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This is a list of names of famous people, who have changed their real name. I'm only looking for music performers, not actors or other famous people. Below are the most recent entries.

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Entries Beginning with F

Original Name
Submitted by:
F.U.S.E Frederik Ulric Shifton-Emmerton  NameMaster
F.U.S.E Richie Hawtin  Bobo
F.U.S.E. Richie Hawtin To add to what Bobo wrote, FUSE stands for "Future Underground Sound Experiments" Bill
Fab/Fabrice Fabrice Morvan The more successful member of the fake duo Milli Vanilli. soul
Fabian Fabiano Forte  oldie
Fabio Fitzroy Heslop Unknown elektronikist. Bobo
Fabolous Johnathan Jackson  Boomer
Fabolous John Jackson  Fabolous
Fade II Black Jay Denham  Bobo
Fai-C Cameron Fai Majestic Records Dogg
Faith Kirsty Bail From Unspoken kirsty
Faith Corey Taylor aka #8 from slipknot chris
Faith Hill Audrey Faith Perry  Countryboy
Faith Hill Audrey Faith Perry  justme
Falco Johann Hoezel
Falco Johann Hoelzel Named himself after the ski-jumper Falko Weissflog from the former German Democratic Republic. Big Dipper
Falcon Christian Falk Info from Bobo
Fam Abdullah Bar Info from Bobo
Fanny Brice Fannie Borach  funny
Fantasia Fantasia Barino American Idol Winner LDM
Farin Urlaub Jan Vetter Frontman of the German punk-band Die Aerzte PARASITe
Farley Jackmaster Funk Farley Keith Williams Normally known as Keith Williams, but christened Farley Keith Bobo
Fashawn Santiago Leyva  James
Fat Boy Slim Quentin Cook  AKA
Fat Joe Joseph Cartagena  Bobo
Fat Mike Mike Burkett NOFX singer/bassist. He went to college (weighed 135) where he got free food, so he ate...and ate...and ate. He left college weighing in at 165 (not really fat), but everyone said "Hey Mike, you're fat!" Eric and the others started calling him "Fat Mike" and the name stuck. Nikhil
Fat Mike Mike Burkett NOFX frontman and bassist aj kosto
Fatboy Slim Quentin Cook Fatboy Slim's real name is actually Quentin Cook but he prefers the first name Norman. Robert Stephen Bradford
Fatboy Slim Norman Evans Used to be in the band 'The Housemartins' Noodle Boy
Fatboy Slim Norman Cook  Bobo
Fatha Hines Earl Hines  oldjazz
Father John Misty Joshua Tillman  soph
Fatlip Derrick Stewart  Bobo
Fatman Scoop  Isaac Freeman III  so
Fats Domino Antoine Domino  oldtimer
Fats Navarro Theodore Navarro  jazz
Fats Waller Thomas Waller  soul II
Faydoedeelay Doug Miller Member of Crazy Town. raprock
Faye Maye Day Evans Faith Evans  TimCO
Fee Waybill John Waldo Lead singer for The Tubes. punk
Fee Waybill John Waldo Jones  Mike Hack
Fenriz / Hank Amarillo Gylve Nagell  Drummer of Norsk Arisk Black Metal band "Darkthrone", owns a Solo Band called "Isengard" Ganelan
Fergie Stacy Ann Ferguson A member of Black Eyed Peas. soul ii
Fergie Stacy Ferguson ya know, from the Black Eyed Peas Margaret
Fergie (from Wild Orchid/Black Eyed Peas) Stacey Ferguson It?s a family nickname. K.Y.L.E
Ferrante & Teicher Arthur Ferrante/Louis Teicher  classic
Fieldy Reginald Arvizu, Jr. As a child, the bassist from Korn(Reginald) was called Gopher because he had big cheeks. He was then nicknamed Garfield, which was then shortend to Fieldy. He claims his real nickname is Fieldy Snuts (feel dez n**s). M parody
Fieldy Reggie Arvizzu I think Reggie is better than Fieldy.  Vanya
Fieldy Reginald Arvizu Well, it was first "Gopher" cuz of the bulge in his cheeks. Then the band changed it to Garfield, but they just shortened it to Fieldy. Heads_kittie
Fieldy Reginald Arvizu reginald gave himself the name "fieldy snutts"... "feel these nutts" niko watts
Fifty Cent Curtis Jackson  Matt
Fifty Cent Curtis Jackson Curtis Jackson is his 'government name' dk-knight
Fifty Cent Curtis Jackson Brags of original name being posted in the "law books" on track with Nas. d smove
Fink Billy Joe Armstrong This is his cover up name for when he plays in the band "The Network" Chess Owen
Finn Mickey Michael Hearne  ideal
Fiona Apple Fiona Apple Maggart  MOR
Fiona Apple Fiona Apple McAfee Maggart  kATiA
Fish Derek William Dick Former frontman for Marillion, now solo. Gondring
Fish Derek William Dick the scotish rock singer got this nick name from a habbit he had of staying in the bath for hours apparently to annoy his landlady . a friend had to wait 3 hours for him to finish and sadi to him what are you called ? fish ? Linda
Fish Derek William Dick Former lead singer for Marillion. obscure
Five For Fighting John Ondrasik This is the real spellingof his name; and yes, he did choose that as his stage name. The Smell of Hell
Five for Fighting John Androsic  Adia
Flaco Jimenez Leonardo Jimenez Noted accordian player. oldtimer
Flake Christian Lorenz Rammstein's keyboardist Jay
Flavor Flav William Drayton
Flea Michael Balzary The reason he was called Flea was because his nickname (with Anthony) was "Mike B.", then "Mike B. The Flea" then just "Flea" henez
Flea Michael Balzary Michael Balzary of the Red Hot Chili Peppers is called Flea because he shaved his head in high school Doofus
Flea Michael Balzary He was called so, because he was jumping like a flea during the gigs Pearl in Chains
Flea Michael Balzary Flea of The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Flea Michael Balzary The Flea was a nickname given to the bassist from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They all gave each other dumb nicknames as a kid, such as Antwan The Swan (Anthony Keidis) but Flea's just stuck. (Also, I read in an interview Anthony said they gave him HIS nickname because the shaft on his penis was shaped like a Swan's neck). Rapini
Flea Micheal Balzary its cuz he jumped around like a crazy flea : ) (he's gonna be 41 on Oct. 16th this year! : ) Eddieisahottie
Flea Michael Balzary he's the short small guy from Red Hot Chili Peppers Mada
Flea Michael Balzary Flea from the chili peppers' real name is michael balzary, anyone know why?  George Bradley
Flesh N Bone Stan Howse 5th member of Bone Thugs N Harmony, brother of Layzie Bone and cousin to Wish Bone Neoga
Flesh-N-Bone from [Bone Thugs-N-Harmony] Stanley Howse he's layzie bone's big brother bonethugz
Flip Cartridge Billy Meshel He had the hit "Dear Mrs. Applebee" in 1966. Candy Welty
Flood Mark Ellis  Bobo
Florian Schneider Florian Schneider-Esleben Founding member and co-keyboardist (with Ralf Huetter) of Kraftwerk. Don't know why he uses just the first part of his hyphenated name. Alx
Florraine Darlin Florraine Panza She had the hit "Long As The Rose Is Red" in 1962. Candy Welty
Fluxion K. Soublis  Bobo
Fort Minor Michael Kenji Shinoda Linkin Park RULEZZZZ !!!! xxxPOLxxx
Foul Sadden Joel Madden He's the lead singer in Good Charlotte. He is foul and he is sad and a punk wannabe. The name is accurate! Black_metal_lover
Foxes Louisa Rose Allen That is the name this British singer uses and is not to be confused with the British band Foxes!  Brit Boxx
Foxy Brown Inga D. Marchand  Hakim
Frack Nickolas Gene Carter Is another one of Nick's nicknames. Celeste
Frank Sinatra Francis Albert Sinatra  oldperson
Frank Skinner Christoper Collins hal fo comic duo baddiel and skinner anni
Frank Virtue Frank Virtuoso Recorded "Guitar Boogie Shuffle" with the Virtues. oldrock
Frank Zappa Francis Vincent Zappa, Jr.  oldrock
Frank Zappa Frank Vincent Zappa FZ's name was NOT "Francis:" his birth certificate (according to FZ himself) said his name was "Frank VIncent Zappa." Great website! Gerhard
Frankie Frank Iero He's the guitarist from the band My Chemical Romance. The first letter in his last name is an "i" not a lower case "L". Get it straight people! natalia
Frankie Avalon Francis Avallone  beach
Frankie Bones Frank Mitchell  Bobo
Frankie Ford Francis Guzzo He told everyone to take a "Sea Cruise". one
Frankie Laine Frank Lovecchio He is my Dad's cousin(Joe Lovecchio-Saxophonist / Muscian of New Orleans. My daughter thinks Frankie and I look alike--in-particular about the eyes and cheeks. I believe they are "LOVECCHIO " EYES! :) i BELIEVE WE MET WHEN i WAS A LITTLE GIRL AT MY GRANDMOTHER'S. Lillian Rita (Lovecchio) Krajenka
Frankie Laine Frank LoVecchio Sang several movie and television Western theme songs. movie
Frankie Laine Frank Paul LoVecchio Pop vocalist of broad appeal whose recording career spanned a quarter century starting just after World War II. Number one hits were "That Lucky Old Sun" and "Mule Train", both in 1949. Evan L. Heller
Frankie Valli Francis Castelluccio  j.c.
Franz Waxman Franz Wachsmann   composer
frazzle Keith Richard(s) official Rolling Stones site says Keiths real name is Richards and he changed it to Richard Frazzle
Fred Astaire Frederick Austerlitz  music
Fred Durst William Frederick Durst I wonder if anyone him Billy like we did to Clinton Marie
Fred Durst William Frederick Durst  mr man
fred durst willliam fredrick durst its william not fredrick kelsey
Fred Durst Fredrick wiliam Durst  Rocky
Fred Flange  Terry Parsons  Before this British crooner became a star as Matt Monro, he appeared under this moniker on a comedy album featuring Peter Sellers and guest impressionists. "Fred"/Terry/Matt was the Sinatra clone. (BTW- George Martin, pre-Beatles, produced the album.) jonaco
Freddie Fred Garrity The Freddie of Freddie And The Dreamers. brit
Freddie Fresh Frederick Schmidt New York elektronikist. Bobo
Freddie Hart Fred Segrest He had the million-selling hit "Easy Loving" in 1971. Candy Welty
Freddie Hubbard Frederick Dewayne Hubbard  jazz
Freddie Kaboodleschnitzer Fred Strauks Drummer for the 70's Aussie band "Skyhooks" FussBudgetVanPelt
Freddie Mercury Farrokh Bulsara See the correct spelling: Farrokh. It's not Farook, or Farohk, or Farookh, let alone Frederick! Silken
Freddie Mercury Farook Bulsara Freddie Mercury of Queen. He was born in Zanzibar, lived in India, and moved to England because of political unrest in India. Freddie was a childhood nickname and he chose Mercury after the Roman god of messengers.
Freddie Mercury Frederick Bulsara Born from Middle-easter parents that worked for the British goverment. Young Frederick attended a Indian school in his teens and he was nick named Freddie. And when he went to London in the mid 60's he has a fascination with mythology and changed his surname to Mercury. To make a long story short. A star was born.  Shoujo Revolution
Freddie Mercury Farohk Balsara Actually... Freddie WAS born in Zanzabar... he did move to England...the name from that statement was merely misspelled.... His name however was never Frederick. ama
Freddie Mercury Farrokh Bulsara  Mona
Freddie Mercury Farookh Bulsara No one got it right yet! I felt the need to enlighten the masses. As I child, he was called Freddie as Farookh means Frederick, and the name stuck with him. Mercury represented the Roman god of the messengers, and it has also been said by astrologers that his new name was selected based on his zodiac sign. Born Sep. 5, 1946, his Zodiac sign was Virgo. The ruling planet of the Virgo sign of the zodiac is Mercury. Freddie has mentioned that he was a Virgo before, though the credibility to whether this has anything to do with changing the name to Mercury is unknown. Sara
Freddie Mercury Farooq Bulsara In 1973 Farooq legally changed his name to Freddi Mercury. Celeste
Freddy Cannon Freddy Picariello Also known as "Boom Boom" Cannon. oldtimer
Freddy Fender Baldemar G. Huerta  Countryboy
Freddy Mercury Frourouk Bulsara This guy is a legend. the reason he changed his name is coz it sounded wierd. but it's morrocan so wat more can i say? Jason
Freddy Quinn Manfred Nidl-Petz 27.Sep.1931 (Niederfladnitz, OE) - 50/60/70-Schlager-Star (a few Movies); Huge Gig in the 70th with Bert Kaempfert-Orchester Joe-Nase
Freeman Malek Brahimi  Bobo
Freq Sean Deason  Bobo
Fresh Prince Willard Smith Will Smith aka the Fresh Prince was 1/2 of the rap duo DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. Celeste
Fresh Prince Will Smith Fresh Prince of D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
Frick Brian Thomas Littrell Frick is another one of Brian's nicknames. Celeste
Frida Anni-Frid Lyngstad Fredriksson Andersson Yes, it's Anni-Frid from ABBA Bobo
Friend & Lover Jim Post/Cathy Conn Told everyone to "Reach Out In The Darkness". duo
Frogman Clarence Henry  blues
Fruitkwan Bobby Simmons  Bobo
Frutkwan Arnold Hamilton Rap artist, member of Gravediggas, a gangsta-rap/heavy metal cross group Bobo
Funk d'Void Lars Sandberg Electronica star from Glasgow. Bobo
Funki Porcini James Bradell  Bobo
Funkmaster Flex Aston Taylor  Bobo
Funky J Matt Johnson MC Funky J
Fuzz Steve Kmak Sounds like K-mart, that superstore who's name sounds like "Wal -Mart" a
Fuzz Steve Kmak Disturbed's bass player. It's a dumb surname. paget

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