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This is a list of names of famous people, who have changed their real name. I'm only looking for music performers, not actors or other famous people. Below are the most recent entries.

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Entries Beginning with H

Original Name
Submitted by:
hab Hans Carlsson An uncapitalised pseudonym. A native of Sweden, Carlsson's earliest musical involvement was with a number of punk and alternative rock bands (he plays guitar and sings), among them a four-piece called Mouth that made it as far as a major-label contract (on Warner subsidiaries Telegram and Reprise in Sweden and America, respectively) before dissolving in 1994 under the weight of an archetypally "corporate rock" experience.  Bobo
Haddaway Nestor Alexander Haddaway   music
Hakeem X Jermaine Benton Info from Bobo
Hal Linden Harold Lipshitz  Was a singer and clarinetist before his role as "Barney Miller". t.v.
Half A Mill Jasun Ward Info from Bobo
Hall & Oates Daryl Hall/John Oates  duo
Hammer Stanley Kirk Burrell aka MC Hammer
Handsome Dick Manitoba Richrd Blum Lead singer o the incomparable Dictators.  michael
Hank B. Marvin Brian Rankin Super 60's guitar hero from UK group The Shadows The Sultan of Swing
Hank Locklin Lawrence Locklin Fell hard after "Please Help Me, I'm Falling". duo
Hank Majestic Hank Majewski member of the four lovers (later the four seasons) barry disbrow
Hank Marvin Brian Rankin Lead guitarist with The Shadows , originally the backing group for Cliff Richard. Big Al
Hank Snow Clarence Eugene Snow  Countryhick
Hank Williams Hiram Williams His birth certificate mispelled his name as "Hiriam". Countryhick
Hank Williams, Jr. Randall Williams Also known as "Bocephus". He even sings his real name during the "Monday Night Football" theme. ("This is rockin' Randall Hank".) Countryboy
Hannah Montana Destiny Hope "Miley" Cyrus  Jessica
Har Mar Superstar/Sean Na Na Sean Tillman  indierckr770
Hari Georgeson  George Harrison Produced LPs for Splinter, recorded guitar parts for Billy Preston (It's My Pleasure LP) and Ravi Shanker (Ravi Shanker Family and Friends LP) Tina
Harmony Pamela Scott Info from Bobo
Harry Belafonte Harold George Belafonte, Jr.  rasta
Harry Connick, Jr. Joseph Harry Fowler Connick, Jr.  jazzy
Harry Richman Harry Reichman  old
Hashim Jerry Calliste Jr. Info from Bobo
Havikk Brian West Of South Central Cartel. Info from Bobo
Hayle Mcde Heather Mcdevson  lld
Head Brian Welch Head says his nickname comes from his unusually large head.. he says "It's cause I got a big head, get me any hat and it won't fit." Tyler
The Head Nick Hallam  Bobo
Headliner Timothy Barnwell Member of groundbreakers Arrested Development Bobo
Heather Nova Heather Frith  shaqspeare
Heavy D. Dwight Myers
Hector Berlioz Louis-Hector Berlioz  classic
Helen Cornelius Helen Lorene Johnson   oldcountry
Helen Wheels Helen Robbins Singer and lyricist and inspiration for the Wings' song of the same name. brit
Henkka T. Blacksmith Henri Seppala Henkka is the bassist from Children Of Bodom. The reason for the name Henkka T. Blacksmith is that Henkka is a common nickname for the name "Henri" and "Seppa" means "Blacksmith" in Finnish.  Ms. C.
Henny Youngman Henry Youngman  funny
Henry Englehard Steinway Heinrich Englehard Steinweg German-born maker of the Steinway piano in the 19th century. keyboard
Henry Lee Summer Hank Swartz I saw it listed as Hank Schwartz on this site. That's wrong. It's Swartz, not Schwartz. Serenity
Henry Lee Summer Hank Schwartz  indyhick
Henry Mancini Enrico Nicola Mancini This is Mancini's Italian name. Alan the Ottoman
Henry Mancini Enrico Mancini  J.C.
Henry Rollins Henry Garfield Renamed himself as a tribute to jazz master Sonny Rollins, also in this list. Low S. O.
Henry Rollins Henry Garfield Frontman for The Rollins Band and a solo artist. hardrock
Herb Haer Feemster Of the duo Peaches & Herb. soul
Herb Fame Herbert Feemster Herb of Peaches and Herb. soul
Herbie Mann Herbert Jay Solomon  Jazz flautist and a super man. jazz
Herman Peter Noone "Herman" of the band Herman's Hermits. He put eyeglasses on upside-down and his band thought he looked like "Sherman" (character from The Bullwinkle Show), but he misheard it as Herman. He uses the stage-name to this day, unchanged. noonatic
Herman Peter Noone Lead singer for Herman's Hermits. oldbrit
Herr Pubis David Pybus The backing guitarist for Cradle Of Filth Phil Yacoe
Heywood Banks Stuart Mitchell Comedian known for offbeat songs. funny
Hi Lorraine Lyon  alidon woolaston
hide Hideto Matsumoto Yes, it is meant to be spelt "hide" not "Hide". Don't ask me why. . . Teensabre
Hip Optimist Andy Barlow Solo name of Lamb's producer Andy Barlow. zxsquad
Hira  Davey Havok his the lead singer from "Righteous" Charles Cohan
Hoagy Carmichael Hoagland Howard Carmichael  indyhick
Hoku Hoko Ho She is the daughter of Hawaiian legend Don Ho. singer
Holly Dunn Diana Williams She was going to use Diana Dunn, but decided on Holly. Diane Collins
Holly Dunn Holly Waters Sister of songwriter Chris Waters. Country
Holly Johnson William Johnson He's the lead singer of Frankie Goes to Hollywood JHS
Holly Vukadinovic Holly Valance Holly 's real name was found out when she attended court for contract breaches by her manager nugz
Homer & Jethro Homer D. Haynes/Jethro Burns  Country duo
Hon John St. John Johnson John Lennon Used on the number one hit track Whatever Gets You Through The Night. Duet with Elton John Noah McKelvie
Hon. John St. John Johnson John Lennon John recorded the guitar part for his song, "Whatever Gets You Through the Night" under this pseudonym. Tina
Honey Lantree Annie Lantree Female drummer for The Honeycombs, know for their hit,"Have I the Right?" drummer
Horace Andy Horace Hinds  Bobo
Hot Butter Gershon Kingsly and Stan Free  Gershon Kingsly and Stan Free composed the song Kristian
Hot Butter Stan Free Had a pop(corn) hit. electronic
Hot Chocolate Dave Baksh im not sur but hes got another one too(dave brownsound).....but hes hot[t] and is the colour of chocolate!?!?!?!? sum budy
Hot Chocolate Errol Brown The story as I know it: The "You Sexy Thing" guy was urged to use the funkier nom-de-voyage when he became an international recording artist. He's from the UK. Tarquineshetta S.
Hot Pants Tom DeLonge he is a singer in blink 182 Vanessa
Hot Sauce Rhonda Washington She had the hit "Bring It Home (And Give It To Me)" in 1972. Candy Welty
Hotsy Menshot Gary Helsinge Singer of Green Jelly. We've been attacked by Haagen Dasz! Empty the shot lockers. Mickey D.
House Of Lords Thomas Dartnell The guitarist for UK band The Young Knives. Joe Sorrell
Howard Devoto Howard Trafford Founder of Buzzcocks and Magazine. Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks noted: "Devoto was the name of a Cambridge bus driver recounted in a story told after dinner by a philosophy tutor. Howard found the name so amusing that he laughed!" (Information from Plasket
Howard Jones John Howard Jones  Larcen Tyler
Howard Jones John Howard Jones Went by his middle name when he started recording. Larcen Tyler
Howard Kaylan Howard Kaplan Notice the Y and P. He was very specific about this one. Bobo
Howard Keel Harold Clifford Keel I live near Gillespie, Illinois, and his last name really is Keel. The Leek story apparently made good copy somwhere back in time and everybody assumed it to be logical. Bob Landrith
Howard Keel Harry Clifford Keel  singer
Howard Keel Harold Leek someone incorrectly gave his real name as harry keel, this is not so. kevin coyne
Howard Keel Harold Leek Harold Leek wasn't considered to be a film star name, so he turned around leek to keel and changed harold to Howard kevin coyne
Howard Keel Howard Leek I understand Keel's last name was reversed W F Chapman
Howie B Howard Bernstein  Matt
Howie D Howard Dwaine Dorough Howie D: Howie Dorough Celeste
Howie D, Howard Dwaine Dorough From the Backstreet Boys. ozone
Howie Kane Howie kerschenbaum An original back-up singer for Jay and the Americans Barry Disbrow
Howlin' Wolf Chester Arthur Burnett  Bobo
Hozier Andrew Hozier-Byrne  soph
Huey Lewis Hugh Wilson Cregg III  Mike Hack
Huey Lewis Hugh Cregg Huey Lewis of Huey Lewis and the News
Huey Lewis Hugh Wilson Cregg III  Mike Hack
Human Mesh Dance Taylor Deupree  Bobo
Humble Child Donte' Suttle CEO of Piece Of Mind Productions DS
Hunter Hunter Burgan Second bassist of A Fire Inside (AFI). I think this is his real name. At least I know it's his whole stage name. Hailey
Hurricane G. Gloria Rodriguez former def squad queen ,Eric Sermons baby mama,female emcee. bori love
Hurricane Smith Norman Smith Singer/songwriter who asked us, "Oh Babe, What Would You Say?" MOR
HYDE Hideto Takarai (rumored) This singer is very private when it comes to his personal life; his real name, like much of his personal information, is either unknown or unofficial. Erin

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