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This is a list of names of famous people, who have changed their real name. I'm only looking for music performers, not actors or other famous people. Below are the most recent entries.

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Entries Beginning with A

Original Name
Submitted by:
A-Plus Adam Carter Group member of Heiroglyphics. Info from Bobo
A. B. Money Anthony Mosley Info from Bobo
A.C. Reed Aaron Corthen Reed  jazzy
A.D.L. Adam Nilsson Info from Bobo
A.G. Andre Barnes  Bobo
A.G.Q. Kevin Riley AGQ stands for American Genuine Quality Bobo
A.J. Alexander James  Ana Paula Cavallare
A.J. McLean Alexander James McLean A.J. McLean: Alexander James McLean Celeste
A:Xus Austin Bascom  Bobo
Aaliyah Aaliyah Dana Haughton Correction: site says Dani instead of Dana Beth
Aaliyah Aaliyah Haughton [Ed.'s note to Tabitha Watkins: I've never seen Aaliyah's name spelled with two capital A's. That's why I made the second A a small letter. Where have you've seen her names with two large A's? If she does that, I don't know why she would do that, either.] the editor
Aaliyah Aaliyah Dani Haughton  R&B
Aaliyah Aaliyah Haughton If the name is pronouced Aaliyah why there two a's and why are they both capitalized Tabitha watkins
Abdul Rebop Thomas Craig Wiley  A/K/A "Billy Rey", "The Bop", and "Daddy Billy". jazz
Abel Danny Garcia Info from Bobo
Abel Stonewall Yohann Thurman Of the Stivs danger
Ace Austin Flowers This really is his real name. Info from Bobo
Ace Frehley Paul Frehley This is just adding to what's already there. He got the nick-name "Ace" because he was always an ace at organizing parties. When joining Kiss, he originally went by Paul, but every time some one would call out for "Paul" he and Paul Stanley would both respond. So they agreed to just call him "Ace." Mike Kohnke
Ace Frehley Paul Daniel Frehley  Smith
Ace Frehley Paul Frehley  Scott D. Williams
Ace Hood Antoine McColister  Yvette Bristle
Ace Wilder Alice Kristina Ingrid Gernandt Swedish female singer-songwriter. Gus
Acen Acen Ravzi  Bobo
AD Rock Adam Horowitz AD Rock of the Beastie Boys
Adam Ant Stuart Goodard Adam claimed he got his name from Michaelangelo's painting "The Creation of Adam" because he thought he was "all buffed up like Adam in the painting," (although he wasn't--he was rather scrawny early on and became pudgier with time) and ants because "they are survivors." When asked one time why he picked is stage name, he replied, "Because 'Adam and the Ants' sounds a whole lot better than 'Stuart and the Ants!'" R.J.
adam ant Stuart Goddard  Ray Daley
Adam Ant Stuart Leslie Goddard  newave
Adam Faith Terry Nelhams-Wright He did not know he had he double barrelled name until he went to to get a passport, he thought he was only Terry Nelhams. He is the only one of his siblings to have this name. Jan Trent
Adam Smasher Asher Benrubi Former Indianapolis disc jockey and father of ER actor Abraham Benrubi. indyhick
Adam X. Adam Mitchell Through years of DJing and production and his affiliation with the respected Sonic Groove Records, Adam X is a recognized part of the East Coast's electronic music history  Bobo
Adamski Adam Tinley  Bobo
Adele Adele Laurie Blue Adkins  Britsh Bullcrap
ADOR Eddie Castellanos  Bobo
Adriana Caselotti Adriana Elena Loreta Caselotti As what appears on the Snow White voice actress's passport and legal documents. Maryellen Larkin
Aerle Taree Taree Jones Singer for Arrested Development and clothes designer for the band. soul ii
Afrika Bambaataa Kevin Donovan  new soul
Afrika Islam Charles Andre Glenn Info from Bobo
Afroman Joseph Foreman  david davidson
Afroman Joseph Foreman Famous for "Because I Got High". Bobo
Afton Shok Mike Stopp Of the Stivs danger
AFX Richard D. James There are a lot more... Stian
Ageatha Ulvaeus Ageatha Falkstog Former singer for ABBA. Also known as "Aggie". pop
Agent M Emily Whitehurst Lead singer of the So-Cal punk band Tsunami Bomb Dan
Agneatha Agneatha Faltskog  ABBAesque
Agnetha Ulvaeus Agnetha Fältskog Misspelled in the list before! The former ABBA member... Malin
Ahozi DeWitt Johnson Info from Bobo
AJ Albert Calloway This is AJ from 106th and Park New Jerusalem
AJ McLean Alexander James McLean From the Backstreet Boys. (Good luck with rehab.) ozone
AJ Shine Joseph Simmons Info from Bobo
Akhenaton Philippe Fragione  Bobo
Akon Tariq Akonoan  Old MacDonald
Akon Allaune Thiam  AJ
Al B. Shure Al B. Shure Al himself has claimed this is his real name. soul ii
Al B. Shure Al Brown Became an urban contemporary favorite upon the release of his 1988 debut album, In Effect Mode Bobo
Al Green Al Greene  soul ii soul
Al Hirt Alois Maxwell Hart  jazz
Al Jolson Asa Yoelson  oldtimer
Al Jourgensen Alain Jourgensen Leader of Ministry. electric
Al Martino Alfred Cini 60s vocalist with top ten hits "I Love You Because" and "I Love You More And More Every Day".  Evan L. Heller
Al Sobrante John Kiffmeyer Green Day's former drummer from over 8 years ago...its a play on his hometown "El Sobrante" Amith
Alan Dale Aldo Sigismondi A '50s crooner in the Sinatra/Bennett tradition; had hits with Latin standards "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White" and "Sweet and Gentle". Also played the promoter in quickie movie "Rock Around The Clock". jonaco
Alan Merrill Allan Sachs Singer-songwriter of the first 1975 Arrows version of "I love rock n roll," later recorded by Joan Jett and Britney Spears. Also performed and recorded with the bands Meat Loaf, Derringer, and Vodka Collins Mary Ingles
Alanis Morrisette Nadine Morrisette  Jonathan C.
Albert Brooks Albert Einstein Yes, seriously. Better known as an actor, but he did indeed try his hand at music, making a musical comedy album in the 70s, along with quite a few cameo appearances on the Simpsons. Bobo
Albert King Albert Nelson  Jazz
Aldo Nova Aldo Scarporuscio  Canadian rocker whose hit was "Just A Fantasy". Canadian
Alec Empire Alexander Wilke Electronic music producer and founder of Digital Hardcore Recordings. Martin
Alek Mulley Timothy Alec Mulley Professional Drummer/Musician, Plays drums for "the static age", previously played drums for "new atlantic". Other Nicknames: Tim Alek, Alek Smart Jerry Starr - AMG
Alela Diane Alela Diane Menig  Yvette Bristle
Alex James Steven Alexander James bass player of Blur. His French teacher always nicknamed him Alex (his middle name) so he decided to stick with it! Esje
Alex Lifeson Alex Zivojinovich Guitarist for the Canadian rock band Rush. Lifeson is the English translation of Zivojinovich. Oswald Niplock
Alex Lifeson Alexander Zivojinovich Alex Lifeson, guitarist for Canadian rock group Rush, chose his stage name because in the Serbian language (Alex's ethnic background), Zivojinovich literally means "son of life", hence Lifeson. Wildcatt
Alex-Vanderpool Nathan Morris Of Boyz II Men. opposite
Alexander Klaws Pavel Kuglitschka Typical reason for a name change: pavel doesn't sound so good. Done by the management. BuBU
Alexander Nevermind Prince Roger Nelson One of the many pseudomyms he used, writing songs for others Jasper
Alexander Nevermind Prince Rogers Nelson Prince, one of the greatest artists ever known, has alot lot of Pseudonyms just look for them. He uses them when working on other people's albums. Raven Buchanan
Alexi Laiho Markku Ulu Aleksi Laiho Alexi is the frontman for Finnish metal band Children Of Bodom Chandra
Alfalfa Carl Switzer Screeching singer of "The Little Rascals" shorts who was shot to death not long after his career was over. old
Ali Ali Jones Oldest member of Nelly's rap group, the St. Lunatics Bo 'Ice' Bielefeldt
Ali G Sacha Baron Cohen Though he's better known for being a huge TV star, he has recently released a single with Shaggy. Ali G, the spoof rapper, is nothing like Sacha Baron Cohen himself, who is fairly upper class and went to a major university.  @ssKicker
Alice Cooper Vincent Fournier In his early days, Alice Cooper was originally the name of the group. Vincent made it his stage name when fans began to assume that Alice Cooper was HIS name instead of the band's name. Kyle
Alice Cooper Vincent Furnier "Alice Cooper" was named after a witch. oldschool
Alice Cooper Vincent Furnier Besides having received the name through some ouijyboard message, Alice Cooper and the band of the same name also like to tell they just "found" the name in a phone book. And giving a nice little girls name to a band that tries hard to shock, seemend a nice idea. Remember Alice Cooper (five guys then) invented in the late sixties, what Ozzy Osbourne or Marilyn Manson just pushed a little bit further in recent years. Bernhard Hausner
Alice Cooper Vincent Furnier Actually 'oldschool', Alice Cooper is the name of a murdered girl who "spoke' to young Vincent while playing a Ouija board, telling him he was a reincarnation of her. ficticious
Alice Deejay Judith Pronk Goes by the name 'Judy', but fans call her Alice Deejay. shepop
Alice Faye Alice Jeanne Leppert  older
Alice Wonder Land Alice Faye Henderson She had the 1963 hit "He's Mine (I Love Him, I Love Him, I Love Him)." Candy Welty
Alicia Keys Alicia Augello Cook   NuGGaH
Alicia Keys Levi Morris  Heati Pang
Alio Die Stefano Musso Since the late '80s, Stefano Musso has recorded deep, evocative experimental ambient and electro-acoustic soundscapes under the name Alio Die. Combining sweeping electronics with found sound and acoustical treatments which have echoed through the recent works of composers such as Robert Rich, Tetsu Inoue, and Brian Williams, Musso has assembled a rich and varied collection of recordings for such labels as Projekt, Timebase, Fathom, and his own Hic Sunt Leones label Bobo
Alison Brie Alison Brie Schermerhorn She does her own singing on"Community". Francis A. Sissy
Allie Burkes Allyson Ridge  Ami
Allison Moyet Genevieve Moyet "Invisible" singer of the 80s. neworld
Allison Scot Muzik Scott Turner Allison Performs for Opulent. Keybaords and singer, i have a link for him. here-- judd hall
Alma Gluck Reba Fiersohn   opera
Alvin Cash Alvin Welch Recorded "Twine Time" with his Crawlers in 1964. rock
Alvin Lee Graham Barnes  Blues guitarist with Ten Years After. guitar
Alvin Stardust Shane Fenton  ray daley
Alvin Stardust Bernard Jewry Also known as Shane Fenton. brit
Alvino Rey Alvin McBurney  band
Aly and AJ Alyson and Amanda Joy Michalka Teen pop duo of sisters. nally
Amanda Ghost Amanda Louisa Gosein She took on last name "Ghost" after first naming her band "Amanda Ghost". Iris Verna
Amber Marie Claire Cremers  Dutch
AMG Jason Lewis
AMIL Ashley AMIL stands for All Money Is Legal Pryncess
Amir Derakh  Amir Davidson Member of Orgy. electronic
Amiri Bakara Lee Everett Jones Also performed as Leroi Jones, he was one of the most important jazz writers of the 1960s. Bobo
Anabella Lwin Myant Myant Eye Anabella Lwin of Bow Wow Wow, Myant Myant Eye is Burmese for "Cool cool high"
Anacani Anacani Maria Consuelo y Castillo Lopez Cantor Mon Mexican singer who got her start on the Lawrence Welk Show. Her full name is Anacani Maria Consuelo y Castillo Lopez Cantor Montoya Monica Hicks
Anahi Anahi Lucrecia Van Zandweghe  Bobo
Anastacia Anastacia Newkirk  soul ii
Andi Deris Andreas Deris Andi is the lead singer of power metal legends "Helloween". Ms. C
Andre 3000 Andre Benjamin One half of 'Outkast'. rapster
Andre 3000 Andre Benjimen  Rosie
Andre Gurov Vadim Peare Also DJ Vadim. Bobo
Andrea Corr Andrea-Jane Corr Younger sister of Caroline Georgine Corr, Sharon Helga Corr & James Steven Corr -- THE CORRS!~ Caz
Andrew Eldritch Andrew William Harvey Taylor Lead singer for The Sisters of Mercy. Kevin
Andrew Eldritch Andrew Taylor A mastermind behind "The Sisters Of Mercy" Quengo
Andrew W.K. Andrew Fetterly Wilkes-Krier He was nicknamed "Andrew W.K." by his grade-school teacher to distinguish him from three other classmates who were also named Andrew Chandra
Andy Blacksmith Stephan Celatia Radio show personality. d
Andy Griffith Andrew Samuel Griffith Recorded gospel albums in addition to his sitcom in the 50's and 60's. gospel
Andy Kim Andrew Joachim Andy Kim. His first song was 'How'd We Ever Get This Way?'. He also recorded 'Be My Baby' and 'Baby I Love You'. His big 1974 hit was 'Rock Me Gently'. He co-wrote the smash hit for The Archies, 'Sugar Sugar'. He has released a new CD titled "I Forgot to Mention". Information can be found on AMG. Bette Carl
Andy McCoy Antti Hulkko The Hanoi Rocks' lead guitarist&songwriter Stradlin'
Andy Summers Andrew Somers Former member of "The Police". united
Andy Williams Howard Andrew Williams  MOR
Aneka Mary Sandeman Scottish singer, best known for her 1981 hit "Japanese Boy" Dylan Baranski
Angelina Joilie Angelina Joilie Voight She the daughter of the Actor John Voight. Kiese
Angry Anderson Gary Anderson Wild, short, bald and heavily tattooed frontman of riotous [80s]Aussie 'bluesy hard rock' band "Rose Tattoo" rusty
Animal José Diaz Info from Bobo
Animals On Wheels Andy Coleman "Drill'n'bass" outfit Animals on Wheels was the first signing to U.K. beatfreak label Ninja Tune from the Bovinyl imprint, run by Cambridge-based Andy Coleman.  Bobo
Anita Kerr Anita Grilli The first lady of studio singers. Her voice and chorus were based in Nashville, Hollywood, and (since 1971) Europe. The Anita Kerr Singers were part of almost every major country-politan hit- Patsy Cline, Brenda Lee, Eddy Arnold, Chet Atkins and hundreds more. Also made many easy-listening albums. Yeah, you've heard her a million times, right? jonaco
Anita O'Day Anita Belle Colton   jazz
Ann Miller Lucille Ann Collier  dance
Ann-Margaret Ann-Margaret Olsson She was born in Sweden, but raised in the United States. oldsongs
Anne Jeffreys Anne Carmichael  Was an opera singer before her T.V. stint in "Topper". opera
Anne Murray Morna Anne Murray Mellow-voiced 70s vocalist who had Top Ten hits with "Snowbird", "Danny's Song", "You Needed Me" and the Beatles cover "You Won't See Me". Evan L. Heller
Annie Oakley Phoebe Ann Oakley Mozee  oldcountry
Anouk Anouk Teeuwe Dutch singer. Hits include "Nobody's wife" and "R u kidding me?". Jesse
Anthony B Anthony Blair Conscious Reggae superstar Mick Mox
Antwan The Swan Anthony Kiedis Lead vocalist for Red Hot Chili Peppers. punker
Aphex Twin Richard D. James "Aphex" is a word RDJ made up, "A" for acid and "ph" for the pH scale. (Later he found out about Aphex Systems, makers of the Aural Exciter.) "Twin" comes from his brother, also named Richard, who died three years before RDJ was born. "I feel as if I nicked his identity." (info from plasket
Aphex Twin (the) Richard D. James  Crapule
Aphrodite Gavin King  Bobo
Apl.De.Ap  Allen Pineda from the Black Eyed Peas  tg
Apollo C Vermouth Paul McCartney Producer name for Bonzo's "I'm the Urban Spaceman" - NOT Paul Ramon as otherwise posted on this site!! Walrus
Apollo C. Vermouth Paul McCartney The Beatles' bassist produced The Bonzo Dog Band's hit U.K. single "I'm the Urban Spaceman" under this pseudonym.  Agrimorfee
Apollonia Apollonia Kotero  nasty
April & Nino April Stevens/Nino Tempo Their big hit was "Deep Purple". duet
Arabian Prince Mik Lezan Info from Bobo
Archie Ron Dante Studio musician who provided the main singing voice to The Archies. cartoon cartoon
Arkansas Red-Ozark Troubadour Michael Breid Singer of old time mountain songs from Arkansas, Writer of Box Car Willie theme song, "I Love The Sound of a Whistle". Greg Allen
Armik Armik Dashchi Armik is a Iranian (of Armenian descent), who plays the flamenco guitar with zest and very well established with six lovely albums to his credit. He plays nouveau-flamenco, blending with a wide taste of world music influences. Captivating and arresting! Currently living in the US and his last album was recorded/released in 2001. [I heard thro' the grapevine that a new album may be on the cards this year (2002) ] Billy Lum
Arovane Uwe Zahn Berlin's Uwe Zahn released his first tracks as the Arovane EP on the Din label Bobo
Art Blakey Arthur Blakey  jazzy
Art Garfunkel Arthur Garfunkel Yeah, I think I can tell why he changed it. andy williams
Arthur Brown Arthur Wilson Had a hit with "Fire". brit
Artie Shaw Arthur Jacob Arshawsky Saxophone player and bandleader. jazz
The Artist Prince Rogers Nelson "Prince" is not his pseudonym. Prince Rogers Nelson is his birth name. Prince Rogers was the name of the band his father was in. The Artist is the only pseudonym he's had. Joe Blow
The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Prince Rogers Nelson Before he changed his name back to Prince, the above pseudonym was the combined symbols of male (a circle with an arrow pointing diagonally) and female (a circle with a cross over or under it). pop
Arttu Viitala Arttu Viitala  Arttu
Artur Wax George Harrison Authored annotations for "Electronic Sound" LP Tina
As One Kirk DeGiorgio  Bobo
Ashanti Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas  Amiyah
Ashanti Ashanti Douglas  Samantha
Ashanti Ashanti S. Douglas  soul ii
Ashford and Simpson Nickolas Ashford/Valerie Simpson One "Solid" duo. duo
Ashford and Simpson Nickolas   duo
Ashley Judd Ashley Cimenella Judd is her grandmother's name that her mother later retained. Ashley's father's name is Cimenella. shadrat
Ashley Parker Angel Ashley Ward Parker  CCmarie
Asian Born Thomas Shimura Info from Bobo
Atahualpa Yupanqui Hector Chavero Argentina's master of folk traditions, something like a combination Woody Guthrie, Dylan, and Bill Monroe (singer, songwriter, composer, and supreme guitar instrumentalist). Pablo
ATB Andre TanneBerger Famous for massive hit 9pm (Til I come) Bobo
Atlon Inc./Rob Acid Robert Babicz  Bobo
Atom Goren Adam Goren Vocalist for the bands Atom & His Package and Armalite.  onegirlarmy
Augustus Pablo Horace Swarby  Moxy
Aume Akifumi Nakajima Also performed under his real name, Akifumi Nakajima's Aube project has amassed a lengthy discography, most entries realizing the maximum capacity for audio variation from a minimum of sampled input (in many cases, from a single sound source). Bobo
Avant Cristiano Pagani Avant means "The will to make something news". Cristiano
Avatar Alex Bradley  Bobo
Avie  Avril Lavigne A lot of her fans and friends call her that. Leila Chan
Avra Luxray Avra Stabler A brand-new artist. A huge fan of Pokemon, she changed her last name to her favorite Pokemon. Luxray was the name of one of the Pokemon introduced in the games Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Rpollck
Avril Lavigne Avril Ramona Lavigne  Andrew Darwitan
Axel Rose William Bailey  rich perry
Axel Rose William Bailey  rich perry
Axl Rose William Bruce Rose Changed his name to Bailey after his mother remarried : Info from Bobo
Axl Rose William Bruce Bailey Axl took Rose as his last name, because it's his biological father's last name - not so it'd fit his band's name. Christine LaPointe
Axl Rose William Bruce Bailey Frontman and founding member of Guns N' Roses. Quite an improvement, no? Brenna
Axl Rose William Bruce Bailey Most of you are wrong. Axl Rose was from his first band (Axl) his friend Izzy told him "You eat, sleep, and breath Axl, why not be Axl?" So he changed his name to Axl. Rose was because he hated his abusive stepfather (Bailey) So at 17, when he found out his original father`s last name was Rose, he changed it to Rose.  Adrienne
Axl Rose William Bailey Hey, let's not forget that his pseudoname is an anagram for "oral sex"! Hard69Rock
Axl Rose William Bailey  BottleRocket
Axl Rose William Bailey I forget where Axl came from. i think it has to do with something sexual. Rose was his real father's last name. I guess he didn't get along with his step father (Bailey) so he went searching for his real father and changed adopted his real last name. nic h
Axl Rose William Bailey  ficticious
Axl Rose William Bailey The Rose part is so his name would fit his band Guns N Roses (there original guatarist had the last name Gunn) the Axl part because combined with Rose, Axl Rose is an anagram foe oral sex. David D
Axl Rose  William Bruce Rose (Bailey) Axl Rose is an anagram of Oral Sex axlette
Axl Rose (W. Axl Rose) William Bruce Bailey He was known as "Billy Bailey". He changed his last name to Rose when he found out the name of his real father and then shortened the William to "W." because that name was taken from his father who was an asshole, then he added Axl later. P.S. His initials spell WAR LeeAnn
AZ Anthony Cruz  Bobo
Aztec Mystic Rolando Rocha Also performed as DJ Rolando. Bobo

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