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This is a list of names of famous people, who have changed their real name. I'm only looking for music performers, not actors or other famous people. Below are the most recent entries.

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Entries Beginning with K

Original Name
Submitted by:
K Dee Darrell Johnson Info from Bobo
K-Alexi K-Alexi Shelby He is responsible for several early acid-house classics ("All for Lee-Sah," "Essence of a Dream," "It's Me") and produced one of the rare house full-lengths, Don't Cha Want It?  Bobo
K-Ci Cedric Hailey From the band Jodeci. gee
K-Cut Kevin McKenzie Of Main Source. Info from Bobo
K.C. Henry Wayne Casey As in "Sunshine Band" Bobo
k.d. lang Kathryn Dawn Lang She doesn't capitalize her stage name. Countryboy
K.K. Downing Kenneth Downing Founding member of Judas Priest. rocker
K.T. Oslin Kay Toinette Oslin Full-figured country diva. Country
Kandis Jens Massel  Bobo
Kani Abdi Ali Majestic Records Dogg
Kaoru Kaoru Niikura Guitarist from Japanese rock band Dir En Grey. Lee
Kaos Nickolas Gene Carter Has his nickname "Kaos" tattooed on his back right on his spine. Celeste
Kaptain Kundalini John Lennon Used on the B Side track What You Got. Noah McKelvie
Kaptain Kundalini John Lennon John recorded the guitar parts for his song, "What You Got" under this pseudonym. Tina
Kaptain Kundalini John Lennon John recorded the guitar parts for his song, "What You Got" under this pseudonym. Tina
Kaptain Kundalini John Lennon John recorded the guitar parts for his song, "What You Got" under this pseudonym. Tina
Karl Wolf Carl Abou Samah At least his new one is pronouncable. Travis
Karrin Allyson Karrin Allyson Schoonover Jazz singer. She has recorded more than a dozen albums. Candy Welty
KaSandra John W. Anderson He had the hit "Don't Pat Me On The Back And Call Me Brother" in 1968. Candy Welty
Kashif Michael Jones  Bobo
KaT Aaron Lopez Undefined Records-Underground label in the west coast Kaoz
Kat Bjelland Katherine Bjelland Ex-singer for Babes In Toyland. punk
Kate Bush Cathy Bush She felt such an affinity with the character of Catherine Earnshaw (Cathy - Wuthering Heights) because she reminded her of all her bad points excentuated and also because in childhood she was called Cathy by her family before this changed to Kate.  Sally
Kate Bush Catherine Bush  shehateme
Kate Smith Kathryn Elizabeth Smith  America
Kathie Lee Gifford Kathie Lee Epstein Was also known as Kathie Lee Johnson during her singing career. t.v.
Kathryn Grayson Zelma Hendrick  movie
Katia Katia Zuccarelli She uses only her first name. It might be because her full name might be too hard for English-speaking people to say or it sounds too much like zucchini, which she might think isn't a good association for her. Brionna Secret
Katy Perry Katheryn Hudson She changed her name so it wouldn't get confused with actress Kate Hudson. ( She was called Katy even back then, Perry was her mom's maiden name.)  Katycat
Kay Kyser James King Kern Kyser  united
Kay Starr Katherine LaVerne Starks  oldie
Kayah Katarzyna Szczot Popular Polish singer mieteck
Kazzer Mark Kasprzyk The lead vocalist for Redlight King and the singer of "Pedal To The Metal". Brian Kelly
KC Harry Wayne Casey The "KC" of KC and the Sunshine Band.  disco
KC Harry Wayne Casey It's a phonetic spelling of his last name, "Casey". Becky
KC Drummer Kasey Lynn Seibel  Nympho
KC Drummer Kasey Lynn Seibel She's the drummer for Results Of Inbreeding Nympho
Ke$ha Kesha Rose Sebert Was known with her dollar sign after "Tik-Tok" became a hit. Jilly Beans
Keavy Lynch Keavy-Jane Elisabeth Annie Lynch Twin sister of Edele Lynch (lead singer - B*Witched), younger sister of Shane Lynch (Boyzone) & older sister of Naomi Lynch (Buffalo G). One of the members in B*Witched Mel
Keb' Mo' Kevin Moore  Bobo
Kee Marcello Kjell L÷vbom Guitarist who took over the lead guitar from John Norum in the swedish rock-group Europe. Mattias
Keith James Barry Keefer Another one-hit wonder, this time with "98.6". blue
Keith Richards Keith Richard  stoned
Keith Sweat Keith Crier Also known as "Sabu". soul
Kelis Kelis Rogers  DarkDan
Kelis Kelis Rogers Her 'Milkshake' topped at #2.  soul ii
Kelly Marie Jacqueline McKinnon British disco singer best known for her hit "Feels Like I'm In Love". Dylan Baranski
Kelly Osbourne Kelly Abigail Osbourne  NuGGaH
Kelly Rowland Kelandria Rowland A member of the trio Destiny's Child. soul ii
Kemistry Kemi Olusanya The better half of Kemistry and Storm Bobo
Ken Curtis Curtis Wayne Gates Was a country and western singer before becoming Festus on "Gunsmoke". country
The Kendalls Royce Kendall/Jeannie Kendall Father/daughter duo responsible for "Heaven's Just A Sin Away". Country duo
Kennedy Lisa Kennedy Montgomery Former MTV veejay. t.v.
Kenni Woods  Kendra Spotswood This R&B songstress grew up in the same Jersey neighborhood as the Shirelles, and even toured with them for a couple of years. Her solo singles are rare but very good ("Can't He Take A Hint"), in the Mary Wells mold. Worked with producer/writer Van McCoy. Also recorded as "Sandi Sheldon" and, with McCoy, as the "Vantastics".  jonaco
Kenny Ball Kenneth Daniel Ball Recorded "Midnight in Moscow" with his Jazzmen. jazz
Kenny G. Kenneth Gorelick  MOR
Kenny Ken Ken Delsol '90s electronica artist. Bobo
Kenny Rogers Roystan Sylvain Much in the same vein as Marylin Manson musicians Roystan chose his first name after a screen goddess, Kenneth Williams and his second name after Roy Rogers who regularly ate screen extras on the quiet. LRonCupboard
Kenny Rogers Kenneth David Rogers  Country
Kenny Starr Kenneth Trebbe He had the hit "The Blind Man In The Bleachers" in 1975. Candy Welty
Kenny Vance Kenny Rosenberg Lead singer of Kenny Vance and the Planetones and former original member of Jay and the Americans. barry disbrow
Kephren Franšois Mendy  Bobo
Ketty Lester Revoyda Frierson   blue
Kevin Fox  Ettienne Ludick Famous Radio Personality In South Africa, DJ for international stations via internet as well. Cool Dude Fan
Kevin Jonas Paul Kevin Jonas II  Jessica
Kevin Max Kevin Max Smith Changed his name legally because too many Kevin Smith's being known. He and his wife also felt that leaving his name as Kevin Max made it sound more interesting. ECRLOT**C-018
Kevin Max Kevin Smith A member of dc talk Steve
Kevin Seconds Kevin Marvelli Vocalist for the band 7 Seconds.  onegirlarmy
Kevin Starr Ettienne Ludick Famouse Radio personality , born in south africa ....  shorty
Kid Christopher Reid 1/2 of Kid 'N' Play. rap
Kid Vicious Benji Combs - Benji Madden Benj's nickname is KID VICIOUS after SID VICIOUS Megan
Kid Capri David Anthony Love  Bobo
Kid Congo Brian Tristan Member of The Cramps. punk
Kid Creole Thomas August Darnell Browder This is his full name, according to Indy
Kid Creole August Darnell Kid Creole of Kid Creole and the Coconuts
Kid Koala Eric San  Bobo
Kid Loco Jean-Yves Prieur  Bobo
Kid Loops Jamie Lexton Perhaps one of the greatest unknown electronica stars of the era beginning around 1995 Bobo
Kid Rock Robert Ritchie  MCW
Kidd Video Bryan Scott The other components of the band had pseudonyms too. Steve Alterman was Ash, Robbie Rist was Whiz and Gabrielle Bennett was Carla. The band was formed by Haim Saban and made famous by the Kidd Video cartoon. They would've had to tour USA and made a third season of the cartoon as a live-action series. Too bad their LP was only released in Israel and then they were disbanded. Devil Master
Kiki Dee Pauline Matthews She sang "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" with Elton John in 1976. overit
Kim Weston Agatha Natalie Weston She had six hits, 1963-67, including "It Takes Two" (duet with Marvin Gaye, 1967). Candy Welty
Kim Wilde Kim Smith
Kimbra Kimbra Lee Johnson I saw her in the Gotye video. She's cute. Brian Kelly
King Biscuit Boy Richard Newell Canadian harmonica player named after a radio show in Arkansas. blues
King Diamond Jim Bendix Peterson  LC
King Sunny Ade  Sunday Adeniyi   Bobo
King Tubby Osbourne Ruddock  Bobo
Kinky Friedman Richard Friedman Folk rocker and founder of Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys. oldtimes
Kip Winger Charles Fredrick Winger III  Kim
Kip Winger Charles Von Winger III  Sandi
Kiper Randall S. Kiper   Bobo
Kit Carson Liza Morrow Named after an American frontiersman and Civil War general. sherock
Kitty Carlisle Catherine Conn Holzman  Opera singer better known as a panelist on "To Tell The Truth". opera
Kitty Wells Muriel Ellen Deason  old country
Kix Brooks Leon Eric Brooks Of Brooks and Dunn. Country
Klark Kent Stewart Copeland
Klaus Flouride Geoffrey Lyall He was the BASSIST for Dead Kennedys. Chiakolv
Klaus Fluoride Geoff Lyall Actually, the bass player for the Dead Kennedys. holygoat
Klaus Fluoride Geoff Lyall Singer for The Dead Kennedys. punker
Klaus Nomi Klaus Sperber Far out German born singer who died of AIDS Klaus
Klute Tom Withers  Bobo
KM.G The Illustrator Kevin Dulley  Bobo
Knumskul G. Husband  Bobo
Koffey Darlene Smith  darlene smith
Koko Taylor Cora Walton  blues
Kokomo Jimmy Wisner Jimmy Wisner wasn't a singer, but a great keyboardist and producer from Philly. He'd already cut a couple of jazz LPs before his surprise hit with "Asia Minor"- a boogie-ized take on the theme from Grieg's "Piano Concerto in A Minor". A great novelty instro if you can find it. Later, "The Wiz" played on and/or produced hits for Freddy Cannon, the Tymes, and even Keith of "98.6" fame. jonaco
Kokomo Jimmy Wisner The "Asia Minor" singer used the psedonym because it better fit a rock record. His background was jazz. old
Kon Artis Denaun Porter Member of D-12, which, among other things, is a famous side project for Eminem. Bobo
Kool Robert Bell The "Kool" of Kool and the Gang. blaque
Kool G Rap Nathaniel Wilson  Bobo
Kool Moe Dee Mohandas Dewese
Kool Rockski Damon Wimbley 1/3 of The Fat Boys. phat
Korona Bruce Blackman He had the hit "Let Me Be" in 1980. Candy Welty
Krafty Kuts Martin Reeves member of DJ Breakbeat duo "A Skillz and Krafty Kuts" AJ
Kragen Gray Karen Cray Sang lead with the Secrets, a girl group from Cleveland that hit with the peppy "My Boyfriend's Back" clone, "The Boy Next Door", in '63.  jonaco
Kramer Mark Kramer Dropped first name by free will. I didn't blame him. Member of Butthole Surfers. Bobo
Krayz-c-Smurf Joseph Rodrigo V. de Villa Rapper smurf
Krayzie Bone Anthony Henderson Of Bone Thugs 'N' Harmony. bone
Krayzie Bone Anthony Henderson  Bobo
Krazy Drazyz Andre Weston  Bobo
Kris Jensen Peter Jensen Former local T.V. show host who recorded "Torture". t.v.
Kris Kristofferson Kris Carson  Countryhick
Kristi Lee Theresa Ritz Bob and Tom Show newscaster. Justin
Kristin Chenoweth Kristi Chenoweth Her first name originally did not have the final "-n". When she trained to be an opera singer, she decided that "Kristin" sounded more "operatic" than "Kristi", so she added the "-n". Diana Jasper
Kristopher Hoskins Steven Kristopher Hoskins  Steven Hoskins
KRS-One Laurence Krisna Parker Acronym for Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Almost Everyone. Bobo
Krs-ONE Lawrence Kris Parker Knowlegde Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everybody Funky J
KT Tunstall Kate Tunstall She used her initials (KT) as her first name. K.Y.L.E
Kud Chad Grey the lead singer of mudvayne Emily
KuD Chad Gray Lead singer of MuDvAyNe DJ Kaito
Kulardenu Gary Jensen Reads "cooler den you"! A very strange and weird Alternative Blues artist from Michigan.  Jennifer Charters
Kuniva Rondell Beene Member of D12 Bobo
Kuniva Von Carlisle D12 Member. Rax
Kurdt Kobain Kurt Donald Cobain Kurt used this variation of his name on some albums. J-Ro
Kurt BoDean Kurt Neumann Co-founder of The BoDeans. blue
Kurt Valaquen  Kurt Harland Larson  Kurt Harland Larson of the band Information Society went by Kurt Valaquen from 1983 -1988. When Information Society had a top 10 song in 1988 known as "What's On Your Mind?", people started to think that Kurt Harland Larson was his stage name and Kurt Valaquen was his embarrasing real name. In 1990 he went by Kurt Harland Larson with the release of the second signed album known as "Hack". In 1992, he went by Kurt Harland and he still is going by that.  Nes-simepolys
Kurtis Blow Kurt Walker  blow
Kurtis Blow Kurtis Walker  Kurtis Blow was born Kurtis Walker in Harlem in 1959. He was in on the earliest stages of hip-hop culture in the '70s. JoC
Kurupt Ricardo Brown AKA Tha Kingpin, AKA Kalhoon, AKA Young Gotti Bobo
Kurupt Ricardo Brown  Pantha
Kutt Master Kellam  Anthony Neal Kellam  Kutt Master Kellam is featured on two B. Down albums released by Rap Junkie Records.  Flexx
Kwame KwamÚ Holland Born with, stage name without, accent Bobo
Kyjuan Robert Kyjuan Cleveland Member of Nelly's rap group, the St. Lunatics Bo 'Ice' Bielefeldt
Kyla Melanie Hernandez Calumpad  Ren
Kyo Tohru Nishimura Lead singer from Japanese rock band Dir En Grey. Tohru can also be spelled "Tooru" and Nishimura can also be pronounced "Niimura". Lee
Kyo (Dir en Grey) Tooru Niimura/Nishimura As said Kyo named himself after his hometown Kyoto. Actually he did so because he doesn┬┤t like his real name. His sur name is pronounced Niimura or Nishimura. You can┬┤t call it by just seeing the Kanji. And I never heard mention his sur name. He also is called "Warumono" (bad thing, Monster, but mainly after a Manga figure) or just "Waru" (bad) by his bandmates. Kyo
Kyo (of Dir en Grey) Tooro His hometown was Kyoto, so he just chopped of the "to" when he was looking for a stage name. Matt

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