon Window Aphex Twin  Budwin
Pooh-Man Lawrence Thomas Unfortunate name, unfortunate guy. Bobo
Pop Stoneman Ernest V. Stoneman   oldcountry
Poppy Family Terry and Susan Jacks This Canadian folkie duo asked "Which Way You Goin' Billy?" in the early '70s. After the follow-ups floundered, the couple split. Terry, of course, later graced (?) us with the Jacques Brel weeper, "Seasons In The Sun".  jonaco
Popsicle Pete  Pierre Bouvier  This is just one of Pierre's cool nicknames for this hot Simple Plan man. simple plan
Posdnous Kelvin Mercer
Posdnuos Kelvin Mercer  Bobo
Posh Spice Victoria Adams Married to British soccer (football) star David Beckham. brit
Pras Prakazrel Michel One of the former Fugees with a solo career. oppenheim
Pratt & McClain Truett Pratt/Jerry McClain Duo who have seen their "Happy Days". duo
Pretty Purdie Bernard Purdie He had the hit "Funky Donkey" in 1967. Candy Welty
Prevail Kiley Hendricks Prevail of Swollen Members. He's the black guy with the long dreads. The hip-hop group from Vancouver. Swollen Fan
Priest Rahul Bellani He disguised himself as a priest and turned out to be one of Asiaz biggest mafiaz.He is now managin one of Asias great underworld organisation. Saint BaskinsZ
Prince Prince Rogers Nelson
Prince Roger Nelson I don't care what the mutha fo' call himself as long as its' FUNKY!!! jojo
Prince Rogers Nelson Returned to the name "Prince" in 2000 cause that was when his record deal with Warner Bros. was up, from 1993 - 2000 he went by o+> Ryan Harder
Prince Prince Rogers Nelson his name used to be "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince" described by a funky symbol.. everyone knew what it looked liked.. it needs to be in the windows character map! but everyone just called him Prince anyway so now he is just "Prince" Jaz
Prince Prince Rogers Nelson The above name "Rogers Nelson" is not true. Prince's birth name is Prince Rogers Nelson. His father was a jazz performer whose stage name was Prince Roger, ans do Prince was named after that, but his father later added an "s" to make "Rogers" in order to ease the confusion.  Swordfishbabe87
Prince Be Attrell Cordes  Bobo
Prince Buster Cecil Bustamente Campbell  Bobo
Prince Far I Michael James Williams Although he recorded for less than a decade, Prince Far-I left a legacy that includes, at least, two groundbreaking albums. He is, in fact, one of roots reggaes greatest ever DJ's. Bobo
Prince Markie D. Mark Morales 1/3 of The Fat Boys. phat
Prince Markie Dee Mark Morales  Bobo
Prince Paul Paul E. Huston
Professor Griff Richard Griffin  rappa
Professor X The Overseer Lumamba Carson  Bobo
Prolifik Clarence Banks This is nelly's character in snipes the movie nelly's real name is cornell haynes junior Nellyzfianzay
Proof Earl Alferdson  this is a dude from d-12 smurf
Proof Deshaun Holton D12 Member Rax
Python Lee Jackson Rod Stewart Recorded 'In a Broken Dream' under this alias. paul

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